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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, August 01, 1888, Image 1

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Waco evening news.
yol. i
NO. 16.
ZvOw- pricbs
Has given us during the last few weeks an increased sale in
this line which we never expected, but as we are still
overstocked we will have
Our 17 ct. and 20 ct. quality will be sold for 12 1-2 cts.
Our 30 ct. quality will be sold for 20 cts.
Our 35 ct. quality will be sold for 25 cts.
Our Damask Matting will be sold for 35 cts.
Our $1.50 Lace Curtains will be sold
Our $3.00 " " " " "
Our $4.00 " " " " "
Our $5.00 ' " " " "
Madras Curtains, Tamborn Lace Curtains!
Antique Lace Curtains, Irish Point Cur
tains Nottingham Lace Curtains.
In tho piece and ready made will be sold for tlio balance of tho season at such
prices that it would be folly to allow these little
Humming Birds to trouble us.
A Large Assortment of Dado Shades on Hartshorn
Rollers at GO cts. and Upwards.
The Cut Frices In our Carpet Department are Still Going on.
Sanger Brothers,
J. B. Gilmer A Co' Bargain.
No. 1. A new 0 room two-story
brick house in St. Louis, Mo. Corner
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This is in every way a nice place and
only 3 blocks from Benton Park.
Placo worth $3800 with an incum
brance of 2000 which has two yearB
to run at 0 per cent interest. Will ex
change equity in placo for a house and
lot in Waco. Tlio object of exchang
ing is to locate in some good sized city
inTexas, and go into the manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 acres in Bandera
county, all under fence in about 5 pas
tures, about 600 acres in cultivation,
58 miles from San Autonio. Ranche
well stocked. Will exchange for Waco
No. 310 acres near Daugherty's to
exchange for property in the city,
price 2,000. Also 0 acres near Driv
ing Park to exebango; price $1.(500.
No. 4700 acres of land in Limp
stone county, l)miles north of Frosa,
one third down,' balanco on as long
time as desired, stock, utensils and
all go with the place, 100 acres In
cultivation. CO acres pasture. 400 acres
prairie, 300 in timber, throe sots of
cabins. Will sell at a bargain.-
No. 5520 aero farm, consists of
lots N. 5 and 0 of the Antonio Man
chaca survey, Is all under good five
wlro fenco. about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balance in pasture, a good frame
house 01 li rooms on mo piaco, oarn
and other imnrovomonts. Tlio land
Unbuilt n miles south of Bolton and
0110 milo from Salado Kivor on which
is located a steam flouring mill. Val
uo$20 poraore. Will oxchango for
lumber, or Waco proporty.
No. 0125 acres 1 '. miles northwest
of Walnut Springs, all under fenco,
nearly all tillable 70 or 80 acres in
cultivation, plenty of water. Pr'ce
$l,800,ono third cash, balance to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 block 17, Cham
borlln addition. North 5th and Ky.
avenue. PricoSl,700.
No. 84 lots block 13, Bell's addi
tion on 23d and Cleveland Sts., also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. South
west corner block 5 Bell's addition.
Will take $1,000 foj-all.
J. B. GiijMKH & Co..
Franklin street is showing com
.nendable signs of progress, and the
Brunswick Hotel is leading the pros
sion and will soon be one of the lead
ing hotels of the city, as Mrs. Ed
White, has taken charge, she being a
lady of vast experience in the hotel
at ... .
A. Nteamboat Male Running Irem
Memphis, Tenn., July 31. While
the steamer Coithoma was loading
cotton seed at Concordia Landing, 1
Miss., 180 miles below Memphis, early
yesterday morning, one of the negro
roustabouts, who was not working to
suit the mate, Leander Hull, was or
dered to move up lively, and for an
swer, drew a knife and struck at the
mate. The point of tho blado caught
Huff's sleeve and ripped it from the
cuff to the elbow. Huff instantly
drew his pistol, and the rouster
turned. Huff pulled the trigger, fir
ing three shots in rapid succession.
The negro ran a hundred yards and
fell dead, with one ball in his neck,
one in his shoulder and 0110 in his
Bide. About twenty negroes, who
lnid been loitering about the
lauding, demanded that Huff be
given up to them, threatening to burn
the boat if ho was not handed over to
bo swung up. There was no time to
raise the gang-plank and back out,
but Hull" 0. 'fioded in getting into a
yawl on tho 01 .er side of tho steamer
0110 of the crow rowing him across to
an island near tho Aransas shore:
The Coahoma ntoamed across after it,
intending to take Huff on board, but
a sklll'load of excited darkles landed
about tlio same time, and Huff seeing
them, started off down tlio island.
Other skiffs filled with negroes were
seen going toward the island as
tho steamer moved away. It Is doubt
ful If Huff escaped, but he Is a good
swimmer, and if he got to tho Aran
sas bank of tho island may havo suc
ceeded in getting safely into the
brush. The country is wild, sparsely
settled and without telegrapBIo com
munication. Tho steamer returned to
Memphis to-night but no additional
particulars could be learned.
All Illlullt Devil.
Paris, France, July 28. A Mrs.
Siuasadl, living on the Hue do Brie,
In this city, was awukoned at 1111 early
hour this morning by lomt screams.
Slio hastened to her children's bed
room, from whoro theories came, and
I found her son Louis, aged six years,
mm. Si
Isaac Lewis'
H. B. OIvIMIIV & Co.
We would Respectfully- Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry Goods,
Gents' - FuiMiislpg - Goods,
m . m
the Aroifc:L,i.
Lessing, Solomon & Roseutlial,
Corner Stfa ci.xi.cl Austin Sts.
with a gash In his stomach, the wound
having been inflicted by his brother
Alphonse, aged eight years, withajentand tried to persuade James to
razor. The mother screamed for at- keep quiet but to no avail. Finally
slstance. but before the neighbors ar-
rived Alphonse had out his own
throat from ear to oar. Ho died soon
afterward. Louis is in a precarious
condition. Alphonse had always
hated his brother, and had tried to
kill him twice before, once by driving
a nail into his head with a hammer.
He stole tho razor from a shop, sharp
ened it last evening and had it by his
side in bed.
A MerlouH Difficulty.
Memphis, July 31. A difficulty oc
curred this morning on board u pas
senger train of the Kansas City,
Springfield and Memphis railroad,
near Hardy Station, Ark., 127 tnlles
west of Memohis, between C. S.
Burks, a brakesman, and some unruly
passengers who were in the ladies
couch. A general fight ensued, and
in tho melee one of the meu stabbed
Burks with a knifo ner tho heart,
causing almost instant death. The
murderer, together with two of his
comrades, Jumped from tho train and
they made their escapo Into tho woods.
Burkovas twenty years of ago and
lived at Springfield, Mo. Ills remains
were sent back there this afternoon
for Interment.
The Epidemic In Ohio.
Cincinnati, July 31. During the
last three or four weeks reports come
here from dlfforont parts of Southern
Ohio of tho prevalence, in a virulent
form, of a disease of tho bowels resemb
ling bloody llux. It has boon hoard
from in Clinton county, in Brown
county atid lastly In Adams county.
The symptoms are drowsiness, preced
ing the fatal attack several dayH. It
prevails on farms almost exclusively.
Ilane Hull anil Bullet.
Denison, July 31. Yesterday even
ing the five Choctaw Indians of To
boske and Jack Fork counties played
a game of Indian ball east of Kiowas, Indian reservation show that tho In-1 cock, another negro, about a wcok
several miles. While the game was in dlans havo been stealing cuttle and j ago., Hancock Is btill In a ciillcul con
progress a prominent Choctav named ' propurlng a supply of dried meat pre- dition from his wounds and Murphy
Jas. Becavolla grew very noisy and parltory, it Is assumed, to an out-1 Is kept in custody awaiting develop-
I fired off his Winchester and made
in k mm,
Old Stand.)
threatening demonstrations. The
, sheriff of Jack Fork county was pres
1 James got reckless with his gun and
rode around the ball grounds shoot-
I mg his wincnester ana yelling like a
mad man. Tbe sheriff got tired of
the racket and let drive at James with
a Winchester killing him almost in
stantly. This epsode broke the game
of ball up and the full bloods were di
vided as to the justice of the act. A
fight took place between the factions
which resulted in fifteen or twenty In
dians getting hurt, some suffered broken
legs and arms. The scene if described
as terrible from the fact that eveiy par
ticipant in the battle was crippled
more or less
Will be Lynched.
Longvlow, July 31. Deputy Sheriff
W. L. Tyson, who is stationed at Kll
gore, this county, received a telegram
from J. A.LawreiKO, county attorney
of Wood county, to arrest a negro
named London and a white girl named
Maudy tout, aged 18 years. Tlio ne
gro lias boon working tlio farm of Mr.
Stout, near Quitman, Wood county,
for &01110 time, and was regarded as a
good and industrious hand by Stout.
No ono even suspected that during
the whole tlino tho negro was thero
that ho was conspiring to destroy tho
happiness of the family. Ho man
aged to got Miss Stout from homo and
carried her to Kllgore, whoro ho was
arrested. The negro and girl were
brought In early this morning and
placed hi Jail. The girl is suffering
and will bo take" to her homo to-morrow.
Tlio negro, if signs don't lie,
will bo lyuchod before ho is a day
older. Tho citizens of Wood county
are red-hot, and their threats aro
moro numerous Binco tho arrest and
whereabouts of tho negro have boon
made known.
Indian In War Fill lit.
Tucson, Ariz., July 31. Further
reports of trouble on tlio San Carlos
break ot hostilities.
A riinernl Ktery oilier Itny.
Water Valley, Miss., .Inly 31.
Thoro feeenis to be an epidemic of
casual lies hanging over tills city this
month. Since July 4, when (he fall
ground disaster occurred, at which so
many were hurt, two of whom have
died, tho town hut averaged a funeral
every other day, nearly all of tho
neat'is oemg suuueu. ijast nignt Mr.
.Too Bennett, aged about llfty-llvo, n
workman in the Illinois Central shops
here, left his home in tlio upper poi
tlon of town tolling ills family ho
would return early. At midnight ills
wife beoamo uneasy and a search was
instituted ank kept up until 0 o'clock
this morning, when ids body was
found In a large hole of wator whoro
tho railroad crosses Town Creek, and
a jury of inquest, eiupannollcd by Re
corder Stannous, returned a verdict
of accidental drowning.
C'lleelliiK With n Shotgun.
Paris, Texas, July 30. John Ohio,
a saloon keeper at Arthur City, lias
adopted a novel method of collecting
debts. Several men who had been at
work on tho Bed river bridge became
indebted to Ohio to tho amount of
about$80. On last Friday evening those
men boarded tho northbound Frisco
train, and to their surprise Hlilo
boarded the train too, armed with a
shotgun. When the train roached tho
tank two miles north of Arthur ii'id
ins'.do the Choctaw nation Ohio stf.rt
I ed through the tram, gun In hand, to
I collect his claims. The first creditor
ho met paid what ho owed without a
imurmer, but .thereat of tlio gang Hew
to tlio woods, the vigilant bill colleo
I tor in pursuit. He tired two or throo
I shots at his Ueolng debtors, neither of
which took ofl'ect.
TheIreMint'M Holiday.
Wastington, July 31. Tho presi
dent, Postmaster General Dickinson
and Col. Daniel Lamout. arrived in
theJWashlngton this morning. Thero
was a small crowd at tho station, but
president passed through almost un
recognized except byrailtoad ofllcials.
He and Col. Lamout were drlvon di
rect to the white House. Both are vory
much sunburned, the presldon's face,
however, showing the most decided
coloring. Col. Lamout said to an As
sociated Press reporter. "We got
in at 7 o'clock, having come from Fjro
Island with only otie or two stops.
The president weutou board the Stis
quehaua Thursday night and did not
leave her except to fish up to last
night at 11 o'clock.
A Brakeninn killed.
Memphis, July 31. A difficulty oc
curred this morning on board a pas
senger train of tho Kansas City,
Springfield and Memphis railroad,
near Hardy Station, Ark., 120 mllos
west of Memphis, between C. S.
Burkes, a brakesman, and somo un
ruly passengore who wore In tho la
dles' coach. A general light eiisued,
and in the melee one of the men
stabbed Burkes with a knife near tho
heart, causing almost instant death.
Tho murderer, together with two of
ids comrades, jumped from the train
and made their escape into the woods.
Burkes was twenty years of ago and
lived at Springfield, Mo. Ills remains
woro sent back their this1 afternoon
for Interment.
I'rom a Drunk 10 Death.
Wyi.ii:, Tex., July 31. Yesterday
morning "Smoky" Eastman, a rail
road hand, was found dead on tho
track near tho Santa Fo dopot. It
seems that Saturday was pay day and
many of the hands blew in their
money at tlio saloons. It Is supposed
that "Smoky" Eastman laid on tho
track while In a stato ot Intoxication
and fell asleep. His head was entire
ly severed from his body and lie was
otherwise mutilated in a shocking
manner. Oho of tho early trains
passed over him, und it appears wont
on without discovering the tragedy.
CaiiKht hi. nun.
Tkmi'm:, Tex., July 31 Constablo
Chlnn, of tills place returned from
Alvarado to-duy with the negio Hose
Murphy, who Is charged with making
, a
murderous assault on John Han-

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