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i It is a medicinal preparation, and, at
the same time, an elegant and cleanly toilet
article. Its action upon the scalp is health
ful. It nourishes the glands which support
the hair, and causes thin, dry hair to be
come thick, soft, and vigorous. It restores
tho color of youth to locks which have
become faded with age or disease; and
relieves and cures Itching, caused by
humors of the scalp. Dr. George Gray,
Nashua, N. n., writes: "It gives me
pleasure to testify to the wonderful effects
produced by Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Ilair
Iteucwer, as observed by me in very many
cases. It will certainty kestohe
cleanses the head of dandruff, and leaves
the hair soft, glossy, and beautiful." F. T.
Sandheiu, 1010 Spruce st., Philadelphia,
Ta., writes: "After ttnavailingly trying
"4 n number of preparations to prevent my
- hair from failing out, and, realizing that I
v ,.s fast becoming bald, I tried, as a last
resort, Hairs Hair Renewer. I have used
only four bottles of tho Renewer, and am
perfectly satisfied .hat It is the best prepa.
ration in the market for checking the
falling out of hair, Invigorating the hair
roots, and promoting a new growth."
Buckingham's Dye
commends itself to all who have occasion
to use a dyo for the beard or mustache.
It will change gray, faded, or sandy
whiskers, to a beautiful brown or black,
, as desired. The colors produced are
iv natural and lasting. It cannot be washed
ljsoiV conta'ns 110 destructive ingredients,
jk" I cheap, safe, convenient to use, and
i effectual.
E. P. HAIL &. CO., Nashua, N. H., IT. S. A.
Sold by nil dealers in medicines.
MA" .N ajMJ OlillrtA.iIii i in. ix J.x..o.
mi-27 Lhti IMCHAKDiSU.V & CO.
The Gret Southern Remedy for all
There are very few who do not know of this
Utile hush crowing alniskle of our limnAtmiis
and hill: hut very low realize the fact, Unit
tlie little ptirplo biny, which fo ninny ol' us
have eaten in most every Mutiip, there Wn prin
ciple, iu it having u wonderful efiet't on the
bowels. r, Biir's Hneklehen y (.'ordial is
the o kkat snttTH VMS KKKiY that restores
the little on leethhiK, and cures Diurrhu'U
Uysentery una Cramp Colic.
When it i cinidered that (it this season of
the year sudden and dm trernus attaekx of the
howels are o frequent, Jtnil we hear of .so many
d"alhs otriirrinij before a nliy.sU'ian ejui b't
failed in, it is important that every Iimnr
ItohJ j4h-i.M provide ttiemselves with .some
speedy relief, a dose of wliieh will relieve the
naui and save much a lxiety. Itr. JJinnerV
H urlt teherry Cordial U asimi'io leinedy which
anv child im plased to take.
I'rice, fiU cents a bottle. Manufactured by
WALTER A. TAY LOU, Atlanta, m.
' JVor"M"VlTUill Heniedy ol' Swtfi liuni
and Mullein uill cure Coui;hs, Croup and I'au
snnit'i1' 'rif-M yxT. and I a hmtlV. .
tJUU Hoes VA and; inch
n,v7 I.KW ltK'HAKHSUix - V"
The iwcuJiM medicinal qualities of Whiskey distilled
irijm tllf nuetftrmvin oi njtr hi me remwii v
of theMnntniKuhela. have attracted tlieattentmn of
tine Medic;J Fatuity in the United States to bucq a
degree a to p)a:e it in a very liigli position among
the Materia J.ludica.
Wo bee to invite the attention of connoisseurs to
onr celebrated tin OI.I WHISK IKS, which
ive otter at the lollowiiiK prin-H, in runes
cqntaiuiiig Oiie Dozen Bottles vncfci
Old Reserve Whistey, - $18.00
Unrivalled-Upper-Ten Whiskey, 15.00
Brunswick Clnb Whiskey, - 12.00
If you canmt obtain tliwe WhifkiM i from ynitrGro.
or, we .film rewtt "(Bank Unit I : 1Ci-biiiim1 Let-t-r
or P. Office Mor.ey Ordor, orC.O.D. ildwirod;
deliver ti'.'tn to ynnr address, liy I.xi'iw dinrRos
li-i-mil xi I'll twin's m at 'lie MlsiinM riwr;
iiu J by fr.velit to any part of tte V. b. (piopwd).
For K. -EM.KXCK. I'l iSiTVan.l KVr.N
lS'KSS OK (il'Al.rrV, the above m I n; nr-
Vlirnre er.tir.ly Kit KK HtO.l AIM
ATiON, in -i possess a natunil flavor unu lino
tonic i'ro'riiM.
These Wl.iski are Bold under ri"titn to Kiy
perlr.'t wnlilnrtinu I othnmi to Iw retuiuud at
car oipe?. Cunespondencefiolicttpa.
114 So. Front St., PHILADELPHIA.
ttattt nrnEririata
wIki care more to make a iHre Jirollt on a
woril!les article tliaii to wnite for tlie prosncr
irv that ultimately results from linnest an.tog.
Tltese are the men who, wlien asked tor a Jen
son's Capcine Plaster, will recommend some
ch"p and trashy snbstit ,te or Imitation. sayiiiK
it id "Just as Kood. boinetimes they will do up
and sC-11 tlie miserable imitation withoii rrjimrK
allowing tlie customer to HUiipo-e lie liwj Ben
sou's, if tlie valueless plaster is J returned,
Cheap John will say lie made a mistake ,- II not
He has dune a stroke ol business l ie public
are cautioned against John and all Ills l'K- "J
o "respectable druxgist, only. TJie uemiiiie
Bensou's )laster has the "Three Heals" trade
mark and the word 'Capcine' cut" centre
Out of Five Hundred Houses Onl
a Half Dozen Remain A Large
Loss of LireTen Bodies Recov
ered. Westminster, B. C, June 15. The
city of Vancouver, situated at the Pa
ciflc end of the Canadian Pacific rail
way, ia ia asbes, nut half a dozen
houses remain out of five hundred,
and the worst of all there is a large
loss of life. Ten bodies have thus far
been recovered, and a number of per
sons are missing, and are supposed to
have perished. One short hour did ttt
whole work. The property saved is
insignificant. A clean sweet describes
the situation. A thousand men
are at work cleaning up the
debris for the railroad company.
Twenty contracts for rebuilding have
been already let. Many men lost their
all, but are determined to start in
again. The property lost falls directly
on the Pioneer tleraent of the city.
Hundreds of people are camped out.
There are meagre facilities for relief of
sufferers, but people of this city are es
pecially open-handed in their efforts to
relieve the destitute. Prompt aid
from the Canadian IV.citic railroad is
expected. Families were compelled to
abandon their homes fat a moment's
warning and flee for their lives. Busi
ness men in search of valuables were
forced to rush through tkmes and
smoke or perish. A number of per
sons sought refuge in the waler.and one
man was found in a well where he had
lowered himself to escape the Humes,
Few of the people have more than
the clothes they stand in. Of tie ten
bodies recovered, three have been
identified. Most of the burned frame
bui.dings will be replacrd with brick
structures. Contracts for a large
hotel and other extensive buildings
representing a half million dollars were
let just before the fire.
Poktland, 0., June 15. The Ore
gonian's Victoria, 1). C, Bpecial says:
'All day Sunday there bad been a
steady wind from the Northwest and
the brush cleaihg fires on the Cana
dian Pacific railroad lots were fanned
to such an extent as to fill the Terri
torial town of Vancouver with smoke.
Nobody, however, had any idea of dan
ger. Shortly after one p.m. several
persons began to consider the situation
threatening, but the smoke was so
dense they found it impossible to di
rect their steps to the exact locition of
its souic;. Soon a stable near the !
Colonial hotel was seen to be on fire.
An alarm was given, but so skepticil
were the people that they p-.ml no at
tention for some time. The wind by this
time had increased until it had
fanned the stable into a mass
of raging fire. Of the fust
buildings to go wasMcCarthey's drug
store, followed by the office of the
Vancouver News. The fUmes shot
across Abbott street with astonishing
rapidity, and almost before the people
could realize it, the w hole of the west
ern portion of the city was in a blaze.
The excitement was now intense.
Water street was filled with dense
smoke and flying cinders, and people
were hurrying, with what effects they
coaild gather in thtir haste, tD a place
of safety, the general direction of the
flight being east, though many run
to"the elevated ground owned by the
Canadian Pacific railroad company.
Others again made for False creek.
Those who endeavored to save their
goods were so wrapped in their object
as to appear heeuless of the danger
tiey ran, and it was found especially
necessary to compel women to relin
quish their efforts to save their lives.
In some cases there was only just time
to place them, on unprovised ralti,
which were pushed out Irom the shore
beyond the reaca of the flames, which
literally seemed to fill the air.
In 1-ss time than it takes to de;cribe
it the fire bid reached Carroll street
Some merchants in this vicinity
and in Ferguson block en
gaged in conveying their goods
to a place of safety, but so rapid
was the conflagration that before their
horses were ready the teamsters tbem
selvts were obliged to fly for their
lives. All hope of saving any con
siderable amount of property was now
abandoned and each contented himself
with hastily putting together what he
could carry in his bads, without seri
ously impeding bis speed, and hurried
from the spot, but even after leaving
the houses the danger was not over,
for every road had become an avenue
offcfire, the falling timbeis and stumps
on each side of the road glowing with
with fire and proving as serious a
menace to the fugitives as the burn
ing houses of the doomed city.
During the confusion which pre
va led, when rowdies and roughs saw
fiat every one was leaving, they enter
ed the saloons, which had been left en
tirely unprotected, and commenced
drinking. Many a one was seen stag
gering along the streets with a keg of
beer on his shoulder, or carrying as
many bottles of liquor as he could ap
propriate. Men wtre seen sitting com
pletely hemmed ia by the fire and ap
parently oblivious of their surround
ings, drinking liquor. They were, of
course, then already partially intoxi
cated. A large number of the fugi
tives collected at the Hastings mill,
company's wharf, but a lirge majority
collected at False creek bridge.
Nothing was to be seen from (ither of
these plscds but a lurid rolling bank
of smoke hanging over the ashes of the
city, from which stragglers coullbe
seen occasionally fleeing.
The steamer Dunsmur was at the
wharf to receive people, and with
several other steamers conveyed a
large number to Moodville. The drop
ping of the flames was as sudden as
ihiir rise, and by 6 p.m. some ad
venturous spirits bad already made
their way nlong the roads of the
destroyed city, and before dark the
work of searching for the bodies of
those overtaken by the fiery element
had begun. In a short liooe the in
cinerated remains of several persons
had been discovered. Upto 10 o'dock
Monday morning nine bodies, some tf
which were burned beyond recogni
tion, had been found. There is some
uncertainty about the exact number
already found, as in some cises a hand
ful of charred bones were the only in
dication of a human life being lost.
One of the searchers thought the
number could be truthfully estimated
at twelve. The general sentiment of
the people seems to be one of hopeful
ness and determination to at once begin
the reconstruction of the city; some
have already got building material on
the grounds.
Scott's Emulsion of Pure
Cod Liver Oil, With Hypophoaphltea,
In Lung Troubles and Cholra In
fantum. Bit. W. E. Ransom, Hurttord.Ind, says: "I
tlnd Scott's Emulsion, an excellent remedy in
lung troubles, and especially in Strumous chil
dren, aud most valuable remedy in chronic
stages of. Cholera Infinitum."
Labor Agents.
Vickshurg like all other cities has a
class of what are known as enterpris
ing citizens, and the most enterprising
of these enterprising citizens seems to
have been the "intelligence" agents, or
labor agents as they are now
designated. These individual have
became such prominent factors in our
city that the city authorities have
decided to tax them in order to increase
the revenues of the city, and it li a
matter of history that since the passage
of thi3 ordinance there has been
considerable chicanery introduced
to give the operatives relief from
the tax. To enumerate their various
schemes would require a full chapter,
but it is sufficient to state that a num
ber of them have passed into the hands
of the law and they will in the future
be required to come up to the "cap
tain's desk" and settle before securing
lumber, or pay a heavy penalty. Ben
Holland, John Tipton and Beveily
Johnson, three colored agents, were
arraigned before Mayor Powell yester
day for doing business without li
cence. Two of them had intended to get
out license before doing business and
the other had forgotten it, but all
were allowed an opportunity to im
prove the matter by taking out a li
cense of $25 each, or pay a fine of
A Damage Suit.
Mrs. Mary St. Andrews, by her at
torney, Mr. Albeit Lea, has brought
suit against Mrs. Wm, Sargent, as the
owne: of the steamboat Ike Bonham,
for the loss of her sou, William L.
St. Andrews, who was killed by the ex
plosion on the Bonham, on the 11th of
March last. Mrs. St. Andrews was
wholly dependent on her son for sup
port and she sues for $10,000 damages.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for cuts
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Tiles or no
day required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refund
ed. Price 25 cents per box. For sale
by Hardaway & Cassell.
Medals of the Mississippi Industrial
Institute and College.
Editor ConimercUl Herald:
Coix.mhus, Miss., June nth, '.8S6.
In addition to the medals hereto
fore announced to be given at our ap
proaching commencement, 1 have the
pleasure of informing you that Mr. S.
T. Taylor, of New York, has sent to
Mr?., F. I. Crowell a handsome gold
medal to be awarded for excrltence in
cuttiog and fitting garments. Mr.
Taylor is the author of the well known
system of drafting and cutting by
measurement, which bears his name,
and his presentation of this medal is a'
nice compliment to Mrs. Crowtll as a
teacher, and to the progress made by
her pupils.
We have therefore the pleasure of
giving ths following medals:
1. In the normal department, by
Mrs. Annie C. Peyton.
2. In designing, by Mrs. O. A. Has
tings. 3. In the domestic department, by
Governor Lowry.
4. In deportment, by Attorney
General T. M. Miller.
5. In chemistry, by Hon. J. McC.
6. In general schdirsfcip, by R. W.
7. In cutting and fitting, by Mr. S.
T. Taylor.
8. In printing, by Cel. J. L. Power,
of the Clarion.
9. Also a first-class American sew
ing machine for the best made dress,
by Mr. N. Itamsey.
The above list of prizes gives us a
most gratifying expression of interest
by prominent and intelligent ludies
and gentlemen. The presentation of
these will be an interesting feature of
the Commencement. Yours truly,
it. w. JONES, A. 11.
Piles are frequently proceeded by a
sense of weight in tho back, loins and
lower part of the abdomen, causing
the patient to suppose he has some af
fection of the kidneys or neighboring
organs. At times, symptoms of
indgestion are present, as flatulency,
uneasiness of the stomach, etc. A
moisture, like perspiration, producing
a very disagreeable itching, after get
ting warm, is a very common atten
dant. Blind, Bleeding and Itching
Piles yield at once to the application
of Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which
acts directly upon the parts affected,
absorbing the Tumors, allaying the
intense itching, and affecting a per
manent cure. Price, 50 cents. Ad
dress, The Dr. Bosanko Medicine Co,
Piqua,Ohio. Sold by C. C. Reynolds
4 Co. -1
Nkw Vouk. June lO-Mcineyotic-ill easy, at
lH-i Pr cent: prime mercantile paper
Sterling excliaiii!!' dull; actual rates ; iouj
&4.9U, short I.Sf!a,l.sf '4.
kw oklka, June IC-New York slirht,
$1 50 $H,0Cio prem. Sterlinn: bank, 4.68. Con
sols, Louisiana, IV&'jH.
Liverpool, June is Noon Cotton dull;
Middling Uplands, 5Hd; MidUlInu Orleans,
6 3-lOd. Sales o( 8,000 bales; speculation and
exiiort, 500 bales. Receipts, 4.X) bales, 3,300
bales American.
4:00 p.m. sitles of Uplands, nothing below
Low Middling, delivered in June and July,
D 2-U4d; July and August, 5 3-Wd; August and
September. 6 4-d; September and October, 6
1-Wd: October and November, 4 ll-(Hd ; Novem
ber and Dei-ember, 4 WMild; December and Jan
uary, 4 60-Wd. Safes to-day Included 6,300 bales
i-'utures closed dull.
1 New York, June IB Evening Cotton
steady. Uplands, 8!ic; Orleans, 9 6-lte. bales
l,4li bales.
Futures closed steady ; June, 9.05c; July ,8.11c;
August. 9.23C: September, ll.llc; October, 8.98c;
November, s.wic; December, 8.98c; January,
9.09c; February, 9.14c; March, 9.24c; April,
New Orleans, June 16 Cotton easy, with
sales of 7.riO bales. Ordinary, V,s; Good Or
dinary, 77Bc; Low Middling, WHis: Mid
dling, 8;jc; (iood Middling, 9'iC; Middling
Fair, 10?jc; Fair, ll?4c Receipts: net, 975
bales: gross, l,i.i. Exports: to Oreat Britain,
2.U03 bales; Coastwise, 3,010 bales. Stock on
hand, 07,407 bales.
Futures steady, with sales of 5,800 bales.
June, noiniuulc: July, 8.8fj 8.85c; August, 8.86'
8.8tic; September, 8.l?p8.7c; October, 8.5tiiai
8.57c; November, 8,f.a&8.54c; December, 8.5o
8.57c; January, 8.0ru. .Ii7c ; February, 8.77fl8.7;
March, fe.BHui.wc; April, 8.9ii.01c.
NEW OiUKANS, June lii Flour quiet;
choice. S4 (): laney, $1 25; extra fancy, 4 50;
patents, 5 00. Corn lower; mixed, 45c; whUe,
48'a49e; yellow, 48... Oats quiet; choice west
ern, at! 5c. Com meal quiet, 2 W3a 23,
Hay Unu; prime, S14'ti.l5 00; choice, $15 MAi
Hi 00. Lard easy; refined tierce, 5u. Bulk
meats firm ;shouldc.rs. uUc ; long clear sides, 6?i ;
clear no sides, 634C. Bacon tlrni; shoulders,
Si'jc; long clear sides, C.20c ; clear rib sides,ti.40c.
Hams, choice sugar-cured, lOHSWie. whisky
quiet. (l 25. Collce steady ; cargoes common to
prime, liHtlUUe. Sugar, quiet; open kettle,
choice. 5!ic; strictly prime, iVio; lully fair to
prime, 5 l-ltc; fair lo good fair, Sc; common
to gooil common, iMWA; inferior, 'fiWHio;
cen rifugal, choice white, t; 1-luc; ott white
6 ?i!iic; choice yellow clarirted, 5?4f; prime yel
low claritit-d, Steiic :olf climtlil,t?s;secoi(is,5c.
Molasses tlulhopeu kettle, good prime to stricily
prime, aoiwac; prime, 20(a,22c; good fair,
t"(Til8c; tair, loiluc; good common, 13(!14c;
centrifugal; prime to strictly prime, !5ltfc:
fair to good fair. 125 l3c; common to good
common, illc. Rice, dull; ordinary to good,
34!se. Bran quiet. 69tl0c. Cottou seed
on, linner; prime, crude, 24c; off quality, VJ
21c; relined, job, sof&kile; off quality, 2ii'5(a28c ;
cake, l!i!i((Sllic; meal, 19!ji5-'Oc oug ton fob.
l'ork quiet, SO. 60.
Uhicaiio, June 10 Flour, weak: South
ern Winter, $4 254 45; Wisconsin, 3 1'itiA 25 j
Michigan, 4 O0fe4-25; Soft Spring, S3 50(a3 75;
Minueseta patents, S3 2X3 75; low grades, $2
2 50; byewlieat, 3 3U'ut 50. Wheat lower;
No 2 Chicago Spring, 71'2c. Corn iower;
June 3if!,34!c: closed 34!c. Oats, lower:
ca2li27!4c: June -'7,'iic; closed at 27fe27!4C
Fork steasy; S8 Cora." 05. Lard lower, ti.otxa
(i.OI'iccash. Short nb sides steady, 5.45c cash.
Boxed meats steady. Dry salted shoulders, 4,85
&4.0c ; short deal sides, 5.80(f!(5.85c. Whisky,
sieuuv. si. 14.
Cincinnati. June Hi Flour, steady: fam
ily, 653 85; fancy, $3 !0gi4 10. Wheat
quiet; No. 2 lied Winter, 806i,80',c. Corn, dull;
.No. s mixed. 34!',e. Oats. dull. 29'i(ta'c,
ltye linner; No. 2, oH-sSlioe. Barley dull: No. 3
Sprlng.4tc. Fork, quirt, S'J.nO. Lard, dull, 5.70
Kfro.ioi;. BtiiK meats, linn; stiotuuers 4.ooc;
short rill. S.'iOc; clear, 5.60c. Bacon linner;
shoulders. 5.50c: short rib sides. (!.40c: short
clear sides, ti.Sic. Whisky steady, 81.10; sales of
3JO barrels of ilnished goods on this basis.
ST. Lot i. .nine iu1' lour active; AAA, 2 25
tfei 2(i; iainiiv, tfi 75(3,0 m. cnoice, 3 ;KB,3 40;
lancy, s.i lOjyi so; extra iancy, si aw 20
patents, M (iO'84 so. Wheat, lower: No. :
Red Fall, 7ii.7!ilic bid cash. Corn lower;
No. 2 mixed, U0?i!&32e cash. Oats, only nom
inal; No. 2 mixed. 20!ifeJ0?4C cash.
Hay easy; timothy, -is ooSil 50; prairie, S4 50
jo 00. Bran steady, 4txa,45c. Corn meal
steady, S2 ooto'.' C5. Whisky, steady.Sl 10. Fork
lower. f8.'J0. Lard quiet, 5.75c. Bulk meats
dull; loose lots; long clear sides, 6.09c: short
rib, S.iiOc; short clear, 6.70S.5.75C. Bacon, firm;
long clear, i;.05c; short rib, 6.20c; short clear,
u.30c. Boxed lots: long clear sides, 5.005.50J;
short ril) sides, S.Go&o.ooc; short clear, 5.70
5.00 j. Hams, Unu, ltjiU'c.
Miraculous Escape.
W. W. Heed, druggist, Winchester,
Ind., writes: ''One of my costumers,
Mrs. Louis Pike, Bartoni, Randolph
county, Ind., was a long suffer with
Consumption, and was given up to die
by her physicians. She beard of Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, and began buying it of me. In
six months' time she walked to this
city, a distance of six miles, and is now
so much improved she has quit Uring
it. She feels she owes her life to it."
Free Trial Bottles at Hardaway &
Casstll's Drugstore. 6
Belfast has indulged in enough
rowdyism within the past week to soil
a grear deal of her best linen.
Henry Beugii ungallantly Bpoken
against the White House bride the
other day, because she was so "cruel
as to catch a fish."
Y'ou can't afforded to laugh, dear girts. ,
Unless your teeth are white as pearls
Unless your mouth is pink aud sweet,
And 5 our two lips In rosebuds meet:
And you caunot supply this want,
But through the use of SOZODONT!
A boodling Alderman is a boodling
Alderman, no nutter whether he lives
in New York or Chicago.
Dr. B. A. Simmons' Liver Medicine
Is no cure-all, b it a simple Vegetable House
hold Remedy, which for the past '.orty-two years
lias proven itself to be and Is yet, guaranteed to
be a Perfect ant Effectual Rcmtuy lor all dis
eases of Liver, StJinacli and Bowels.
Judge John L. T. Sneed, of Ten
nessee, will be a candidate to succeed
Senator Whitthorne,
Wills Point. Texas, December 1, 1 85.
After suffering for more than three
years with disease of the throat and
lungs, I got so low last spring I was
entirely unable to do anything, and my
cough was so bad I scarcely slept any
at night. My Druggist, Mr. II. F.
Goodnight, sent me a trial bottle of
LUNG SYRUP. I found relief, and
after using six $1.00 bottles I was en
tirely cured. J. M. AVELDEN.
Sold by C. C. Reynolds & Co. 5
The Western Union ha3 passed its
dividends. No doubt it was passed on
a frank.
For constitutional or scrofulous ca
tarrh, and for consumption induced by
the scrofulous taint, Ayer's Sarsaparil
la is the true remedy. It has cured
numberless cases. It stops catarrh dis
charges, and removes the sickening
odor indications of scrofuli.
Miss Cleveland's new novel Is
called "The Long Run."
An Enci
St. Loiis, J - t
among the muLic t tl au'hon of
Bust St. Louis bgcuu rulits high, cmistd
by a sensational affair over the trial of
the city clerk for safe blowing in the
recent conspiracy to pillage the city.
The cause this time resulted from a
fistic encounter between city clerk Can
ty and the city attorney. The rela
tions between the two men bave been
strained for some time. Omelvany
charged the city clerk with maladmin
istration of his office. To-day the for
mer's office was Invaded by the city
clerk, who demanded of the attorney
a retraction of his statement. Omel
vany replied that this was a free coun
try and that he had a right to his
- "Well, you can't express your opin
ion of me in the way you have been
doing," said Canty, at the same time
striking the attorney a vicious
blow on the back of the head,
felling bim to the floor.
The prostrate man rose to return the
blow, but was again knocked down by
the enraged clerk, who reached to
ward his hip pocket for bis revolvei'
Friends by this time had interfered
and persuaded Canty to desist. A
large bump upon Omclveny's head,
and a black eye are the results of the
encounter. .
Rejections and Confirmations.
Washington, June 16. The senate
rejected the nominations of John C.
Shields, of Michigan, to be chief jus
tice of the supreme court of Arizona,
and Abraham Rose, to be postmaster
at Vioton, Iowa.
The following nominations were con
Armed: David L. Hawkins, of Miss
ouri, to be assistant secretary of the
interior; John E. McComb, United
States attorney for the eastern district
of Texas; R. Kleberg, United States
attorney for the western district of
Texas; C. B. Pearce, United States at
torney for the northern district of
Texas; M. H. Maynard, receiver of
public monies at Marquette, Mich.; S.
Hull, register of the land office at
Shosta, Cal.; W. Foxen, register of the
land office at Detroit, Mich.; J. Priest,
collector of customs at Yaquina, Ore
gon; A. P. Swineford, of Michigan,
governor of Alaska; Wm. Daly, super
vising inspector of steam vessels for
the eighth district; H. F. Wild, asayer,
Boise City, Idaho; J. R. Wing
field, consul at San Jose, Costa
Rica; L. J. Dupree, consul at San
Salvador; II. Oilman, consul at
Jerusalem; H. A. Allen, pension agent
at San Francisco; G. W. Gllck, pension
agent at Topeka; J. II. P. Voorhees,
surveyor of customs, Denver; G. A.
Hesson, surveyor of customs, Mem
phis, Tenn.; J. V. Harris, collector of
customs, Key West, Florida; T. M.
Favre, collector of customs, Pearl
River, Miss.
The following postmasters were
confirmed: Joseph C. Hendric,
Brooklyn, ,N. Y., John II. Taber,
Bryan, Texas.
Unable to Give a Satisfactory Ac
count Change to be Made In the
Arms Used by the Cavalry.
New York, June 16. A Tomb
stone, A. T., special to the Herald says:
A party of United States troops, while
scouting in the neighborhood of Cala
bass as, a few days ago, came suddenly
upon two Americans and several Mex
icans, all sleeping in the brush near
where the government horses were at
pasture. All wore moccasins and made
a trail very similar to that of Indians.
While It is pretty generally believed
that these men are guilty of some of
the depredations charged against the It.
dians, there was no evidence to convict
them, and alter examination they were
set at liberty. The party were unable
to give any satisfactory account of
themselves. An impoitint change will
soon be made in the efficiency of arms
at present used by the cavalry. The
Indians have superior guns, with
longer range and surer aim than the
The Conservatives Select Col.
Walker to Oppose Mr. Gladstone.
London, June 16. The Conserva
tives bave selected Col. Campbell
Walker to oppose Mr. Gladstone. In
his address he reminds the electors
that Mr. Gladstone, who appeals to
their feelings on the score of age,
enunciated thirteen years ago, the
principle that sixty years should be
the outside for all who sought to hold
responsible positions. He continues:
"The premier's present kaleidscopic
proposals are singular proof that Mr.
Gladstone's judgement is no longer
what it was. The strength of the
Irish party is due to Mr. Gladstone's
concessions. If we must have home
rule let it be applied to the whole
kingdom on the Chamberlain princi
ple." Would Askthe Governmentto Con
sent to Canada's Request.
London, June 16. The Marquis of
Lome, presided list evening at a meet
ing of the Colonial institute called to
hear a paper by Sir George Bowen
governor of Hong Kong on imperial
federation. The author said he believed
federation would practically obviate
the ditlicuhies of toe Irish question
The Marquis of Lome, in moving a
vets of tnanks to the author said that
the institute would ask the govern
ment to consent to Canada's request
that mails be carried by fast cruisers,
and would ask also the government
not to lose sight of the Hebrides ques
tion. Dyspepsia comes from Torpid Liver
and Costiveness. You cannot digest
your food well unless your liver and
bowels act properly. Brandreth's Pills,
taken one or two at nlgbt for a week
or so, will regulate the bowels, stimu
late the liver and ensure a quick and
healthful digestion. These Pills are
purely vegetable, contain no mineral
-and are absolutely harmless for old and
young. 39
( . M.l 7
to U y 1 dI ."wa .
of i ni h , fur diin c
lie. rii under s- nit e to
teutisiry, to persons who took c s
of j iil. W. A. Goodman, vw,- !,;
llerrman in his care, stated to the tjL-t
that no contempt was Intended by t:,a
sheriff, and that he was the cause o
the whole matter. Nevertheless the
judge fined the sheriff f 50 and costs,
llerrman is now in jail.
Sharp Pangs Athwart the Fore-
And la the muscles of the neek and shoulder,
usually most violent after nightfall, are amouK
the cheerful manifestations of neuralgia. It is
an affection ol the nerve IntMisilied by acolil.
Repose, bringing with it a cessation of pain, is
noticed by llostetter's Stomach Bitters, which.
Is a tine nerve tonic aud tranquilizer. It is also
a reliable means of checking rheumatism and
gout. The maladies have always more or less)
lo uo wirn me muueys inai, wuen inactive, ia 1
to throw off the Inipuri'les which engender '
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a health and purifying action of the renal or
gans. Besides this, it gives tone to tlie stomach,
liver and bowels, ana enriches the circulation.
A piwt ite ana sleep uotn prom oy u, ami u is a .
well-accredited means of fortify luu the system
against malaria. It hastens the recovery of
s reiigth by convalescents, mitigates the Infir
mities of age, and helps the coiutiuitlouaily
feeble. -
TfiE nomination of Posey Wilson to
be assayer at the mint of Denver has
been cordially and cruelly rejected by
the senate.
Sived His Life.
Mr D.I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave,
Ky., says he was, for many years, badly
afflicted with Phthisic, also Diabetis;'
the pains were almost unendurable and .
would sometimes almost tnrow mm
into convulsions. He tried Electric
Bitters and cot relief from first bottle
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tirely cured and bad gained in flesh
eighteen pounds, bays he positively
believes he would have died, had it
not been for the relief afforded by
Electric Bitters. Sold at fifty cents a
bottle by Hardaway & Cassell.
Secretary Lamar Is to deliver an
address in Charleston, S. C, at the un
veiling of the Calhoun monument next
The meed of merit for the promo
ting personal a'ithetics is due to J. C,
Ayer & (Jo., whose incomparalie Jiair
Vigor is a universal beautlfier of the
hair. Harmless, effective, agreeable,
it has taken rank among the indispens
able articles of the toiitt. To scanty
locks it gives luxuriance; and withered
hair it clothes with the hue of youth.
Mr. Tweed, son of the "Boss" of
New York growth and national noto
riety, is to quit America to live in
Paris. 1
For proof that Dr. Gunn's Liver.
Pills cures Sick Headache, ask your
Druggist for a free trial package.
Only one for a dose. Regularly size
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nolds & Co. , ' 4
General Hancock's memory is
honored in the naming of the camp at
West Point this year.
Customers Prefer it. We have been sell
ing M. A. Simmons' Liver Medicine for some
time. It gives entire satisfaction to all who
have used it, and they like It better than any
other preparation of the kind on tlie market.
All who use it once are sure tocall for 11 sgalti
Barr & Bnant, Or'g'ts, Hope, Ark. Dec. 2U, 83.
Col. Dan Lamont states, in the
most positive terms that there is no
hostility between President Cleveland
and Governor Hill, of New York. .
Mrs. Mary M. Hicks, the subject of this trib
ute, was the daughter of John and Sarah Cowan,
deceased. She was born In this county on Oct.
llth, 1822, and died June 2d, 180.
In her eighteenth year she married Joseph T.
Hicks, of Oxford, North Carolina, aud no fairer
bride or happier wedded pair ever embarked
upon life's voyage under more auspicious skies,
blessed by all the accessories that youth, worth
ana fortuue couid give to speed the onward
Journey. But alas I ere three years bad passed ,
the death of her husband left upon the young
widow and mother a cloud of sorrow from which
she never wholly emancipated, seeming Jealous
that time should rob her of the homage of mem
ory and tears for her beloved dead. In coniem
platlng the sentiment of her grief, I have
often recalled the poem "Love, Time and
Death" which presents the thought' that, what
Love gives, Time takes away, leaving sorrow
from which only death can bring release. Yet,
is her long and weary widowhood the was not
without her good works. Strong In Intellect and
character, sympathetic and ardent In affec
tions, she devotfd her energies to her family
and friends In uuselflsh aim heroic sacrifice.
risking health an4 life to serve the poor and
suffering. Unoustruslvely and zealously she
wrought her works of benevolence, duty and
truth her watchwords.
To me her life was a poem, tlie alternating
lines of which told the pathos of her sorrow and
the sublimity of that fidelity and Invincible
strength, by which, In the varied fortunes of
prosperity and adversity, peace and war, she
maintained tlie supremacy of exalted, i.seful,
dignified womanhood.
Her son survives her and or the first tine la
life Is separated from her dally love and Influ
ence. '
Who can make of artful words a healing balm
for him who stands alone in the home from
which his solace has gone out forever?
Knowing well her lofty character. It Is In the
spirit of admiring reverouce that 1 wreath tills
simple chaplet to her mortal worth. I could'
wish it tilled with choicer flowers,' but m the
" Realms of Light'' there rests upon her Immor
tal brow a crown of fadeless beauty which
through eternity will attest the victory won. .
Men Think
they know all about Mustang Lin
iment. Few do. Not to know is.
not to have.

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