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YOL. 1
NO. 8.
Has given us during the last few weeks an increased sale in
this line which we never expected, but as we are still
overstocked we will have
Our 17 ct. and 20 ct. quality will be sold for 12 1-2 cts.
Our 30 ct. quality will be sold for 20 cts.
Our 35 ct. quality will be sold for 25 cts.
Our Damask Matting will be sold for 35 cts.
Our $1.50 Lace Curtains will be sold
Our $3.00 " " 11 ...
Our $4.00 " " ii 11 11
Our $5 00 ' .. ' ii .1 11
Madras Curtains, Tamborn Lace Curtains,
Antique Lace Curtains, Irish Point Cur
tains Nottingham Lace Curtains.
In tho pleco und ready mado will bo sold for tho balance of tho season at such
prices that it would be folly to allow these little
Humming Birds to trouble us.
A Large Assortment of Dado Shades on Hartshorn
Rollers at 60 cts. and Upwards.
The Cut Prices in our Carpet Department are Still Going on.
Sanger Brothers.
Consideration of the Water Sys
tem and Aotion Thereon.
Tho city council held an extra ses
sion yesterday afternoon to considor
tho plans for a now hystom of water
works submitted by tho engineer U.
C. Morgan who lias been ongagod
somo weeks in drafting a system of
water works for tho city and also to
consider means of securing a tempo
rary supply of water whllo tho wator
works question is in abeyanco. In
tho ilrst part tho following was tho
j-oport of tho committoo on tho en
gineer's plans and estimates:
lo the Mayor and City Council :
Gextlesif.n We, your committee
to whom was referred C. Morgan's
plans, estimates and specifications for
a system of water works for tho city of
Wnco. submit tho following: Wo re
commond the adoption of tho.plans of
Engineor Morgan, and his system as
submitted, to cost $101,5!7, as IJlus
trate'j in maps and estimates in hand,
forwarded by Engineer Morgan, re
visodahd oxtoiidcU according t& sug
gestions of tho council, nttor oxamln
Ing his first plans and specifications.
As for Mr. Morgan's suggestion that
, wo abandon tho plan of substituting
six inch for four inch pipe- on cross
sections, wo recommend that the sug
gestion bo accepted, provided no
hydrants bo placed on four inch
mains except in sparsoly settled
quarters or tlio city. Wo leeommond
tho adoption of 111 hydrants, to bo
located us tho council shall in futuro
The report ol committoo was relorred
to tho standing committoo on wuter
works, with instructions to City En
gineor Curjey to make a map of the
proposod system.
A communication wus road from
Presidont C. W. White making sever
al nronosals for contracts for water
supply embracing different lengths of
time wjihjj) vas freoly discussed, tho
discussion resulted' In tho following
resolution which was adopted.
Jtenolvcd, That the following pro
position is hereby offered the Waco
titer Company, Wo agree to i pay
the Waco Water Company for all lire
hydrants now in use aud good order
tit the tato of $G0 per annum for
twelve mouths, rentals, to be paid
Alderman Laoy was appointed a
at ... .
committoo of ono to notify Mir. White
of tho action of the council, when the
council adjourned, subject to an ex
pected call for another extra session.
The following is tho communication
of tho Waco Water Company to the
Office of Ihc Waco Water Company,
Waco, Texas, July 23, 1888. j
To tliu lion. Major anil Council of tho City of
Gentlemen : EosDondhiEr to the re-
nuost of tho Honorablo Mayor, and
prompted by un earnest desiro for a
just and satisfactory settlement of the
mucn voxou wator question, wo here
with submit to your honoarblo body
tho following propositions for tho
sale or leuse of our wator works to
your city, or for contracting for water
supply lor nro proceotion for uuieront
periods of time and at prices stated.
In addressing tills communication
to your Honorable Itoard, tho presi
dent of tho wator company expresses
tho hope that it will bo receivod in
tho same spirit that uotuatod tho
writer in submitting it; appreciating
tho exposed condition of the city and
roall.ing that this is another instance
whore concessions could bo mado on
both sides, and an amicable adjust
ment effected of tin uufortunato dif
ference. Tho proposition to soli or lea so is
not tho result of a suggestion by
Mayor Hinohman nor any ono else,
but originated with tho president
and of our own volition, and is made
from a purely business standpoint.
We would take occasion to say, that
wo have noticed with in tores t u dis
position on tho pure of some, to have
the city own and operuto her own
wator works, and 10 this end wo
would state, without rcsorvo, that
we aro anxious to sell or loaso to tho
city at any tlmo, and aro willing to
submit tho matter of purchase, in all
Its details of prlco, terms, tlmo and
conditions to a board of arbitration,
to be appointed in the usual way.
Should your Houorable Hoard not
be Inclined to buy or, louse our sys
tem of water works, then we submit
tho following propositions for the
rental of hydrants to the city for fire
protection. Hut before stating tho
details of theso several propositions,
wo would say that a hydrant fran
chise or contract with a city has no
special value in the inonoy markets
of tho East, unless It is made to run
for 25 or 30 years. Sevoral contracts
have been mado In Texas, notably
Austin, Ft. Worth, Galnesvillo aud
perhaps other cities, at tho annual
Iai, mm l tail
Isaac Lewis'
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Genis - Furaifpra - m&9
toil ?
Carpets :. anil :. Matte.
Leasing, Solomon Hosential,
Corner tlx and Austin Sts(
rental of $100 for eaeli Are hydrant,
and for a term of forty years. Tlmo
is a potential factor in all water con
tractsthe longer tho tlmo tho
cheaper the rental of hydrants,
and It is clearly to tho interest of
cities to contract on tho basis
of long tlmo, but reserving tho
right to buy tho works at intervals
of each ton years during tho the term
of tho coutraot, the price always, in
such cases, to be dotorminod by ar
bitration. A contract on this basis places a
water company on a Arm footing in
tho financial world, and enablosit to
placo its bonds and socuritiosat a low
rate of interest, and at par valuoin
tho markot.
Should a satisfactory arrangemont
bo effected with this city for a longi
term, our company could mako all
needful Improvements and extensions
as tho growth and development of
tho city might require.
From tho foregoing you will readi
ly undoistand tho differences in
prices named below for service ron
derod for tho dtffbront times.
It has boon requested that a prlco
bo numed for a few months, so as to
allow tho city to comploto tlio public
clstorns now under construction.
Wo would thorofore say that if tho
city deslros to uso our hydrants,
numbering 117, for a fow months
oiqy, or any term loss than ono yoar,
wo will chargo at tho rato of seven
(S7.00) per month for eifoh hydrant.
Payment to bo mado monthly.
bhould the city desiro to uso our
hydrants numbering 117 for ono or
moro years by tho year, wo will charge
for such service tho sumo prlco as tho
city is now paying us, namely (80.00)
eighty dollars per hydrant, payable
quarterly in tho same mannor as pay
ments aro now made.
But should tho city dooldo to mako
with us a long time contract suy for
twentv-llvo or thirty yours, wo would
chargo for 150 hydrants tho Oil hy-1
drants not now erected to bo locuted
by your Honorable Hoard, in agree
ing to place them in position within
twelvemonths from date of coutraot
an annual lental of (S00.00) sixty dol
lars per hydrant, aud all hydrants In
tho entire service to ho guaranteed to
give a first-class tiro protection, und
not exceeding CO fonts per 1,000 gal
lons to private consumers.
Buoli a contract would enablo us to
develop If possible a better water
supply and to replace the three-Inch
pipe aud all old hydrants. Hut it is
well-known to your houorable body
that within the past two years that
almost all of the three-inch piping and
old hydrants have been removed und
Old Stand.)
replaced with lurger piping aud the
latest and best Improved hydrants.
We have extended our system over
tho greater portion of tho city with
largo and sullicient mains for all prac
tical purposes. Wo liavo built a largo
Tosorvolr of amnio capacity and to
day wo can say in all soberness and
truth that tho city has as good a sys
tem of water works for ilro protection
and general usefulness as any city
within our stato. Our plpo system
lias tlio capacity of dollvoriug three
and one-half millions gallon of water
into your stroots within twonty-four
hours, which is an abundant simply
for a city of 50,000 inhabitants, allow
ing forty gallons per capita. Avo havo
Just erected a new pump with a ca
pacity of throo million gallons por
day. Bhould your Honorablo Hoard not
approvoot unyof tho foregoing prop
ositions, thon wo nro willing to adopt
tho contract now In force In any city
In Texas of tho sizo or largor than
Waco; you to dosignato tho city whoso
contract shall bo adopted, provided
said contract shall run for twenty-live
years and tlio city to take tho same
number of hydrants as such city and
pay tho samo annual rental as pala
by such city and wo to make tho
samo ratos to private consumers as
are made in such cities. We doom it
propor to stato as rogards tho sevoral
propositions heroin submitted, that
dotulls havo boon pretermitted.
Should either of tlio propositions bo
favorably considered, all details can
Ld satisfactorily arraugod by con for
eueo and through commlttoos.
However, in conclusion, should all
our propositions bo rejected oy your
Honorable lionrd, we cuii say in all
candor and without roserve that wo
aro willing to submit the wholo mat
tor of contract for wator supply for
lire protection and all other purposes,'
to arbitration.
llespoctfully submitted,
Waco Watkii Company.
lly C. W. White, President.
Most of tho ladles in Saratoga have
discarded tho bustle in honor of Mrs.
Cleveland. Ono lady, says a corres
pondent, recently arrived at tho
springs "with 300 dressos and two
trunks filled with bustles. Theso
trunks hayo not been opened.
The unprecedented number of 16 1,705
bills have so far been introduced in
the House this session, against 11,200
for the two sessions of the last Con
gres. The amount of real work ac
complished always bears an inverse
ratio to tho amount mapped out.
Two Badly Frightened Citizens
Give a Dioorlptlon of Her.
Trinity (La.) Herald.
One day last week two strangers
passed through Trinity on loot, hav
ing traveled from Alexandria. They
gave a thrilling account of a meeting
held with a wild girl of Catahoula,
near Hemp's Creek. They say she
is one of the most ferocious looking
beings that the human eye was ever
cast upon. At first they thougnt she
was not far from home, and only on a
jaunt through the woods. They stop
ped to ask her a few questions, but
could not get her nearer than fifty feet.
She is as fleet as a deer, and they sav
that at one leap she cleared a large
root seven feet high. She uses no
language, only gibberish, and is cloth
ed with nothing but what nature gave
Had these men been on horse-back
they say it would have been almost
impossible to capture her. Her arms
are long, brawny and muscular. She
appears to be about sixteen years of
age, has a kind of a limp when walk
ing. They could not get near enough
to distinguish whether she had a de
formed foot. She had an old knife
which they say was about eight inches
long, which she no doubt used dex
trously. She is in hight about four
feet six inches, and would weigh about
125 or 140 pounds, with no surplus
flesh. These gentlemen say that in
that neighborhood they gave informa
tion and no one seemed to know any
thing about the girl. At one place a
man told them a few days ago he saw
a young calf lying dead in the woods
about two miles from the neatest
house, with peaces cut out of it, and
now think that the girl is the one who
killid it.
The men say they would not sleep
in the woods near where they saw the
girl for all that was in the parish.
They think she can conquer any three
men in the neighborhood. She has
immense eyes, a d her hair hangs to
her waist ahd is of a beautiful brown.
A great many who have heretofore
doubted the exsistence of this girl are
now convinced that it is a truth, the
information coming, as it did, from two
men who had never been in the par
ish before.
A committee of fifteen men with
provisions for two weeks will be organ
ized, and steps wil be taken soon to
capture her. The country is aroused.
Only a few weeks ago she was seen
near the Swilley settlement catching a
Tho now Gorman Emperor, unllko
either Kalsor WUholm I or "Unsor
Fritz." is strongly prejudiced against
Freemasonry, and has in consequouco
novor Joined tho order.
It looks as though Tlmo was getting
In ids mellowing work when tho wid
ow of tho lato Vlco Prosldont Hon
drloks attonds a recoptlon in honor of
lluthorford Li. Hayes. And in lies
ton, too!
A lady of Honoy Orovo, Tow,
prides horsolf on tho fact that Abo
Lincoln courted iter and uskod her to
bo ills wlfo. Sho refused tlio spllcens
ho wan thon tho homliost man in
iVdmlral Dunont mado it a flxod
rulo never to permit ills crows to go
Into battlo on an empty stomach. Ho
iioiutnut a lull stomach mado a man
brave, und that tho bettor tho rations
tho bottor tho eator would light.
It has been provod that a Paris
Stock Exchange syndicate sont no
less than COO telegrams to all parts of
tho world announcing tlio death of M.
do Lossops with tho object of prevent
ing tho success of his new loan.
Did Oeorgo Washington oat groon
poas with a knife? This Important
historical question is soouring tho at
tention of quidnuncs. Quuckenboy
says ho did. Tho Cloveland Leader
thinks so, too. Another writer as
sures us Washington played with his
fork on tho dinner tablo. beating on
tho odgo of tho board. It hardly
sooins posslblo thut tho Kathor of his
Country should havo been guilty of
such rudeness. It saddens us to
think of him as lucking a knowledgo
of the elements of Miss Nuucyism.
Will tho historical society of lioston
1 toll us if AVusbington over spilled a
1 ootash with a spoon or a fork? Did
pea from his knife? Did he eat sue-
he wipe his mouth with tho comer
of his napkin or wjth the middle
broadside? Did ho uso ilngor-bowls?
Let us have these questions settled at
onco and forever. It may bo that wo
hall have to give up Ceorge, after all.

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