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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 19, 1888, Image 1

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NO. 4.
Have always made it a study how to cater
Tto the1 trade of the
It is for their Special Benefit
that we Announce for this Week,
and from then on to September ist,
A Great Clearing and Slaughter Sale!
Men's Percale and Calico shirts, good pat torn , 2 cllars and I
pair cud's with euch short At 05 Cts. Each.
With Collars uurt Cuffs Attached
85 Cts. Each,
A Large Line of Fancy Percale Shirts with
Collars and Cuffs, jn Hair Line Stripes, Pink
and Blue, at $1.00 each,Regular Price $1.50
Men's White Unlaundricd Shirts,
At 4fl Ots. Each,
Mens White Laundried Shirts, Plain Shield Bosom,
at 65 c, and 95 o, Worth $1 andi$1.50.
Mens Cheviot Shirts, at 26, 45, 60 and 75 ots.
Men's Flannel Overshlrts at 70 o, $1, 81.25, andS1.76.
Men's Blue Flannel Shirts at $1, 81.60, 82, and 82.60, '
Mens Gauze Undershirts at 25c 35c & 50c.
Mens Balbriggan Underwear at 50c worth $1.00.
Mens" Striped Bal. underwhear 75c " $1.25.
Mens Drill Drawers reduced to 25c 50c and 75c
Mens Socks, Assorted collors
in Neckwear, Suspenders,
Collors and Cuffs.
Our Straw Hat Stock to be Cleared
. .We can say without fear of Contradiction
that we are the only House where you
always will get Full Value.
Sanger Brothers.
soil out at
Worth $1
Linen Ilosom anil Reinforced,
AVoi-tli TS Cts.
& Sizes at 10c 15c and 20c
will bo Clo
i SI. 50.
5te CO.
On. Recqrd.
Dry : Goods,
Than : Ever : Before.
Our Store will be En-
tirely Remodeled and
Enlarged, and conse
quently, we are in a
condition to sell the
Right Goods at the
Imaginable Prices.
Our Goods are all
Fresh and New, and
We Guarantee Pri
ces against any and all
Competition. , i
Give us a trial.
Samples mailed.
Exprecs Charges
Comer 5th ind Awtii Streets,
A General Assortment of Fresh
State Mews.
Texna PontoSleea.
.Washington, July 18. The fol
lowing Texas postmasters were ap
pointed, to-day: J. W. McGlesson,
Blevlns, Fall county; G. W. Young,
Ditto, Atasoo county; Jessie V. Big
ham, FlendTfg, Comanche county,
Low Price".
Colorado, July 18. The A. G,
Anderson wool clip, amounting to 42-
000 lbs was sold to day to a New York
buyer at 14 cents. The sarao clip of
wool sold last year for 17J cents.
This groat diflbrenuoin price accounts
for a great deal of tho hard times in
his section.
Texas Pension.
Washington, July 18. Tho follow
ing Texas ponslons wore issued to
day: Incrcaso Andrew L. Hook,
Mansfield. Original, widows, otc
C, minor of Thomas Burns, Brack
ettville Mexican survivors Jere
miah C. Griffith, Terrel. Mexican
widows Mahala A., widow of John
M. Payne, Palestine; Elizabeth, wid
ow of John R. Horril, Oenavllle.
A rrmiUllii Mcrclinnt Arretted.
Fkanklin, Tex., July. 10 United
States Marshal Bull arrested T.
Brown this evening, a highly res
pected citien and denier in dry goods
of our town, on tho charge of violation
of tho United States revenue law and
hurried him oil' to Waco. T. Brown
is doubtless innocont of any moial
wiong, having ordered a few gallons
of whisky at the request of others
for thoir bonent. They furnished tho
money. Owing to T. Brown's high
standing quite an oxcitement pre
Arrewteil Tor Kiillieczlcment.
Buknett, July 18. An ex-convlut
was arrestod hero to-dav by tho
name of Wlllburno, alias Nichols,
alias Qreonw all, for embezzling $150
trotu Frank Liesch of San Antonio,
Tex. It seems that Willburne work
ed for Mr. Lloscli at the Fredericks
burg granite quurrlcs. Mr. Liesch
sent him a check to Frlderickburg in
payment for work". Willburno hud
tho check cashed and then wont to
San Antonio lyidcollectcd tho amount
again, claiming that he never receiv
ed the check. He is now safely
lodged in tho county Jail to await the
action of the grand jury.
The Xew Crop.
Weatiieiikokd, July 18. The ex
perimental jute crop planted near
this city by tho Woatherford Native
Juto Hope Manufacturing company is
proving an omlnent success, and is in
every way vory satisfactory to the
company. Tho' plant is now about
flvo feet high and is growing very
rapidly. The success of this experi
mental crop will dovolopo one of tho
leading agricultural industries, and
will add groatly to tho resources of
county, "s tho Weatherford Native
Juto Manufacturing company will
erect their ropo factory, and next
year no doubt tlioro will bo planted
a largo acroago of jute In tills and
adjoining counties..
Ily HIM On n Ilnntl.
Cueko, Tox July lS.Otto Flack com
mitted suicide at about 11 o'clock last
night while slttlhg iu tho presence of
several friends, The cause is not
known nor hud ho oven intimated
such an Intention. Mr. Flack was a
bartender and un Inollensive young
man about 23 years of age and well
liked by all who know him. The in
strument of destruction was a 44 call
ber revolver, tho ball entering the
right temple. All evidence goes to
show that it was a sudden fit of tern
porary insanity. Flack was seated"a
little to the rear of the counter, while
some two or three of his friends ware
at the counter, none of them under
the influenco of liquor. Flack called
for the drinks, taking a lemonade for
himself, the others named their re
freshments. While the bartender was
preparing them Flack, picked ,up a
revolver and before any resistance
could be offered sent the ball crush
ing through his brain. He never ut
tered a word and died iu about twenty
minutes- Ho was removed to Sohu
lonbmg to-day whoro his paronts reside,
Itlmatlf Held Vp
Dallas. July 18. Shortly aftor 1
o'clock yosterday morning, as' Mr.
Ferdinand ltick'was returning home
from tho park pavilion ball in com
pany with a young lady, and while
nearlng tho corner of Elm and Ervay
streets, avolceoxclnimed, "Throw up
your hands," and simultaneously
therewith a dusky figure pointed a-sIx-Bhooter
at his head. Mr. Hick
felt it due to his fair companion not.
to obey the order, and he proceeded
to walk on. Ho had, however, ad
vanced but a few paces until the com
mand "hah" was repeated. Jus
then two shadows emerged from the
darknes of tho corner; two gloamlng-slx-shooters
wero brought down on
tho highwayman and two voices rang
out, "Halt yourself, and throw up
your bauds. " The two last speakers,
were officers Mullen aud Williams,
who Happened to bo reconnolterlng
a suspected burglar, out tho high
wayman in wait for Mr. Kick and
his lady companion. Tho highway
man, seeing himself iu tho jaws or
death, surrendered unconditionally.
He proved to bo a tall, dangerous
looking negro with a Patagonian foot
that it Is thought corresponds with
the tracks recently left by a midnight,
depredator In quiet homes on Young;
and Harwood streots. His weapon
proved to be a 45-callber six-shooter
with a very long barrel and loaded
to tho bilm. Ills arrest, which re
flects credit on the oillcers making it
and should place them on tho roll of
promotion, brought a sonso of rollof
to the minds of thousands Who had
been reading with horror of attempts
at highway robbery and w orso by a
negrom all cflbrts had failed to cap
ture. EUREKA.
After Man) Years Artesian Wutejr
Has at Last Boen Struck.
It Is something like ton years since
tho first attempt to bore an artesian
well was mado iu Waco. That was
made on tho hill where the old wator
tanks once stood, near Fourthtoouth
und Washington streets. Tho ma
chlno for boring was an old ramshaole
afi'air, moved by a horse aud was not
much of a boro. Tho depth attalnd
after many delays, was somo three
or four hundred feet or two hundred,
the faot of such indefiultenoss being
that tho nowspapor roportors of ilu,t.,
day nover got tho depth, all thoy
over did get, whilo trying to find out
the depth, was to get left. The drill
ing was stopped and the hole iu tho
ground Is thero yet. Year after year
artesian wolls were talked about and
that was all until last year, when Mr.
J. D. Boll undortook to boro for ar
tesian wator on Bell's hill, not far
from tho site whoro water lias now
been struck. Several wolls wero at
tempted and sunk to great depths
when accidents to drills stopped tho
work. Recently Mr. Jas. I. Moon
began tho present well, near Ills ele
gant homo on JBell's hill. He .seomt
to have struck tho right partios to '
boro a well. With their lino and
elaborate machinery thowell has
gone down with wonderful rapidity,
Mr. Moores' instructions being
to go down until wator was
found. Tills morning at 8 o'clock
water was struck with a very strong
vein. Work was kept up all day tho
water being pumped out and tho drill
kopt going. It Is tho opinion of
thoso drilling tho well that tho pres
ent stream would flow freoly from tho
top if allowed to do so. A littlo af
ter noon to-day twenty-five foet of
water had been added to the well
making a depth of 325 feet, Mr. ,
Moore brought into town with him u-
quantity of the water which ho exhi
bited on the street with pardonable
pride. The water Is olear and soft
but very strongly Impregnated with
salt. It is u very strong solution but.
exhibits to .the naked tongue no taste
of sulphur or other mineral. It is
highly gratifying to know that arte
sian water has at last been found at
such a reasonable depth, fond groat
credit Is due to Mr. Moore for his en
terprise in solving a problem of great .
practical importance.
Tho water was struck In sand roofc
mixed with quicksand, and very pio
bablo water free from mineral will bo
found at greater depth.

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