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: It 1
Headache, Nausea, Dizziness, and Drowsi
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00 0
board of Supervisor.
The board of utrvi.wrs of Warr
county met at the courthouse Id regu
lar session for June at 10 o'clock yes
terday morning.
Present T. J. Hanes, presilent;
II. Adams. T. W. BraLston, J. D,
Lauahlan and Vf. A Hopper.
The minutes of the meeting of May
5th were read and approved.
Mr. James M. Gibson, on behalf of
the liquor dealers of barren county,
presented a petition asking that the
board cause an election to be htld to
determine whether or not liquors shall
be sold in Warren county.
The matter was laid over until 12
o'clock Tuesday.
The following preamble and
tlon was adopted:
" Whereas, It is understood by the
board of supervisors that Mr. W.
is making the mat trass at Clear Creek
with ether than willow trees; there
fore be It
Resolved, That Mr. Bell be instruct
el to make the' mattrassentirely of
willow s, as that is the construction
the board put upon his bid; and that he
tile his bona immediately in accord
ance with section 2,179 code of 1880
otherwise bis contract shall be null
and void.
The following resolution was adopt
Resolved, That the matter of
the allowance of the account of
IS. Spengler for lumber to buld
Sunnyside school-house; and the
allowance of the account of Messrs,
Mattingly and Gunning, for repairing
the National cemetery road.be referred
to the district attorney for his opinion
as to whether the board is authorized
by law to make such ellowancs, and if
so, in what manner, whether in scrip
or in cash, botn or said accounts hav
ing been incurred by a previous board
in 1885, and request him to refer the
board to the law in these cases.
The bid of Mr. D. Rice for school
bonds being the lowest was accepted
at seventy-tour cents on the dollar.
The bid of Mr- James P. Roach for
the Ship Island bonds, being the only
one, was accepted, l,5UUO at par.
County Treasurer Joan M. Cameron
rendered the following statement:
To the Hon. Hoard of Supervisors of Warren
bounty, uenuemen:
Toballanceas per my last report $:,581 00
To T. J . hanes, presuleut of the bo.rd
1,000 00
vv . u. worreu, snenrt, taxes ltws Hi W
L. M. Loewenberg, .1. P. tines 39 to
,r. T. fctrother, J. i' 17 00
W. U. Worrell, circuit court lines 2
Total 7,7oO 41
By general and special county war
rants 81,150 E9
By country teachers warrants 155 60
warrant account or sdjc al index
fund ,38 91
Comion to school bond No. 21 3 0)
Treasurer's commissions 20 li
Total -j,7( -a
Balance on hand due county $4,888 16
This amount is divided among the
several county funds, as follows:
GenertI comity and Judiciary, "old".. .$ 33 51
Special index 248 M
Special bridge 78
Miss. Valley & S. I. K. K. bonds 2,152 t
Warren County school bonds U52 711
Klues of 18Wi. "school fund" 78-25
special fund, old tund 13 76
K. K. BecK, lease of school land 774 12
School fund Of 1880 254 37
ueuerai county and special tund 473 81
$4,888 10
P. J. O'Connell was awarded the
work of repairing road No. 32, his bid
for same being the lowest, 35.
O. E. Hall, overseer of the road, hav
ing riled HtKJavit that the work could
not be done by the bands on the road.
The wort, to be done under the direc
tion of Supervisor W. A. Hopper.
The board ordered an election to be
h 1 1 on the 28th of June, in the second
and third districts of this coucty, for
cflrtaia othcers to nil vacancies.
The board met pursuant to adjourn-
mental) the members present,
The minutes of the last meeting were
read, corrtcted and approved.
The bids on the work at Pace bot
tom, road 17, were read as follows:
Kennedy & Morris, dirt work, $40;
wood work, $y5; Miller & Beck, dirt
work, $10; wood work, $78.
On motion the bids of Messrs. Miller
& Beck were accepted on their doing
the worn, under supervision of the
member of the board from that dl -
trict, and according to specifications of
KeDnedy & Morris' bid.
bealeu proposals were ordered to be
advertised for for the building of a
bridge over Darden bayou, on road 79,
accordinar to rhns and specifications in
the clerk's office.
On motion, sealed proposals were or
dered to be adveitised for for the
building of a bridge at the Hyland
I lice, road 19, according to plans and
specifications in the clerk's office.
On motion, sealed proposals were
ordered to be adveitised for for the
building of a bridge over Stoui'd
bayou, on road No. 1, according to
plans and specifications on file in tne
clerk's office.
(Jn moiion the sction of the board
had Monday in regard to the date of
holding an election in the second and
third districts, was reconsidered and
fuither i-ction taken, fixing the date of
thn rl-ctim on June 28th, 1886.
The bund of P. J.O'Connt-1, for road
work on road No. 32, for $70, was ap
proved and filed.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. The minutes of previous days
meeting were read and approved.
On motion of T. W. Bradston, the
salary of the superintendent of educi
tion was fixed at $600 per annum, and
that By id sultry shall date and be pay
able from July 1, 1886; and that the
county of Warren shall pay $384, the
Said county's proportion of said salary,
and that the city of Vicksburg, which
constitutes a separate school district,
shall pay $216, the said city's propor
tion of said salary, and tbbt said salary
shall be paid monthly.
The following claims against the
county were allowed;
; . r .
f. rry Lr. , .-, aal I : i
11. is. keodrii''i f-r ri-; ,r(r
bmlge adjoining U-tsjitn'a l ike brulne,
$13. instead of $18, as per contract, he
having omitted a portion of the work.
Alex. Wilson, lor hauling lumber
for road 48, $3.
W. D. Shingles, for carrying two
prisoners to jail from Adam's landing,
Vicksburg Gas Light Company, gas
at Couit-house for May aad April,
$19.50. '
A. L. Kleinman, repairing bridge,
building culvert, furnishing and haul
ing lumber on road 121, $16 65.
A. Bullock, Esq., attorney for Mrs.
Charlotte Spears, presented a petition
claiming damage for right of way
through her land for road No. 99, near
Bovina. The board heard the argu
ment and laid the matter over for fur
ther consideration.
On motion the contract awarded to
Wilson Bell for building widow mat
tresses on Clear Creek was annulled,
he refusing to comply with the re
quirements of the board in building
said mattresses exclusively of willows.
Messrs. Mattingly & Gunning pre
sented their bill of $1,600 lor repairing
the National cemetery road. On
motion they were allowed $1,200.
J. G. Brl!,;overseer of road No, 98,
made application for lumber to repair
bridges on said road, which was
On motion it was ordered that eight
pieces of lumber on road No. 99 be ap
plied for use on road No. 47.
Dorsey Foreman presented a claim
amounting to $560 for loss of two
mules, wagon ana harness, etc, on
account of bad condition of road near
Newtown, which on motion was re-jt-cted.
The following resolution was adopt
ed: Resolved, That the clerk of the
board be required to have in complete
readiness for examination of this
board, at its next regular meeting, to
be in July, all of the county treasurer's
reports from 1st of January, 1880, to
the 1st of March, 1886, and all tte
warrants, bonds and coupons, that
have been cancelled between the afore
said dates, commencing with the first
repoit of the treasurer in 1880, and
that said clerk be required to have the
said cancelled warrants, bonds and
coupons so arranged that they may
be checked up in the order in which
they appear on the lists that were
filed with them at the time that tbey
were cancelled, and said clerk is re
quired to present at said meeting the
treasurer s docket ' with all of the
treasurer's reports, duly recorded
therein as required by law.
Messes. Kennedy A. Morris were al
lowed $82.50 for filling hole on Red
Bone and Fisher's Ferry road as per
contract ; $25 for repairing Red Bone
bridge ; $25 for repairing bridge west
of Red Bone ; $125 for building bridge
over iUCQtiee s slouch on Baldwin s
Ferry road, and $300 for filling wash
out on road No. 34, near Miss Lillie
Cook's thee.
On motion it was ordered that the
president of the board be and is au
thorized to borrow $500.
On motion Mr. Horece Marshall
was granted use of room used by Mr.
Moore until after the grand jury ad
On motion, it was ordered that the
president of the board be authorized ti
borrow $703.75, now in the hands of
John M. Cameron, county treasurer.
belonging to the school fund of section
16, township 16, range live east, and
that a loan warrant issue therefor, to
be used ia payment of current ex
penses of the county.
The gas bills for the jail for Novem
ber, December, January' and May,
which had been referred to a commi.-
tee.were rejected.
The bond ot L. C. Bell, for building
Cole's Creek bridge on road 99, was
filed and approved.
L. C. Bell was allowed $19.70 for
putting up the Cole's creek bridge.
11. M. Uoli was allowed $18.80.
On affidavit by overseer of road No.
59 that certain work on said road was
necessary to be done, which the road
hands cannot do, Supervisor T. W.
Brabston was authorized to receive
bids for same.
The bridge on Muddy creek, road
No. 57, haviog been reported in bad
condition, Supervisor Brabston was
authorized to receive bids to repair
same if necessary.
Wm. Curphy was allowed $2,70 for
two hundred feet of lumber.
A communication from the State
board of health in regard to the ap
pointment of a health officer. for the
county was laid over until next meet
A number of inquest cases were
read and allowed.
W. J. Fletcher's bill for inquest on
the body of Ed Woodson, was rejected,
nd another witoout name or mention
of deceased on May 13th, was returntd
for information.
The bids for repairing the oil Fort
Hill or Yazoo Valley road were opened
and .the bid of Kennedy & Morris for
$695, being the only one, was accepted,
they beiag required to give bond for
keeping same in repair for two years.
la the matter ot the petition of JN.
J. Bazinsky and others, asking for an
election for and against the sale of
vinous and spirituous liquors in War
ren countv:
On this day came N. J. Bazinsky acd
others and filed a petition herein pray
ing an election as provided for in an
act of the legislature of the State of
Mississippi approved March 11th, 1886.
entitled an act for preventing the evils
of intemperance, by local option ia any
ounty in the State, by submitting the
question of ' prohibiting the sale of
intoxicating liquors to tne qualified
voters of each county, provide penal
ties for Its .violation and for other pur
poses, to determine whether or not such
plrituous liquors as are mentioned in
. I '-' : : i ,
coin- ;
AUit. ; . : lit '
cf i'. a t-wu i t', . t , ., :i t f t:
qualified voters of Warren county, who
are qualifled to vote for members of
the legislature in this county bad sign
ed said petition and petitioned the
board asking said election: It is
therefore ordered that an election as
prayed for by said petitioners do take
place and be bad under said provisions
of said act to determine the question
whether or not such spirituous liquors
as are mentioned in the 6th section of
eaid act shall be sold In this county;
said election to take place upon the
17th day of July, 1886.
It 1b thereupon further ordered,
TbatG. G. Pegram, John W.' Kline
and Clem Davis be ( and the same are
hereby appointed commissioners to
hold said election, who shall take the
oath of office prescribed to hold said
election as prescribed in said act, and
to return the result of the same to this
board according to law.
Ordered this the 9th day of June,
Many a person is starving with a f ul
table before them. Appetite gone!
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lowness and bad breath will flee away.
Price 25 cents per bottle. All drug
gists. Indiana Democrats are inquiriag
among themselves what profit there is
in a reapportionment without harmony.
Geo. W. Tompkins, M.P., 78 Cum
berland Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., writes
June 9, 1883: "I take pleasure in
recommending Allcock'a Porous Plas
ters in all cases of general Debility,
especially where the pains are severe
over the regions of the Kidneys, Liver
and chest; marked improvement oc
curs soon as relief from suffering is
obtbiaed. For Lumbago these Mis
ters surpass liniments, etc." 38
Queen Maugueuite, of Italy, will
spend the Summer at the Villa Petra
ra, near Florence.
Piles are frequently proceeded by a
sense of weight in tho back, loins and
lower part of the abdomen, causing
the patient to suppose he has some af
fection of the kidneys or neighboring
organs. At times, symptoms of
indgestioa are present, as flatulency,
uneasiness of the stomach, etc. A
moisture, like perspiration, producing
a very disagreeable itching, after get
ting warm, is a very common atten
dant. Blind, Bleeding and ' Itching
Piles yield at once to the application
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absorbing the Tumors, allaying the
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manent cure. Price, 50 cents. Ad
dress, The Dr. Bosanko Medicine Co.
ttqua,Ohio. Sold by C.C.Reynolds
A (JO. i.
Lydia Thompson will try it again
next seasop. A woman who can con!
quer age as she does deserves to suc
ceed in everything she undertakes; but
we should think she would be more
pleased to mount the lecture platform.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The lec
ture platform seems to be a court of
last resort.
An End to Bone Scraping.
Edward Shepherd, of Harrisburg
I'l., says : '-Having received so much
benefit from Electric Bitters, I feel it
my duty to let the suffering humanity
know it. Have had a running sore on
my leg for eight years; my doctors
t )ld me I would have to have the bone
scraped or leg amputated. I used in
stead, three bottles of Electric Bitters
and seven boxes Bucklen's Arnica
S-lve, and my leg is now sound and
Electric Bitters are sold at fifty cents
a bottle, and Bucklen's Salve at 25c.
per box by Hardaway & Cassell. 5
,The dispatches do not state where
David Davis' carbuncle is located.
Perhaps U is on the fence.
Just What They All Say.
Hon. D. D. waynie, of Salem. Ills..
says be uses Dr. Bosanko's Cough and
Lung Syrup in his family, with the
most satisfactory results, in all cases
of Coughs, Colds and Croup, and rec
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Blaine has warned his friends to
keep out of the fight against Edmunds'
Sick Headache Cured in Five Min
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teuUitu the General Assembly of the Cumber
land rresbyterlHii Church at Austin, Texas, I
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On my way home I was taken vary sick and took
u dose of tlie medicine, and in less than live
minutes it cured me ol the wort spell of sick
headache that 1 ev Jiad in my life. The hal
Hiiceoi the butlle has linen nf,l wnb ,m,i n....t
I'J in v laiiuiy, ii uu;
tiKht lo lie iu every family
J. C. Bi.akton, l'astor,
tne united states,
f. Church, l'.easant Hite. Ala., June 27th, 1881.
John E. Owens announces that he
will never return to the stage.
Be on Your Guard.
Benson's CapolneTlasters are widely Imitated.
That Is the fact. Now, why are they imitated?
Because they are the only porous nlasler In ex
istence that is real'y trustworthy and valuable.
Ueiison slast-rs are liixlily and sclen Illcally
medicated, and cure iu a few hours ailments
upon which 1,0 others have anv elfect whatever.
Tne public are therefore cautioned gainst ul ,g
teruVarlngthe names of "Oapsiciu," "Capsi
cum," "Capsicine" or "Capucin." wbleli are
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fcreoce) and also airalnst plasters bearl.'ir the
names Benton'." "Uurton V' etc. When buy
ing ask dstlnctly for Heuson's Plaster and pro
tect yimreelf by a personal examination. Tho
nenuine has tne word "Capcine" cut or porous
ad in the body ot the plaster and the ''Iuree
Ileal" trade-mark on the face cloth.
tnlii Gih-iii.s, v. -I , ,) , i 5,
Our people are r; ecu" ,'titot'
airange coiogs or btrar'-fts ii.,r tovn
o-jiuc mu weens ho. iurf-e ii'i-ti, cue
wnite and the others colored, did in
me latigue uniform of the United
States army, and armed, the white
man with a sword and the colored men
guuo, were ooaervea Dy some
neii hands measuring with a tape line
from a given point ia a meadow on
tne oanks of Center Creek, two miles
from town. Finding that they were
watched tbey concealed themselves,
auu me negroes wno saw them went
away and reported what thev had
seen. The following day a neighbor
who heard the report went to the Bpot
to investigate, but found no one, but
be did find a fresh dug hole nearly as
large as a full-sized ftrave in the spot
where these men were seen. What
they were searching for and whether
they found what they were seeking, is
speculation. A small bone, apparently a
rib, was found close by, but whether
human or animal none could tell. The
location of this ground Is in the rear of
the Confederate line of battle fought
May 1, 1863, and probably the day fol
lowing some soldiers of Grant's army
may have concealed treasures, valua
bles or plate here, and its location be
come known, after a iapse of twenty
three years. If it was a body they
were exhuming there need have been
no secrecy, unless it was murder.
Near this Bpot in ante bellum days
lived an old negro, who bad ac
cumulated some six hundred dollars in
gt ld. One morning he was found with
his neck broken in a wash near here,
and his pockets turned. It was rumor
ed that he kept his money buried, and
probably theBe fellows were searching
for the gold. A silver Spanish piece
was found near this spot, a few days
ago. that bore date of 1784. The soil
had washed from around It, leaving it
elevated five or eix inches from the
level. The soil had washed down to
just the fize of the coin, showing it
had laid there for many yearn. Fre
quently some of our own people take a
notion and hunt for buried treasures
near the oil mills. Large holes have
been dug in the plantation, but noth
ing has ever been found, but people
will ever be so when treasure is the
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tem. Why the River Did Not Reach
Feet at Vicksburg.
Vk'ksbuko, Miss., May 27, 188fi.
Editor of Madison (La.) Times:
I write to warn you a&ainst adont-
ing electric light in Tallulah. Sincaits
adoption in this ci'y a bus has made its
appearance here that "lays over" any
thing in the bugology of this country
like as a dollar "lays over" a dime.
lhls bug looks as thoueh it mirht.
be a cross between a buzzard and a
8of t-shell turtle it is something small
er than either of its progenitors, but
for downright ugliness and loathsora
ness, either of the aforesaid birds, in
personal appearance ii a Derfect
Their chief ambition in life aDDears
to be, to extinguish the electric light
wherever found. After vainly butting
away at it for an hour or two they
seem to Decome discouraged and fall
to the ground when they crawl lazily
about until some one comes near
they then commence to "possum"
whether they take the person to be
the electric light tries to turn tables
on them and put out their light or are
only "lying low" to catch somebody,
we have not yet determined.
The question agltaliag the minds of
Vicksburgers now is what shall we do
with them. No doubt the bugs are
equally undecided what they will do
with the Vicksburgers.
The most accepted theory is that they
come out of the river if so that will
account for J. B. Miles' prophecy as to
the height the river would reach at
this point, lacking two feet and a half
of bting true. Yicksbueqer. 1
' ; i r n i tl r
Congresuua t , j ii.o ( (
IW!.-Ct, is CM T, r I I j. J..
a lrtle fo f ev , m" 1 r m I t
nau.e ppiAro of cae cf V. . ' -and
that is the Hon. T. C. Catr
I have no idea the Hon. L. W. ,M- -.
der could be brought to oppore C ..
Catchings. The ten counties cimpos
Ing this district will be a unit for
Catchings and he will be
nominated by acclamation. Tom
Catchings never has been beatea
yet for any position he asked, and be
yond question is not only the choice o
the Democrats in the District, but will
be supported by the Republicans over
any man that has the temerity to op
pose him. Nine out of the ten counties
in the District have virtually spokea
before the District Executive Commit
tee meets. Nearly, If not all, the papers
in the Diitrlct have Indorsed him for
renomination, among them the Green
ville Times, of Washington county, and
the Commercial Herald, of Vicks,
burg, the two ablest and most promi
nent papers in tne District; Delta Re
view, of Washington countv: Rclllnir
Fork Pilot, of Sharkey county; Mayers-
vine (spectator, or Issaquena county;
Valley Flag, of Leflore county; Leader,
Of Bolivar CauntV. Clarksdnln Ran
of Coahoma county, and Ilhink the
Friars Point Gazetts. of Coahoma
This looks "like businesss" fnr anr.
body that thinks Tom Catchings won't
oe tne nominee, lour correspondent
to the contrary. Tom f!t.rh Intra will
have a "walk-over," and if not will go
over In "a darn big trot," and "don't
you forget it." "Dar you Is, Mara
Tom, shore as you born."
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve In the world for cuts
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles or no
day required. It Is guaranteed to gl ve
perfect satisfaction, or monev refund.
ed. Price 25 cents Der box. For sala
by Hardaway & Cassell.
The Rev. Dr. Sunderland's fee at the
wedding was a crisp $100 bill.
Our Worst Enemies,
Next to our voices, are our follies. Among them
is the Imperilling of future bodily comfort, and
the averai?e tenure of life to which persons ot
moderately Rood constitutions are persuinably
entitled, by imprudence in eating and drinking,
and the reckless use of drugs. It is one of the,
happy capabilities of riosteiter's btomacu Bit
ters that it can repair damage thus inflicted.
When the blood is thin and watery, the bowels
out of order, the complexion and tongue botb.
giving evidence of biliousness, there is a neces
sity lor repairs upon the human tenement ob
vious enough to startle its possessor. A oourser
of the Bitters, the abandonment of "drugging"'
iur. rcuei, aim a cuinupon sense uiei ana luoae or.
life these will speedily produce s change lor
the better. What quinine for and fever age, and
mercury for biliousness ana constipation, won't
do, the Bitters will. It also relieves rhenium- .
tism and neuralgia, and inactivity of the kid-,
Tiie Copiah Signal says that Friday
nlsht of last week, waa a onnd nnn fnr
babies, especially girl babies, in and
around Huzlehurst. Six mothers nave
birth to twelve babies all girls.
Secures and Establish BuolaritT
or ti
SelUvtng Pain ant Diitrut.
In tho Dlacbtrga or
Mathjii, Dtrnn wituout Fatioui.
F.nwroi Safety In the '
I Falntneas, Melancholy, Morning
HlftKllRM. tlm Tmnh M r '
Pregnancy Alleviated and Cured,
It Distributed through every Vein I
Strengthen every Organ.
It I iircpnrf it in srpordince with mpflli-nl
hw& rntrFFV'B imikk iialtuiikikv
i nd MINT belny of tt IneredlentM nd
InaenlouRlr oomulnea ih httt r,in i..i
I .... ....... v u, .,,,, j rt-ut-ivd nriinni,
attention, tree of charge, by our Medical In-
All lnftn (Mnnl.. iu . -
r ...vw
Price fl.OO r Bottle.
FOQ BALK BT Dkl'OGlsra and nicAT.ra!l.
None gmnlne without the foltowina fae-umUn
4l,jiiiM nf S
Sole Selling Agent,
Baltimore, mo.
aprat-dttw l.EE HICHAKDSOX .
Even If You Buy a Dozen
cominon porous plasters which you can net for
a soiiK at anv of the Cheap John drucxlsts you
hava merely thrown away your money, for one
Benson's Canelue Plaster is wor.lithem all. The,
reason is tills: Benson's Is thu only porous
Plaster In the market that Is honestlv ami skill
fully made, anil scientifically medii-ati d. oin.
ers are no more than nomlna Imitations ot BeiK
son's. They are cheap becausu thev possess
none of the Inareilients which tender Benson's,
v luable. The latror are prompt to act, pleas
ant U wear, and cur iu a few hours ailments
which others will not even relieve. The puiilui
areespwiallv warned against so-called "t'apsi
cin." 'Capsicum," "t apuein" or "Caiiskinn"
plasters, as worthless articles Intended to de
ceive Ask for Benson's and look for the "T!tr!
Heals" tradeimrk and the word "Carclne" ufc

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