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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, August 08, 1888, Image 1

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VOL. 1
Qothi beqwpbeQ'
And . the Extraordinary . Inducements . Therein.
Wo have a largo lot of these goods in broken sires and nlco styles which
wo will close out at a sacrifice.
A Large Assortment of Gents Strap Ties, Prince Alberts,
Oxford nnd Low Button Shoes will be Closed out at
A lino of tho same stylo reduced from 3 to ?2 a pair, and a
lot of tho same stylo,ln still hotter grado reducod from $4 to $3.
Men's Dongola Pedestrian Oxfords, plain toe, reduced fiotu $4.50
to $3.50 a pair. Gents' Hand Sewed French Calf, plain toe, Ox
fords, reduced from $0 to $4 a pair. Gents' fine French calf, open
toe, button and oxfords reduced from SG to $4. Also a nice as
sortmeut of Southern tics, Oxfords, Frinco Alberts, and strap
toes, In the latest styles and lightest leather, will be closed out
regardless of value.
Sanger Brothers.
3. B. Gilmer A Co' Bargain.
No. 1. A new 6 room two-story
brick house in St. Louis, Mo. Corner
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This is in every way a nice place and
only 3 blocks from Benton Park.
Place worth $3800 with an incum
brance of $2000 which has two years
to run at 0 per cent interest. Will ex
change equity in place for a house and
lot in Waco. Tho object of exchang
ing is to locate in some good sized city
in Texas, andgo into the manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 acros in Bandera
county, all under fence In aboutS pas
tures, about 500 acres in cultivation,
58 miles from Ban Antonio. Ranche
well stocked. Will exohangefor Waco
No. 3 10 acres near Daugherty's to
exchange for property in the city,
price $2,000. Also 0 acres near Driv
ing Park to exchange; price S1.600.
No. 4700 acres of land in Lime
stone county, ljmiles north of Frosa,
oijo third down, balance on as long
time as desired, stock, utensils and
all go with the place, 100 acres In
cultivation, 50 acres pasture, 400 acres
pralrio, 300 In -timber, three sets of
cabins. Will sell at a bargain.
No. 5520 acre faim, consists of
lotsiN. banu.uot tno Antonio .ainn
chaca survey, is all under good Ave
wire fence, about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balanco in pasture, a good frame
house of 0 rooms on the place, barn
and other improvements. The land
is about 0 miles south of Bolton and
one mile from Balado Klver on which
is located a steam (louring mill. Val
ue $20 per acre. Will exchange for
lumber, or Waco property.
No. 0125 acres lj miles northwest
of Walnut Springs, all under fence,
nearly all tillable 70 or 80 acres In
cultivation, plenty of water. Price
$1,800, one third cash, balance to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 blook 17, Cham
berlln addition, Nprth 5th and Ky.
avenue. Price $1,700.
No. 84 lots blook 13. Bell's addi
tion on 23d and Cleveland Sts., also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. (south
west corner block 5 Bell's additiou
Will take $1,000 for all.
J. B. GiiiMEn & Co..
H. JaooDs tne Austin avenue tailor
has lust received a magnificent line
of new goods for the fall trade, of
latest styles ana all tne novoiues.
If yon want a nobby suit of fatest
ana best nt call at once.
Fancy groceries, fine wine and
liquors at Early & Finks.
Government Aid to Agriculture.
American Agriculturist.
The Agricultural Appropriation bill
for the fiscal year ending June 30,
1889, has finally been enacted by
Congress in commendable shape.
We are especially gratified that not
only does it include $585,000 for ex
periment stations under the Hatch
Act $15,000 to one station each in
thirty-eight States and in Dakota I
but also carries $10,000 for an Ex-1
periment Station Division in the Agri
cultural Department. Such a cen
tral headquarters can do much to
promote efficient work among the
stations, and can compile their most
important results for popular distri
bution. The brief experience under
the Hatch Act indicates the wisdom
of some central control to a limited
extent, which without friction should
systematize some of the work tint
various stations are .ow duplicating
at haphazard. This idea was not in
eluded in the original act, but is
likely to be enacted by the Fifty-second
Murder Nutiected.
Brownsville, Tex., Aug. 7. Yester
day afternoon tho body of an un
known woman was found in tho river,
near tho Raraireno, three miles above
town. Tho remains wero those of an
undersized light-complexioned Mexi
can woman of spare build. Tho face
haJ been eaten by fishes so Identifi
cation was impossible. The remains
were dressed only in a petticoat and
sack skirt of a dark gray spotted cali
co, the suck belug muoh torn. She
was barefooted. On examination it
was evident that a most foul murder
had been committed, as the body had
two deep knifo stabs in tho back
and about the neck were marks of a
rope. This and tho torn sack indi
cated that tho murder had been com
mitted, some distance from the river
ami the 'body dragged to it and
thrown In. Judgo Huno held an in
quest, but elicited no facts to throw
any light on the terrible crime.
Lei. Sin k HU,
Isaac Lewis' Old Stand.)
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry Goods,
Gents' - Furmstpg - Hoods,
Carpets :. and :. Matte. -
k $k Pi $
?P W Ss fi ?r
Leasing, Solomon & Rosenthal,
Corner Gfrtli
I.onlHlan Lattery.
New Orleans, August 7. In the
regular monthly drawing of the Lou
isiana State Lottery to-day, the follow
ing numbers drew the large prizes :
No. 3,894, capital prize, sold in New
Orleans, San Francisco, Washington,
Chicago, Cincinnati, Oregon, New
York, Altoona, Pa , Rowland, Ky.,
Fort Worth, Tex., and Brownsville,
Dak. No. 31,809, second prize, sold
in New York, San Francisco, Detroit,
Oxford, Miss., Bridgeport and Michi
gan City, Ind., Gilliam, Mo., and Con
cordia, Kan. No. 53,283, third prize,
sold in New York, New Orleans and
Kansas City. No. 84,769, fourth
prize, sold in Omaha, Neb. Nos. 83,
905 and 91,825, each $10,000, sold in
Boston, Chicago, San Francisco,
Washington, Meraphisjackson, Mich.,
and South Bend, Ind. Nos. 23,-78o;
70,628; 79.118; 87.449, and 96.476,
each $5,000, sold in New York, New
Orleans, Boston, Buffalo, N. Y Hart
fort, Conn,, San Francisco and Oak
land, Cal., MemDhis, Cleveland, O.,
Denver, Col., Savanah, Ga., Canton,
Miss., Marlin, Tex., and other points.
The Cblrknaaw Election.
Denison, Tex., Aug. 5. The most
exciting political contest ever held in
the Indian Territory comes off in the
Chickasaw Nation Wednesday, August
8. There are two candidates in the
field for gubernatorial honors, Gov.
Wm. Guy, the present incumbent,
and Hon. Wm. Bvrd. Party feeling
has never been so rancorous, and the
tension is so great that it would take
very little to precipitate serious trou
ble Both candidates have made a
thorough canvass, speaking almost
daily for the past month. The elec
tion districts have also been flooded
with documents derogatory to Gov.
Guy circulated by the Byrd party.
The present outlok points to the re
election of Guy, whose decisive ac
tion in the recent troubles with non
citizens in reference to the collection
of the cattle tax, made him many
friends, and a number of Byrd's ad
herents have declared allegiance to
Guy. The two papers published in
the Chickasaw Nation are both red
hot for Guy. For the first time a
oiacl Vtistiix Sts.
Texas paper, the Gate City Guide, of
this city, has taken up the fight and
espoused the cause of Guy, and a
large edition was forwarded yesterday
to the Chickasaw Nation for dtstnbu
Crnahcd nnd Dead.
Yesterday morning about 2:30
o'clock E. F. Boyd, a Texas & Paci
fic switchman met with an accident
that resulted in his death during the
day. He was riding on the pilot of
the switch engine, which was running
down the Y. and jumping from it he
ran ahead to be ready to make a de
sired coupling. As he ran his foot
struck a pile of of cinders, thowing
him to the ground, his right leg being
across the rail directly in front of the
engine. Before he could recover,
the engine had run over him, terribly
multilating his limb. The bon'es were
crushed nearly to the knee, and the
flesh horribly torn up as high as the
middle of the thigh. Drs. Burt and
Fields attended the wounded man and
found it neccessary to amputate the
leg at the middle of the thigh. Yes
terday morning the wounded man,
with his wife and three children, weie
placed on board theeaFt-bound Texas
& Pacific train to be taken to the
company's hospital at Marshall, but
before that point was reached Boyd
died on the train. The body was re
turned to this city, reaching here
on the morning train and was buried
this afternoon. Fort Worth Mail.
An ImpendlnK Ntrke.
London, August 7. The card room
hands in the mills at Blackburn hive
notified the masters that unless they
are guaranteed an advance of 18 per
cent, in wages they will strike. This
would involve a stoppage of 150,000
looms, one million spindles and dis
employment of 8,000 operartives.
When you need money or have
money to spend go to Undo Dufl
The finest mixed drinks hi the city
at Bismarck's.
Elgin Creamey Butter tho finest
made at Early & Finks.
NO. 22.
A Mwcller Rnilronrt.
El Paso, Aug, 7. The action of
the Atphison Topeka and Santa Fe
road in reducing wages for common
laborers, section hands, etc., to 8
cents per hours with a maximum of
eleven hours per day has occasioned
considerable comment. It is in the
line of the policy of the republicans
nominee for president who says, "One:
dollar per day is enough for any work
ing man." The Atchison people go
him one better , and say 88 cents is
enough and as a natural consequence
all the section hands on the Atchison
road quit work. The reduction in
eludes its line in Nev4Meico and Ari
zona, where provisions and clothing ate
very high ?nd it is impossible to live
on 88 .cents per day. During the
past week when sudden accidents
occurred.no laborers could be obtained
to repair" the damage and trains were
delayed. The only reason the com
pany gives for the reduction is that
labor can be had in Mexico for 25
cents per day and they don't propose
to give American wages. They are
trying to get a permanent section
gang at the rate of 8 cents per hour.
(Jcne Glltiimorinc.
Dallas, August 7. It is reported
that a prominent newspaper man has
skipped. Unlike most members of
the craft, he left the city full-handed.
Ilis plan was to cash several drafts ot
about $100 each with his mercantile
friends after banking hours, explain
ing that he wished to leave on urgent
business on the night train. The
drafts were not paid on presentatiom
but the wife of the departed has mailer
up most of his shortage. It is con
tended the run was not made merely
to get off with, boodle, but that otherr
causes led to the leave-taking, and the:
manner of obtaining the means nec
essary. It is said that he left his part
ner one or two hundred to pay for
him, and that his wife will be behind
$5000 on account of his misconduct.
A report comes from Cincinnati that
he has worked the same trick there.
A Mnrtelou Recovery.
Houston, Aug, 6. James Wishart,
who cut Otto Herzog so dangerously
in the bowels a few weeks ago was
brought before Justice Railey this af
ternoon for preliminary hearing.
Herzog was not able to appear in
court, but his attending physicians
said that ' he was now on a fair way
of recovery. The prisoner waived ex
amination and the state agreed to bail
in the sum of $500, The recovery of
Herzog is regarded as marvelous by
the physicians in this city. The en
trials were cut in several places and
were sewed up by Doctors Knox and
Archer. This is said to be the first
successful operation of the kind ever
performed in the state, there being
only about twelve successful opera
tions in the United States since the
first was performed about two years
Ntrlkerw Riot
Paiis, Aug, 7,-Last night strikers
attacked Conquett's silk weaving
house at Amiens. They threw large
bundles of velvet and other materials
to bar the passage of mounted gndar
mes. Within a few minutes after the
strikers effected an entrance the pre
mises were completely sacked and the
building set on fire by the rioters,
who prevented the firemen doing any
thing to check the flames. Finally the
military arrived and in the face of terri
ble stones, charged with drawn
swords and dispersed the rioters and
the firemen succeded in extinguishing
the flames.
Clone to Nninali.
Houston. Aug, 7. The Houston
base ball club, after a daring struggle
against adverse circumstances, is dead
havincr nlaved the last came with Dal
las. So badly demoralized was the
home club over its approaching ena
that the visitors made eighteen runs
while the home club piled up nine
goose eggs. The batteries were
Flood and Lohbeck lor tne rioustons
and Crothers and Kittle for Dallas.
Fire at Tyler.
T..l. A.,rr m ...An inrn(li.irv fire
started last night in an empty ware
house spreading to adjoining buildings
,) Aatmrt.A Cm nnn wnrth of DfO-
MIIU UMlfUlbU .w,www ........ --- ,
perty, partially covered by insurance,
rim Urat-nt iner3 am the Woldert
estate $3,000, and VV. R. Johnson
K to,, saioon $1,500,

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