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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, September 20, 1888, Image 1

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Waco evening news.
VOL. 1
Sanger Brothers,
1888 FALLSEASOM, 1888
We aro now fully established
In our New
Gents' Furnishing DepfflM,
Which occupies the enttft ground
floor of the building adjoining tho
JVXciiia Store.
Large Archways have been
out through the walls, thus
throwing the two barge
Buildings into one, and ma
king together the
Iar5r Goods
We lay Particular Stress on tho
of oun
Clothing and Gents' Furnishing
Boom, It being the Best
Equipped. Best Ven
tilated and
And not only this, but it con
tains tho LARGEST and
that can be found.
All the Latest Styles in Men's Custom-made
Bults, and the
Nobbiest Styles of
Iall - Hats.
We hare jut Received onr New Fall Styles of Jno, B, Stetson's
Sof t cradL Stiff Hats,
And the Latest Styles of tho Celebrated "KKTOSC HAT S."
eo:fttij.a.:r, prices hxjijE.
SaLUxger Bros.
A Long Term.
Athens, September 19, the case
against A. W. Hines, for murder of
John Lawrence, last spring, was given
to the jury last night at 10 o'clock
After fifteen hours they returned a
verdict of murder in the second de
gree fixing the punishment at thirty
five years in the penitentiary.
A Fatal Collision
Galesburg, 111., Sept. 19. In a
collision between two freight trains
here last night Engineer Charles Chase
was killed. The locomotive and two
cars were wrecked. The wreck
caught fire and two t.'amps roasted to
. jwy
A Bridge Burned.
Longview, Tex., ;Sept. 19. Big
bridge across Big Sandy river was
found on fire last night at 1:30 by the
local coming east. About thirty feet
of the structure had been consumed
when discovered. Traffic was stopped
until 9 a. m. to-day, when trains pas
sed over a temporary structure . The
Are was likely caused by sparks from
passing engines early in the night.
HnrrUon and Morton Flag.
Palestine. Tex., Sept. 10. The Re
publicans raised their Harrison and
Morton flag last night on a splendid
pole 104 feet high with a streamer and
electric light at the top. The flag, is
a beautiful one in color and design.
The proposition is to make the pole
and flag a present to the Democrats
if Cleveland and Thurman defeat
Harrison and Morton. The flag
ceremonies were followed by an ad
dress on the subject of the tariff by
the Hon. Webster FlannagaBi4elIver
ed at the opera house, which was
heard by a large audience of Republi
cans and Democrats.
Bean Will CUft.
fconman, Sept iq.-yffte- point
brought out in the Bean case to-day
was that Tom Bean was not living un
der an assumed name, as claimed by
J. W. Saunders, of Mississippi, the al
leged brother of the dead ruillionare.
The depositions of Matthew Fletcher.
David Genlyj W. H. Lee, T. P. Stew
88 Fall Season 88
We arc Now
In Our
Gents Furnishing Room,
And send out tho lvltatlon for
Everybody to como and see
what an Elegant Department
it is, and more especlaly to
Magnificent Stock.
Answering One of the NE
havo BET APART a portion
of the NEW BUILDING for a
Which will enable the Ladies
to Purchase those Goods with
out coming in contact with the
Gent's Xej"t
We Call particular at
tention of the
Laborer Mechanics
To a LARGE assortment of
Whioh We have Brought On
Especially for Their Use.
"Solid Comfort" "Will
Not Rip"
Are the Recommendations.
art and others of Palmyra, Mo., were
introduced, establishing the identity
of Col. Moore Beam and his three
sons, John, Thomas C and Oscar,
from 1836 to 1839 when they left
Palmyra and went to Fayettville, Ark.
Affidavits from Ark., proved the ex
istence of the Bean family there. The
record of the oath of allegiance of Col.
Moore Bean to the Republic of Texas
was introduced. This evidence was
all on the part of H. P. Howard, of
San Antonio, to whom letters of ad
ministration have been issued, and
Mrs. Sarah A. Dare, of Washington
D. C. The attorneys of J. W. Saunders
will not begin the introduction of their
testimony before to-morrow, evening.
The case ft ill occupy several days
and is attracting a great deal of atten
tion, Republican State Convention.
Fort Worth, September 19 The
republican delegation to the state con
ventlon who arrived to-night are very
few, probably fifty in all. Dr. Arch
Cochran, of Dallas, and A. J. Rosen
thal are the prornineut men here to
night. Cuney, of Galveston, the col
ored leader, and DeGress, of Austin,
will be here to-morrow. 1 he conven
tion will not meet until noon and will
not get to work until late in the day.
The great question will be on the state
ticket, there being two factions one
favoring and one opposing nomina
tions. Wright Cuney leads the anti
ticket delegates, while DeGress is the
acknowledged head of the pro-ticket
men. The convention will be a very
quiet affair from present indications.
A Colony up in tho Clouds.
Life at the Lick observatory, over
4000 feet above the ocean level, on a
lofty summit, with other mountain
crests only for neighbors, is an inter
esting study. Here is probably the
highest colony in California. 1 he as
tronomers and necessary employes of
the observatory form a. little world of
their own, and few of them care often to
go outside of it. -The stage that comes
once a day brings news from the world
outside, and visitors, curious to see
the wonders oi the mountain, A con-
tail. Sin
Cor. 5tli cixacl
An Event in Waco will be our
Display this week of Advence and
Exclusive styles of
The like of which has never before
been seen in this city. Our buyers
have ransacked the markets and have
culled the
Gtyricies. -:- amk-NobbiBSl
Just come in and look at them, it will do
your heart good, even if you don't care to
buy just now. You'll receive polite atten
tion just the same.
LessiBi, Solomon & Roseutlal,
tract with a San Jose expressman se
cures all needed freight once a month,
some times oftener. A butcher with
supplies comes up the twenty-eight
miles of tortuous mountain road once
a week. Cows and chickens
are adjuncts to the commissary de
partment. Quail, rabbits and deer
are plentiful in surrounding canyons,
and some of the sportsmen-astronomers
occasionally bung them down.
The summer air is soft, and so rare
find as to exhilarate and make great
exertion seem light. All the astron
omer came from .cities' yet none
complain or sigh for attractions be
yond those revealed by the marvelous
telescope. T
A Matrimonial Oateohism.
He was very practical; and in order
to have everything fair and squre be
fore hand he said:
"You know, darling, I promised my
mother that my wife should be a good
housekeeper and a domestic woman.
Can you cook?"
"I can," she said, swallowing a great
big lump in her throat.
"Can you make good bread? That
is the fundamental principle of all
Yes; I went into a bakery and
learned how to make all kinds of bread.
She added under her breath "maybe."
"And can you do your own dress
making? I am comparatively a poor
man, love, and dressmakers' bills
would soon bankrupt me."
"yes," she said trankly, "1 can
make everything I wear, especially
pattern bonnets."
"You are a jewel," he cried with
enthusiasm:" come to my arms "
"Wait a minute there's no hurry,"
she said coldly. "It's my turn to
ask a few questions. Can you saw
wood and carry in coal?"
"Why, my love, I should hiro that
work done."
"Can you make your coats, vests,
U'ousers and other wearing apparel."
"But that isn't to the purpose,"
"Can you butld a house, dig ditches,
weave carpets and " .
"I am not a professional."
"Neither am I. It has taken the
tllnuUllll, GHAT THIS WEEK 1
Austin. Sts.
OB. -
most of my life to acquire the educa
tion and accomplishments that attach
ed jou to me. But as soon as;I hr ve
learned all the professions you speak
of I will send you my card, Au re
voir," and she swept away.
And the disconsolate young man
went to the nearest drug store and
bought a two-for-a-quarter cigar, with
which he speedily solaced himself.
Detroit tree Press.
No Man's Lnnd.
, Lamar, Col., Sept 19 The people
of Richfield, Kas,, and Boston, Spring
field, Vilas, Minneapolis and Carris,
in this state, are taking steps to or
ganize 200 troops to co into the neu
tral strip and take stolen horses and
other property and capture the thieves.
Their principal object will be to get
the outlaws, who are said to be fortified
in Squad Canon. Persons who have
seen the place says that it is a natural
fortress and and almost inaccessible;
that it will be hard to dislodge the
men who have taken refuge there.
11 m 1 111
Moore'a BnrKlans In Real Estate.
Ono lot with four-room house, on
the corner of Sixteenth and Webster
street. Price $650. Monthly install
msnt, $10.60.
One lot with three-room house, In
East Waco, near Paul Qulnn college.
Price $400. Monthly installment, 12.
Ono lot with three-room house, on
North Sixth street, in rear of J. T.
Wilson's place. Prleo$300. Monthly
installment; $0
One lot with three-room house, on
River street, East Waco. Price $250.
Monthly installment, $7.50.
Ono lot with five-room house, on1
North Tenth street, near V6st Ave.
Price $1,000. Monthly installment,
One lot with four-room houso, on
South Ninth street, near Cleveland.
Price $000. Monthly installment, $27.
Ono lot with three-room house, on
South Sixth street in rear of tho old
university. Price $750. Monthly in
stallment, $22.50.
Vacant lots on Webster and Clav
streots, on Boil Hill. Price from $150
to $300 eaeh, on monthly installment
plan liuosireu.
NO. 60.
T.fiwiim RvntliRi
News! News! News!
We will keep you posted so that
you will know where you
cnu buy roods and
Save - Money.
We have received CO Dozen
Boys' Waists, which wo will
sell at 20 cents each.
We havo Better Qualities which
we will sell correspond
ingly Cheap.
You can buy an Elegant
Boys' or Youths' Fall Hat
for 50 cents each. Of course
we have liner ones too.
We aro showing by far the
Handsomest and most Styl-'
ish Hats for Gentlemen.
Fall Clothing and Trousers
way above tho Standard in
quality, and below usual
For the Ladies!
We show the prettiest line of
Handerchiofs that has ever
boon soon. Hem Stitch Haud
kerchiefs 5 cts., lOots., 15cts.,
20cts. and 25ots. They nro
veritable bargains .
Niw bine of Copiiii
For 35ets. In white and col
ored that cannot bo duplica
ted for 50 cts. It will pay tho
ladies to boo our largo Corset
stock, as wo havo somo very
line ones wo will sell cheap,
For Ladies, Misses vudChil
dren' Just opeued. Theso
goods havo boon placed so
low, that it will not pay you
to mako them.
Hosiery! Hosiery !o
The cheapest and handsomest
lino in tho city.
Balbriggans at 12J por pair.
.Colored finished hose 15 per pair.
Como and see our Now Goods aud
you aro suro to bo pleased.
Lewine Brothers.
Austin & Gth Sis-

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