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Ponola [sic] weekly register. (Ponola [sic], Miss.) 1843-1843, July 29, 1843, Image 4

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L 171 A A y L t, FfK? 1 co n
on the 19th day
of June 1843, I will
sell nt the Court House door in the town
of Ponolaon the Ist-iMonday of August
next" for cash the undivided interest
.wqich James Keith dec'd has in, and to
lot No. 5. 6. and 9, of block No. 0, lot 2
in block 15, lot 3 in block 7, lot 3 in
block 3; all in the town of Ponola, and
will convey such title as is in mo vested
by virtue of said order, this 20th June
1843. Sale at the usual hour.
J. II. KEITH, Adm'r.
rHE co-partnership heretofore cxis
ting under tho firm of McRAE,
GRAHAM & Co, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent, 3. F. McRao is
authorized to settle the business of the
firm. C. 'F. McRAE,
tnarch 23, 1843. m27
The subscribers have this day formed
a co-partnership, under the firm VV. W.
McGARITY & Co, for tho purpose of
transacting a general commission and
' forwarding business, at 59 Common st.
m27 H. R. GRA HAM.
last of Iettcrs,
Rcmainimng in tho Post Office at Pa
nola, Mississippi, on the 3 1st day of
June, A. D. 1843; which, if not taken
out by the 1st of Oct. next, will be sent
to the General Post Office as dead letters.
Armistead P H Dr. Kirkland Moses
Alexander 6L Kelly John
Arington Frances King James D
Kelso Horatio
Broady Jno G
Baarb N E 2
' Boyd David 2
Boyd J C
Butler VVm I!
Byars Anthony 2
Bandin John
Cass VVm
Childress Joel
Caruthers & Co.
Coleman R II
Coleman Edward
Cox Jackson II
Circoit Clerk 4
Conner Martha E
Laird Henry Df
Logan Geo r go
Morris A M 2
McColler VVm
Moss James
Morris DS
Marshall G VV
May ne,rd Hender
son or Isaac
McKee John
Nail Eliza Mrs
Nail VVm T
Neil Anthony
Perk in3 James
Perry Bur relR
Parkinson G VV
ion of five months en 3d of October nwt.-
The faculty consists ef Rev. Aloxitnder CampbeL',
President; Uer. ZCooert iU'iiam, rroiessoroi iue
thematics and Natoral Philosophy; Edward Pic
kett, M, D., Professor of Chemistry, Rev. C. Par
ish, Professor of A Acieht LahgCfages; U.VV. Mof
fit, Principal of the Preparatory department.
Tuition payable in advance. .
Primary division, per session. " g'fe 00
Classical and scientific dhrisjbri, 18,00
Boarding and room per month - 8,00
Students are expected to famish their rooms
with bedding, farftittire, fc.e. and procure their own
washinc;. VV ashing cah'be had in town at from
25 to 371 coftts per dozen.
The female Department, under the superinten
dence of the President of the Collage, assisted by
Miss. II. E. Gillespie, and others will cfcftjmence
at the same t;nie.
Tuition payable in kdvahee. . , ,
Per seisiony in primary division, 12 00
in middle
in high " 18 00
in music on piano, 25 00
in music on guitar, . 20 00
in painting, drawing, wax flowers, 15 00
Boarding and room per month, . 9 00
Boarding and room, with fuel, lights, bed-
ding and room 'furniture, washing, &c. &.C.
per month, 11 00
Dr. Picket is expected during.the winter to de
livts'r a course of lectures on chemistry accompan
ied trith experiments, for the benefit 'of both
schools. ...
By order of the Board : COWLES MEAD.
President Board of Trustees, M. C.
Clinton, Sept. 14, 134'J. 39 lOw
No. 90 Magazine Street,
IYciv Orleans.
teier to,
- Jno. II. McRae EsS. Grenada, Miss. ,
Jno. D. McLemore Esq. Oakland, Miss.
Jno. A Binford Esq. Carroll conoty, Mis,
Doyle Willis
Davis J N Mai
Degraffenreid Mar-Philips BL Dr
thaMrs. Peacv James
Davis Emily Mrs. Panky Wilson
Danonoge C F
Dubois Joseph G
Elder John
Evans S VV .
Evans J VV
Edger Hannah Mrs Sheriff 4
Felker Andrew StrattonAB
Ruffin Mar'ret Mrs
Robertson S. Mrs.
Ruffin James
Robertson II &D
Rainer Alford
iEommfssfon f enchant,
Having a coriiniodioas Warehouse at the steam
boat landing, will pay strict attention to the Re
cfcivins and l orwardins of Merchandise, C tton
&c, as well as the sales of Prod ace or Groceries
on consignment.
March 8th, 1843. 1 12m
Commission Merchants.
No. 58, C&Kp Street,
September 17,- 1842. 374m
A. P. Gray & Campbell,
No. 41, New Levee Street,
Fero Francis M
Furgason R S
Finch Isham
Goodwin A G 3
Gray sort Daniel
Hanson W
Henderson Jno. C
Hulett Thomas 3
llinton James
Hudspeth Thos 2
Sims F M
Stewart J G
Smith Allen
Tipton John Estate
Tucker VV VV
Tinkle VVm E
Taylor FO
Tyson Edward
Ilightower Stephen Williams VV II Dr.
HightowerS. Mrs. Watson TW
Hilburn F M
Hogan James
Hunt Adcla Miss
Justice Ely
Jones Joshua .
Williams John
Wallace R VV
Wright Jesse J
Whitson Thos
Wright O C
Panola, June 30, 1843.
OCT Or Valuable Land, co
Y virtue of a Deed of Trust execu-1
ted by William II. Glasnnrk. tn
the undersigned, Trustee, the said trus
tee will on Monday the 31st day pf Ju
ly next, at the court house in the town
of Ponola, in the county of Ponola, and
slate of Mississippi, expose to public
sale to the highest bidder, for cash, that
yaluble tract or parcel of land, adjoin
ing the said town of Ponola; and known
and described as the south west, south
east and north east quarters of section
erght, in township nine, of Range seven
west, except from ten to fifteen acres,
which is a part t)f the said town of Pon
. ola. Such title will be conveyed as is
rested in the undersigned.
; ; A-T.-MOORE; Trustee.
jaly 1st 1843-16-4w. - pf$6.
LETTERS Testamentary on the es
tate of Isham L. Watkirfs, dec'd,
having been granted to the undersigned
at the July Term, 1843, of the Probate
Court of Tallahatchie county,
NOTICE is hereby given, that all per
sons holding or having claims against
said estate, to present them properly au
thenticated within the time prescribed
by law, otherwise they willl be forever
of the last Will and Testament of Isham
L. Watkins decf.
July 1 0, i 64tf. 1 ff-6'w. ..'-,
Take Notice.
Juoi, received, a tine assortment pf
the most fashionable prints,' French
jackonet apd painted Muslins, Broad
Cloths, Satirietts, Gambsoons, Charrp
Jbrayes, Fancy Cottonades, Ky. Jeans,
Flannels, White and Black Bobinet, Irish
and Brown Linens,IIosiery and a great
rariety of fancy articles, which will be
sojd low for cash.
June 8. . A. W. ARMSTRONG
T Fresh Goods.
HE subscriber is just receiving a
fresh supply of Dry Goods, Gro
ceries, lueensware,Tin and Hardware,
which- will be sold on reasonable terras.
Thoss wishing-to purchase . will dd .'well
to cair ano examine tQfoxQ pureh
eisewnere. i
June 8. A, W. ARMSTRONG.
Having engaged the services of Mr.
R. T. Bryarly, he, together with our-j
selves, will give particular attention to!
the sale oi Cotton, and the transaction
of business generally, for account of the
planters or North Mississippi.
INew Orleans, Dec. 5, 1842. 60-l3w
JamesAbcriiatny & Co.,
Memphis, Tenn,
Jajiics Abernathy,
New Orleans, v
Oiler their services to the public for
the sale of COTTON; Selling, Receiv
ing and orwardine Merchandize.
We have employed Mr. O. E. Wilcox,
who will serve his acquaintances in Mis
December 31, 1842. ' ItT
rriHE undersigned begs leave to in form
his old friends and customers that he
still carries on the Tanning business at
his new tan-yard in the East Ward of
Grenada Mississippi: where he has con
stantly on hand all kinds ot well tanned
LEATHER, which he will dispose of at
prices corresponding with the hardness
of the times. Leather will at any time
Grenada Feb. 18 1843,-tf-
"1LOTIIS, Domestics, Mefrrimack and
Lall River Prints, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
and Bonnets &c. of every description,
just received and for sale low for cash,
Api 22, 1843. 6-tf
Slop the Runaway and
SUPPOSED to have
been enticed awav
from Oxford Lafayette
County, Miss on the
night of the 19th inst,a
black . boy, about 25
ycaT5Dfnge,-tiaTr off wlien Tufte ft "a dark
sattinet rotrndabout, dark -nantalonna
and straw hat, and about 6 feet high,1
speaks quick, and is rather intellifferft. '
goeaDj me uameot arisruuisli. It is
supposed he will make his wav to Geori
gia, as he was brought from there in Jan-1
uary last. I will give $20 reward for
me apprehension ot the boy and $25, if
iouna m the possession of any white
man. VVm. McDONALD".
Ponola may 26th, 1843. fl-tt. -
x Kin & vv Ann, a new assortment
just received and for sale by
J. & A. K. ERWIN.
junel? 14 tf.- .
Commission, receiving & forwarding
Tonoln, Mi..
" Apil 22, 1813.' ' 6-t2m
National Maaziue
'. . OF
Gralia ni's liady's nnl Gen
(lemnan'M Magazine.
GRAHAM'S is the oldest and most popular
of the American literary JShgazines. TI13
number for Jannary, 1843, will be the first of the
33th volamo. Its long and universally successful
career, from its commencement with a few hon
dred pubscribers, nntil the present time, when it
has a circulation of fifty thousand copies a month,
is perhaps as good an evidence pf its great and in
creasing merit as the publisher has it inliis power
to offer. To his old subscribers, he trost3 no as
surance are necessary ot tus determination to
maintain its present ascendancy over all the rival
periodicals of the coantry. The engagement, da
ring the past year, of sach men tu Bryant, Coop
eb, Dana, Longfellow1, Hoffman, Man-cur,
etc., of high reputation1! in the literary world, as
regular contributors, in addition to a previous list
embracing many 01 tne first names in the nation, is
a sufficient guarantee that the work will continae
to be the principle medium of communication be
tween the best authors and the publio. Among
the attractions of the thirty-fifth volume, will be
everal Tales by Mr J. F. Cooper, Mr Graltoh,
Mr Hoffimn, Mr Herbert, Mih Leslie, lMary
Clavers',1 Mrs, Embury, Mrs Ellet and Mrs Ste
phens; poems by Mr Bryaiit, Mr, Dana, Mr
Longfellow, Mr Street, Mrs Seba Smith, Mrs
Oitgood, tnd Mrs Sigourney ; essays by Mr Fay,
Mr Jones, Mr Tuckcrman, Mr Foe, etc. etc.
Here follows a more full lit of thenames of
contributors, the most distinguished of the country
which we omit for want of re-om.
Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
has been from its establishment more than any
other the favorite periodical of the greater sex.
Though its plan does not entirely exel ade articles
of the most important character, such as have rai
sed Blackwood's and some other foreign journals
to their high influence and reputation, its pages
will be principally devoted to what is usually term
ed light literature. It will be distinguished from
other publications 6f similar aims by the literary
and artistic merit of its coiMentti While those of
other works are unknown qr ftnonyrnons, the con
tributors to this are the fciost eminent authors of
our age and coantry ; the very cieators, founders,
of our National Literature. Especially is it cel
ebrated as containing the choicest productions of
the finest female writers of the time. Kveiy num
ber contains gems which may be appealed to with
pride by the sex 6.3 vindicating their intellectual
Stlendid Embellishments.
Th the department of Engravings it is well known
that Graham's Magazine Has far surpassed any
periodical work ever published Jn tfiis or any oth
er coantry. The highest ambition of rival pub
lishers seem thus far to have been to maintain a
respectable imitation of the numerous costly ahd
beautifnl works of art with which the successive
numbers of this journal have been graced. In the
coarse of the succeeding volames many important
...... A ... ... : 1 1 v. 4.....) c A 10 1.
iiuw icaiuicjn in uc imiuuucou. oarun ana oauu
the most celebrated Mezzotint Engravers in the
Union, and equals of the best in Europe, will con
tinue to lurm&h their exqnisite productions.' and
Kawdon, Wrizbt and Hatch. G Parker. A
Dick, Gimbredge, Jackman, Jpnes and others, o
Mew lork, and Dodson, Welch and Waters,
1 ucKer and others, ot I'lulacJelpma-all among the
most eminent line engravers of th present centu
ry, Tiave been engaged to furrliSS succession of
highly finished steel engravings, superior lo any
that have hitherto appeared in periodicals. Among
he pictures that will be engraved for for the vol
umes in 1843, are several Original Paintings,
by Ingham, Inman, Cole, I Iiompson, r reernan,
rranquinet, and other distinguished artists. lh
American periodicals have hitherto contained,
save in a very few instances, only engravings cop
ied Irom foreien prints. I he pnblisherof Gra
ham's Magazine will be the first to reform the
practice, and to make his work strictly original
in its embellishments as well asin its literary con
Our Portrait Gallery. One of the new fea
tures of the comiiiff volumes trill be the introduc
tion of Portraits of the coatribotors to Graham's
Magazine, which of course, will include nearly
all the eminent writers of the day. The 35th vol
cmcwill include, from theburinsof Parker, John
son and others, portraits feneraved in the highest
style of the art of MrOoopar, Professor Longfel
low, 31aria Del Uccidente. Mrs JNcourney, JMiss
Sedgwick, Mrs Seta Smith, Mf9 Embury and sev
eral others-all from paintings executed expressly
for the parpose.
I he Lditorial JJepartjient will continue
to embrace notes on current literature etc, and re
views of all new American and foreign works of
general interest or valoe. The criticisms of Gri-
ham's Magazine are acknowledged in all part3 o'
the country to ba superior in acumen, honesty and
independence to those of any t'ontemporary. In
deed, while a majority cf the monthly and quar
terly journals have become mere advertising medi
ums for for the booksellers, in which every thins
'in print1 is indiscriminately praised, this'period-
ical is looked upon as a just and discriminating ar
biter between authors and leaders, a which both
nave implicit connuence.
1 erms;
Graham's Magazine will be published on the
first of eaca month m every quarter of the Union.
The most distant subscribers will therefore receive
it on that day, as well as those who reside in Phil
adelphia. The proprietor being mora desirous of
presenting the best and iost beautiful than the
cheapest work in the country, aruLmxious to bring
. ftiuuii uic itavu ui cljj, vucis uie luuowiiig &9
the lowest terms at which it can be afforded
Three Dollars per annum in advance for a sin
gle copy, or two copies yearly for five dollars, five
copies for ten dollars, eight for fifteen dollars, or
eleven for twenty dollars, fclabs furnished as usu
alj invariably in advance. Postage of all letters'
to be ore-paid. GEORGE R. GRAHAM,
Dec. 7, 1842. ' No 98 Chestnut St Philadelphia;
A LL work in
,' " MAKER, and
Soalh siafflf the public
Scuarc, 'Grenada ML
the above. lihe, 'neatly
executed and warranted.
Grenada, Fcb.4, 1843.
5-12 rh
Jroccricsj Cheap for
THE following articlcs,just received,
and will be sold at low prices.
Host Brown Sugar, 12 lbs. for $1,00
Best Rio or Havana Coffee 7 lbs for 1,00
Good jUohisses 37 cents nor gallon.
Candles, Boston Soap
Starch .Tobacco
Raisins . . Rico
Spices of all kinds Coarse & fine Salt,
together with every article usually cal
led for in the Grocery line.
HUNT & Co.
April 22. C-tf
W i 1 1 i a m 15. Tyson,
"General Commission Merchant,
No. 12, Cotnrnefce Street,
. Baltimore.
Having opened a House for the pros
ecution of a general Commission busi
ness, he will give particular attention to
consignments ot southern and western
produce for sale in this rnarkct.
.In soliciting tho patronageof his friends
and the public, he heed scarcely add that
every attention'&care to insure prompt
itude in the transaction ot any business
entrusted to him, will be given on ui
part. He begs leave to refer to
Messrs. Robb k Iloge, "
" Wilson, Wright &Co New Orleans.
- Mr. Jno. II. McKae, )
" A. S. Brown, Grenada. .
, " Samuel Tool. . ) .
uauimore, reo. l, inko. o-mn
Gi'occrics!! Groceries!!!
Cheap for
George V. Berry,
Saddler And Harness Maker; 1
'IHE undersigned
-"- would respectfully
inform his friends and
the public, that he is al
ways ready at his sh" op
on the Square irVtne'
aoaaeAV uru oi Grenada
I! Notice.
ORVILLE HARRISON & CALVIN t0 execute,- in workmanlike manner, and
F VANTPP1. ouow iasu wiwss, u.u worK in me jsaxx-
i T ;. luunguuu naiijcaa malting DUSineSS.
tJLi, f ; , . ' . . Repairing done on the shortest notice:
luiincu cu-Darinprsn n. nnn itii i fi.n.Ui' 07 mo -
ho iznr
at Law,
rave formed a co-partnership, and will Grenada, Oct. 27 1842.1
iuiuib practice unaer ine - style of
UGAR, Rice, Salt,
Rio & Havana Coffee, Molasses, '
Pepper, Ginger, Indigo,
Madder $-c. &c. &c, for sale low
April 22, 1843. 6-tf
Hard-ware & Crockery.
A COMPLETE assortment of Hard
ware & Crockery, just received
and for sale low forcashi by .
HUNT & Co.
April 22d. 6-lf
JUST received and still receiving, per
steamers "John II. Bills" and "Bel
mont," a fresh and carefully selected
consisting of every variety in demand
in this market, which will now be sold
extremely low for cash.
Those wishing to purchase would do
well to call and examine our slock be
ford purchasing elsewhere.
Ponola, Apl. 22, 1843. 6-tf
a utt Repairing.
The subscriber begs leave to inform
the Planters of Ponola and the adjoining
counties, that, having permanently loca
ted in tho town of Ponofa, he is pre
pared to make to order Cotton Gins of
the first quality, on the planofGRiswoLD
os Pa att. He' has several or thai
make now on hand and for sale, which
he will warrant, as well as those of his
ow'n make,'equal, if not superior to any
'now in use. He is also ready to re
pair any Gins on the shortest notice, and
will warrant the work.
( Those persons who may wish to see
specimens of his work, can do so at the
plantations cf Mr. II. W. Middleton and
31 r. Edward Davis, Ponola county, Mr.
James .Morris, Lafayette co., and Mr.
David W. Dickerson, Yalobusha co.
Gen. Jno. Rayburn and Col. T. B. Hill
also have specimens of tho same work.
For all work done, the Idwcst cash pri
ces will bo charged. 'Shop. in the N-. E.
corner of the town. A. II. BURDINE.
Ponola, March 25, 1843. 3-tf
POWDER and Shot, Lead, and a large
assortment'of Queen's ware and Tin
ware, for sale low by.
- ... A. W. ARMSTRONG.
Apl 1, iG43. 6-tf
Complete in
Mercantile jYo tie c. ,
nPHE undersigned would jrcspectfully
inform their friends and the public
generally, that they have resolved on
changing their mode of business. They
will hereafter sell for CASH, and cask oll
ly, ut prices suitel to tho times.
. All those indebted to us either by note or
account are earnestly requested to come
fo'rvard and make payment, as punctual
ity on the part of our customers is indis
pensible to our success in business.
, J. &.A. k. EIIWIN.
Panola, March 10, 1 843. 1 tf
f MI E undersigned wish to inform the
Planters of Ponola and the adjoining
counties that they are now prepared to
do all work in the above line, on the short
est notice and in tne best manner also
running gear can be had at our slum on
the best terms and of the best quality.
All work warranted not to be excelled.
ii equalled in the state. Jur prices shall
be as low as those of any shop for work
aone in tne same style. Persons Wish
uigwieir cms repaired wil do we to
.send them to the shop as earlv as cossi
ui rr i . .... r. - t ...
o nope to merit and share a lib
eral patronage. Shop on the road
icauuig irom nariestonto 1'onola, two
and a half miles north ofPharsalia.
G. P. HANKS & Co.
April 22, 1843. 6-12m
The Publishers Df t v
Tribune have effected an ewVort
with Mr. James B. Swain 2$
the only full and ilIust?aiSipr,3
preceded by a BioraS
the Great Statesman ffloifS
Uest, and embellished by
Engravings-by which the S"W
abled to publish, from AfrVslSJ1
myK3 p.a;cs,au edition of that J
the IcoP!e, in two large 1
vo umcs at tho unpreceeS i
price of O.ve Dollar Vr l,y k
This edition nlfZ$f !-
clear and glowing, wnS t
for lha work, by UXEy "Pfes,!y h
II. The speeches of Mr n
810 to 1042 inclusive JL " W fm i
JU restored o the fifSt '
u uiem navinir been nnlx, "iaaT "i
tho third rrrerZn-ZAt
and so, and "he ur2ed : -giving
his own ?'t .
diction, without
an comparble with
No collection of Mr.KZF&i
lUlS. in Mm.L,
Each Speech is prefaced rA'ai
introductory Praaph expSS
circumstances which called i I f !'
and whenever ,t is desirable and J
otherwise indicated, a note at the 2
gives the fate of the measure lir&rS "
cussion. . , , i '
I. . A Portrait of Henry Clay, fromm
II. A view of the birthplace, 0r ilen- t
Clay, 10 "the Slashes ofliaao
Virsrinia enravpd nn coi . '
real Petty Gul
just received
per steamer Belmont: in stcre and for
sale by
April 29. 7-tf
T c w
lne subscribers are now receiving
irom INew urieans a large assortment
of seasonable goods among which are
new . styles .of French Printed Muslins
and Lawns, English & American Prints,
white, jaconet and striped Muslins, Fan
cy dress Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Apron
Uhecks, tfrown & bleached Domestics,
Linen Drills and Cottonades, and a full
assortment of Boots, Shoes and Bonnets,
which will be ? Old at lower prices than
ever oeiore onerea in in is marKet.
HUxT & Co.
April 22. G-tf "
The mail from Memphis arrives on Tuesdays
and Saturdays, a 12 o'clock Jl1 and departs im
The' mail from Oxford ai rives on Tuesdavsa.
6 o'clock. P. M. and departs on Mondays at 6
a ciuct a. iu. .
The mail from Grenada,- arrive on Sundava
at b o'clock P. M.; and deoarts FridaVs at R .
clock A. M.
The mail from Carrollton arrives Thuiada's at
6 o'clock P, MM and departs Mondays at 6 o'clock
A. M.
TWO GIN-STANDS for sale extrenit
ly low to close a consignment, by
March 22. 2-tf
A FEW barrels of fresh threshed
OATS iust received anit fnr sale Kw
apl 29 7-tf,
DRIED APPLES, a few barrels and
sables, iust renftivfid nn,1 (?ir ealo K
( apl 20 7-tf j
?ui-makiii fc Repairing-
I HE subscriber, thankful for the pat
ronago he has heretofore received
takes this method of informing the pTan
t'ers of Ponola and the adjoining counties
that he is prepared lo execute orders fo
making and repairing cotton-gins, cotton
thrashers, wheat thrashers and, fans on
the shortest notice and on reasonable
terms. He is'also ready to execute tur
ning in iron, sleel or wood. He hopes
by close attentibn to business, to merit a'
share of patronage. His prices shall be
as low s those of any other shop in the
country. He may be lound at air time
a't hiii shop in the east ward, Gretfada,
two doorsr east 01 M r. be r r y's Black smith
IN B. AlTwork or repairing warranted.
Grenada", Mi., March fff 184'3; f-lf
ASTINGS and Hardware of every
description in store and fdr sale low
for cash by A. W. ARMSTRONG.
April 22d, 6-lf.
05" Goods at first cos t.'.0
THE subscriber,": anxious to' sell off
his present Stock of Goods before re
newing again, offers losell his goods now
on hand, at first cost." ' . : .
CofTeeville, March i3j 18-13.. 1-tf
SUdAR, Coflee, Molasses,
3atr, Window-glass," and
domestic Dry goods, in store
and for sale low for CASH, by
Pancla, Match 8, 1843. . 1 if
Fifty-Dollars Reward!!
RUNAWAY, from the
Steamboat Belmont, at
the town of Belmont in
Ponola county, the ne
gro Doy am tiaUiN, live
feet i 1 inflif! tiin-K
. (-,
copper colored, m iias a hesitancy in
nis speech, is about 125 years old, and
weichs about 170 lbs. Wherl ht Ipfr
the boat, he wore a roundabout and oth
er clothing usually worn by deck hands
l will give 5ii dollars reward to. any
person who Will deliver him to Capt.
Wallace, of the steamer Belmont, or
the same amount lor his apprehension
and security in the jail of Ponola or any
other County jail in the State, or 50 dol
lars if delivered to me ia Vicksburg.
Vicksburg, Feb'. 27; 1843. 2-tf.
AGREEABLY to an order of tho
Honorable the Probate Court of Tal
lahatchie county, made at the April
term thereof; I shall proceed lo sell, on
the fifth day of Juno next, in the town
of Charleston iri said county, on a credit
of twelve months, with bond and approv
ed security, the following lands, belong
ing to the estate-of Gads Alford, de
ceased, late of said county, to wit; the
South-east quarter of Section twelve, in
Township twenty-four, Range 2, East.
Sale to take place within the hours
prescribed by law.
..Executor of Cade Alford; dec"d. .
. Charleston1," Miss., April J 1th, A. Ef.
1843. . rj-3w-f4d
-engraved on sies!.
An Engraved P.-.R
?vulCON, .iust received per
steamboat Shakespeare and for sale low
tor casn by . .
. " : J. & A; K. ERWIN;
rinl Off 7 if
taken np by Aron Pitts, one bright
bay mare.four years, old,, blazed face,
ieit lore loot and right hind toot white,
fifteen hands high. Appraised' to 540
, -DAVID DUKE, Ranger P. C.
April 3. . 4-3 t . . . p fee $2 .
Pe rsons .who have taken tin strav
ore notified not to deliver them up with
out a certificate from me-of the oav'nt
cf all costs. - DAVID DUKE.
al supply, constantly on hand &
or sale by
J. & A. K. ERWIN.
may 3 ; 8 tf
Job work of all kinds
done at this Office.
letter from Mr. Clav.
Such is the chardcVer-such are lb
contents of tho edition of THE LlP
which the subscribers now offer to t&J
public m two large vclumes of i 100 pa
ges, for One Dollar. It vill be beautL
lully printed, on fair, whit nnnPr nj
neatly put up in flexible covers. It Js
afforded cheaper than any such work
ever was before, because Ve ho,,c tc .-ive
it the largest circulation everatta
? any.
,..T the .fHencs cf Hmr Ct .
Mighty, glorious host! to the v
cataa of h benignant prinripes ahd
measures of National Policy of ftflch
no is the foremost nh i ;v
lovers of our country
especially the various Whig orm
izauons and Ulay Clubs, do we 'coa&
dently appeal for aid in our effort tort.
tend the circulation of this work, and
render its perusal , as nearly as day be3
universal We ask .them to do this, no!
for our sakes, but to advance the great
Cause to which their energies are det
voted, and because Xhit Cause can in no
way be more persuasively, more success
fully commended to the .public judge
ment, the popular heart; than in the les
sons of far seeing Patriotism, the burn
ing Eloquence of Henry Clay.
Respectfully, .
- 1 60 Nassau St., New-YorE
This edition of Mr. Clay's Life anj
Speeches will bs issued on or before the
1st of Juno next, and will be first sup
plied to those w.o shall have previously
subscribed and paid for copies, in the
order of such payment. Price $1 for
the whole work, 10 per dozen, $E0
per hundred. Subscriptons and orders
are respectfully solictcd.
The exceedingly low price at which
this work js to bo published absolutely
precludes ths possibility of disposing
of it, in nny instance, on terms other
than casli in hand. Our friends will
thereforo understand that, however
responsible they may be, we must ad
hero with the utmost strictness to the
cash principle, - -
Almost every village, certainly al-
most every town will be able to form
clubs of twenty-four. And in all cases
where the money ($-20) for;24 copies,'
or over is sent through the Post Office,
and a certificate taken from the Post
Master, it may be sent at ctj'r risk, and
the Post Master will be entitled one copy
If is particularly requested that all
orders be accompanied by specific di
rections as to the manner in which the
books shall be forwarded, and when
unaccompanied by such specific direc
tions, the books so ordered will be neat
ly put up in bundles or boxes, and the
name and place of destination legibly
marked thereon, and the boxes or pack
ages retained in our wareroora untili
called for, or directions given as to the
manner of their shipment. The pub
lishers will not hold themselvas respon
sible beyond their shipment, or delivery
to order. G. 05.31.
New- York, Aprils 1843.
-JJ assorted articles, just received
and for sale by
April 29. 7-tf
assortment, just received and for
sale by a
J. & A. K. ERW1.
apl 9 ' - -

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