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VOL. 1
NO. 21.
mi summer
And . the . Extraordinary . Inducements . Therein.
Wo have a largo lot of those goods in broken sizes and nico styles which
wo will close out at a sacrifice.
T akb 2vcKr:E, otaio ovoi:
A Large Assortment of Gents Strap Ties, Prince Alberts,
Oxford nnd Low Button Shoes ivill be Closed out at
H $1.50
A X cL
A lino of tho saino stylo reduced from $3 to ?2 a pair, r.nd a.
lot of tho samo stylo in still bettor grade reduced from 54 to $3.
Men's Dougola I'cdostrinn Oxfords, plain too, reduced from $4.50
to $3.50 a pair. Gents' Hand Sowed Froneh Calf, plain toe, Ox
fords, reduced from $0 to $4 n pair. Gents' lino French calf, open
too, button and oxfords roduced from JO to $4. Also a nice as
sortmcut of Southern ties, Oxfords, Prince Alberts, and strap
toes, in the latest styles and lightest leather, will be closed out
regardless of value.
Sanger Brothers.
J. B. Gilmer A-Co'b naricnlim.
No. 1. A now 0 room two-story
brick houso in St. Louis, Mo. Corner
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This Is in every way a nice place and
only 3 blocks from Benton Park.
Place worth $3800 with an incum
brance of $2000 which has two years
to run at 0 per cent Interest. Will ex
change equity in place for a houso and
lot in Waco. Tho object of exchang
ing is to locate in some good sized city
in Texas, and go into the manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 acres la Bandera
county, all under fence in about5 pas
tures, about 500 acres in cultivation,
58 miles from San Antonio. Ranch
woll stocked. Will exchange for Waco
No. 3 10 acros near Daugherty's to
exchange for property in the city,
price $2,000. Also 0 acres noar Driv
ing Park to oxchange; price $1,000.
No. 4700 acres of land in Lime
stone countv. lU'milea north of Frosa.
ono third down, Imlauco on as long
time as desired, stock, utensils aim
all ro with tho place. 100 acres in
cultivation. 50 acres pasture, 400 acres
prairie, 300 in timber, throe sots of
cabins. Will sell at u bargain.
No. 5520 aero farm, consists of
lots JST. 5 ana u ot tno Antonio jian
chaca survey, is all under good ilvo
wiro fonce, about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balanco in pasture, a good frame
hou.se of 0 rooms on tho place, barn
and other improvements. TJio land
is about 9 miles south of Bolton and
one mile from Salado Kivor on which
Is located a steam flouring mill. Val
ue S20 per acre. Will exchange for
lumber, or Waco property.
No. G 125 acros liL. miles northwest
of Walnut Springs, all under fonce,
nearly all tillable 70 or 60 acres in
cultivation, plenty of wator. Price
$1,800, one third cash, balanco to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 block 17, Cham
berlin addition. North 5th and Ky.
avonuo. Prico$l,700.
No. 84 lots block 13, Boll's addi
tion on 23d and Clovoland Sts., also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. South
west cornor block 5 Bell's addition.
Will tnko $1,000 for all.
J. B. Gu-Miut & Co..
Franklin street is showing com
mendable signs of progress, and the
Brunswick Hotel is leading the pros
sion and will soon be one of the lead
ing hotels of the city, as Mrs. Ed
White lias taken charge, she being a
'ady of vast experience in the hotel
The Contagion of Yawning.
"Did you ever notice how conta
gious yawning is?" said a round faced
young man waiting for a cable train
yesterday afternoon. "You can make
any man yawn if you go about it pro
perly,' continued the young man.
"I have to travel up and dwn this
line a good deal and I amuse my
self that way. Women yawn oftener
than men, and fat men oftener than
lean men. The best time to make
them yawn is early in the morning or
late at night. Than all they want is
a hint and off they go. One night
last week l sat next to an old gentle
He got on at Tenth street and
rode up to Grand aenue. I made
him yawn twenty-seven times. Then
I was tired but the old fellow had got
into the habit and I thought he would
split his jaws he kept them so far
The young man had scarcely seated
himself in the car before he turned
around and stared straight at a work
ingman opposite, who of course,
looked at him. Then the young man
leaned his head lazily .against the win
dow, closed his eyes opened his mouth
very wide and began to yawn with
great deliberation and an air of utter
weariness. .The man in the blue over
alls became interested and stared
intently .11 the wide open mouth and
the closed eyes The young man put
up his hand with affectation of cover
ing his mouth.ar.d then as if it was no
use to try to check an overpowering
impulse, he drew his hand away threw
his head still further back and uttered
that sound peculiar to the hearty
yawner ho-ho. A moment later the
man in the blue overalls gave evidence
of a twitching of the jaws a spasm
shot across his cheeks and then his
mouth opened and he yawned so wide
that it appeared as though he were
goiug to divide and tne top of his
head would go on up into space.
The workingman was now started and
all the way up he kept yawning every
few moments. Then the young man
turned his attention to an old lady
opposite with equal success.
I, 111 k
Isaac Lewis'
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of .
Dry (dtoocLs,
Cents' - FuNiisfpg - Goods,
$ m $
the to:r:l,i.
Lessing, Solomon & EosBntbal,
Corner &1tl ojlxcI .iVtistiix JSts.
Dlsnatronn Storm.
St. Louis, Mo Aug, 6. A disas
trous storm visited the central section
of Missouri at an early hour this morn-
( ing Great damage to crops was entail
ed and the losses on town property
In the vicinity of Glasgow it is esti
mated the crops are injured 50 per
cent, while the damage to dwellings
and business houses will exceed $50,
Robert Paterson of Sailsbury, Mo
was seriousls injured by being struck
by flying debris.
At Oran the damage was heavy,
especially to crops-
The Catholic church at New Ham
burg was wrecked and one side of the
railroad depot at Coney was blown
At Marshall, the storm was accom
panied by hail, and the damage was
At Slater, the Baptist church and
two business houses were demolished.
In Sabine county, the damage will
reach $3000,000.
There was a general wreckage at
Stanberry and the crops were badly
In Pettis county, the corn fields
suffered the most, the growing grain
being laid flat.
The loss at Norbonne and vicinity
reaches $100,000.
In Shelby county, the crops were
badly damaged,
The storm was severe at St. Louis,
but did no damage worthy of note,
Pont I.lko Itnlnim.
Paris, Aug. 6. A dispatch from
Loan in the department of Aisne says
the Frenchmen engaged at work on
the Brazee tunnel went on a strike
because of the refusal of th" contrac
tor to discharge an Italian. Contrac
tor Loan consented to dismiss all of
the men. The comrades of the Ital
ian, seventy in number thereupon
made an attack upon the Frenchmen,
using revolvers. A severe encounter
took place resulting in the death of
one Italian and the wounding of four
others, and four Frenchmen. The
Frenchmen afterwards sacked the can
ton of the Italians.
Old Stand.)
Merlon Ktorin.
St. Louis, Aug- 6. A disastrous
storm visited the central section of
Missouri at an early hour this morn
ing. Damage to crops was entailed
and losses on town property are heavy.
In the vicinity of Glasgow it is esti
mated that the crops arc injured 50
per cent while the damage to dwellings
and business houses will exceed $50,
000. Robt. Patterson of Sailisburg
Mo., was seriously injured by being
struck by flying debris. At Oran, the
damage was heavy esperially to crops.
The Catholic church at New Hamberg
was wrecked and one side of the rail
road depot at Coney blown out. At
Marshall "the storm was accompanied
by hail and the damage was severe.
At Slater the Baptist church and two
business houses were demolished. In
Saline county the damage will reach
$300,000. There war a general
wreckage at Stanberry and the crops
badly injured. In Pettis county corn
fields suffered most, growing grain be
ing laid flat. The loss at Norbonne
andjjvicinity willreach $100 000 In
Shelby county crops were badly
damaged. The storm was severe at
St. Louis but did no damage woithy
of note.
A htrniiito ltcrocr.y.
Houston, Aug. 6 James Wishart,
who cut Otto Herzog so dangerously
in the bowels a few weeks ago, was
admitted to bail in the sum of $500.
The recovery of Herzog is regarded as
marvelous by the physicians in this
city. The entrails were cut in several
places and weie sewed up. This is
said to be the fust successful opera
tion of the kind ever performed in the
state there being only about twelve
successful operations in the United
States since the first was performed,
about two years ago.
Nulilirr Drowned.
Laredo, Tex., Aug..-About 4 o'clock
yesterday afternoon a United States
soldier named McMullen belonging in
Fort Mcintosh at this point having
crossed the Rio Grande to Nueva
Laredo in a boat attempted to swim
back to this side and was taken with
cramps and drowned. His body was
recovered by comrades, but too late
to save him.
Flotorinl 4'on tout Ion.
Groesbeck, Aug, 6. After muclt.
confusion to-day in the flotorial con
vention the chairman declared W. A.
Kincaid nominated.
nN iinii
Fort Worth. Aug 0. Thero was iv
game of bnso ball played this after
noon between Dallos nnd Fort Worth
amateurs. Tho seoro was 10 to IIHln .
favor of Fort Worth.
Mini I.lithtiiiiiK.
'Anthony, Kan , Aug 5. Last night
duringa torriilc thunderstorm thoolty
school building wits struck by light
ning and completely destroyed. Loss
about $-10,000, partially covered by In
surance. CrtiitlifMl.
Columbus, Augi. J..T. Keith, foro
inpii on tho Texas Pacille road, was
badly mangled botwoen two cais lit 11
freight train, near hero, at Alleyton
this morning. He lived about 1111
hour and a half. Tho remains wore
brought hero and will bo shipped to.
Odessa, Mo., his homo.
Huso Hull nml Miootliiff.
Corpus Christ!, Ag C At an early
hour this morning F. Hon Hardaway
shot Henry Leo with a -14-cnlibro pis
tol. Both parties aro colorod. Tho
cause of tho shooting was a squbblo
over tho recent championship base
ball game.
The It ii I J .- 11 tl.
Cero Gordo, III., August 6. The s-
year-old daughter of Mt. and Mrs.
Jai'ob Albert of Long Creek Township
ched'yesterday of lockjaw caused by
running a rusty nail into her foot some
days ago.
A Hlllllll Cj t'lonp.
Clildress, Tex , Aug. 5. A terrible
wind stiuck this place yesterday about
4 o'clock, coming from a northwest
direction. A good rain accompanied
the wind. Consideiablc damage was
done to a number of buildings. The
courthouse was blown in twain at the
middle and one half almost demcuV
ished. Irnlli In 11 Ilnllroom.
Brownsville. Tex., Aug. 6. Last -night
while dancing at a ball at the
house of Francisco Ramirez, in the
lower part of Matamoros, a young
man named Edward Garcia fell dead
from the arms of his partner, the
blood streaming from his nose and
mouth and staining her white dress.
The cause of his death was the burst
ing of an aneurism of the heart.
Totnl Ilonil IMirrtinaci..
Washington, D. C, August 6. The
following is a statement of purchaees
of United States bonds under the cir
cular of April 17, 1S88: Amount .
purchased, 4 per cents, $18,740,850...
4 i-2S. $9,157,300. Total $27,898;--150.
Cost 4 per cents, $23,801,
408.46; 4 i-2s, $9,859,637.20. Total
$33iu6i, 045.66.
Courting llvatli.
Little Rock, Ark., August 6.
MissIda Dalton committed suicide at
Walnut Ridge esterday by taking
arsenic. There Was no known cause
for the rash act She was a beautiful
and accomplished lady and stood
high in society.
An IiiNiiltliiK .Minister I'lnril
Evansville, Aug. 0. Rev Thomas
McEwen, who in the absence of the
regular pastor has charge of the pul
pit of St. Paul's Episcopal Church of
this city, was arrested last night for
insulting Mrs. McCall, wife of a
prominent railroad official here. In
the Police Court this morning the
minister was fined $25 and costs, fall
ing to pay which he will go to the
work-house for six weeks.
Mnmtrokc lu Itnllnn.
Yesterday afternoon, about .".o'clock
Joo Slodorlio, ono of tho proprietors ot
Bismarck hall, on Main street, died
suddenly In tho uppor story of tho
building In which the suloon is situa
ted from tho oflbotof sunstroke. Ho
had bcon suffering from Intermittent
fever, which loft him in a weekly con
dition. In that statu ho started out
for a walk about 0 o'clock yesterday
morning. Aftor visiting friends he
returned to his place of business
about noon, and jrolng up stalls, lay
down on the bed comnluliilnir of dl.
ziness. Shortly aftor this ho hccuiiiM
delirious and started to slngh u Her
man song. A physician was called in
but the patient expired at .'I o'clock.

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