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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, July 30, 1888, Image 1

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VOL. 1
NO. 13.
Has given us during the last few weeks an increased sale in
this line which we never expected, but as we are still
overstocked we will have
Our 17 ct. and 20 ct. quality will be sold for 12 1-2 cts.
Our 30 ct. quality will be sold for 20 cts.
Our 35 ct. quality will be sold for 25 cts.
Our Damask Matting will be sold for 35 cts.
Our $1.50 Lace Curtains will be sold at .... $1.00
Our $3.00 ' " " " " 1.50
Our $4.00 " " """...... 2.00
Our $5.00 ' " 2.50
Madras Curtains. Tamborn Lace Curtains,
Antique Lace Curtains, Irish Point Cur
tains Nottingham Lace Curtains.
In the piece und ready ruado will be sold for the balance of the season at such
prices that it would be folly to allow theso little
Humming Birds to trouble us.
A Large Assortment of Dado Shades on Hartshorn
Rollers at 60 cts. and Upwards.
The Cut Prices in our Carpet Department are Still doing on.
Sanger Brothers.
J. n. Gilmer A Co'i BnrcnlttM.
No. 1. A new 0 room two-story
brick houso in St. Louis, Mo. Corner
of Utah and Iowa streots, No. 2727.
This is m every way a nice place and
only 3 blocks from Bontou Park.
Place worth $3800 with an incum
brance of $2000 which has two years
to run at 0 per cent intorost. Will ex
change equity in placo for a houso and
lot in Waco. Tho object of exchang
ing is to locate in somo good sizod oity
in Texas, and go into the manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 acres in Bandora
oounty, all under fence in about 5 pas
tures, about 500 acres in cultivation,
08 milos from San Antonio. Rancho
well stocked. Will exchange for Waco
No. 310 acres near Daughorty's to
exchango for proporty in tho city,
prico $2,000. Also 0 aores noar Driv
ing Park to exchango; price $1,000.
No. 4700 acros oi lanu in lime
stone county, ljmiles north of Frosa,
one third down, balanco on as long
time as desired, stock, utensils and
all go with tho placo, 100 acres in
cultivation, 50 aores pasture, 400 acres
prairlo, 300 in timber, threo sots of
cabins. Will sell at a bargain.
No. 5520 acre farm, consists of
lots N. 5 and 0 of tho Antonio Man
chaca survoy, is all under good flvo
wire fonco, about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balanco' in pasturo.a good framo
houbo of 0 rooms on tho placo, bam
and other improvements. Tho land
is about 0 milos south of Bolton nnd
ono mile from Salado Kivor on which
is located a steam llourlng mill. Val
ue $20 per acre. Will exchange for
lumber, or Waco property.
No. 0125 acres 1 miles northwest
of Walnut Springs, all under fenco,
noarlv all tillable 70 or 80 acros in
cultivation, pleuty of wtitor. Prioe
l,800,ono third cash, balance to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 block 17, Cham
borlln addition. North 5th and Ky.
avenuo. Prlce$l,700.
No. 84 lots block 13, Bell's addi
tion on 23d and Cleveland Sts., also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. South
west corner block 5 Bell's uddltion.
Will take $1,000 for all.
J. B. Gilmeb &, Co.,
Franklin street is showing com
mendable signs of progress, and the
Brunswick Hotel is leading the pros
sion and will soon be one of the lead
ing hotels of the city, as Mrs. Ed
White has taken charge, she being a
lady of vast experience in the hotel
This Cnps tho Climax
Chicago, July 29. The police
have succeeded in capturing a 16-year-old
robber, with achievements in
horse stealing unparalleled in this part
of the country. His name is given as
Edward Brown and he claims to have
come from Kendall county, Texas.
About the 6th of June Brown came in
with a carload of Texas ponies and
when his friends had sold their stock
and returned home he formed the
acquaintance of Charles Crane aged' 10
also hailing from Texas. Brown soon
proposed that they go into the horse
stealing business on a large scale be
ing convinced that it would be very
profitable. A business partnership
was formed between the two Texans
and a barn rented in the west sida of
the city that would hold about twenty
horses. Nightly forages were begun
and were successful. The boys hired
five men as grooms bought hay by the
ton and oats by the carload. In less
than twenty four hours after they star
ted in business they had stolen five
horses and sold three of them for li
beral prices. The boldness of their
plans was remarkable. They would
hitch two stolen horses to a stolen
carriage and drive along Michigan
avenue until they saw a team which
suited them. To see a good horse
meant ownership for them for they
would follow it home and in all pro
bability secure it that night. Every
few days the two Texans would go out
in the suburbs to look for good horses.
They stole them from Hyde Park,
Grand Crossing South, Chicago Engle
wood and other suburbswest and south.
Their stable became full of valuable
norses ana citizens oegan 10 irequeni
their stables for the purpose oi buying
stock. Business prospered and the
whilom cowboys blossomed out in
radiant raiment. All this time com
plaints were coming into police head
quarters thick and fast but they could
not find the thieves. July 12, how
ever was a fatal day for the adven
tureres. They stole a horseand buggy
from a north side citizen and drove to
a blacksmith shop riear by to have
some slight repairs made. While
waiting, one of them stole the black-
smith's watch and was soon accused
Isaac Lewis'
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry Goods,
Cenis' - Funiislpg - Goods,
Carpets. :. and ;. Mailings.
ffl w ?a? ss? 5s?
Oomej? &tJtx
of the theft. Both drew revolvers and
compelled the blacksmith to apolo
gize for the charge. As toon as the
boys had left the blacksmith made
complaint at the Lakeview police
station giving a good description of
the bandits. Detective was detailed
on the case. He was about to give
up search in the early part of last week
when he saw the boys driving west on
Washington boulevard. He secured
ahorse, followed them to their -ham
and shadowed the place for three or
four days as he could not believe they
alone could have been guilty of such
a gigantic scheme of horsestealing as
was before his eyes. Crane became
suspicions of the espionage and fled,
but Brown was arrested. On his per
son was found $400 in cash. Twentj
five horses and eighteen stolen vehi
cles have already been turned up and
more are coming in every day. The
horses are unformly fine and the
vehicles range from dog cart to four-in-hands.
Brown confessed every
thing to Capt. Nillers. The stolen
property is being restored to the pro
per owners as fast as it can be secured
and identified.
nlff Monro in Fort Worth.
Fort Worth, 28. There was quite a
nanic on Houston street and the
square this evening about 7 o'clock, a
nuge won, very wua, DroKe nis cnam
and running into the B. C. Evans dry
goods store, frightened a number of
ladies and the clerks uutil some of the
ladies fainted and others shrieked loud
ly .drawing a large crowd. The woll got
out of the front door and next visited
Trinnett's hardware store, scattering
. tin-ware right and left. He then dash-
ed out on tne square ana me waier
melon men scattered in all directions.
Several dogs who chased the wolf were
badly bitten. About 9 o'clock the
animal was caught and the fears of
30,000 people relieved.
A Dangeron Lover.
Chicago, 111., July 28. A special
fromPawneo City, Neb., says: Fre
mont Emmons stabbed Blrtha
Schultz to the heart last night be
cause she refused to marry him. The
girl died in twenty minutes. Am-
, mons I under arrest.
Old Stand.)
and Austin. JSts.
Accident or Suicide.
Sherman, July 28. A sad ami 1111
looked for accidental death took placo
at the resldenco of J. F. Stinnott, No.
401 East Houston stroot, this after
noon, in which Mrs. J. Stinnott was
tho victim. It sooms that she had
been Buffering u great deal witli hor
tooth and had procured n powder
with which to easo tho pain. Sho
was discoviod about 4 o'clock by
u colored girl who works in tho houso
to be in a dying condition. Tho ser
vices of doctors woro summonod and
they did all they could to savo hor,
but tojno oilbet whatever, tho unfor
tunate lady dying shortly alter 0
o'clock. It is not certain whother a
combination of tho two drugs killed
hor or whether in hor anxiety to allo
vlato the pain sho took an overdose.
Mr. Stinnott was absent in Donisou
at tho tlmo tho sad ailair took placo,
and did not arrive until aftor hor
A Itollicioim t'rnie.
Birmingham Ala., July 28. John
Wosloy Duboso, a lifo convict of Pratt
minos, is trying to starve hlmsolf.
lie is crazy on tho subject of roliglon
and recently gained consldorablo no
torioty in writing a book entitled,
"Key of Knowledgo to tho Way of
Lifo." Ho says tho Lord has ordered
him to fast and pray, and for sovoral
days ho would not touch food. Fi
nally ho was hold and a quantity of
swcot milk forced down his throat.
Ho declares that ho Is but trying to
obey a divlno ordor, and that tho men
who forced food down -his throat aro
doing tho work of the devil.
Nhot In a Watermelon I'litcli.
Denison Texas., July 28. W. T.
Ramsey is cultivating a watermelon
patch of about four acres. For sev
eral days Ramsey has noticed that his
largest melons have been disappear
ing. Last night he loaded his shot
gun and watched at one corner of the
fence. About 1 1 o'clock he saw by
the light oi the moon a man climb the
fence. Hamsey cried ''Halt!" but the
man turned, leaped the fence and star
ted on a run Ramsey emptied the con
tents of his gun into the side of the
man which brought him to the ground.
Found Henri.
Giddlngs, Tex., July 28. Tho wife
of Mr. Wm. Blso of this placo whlto
bathing, took a lit, fell head first in a
tub of water, and was dead when
found at 2 o'clock, p. 111. to-day.
To Kern It Out.
Marshall, Tex., July 28. A quaran
tine station has been established by
tho stato board of health nt Waskom,
eighteen miles cast of hero, and ofll
cors took chargo July 20. All west
bound trains will bo inspected nt that
Jfot the Nun 0M1U Father.
Kansas City, Mo., July 28. Thomas
Turner aged' 10, son of a Christian
preacher at Greenwood, Mo., was to
day placed in jail for stealing a watch.
On tho way to the station Tumor
said ho would rather bo killed than
thrown in prison,
A Olrl PoUon Her Fnnilly.
Yazoo City, July 28. There has been
poisoning and bloodshed on tho Yazoo
and Mlsslppi Railroad, noar Bentoula,
Miss. Bough on Rats got in Us dead
ly work this morning. A daughter
of Dolph Miles polsonnd her father
and three brotheri. Two brothers
are dead; one dying, and her father In
not oxpeotod to recover.
A Ntrnnge Xoffro Dlneaao.
Memphis July 28 A strange diseaso
somewhat like diphtheria is prevail
ing among tho negros around Craw
fordsvllle, Crittenden county, Ark.
Tho patient's throat swells, contract
ing the air passages uutlll death en
sues from strangulation. Solar, not
ono of those attacked have rocoverod.
The scourgo is confined to the negro.
A Preacher Fiend.
Nashvill, Tenn., July 2S A large
crowd has been present all this week
at tho court house at Smlthvlllo to
witness the trial of Row J. A; Vlckors
for attempting to murder his daugh
ter. After hoarinf tlo nvldonro and
argument for three days tho Jury re
turned a verdict of "guilty of an at
tempt to nuirdor in tho first degree,"
and gave him ten years in tho peniten
A Cranky Florid.
Now York, July 28 A rather cu
rious disposition has been made of tho
ashes of Edward E. Munch, who was
incinerated at tho Fresh Pond Crema
tory in Long Island on July 18. Ills
ashes, weighing about flvo pounds,
wore, in accordance with his wishos
and those of his wifo, scattered over
ono of tho llowcr beds 011 the lawn in
front of tho retort house, whoro they
aro still plainly discernible
3Iax.it ell Appealing to the President.
Washington, July 28. Mr. P. W.
Fauntloroy, of St. Louis, ono of tho
attornoys for tho murderer Maxwell,
is horo awaiting tho return of Presi
dent Cleveland, His intention at
prosout is to lay before Mr. Clevoland
the facts in the Maxwell case and de
termine if cxocutlro lntorferonco can
bo exorcised. If so, ho will ask tho
provident to Interfere in tho matter.
AraiiNaN Inx mil.
Washington, July 28. Yesterday
in tho houbo, on motion of Crain, of
Texas, tho bill was passed authoriz
ing tho Braos River Channel and
Dock Company to improve the mouth
of tho Brazos rlvor, Texas.
MllltlH Niipprt'HNlnir Tramp.
Ashtabula, O., July 29. A gang
of tramps that had tlioir headquartors
In tho woods near hero was attacked
by tho local polico on Monday, but
most of them got away. Thoso who
escapod woro armed with rovolvers.
A company of militia was sent from
here yea torday to suppress tho tramps,
and aftor a sharp battlo nineteen of
tho gang woro captured.
Hilled HliiiHcIf nt n Prayer-Meeting,
Indianapolis, Ind.,July28. Eugeno
Zenzlus, a young married man of St.
Paul, Minn., who has boon horo for
somo weeks with Ids wife, attended
prayer mooting services at Meridian
stroot Church last night, nnd upon
entering was handed a hymn book
by ono of tho ushers aud took part in
tho services. Suddenly leaving tho
room, lie entered a class room ad
joining, and a moment later the con
gregation was startled by his groans.
Going to the room, Zenzlus was found
dying from tho oil'ects of carbolic
acid, which he had drank from a bot
tle laying by his side. Ho was in
terrible agony and died In a few mo
ments. Ho was despondent, being
unable to secure employment.

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