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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 21, 1888, Image 1

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NO. 6.
Have always made it a study how to cater
to the trade of the
It is for their Special Benefit
that we Announce for this Week,
and from then on to September ist,. . ,.
A Great Clearing and Slaughter Sale!
Men's Percale and Calico shirts, good patterns, 2 cllnrsand 1
pair cuffs with each short At 65 Cts. Each.
With Collars aud Culls Attached will bo Closed out at .
85 Cts. Each, Worth $1.50.
A Large Line of Fancy Percale Shirts with
Collars and Cuffs, in Hair Line Stripes, Pink
and Blue, at $1.00 eachiRegular Price $1.50
Hen's White Unlaundried Shirts, Linen Bosom and Reinforced,
A 45 Cts. Each, Worth TB Cts.
Mens "White Laundried Shirts, Plain Shield Bosom,
at 65 c, and 95 c, Worth $1 and $1 .50.
Mens Cheviot Shirts, at 26, 45, 60 and 75 ots.
Mon'a Flannel Overshirts at 70 o, $1, $1.26, and $1.76.
Men's Blue Flannel Shirts at $1, $1.50, $2, and $2.50,
Mens Gauze Undershirts at 25c 35c & 50c.
Mens Balbriggan Underwear at 50c worth $1.00.
Mens" Striped Bal. underwhear 75c " $1.25.
Mens Drill Drawers reduced to 25c 60c and 75c
Mens Socks, Assorted collors It Sizes at 10c 10c and 20c
in Neckwear, Suspenders,
Collors and Cuffs.
Our Straw Hat Stock to be Cleared
We can say without fear of Contradiction
that we are the' only House where you
always will get Full Value.
Sanger Brothers.
On Record.
i! , '
Dry : Goods,
Than : Ever : Before.
For nn Old Murder.
McKinney, July 20. James Burke
was arrested last night on a charge of
murder committed in Tennessee some
six years ago. He says a woman did
it, and at once sued out a writ of ha
beas corpus. This morning Judge
Head heard the writ and remanded
him'. Burke is accompanied by his
family, a wife and Ave children, all
miserably dressed and pitiable ob
jects, but all clinging faithfully to
him In his trouoles.
Coal In Texan.
Texarkana, Ark., July 20. Tobe
Barefleld, who was shot Wednesday
night, is still alive, but is not out of
danger, and his physician thinks his
chauco for getting well are very
sljm. -
A party of gentlemen from Chicago,
who have been in the city for some
days prospecting for coal, are so well
convinced of what they havo seen
that they have loused a large body of
land near town on which to make ex
tensive investigations.
A lMliriil Accident.
Paris, July 20. Tills evening about
7 o'olookas Mr. Jim McCulloch was
driving a spirited horso attached to a
buggie, he attempted to pass a wagon
at the corner of Grand avenue and
Short street when the horse ran
against the littlol3-j'ear-old daughter
of u blind widow lady, Mrs. E. C.
HIse, knocking her down; the horso
stepped on the little girl two
or three times and the bug
gy wheel struck her with con
siderable force. The oh'lld was car
ried to her house and a physician
was summond who pronounced hor
Injuries serious. It is thought slio
was injured Internally.
Nhe Will I.Uo.
San Antonio. July 20. Mrs. August
Holz, a young married woman, on
Wednesday last was badly burnod by
the explosion of a coal oil lamp. The
oil flew all over J'er. Her olothos wei o
consunibd aud she was horribly scar
red, particularly in the region of tlio
abdomen. She was in an advanced
state of pregnancy. This morning she
Our Store will be En
tirely Remodeled and
Enlarged, and conse
quently, we are in a
condition to sell the
Right Goods at the
Imaginable Prices.
Our Goods are al)
Fresh and New, and
We Guarantee Pri
ces against any and all
Give us a trial.
Samples mailed.
Express Charges
' E: B. CLAFLIN & CO.,
Corner 5th and Austin Streets,
was d ell veredjof twins, both still born.
Mrs. Holz is In a very precarious con
dition, but will probubly live. If she
survives both her hands will bo am
putated at tho wrists. Her husband
Is a well-to-do young mechanics and
she herself is not over 25 years of
(lalveiton Is Ilonnton it.
Galveston, July 19. Galveston
and Houston crossed willows to-day.
It was the first of a series of four
games under the new schedule, and
was witnesse by an audience of about
700 people. The game was called
promptly at 3 o'clock and was spirited
from beginning to finish, but few er
rors being made, while the batting and
fielding of both nines was excellent.
In the fourth Inning Galveston made
two runs and one in the fifth and
seventh, while Houston made one in
the eighth and ninth innings. The
score at the close bein, Galveston 4,
Houston 2.
Burned to Ilenth.
San Antonia., July 18. While au
gust Haize and wife sat at supper to
night in their house on Madison street
the kerosene lamp .exploded and the
burning oir flew al! over the woman.
In an Instant her clothes were in flames.
A passer-by herd the screams, and
rushing in aided her husband in throw
ing her down and wrapping her in a
carpet. Nearly all the clothing was
burned from her body. She was par
ticularly injured in the region of the
abdomen, and as she was enciente will
inevitably die.
Loat NtOCK.
San Angelo., July 18. Seaton
Keith and W. S. Kellv. ntnrlrmpn
here shinned about three hundred
head of steers to Chicago three weeks
ago in care 01 a reliable coinmisson
firm there. They have just been noti
fied that throuch the hre.iltinrr nf n
bank the firm is insoivent and that it
cannot pay Messrs. keith and Kelly
lor meir siock- 1 ne swindle lias cre
ated considerable indignation in stock
circles and Mr. Keith will go to Chi
cago to investigate the matter. Mr.
Keith lost $3000 and Kelly $Jbo.
The ilrst things taught Alaskan
childron nre to dance, shoot tho bow
and arrow and to smoke. It is a com
mon thlug to see a mother take the
child from her breast and glvolt the
A colored proncher near Macon,
Ga., has committed to memory the
entire bible. A few years ago ho was
unable to read, nnd claims that lit
knowledge has been revealed to hhn
In a vision.
In an article ou tho production of
Bessemer steel In tho last issue of the
Engineering nnd Mining Journal it
is shown that the out-put per man la
this country "is greater than that la
England by more thau 60 per cent."
A woman who died at Marseilles
desired by her will that her heart
might be placed in the tomb of her
first husband, nnd hor body in the
tomb of, her second husband. The
question naturally arises, which hus
band did she love tho better?
It is not generally known that the
late Emperor Frederick was nn au
thor in a modest way. He published
a book entitled, "My Journey to the
Orient," in 1870, containing an ac
count of what ho saw In Egypt on the
opening of tho Suez canal.
The Eighth Cavalry Roginient Is on
Its way from Fort Concho, Tex., to
Dakota, making the longest march a
regiment 1ms made since tliovnr, the
dlstanco being over 1600 miles. They
make from sixteen to thirty-six miles
a day, and expoi't to roach Dakota
Mr. Charles Vllllors, who has been
a member of the House of Common
for ilfty-three consccutlvo years, de
cline to follow Mr. Gladstone in hie
Home Hulo campaign, and the Glad
Etonians will nmko tv special effort to
defeat him at the next olootion. Mi.
Villiers was one of tho mot conspicu
ous leadors of The Anti-Corn Law
Tho Episcopal churches which have
long been landmarks in New York are
presently to lie saoritled to-the inarch
of improvement. Those are ' old St.
Luke's" on Hudson street and "old
St. John's" on Varick street. A
handsome chapel is to take tho
plnco ot tho former edifice, but tho
site of the latter will bo occupied in
all probability by an unsightly ware
house. There are not wanting Indications
of a turu of the tide in American ship
building. The now steam tonnage
registered in Juno was 10, J0S9 tons,
against 13, 844 in Juno, 1807; sailing
tonnugo, 73o2 tons, against 2017 In
June, 1887. The gain in both classei
is 8251 tons, aud is mainly due to the
rapid growth of tho lake marine, al
though the Paoiflo const'and tho Wes
tern river fleets nro not far be
hind. Mmo. Millet, widow of the colobra
tod landscape painter, is about to be
ovicted from hor homoatBarbison.in
th eForestof Fontulnebloau.whlch has
always boon Identified with hor hus
band and his work. Amorlcan ad
mirers wanted to buy iho placo for a
homo for Mmo. Millet during her life,
and afterward to bo converted Into a
museum of art, but tho landlord de
manded SO600, while the Americans
would give butl?l,000, so Mmo. Millet
will have to go. t
Ono of the lonurost strikos on record
that of tho brickmakors at Haver-
straw, has boonsottlod. It has lasted
nearly two years. The original point
at Issuo was the employment by the
bosses of non-union nioti. The point
appears to have been yielded by. the
men, while the bosses, on their part
havo taken back the union striker.
It is said that during their lonir strike
mo mon navo reoeiveu very little uld
from tho Knights of Labor, to which
organization they belonged.
frank Peabodv. a mombor of tho
Harvard graduate advisory board on
rowing, says thut"the Yule crew this
yenr was tho fastest for four miles,
umaieur or proiessionni, Jimgllsn or
American, that over sat in a boat."
This iuuy bo lltorally true, but the
famous Oxford crew of 1882 pulled,
four miles and a ciuartor in 20 minute
aud 12 seconds, which would make
their time for four miles considerably
under tho 20 mlnutos nnd 10 seconds
record of the Yalo crow.
There was an intorestlnor scene in
Aloxandrler. Va.. tho other night,
wheu the floor ofalodce room In which
a nuraber of colored pooplo who was
ueing initiated into tho order of True
Reformers fell through, precipitating
the candidates into a darker room bn-
low. A man who was nsloop In tho
room ueiow was orusnoa, out tne peo
ple who fell through though that fall
In the darkness was a nart of the ini
tiatory ceremouv. and waited cnlmlv -
for a continuance of tho rites.
Edison has lllVOlltad n iinw iliiiiinr
clock whloh talks. Instead of strik
ing tho hour it speaks it. At dlnnor
time a voice issues from tho clock and
says "Dinner time,'" nlso "1 o'clock,"
"2 o'clock," etc., as the caso may be
Another device which ho is perfect
ing in connection wl th tho cloak In Unit
of a female face, which ho purposes to
sot In tho face of tho clock. The II pi
of this figure will move at tho hour,.
"in ntmu win now, Hliu IIIO UCtltlOUH
lady will suv. .'Good ovonlinr hull on
and gentleman, It Is bedtime."

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