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VOL. 1
Has given us during the last few weeks an increased sale in
this line which we never expected, but as we are still
overstocked we will have
Our 17 ct. and 20 ct. quality will be sold for 121-2 cts.
Our 30 ct. quality will be sold for 20 cts.
Our 35 ct. quality will be sold for 25 cts.
Our Damask Matting will be sold for 35 cts.
Our $1.50 Lace Curtains will be sold
Our $3.00 " " 11 i
Our $4.00 " " .1 .. ..
Our $5.00 ' " " " "
Madras Curtains. Tamborn Lace Curtains,
Antique Lace Curtains, Irish Point Cur
tains Nottingham Lace Curtains.
Iu tho piece and ready made will be sold for the balance of the season at such
prices that It would be folly to allow these little
Humming Birds to trouble us.
A Largo Assortment of Dado Shades on Hartshorn
Rollers at 60 cts. and Upwards.
The Cut Prices In our Carpet Department are Still Going on.
Sanger Brothers.
J. D. Gilmer A Co' Itni-Kntii.
No. 1. A now 0 room two-story
brick bouse In St. Louis, Mo. Comer
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This Is in every way a nice placo and
only 3 blocks from Benton Park.
Placo worth S3800 with an incum
brance of $2000 which has two years
to run at 6 per cent interest. Will ex
change equity in place for a house and
lot in Waco. The object of exchang
ing! s to locate in some good sized city
in Texas, and go into the manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 acres iu Bandera
county, all under fence in aboutS pas
tures, about 500 acres in cultivation,
58 miles from San Antonio. Ranche
well stocked. Will exchaugefor Waco
No. 3 10 acres near Daugherty's to
exchange for property in the city,
firice $2,000. Also G aores near Drlv
ng Park to exchange; price SI. COO.
No. 4700 acres of land in Lime
stone county, l)imlles north of Erosa,
one third down, balauco on as long
time as desired, stock, utensils aud
all go with the place, 100 aores In
cultivation, 50 acres pusture, 400 acres
prairie, 300 in timber, throe sots of
cabins. Will sell at a bargain.
No. 5 520 aero farm, consists of
lots JN. 5 and u of tue Antonio Juan
chaca survey, is all under good Ave
wire fence, about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balancoln pasture, a good frame
house of 0 rooms on tho placo, barn
and other Improvements. Tho land
is about 0 miles south of Bolton and
one mile from Salado itiver on which
is located a steam flouring mill. Val
ue S20 por aero. Will exchange for
lumber, or Waco property.
No. G 125 acres 1. miles northwest
of Walnut Springs, all under fence,
nearly all tillable 70 or 80 acres in
cultivation, plenty of water. Price
51,800,ono third cash, balance to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 block 17, Cham
berlin addition. North 5th and Ky.
avenue. Price bl,700.
No. 81 lots block 13, Boll's addi
tion on 23d and Cleveland Sts also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. South
west corner block 5 Bell's addition.
Will take 31,000 for all.
J. B. Gilmeii & Co..
Franklin street is showing com
mendable signs of progress, and the
Brunswick Hotel is leading the pros
sion and will soon be one of the lead
ing hotels of the city, as Mrs. Ed
White has taken charge, she being a
lady of vast experience in the hotel
at ...
. . . . ,
, , , '
Brimmingham, Aug, 4. Ex-State
Treasurer Ike H. Vincient now serv-
ing out a sentence at the Pratt mines
by stating that he was about to make
a full confession of the entire tacts of
the stealing. '
For a long while it has been
thought throughout the State that
Vincient was not the only one in
Montgomery who got any crooked
money and during the trial at which
Vincient was convicted it was expec
ted that he would make the confession
but he didn't. It is expected that
several prominent men in the State
will be spoken of in the confession.
Foul Murder.
Denison Tex., Aug, 5. A flat boat
man coming down Red river brings
the news of a horrible tragedy which
was discovered Thursday about 140
miles above here near Washita. The
boatmen found lying near the margin
of the stream the bodies of a man, a
woman and a child. The corpses bore
marks of violence and the camp had
been looted.
Net enteen PnsNeiiKers Ilron ned.
San Francisco, Cal., Aug, 5. New
Zealand advices received to-day by
the steamer Alemada say the ship
Star of Greece went ashore near Ade
laide harbor July 13. Of enty-j
seven persons on the vessel the cap
tain and all others were drowned ex
cepting the first and third officers,
four men and four apprentices.
Mrs Kendricks (whose husband is a
candidate for office): "What do you
think my husband's chances are, Mr.
Dumley?" Mr. Dumley (anxious to
offer words ol encouragement):
"Well: er away from home I think
they'r flattering." New York Sun.
m 1
siisnirious reacner: leacner-
"Knipke, who reigned the earlierTitus.
or Vespasian'" Scholars: "Titus.":
Teacher: "Mistake." Scholar (quick
ly correcting himself: "Vespasian."
Teacher (sternly: "Klecmuller has
whispered that to jou again),"
Fliegende Blatter.
Lni, Soloion k Soil,
Isaac Lewis' Old Stand.)
HAVING succeeded to the business lately owned by
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry Goods,
Cents' - Fupnislpg - Goods,
Carpets :. and
AU rffc, ti
w 3s? -a
the xzvroifc:L,i .
Lessing, Solomon & Rosenthal,
Corner tlx axxcl .iVustiia 8ts.
Irishmen Aroused.
Chicago 111., August 4. There was 1
considerable comments in leading
.M -ales in this cty this morning
over the announcement that the Brit
ish Governorment has appealed for
clemency in behalf of Maxwell. 1 he
contemptous treatment which was ac
corded President Arthur when he ap
pealed to the English authorities in
behalf of O' Donnell is being recalled
as well as the relentless seventy with
which Irish -Americans are invariably
treated in the English courts.
Killed by a Cow.
Pomeroy, O., August 2. Amanda
M. Gottschall, wife of Jeremiah
Gottschall, who lives near Harrison
ville in this county was in the barn
yard milking last evening when she
was attacked by a vicious young cow
and so injured that she died to-day.
The poor woman's side was torn open
by the sharp horns of the enraged
beast but she managed to crawl to the
house where she was found later by
her husband. Mrs. Gottschall was
a daughter of one of the largest far
mers of Scipio.
After Jinny Years.
Fort Smith. Aug. 3 E. S. Crowell,
an escaped convict, who was under
sentencoof death ten years ago, was
caught in tho Indian Territory and
brought in to-day. Ho was accused
of criminally assaulting his sister-in-
law at Waldron in this State, In 1878,
and while undor sontonco broke jail
and escaped tho gallows. Ho has
been concealed in tho Iudiau Territo
ry for ten years, and wus only identi
fied when arrested by the boputy
marshall for selling whisky iu tho
Deleicntes Appointed.
Austin, Tox., Au. 4 Tho gover
nor has appointed tho following dole-
gates to tho Denver deop water con-
l iti lnri .InViti TTntinrns rf. A uHti
""" " "- .......,
Walter Grosham, Galveston; John
Ireland, Guadalupe; T. It. Bonnor,
Tylor; U. Lottfian Antonio; B.GibUs,
Dallas; T. D. Book of Tylor county,
and for the state ut lurgo: Temple
Houston Mobeetie; J. A. Carrol, Don
ton, and S. B. Muxey, Paris.
Jifa -id
w "S
Gods! It Is ritllnl.
Now York, Aug. 4. While the fire
men were searching on the top floor
of the tenement building which burn
ed last evening they encountered a
spectacle that, used as they are to
trying scenes, brought tears to their
eyes. Beside the sewing machine
that was blackened and warped a wo
man lay dead. She was burned near
ly to a crisp and her raiment was con
sumed. In the murky air tho firemen
lifted the stiffened form and bore it
toward the outer air, but when they
neared the charred window casement
the begrimed men discovered that
two lives had gone out when the wo
man dfed. The woman was Mrs.
Gruft'aud iu the horror of her situa
tion hud partiullv given birth to a
little one. Both were scorched to a
crisp, and in tho same room whence
she hnd refused to go without her
children, aged 7 and 4, they too lay
dead. Tho police have set a guard
over tho unhappy father for fear ho
may commit suicide. His grief is pit
iable us he tears his hair and wails
I.ftKt.Mnr ofTheni.
Dekalb, Texas, Aug. 4. Chas.
Perkins, alias Wilson, the desperado
who killed seven mules and one horse
be longing to Mrs. Moore, in the
Choctaw nation ten days Ago, shot and
killed two United States Marshals and
one citizen yesteiday evening while
resisting arrest, The officers got two
citizens to pilot them to where they
heard the outlaw was ambushed and
while on their way met him at Mar-
shall'serry, on Red river ten miles
north of here and attempted to arrest
him with the above result. Perkins
and one of the citizens escaped un
hurt. He is still at large. There are
nine true bills against him for murder.
He used a Winchester and says he will
never be taken alive.
Uen Nhcrldan Mead.
Nonquitt, Aug, 5.-11:05 p. m.
Gen. Sheridan is dead. He was car
ried off by his old heart trouule.
His death was cry sudden. No
particulars have been given out yet by
the physicians.
NO. 20.
A Eamily Massacred For a fall.
Denison, Tex., Aug. 5. Two trap
pers passed down Red river last nicht
from a trapping expedition and they
imparted a honble story.
About July is the entire party, con
sisting of a man, wife and two little
children and two other men left the
mouth of Cacke creek and started
down Deep creek, a confluence of
Ped river, for the purpose of boating
down to Fulton, Ark., to dispose of
their furr, The party traveled
the man and family in one and the
two men in the other After being on
river two days one of the boats sprung
a leak, which necessitated stopping
for repairs, and it was accordingly
run ashore and the two trappers spent
nearly a day and a half reparing it ere
it was able to continue the journey.
The other boat proceeded down the
river and nothing more was seen of it
or its occupants for three daysl when
the first boat passed them and anch
ored below. The next morning they
awaited several hours for their friends
and one of them started up the river
to see a horrible sight. When he ar
rived he was horrified to find the entire
party dead and the buzzards were
making their morning rr.eil off of the
Abaft lay the father with a bullet
hole through his head, with his arms
hanging over ihe edge of the open
boat. The woman was lying out on
the sand bar, fifty feet away, with a
great gaping wound through her body
the work of a deadly Winchester.
The body of one of the little ones hadf
almost been devoured by the vultures,,
but the cause of its death was plainly
visible, for the under jaw was broken
and shattered, and the head was only
hanging to the body by the tendons
tendons aud two muscles of the neck.
The neck was broken by a bullet.
The body of the other child was found
near where the man had made hi
camp fire, and the vultures had picked
out its eyes and already a swarm of
flies had congregated. Near by was,
A yearling calf partly skinned told
the story. The man had killed the
calf for the ostensible purpose of re
plenishing his larder. No doubt the
act was witnessed by some one who
roported the facts and a volley from,
the Winchesters of the ever present
linemen, who ride along the river to
release bogged cattle, told the story.
Another Murder There.
Temple, Texas, Aug. 4. Following
close upon tho tragedy of Wednesday
noar Rogors, In which two men wero
slain, comes tho news to-day of tlvs
killing of Will Blake ut Hollaud, sonic
fifteen miles south of horo, on tho
Missouri Pacific railroad. The par
ticulars, as far as gleaned, are that
Blake and others, among wiiom was
Qulnco Wilkenson, had boon engaged
in gambling togother during yester
day, and that trouble had arisen be
tween Bioko and Wilkonson. Blako
started down tho road loading ftom
town shortly after night, aud n few
minutes later Wilkonson mounted his
horso and galloped in the samo di
rection. Shots wore heard a few min
utes after, and parties who went to
lnvebtlgato found Blako lying dead
in the road, with two bullet .holes in
the back of his head and one through
his back, Wilkenson lias not been
hoard of since, and Shorllr Sparks,
with u possoo, is iu pursuit of him.
Blako was about 25 years old and un
married. He wus raised in tills
Ninall Vox.
Dallas Aug 4. A rumor gained cur
rency lu tho city yestordoy to tho ef
fect that sovoral casoe of small-pox
hud brokon out In Ft. Worth. Tho
best that could bo loarnod of the orl-
I gill of tho report was that It had come
I from a Ft. Worth physician who re
cently visited Dallas. Dr. Carter tho
city health ollluor, on being informed
j of tiie rumors, wrote to the health of
ficer of Ft. Worth to ascertain ifthero
wus any foundation for it. Mayor
' Connor informed u News reporter lust
night that sniull-pox exists In Ft.
! Worth, aud the uuthoritlorf of that
city throw if tho ncoeswury sufeguards
around It, Dallus will not resort to
I any quarantine moasuro.
' 1

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