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VOL. 1
NO. 14.
Has given us during the last few weeks an increased sale in
this line which we never expected, but as we are still
overstocked we will have
Our 17 ct. and 20 ct. quality will be sold for 12 1-2 cts.
Our 30 ct. quality will be sold for 20 cts.
Our 35 ct. quality will be sold for 25 cts.
Our Damask Matting will be sold for 35 cts.
Our $1.50 Lace Curtains will be sold at
Our $3.00 " " " "
Our $4.00 " " " " "
Our $5.00 ' " " "
Madras Curtains. Tamborn Lace Curtains,
Antique Lace Curtains, Irish Point Cur
tains jNOCTingnamiace uurtams.
In the piece and ready made will bo sold for the bnlanco of tho season at 9uch
prices that it would bo folly to allow these little
Humming Birds to troublo us.
A Large Assortment of Dado Shades on Hartshorn
Rollers at 60 cts. and Upwards.
The Cut Trices iu our Carpet Department are Still Going on.
Sanger Brothers.
J. B. Gilmer A Co' nnrgnltm.
i No. 1. A new 0 room two-story
brick house in St. Louis, Mo. Corner
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This is in every way a nice place and
only 3 blocks from Benton Park.
Place worth $3800 with an incum
brance of 2000 which has two years
to run at C per cent interest. Will ex
change equity in place for a house and
lot in Waco. The object of exchang
ing is to locate in somo good sized city
in Texas, and go into tho manufactur
ing business.
So. 2.-10,000 acres in Bandera
ooiuity, all under fence in about5 pas
tures, about 500 acres in cultivation,
68 miles from San Antonio. 'Ranche
woll stooked . Will exchange for Waco
So. 310 aeros near Daugherty's to
exchange for property in tho city,
price 52,000. Also 0 aeros near Driv
ing Park to exchange; price SI .000.
So. 4700 acres of land in Lime
stono county, ljmlles north of Frosa,
one third clown, 'balauco on as long
tiino as desired, stock, utensils and
all go with the placo, 100 acres in
cultivation, 50 acres pasture, 400 acres
pralrlo, 300 In timber, three seis of
piihhiH. Will soil at a barcain.
So. 5520 acre farm, consists of
lots K. 5 ana (i oi tno Antonio j.uan
chaca survey, Is all under good live
wire fenco, about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balance in pasture, a good framo
honbo ot U rooms on tno piace, nam
nnd other Improvements. Tho land
is about 0 miles soutli ot Jieiton ami
one milo from Salado Hlvor on which
is located a steam flouring mill. Val
uo 20 per uoro. Will exchango for
lumber, or Waco proporty.
No. 0 125 acres l miles northwest
of Walnut Springs, all under fenco,
nearly all tillable 70 or 80 acres In
cultivation, plenty of water. Price
51,800, one third cash, balance to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 block 17, Cham
berlln 'uddltlon. North 5th and Ky.
avenue. Prlceil,700.
No. 84 lots block 13, Bell's addi
tion on Sid nnd Cloveland Sts., also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. South
west corner block 5 Bell's addition.
Will tako $1,000 for all.
J. B. Gilmew & Co.,
Franklin street is showing com
.nendable signs of progress, and the
Brunswick Hotel is leading the pros
sion and will soon be one of the lead
ing hotels of the city, as Mrs. Ed
White has laken charge, she being a
lady of vast experience in tike hotel
... .
Out ThlB Out.
New Yohk, July 27. Following
aro tho total net receipts of cotton at
all ports since September 1, 1887:
Galveston 053,328
New Orleans 1,770,124
Mobile 204,558
Savannah 800,821
Charleston 441,724
Wilmington 107,808
Norfork 480,758
Baltimore 54,212
Now York 103,020
Boston 00,051
Newport News 103,378
Philadelphia 27,305
West Point, Va 407,507
Brunswick 75,005
PortBoyal 14,752
Ponsacola 17,030
Total. 5.404,097
It mi Into by it Triiiu.
Sherman, Toxas, July 29. A seri
ous accident occurred on tho Texas &
Pacific railway aoout one mile west
of tho city this evening at 5:30 o'clock.
D. Atkersou, a well-known dry-goods
salesman of this city, was out driving
with his wife and child, nnd were
crossing the railroad track when a
spcMal freight train In charge of Con
ductor W. P. Hudgins ran Into them,
throwing tho three with tho buggy
somo distance from the track. Mr.
Atkorson received serious injuries
from which lie may not recover, al
though Mrs. Atkorson and her child
recolved only slight Injuries.
Tlio lteliiiro in Nt. I.ouix.
St. Louis, July 30. J. W. Ruinsoy,
recently deputy clerk of Crlttonden
county, Ark., and ono of tho eighteen
negros driven out by tho whites, ar
rived in St. Louis to-day and wil ad
dress a meoting of negroes to-morrow
night on tho condition of tho negro In
tho south. To an Associated Press re
porter Ramsey said; "I shall not re
turn to Crlttonden county; it is not a
healthy place to live. I don't know
what the othors will do. Tho cause
of tho troublo thoro was tho whites
did not want tho negroes to hold ottlco.
I bellevo the whites wrote the letter
they accused me of writing, ordering
tho whlto men to leave tho county,
in order to have tho excuse for run
ning us out of the county.
Lai, ;: Sin l RnIM,
Isaac Lewis' Old Stand.)
H. B&. CMv-iVIMIKT & Co.
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry1 Goods,
Cer.ls' - Funrislpg - Goods,
Leasing, Solomon & Rosenthal,
Corner 5tlx
A VilO Attempt.
Kyle, Tex., July 30.
Mrs. B. K. Crowdus, a respectable
widow lady living at No 114 South
Candler avenue, was aroused aoout
12:15 ni. by a negro in the room.
As a lecherous scoundrel had attempt
ed to violate her some time since, she
was uneasy and the doors were secure
ly barred. The negro effected an en
trance through a rear window. Im
mediately upon seeing him she began
to scream and the wretch bounded
away just in time to be seen by some
neighbors, whom her cries had sum
moned. The police have been noti
fied and the man described. He is a
large, brown negro. This is the thiid
or fourth attempt at rape made here
recently and some determined steps
will likely be taken.
St. Louis, July 30. A speulal from
Mascoulh,- Illinois, says: "Grave
charges have been preferred against
Rev. John Meeklo. pastor of tho Ger
man Lutheran church of that city, to
tho eflect that ho gained tho confi
dence of a young girl named Llzzio
Schneider, who sang In tho ohurch
choir and ruintd her. Tho minister
luis a family and it is nllcgod that
criminal meotingH wore held In the
office ot a prominent physician who
has disappeared sinco the scandal
leaked out.
Liquor mill Ilcitt.
Dallas, Toxas, July 30. Thomas
Guiuau, a marble polisher, living 011
Elm streot, dropped dead at his homo
to-day. The deceased was a natlvo
of Ireland, nnd had only been In Dal
las a few days. Ho drank too much
last night, nnd this was given ns tho
cause of his death.
A Onnic ot Homo'Ililcien.
CAiiVEiiT, July 80. Deputy sheriff
Vlcket and Constable Giles Avorett
I of Milam county passed through here
1 to-day, having In charge Joe and Sum
Chumhley. They stole mules In
Milam county and wero caught In
Falls county. They are said to bo
part of an organized gang of horse
thieves and direct evidence is had
against tnem.
and -iVuLstin. Sts
, Killed With a Wnion Pole.
i" 8an Auqubhne, July 30. Since
tho fight between the boys, Sandy
. Murphy, white, and George Burke,
colored, some time since, in which
Murphy was knifed about tho face,
fettd and bitterness has existed be
tween tho boys' fathers that culmi
nated yesterday. They went near
tho resideuco of H. C. Rankin and
Murphy being under tho influenco of
whisky got oil' his horso nnd hitched
him, opened his knife mid attacked
George Burke, who ran until ho found
a ploco of wagon pole, with which ho
dealt him a torrlblo blow nnd felled
him to tho ground nnd made off.
Murphy was hauled homo about 0
o'clock and died about 11 o'clock. He
leaves fivo orphan children, his wife
having died about fifteen months
A ntir num.
Paul's Valley. I T. July 30 A Dep
uty United States marshal at work
htre since the first of Julv, leaves to
day for Fort Smith with the following
prisoners: Mellichie Allen, charged
with murder; Jim Shelton, Joe Paul.
Bell Randolph, Nelson Pratt, Joe
James, JeffSiers, A. W. Parker, Joe
Parker, JoeMcAlister, G. W. Stew
art, Thomas Brake, J. L. Graham and
L. Bedlord, charged with assault with
intent to kil1. The last six named
were brought from Ardmore, being
connected with the cow-tax affair;
Richard Kimball Sidney Murphy,
John Springer and Lee Issacs for
larcein: A. W. Shelton and Willis
Sullivan, for introducing and selling
IHed orill Woniida.
Tvler. Texas., July, 30. Louis Me-
Dougall, tho man shot at the Kansas
and Gulf depot in this city Saturday
night by "NV. It. High, died this eve
ning at 5:30. His mother had been
summoned, to his bedside nnd arrived
lust night. High Is in jail waiting a
George (to best): I seo that you
are wearing a bang, my dear Clara.
Cluru: Yes, George, I don't think
It is very becoming to me.
George: Then, why dp you wear it
IClura (shyly) I lam fired of being
kissed on tho forehead.
A Font-fill I. cup.
London, July 30. Bnldv In, tho pui
aehutlst, Jumped from a balloon to
day nt the height of 1,000 feet and
landed safely. EnouuoiH crowds
woront Alexandria Palaue to wltncsH
tho feat, and displayed grent onthu-sinsm.
Mle I'lienp in MlvMinrl.
Charleston, Mo., July 28 Alox
Smiley, a prominent citizen of this
county, was killed heio In this town
this evening by Chas Williams, who
claimed that Smiley owed him 40 01
50 cents for hauling waterinovons.
Williams has been lodged in Jail and .
tho coroner is now holding nn inquest-
A Foul Crime.
Stnrkville, Miss., July 27. Ell IJry-
an, a negro, was hanged yesterday by
u mob In the upper edge of Winston
county, for nn attempted crlminnl as
sault on a while lady last Saturday.
Ho was captured in Montgomery
county on Thursday and brought
back to the scene of his crlmo yester
day morning. Ho confessed thocrhue
and was Identified by the lady.
Xool lliimlnry.
Buffalo, N. Y., July 30. Morris 11.
Vaughn was held for trial to-day far
a burglary In which begot no plunder.
His oifenco was entering tho house of
Mrs. Julian Boiler, a handsome mid
wealthy widow, and surprising hor
in her bath-room while bathing. Tho
event oeeurred in the day time. '
Vaughn Is n manly looking fellow ami
comes o( a good family.
MliiueNoln (JriiiliOpers.
Fergus Falls, Minn., July 28. Mil
lions of fcinnll grasshoppors have
hatched out on land that was plowed
last full and this spring. The fult
lledged Ones are beginning to lay
their eggs. The air Is full of hoppers,
which lly a few miles aud begin to eat
In a new place. It Is now a little over
four weeks since the bounty was of
fered, aud during that timo 13,181
bushels have been caught, paid Inl
and buried.
A Ilnby Orloue.
FUUMOUNT, July 30. A tornado
cutting a swath about 200 yards in
width, and going to the northwest,
barely missed tills placo yesterday
afternoon. It swept everything be
fore It tearing down, fences, trees,
etc The grain over which it passed
was literally torn out by tho roots.
The residedce of J. T. Davis, two
miles distant, wus demolished and
peach orchards uprooted nnd cnrrlod
away, .no jobs ot lite la reporteu.
Tlie Wnr in KniiMn.
St. Louis, July 30. A special from
Garden City says Herbert Tony, tho
boy who escaped after being shot in
tho battle botweon Stevens county
citizens, together with seventeen
Woodsdalc men, aro surrounded in it
dugout in LaFayotte, Kansns, by bev-enty-fivo
Hugoton men. Brisk firing
was reported there yestorday. Dep
uty Sheriff Shorty and IT. S. Marshal
Hlxton, with twenty-five 111011, havo
gone to the rescue.
I.ohI IIIh I'liiKorn.
Fort Worth July 30 Early yestoi
duy morning .lames' Lu (forty, employ
on the Fort Worth and Denver loll on
tho track of the Mlssouil Pacific just
us tho train wus passingand had both
hands badly cut. Dr. Deull was sent
for nnd found a portion of each hand
so badly crushed that amputation was
necessary. Dr. Baoll cut off tho thiid
and fourth fngers of tho left hand and
tho Index, second and third linger;) ol
tho' right hand. Last night tho man
was resting well. Dr. Beall says tho
poor man Is fortunate in not loosing
his thumbs; that tho thumb Is woith
tho other four fingers.
A C'nnnl Acroiw Itnlly.
An Italian engineer, Slgnor Victor
Brocca. has just completod tho sur
vey of tho proposed "aual across Italy,
tho object of which Is to savo tho very
long jurney around Capo Lueca. This
canal would begin on tho western
sldo, near Castro on the Tyrrhenian
Sea, and reach tho eastern coast at
Fano, on tho Adriatic. Its length
would be about ISO miles mid its pro
posed breadth about 110 ynrds, and
Its depth forty feet,. For the purposes
of thocanul It would bo necessary to
drain tho two lukcHf Bolsouu and
Thraslmenc. The assumed cost of
this gigantic undertaking Is sot down
at $20,000,000. it

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