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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 27, 1888, Image 1

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VOL. 1
NO. 11.
Has given us during the last few weeks an increased sale in
this line which we never expected, but as we are still
overstocked we will have
Our 17 ct. and 20 ct. quality will be sold for 12 1-2 cts.
Our 30 ct. quality will be sold for 20 cts.
Our 35 ct. quality will be sold for 25 cts.
Our Damask Matting will be sold for 35 cts.
Our $1.50 Lace Curtains will be sold at
Our $3.00 " ' " " "
Our $4.00 " " " ' "
Our $5.00 ' " " " "
Madras Curtains. Tamborn Lace Curtains,
Antique Lace Curtains, Irish Point Cur
tains Nottingham Lace Curtains.
In the piece mid ready miido will be sold for the balance of tlio season at such
prices that it would be folly to allow those little-
Humming Birds to troublo us.
A Large Assortment of Dado Shades on Hartshorn
Rollers at 60 cts. and Upwards.
The Cut Prices In our Carpet Department are Still Going on.
Sanger Brothers.
J. D. Gilmer A Co'a IlnrKnln.
No. 1. A now G room two-story
brick house In St. Louis, Mo. Corner
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This is in every way a nice placo and
only 3 blocks from Ronton Park.
Place worth $3800 with an incum
brance of S2000 which has two years
to run at 0 per cent interest. Will ex
change equity in place for a houso and
lot in Waco. The- objoct of exchang
ing is to locate in soino good sizod city
in'rexas, and go into the manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 acres in Bandora
county, all under fenco in aboutS pas
tures, about 500 nores in cultivation,
58 miles from San Autonio. Rancho
well stocked. Will exchange for Waco
No. 310 acres near Dougherty's to
exchange for property in the city.
price $2,000. Also 0 acres near Driv-J
ing Park to exchange; pnoe ijl.uoo.
No. 4700 acres of land in Lime
stone county, ljinlles north of Frosa,
one third down," balanco on as long
time us desired, stock, utensils and
all go with the place, 100 acres in
cultivation, 50 acres pasture, 400 acres
prulrio, 300 in timber, three sets of
cubing. Will sell at a bargain.
No. 5520 aero farm, consists of
lots N. 5 ana 0 of the Antonio juan
chaca survey, is all under good Ave
wire fonco, about 75 acres In cultiva
tion, balance in pasture, a good frumo
houso of 0 rooms on tho placo, barn
and othor Improvements. Tho land
is about 0 miles south of Bolton and
ono mile from Salado Kivor on which
is located a steam llouring mill. Vnl
uo$20poracre. Will exchange for
lumber, or Waco property.
No. 0125 acres i;s miles northwest
of Walnut Snrlmrs. all under fenco,
noarly all tillable 70 or 80 acres In
cultivation, plenty of wator. Price
$l,fe00,ono third cash, balanco to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 block 17, Cham
borlln uddltlon. North 5th and Ky.
avenuo. Prico$l,700.
No. 8 1 lots block 13, Bell's addi
tion on 23d and Clovoland Sts also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. South
west corner block 5 Boll's addition.
Will take $1,000 for all.
J. B. Qilmkk & Co.,
The Eau Clair Lumber Company, of
est. i,ouis, unicugo aim mppow.
Wis. with nearly $1,000,000 Invested
in tho lumber trade, lius annouced its
retirement from business. It was ln-
tlivintoil tint a hlfr 1 11111 lift r trllst IS
forming, and that the Eau Clair plant
win go into it.
Drunkeness Will be Promoted by
Removing' the Tux.
From the Chicago Tribune (Rep.)
Millions of drinkers, not Germans,
content themselves nowadays with a
5-cent glass oflager beer, containing
3 percent of alcohol, rather than pay
io, 12 or 15 cents for a glass of whisky
containing 40 per cent of alcohol.
Previous to i860 few persons except
Germans drank any liquor weaker
than whisky. Brandy, gin and rum,
as well as whisky was swallowed in
vast quantities by the Americans, Irish
and Scotch in those days and drunken
ness was frightfully general all over the
Union irrespective oi-age, sex or sect.
A barrel of whisky cost but $6 to $8,
and a gallon jug but a quarter, while a
quart bottle could be had anywhere
for a dime. Still-houses swarmed all
over the land, wherever rye, corn or
apples could be grown and the mas
ses drank whisky like water. Thus it
was that 30,000,060 of inhabitants in
i860 put themselves outside of 90,000,
000 of gallons of "bug-juice" per an
num! Last year the total consump
tion of whisky as a beverage was less
than 60,000,000 by over 60,000,000
of inhabitants.
The fivefold increased cost of
whisky through Federal taxation has
caused a large part of the "rum"
drinkers to quit it and resort to the
far cheaper and nearly non-intoxicat-ing
"lager," and another large part
of the whisky imbibers to cease its use
nr tvrlnre. its consumntion in inverse
nrnnnriion to the enhanced cost of
the ardent,'4 so that from any point of
view the high tax has promotea so
briety and diminished drudkenness.
Hence to abolish the tax would so
cheapen whisky as to lead at once to
an immense increase 01 us cunsump'
tinn with the inevitable attendant in
crease of inebnety and all the ev.ls that
follow in its train.
LEII! Sill &
Isaac Lewis'
H. B. CIvAFWN & Co.
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry Goods,
Gents' - Furnishing - Goods,
sSfe & & &
?s? w ?a? 3s?
Leasing, Solom HosentM,
Corner Stlx aiad tVuLstim Sts.
A Fight to the Dentb.
Kaufman, July 20,-Last night a
difficulty occurred betwoen John
White and a Mexican named McKeto,
six miles west of Kaufman, in which
tho Mexican was shot and killed. Tho
killing was in self-defence. White
will give himself up.
A Horrible Death.
Hubbard City, July 20. To-day
Mr. L. L. Btradon one of the oldest
settlers in this section was leading a
pair of mule3 to wator when they ran
away. The rope by some means was
entangled around the ucuy 01 the un
fortunate man and he wub dragged to
death before the frightened animals
could be caught.
Knmll-I'ox In Nuuiuier-tlnic.
El Paso, July 20. At Big Springs,
borne thrco hundred miles oast of
this place, small-pox has broken out
among the numerous laborors employ
ed on the railroad sections iu that vi
cinity, mostly Mexicaus and Chineso
which causes a good deal of uneasl
ness among tho vurlous stopping
places between Dig Springs and places
iurther west, for fear that tho disease
may spread.
Ilev. J. U. Jordan.
Doeatur, 111., July 20. Thoro was
tho usual large crowd ot cold-water
advocates at tho National Pro
hibition cump-meetiiig to-day, when
Rev. J. G. Jordan, a colored orator
lrom Texas, occupied tho platform.
Ho said the attitude of the old partie
was peculiar in tho south. TIih dem
erits cry down tho prohibitionists.
whilo in tho north, whoro thoro
are few democrats, tho republicans
odor no encouragement to tho third
party people.
Convicted of Forgery.
Greenville, July 20. In tho district
court of this county, W. F. Sattorilold,
a good-looking white man, who has
lived at or near Campbell, this coun
ty, for some time past, but who had
gone to Kansas, where he had gone
after the commission of his crime, was
tried and convicted to-day of forging
the names of I). Y. Wilkersou and V.
. Eaklns, two well known citizous
of Campbell, to n note lor 60 in favor
of the Uroenvllle National Hunk. The
jury gave Sutterileld four years iu the
Old Stand.)
Slierman, July 20. An unknown
young man about 20 years of age, was
run over and killed by a freight train
on Sunday tho 8th, on the H. & T. C.
railway, live miles from this city. Ho
was brought to this city in a terri
bly mangled and unconscious condi
tion, and died within a few hours.
No traco could be found of his iden
tity and a picture was takeu of him
by an artist before his body was
buried. Circumstances let to tho be
lief that his name was Ed Stewart, of
Franklin, Ky. One of Stewart's
friends, named Downey, residing at
Fort Worth, in this state, came and
looked at the picture and decldod
that It was that of his friend Stewart,
and the sad news was telegraphed to
his parents in Kentucky. Stewart
mado his appoaranco in Fort Worth
a few days later, meeting Downey,
whom ho greatly surprised. A tele
gram was sont to Kentucky notifying
his parents that ho still lived.
This afternoon a man by tho niuno
of Harrison Rollins came to this city
and rocognlzed tho plcturo as that of
his nephew, Willie Carson, who sud
denly disappeared at MoKlnnoy, thir
ty miles from tills city, on tho night
ho was killed by the train. Willie
Carson's parents live at Point Lick,
Garrett county, Ky., and aro not ap
prised of his sad death.
A Fight titer I'oiiIcn.
Amarillo, Tex., 26 Word has been
received here of a fight that occurred
in Hale county, fifty miles southwest
of here, between the Hightower
orothers and a man by the name of
Bill Stuart, in which one of the High
towers was seriously if not fatally
wounded and Stuart slightly wounded
in the nose. The quarrel occurred
over dividing up a bunch of wild mus
tang horses which had been captured.
The wounded man was not expected
to live until morning.
Housion, July 26. The third and
last game of the first series between
the New Orleans club and the Hous
ton's was played here to-day, and re
suited in a hard earned victory for the
visitor i by a score of of 4 to 3.
Horrid Crime.
Matamoros. Mox..Julv 20. Soranlo
Montoya, who raped Ilartoln Ochou,
an eight year-old girl, nt a ranch near
Iloyouosu, tho easo belngonoof espec
ial atrocity, has been sentenced to
eight years in prison1 Itruua Vargas,
111s wuo, Who had aided him 111 tho
crimo, received two years in jail.
Dentil on the Honil.
Navasota, Texas., July 26 This
morning about 1 o'clock John Leon
aid, conductor of the north-bound
freight train on the Houston and
Texas Central was instantly killed in
the yard here while switching a box;
car by what is known to railwat men
as the "poling" process. The pole
broke and Leonard was crushed to
death between the locomotive and
lie Hilled the Dok.
Granger, Tex., July 20. A very ser
ious and probably fatal accidont 00
coured to Georgo W. Puyno of this
place yostorday evening. Whllo fish
ing in "Willis crook, ono mile west of
hero, a supposed rabid dog bit him,
lntlloting a serious wound on his face
and loft hand. Thoro was no chnnco
to escapo the dog. He hold him to
tho ground and took his knifo nud
cut tho dog's thront. Ho loft for
Georgetown nt once for a niad-stono.
Ir. Tomkiii Dead.
Houston, Tex., JulyJ:M. Dr. Frank
A. Thompktns who was shot In tho
back by Vic Day a few days ago,
died this morning at 11 o'clock. Day,
thoussussliiator, a man of bnd moral
charnoter, wanted to buy proper
ty in front of the residonco ol
Dr. Tomklns for the purpose of es
tablishing a den of prostitution. Dr.
Tompkins Interfered and prevented
him from purchasing iho land, and
was tho cause of tho killing.
Another Mn 11.
Burnett, July 20. The man report
ed a fow days slneo who accidentally
killed himself in Llano county, turn?
out to be Win. Tucker and not llarnoy
Russell as first reported. Tuckor is a
son-in-law of Barney Russell, who
lives on tho South Gabriel, in this
county. The accident occurred whllo
Tucker was cleaning u shot-gun. Tho
chair in which ho was sitting tilted
over, striking the hammer of tho gun
against tho ground and discharged
tho load in his loft breast, causing
Instant death.
Depcrado Caught.
Wmi Esnono, July 20. Tho bullet
proof negro, Harry Wallaco, horse
thief and burglar, wanted at Whlte
wrlght and Shorman, was captured
hero to-night. He was shot at seven
times at a plcnio at Indepeiidoiico and
six timos at Sherman, but made good
his escape both times. To-night ho
was surprised in a negro cabin, but
had started on a run out of tho back
doo" boforo tho officers saw hlni.
About 11 ft eon shots were fired at him,
one of which brought him down.
Ono shot weut through his hat, graz
ing his skull, another through his
log. Ho Is said to bo ono of tho bold
est and most desporate burglars in
north Toxas.
Can (flit.
Ilonham, July July 2.3. Last fall la
the Territory, north from Tulip flvo
or six miles, and about twonty-flvo
miles north from this city, two ne
groes wore murdered. Tho murdor
has beon a mystory until yostorday
evening, when Deputy United States
Marshal Tom Gorron, of Denton, came
hero and left for Tulip, accompanied
byDoputy Sherlil's W. 11. Ponn and
Tom May, who arrestod Nowt. and.
Will Oarrls, undor Indlctuiout frvJU.
tho United States court at Fort
Smith, which oharges them with tho
murdor. Newt Garrls, whon tho
officers Informed him that thoy had a
warruntfor his arrest, attempted to
escape but was overhauled after a
tussel and captured. Will Garrls
surrendered without a word, and tho
officers conveyed their priconerb to
this place and lodged them in jail
until to-day at 2 oclock, when Mi.
Gorren left with them for Dallas,
where they will have an oxamlnlng
trial before the proper authorities.

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