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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 20, 1888, Image 1

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Waco evening news.
VOL. 1
NO. 5.
Have always made it a study how to cater
to the trade of the
It is for their Special Benefit
that we Announce for this Week,
and from then on to September ist,
A Great Clearing and Slaughter Sale!
Men's Percale and Calico shirts, good pattern?, 2 cllars and I
pair cuffs with each short At 05 Cts. Encli.
With Collars and Cull's Attached will be Closed, out ;it
85 Cts. Each, Worth $1.50.
A Large Line of Fancy Percale Shirts with
Collars and Cuffs, in Hair Line Stripes, Pink
and Blue, at $1.00 each.Regular Price $1.50
.Hen's White ifiilaundried Shirts, Linen lJosom and Reinforced,
Ajt 4.S Cts. JEacli, Vortli 75 Cts.
Mens White Laundried Shirts, Plain Shield Bosom,
at 65 c, and 95 c, Worth $l;and '$1.50. ,
Mens Cheviot Shirts, at 26, 45, 50 and 75 ots.
Men's Flannel OversUirts at 70 o, $1, 81.26, audS1.76.
Men's Blue Flannel Shirts at 81, 81.50, 82, and 82.50,
Mens Gauze Undershirts at 25c 35c & 50c.
Mens Balbriggan Underwear at 50c worth $1.00.
Mens Striped Bal. underwhetr 75c " $1.25.
Mens Drill Drawers reduced to 25c 50c and 75c
Mens Socks, Assorted collors
in Neckwear, Suspenders,
Collors and Cuffs.
Our Straw Hat Stock ta.be Cleared
We can say without fear of Contradiction
that we are the only House where you
always will get Full Value.
Sanger Brothers.
ft Sizes.at 10c 15c and 20c
The Greatest
On Recordti
Dry : Goads,
Than : Ever : .Before.
Itntlronil Wreck.
Lauudo, July 10. A well authenti
cated report reaches Laredo this eve
ning of the disastrous wreck of a con
struction train on the Mexican Na
tional, in which fifteen men were kill
ed. A relief train was sent out from
Satillo. No particulars are' obtaina
ble at this writing.
Scvonty.Flvc Thonftnnd Corpse.
New York, July 10. Tho semi
annual meeting of the national asso
elation of general baggage agouts
opened at the Murray Hill hotel to
day. J. B. Browning of the Louisville
& Nashville railroad presided. To
days discussion was on the propor
transportation of dead bodies. Seventy-five
thousand dead bodies are
transported annually on tho 12,600
miles of railroad in this country.
The boxes are unmarked and many
mistakes occur, especially IiVtho wost,
I where funerals have frequently been
postponed as a result. A committee
was appointed to, devise a remedy.
One plan Is to use a steel plato or tag
on boxes containing the dead.
Cooled II Im Down.
Dallas, July 10. A negro came
running down Main street shortly be
fore midnight to-night, scared al
most out of his wits, and vtated that
he had been run away from home in
the cedars by a negro man who was
flourishing slxshooters and threaten
ing to kill every one in sight. Police
Officers Keehan and Desmond hurried
to tho scene, and after locating the
obstreperous darky, separated, each
taking a different route through the
weeds by which to close in on him.
The Officers stealthily crowded upon
the offenderjand before he was aware
of their presence they had him cov
ered, fore and aft, with their six
shooters. Finding that the Officers
had the dro oil him the negro sur
rendered, aittl gave his name as Henry
Johnson. luteW tho Ft. Worth cala-
linos a
IIo whs heeled tor a ngnt,
havlug on his person two big stxshoot-
era n:ul a murderous lookinir bowie
. .. . . 1 il. .1
kniti'. He had scared away the don-
lzen& of the Inq-Ulty .where he was
Our Store will be En
tirely Remodeled and
Enlarged, and conse
quently, we are in a
condition to sell the
Right Goods at the
Imaginable Prices.
Qur Goods are al)
Fresh and New, and
We Guarant.ee Pri
ces against any and all
Give us a trial.
Samples mailed.
Express Charges
Corner 5th and Austin Streets,
found and had taken possession of a
colored man's premises and was mak
ing himself hilariously at home.
ATcrlble Dentil.
Mksquiti:, Tex.. July 10. A young
man by the numo of Miller this morn
ing fell from a hay wagon on to a pitch
fork, which went into his stomach
and in all probability will result fa
tally. Ho is a brother-in-law to Lato
Pombortou who Is a renter on Qus
Lawrence's farm.
Ily Arincil Force
Dkni&on, July 10. Information
reachod Douison to-day that an armod
force of cowmoii had invaded tho llt
tlo town of Ardmore, on the Santa Fo
railway in tho Chickasaw nation, and
had compelled Collector Ben McMish
to surrender tho cattlo held for taxes.
From Mr. Jim Thompson, a promi
nent Chlcasaw, who to-day returned
from Ardmoro, Itls learned that tho
invading party numbered about fifty
with'.tho und stars stripes floating over
them, demanded that thoir cattle bo
given up. Their demands being re
fused they forcibly took possession
and headed the stock for their respec
tive ranches. Gov. William Guy Is
at present in Ardmore, and Mr.
Thompsoui thinks that the Indian
milltlu, which was disbanded some
woeko ago, will be at onco .organized
and go into active service. When tbo
trouble was feurod some weeks ago
GovGuy had a conference with the
cattlemen, who agreed to pay the $1
tax, whereupon the governor dispers
ed the militia. As soon as that was
done the cowmen violated their prom
ise, and rode into Ardmore, armed
with Winchesters and six-shooters,
and compelled McLlsh to concede to
their demauds. Mr. Thompson is of
the opinion that blood will be shed, as
Gov. Guy in a man who will not allow
his territorial rights trampled upon,
and nioro especially does ho feol em
bittered against them from tho fact
that the men with whom he hud con
ferred uro.the same who ho openly
violated tho Indian rights. Their ap-
pearanoe under the
rnited States
iintr Is looked unon as a ruse to lntl
.-. ... r it . .1 I.I -.1 f..
muiaio tue inuiuii uuuionuen, uuu it
seems to have had Its effect.
VENTION. Convened Here To-Day for the
Purpooe of Making an Official
Count of Votes Polled In the Late
Primary, and Selection of Dele
gates to Other Conventions.
Tlio v, -nity Democratic convention
convened hero in tho court houso to
day for the purpose of making theofll
cial count of tho vote polled In the
late primary election, and ratify tho
nominations made by that election,
and also to select delegates to tho
following conventions: Stato Demo
cratic convention which convenes at
Dallas nxt month, congressional con
vention, Judicial convention, sena
torial eanventlon nud lloatorial con
vention. Tho convention was called to ordor
(by Dr. Thomas Mooro. On motion of
Gon. Felix Robertson, Dr. L. r. Bruce
was elected temporary chairman, and ,
on motion of R.H. Kingsbury Jr Mr.
John T. Flint was chosen temporary
secretary. Mr. Tom Honry was elect
ed sergeant ut arms and on account of
his absence Mr. J. H. Bull was elect
ed temporary sergeant at arms.
On motion of Mr. W. C. O'Bryan
each delagation was lnstructc.1 to .se
lect ono of its number as committee
on credentials and permanent organ
ization It appearing that tho Harrison pro
duct having no representation, it was
moved that II. J. McCollum bo eleotod
a member of tho committee on cre
dentials and his membership be sub
mitted to that committee. It was
further moved aud canted that, tho
matter be inferred to committio oil
Upon call of voting pieclnlts the
tho following delegates woro solootod
as members of tho ooninuttco on cre
dentials and permanent organisation:-
Ponry Pickles, W"eo, lit Ward.
H.M.Thompson, " 2d "
J, F. BrinkcrhoiV. " ad "
J. It. Downs. " 4th "
W. II. Turner, ' Cth "
T. H. Kllllngsworth, Hubby Houso.
S. L. Jone". Duty's Stoic.
J. B. Parrock, Malt.
W. C. Morgan, Ifurpor's.
Tom Reed, Robinson School House.
Lorn Jone's, Jr., Ross.
A. W. Russoll, Wost.
Jno- F. Rose, Axtoll.
W. G, Boyd, China Springs.
W. Horn, Patrick. '
H. .G Cook, South Bosque.
Mm. Ogles by, McGregor 1st word.
Win. Haw, " 2d "
J.C.Walton, " 2d "
C. A. Westbrook, Loiona.
J. S. Fuller, Mastofsvlllo.
W. D. Smith, Moody.
S. B. Moore, Eddy.
Pat Gallager, Patton.
A. F. Ford, Craw fold.
J. B. Nichols, Prairlo Chappul.
Y. K. Douglas, Douglass Store
Robt. McMuhuu, Clinks Store.
M. H. Logan, Roberts Store.
H. J. Curtis, Battle.
H. C. Mills, Comanche Springs.
J. C. Walton, Goshen.
R W. Andrews, 1'rootor Springs.
The convention then adjdurned un
til 2 p. m.
At 2 o'clock tho convention Avab
called to order by Temporary Chair-,-man
Bruce. The following from tho
committee on credentials and permu--nent
organization was tlion read an
adopted :
To the chsirmnn and Memliori or the County
Democratic Convention of McLennan County.
Your committee on credentials
and permanent organization beg
leave to submit tho following re
port: List of delegates Is hero ommltted
on account of Its length, but there
were no contesting delegations.
"We recommend tho following i
tlemen as permanent officers of this
convention : J. B. Scarborough, per
manent chairman; Jno. F. Flint, per
manent secretary, and J. H. Bull,
permanent sergeant at arms."
The committee also recommended"
to tho convention tho sumo apportion
ment of votes adopted by tho conven
tion on the first of May last.
ThoNr.wH wax then forced to olot
its report of tho convention on ne
count of Its hour of going to press,
but wo publish full proceedings up to
IJi.'lO o'clook p. in.

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