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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 20, 1888, Image 3

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Local Time Card.
Mlmtonrl I'nrlflc.
North bound . ,. J Leaves... k 2i0a.m.
I " .1 op, m.
" .1..... . 1:15 a m.
South bouud " l-2ftP.ni.
Thamo .Toxin, t
Ticket Agent, Paclflo Hotel Block.
Cotton Belt Route.
OoIiik east, Memphis A fit. Louis, Its 1 MS p. m.
Going east, Accom'a. (Corslcann) 2 "10 p. m.
(loInK west, Wxpross lVSup.m.
Uolnguest, Accommodation.. , 7!lfp m.
Dj K. HtnattriKLD,
v Ticket Agent, l'aclflc Hotel Block.
H. AT. C.
West bound,... JArr ....'. O'lOa, m,
) Arr 4 top. m.
(T.'v 0:,"iOa. m.
i--..t i.nimii )Arr 00 p.m.
Jast l")U1"1 L'v .j , 9!30p.m.
I.'v U.W a. m.
, K. Dillingham,
Ticket AKcnt, Paclflc Hotel Block.
WACO. TEXAS. JULY 20. 1888.
Swiss cheese at Early & Finks.
Go to the Stiver Moon and call
what you want.
Joe Thompson's, 4th and Franklin
streots, Is headquartors'for groceries.
A line line of Dried Fruits at half
price at Early & Finks.
If you want fruit cans or glass jars
for canning go to Barney Feldhako's
Summer sausago at Early & Finks.
Tucker's "Chill Cure" nevor falls.
No Strychnine nor Arsenic.
Coldest keg boor in town at Palace
Consult your own Interest and buy
your groceries at Joe Thompson's.
The genuine imported Cruso & Flls
Chatau Boullao at Early & Finks.
Looso liny only S4.75, see Marjo
Fanoy groceries, flno wines and
liquors at Early & Finks.
Large lot of clarets and Rhine wine
to close out cheap, at the Palace
The Silver Moon is always open and
will glvo you prompt attention.
You will save money by patroniz
ing the Silver Moon restaur.
Elgin Creamery Butter the finest
n'inde at Early & Finks.
Rarest old whiskey for) chill and
fever bitters at Palace saloon.
The goods of Ira Bowman, at San
Saba were a'ttached to-day. The
amount for which the attachment wai
run is 174.
If you want a bargain in real estate
call on Jones, Battle & Jones, under
Pacific hotel.
Ice cold bottle beer, pints $1.50 per
dozen; quarts $2.50 per dozen at Pal
ace Saloon.
Great bargains in unredeemed
pledges at your Undo DuffDomnau's
opposite the McLelland kotol.
Joel B. Frazier whiskey', twelve
years old, guarrauteed the finest made
at Early & Finks.
The Knights of Labor, Central City
Assembly No. 10690, will give a ball
at Padgltt's Park, Tuesday, July 24
just received a, largeJnvolce of Im
ported Clarets at Early & Finks
Ladles, Tucker has Just received a
large shipment, fresh.of the celebrated
"Blatt" InsectPowder.
Bale hay, only 56.75 per ton, by the
car $7.00 for les, Major Moron.
Go'to your Undo Duff, the pawn
broker, opposite the McLelland hotel,
if you need any money or want to
spend any.
Looso hay only $5.00, see Major Mo
Tuckors Simple Remedies aro work
ing big rosults tor the people, true
merit will out.
Between two or three, hundred
teams are camped about the city
waiting an order to go to work from
Mr. Cameron, who is now in San
Best Soda Water in Waco is at
Morrison, Rlshor & Co's New Drug
Store. ''Only the best" fruit juicos
are used, and the greatest care is
takon to nroduco the best glass of
-soda in tho world.
The city marshal is after the town
cows and'a number of them were gaz
ing through the oracks of the pound
fence this morning the result of yes
terday's round-up.
If you would avoid being bllllous,
tako Tucker's "Braos Chill Cure "'
tho vory best and purest anti-niala-rlsl
romedy irf the market.
A thrifty colored man wo works at
the street car stables lias hit upon a
novel plan for picking up slight per
quisites to his wages. Ho uses his
spare time in picking up tho nickels
which ore dropped In tho cars and on
tho track and gets ofl'aii'l on quite a
little sum togethci. Careless people
drop money occasionally and the
nickels lost getting on and off the
streot cars during a year amount to a
snug sum.
Two quite interesting horso races
took place on the race course on the
raco track at the driving park yes
terday ovening. First ono botwoen
the hores of Mr.McKonzle of tho O K
wngon yard and R. P. Tyler, the
latter gentleman's winning. Second
raco between tho horses of E. II. Ful
ler and It. P. Tyler, formor geutlo
man's horso being victorious. Both
were running race, one heat for a dis.
tauco of threo hundred yards. Wag
es of $30 in each race was the amount
of tho stakes.
Messrs. Morrison & Fouriny have
been and are at present at work upon
a city directory of Waco, aud will
havd the work completed about the
latter part of August. This will bo ti
neat and complete directory, as the
above firm are experienced men in
this line, having complied directories
for nearly every town in Texas.
Mr. J. H. Bird, of Tohuacanna, says
with one bottle of Tuckor'a "Brazos
Chill Curo" ho broke up, last week,
three cases of chills and fever. On
Monday lie bought two more bottles
for his laborers, stating that ho felt
suro this mediclno would keep them
on their feet, whereby ho would be
enabled to save Ills crop.
August, infant son of Mr. and Mrs
Chas. Konlml died yesterday evening
at 0 o'clock and was burled this eve
ning at 5 o'clock at Oakwood ceme
tery, the pastor of tho German Lu
thoran church officiating. TIioNhws
oxtends its sympathy to Mr. and Mrs.
Kophal in tho loss of their child.
Deputy Constable Jim Lock wood
arrested a negro, John Weir, last
night who was raising a disturbauce
at a negro's house op E'.m street, East
Waco. Weir was found with a pistol
on his person and placed in $100 bond,
which ho gave.
Morrison, Rlshor & Co. are agents
for Texas for Jno. Wyeth & Co's cele
brated Fluid Extracts, Elixors, Fil
trates and Pharmaceutical Prepar
ations generally, and have just ro
celved a complete stock of those
goods, aud can supply the trade,
both wholesale and retail, at man
ufacturers prices.
A very pleasant dance was given at
the Farmer's House on South Seventh
streot last night. The participants
indulged in tho delightful amuse
ment until the "wee sma hours be
yond the twa'."
Few business men, in Waco, are us
well prepared to handle thoir buslnes
as John D. Mayfield, He buys all
kinds of notes, and lends money on
all kinds of security and for any de
sired length of time.
An official notice is posted up on
tho closed doors of the once celebrat
ed Iron Front saloon advertising the
sale at auction of what Is left of the
goods in that place on the 30th of
No better place in tho city to take
your Prescriptions than at tho "Lion
Drug Storo" Tucker or ono of his ef
ficient dlspensors are always on hand
at any hour ot tho night with tele
phono connection to nigh! clerk.
Membesr ot U. F. of T. are request
ed to meet to night at the rooms of the
Y. M. C. A. Every member is ur
gently requested to bo presont as busi
ness of Importance is on foot.
Tho Grand Council of the U. F. of
T. convenos in Waco on tho 25th.
The local council is engaged in procur
ing homes for the delegates whom It
is hoped will be cordially received.
Wool is selling from 14 to 17 cents per
pound, adeoreuso in prico from last
year of at least threo cents.
The engine is pumping water from
the spring into tho 8th streot cistern
tiiis afternoon.
Rnrn Sport.
At Waco Driving Park to-morrow
evening, July 21st, at 0 o'clock sharp.
R. P. Tyler runs MoKliuy's bay pony,
"Dude" against Ed. Fullor's blue
roau pony, "Charllo," 325 yards for
100 a side. Como one! Come nil! and
aee a hotly and closoly contested race
ProoprilliiKH of the City Conllelt Meet
Inn I.iint Night.
The city council met in regular
session last night, a full board being
present with tho exception of alder
man Tibbs.
The minutes were .read and' ap
City Becrotary F. M. Beck asked
the council for leave of absence for
ono month, which was grunted.
The report of tho city sunltary offi
cer was submitted, and stated that
the sowers on several streets were
out of order. A motion was made to
refer report to the Ranitary committee
Alderman Stephenson, chuirman of
the sanitary committee, Haid on ac
count of tho low wuter in tho Brazos
river, tho sower drainago was abov
tho water line and was not cariled
off'. This created a deposit on the
banks of the river, which was accu
mulating daily, and would, of course,
bo detrimental to the health of the
Alderman Lacy moved that the
Woolen Mills aud other establish
ments thut had a largo amount of
waste matter from their institutions
bo instructed to tap the main sewers.
Alderman Herbort moved that the
sanitary officer's report bo referred to
sanitary committee, motion carried.
Alderman Forsgard reported plans
for a new fire station. The report
was roforred to improvement commit
tee to determine as to cost of erection
and make nocessary arrangements for
building tho station.
Aldorman Herbort moved that
Capt. J. E. Elgin, who was present be
allowed to read the report of the
Waco delegation to the deep water
convention at l-ort worth. The mo
tion prevailed.
Capt. Elgin said that tho Waco del
egation to the deep water convention,
appointed by tho city council winch
consisted of the following named gen
tlemen : Wm. Cameron, Wm. Brous
tedt, AVm. Brooks, Geo. Taylor, and
J. E. Elgin,, upon arrival, at Fort
Worth found one of tho largest bodios
of business men that ever assembled
in the state, consisting of represen
tative men from almost every point in
Texas, together with a large delega
tion from other statos, and all seem
ed to appreciate tho necessity of deep
water on the To,as ooast. Galveston
was ably represented and strongly
set forth her various advantages as a
commercial point and the extensive
liar borage she possossed. Capt. El
gin further concluded his report by
making an estimate of the probable
cost of deep water at Galveston and
other points on tho cost.
The council then, after consideration
of various petitions and the disposal
of necessary business, adjourned.
The Silent Mcaaciiirer Claim One of
Waco's Faireat Danghters. ,
"Can storied urn or animated bust.
Jlack to Its mansion call the Uectlncr breath.
Can honor's voice nrovoko the silent dust.
Or flatterr soothe the dull, cold ear of
The News learns with sorrow of tho
death of Miss Maud Burleson, at 4
o'clock this morning, at tho old Rich
ard Burleson place in the western
suburbs of the city, where the family
reside. Miss Maud has been ill with
fever for some time, but on yesterday
the disease took a turn for the worse,
and all during yesterday and last
night slio was gradually, sinking,
until at last the end came. Miss Bur
leson was in tho eighteenth year of
her ago, and her untimely death has
cast a gloom ovor the entlro oiroleof
her acquaintances, for a lady of a
more amiable naturo or 'lovely dispo
sition novor lived In our midst. But
alas, tho cruel reupor, death, cuts
down, without u momont's warning,
thoso ilowors of humanity that wo all
lovo and cherish most. Miss Maud
was the youngest daughter of the late
Rev. Richard Burleson, who came to
Waco ut an early day, aud in connec
tion with hU bother, Dr. Rufus Bur
leson, founded Wuco University.
Miss Burleson leaves a mother, ono
sister aud two brothers to mourn tier
death. Tho News extond its sincere
condolenco to the sorrowing relatives.
llohliiil the liars.
KdltorNtwat ' ,
No class of poople in Waco hail
with more delight tho advent of The
Evening News than the prisoners in
the county Jail. Some kind friend
sondBusacopy every evening which
constitutes' our night reading. 1 1 pas
8osfrom coll to cell until the whole
22 prisoners have boon posted In re
gards to tho doing of theouter world.
When The Evening Day ohangod to a
morning puper wo wero intellectually
distressed, at bolng chopped oil' from
our night rations; but hero tho old
adage, "everything happens for the
best." assorts Itself utrain by the birth
of tho Evening Nr.ws while wo po-
tiontiy await tho vay on tne
following morning. Tho jail 1b a
vory stupid place and famous for
sparolty of amusements. Our colorod
trusty, however, affords some mer
riment. He seems to be ataeeiallv
adapted to the catching and training of
mice wnicn neexniuits every uay in
the run-round. When he hobbles two
of thorn they appear so ridloulous to
ench other that it ends inn sharp bat
tle. His power to charm is demon
strated by a hissing sound which
causes his pets to move briskly to-
war us him. This is our cmei entertain
ment, interspersed occasionally with
the treat of a melon from a migrating
convict who happens to come in flush,
or a batch of old "papers from gener
ous news venders. Anything is ac
ceptable, but It would not bo politic
for our friends to all oombfno and
heap such luxuries upon us In a sin
gle day. Nous vcrons. Wishing your
spirited paper much success, and tho
typographic artists congeniality. I
re main, fraternally, Ckmj Six.
The Direct Route
To All Points.
New Mexico,
And the Northwest.
2 Daily Trains 2
The Direct Route to All
Points in the North
. and South,
Via St. Louis
Pullman 1'alace Hotel Cars are run
betwien St. Loula ami Son Antonio,
via Sedalla, dally. All trains arrive
and depart from the Grand Union
Jepotat St. I.ouls, thereby assuring
passengers speedy connections.
Fast Time! Superior Accemmo-
Ticket Agent,
Waorj, lexas,
P, llUQIlKS,
x Pass. Agent,
Houston, Texas
General Passsnxer and Freight Agent,
St. Louis, Arkansas &
Texas Bail! ay.
'1 & A &
"Cotton Belt Route."
'"vWww.rt fW-f-K,
"'" ","u""'! )
Through .-. Line
1 , , A
Arkansas and Texas,
, Via CAIRO to
St. Louis and Chicago
Connecting In Union Depots with
through trains for all points In
Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin,
Michigan, Indiana,
Pennsylvania, New York,
Ohio, and all Points
North, and Bast.
Don't buy a tlckot for any
point until you have consult
ed the Agent of the St. Louis,
Arkansas and Texas Railway.
-' . f
' , D. MILLER, .
General Passenger Agent, , St. Louli
E. W. LeBAUME, ,
Ass't Gen'l Puss. Agent, St. Louis.
Looul TiokatJAgent, Waco, Tx

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