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. ore. t an. m m mitt khhcai ..lict.. IoDMitoMrirniicii..rWi.
rEortE. IVashin gton.
runted an.l published every Wedsksday at
Tun e e pullaki in ailvam-.e. Subscribers who
1o not pay m advance, will invariably be charged
four dollars.
Advertisement inserted Tor one dollar per
(Kjnire (of ten lines or less,)Jbr the first insertion,
and fifty cents for each snbso'iacnt insertion.
Advertisements which exceed ton lines, charg
ed ten cents rer lino for the first, and five cents
for each insertion afterwards.
Yearly Adveiitisino. A deduction will be
made to thoso who advertise by the year to a suf
ficient nmount to make it for the inteiest of mer
chants and others.
Advertisements out of the direct line of busi
ness of the yearly advertiser will be charged for
geperatcly at the ordinary rates.
Professional card?, not alterable for the year,
containing ten lines or less ten dollars.
Tne names of candidates for county offices will
be inserted for five dollars, payment alwayin ad
ranrr, and Stats ofliCes ten dollars.
Election tickets will never be delivered 'till
paid for.
Political circutarsor communications of only ag
individual interest, will be chargd at half price
of ordinary advertisements aud must be paid in
Advertisements not marked with the number of
insertions will be continued 'till forbid, and any
alterations made after insertion charged extra.
Advertising patrons will favor us by handing
in their advertisements as early after oar regular
publication days as convenient not later in any
cass if possible, than TKarsday night. ,
All JOIi-WOIlK must be paid for on deliv
ery. Postage mast be paid on all letters, or they wil
not be attended-
Death of "Dr. Ilagan.
It will be seen by a paragraph which
we copy below, from , the New Orleans
Courier of the 10 th, that Dr. James, Ha
gan, the editor of the Vicksburg Senti
nel was killed in that city, by a son of
Judge Adams on the 7th inst., the Dr.
being unarmed at the time. . The intel
ligence reached this city yesterday, and
was received with feelings of the deep
est sorrow b y the friends of the deceas
ed. Dr. II. w as, for a number of years
a resident of this city, during which
time he endeared himself by his fine tal
ents and gentlemanly deportment, to ma
ny of our citizens. He subsequently
visited Washington, and. while here,
corresponded with ability and distinc
tion, with one or two leading journals cf
the day. He also associated himself
with Gen. DufF Green, in the editorial
control of a medical periodical, and
wrote for its pages many able articles.
Unfortunately for. his' character, his
feelings and life, he was prevailed upon
to visit Vicksburg, where; as the . editor
of the leading democratic paper of that
place, the Sentinel, he became identified
with the iniquitous doctrino of repudia
tion, andwaed a fierce and uncompro
mising war against banks, bankers, &c.
In this position, the whole nature of Dr.
Hagan seemed to undergo a char-ge.
While in Philadelphia, he was gentle,
mild and retiring. At Vicksburg he be
came a leader and a target, and was soori
involved in various personal difficulties,
which ended mluels and other scenes
of violence. Fliil. Sat. Museuvi.
On Wednesday evening, about hal
past eleven o'clock, the watchman sta
tioned at the Tost Office in New York,
suddenly dropped down on the side walk
and when lifted up was found to be
dead. This is the second watchman who
has died under the same circumstances
and on the same spot.'
A bloody affray took place on the 13th
inst., at Lexington Court House, South
Carolina, between Col. H.I. Caughma.n
nndDr.Ceniamin. Col. Cauchman hav
ing nttemnted to cane Beniamin, the lat
ter drew a knife and stabbed him in nin'c,
places. Caughman V3 not cxpcctcu to
About four hundred Mormon' men and
ith not less than a hundred
children passed through Louisville on
thir wav to Nauvbo Another party
somewhat smaller, passed by the same
place three or lour aays previous.
The Ashville; (N. C.) Messenger says,'
the gold mines recently aiscovereq in
Tlavwood and Macon counties, are likely
to prove the richest yet discovered in
the State. Some ol them, it understands,
yield from three to five dollars per diem
to each nana employed.
The activity which now prevails in
Boston in' Building, . has advanced the
prices of labor. Masons now command
from 2 to 1-2 per aay, ana carpen
ters $1 1-2; tenders one dollar.
Five of the 'prisoners who fled from
the Milledgeville, Geo., jail, have been
retaken, one of them named Crowder,
had his brains dashed out before he
would give upv He died soon after.
The N. O. Bee of the 6th says:
"New channels are daily developed
from the constantly increasing commerce
of the country. Amongst yesterday's
-clearances will be found one ship for Can
ton, and another , for St. Petersburg,
both with full cargoes of cotton and
A Scold. Foote being ecolded by a
lady, said, "I have heard of tarter and
brimstone you are the cream, of the
&ne and the Jlower of the other."
"Papa, arc the hogs that go to Cincin
nati sick?" No, child, why do you ask?1'
, "Because the papers say that they arc
Seizure of the Sandwich Islands.
In the House of Commons, on the 30th
of May, Sir K. Pee! stated there was
iio truth in the report contained in the
papers of that day, of the cession of
the Sandwich Islands to Great Britain
(gj- The introduction of the Ericsson
propellers promises to work aH early and
entirely revolution in the trade of the
great Lakes. They make their tripsin
about the same time that the best steam
ers did a few years since, and in half
the time usually consumed by sail ves.
sels under favorable circumstances.
The expense of running them is but lit
tlo more than tUtrt'oT ult vessels, Srld
they carry freights at the same rates.
Wheat. The farmers through this
section of the State are so fully convin
ced that tbe wheat crop will be almost a
total failure, that they generally decline
bringing it in, although our merchants
arc giving fJ2 cents, cash per bushel for
it. Many are of opinion that it will ad
vance to$l 00 per bushel which price
they think it .will bring next fall for
seed. Hannibal 111. Journal.
The New York correspondent of the
National Intelligencer writes under date
of Saturday:
The late improvements in daguerreo
type (by the united chemists ,and artists
yvho form the company of the National
Daguerreotype Gallery) are really most
wonderful. Mr. Hitc, tho best minia
ture painter of New York, has abandon
ed his pencils for sun-beams, and as a
branch of this company, has gone to es
tablish himself in Philadelphia. , Byjre
gulating the pose of the sitter more ar
tistically, and by sortie chemical improve
ments, they take as complete a likeness
of the subject as is possible in a mirror
color only excepted. They are daily
improving in coloring also. It must
soon completely succeed portrait paint-
Oregon, Ho! Two hundred wagons
and about one thousand persons, left
their rendezvouz at Elm Grove a few
days ago, for Oregon. They . had no
less than two thousand five hundred head
of stock w iih tliem ! iVestzrn Missoir
Niagara Falls Curiosities. Among
the curiosities at the Falls is a clock
which keeps excellent time, and goes by
water. It was invented, and is kept in
operation by a young man who keeps a
curiosity shop near the bridge.--Cin.
"His Excetlency!""His Excellency 1''
'Hjs Excellency We wish the long
eared editors of the questionable por
tion of our press would read the journals
and debafesof the first session of the
first Congress. They would then be
able to understand that, "The President
of the United States" bears no other ti
tle than the simple designation-' of his of
fice. That title, and that alone, was
voted by the fathers of the Republic,
and'every -other solemnly voted down.
It. Y. Com. .
We learn from the St. John's Courier
cf the 10th inst., that about two thousand
tons of pine timber of a large size broke
adrift on the previous night, and came
through into the harbor. A portion of
it would: be picked up, but rh&st of it
would' go to sea. The loss will be very
The property left by Baron SticglUz,
the banker who lately died at St. Peters
burg, is estimated at the enormous am't
of fifty millions of rubles, between 5,
000,000 and 0,000,000 sierling.
Money Matters'. The N. Y. Im
press of Wednesday says:
There can be no truth in the rumor
that, the new Loan is taken ; but t the
short time the Secretary has allowed,
lor offers, indicates that he has a bidder
in view. This bidder, it is said, is . .the
agent of the house of Hope & Co, a't
103 for 5 per cent, stock.
TiiEo'boRE Hook. A lively Hibernian
exclaimed at a party, where the lament
ed Hook shone as the evening star:
"Och, Master Theodore, bnt you're the
Hook that nobody can bate."
A StAVEiL The N. Y. Tribune, says :
f'lVd brig ju'an'de Carthagena reports
that a slaver was fitting out at the Port,
of Matanzas to sail soon for the coast of
Africa.- She was a beauti jil' schooner
as sharp as a wedge, and sailed' under
Spanish colors."
' "How do you suppose," said a'sexton's
wife, to a market man, "that , I can af
ford to buy ducks, when my husband
has not huried a living soul, for three
months past." .
A Rainbow. Saturday afternoon, just
before sunset, a dense black cloud was
seen by tho citizens of Charlcslown to
rise gradually in .he West, and pass
over the zenith, although no rain fell
in that town: but the attention of the
citizens in the westerly portion of that
town was attracted by a beautiful double
rainbow, of the most brilliant hues,
which over-arched the monument on
Bunker Hill, crownibg it as it were with
a wreath of glory, and seeming to give
glad assurance that the age of oj-jares-sion,
war, and desolation had passed a
way and the reign. cTPcace was estab
lished, oh ajrm foundation : -
Tha Salem Gazette states that seven
teen thousand and six hundred and fifty
four passengers were carried over the
Eastern Railroad last week, exclusive of
the military who must have added a
thousand more. On Saturday 38 trains
were run from 5 A. M. till half past one
at night, without accident.
Tho Boston Journal says that the tolls
taken on Saturday on the Charlestown
and Warren bridges amounted to fifteen
hundred dollars.
Mexican I::demkity. The Madisonian
announces that official information has
been received at the Department of
State that the instalment of interest due
tp the fcitizens of the United States, un
der the first article of the Convention
with Mexico of 30th January, IS 13, was
paid on the 29th April last, and that the
amount has been safely remitted to this
country, and deposited in the Treasury
of the United States.
Influenza. This disease lias reach
ed Baltimore, and although numbers
have felt its influence, it does not, as yet?
prevail generally.
The Captain, several of the c.rew
and most of the passengers of the steam
ship Columbia, which arrived in Boston
on Sunday week, were suffering from
this epidemic. .
In Philadelphia the disease is said to
be very prevalent.
It.ha9 reached Pittsburgh we sup
pose it travels by rail road.
A Good Day's Wobk A correspon
dent of the Conce J Freeman states thru
Mr. Roberts of Tovnsend, lately, be
tween the hours of si:; in the morning,
and six in the evenings lifted, or more
properly handled, upwards of one hun
dred tons of manure!
(.A Suggestion. The Newbury port
Herald suggests that our whale ships
when deficient in oil, may eke out a Lad
voyage by bringing home a few. hun
dred tons of Guano manure, from South
America. About 40,000 tons of it was
imported into, England last year, and
commanded a good price.
Great Fire at Valparaiso. We
learn by a private letter to a gentleman
of Baltimore, that on the 18th of March
a fire broke out in Valparaiso, which
destroyed an immense amount of proper
ty. The amount is estimated at seven
.hundred thousand dollars.
A young gentleman of Kilkenny meet
ing a handsome milk-maid near the pa
rade said:
, ''What will you take for yourself, and
your milk, my dear ?"
. he girl instantly replied, "yourself
and a gold ring sir."
A black hawk was shot at Adamsville,
Md., on the 18th ult., said to be the larg
est ever shot in America, and measured
from the one wing to the tip of the othef
seveit feet without being stretched. Its
weight was between 20 and 30 pounds.
Cin. Gaz. -
, , "Inhere are all sorts of opposition on
the canal and other routes leading from
the city now. You may take a jaunt ; tp.
the Falls for 50 cents, and if, busyiess
wiU.-permTt, extend your journey, to Ro
chester for half that sum in a packet.
As for the railroads they will whisk you
off 50 miles and back, just to have your
cpmpany, at a price not worth mention
ing. $4 will take you to Chicago in a
creeper. Buffalo Adv.
An Oriental Climax. Among the
splendid displays of forensic eloquence
that distinguished tho trial of Queen Ca
roline, the most impassioned burst was
in the short speech of Mr. Brougham,
when insisting on his right Jq question
Mr. Powell as 6 whb'his client,' the pro
secutor was. At the conclusion of his
speech,Brougham dashed down his brief,
and rusHed with indignation from the
bar of the house. As he was passing
out Lord Lauderdale stopped hfm, say
ing, "Where are you going now?" "To
have a mutton chop!" was the hurried
whisper of the infatuated oratcr.
Love one Another. A .Welsh par
son preaching fretn this text, "Love one
iriothcr," told his congregation, that in
kind and respcctabl treatment to our
fellow creatures, wc were inferior to
the brute creation. As an illustration of
the truth of this remark, he quoted an
instance of two goats in his own parish,
that once met upon a bridge so very
narrow, that they could not pass by
without one thrusting the other into the
river. "And," continued he, "how do
you think they acted? Why, I will tell
you; one goat laid himself down, and
the other leaped over him."
'"What do you do for a living now-a
days John.?',
"l m a witness " . ,, -',
"I donst understand you.". . - '
"Why you see 1 , 'tends tows,' .'and- I
am always on hand when there's a scrape
and sol gets hauled up'for a,, witness
and pockets the fees. I've worked, at
the business for two years and find it
very profitable."
ConuNrp.uns. Why should aged men
be generally wealthy?
Because their heads are silvered ore,
Why is a plum-pudding like a now
Because there are raisins in it.
Why is the present century like an
old maid ?
Because its on the other side of fcrty.
Quaker Wit. A pert young upstart
while riding in a stage, was attempting
to ridicule the Bible; and rudely accost
ing an aged Quaker at his side, on the
great improbability that the stone from
David's sling should have killed Goli
ah said to him, "What do you think
about it, old Daddy?"' 'I think, friend,'
replied the Quaker, "that David would
have found no difficulty in killing Goliah
if his head was as soft as thine."
,i Politeness. At the public balls in
Farislhe gentlemen dance with their
hat3 and outer. coats on, and in boots,
and the ladies in their bonnets and shawls
if they choose.
"1 say roister," said a little urehui to
a man with a pair of Italic eyes, "wafh't
you born in the middle of the week?:'
"No, you little scamp! why do you ask
me thai?" "Because I didn't know but
you might have been, seein' y ou.'al I the
time lookin' both ways for Sunday."
Methodists. It is said that there are
11,435 members of the Methodist church
on Red River, and 1G7 travelling and
local preachers. In Texas, the num
ber is staled at 8,795, with 59 preachers.
There is a man, now living in Port
land, Tilair-e, who, during a moment of
anger, declared that he would not speak
to his wife for a period of eight years,
and he has kept his word. Although he
lived with her, and happily, for aught
we know, all the time, till eight years
had passed by, never a word passed be
tween them. This may be relied on as
true. . .
The cars upon the Mohawk and Hud
son Railroad, passed over a man lying
upon the track in a beastly state of in
toxication, severing his legs from his
body, and killing him instantly.
If the people of Gaudaloupe want iron
houses just let them send in their orders
to Pittsburgh, and the houses will be for
warded "ready put up for use."
An Old Settler. John Slater, the
distinguished manufacturer, died last
week in the village of that name t in
Rhode Island. He was from England,
originally, and among the very earliest
of the pioneers in introducing the man
ufacture of domestic goods into this
Harvey Ilinman, long a resident pf
Coventry, was drowned in the Erie atn
al, at Lock No. 4, on Friday night last.
The material which caused his death
cost two cents at a tavern verdict ac
cordingly. "When n : broker exacts three per cent,
a month, ho is a screw, and ought to be
kicked out of any unfortunate man's
house." In that case, the person kick
ing is a screw-driver.
- Earthquakes, says the Times, are "no
great shakes" now-a-days. Look, for
instance at the earthquake of 1755. A
portion of Lisbon was then sn,k and
where ittood water is now one hundred
fathoms deep. More than, six thousand
Of the inhabitants perished in six min
utes. That was something like an earth
quake! The Empire,, on the Nortec River
We have full details of the first trip of
this wonderful boat, she actually, attain
ed the speed of eighteen miles and two
fifths the hour a. speed which was nev
er attained before by any boat.
Within ninety days not less than for
ty thousand packages of domestic cotton
manufacture have been exported from
this country to almost all parts of the
world. Tho value is perhaps fifty, dol
lars a piece, or two pillions in the ag
gregate." . r . , '
SroKT in the West. A Mr. Kibbe, of
Delaware county, Wisconsin, a short
time since, shot in one day, two deer,
found two bee trees full of honey from
top to bottom, killed an old' bear, and
caught four ouhs. , .
State of the N. Ohleaus Makket.
The thermometer is rising, the river ' is
falling tipplers are high, fat beeves
loic loo) flying machines arcgoing up
slowly, old houses are coming down
Mesmerism is on tho advance, theatri
cals are on the decline granite is Arm,
morals arc loose the newspapers are
dull, musquetoes are brisk; ladies' dress
es are'easy, (after tho Nora Creina fash
ion,) corsets continue Ught-modesty is
scarce, presumption is pknty credit
none mjthe market. jPc.
The Locusts.' A. correspondent wri
ting from Livingston, , stales, that the
bushes were alive with them.. As yet
they fly feebly, and often become a. prey
to ducks, hens, pics and c? ts. These
sl lecusts are ilappcajs4 jyAi-Jh'a r mls,
eat little or nothing, and. are very dif
ferent from the locust 3 of Asi'a, ' r
Persons are frequently seen in New
York, smoking a "long nine," while pro
menading' the streets with a female, and
it is nof uncommon to sec men smoking
segars in funeral processions.
Morality. The Grand Jury in Nor
folk county, Va., after a session of two
days, had to adjourn without being able
to find a. solitary indictment. They are
temperance folks in that region.
-A Fact. No-, man ever prospered
who defrauded the Printer or scolded his
wife. . . ,.
Another Comet was seen in Baltimore
on Tuesday evening, near the moon, and
presented quite a briUiant appearance.
Exchange. Editors exchange papers,
merchants, excuange bills, lovers ex
change glances, and duellists exchange
A Mrs. Gove is lecturing to the ladies
of Philadelphia, on the mysteries of phy
siology. She would be much better em
ployed in darning her husband's stock-
Ru?r did it. Mary Shevindied very
suddenlj' at New York, a victim to her
sordid appetite for liquor.
Romance Spoiled. A Scotch girl, who
came some timo ago to Philadelphia,
from Europe, in a packet ship, in the
character and habit of a sailor, was com
mitted as a vagrant on Saturday, for"
habitual intemperance.
Worth Chronicling. The Louisiana
Total Abstinence Society recently met
"frf a; house where cmryearnga, biliiards,
poker, and many other gambling games'
were tho favorite amusements of. tho
people... ... -
A French paper, from Bourg, says:
"An eagle which a sportsman has just
killed, had in its stomach leveral dia
monds and other jewels, . small in size
but cf a very fmo water." ?
Sudden. An old man died in a fit ori
board a steamboat, just before she reach
ed St. Louis, on the 3d inst., and $10,000
in gold was found in his possession.
The papers of Louisville, Ky., speak
in exalted terms of the trade and im
provements of that city. .
The woods near Annapoli3, Md., are
alive with locusts'.
Solitary Confinement.- There has
been but one birth in the village of Lee,
Iowa, in the past year.
. One William Rogers has been sen
tenced to the penitentiary for five. years
at St. Louis' for cutting a lady's reticule
from her arm. .
. In the city of Pittsburgh xnd its imme
diate vicinity ,there are 54 churches, for a
population of 30,000 souls.
OfPosmoN. -Twelve tickets each en
titling the holder to a passage from N.
York to Albany, have been sold for one
Gen. Pcdraza, formcly President of
Mexiqcf, is now in prison, under charge
of conspiracy against Santa Anna's gov
ernment. ParticuUr notice .has Jjecn issued for
the office seekers not to trouble the Pre
sident on his tour, i
Moses Dawson, .Esq., of Pittsburgh,
who died a newspaper death a week of
two ago, is alive and in health.
Don't throw Stones. A la J died in
New; York, from .injury received from a
stone hurled; at him in the street.
It is believed by many learned men
that there are regular tdei.in the earth's
atmosphere, occasioned by the influence
of the moon. . ..
Some' of the finest steamboats on the
North River, are running from New
York to Albany for 23 cents.
,. WnERE is the West? They begin to
feel crowded in Iowa, and talk cj" going
We see it staled in a Cincinnati pamper
that a thousand houses are to be built in
thatcity the present year.
At Cincinnati, they have commenced
the manufacture of a very neat and use
ful articled floor and hearth cloth from
hog's bristles, or hair.
Death of a Revolutionary Soldier
At Pittsburgh, Pa., Mr. Peter Brown aged
105-years, a native of France. H,e
came to this country with General La
fayette, and fought jo. several battles
during the Revolutionary war.
The ste'amsr.Mungo Park, arrived. at
St. Louis, Mo., on the 7th inst.,1 from the
Illinois river, with a kvg of live rattle
snakes, '
simple Directions for those exposed
: . to Cold and Wei. .
The danger incident to excessive ex
posuro to cold and wet, to which the la.
boring classes arc liable, might be ob
viated by moderate attention to a few
simple rules, if- observed faithfully, im
mediately after such exposure. This
a matter, which, however apparently
trivial it may appear to some, involves
much of human comfort. . Wc have been
close observers on this subject, and
much exposed ourselves in a variety of
cli mates, and can therefore speak from
experience., ,"-
. In the fijMplacc,- lay aside atj boyish,
apprehensions of beingth;dught old-wo
iianisii, ,and immediately after extreme
exposure, remove your; damp clothingt
and having briskry chafed thejskin with
coarso flannel, a crash-towel, or a flesh
brush, before a good fire, and put on dry
clothes; refresh yourself with a light
but substantial supper of soup, meat,
and vegetables, or-bread crumbed inta
boiled milk, with the addition of a little
cayenne or black pepper, or, if you hav&
neither, what answers as well, a red
pepper or two, thrown into the milk
when boiling an article, which tha
smallest patch of ground pertaining ta
the poorest, should be made to bear. If
the exposure has been great, and you.
are much exhausted, then retire, direct
ly after supper, to a well prepared. bed
and our word for it, the next morning;
finds you as well prepared for a good
breakfast and active duty as ever.
These rules have a reference to summer
as well as winter, and if 'followed by
those in our western country, whose du
ty calls them to new or low lands, the
more essentials it to attend to theni
closely. Agriculturalist.
From Yucatan.'
By the arrival of thg brig Spy, Cap
tain Lander, from Lerma, we arc in
possession of intelligence a few days
later from Campeachy." Capt.' Lander:
reports that he sailed from Lerma on
the 17th instant, at which time there was
a complete.cessation of hostilities bo
tween the Mexican and Yucateo forces.
The Mexican commander and his staff
had been into Campeachy frequently,
andtherewas constant and uninterrupt
ed intercourse between that place and
Lerma. The inhabitants of the lattcc
place had returned to their, homes and
occupations. Gcri. Ampudia was em
barking his troops, artillery, &c. &c.
as fast as possible for Laguna. The
Spy had been engaged in his service one
trin, and when she left tljere were one
British, one American, and Spanish ves
sel taking a load of passengers, camp
b;iggagG &c. The temporary fortifica.
tiens at Lerma had been destroyed.-
Commodore Moore was lying ofTCam
peachy, about 4 miles from the Mexican,
squadron.. It was reported that the
Gov. General cf Yucatan, insisted upon
the evacuation oftlie Island of Carmen,
before peace could be proclaimed. N
O. Tropic.
The American slaveholders may spare
their sympathies for the Irish repealed
if the expressions cf O'ConAcll may be
rega'rded as reflecting the sentiments of
that body. At a Repeal meeting in
Dublin on the 11th May, O'Conncll read
and commented upon a letter from the
Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, ia
which it was stated that Moony and oth
er repeal agents in this country had
been acting and speaking in favor of the
American system of slavery. In his
comments, he declared the whole body
of the Irish repealers as the sworn ene
mies cf American slavery; and said lu
would as soonassociato with pick-pock
ets as with them. He pronounced even
repealer in America a 'faithless miscre.
ant,' who wes not an abolitionist. Mem
' Sliding Scale of . the Press. Di
II called at the London Time
office, to inquire the price of inserting
the death of a relative. "Ten shillings,
said a surly clerk. The doctor remon
strated and ?aid he had only paid seven
shillings for the last. "Oh," said the
clerk, ."that was a common death, bat
this is sincerely regretted." . "Well, my
friend," said the doctor, laying down the
ten shilling?, Pyour executprs will nev
er be put to that expense!"
"I'm within the pail of temperance,"
as the loafer said when he fell jnto the
water-bucket. - '
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