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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, August 09, 1888, Image 1

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Waco evening news.
yol. 1
NO. 23.
And . the . Extraordinary . Inducements . Therein.
Wo havo a largo lot of thoso goods in broken sizes and nico styles which
wo will close out at a sacrifice.
A Lnrjre Assortment of Gent Strap Ties, lriucc Alberts,
Oxford nnd Low Button Shoes will be Closed out at
A lino of tho b:nio style reduced from $3 to $2 a pair, and n
lot of the saino stylo In still bettor grado reduced from $4 to S3.
Men's Dongola Pedestrian Oxfords, plain toe, reduced from $4.50
to $3.50. Gouts' Hand 'Sowed French Calf, plain loe, Oxfords,
Reduced From $6.00 To $4.00 a Pair.
Gents' fine French calf, opera and plain toe, button and oxfords
reduced from $0to$4. Also a nice assortment of Southern ties,
Oxfords, Prince Alberts, and strap ties, in the latest styles and
lightest leather, will be closed out regardless of value.
Sanger Brothers.
J. D. Oilmcr A 1'o'n llnrirnliiN.
No. 1. A now G room two-story
brlok house In St. Louis, Mo. Comer
of Utah and Iowa streets, No. 2727.
This is in overy way a nice placo and
only 3 blocks from Benton Park.
Plaqo worth $3800 with an Incum
brance of $000 which has two years
to run at 0 per cent interest. Will ex
change equity in place for a house and
lot in Waco. Tho object of exchang
ing is to locate in some good sized city
In Texas, and go Into tho manufactur
ing business.
No. 2.-10,000 acres in Bandera
county, all under fence in about 5 pas
tures, about 500 acres in cultivation,
58 miles from San Antonio, Baneho
well stocked . Will exchange for Waco
No. 310 acres near Daughorty's to
exchange for property in the city,
price $2,000. Also 0 acres near Driv
ing Park to exchange; price $1.G00.
No. 4700 acres of land In Lime
stone county, l'miles north of Frosa,
0110 third down, balance on as long
H'ne as desired, stock, utensils and
all go with tho placo, 100 acres in
cultivation, 50 acros pasture, -100 acres
prairie, 300 in timber, three sots of
cabins. Will sell at a bargain.
No. 5 520 aero farm, consists of
lotsN. 5 and Oof the Antonio Man
chaoa survey, is all under good live
wlro feiico. about 75 acres in cultiva
tion, balance in pasture, a good frame
house of 11 rooms on the placo, barn
and other Improvements. Tho land
is about 1) miles south of Bolton nnd.
one milo from Salado Kivor on which
is located a steam llourlng mill. Val
ue S20 per acre. Will exchange for
lumber, or NVaco property.
No. 0 125 acres nitlus northwest
of Walnut Springs all under fence,
Uoarly all tillable 70 or 80 acres In
cultivation, plenty of water. Price
SI ,800,ono third cash, balance to suit
No. 7 Lots 1 and 2 blook 17, Cham
berlln addition, North 5th and Ky.
avenue. PrleoM.700.
No. 84 lots block 13, Bell's addi
tion on 23d and Cleveland Sts., also
lots on 22d and Flint Sts. South
west corner blook 5 Bell's addition
Will take Sl.OOQ for all.
J. B. Gixmkh & Co.,
H. JacoDs tno Austin avenue tailor
huu lilitt: niKnlvnil ll mjlflllflfiellt lillO
of new goods lor the full trade, of
latest styles and all tne noveiues.
If you vant a nobby suit of latest
and best lit call at 01100.
Fancy groceries, flno wlno and
liquors at Early & Finks.
A- J- -A-. i. xx
CauKht After Many Venn,
Helton, Tex.Aug.8. Sheriff Sparks
arrested Sam Combs yesterday ovning
on a requisition from tho governer of
Kentucky. Combs is charged with
killing Jim Mound in Lincoln county
Ky,, about six years ago.Ho admits
tho Idling and says that ho is tho
man wanted; that whiskoy was tho
causo and that ho had a good dofense.
Ho has resided in this county near
the town of Moffat about throo years
and has borne a good reputation as a
law abiding mid peaceful citizen. Heis
now in jail awaiting for tho shorilf of
Lincoln eouty. Ky., who telegraphed
Mr. Sparks ho would start at onco.
A lottor written by Comb's brother
while in jail to his mothor, was tho
clue which led Sherlil Sparks to the
detection of tho criino.
A lllt'llino.
Dallas Aug 8. Tho Dallas democo
rato club yesterday extended an Invi
tation to all tho democratic clubs in
the state to join them In tho grand
procession to bo held In tho city on
the night of tho 14th Instant In honor
of tho stato convention. Every dem
ocratic club 111 Dallas county has sig
nified its Intention to bo presont and
0110 of tho largest processions ever
seen in Texas may be looked for.
NmnllpoxliiFt. Worth.
Dallas, Aug.8. Mayor Connor was
yesterday ofllcially Inlonned by
Mayor Brolles of Fort- Worth of tho
existence In that city of six cases
of smallpox, all of which Mr. Brolles
roported to bo safely Isolated and
properly guarded. With such pre
cautions Mayor Cornier believes that
thore Is no causo for Dallas people to
feel alarmed.
Why He Ioh Wim't It.
"Darringer. have you a half dollar
that you don't want?"
"Why, certainly. Here it is."
The next day:
"Say, Darringer. that half dollar
you gave me was a counterfeit."
"Ye3, Bromlev. You asked me
if I had a half dollar that I didn't
Lni, Solon & Rosenthal,
Isaac Lewis' Old Stand.)
H. E. ClAJfrJL,U& & Co.
We would Respectfully Invite Attention to
our unusually well assorted stock of
Dry Goods,
Gents' - FiiNiisiing - Goods,
:. and
rffc i$b su to .tti
W w W -ip rs
Lessing, Solomon & HosentbaL
Ooraiex tlx aixcl iVtis-tiix Sts.
Not Captured.
Temple, Tex., Aug. 7. Quince
Wilkerson, the supposed slayer of
Will Blake, has not been captured yet,
but the officers are still searching for
him. He has numerous relatives in
the county and will find little difficulty
in eluding the officers.
Nhot IK'IMl.
El Paso, August 8. John Sherman
shot aud latally wounded F. N. Man,
known as "Dutoliy Man." a switch
man in tho Southern Pacific yards,
to-night at 0 o'clock. Tho ball passed
through Man's stomach and liver,
going clear Jhrough his body, nnd ho
will dfc.
Cot Hull.
Bolton, Aug. 8. Justice Estill has
been engaged since Monday last in
the preliminary examination of two
cases against Monroe Crow, charged
with the murder of J. H. Lommous
and Ham Sninions on the sumo day,
near Bogors. Justico Estill allowed
accused bail in tho sum of $5,000 In '
each caso. j
GeorKiNiu ! HnlliiN
Dallas, Aug. 7. Mr. John C. Burgo,
chairman of the tax reform association
of tho sixth congressional dlstriot,
l.nn tjtfifl o nnll fti ti tvinciu viutnHlifr
at Shady View park next Sunday at
0 a.m., for the purpose of perfecting
county organization with a view to
the formation of tax reform clubs in
all tho precincts and wards In tho
county and tp bringing tho Henry
ueorge siigie iu ujr uUJUlu
the people for discussion.
The Dcndly IMntol.
Now Boston, Tex., Aug. 7. A pro
bably fatal shooting affray took placo
hero this evening, about 7:30 o'clock,
In front of Leonard's saloon, botwoon
F. M. Brooks, 11 young attorney of
tills place, and Jim McCrlte, a young
farmer living near hero. Several shots
wore tired by Brooks, three of wliloh
took effect in McCrite's shoulder and
lungs. It Is not known whether Brooks
wus lilt or not, as ho ran out tho back
way, through the saloon, and has not
been seen since. Tho causo of the
shooting Is unknown. Up to 10
o'clock to-night McCrlte was still
living, but the doctors entertain llttlo
hopes of Ills recovery.
:. Mattings.
A Illir Wolf Hunt.
Gibson, I. T., Aug., 8. A party
is being organized here for a big wolf
drive, to take place some time in
September. The purpose of the hunt
will be to kill and drive out the young
wolves, which if left alone will commit
great havoc among calves next season.
Mr. Walter Jones will be captain of the
party, and Mr. Eb. Weklon master
of the hounds, while Mr. Dick Rich
ards will superintend the ramping
outfit. A great time is looked for,
and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas
Railroad is expected to sell round trip
tickets within the limits of the Terri
tory for one fare.
Nnlrt For Him.
Galveston, Tex., Aug., 7. Alder
man Robert W. Shaw, suspecting that
an attempt would be made last night
to burglarize his residence, coiner
Church and Tremont streets, foaded
up his shotgun with No. 1 2 shot and
laid in wait for the intruder. His
watch was finally rewarded, and be
fore waiting long he discovered a
young colored boy named Milton
Bryant, occasionally employed on the
place, in the act of getting through
one of the windows of the Mouse.
' He peppered his legs with bird hot,
! caus,nB precipitous retreat. Bryant
was arrested to-day and locked up oh
the charge of burglary.
A j.cttcr From uindntone.
. . , . ,The folow.
, -. o- ,-
ing letter has "been received by Dr.
Stcrrett of the university in acknow
ledgment of the receipt of a copy of
his epigraphical journey in Asia
"To J. R. Sterret, Esq. I'h. D
University, Austin, Tex., U. S. A.
Dear Sir I thank you very much for
tne work you nave so cou.teousiy burns. n another loom, sitting up
sent me, and I rejoice to see in it a fur- j right in a chair was the burned body
ther example (if the hellenic researches' 0f jr5t uerg. Upon a bed in ano
in which the citizens of your great ther r0om lay the daughter Libbie and
country have already gained such I the grandmoiher. The child.had died
high distinction. I have the honor to 1 ,-rorn suffocation while the grandmother
be your most faithful servant. 'dead body was horribly burned,
"W. E. Gladstone Origin of the fire unknown.
A'Yoans Hlrl'M llcrolmn.
Boston, Mass., Aug., 7. C.'rlf.
Brigham, a young lawyer of this city,
became exhausted while swimming at
Ciesent Beach to-day and was sinking
when Hannah Donnovan, a t young
girl who saw his danger from the piaz
za of a hotel, swam out and held him
up until a boat came to his rescue.
Miss Donnovan swam ashore.
A Nhorklnir Prnth.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Aug 8. Tins
morning at Sunbright, Tenn., while
bearing lumber away from Weaver's
mill, Henry Lyle slipped and fell
against the saw, which was in motion.
His lower jaw was entirely cut off and
the saw teeth reached his lungs. He
was still living this evening, but can
not, recover.
nciitli ol n MlHiitmx.
Wadsworth, O., Aug, 8. The wife
ofCapt. Bates died at their home near
this place yesterday They were the
largest married couple in the world.
The captain is 8 feet tall and his wife
was 7 feet 9 inches They have ex
hibited in almost every musenm in
this country and the Old World. Mrs.
Bates gave birth to a child weighing
28 pounds several years ago, and had
been in poor health ever since.
Tho Iinprowiurnt or the ItrHxoN.
Houston, Aug. 7 Mr. G. W. An
gle, of San Antonio, Tex., agent of
the syndicate for the improvement of
the mouth of the Brazos, left to-night"
lor the East. He will 'be joined in
New York by capitalists of that, city
and Boston, and proceed to Chicago,
where a meeting of the syndicate will
take place on the 20th to perfect or
ganization and make irrangements
tor beginning work early in the fall.
Alnlinmii Klcrllon.
Montomeiy,. Aug. 7. The State
ulertioa for Governor, Treasurer,
Auditor, Attorney General, Superin
tendent of Education and county
officers passed off generally quietly.
Col. Tompkins, the chairman of the
Demociatic State Committee esti
mates the Democratic majority in the
State at 75,000. Chilton county is
reported having gone Independent for
want of proper organization.
A Niidden Itenth.
Van Alstyhe, Tex., Aug. 8. Wes
ley Riggs, who had been having chills
came to town to-day about 1 2 o'clock.
He took a dose of quinine, afterwards
drank two glasses of lemonade, and
told Dr. Douglas Moore he was bet
ter and would go home. The doctor
had him lie down on his sofa. In a
short time he had a spasm and fell off
the sofa, but was put back, and died
in two minutes. Mr. Riggs had lived
in this community for thirty years,
and was highly respected.
, Wnnt to Lynch III111.
Temple, Tex., Aug. 8. The negro
John Hancock who was struck on the
head with a coupling-pin by Bose
Murphy, another negro about two
weeks ago, died yesterday about 1 1
o'clock and Justice Lowry was called
Upon to hold an inquest. The verdict
was in accordance with the above
facts. Bose Murphy lied after com-
! milling the crime but was arrested at
! Clebune and now languishes in the
jail at Belton. The colored folks
about here preler to relieve the county
of the expense of trial if the officers
will turn Murphy over to them,
Another Funeral Pyre.
New York, Aug.. 8. .At ten min
utes past four this morning the four
story tenement house at No. 1020
Avenue A, caught fire. The family of
Gustave Berg, who lived on the top
floor, were burned to death. They
were Gustave Berg, 40 years; his wife,
36; mother-in law and 1 2-year-old
daughter Libbie. After the flames
were out, somebody remembere he
had seen the face and form of a woman
at one of the windows on the top
floor, and that she had suddenly dis
appeared with a despairing gesture,
A detachment of firemen found within
a few feet of the window, Mr, Berg on
I his face dead from
suffocation and

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