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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 28, 1888, Image 1

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VOL. 1
NO. 12.
Has given us during the last few weeks an increased sale in
this line which we never expected, but as we are still
overstocked we will have
Our 17 ct. and 20 ct. quality will be sold for 12 1-2 cts.
Our 30 ct. quality will be sold for 20 cts.
Our 35 ct. quality will be sold for42S cts.
Our Damask Matting will be sold for 35 cts.
Our $1.50 Lace Curtains will, be sold at
Our $3.00 " " 11 11
Our $4.00 " " i 11 11
Our $5.00 ' " 11 .1 11
Madras Curtains. Tamborn Lace Curtains,
Antique Lace Curtains, Irish Point Cur
tains iNoramgnam jiace uurtams.
In tlio piece and ready niado will be sold for the balance of the season at such
prices that it would bo folly to allow these little
Humming Birds, to trouble us.
A Large Assortment of Dado Shades on Hartshorn
Rollers at GO cts. and Upwards.
The Cut Trices in our Carpet Department are Still Going ou.
Sanger Brothers.
a. B. Gilmer A Co'u Bnrffitlns.
No. 1. A new C room two-story
brick house in St. Louis, Mo. Corner
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This is 111 every way a nico place and
only 3 blocks from Benton Park.
Place worth $3800 with an incum
brance of $2000 which has two years
to ruu at 0 per cent interest. Will exr
chaugo equity in place for a house and
lot in Waco. Tho object of exchang
ing is to locate in sorao good sized city
in Texas, and go into the manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 aorcs in Bandera
aounty, all under fence in aboutS pas
tures, about 500 acres in cultivation,
58 miles from Ban Antonio. Banoho
well stocked. Will exchange for Waco
No. 3 10 acres near Daughorty's to
exchange for property in tho city,
price $2,000. Also 0 acres near Driv
ing Park to exchaugo; price S1.G00.
No. 4 700 acres of land in Lime
stone county, l2mlles north of Frosa,
one third down, balance ou as long
timo as deslrod. stock, utensils and
all go with the place, 100 acres in
cultivation. 50 acres pasture. 400 acres
prairie, 300 in timber, three sets of
cabins. Will sell at a bargain.
No. 5520 acre farm, consists of
lots N. 5 ana 0 of tlio Antonio juan
chaca survey, is all uuder good live
wire fonco, about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balanco in pasture, a good framo
house of 0 rooms on the place, barn
nnd other Improvements. The land
Is about 0 miles south of Bolton and
one mile from Salado lliver on which
is located a steam llourlng mill. Val
ue $20 per aore. Will exchange for
lumber, or Waco property.
No. 0125 acres IK miles northwest
of Walnut Springs, all under fence,
nearly all tillable 70 or 80 acres in
miltivktioii. nlentv of water. Prioe
$l,800,ono third cash, balanco to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 block 17, Chani
berlin addition. North 5th and Ky.
avonuo. Prlco $1,700.
No. 84 lots block 13, Boll's addi
tion on 23d and Cleveland Sts., also
lots on 22d and Flint Sta. South
west corner blook 5 Bell's addition.
Will take $1,000 for all.
J. B. GlIiMEK fc Co..
Franklin street is showing com
mendable signs of progress, and the
Brunswick Hotel is leading the pros
sion and will soon be one of the lead
ing hotels of the city, as Mrs. aj
uu:. I..- !., AUnY elm hairier a
nunc ijaa laKCU V.lium., - w...0
lady of vast experienc in the hotel
. . . . ,
How It Is.
When a railroad oonnnntlnn with
tho Aransas Pass was first in nogotia- j
lion mo original proposition was that
tho city of Waco was to givo depot
grounds, the right-of-way and twenty
thousand dollars in cash. This was
not consummated and then the build
ing of tho road by m stock company
was undertaken. This fell through
and led to negotiations by which an
agreement was made between tho
committee ol fifteen and Mr. Cameron,
the ono to grade the road for the fif
ty thousand subscribed and between
the Aransas Pass aud Mr. Cameron
that that road was to give Mr. Came
ron $150,000 in first mortgage bonds.
This arrangement fell through be
cause a provision against consolida
tion of roads in tho constitution Inter
fered. Then the old original proposi
tion was offered Mr. Lott. Mr. Lott
demands that Waco give bond to so
curo right-of-way. Mr. Cameran
wrote Mr. Lott yesterday that Waco
would not give bond but would turn
over the bonus and guaranteo that
right-of-way would not cost more
than $10,000 and there it Is. No an
swer has yet been received.
Tlio Dnuce Went oil.
Gainesville July 27. There was a
big dance going on at a picnic near
Caddo Indian Territory when a diffi
culty arose betweeu Julius Hampton
and a man by the name of Empton.
Pistol were drawn, and Empton was
shot dead. He was calmly lifted into
a wagon standing near by, a blanket
thrown over him and the dance went
on as smothly as if nothing had hap
pened to disturb the pleasure of the
Wenry ol Life.
Mrs. Stowers who lives near Pottry,
committed suicide Wednesday night
by cutting her throat. Her husband
was just making arrangements to take
her on a trip to improve her health.
Bhow case wanted at Blsmark's.
For Sale A mllkshaker at Bismarck's.
I, n &
Isaac Lewis'
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry Goods,
Gents' - Furnislpg - Goods,
Carpets .'. and :. Mattings.
Lessin, Solomon & Rosentbal,
Corner Stla
Konsinf inera up.
Decature, 111., July 27. Rev. J. G.
Jourdon, the colored prohibitionist
from Texas, spoke at the National
Camp-meeting to-night, uttering sen
timents that are resented by the col
ored people. Rev. Jourdon is the
negro who got use of the African
Methodist church at Springfield be
fore coming to Decatur, where he said
he was only going to talk on temper
ance. He devoted his remarks to
abuse of the Republican party, say
ing it had never done anything for the
colored race, and further, that he
thought the colored race should vote
either the Democratic or prohibition
ticket. One colored woman in the
audience was so indignant that she
said she would give $20 for the privi
lege of horse-whipping the stranger
who would attempt to mislead her
race. Kev. jourdon gave utteiance
to the same sentiments here, and got
into discussion to-day with a soldier
prohibitionist, who will now vote the
Republican ticket.
Judge Lynch.
Wahpeton, Dak. July 27. The body
ofL. S.Elmer, who so cruelly mur-
derod pretty Mary Kerbel, hangs sus
pended Irom a bridgo overJBoiso Do
Sioux rivor. A masked mob of 100
determined men ovprpoworod Slionil'
Miller and deputy and broko through
tho cages and took tho murderor out.
Tho sheriff offorod all tho physical re
sistance his 260 pounds afforded, but
did not attompt to shoot or fight, bo
causo tho .mob wero all his friends,
and ho said tho lifo of a murderer was
not worth tho lifo of a friond. After
tho hanging the mob quietly dis
persed. Jim Hlnluo to Take the Htnmp.
. New York, July 27. There will bo
two James G. Blalnes on tho stump,
but not until autumn. Jamos O.
Blaine, Jr., Is spending July at Sea
bright. Ho said to your correspond-
' ont: "Fathor will make several
speeches soon after hid return from
Europe, probably, but ho will not go
1 into the campaign until September.
We expot that ho will put in two
months of hard work for Harrison
and Morton. What will b his ora-
Old Stand.)
and JVuis-tiri. Sts.
torial specialty? Protection. That Is
tho issue, you know, and ho will de
vote himself to It."
Fatnl Honeymoon.
Warsaw, 111., July 27. Jamos B.
Ileagan, married two weeks ago to
Miss Ella Vincent. The wedding was
the social event of tho season, aud as
the young couple wero very muoh In
love with each other a bright future
was predlotod. This morning tho
town was horrified at tho news that
Reagan had killed himself with a
pistol and that his bride was in a
death agony from tho effects of poi
son. The story baoK ot tno tragedy
has not yet come out. Physicians are
at work on the woman, and may pos
sibly savo her life. It is supposed
there was a quarrel.
fcliot to Dentil
Lufkin, Texas July 27. Clawson's
mills. a colored man named
Millard, aged 30 years married, enticed
the little 1 2-year-old daughter of a
well known respectable family, into
the bushes near her father's house,
and violently assaulted her and by
threats made her promise not to tell
the facts but on her return home she
informed her mother. The news
spread rapidly and soon after his cap
lure some 200 determined men gather
ed together and in open daylight un
masked heard the confession of the
scoundrel allowed him time to pray,
then suspended him by the neck, fil
ling his body with hundreds of bullet
Died WlKthhUHweethcnrt
Texarkana Ark., July 27. Chap
peli place ten miles distant on Red
river. Peter Walker and May Whit
ney both colored wanted to marry,
but the girl' parents objected. Last
night they eloped and started across
the Red river to an adjoining county
to get married, and when about two
thirds of the distance had been navi
gated the skiff was overturned. They
cried lustily for help but before it
could reach them it was too late. The
boy was a good .swimmer and could
have easillr reached the shore but he
stayed with his sweetheart and they
I went down together.
Thc Ailnlterer.
Los Angeles, July 27. A roportur
formorly on tho stall'of the St. Louis
Post-Dlsputch, while standing at tlio
Santa Fo depot, this city, yesterday,
saw a man and women 011 tho north
bound train whom ho Identified as
Editor Henry W. Mooro nnd Mrs.
Jno. W. Norton, tho runaway couple
from St. Louis.
Itcanltor Wllllnm'ft Vlntl.
St. Petersburg, July 27. Tho Jour
nal de St. Petersburg says: "If Em
poror William's friendly visit to Rus
sia aroso from a desire to establish
rotations based upon mutual trust of
a nature to consolidate tho friendship
between the two countries, and to
strengthen tho conlidonco in Euro
pean peace, this end has been attain
ed for long yo rs to come."
Jliiiiir to n Tree.
Danville, Vu., July 27. In Haliiux
county, near Mcadosvillo, yesterday,
Bruco Younger, colored, committed
an assault upon Mrs. Robert Dodge,
who was in a delicate condition, no
was arrosted and sent to jail at Hali
fax court houso. Liifct night a party
of men took Younger to a neighbor
ing wood and hanged him to a tree.
Another ItninliC Itnml.
Plttsbuig, .TulyiJ27. A movement
is on foot among thuQsoap manufactu
rers of the United Statos to form 11
soap trust. A meeting Avas hold in
Now York oity recently and plans 01
organization discussed; It is pro
posed to hold another mooting shortly
and perfect an organisation. Tho as
sociation will regulate pricos and pro
duction, and endeavor to secure leg
islation that will piotect tho best in
terests of manufacturers.
TexnN Iiitentorn.
Washington," July 27 Tho follow
ing patents havo been issued:
Wni.H. firifllth, assignor to him
self and C. C. Grundy, Bolivar, Tex.,
car coupling; Joidau Hnnim, May,
Tex., windmill; James A. Hazlowood,
Clifton, Tox., sulky cultivator; Win.
Holliday, Bagwell, Texas, wagon bud
olovator; Aioxander McNoil, Valley
Mills, Texas, show-case; John "W.
Place, San Mateo, Tox., fruit holding
- b Helil to Aimuer.
Laredo, Toxas, July 27. Tho case
of Pablo Gonzales, charged with the
rapo of a 10-year-old girl, Alonls Lal
11s, was concluded before Justice Fos
ter this morning. Tho evidence of
Dr. J. P. Arthur, tho physician who
examined tho victim, was conclusive,
and tho defendant was bound ovor In
bond of $10,000. Ho was unnblo to
give tho bond and was remonded to
Wreck mill Dcnth.
Galiiosville, July 27. Thoro was 11
wreck on the Santa Fo at Justin, ton
miles south of this place, last night.
The trunks on ono of tlio freight cars
gavoway and ton cars rolled into a
.ditch. .J. M. Knox, a young man who
was makiug his way ovor tho road,
jumped or fell off and was horribly
mangled. Kuox's remaing whoro
shipped to-day to relatives lu Parsons
A Dlootly FlKlit.
Pulosti'no, July 27. Ex-City Mar
shall, Chris Rogers, was stubbed and
mortally wounded by Billy Young ,
an engineer on (ho International and
Groat Northern railroad at 4:110 this
ovening. It was not known that any
fl'iiarrol existed botwoon thorn and tho
cuuso of the killing Is not known.
Rogers is dead and Young is undor
Tho lrv!(leut' l'nrty.
Now York, July 27. Tho yacht
Susquohanua, with tho president and
party aboard, was anchored off Surf
Hotol, Fire Isand, at 10 o'clock this
morning. Tho president spent a qulot
night at tho villa of Postmustor-Goii-oral
Dickinson at Bath Beach and with
tho rest of Mr. Stioknoy's guests
boarded tho Susquehana at 7:.'t0 this
morning and the vessel at onco pro
ceeded to Fire Island.
Admlttud to Hwll.
Brenham, July 27. The county
court to-day granted bail in the sum
of $5000 to each of the six Germans'
accused of being concerned in the
hanging of the negro last Saturday
night. 1 he bail n bubject to wltat
action the grand jury nray take in the
matter next September.

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