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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 20, 1888, Image 2

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Waco Evening News.
-JC3kE NEWS coivni-A.3sr"Y.
r. II. IlllKVWHIII, HntlnM Mnnnsrr.
"Waco, Texas,
JuiiY 20, 1888,
Tle darkest hour is just before
dawn and October business will make
.August business blush.
Jf a deep water port is found and
opened on the Texas coast the com
Mnerce of an empire will flow through
the state and there are children living
now who will ste Texas cities of a
' million inhabitants, and Texas one of
the richest state in the union.
Have you noticed the few fires
i which have occured in Waco since the
I beginning of 188S It is remarkable
. and really phenomenal, especially to
those who remember the frequency of
tires several years ago. Waco may
fairly claim to have the best Are com-
ipany in the state and the fewest fires.
The water in the artesian well rises
.at the rate of i oo feet per hour. The
drill is kept going tor three-quarters
of an hour when the well contains 75
feet of water which is pumped out and
drilling renewed. The sandstone
strata in which water was found has
been passed and a slate rock struck,
which gives faint traces of coal oil.
Ii Mr. James I. Moore continue
'lii'? artesian well to a depth sucli as
-will effectually determine the depth at
which flowing wells can be obtained
and the quantity th'ey will pioduce, he
-ill Miiake a grand contribution to
scientific knowledge. If his well proves
1 flowing well with a big supply, he
will have demonstrated a water sup-
I'tjly which will be worth millions to
'this section, for irrigation purposes.
We are glad to see that he expresses his
purppose oi going down till the ques
tion is solved and between Mr
Moore's purposes and their execution
tis a very thin partition.
The diffrence between surface wa
iter and artesian water is , that water
(immediately below the surface is pro
.'duced by local rains and is only in
moderate and fluctuating quantities
according to the amount of rain. Ar
tesian water on the other hand is con
tained in great reservoirs, generally
at great depths, and produced by the
.rains of centures, over great areas,
'-oftea a thousand miles away. The
artesian supply underlying Texas, most
'likely, comes from the Rocky Moun
tain slope extending from the Pan
handle hundreds and hundreds of
miles to the summit of the Rockies.
'A deep water port west of the Mis
sissippi is a necessity growing tout of
necessity. A short route to the sea is
necessary to almost the existence of
Texas, the Territory, Kansas, Dakota,
-Nebraska and Colorado. The great
output of this vast territory in grain
corn, meats, cattle and oeres is practi
cally tabooed by long and circuitous
xoutes to foreign ports. The Pacific
and Atlantic are inaccessible except
.at such cost us means ruin. A short
'Toute to the ocean by way of the gulf
on the Texas coast means to those
.stales equal terms and equal prices
with more eastern states and that
means the enhancement of every value
of every kind a hundred fold.
Sulphur Springs, Texas, has lost
.three estimable people by death, one
the V'ctem of a murder, the other two
rowing out ot the murder. The first
of the week a negro, Wash Attaway,
,vj name, killed a white man named
'Gamblin, in a quarrel over a mule, and
the wife of the murdered man died
'being in a delicate condition. A mob
of. ninety-five men attempted to force
'the jail but were kept at bay and the
wife ol the sheriff being near confinment
i'diod from the .excitement in the
threatened attack on the jail. The
end seems to be not yet. The nejjro
v-as granted bail in six thousand dol
liars and fears of another attack on
the jail ha:, put the jail in the attitude
of a fottrevi
TheWater Supply.
The contract of the city with the
Waco Water Company expires to
day, and no new contract has been
made or any arrangements for con
tinuance of the supply even tempo
rarily, by"" the Water Company. It
seems, however, that there is a tacit
understanding that the water will con
tinue to flow as usual. Three cisterns
are in a condition to be filled, viz :
the tark under the new city hall and
the ones on Sixth street and Eight
treet. It was understood that one or
more of them would be filled to-day
but up to this writing the work of fill
ing had not been begun.
In the mean time die engineer em
ployed by the city is engaged on
plans for a water system for the city,
which will be complete, scientific and
modern, and capable of adaptation to
supply forty or fifty thousand popula
tion. The council will adopt a good
system first, and then let the contract
for that system to the best bidder. It
is working in the direction of a wa
ter system slowly and prudenly so as
to procure a system of water wOrki
wh'ch will be effective ahd permanent.
A convention of the Union Labor
party, of the Fifth Congressional dis.
trict, met yesterday with 75 delegates,
representing all the counties in the
district but one, Rockwall county. It
was called for the purpose of nomi
nating a candidate for congress, but
thought it wise to make no nomina
A Urutiil Nuu.
Fort Worth, July 18. Jack GUI, a
negro was arrested this evonlng for a
murderous assault on his mother. He
knocked her down with u chair and
kicked her. Hewascuton the arm by
her with a nlece.of saw She is badly
Injured and may die. Ho Is aged 40
and she about 70. This was in third
Texan Cuttle Ilelcnaoil.
Admoore, I. T. July 10. Sixty
eight armed men, non-cltlzens, rode
Into the camp of Collector McLlst yes
terday, and presenting Winchesters,
demanded the immediate releaso of
all the cattle hold by him for Texas.
As tho non-cltizons outnumbered the
militia under McList's command two
to one, nothing was left but to sub
mit, and tho cattle were given up.
Gov. Guy was telegraphed. It is ex
pected he will take immediate steps
to have all these rebellious non-citizens
removed at onoe.
hail Autonlo :i; Nen Orleans a.
San-Antonio. Tulv io. One of the
prettiest games ever seen here was
piayeu mis auernoon uy tne san An
tonio and TsTew Orleans clubs, result
ing m a victo- fur the home team by
a score of i .o 2. Hoffman .ind Rntr.
ers were the. batteries for San Antonio,
while waboer and Mollice did the or
dance for the visitors, Hoffman fan
ning out eight men to Webber's four.
San Antonio, 00000110 1-3
New Orleans, 00 000200 0-2
San Antonio, earned runs, none;
New Orleans, earned runs, none.
ttreut Destitution Reported
ST. JllHJf. N. V... .Tlllv 10 Tnr.r.1a
arriving here from the Interior aud
northern part of tho Island report
that great destitution is provalent at
the Hinnll Immlnta whlnli ilnnon.l Mr,,,..
flshlug for a living. A Rose Blanche
L'uiirHiiiiininiiL h:ivm iirminrriniia Mnn
tales of poverty and destitution' come
from OrlniiBt R Ti '1'linmi.enn nhn
arrived here from tho latter place yos-
loruay, hays mat more than 113 peo
ple are in a fctiuving condition: thir
teen or iourteen families aro living
W.....W.,. w. 4UU.J0WA.3. 1IIU1U tXLV lit!
fewer than a 140 families without
means of subsistence; and lights
among these for such food as they can
nick alonsr tho Hhnrn nrn lllro ilw.cn
among ravenous boasts. Tho same
condition of things oxlxts at Qulrpou
and nelghboohood. Tho government
has been petitioned to grant relief to
the poverty-strlckon.
Us lug; for Witter. ''
El Paso. Juiv in .t. it. iinrru. .. I
wealthy rool estuto owner and specu
lator oi El Paso, has just come to
Knui in a siock transaction in which
he had personally engaged, partly for
recreation and hpn.ll I. mid tmrfiv far .
a big profit, which he felt sure of inakl ,
jiik. no uougiu nero at low ngures
over 500 Mexican horses, whion hoj
Intended to flrlvn nvnrlnml ta k'nnnnii
aud dlsposo of them at greatly d-
.uiiueu tuies, .no jurou several cow
boys to help drive them, but they
were Inoxperloncod and know until-)
lng of tho country they were to travel
through. Ono day's journey from El
Paso at the Soledad Wells the caval
cade come to grief. Thoro was not
water enough to go around, and the
famished animals bocamofrautlo and
etampoded Into an arid and waterless
desort, whero thoy aro at prosont
slowly perishing. Whon last herd 1
from last night Currle wa3 at Luluz, a
little north of Soledad. with about
two doren horsos left.
AllcdKC Murderers In Hoc.
CoiiUMDUs, July 18. J. T. Town
Bend,, shorlft' of this county, roturncd
from Montgomery county on Monday
and lodged In Jail horo the notorious
desperado StaH'ord, who figured so
conspicuously In Brazoria uud Mata
gorda oountlos last fall. Tho nhorift
also brought along another man, Gus
Simpson. Stafford und Simpson nro
charged with tho murder of a nogro
who was a principal witness against
certain other parties for tho murder
of two negroes in tho Coloraro bottom
below Eagle lako. Aftor the murder
of this negro Stafford and Simpson
lied tho country, but Sheriff Town
sond with untiring ellbit wired a des
cription of them to various pointB in
thestitto and ollbrcd a roward out of his
private purse. The parties got ns
lar as Willis in Montgomery county,
whero ShorllF Slmonton, at Shorn!'
Townsond's request, was on tho wutoh
for them. Stafford and Simpson rode
up to a storo In Willis aud Stafford
dismounted and went Into the storo
wheu Slmonton and bis doputlos ord
ered them with shot guns aud made
thorn surrondor. It turns out that
Stafford Is not tho real name of despe
rado who has been going uudor that
name, but his real namols Dunhnm,
aud ho is wanted In other part" of tho
state for other crimes. Atter tho ar
rest Stafford was completely shocked
and let down.
Ajijily at the
J- f S, $2.00 In Gold for the greatest
j5Lf numberorworJa made from '.'Times
Uemocrat." Send address on stamped enel-
WANTKD Thrte room house, convenient
to business. Alply at ews office
VEXING NiWS Ollk- :. 0',' Austin Ale .
corner 5th street, oier Goldstein. ftMlgel's
LOST Gold sleeve button, set with tiger
ejo stone Finder will please leae at
llrndstrcet'fl olllce. .July it W
I THIOUND-.TWO Patent Loci. Kejs, onfith st
I A? betw ee 1 Austin and I renklln Owner cbii
get same Ijy cnllliitf at this offlco, describe
I property, aid pa) for this notice
R. H. Gray,
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Etc.
Country Produce Bought and Sold:
Polite Attention, Prompt Delivery.
All Kinds Fresh Meat
J. B. Gilmer & Jfe
'J ms u
A', m
Loot Ont For Onr Barges!
u.rffivtMH f.&tfw flf $ fr-.
taurine Bros,
Determined to close down our
Summer Stock, we have made unus
ual reductions in our stock of Gent's
Furnishing Goods.
New lot of Boys' Straw Hats marked
down to 25c.
Hoys' Waists 15c.
Hoys' Unlaundried Waists 35c.
Men's Unlaundried Shirts 75c.
Men's Excellent Uulaundried Shirts
Ifyou want a thin Sicilian or Drap
d'Ete Coat and Vest, or a pair of
Cassimere Pants to help you through
the season, come and see our prices,
and you will get fitted out for very
little monev.
We are offering Special Bargains in
Ladies' Fancy Colored Hose.
Hose that were $1.25, for 75c.
Hose that were $1.50, for $1.00.
Full finished colored Balbriggans
for 25c.
Those who contemplate a trip and
need a Trunk will find our stock of
large traveling Trunks complete, and
to' sell them down we will offer special
Corner Austin and Sixth.,
LBwiqe Br6s.
We have put the knife in prices and
will sell our summer stock at a loss,
rather than carry any over. We offer
in our
Ladies' Calico Wrappers worth $1.00
to $1.25, for only 50c.
Ladies' .Mother Hubbards and Indi
goes worth $1.50, for 73c and $1.00.
White Lawn Wrappers and White
dresses at half regular price.
We are offering special inducements
in Muslin Underwear this week.
Ladies should price these goods, and
they will find them cheap.
We are showing the best Corset that
was ever introduced in Texas for 40c,
worth 75 c.
We are offering special bargains in
Ladies' Fine Goods.
We will sell Bennett & Barnett's eel
ebrated Opera Toe Slippers, all sizes,
for $1.50 per pair.
Oxford Ties worth $2.00, for $1.50.
Old ladies' Kid Oxfords for $1.00.
Big bargains in house Slippers.
Extraordinary reduction in GENT'S
Caif Ties worth $3.50, for $2.25.
Calf Prince Alberts $2.25.
Kangaroo Oxfords $2.75.
Hand-Sewed Oxfords $3.50,
You will save money by pricing 'our
JAnd Low-Cut- Shoes arc cut way
1 down.
I We only handle the best innkes
1 and we guarantee a saving ol 25 per
I cent on the lowest offers you get.
Corner Austin and Sixth. J
flat' m

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