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faltered at tho tiostoillco at Waco, Tcraj,
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suusenirriox fifty cknts a month,
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Waco,' Texas, Sni'TEMiiEii 22, 1888,
He Favora-ihe Blaine Bill and Ar
raigns Mills Judge Oerald
MakeB a Reply.
'lhcro was a large crowd gathered In tho dis
trict cmct room'last night to hear Col. E. A.
.(ones ilelltcr tho oj)enlng speech of his canvasB
for congressional honors In the Ninth district.
All political partes were represented, and
thire was a good-sized delegation of colored
Col Jones was Introduced nt 3.13 to his all
dlencoby Col. William Cameron and spoke
substantially as follows
Colonel Jones opened his remarks Mlth an an
ecdote w hlch ho said Illustrated that It Is often
the case that men who boast the moat of their
religion, their patriotism or their democracy
have the least of It. Of tho democracy of any
dish I lime nothlni: to say
At this opening moment I wish to say that
whatover may bo said of mo, as to my democ
racy or my character 1 will leao unanswered.
Whatct er the newspapers orthose who employ
thorn may say I will Icaro to bv decided by pub
lic opinion. 1 am hero somo ten days or so
inrllcr than I expected to be because of mis
representations. Hero Colonel Jones alluded
to tho articlo In tho St, Louis ItcpuMtc de
nouncing the parties who formed tho Waco
Home Market Hub This he said was a slan
derous attack upon those who are his Iriends In
this controversy.
"Here." said tho Colonel, "let mo say that
In this controversy I am the follower and they
are lii the advance
Colonel Jones continued "I am hero to dis
cuss the Issues Involved In this campaign. My
lews are not the result of my candidacy but
my candidacy Is the result ol those iews. In
thUcontrotcny It is sold, it Is beliecd, that
the Mills Bill should be, nut only tho test of
democracy, but, gem rally, that that It Is tho
groai mcasnro in wmcu me people or tins coun
try are particularly lnterestid. It Is regarded
as the great measure for public Interest.
I regard the bill ns a fraud. Further, so far
irom oeingasoiiiuern measure ills pecuiiany
a northern measure Whilst generally re
garded as a free trnde measure it is not so un
derstood by those better Informed.
Discussing the hill further, Colonel Jones
said I undertake to saj that that measure In
Its present shape had but one prime oujeet and
that w as political and partisan It w as shaped,
framed, formulated and pained for thu purpose
or capturing two or three doubtful states to
sal the presidency.
lliat bill wnsformnlutidln a conferenco of
jour or nvo men for ineiiurinise or dlctatinc
HOliCV the coverimient shnnlil nnrania At
that time there was an election pending- in
liheide Island. Mills went to Providence and
made a speech. Ho told the manufacturers
that the democratic party was not hostile to
tlulr Interests, ion all remember the honl
that went up from lexas and Its lapers: the
mini mm. mm up irom me men unwuippeu
iiviiiutiai: .
3oon alter tho President' mpftAfive fntlnwi,l
Tlino was eotisumed until the com entlon met
inst, Louis anddroM in tho fen democratic
opponents ortho bill. Wool was kept on the
lre'u list because or tho li.i.tHiO majority in
lcas If'Icas had a majority of S.OuO or 10,
(Hiherrepresentatles wonld not liato dared
muipon sucn a measure, fcuch an ovcrwhcl
mine maloritr is unsnht
Jrroxashad a small majority concessions
w ould be mado to her.
this Mills 11111 Is a measure that sacrifices In
terest for DOlltlealiiurnoscs.
1 think the sheep lost In McLennan county of
more practical alue than nil the otes of Sew
r.irsianu 'J lie illllerence between the demo
cratic and republican parties is not equal to
the sheep lost InMcLtnuan county
Ihis loss lio regarded as tho ellect or tho net
ot 1 -si for which, he chaiged, Mills was partly
-olongasjon pay tnes and limitless pon--lojia
we need not discuss protection and free
iniue. iiiieiiouiioninao mesc lieay e-
luce-tho surnlus tliiiuirli it cost ran im a.
helms accepted a betrajnl or a part of tho peo
ple to getthototesof others
((turning to the Mills bill he said When
this hill was reported there was a renort that
was an apolog to the mauulactunrs. Who
uro me manufacturers y Ho have heard they
wore Ulooti'il bond-holders. You hate heard ft
ItrobabU Tor the last tune, because speeches
inadu In i'roideiice hao been published.
Wool, It Is said, Is put on tho free list to onabie
themanulacturerto get wool cheaper and en-
uiv nun iu eeiiii ins goous inio toreigu markets,
'(his can only bo mudo a possibility by making
labor cheaper here than abroad.
This measure will nut n ntnn in Inimkr.Hnn
What brings the Immigrant here but tho Idea
iiiui mis cuuuiry is mc lauorer's paradise ;
that here iio can net better wairen fnr hiu unrv
Tho bill discourages Immigration by reducing
The Colonel then read an oxtract from Mills'
speech since tho bill was reported In which
Mills savs the woolen inanutaeturer Is not In
jured but benefited.
In continuation ol a proposition, which Col
Jones said ho had not jet been fully able to de
Yolop, he read from n speech delhered In the
senate by; Senator Cokoln 1S, declaring tho
principles of Democracy to bo that so long as
such tnst sums are to bo raised In tlds country
they must bo raised by a dnty on Imports i that
all ItUe-rsats should be eiinally protected
Tills discussion of tnrilf, or protection per
se, declared Col. Jones, is not a Hie Issue but
an issue lorced on us, by ;the accumulation or a
vast surplus In the treasury, designedly piled
up and constantly added to for political pur
poses This Bundus should goback to tho people
enen ir direct legislation is necessary to get it
Here Col. Joues announeed that bo was will
ing lor his words to bo read iu l'rovldencoor
anywhere, and iu further discussion or the
treasury surplus said. That surplus would
hae been iu the pockets of the people Hits
return had not been opposed by the friends or
tarlil rofonn "Seu-nty-soten millions of It
e ould hae been returned to the people by the
passage or tho Ululr bill When the war was
uwr and Its results ascoitalned.lt was tho duty
ol thogovernment to educate tho enfranchised
negroes. The ballot w .s never gl en to a peo
ple moro unprepared ror IU intelligent exorciso
nuelno republican government is certain or
,,? e,ic.?l't lt9 foundation is intelligence.
Hie (Hair bill on'ht to hate passe I because It
would hate been only ghlngbaek tho money
, ndmnced by tho poeplo,., '
(-Vow, said the speaker, what I am going to
say is not, perliapa, as patriotic as eoinu would
sayltsliouldho.liiitltlslmpulslto and comes
Horn the heart or the man. How did that
money get there It got there from thetarln.
three-lourths of which It, paid by the Nprtli
win re the wealth is and ir the Alalr bill had
pihsed, two-thirds or the seteutt-soven mil
llona appropriated iiyiho it would hateconio
to the south on senium ur the greater per cent.
V,1., '"tt11.? Oughtn't we to hao hal It?
)hy didn't It come?
I don't kuow what Democracy means , I
nal er expect to ilnit out w hat democratic or un-
.1otnvrtl mum. Tht bill tlllscd tho Sen
ate In lsl. Then lt went to a democratic
house. 1 comment on this to show tho un
worthy means used to dereat lt. It went to a
commltteo appolnUl by a democratic ipeaKer
for the purpose or burying It. lt was Killed by
imiio,-,,ninc.ln in is;, and acalh In 18(4).
Mi- anrnnil Knninan III rommentlllK thUS WAS
to show you the manner In which tbo politics or
mis country is run ...
They havefllled tho treasury snd kept tho
monoy mere in oruer 10 mane an ibuu.
You know that whoover Is elected no paTtY
can get into power In this country that will
not represent the people
Now there Is something better than a party
plank, It ii Individual thought. ,
At the conclusion or his addresa Colonel
Jones gracefully thanked his audience, and
stated that he would be heard from again.
Col. Jonoa friends greeted bis ut
terances with frequent outbursts of
When lie had concluded thoro was
a loud call made from tho Democrats
presont for "Gorald," and tho Judge
mounted tno rostrum, rue menus
of Joues, howovor, tried to howl him
down, and nearly all of them loft the
room. It was somo minutes bofore
the Judgo could proceed, when
auiot was restored he had a largo au
lenco loft, and ho nroceoded to re
ply to Mr. Jones, first reading tho
articlo to which tho colonel had ro-
forrod in tho St. Louis Romiblic, and
asking if there was anything In that
which slandered Col. Jones' frirnds.
He then attacked his position ou tho
wool question, saying that it bad al
ways been tho thoory of Democratic
government to put raw materials on
tho freo list. Lack of spaco to-day
provonts an extendod roport of Judgo
Gerald's remarks, but they wero en
thusiastically recoivod by thoso who
entertained the same vlows.
coxnnEssioxAi, convention.
Itoromcnitntlon of the Committee, on
Tho commltteo on arrangements
appointed by the Democratic mass
meeting Monday night met in the
ofllco of County Judge Evans at 10
o'clock Thursday morning Judge
Evans presided and W. H. Lesslng
Esq acted as seccretary. Tho follow
ing proceedings wore had:
1 It is determined by Che committee
of arrangements that the barbecue
and congressional convention be Hold
at the same place.
2. Wo recommend Padsitt's nark
as tho mostsuitablo placo to hold tho
convention and barbecue.
3. We recommend that the commit
tee on grounds etc., erect three speak
ing stands, and that one of them be
in front door of tho pavilion, partly
inside and partly outside, and that
the pavilion be arranged for use of
the convention.
4. The following gentlemen were
selected as committee of reception and
badges for dolcgates: Felix H. Robert
son, L. C. Alexander, T. A. Blair,
George Clark, W. H. Lessiug, G. B.
Gerald, Dr. W. H. Wilkes. R. B.
Parrott Jno. J- See, Waller S. Baker
Mayor A. Hlnchman. anil W. W.
5. We recommend that tho congres
sional convention bo called to order
at 10 o'clok a. m. sharp, and that as
soon as tho nopiineo of the conven
tion Is announcb'l tho Hon. Roger.
Q. Mills will bo introduced, and ho
will then address the ontire audience.
' G. That a procession be formed on
the squaro at 9 o'clock a. m., under
tho direction of the marshal of tho
day, Col. James B. Bakor, and march
to tho barbecue grounds, in such
manner and along tho lino selected by
the marshal.
7. All Mexican veterans, tho Waco
Light Infantry, tho Waco Depart
ment and all democratic clubs Jpres
ent aro especially invited to join in
tho procession and all other demon
strations of tho daj
8. That all ciiairmon of clubs ami
other organizations from othor towns
and counties intending to join in this
grand democratic demonstration on
October 1st, 1SS8, aro respeotfully re
quested to notify our marshal of the
day, Col. Jas. B. Bakor, at as earlv a
day as possible, of thoir name and
stylo of organization, and the number
composing them, in ordor that proper
enlclont stops may be takon for their
disposition and comfort.
0. That sneaklmr bv the dlstlnrruisli-
ed invited orators shall commence at
10 a-, in. and continue during tho day.
.. - Wm. H. Lessixo,
T. A. Blaik.
J. W. Sedheury.
G. B. Gukald.
r R. H. RoaEits.
F. M. Makeio.
September 12, 18SS.
But, as for Harrison, he is well
enough as' Blaine's 'shadow. He will
be tractable and docile and do as he
is told. So, after all. if Harrison is
elected, Blaine may be President.
New York Herald, Ind.
Three French soldiers of the One
Hundred and Fourteenth Regiment
were condemned bv their officer, for
minor offenses, to run for three hours
carrying their rifles and fully equipped.
One, named Vallad, fell down exhaust
ed at the end of two hours. The'of
ficer insisted upon his being made to
get up aud go on, saying that he must
keep on till he dropped dead." Vallad
rose and shot himself dead.
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SI. 25 nor dozen for lintrln hnni- nt n,
Art supplies at Hill Bros.
i i I
narrow and A Goebcl recelvo dnliv. m i...
only dealers handling the celebrated BornUk '
Outers In Waco. ,
Waco Furniture Co.
Ane In order that they may reallro
the tact tve will offer ror tho next
4 0 DiVY
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ever offered In tho Lono Sfnr State.
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CO parlor suits from $30 to StfSO.
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25 sideboards from 12.50 to $250.00.
100 wardrobes from $8 to $159.
100 bedstoads from $2 to $25.
100 reed and ratan chairs from $2.50
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150 leather aud plush chairs at prices
to suit tho buyer.
23 folding bods from $18 to $150.
100 sofa lounges from $6 to $50.
25 hall racks from $7 to $50:
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description, and in fact a full lino
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flrst-closs furniture stono, too nu
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