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Local fsttne Card.
Nuttii tioiimt Iaves 2:4iln. rn.
t " D.Mip. m.
( " 1:1" vin,
Sonlli lonm ( " 1 :'-"'!. m.
TltAVlS JotM,
Ticket Alteiit, I'aclflo Hotel Block.
Cation Holt Knutp.
(mill); ent, Memphis A rit 1hiIb, Ivb 1 ;.1 p. m.
Unlntfrnst, Aviom'n (Corslcanu) '.':'!( p. m.
ilolimpt,Wpru8ii, ., l!2:Wi.m.
(lolnisw't, Accommodation 7:Kinn.
I). K. IttllSIIFIKI.tl,
Ticket A (tent, Pacific Hotel Block.
tt'i-st bonml ...Arr . ...i 0:10 a. in,
JArr 4:sup. m.
jlv 0:roa. m.
. . i.niinit jArr vsoop.m.
cut liniin.i . j,,v i):.iop. ni.
li'v 0:G0 b. m,
V. DlLMNflllAM,
Ticket Affent. I'aclllo Hotel Block.'
jjaeo&ueni nejUetns
17H1K SALK New wat?on and span of
' good harness hoises, single or i
Address J. T. Montgomery, Hot Sill,
-,... nr ttAUH ntllrn. A linrimln.
A bargain. tf
To Cotton Unycr.
(io to or telephone. T. 1). Hays at Waco Hull
dine Association, and Insure vour cotton.
Berwick Bay oysters, fresh, 25 cts.
per dozon at the St. Charles. Open
ilny and night.
Boston chips at DeWell's. f
Fresh country producoat Heard's.
Dr. Saunders, Dentist, Mfc!; Austin Ac.
B. and S. at Cotton Exchange
Car loads of toys at Kophal's.
Dr. Sanndcrs, Dentist, WHii Austin Ave.
Art supplies at Hill Bros.
TheJ best brands of rtocket-knlvcs
and razors at Horsfull & Cameron.
Mission grapea and best 5 cent cigar
at Kophal's.
El Paso grapes oxtra choice at Joe
Best of groceries at Heard's, Aus
tin street.
Whlttaker Star Hams at Early &
All the delicacies of the season at
Heard s.
Lacy sells the celebrated McAlister
coal, tho best in this market.
Boss' Imported Soda at tho Cotton
Exchange. t
Fresh country and creamery butter
at Heard's.
The best brands of scissors and
shears at Horslull & Cameron.
Hennessy's Imported French bran
dy just received from Bordeaux at
Cotton Exchange. t
Choice preserves and conserves at
Go to the reliable Jowelers Lovln
skl & Lewlne for flue Diamonds at
wholesale prices.
If you would bo happy go to W. D.
Jackson for photographs.
Choice grocorles at Heard's, 311
Austin street.
Strained honey, this year's crop at
Joe Thompson's.
Fancy Brands sauces at 311 Austin
Hay, oats and bran at Duvall's 300,
Fanoy brands flour at 311 Austin
Fine comb houoy at Joe Thomp
son's. Cords of school books and school
stationery at Hill Bros.
Fancy pickles at Heard's, 311 Aus
tin avenue.
Parties suouia nave lotter and mail
boxes put up at thoir houses and ofll
ces at once. Orders should bo left
for them at H. E. Ambold's gun
storo and they will be promptly ex
ecuted. There will be a temperance lecture
at the East Waco Baptist church.
By Mrs. M. M. Clardy of tho W. C. T.
N, to-day, October 2d.
Choicest meat in town at the Ave
nue market, nothing but tho bost.
The Riverside Foundry Is prepared
to make iron store fronts of all sizes
and designs, at bottom rates, lw
The New Home Sewing Machine Is
a daisy and is sweeping the field.
The headquarters, No. 702 Austin
street, has boeu a busy place even in
theso two dull months. Mr. J. B.
Dixon, the genial manager, has sold
ninety-eight of the New Home in the
past sixty daya.
The attendance at tho Fifth Street
Methodist church last night was
large, and there wore five conver
sions. Preaching will continue
through the week.
Hello. If you want feed for
your horse or cow, call on Lippman
Bros., No. 220, Franklin street,
between second and third. 40 im.
Hamilton Bros & Co., not only ex
tend a cordial greeting to Boll county
people but to all tho visitors In Waco
to come aud see them. They aro
Irishmen, Democrats, and know how
to treat a friend.
Tho Waco Installment Company
can satisfy anv one who needs furni
ture. They will either rent furniture
or sell it on installments so low that
any one can pay for It. They have
line large stock of all sorts of furni
ture and they soil very chean. Dont
purchase elsewhere until you have
given mem a can. Tiioy move ana
pack furniture cheaply. Prather
Block Austin street.
"Joel B. Frazler" whisky, twelv
yoars old at Early & Finks.
The Gabort Brothers, fashionable
tailors, under tho Pacific hotel, carry
the biggest and flnost stock of goods
in Waco. Thoy aro just receiving a
large stock of now roods, domestic
aud imported, and have tailors Just
from the east so thoy can got up suits
on short notice Best offlts find styles
liuuruuieou. '
Puritan nhmilrt tuvvn Infai mul wtnll
boxes put up at their houses aud
offices at once. Orders should bo left
for them at H. 2. Ambold's gun
Btore and they will be promptly exe
There is a wagon loaded with
freight that did not go out In the
country this morning. Instead the
tho corpso o'f tho driver wont back to
Crawford by oxptoss. Tho teamster
J. I' . Long camo in from Crawford on
Saturday. Ho was quite- sick when
he readied Waco, got worse and died
Inst night of black Jotindlco at tho
McKlnzlo wagon yard. Ho had good
medical nltomliuiuo and was attended
by members of tho Masonic fraternity
to which ho bolongod.
Mission grape received dolly at
Early & Finks.
If you want a good meal or a good
bed, go to tho Brunswick on Frank
lin streot. Everything is neat as a
pin and first-clans.
For first class Photos of all stylos,
call on Dcano, Waco's high prlcod
Photographer. No cheap stioddy
work done-.
Little Miss Katy Edmonds, cele
brated hor eighth birthday yester
day evening by an elegant llttlo birth
day party given to several little
Masters and Misses of her frionds.
Tho toniost barber shop in town Is
that of .Toff Williams, tho old "O. K.
stand, Austin street, near the square.
Ho has four tonsorial artists unsur
passed In tho stato, aud a nlco cool
room. Everything kopt nice aud in
tho bost of order.
Go to Mrs. B. J. Doss' millinery
store, I'ourui streot, lor best and
cheapest hats, bonnets and othor
In the United States court to-dav
suit was filed, styled J. B. Watklns
vs. W. E. Tucker et nl. tho suit Is an
uot of trespass to try tltlo to 157 acres
of land situated in Limestone county.
J. B. Watklns tho plaintiff lives at
Lawrence, Kansas and defendants
resides in Limestono county.
Tho finest beef, mutton, veal, and
fish aro always to be found at J. C.
Crlppeu's market, corner Fifth and
Insuroyour property with Meek
& Fltzliugh, office in Pacific Ex
press office, 4th St.
Great bargains In unredeemed
pledges at your Uncle DuffDomnau's
opposite tho McLelland hotel.
Suit was filed to-day in the United
States circuit court, by tho Warren
Deposit Bank of Bowling Green, Ky.,
against E. W. Bowley of this city, for
me sum oi iiut.4U.
When you need money or have
money to spend go to Undo Dull'
Laoy keeps tho best rod ash anthra
cite coal.
Sash weights and ventilators of all
sizes, for sa!o at tho Biverslde Foun
dry, JMrst street.
Tho great Democratic gathering
and jubilee of yesterday will adver
tise Waco considerably. As full de
tails of tho whole affair, was not
only published in the great dallies of
this stato but also by tho large papers
Go to your Uncle Dutf, tho pawn
broker, opposito the McLelland hotol,
If you need any money or want to
spend any.
The fioust are those Mission grapes
at Kophal's.
The bill brigade aro out in full
force to-day.
Tho celebrated McAllister coal will
bo sold only by W. D. Lacy for the
tho present,
Mrs. B. J. Doss, millinor. Fourth
streot. Big stock and low prices.
Woco to-day and Waco of yesterday
presents quite a dlfferont appearance.
The people havo enjoyed their day of
rally and havo now settled down to
business again.
You will save 20 to 25 ner ct. hv
buying from the wholesale aud retail
jewolers, Lovinski & Lewlne. t
A neat three room house to rent.
Price $8 per months. Plenty of
money to loan on furnituro and every
thing of value. John D. Milvfleld.
308 Austin street.
Mr. J. B. Franklin, the wool man
who has been a resident of Waco for
many years is moving to-day to Hub
bard city, where he expects to make
a permanent rosidence. Ho has a
host of friends in Waco who will re
gret tho move which takes him to
another city.
Ico cold drinks of flnost flavor, at
Kophal's great fruit and confection
ery store.
Fresh arrival ot oarrol pickles at
Early & Finks.
Order now while price Is low. Serai- Anth
raclto from buLKV & Kaiily.
Buy feed at Duvall's 300. Franklin. ,
Monday morning, Ootobor 1st at 2
o'clock, Miss Jiettle I'arkor agod, 25
years, uaugiuor oi Air. ana Airs. J. i
Parker, on South Ninth Streot
Funeral took placofrom thorosidonco
tins morning at 11:30.
Ool. Thomas Bonner.
Hon. T. R. Bonner, in his address
at the grounds yesterday, said people
had asked him why he now voted with
the Democrats when, during the pro
hioition campaign, he advocated "stir
ring up the party." He answered the
question by the following anecdote:
A farmer's wagon, loaded with raw
hides, being stuck in the mud, he call
ed upon an old man who was passing
when the old gentleman said, will you
"sorter shake that hide at the team?"
Acting upon that advice the team not
only pulled out of the mud but ran
down the hill, upset and broke the
wagon, and spilled the load. The old
gentleman looked thunder-struck.
What did you do, that for ? Well, you
told me to. O, no, I said sorter shake
it, and you shook it like the devil and
kept on shaking. Now, some of the
prohibitionist want to keep on shak
ing it, and burst everything. And he
further added that because he was a
Democrat was the reason he came
from the pine-claQ hills of Eastern
Texas over into the ninth district to
assist in the re-election of the Hon.
R. Q. Mills to congress.
Details of the Soooking Calamity,
with Testimony at the
At about half past 0 o'clock, this
morning a Nkws reporter saw a
crowd of men at tho now City Hall,
and ou arriving at the scene, it needed
no telling to see that a fatal acoident
had occurred; the blood-stained
planks, tho white awe-stricken coun
tenances of tho workmen, and the
low solemn conversation of the crowd,
told plainer than woods that a human
being had passed earth's portal.
Tho facts as near as could be col
lected during tho excitement, are as
follows :
Mr. Frank Ulauder and S. L.
Spikes, with two othors, wero en
gaged In hoisting some heavy tim
bers to bo used In the tower, and for
this purpose had a derrick erected on
tho top of the building on the south
east side. Mr. Ulander was on the
top while Mr. Spikes was In a window
In tho second story. As the heavy
timber slowly ascended to the second
story, it was suggested that Mr.
Snikes decend on the rope to lighten
tho load for tho two men below. Ho
had no more than begun his descent
when the heavy derrick above tor
looso from Its fastenings, and with a
crash buried Mr. Spikes beneath its
heavy timbers. Mr. Ulander, who
was looking over from the cornice,
one story above Spikes, was here ob
served to fall partially over the cor
nice. In a second or two he plunged
headlong, and fell with a dull thud;
upon tho mass of debris an.i timbers
upon the ground. Extrication proved
that Mr. Spikes was still alive. Both
parties were tenderly lifted and con
veyed to thoir homes.
Mr. B. F. Coroy, who was an eye
wlfness, said: "I was standing at
Sol Rice's storo on the south side of
the square, when my attention was
attracted by a crash, and I saw Mr
Ulander hanging over the cornice
with his head down, he seemed to
me to havo fainted, he hung iu that
position a fow moments, then seemed
to quiver, and immediately plunged
head foremost to theguound.
Mr. C. R. Powell, who was at work
with Mr. J. E. Ferris on the ground,
said: " Wo usually have a horse to
elevate lumber, but as the workmen
needed some timber for the tower,
we started to pull it up by hand. Mr.
Ulauder was on the top of the build
ing, standing by the derrick, ready
to swing the timber in and on to the
roof. Mr. Spikes was in the second
story window assisting. Mr. Ferris
and myself wero on the ground. Wo
had hoisted tho timber nearly to the
top, when Mr. Spikes caught the rope
and suspended himself to it, to add
his weight to ours, as it ascended very
slowly, and in a second the derrick
tore looso abovo and Spikes was im
mediately crushed with the falling
derrick, I looked up to see If any
thing else was coming, and Mr. Ulan
der was lying on his breast half way
over the cornice; in a second he also
fell, plunging head first upon the
fallen derrick, and mashing his head
to a jelly."
A Coronor'ss Inquest was held at
Justice Makelg's office, but no new
fuots were developed, and the verdict
is as follows:
"Deceased come to his death from
the falling of a derrick, and the cause
oi tne inning oi tue derrick 1b un
known." The Carpenter's Union held a meet
ing immediately after the Inquest,
and they passed resolutions deplor
ing his loss. Thoy took charge of
his body at tho undertakers and es
corted it to his residence at 0 p. m.
Mr. Spikes is thought to be not so
riously injured, and will recover in a
few days unless Injured internally.
Mr. Frank Ulander of the firm of
Ulaudor & Ulander, was about 20
years old and unmarried. He had
lived In Waco some seven or eight
years, his brother aud himself having
built up one of tho largest contrac
tors business in the city, besides sup
porting a widowed mother. He was
a man of pleasant genial disposition,
and made friends of all who had
business as well as social relations
with him, and many a man who soes
tho long sablo bands of mourning,
streaming from top to bottom of the
new City Hall, will be reminded that
a good friend, a dovoted brother and
faithful son has passed death's
gloomy portal.
Olub Meetinor To-night.
Waco, Tex., Oot. 2d, 1888.
Members of the Young Men's Mills
club, will boar In mind the meeting
to be held' in the district court room
to-night at 8:30 o'clock sharp. A
permanent and thorough organization
will be had and the attendance of all,
without regard to age, is desired.
Juo. P. Mahsey,
Sor,. Wesi.ow, Secretary.
His Speeoh at the Court House
Last Night.
Senator S. B. Maxey addressed the
people of Waco last night at the county
court house. Although a majority of
Waco's guests had left after the Mills
ovation, the court house was crowded,
and even the aisles and hall was pack
ed with enthusiastic Democrats and
admirers of Judge Maxey.
After being introduced by Dr. W. H.
Wilkes, he dwelt on the confidence
the people of this county have for him,
and then addressed himself, especially,
to the prohibition democrats, giving
them solid reasons why they should not
withdiaw themselves from the party as
he declared they would do, if instead
of suppotting Mills, they supported
Jones or any man not nominated by
the Democratic convention. He de
clared that not over rive per cent, of
the national vote would be cast out
side the two great parties, Republican
and Democrat. He expressed him
self as feeling elated at the reception
tendered Mills to-day, and said when
he arrived he felt despondent at the
dissensions in the Democratic ranks',
but when he gazed on that vast array
of Democrats marching two and two
in the procession, proceeding on their
way to give their endorsement to the
action of the Congressianal Conven
tion, that was then in session, he felt
elated and more then hopeful.
Senator Maxey, in speaking of the
ninth plank in the Democratic party's
platform of this otate, taid that he
could -explain its significance, that it
simply meant that no man, no matter
if he called himself true-blue, Jeflfcr
soman or any other kind of Democrat,
could enter the ranks of the party and
open a Pandora's box and let out ques
tions that would cause dissension and
discord in the party. The audience
evidenced their appreciation of the
speech by repeated rounds of ap
plause. After Judge Maxey complet
ed his address, ex-Gov. Lubbock and
Hon. T. R. Bonner made short
speeches, which were well received.
The will of the late William Warren,
of Boston, the distinguished actor,
has been riled for probate. His books
and manuscripts are left to his sister,
Mary Ann Rice. His nieces, Emma
Marble and Sarah Jefferson, are
given $5000 each. The silver cup,
"Loving Friends," goes to Joseph
Jefferson. Some other bequests are
made and the residue of the estate is
then to be given to his brother Henry
Warren and his sister.
Newspaper Eutcrprlsn In China.
Consul Hughes bends homo from
Shanghai some interesting notes on news
paper cnterpiise in China. In addition
to religious and illustrated periodicals
there are two daily newspapers thpghcn
Puo and Hu Pno published in Chinese
at Shanghai. Tho Shen Poo has a dally
circulation averaging 13,000 to 10,000
copies. During tho Fronco-Chineso war,
Its articles being written by patriotic
Chinese to suit the popular taste, the cir
culation increased to 18,000 copies daily.
Ciieap as tho paper is (less than a hplf
penny), it is often sold after peruso),
sometimes changing hands more than
once during tho day, and it is then
bought by Chlneso postoflico employes,
who 6end it to tlio interior whero steam
ers cannot reach. The circulation of
the Hu Pao is also stated to bo consider
able, especially in this province. Both
theso newspapers, although owned by
foreigners, ate, wo are assured, bona
fide organs of educated Chinese public
opinion. In international questions they
do not always take the foreign side, buf
their influence, Mr. Hughes tells us, if
on the whole exerted in favor of progress
and civilization. London News.
Charge of m Tiger.
As a general rulo a tiger will endeayor
to avoid an encounter witli a line of eje
phants: on rare occasions it will await
their approach, and charge home when
within a few paces, but on still rarer oc
casions it will advanco to the attack from
some distance, mouth open, lips curling
upward, ears down, tail on end, every
hair on its body and head bristling with
Whoever has had the fortune to wit
ness such a charge will never forget tho
magnificent sight, nor tho terrliio sounds
which accompanied tho onward bounds
of the enraged monster, filling the air
around, and drowning tho voices of all
other living creatures in its awful depth
and volume.
A largo tiger viewed under such cir
cumstances, when his head and body ajo
greatly swelled out, and his appearance
rendered most terrific by the bristling of
his hair, is a very different creature from
the listless, flat sided beast of menageries
and zoological gardens. Edward P.
Flugrounds for the Foot.
Says'Dr. Weir Mitchell in his book,
"Doctor and Patient": "When I tee
young girls sweating from a good row or
tiro tennis field, I know that it Is pre
ventive medicine. I wish I saw how to
widen theso useful habits so as to give
like chances to the poor, and I trust the
time will como when tue nieciianio and
tho laborer shall insist on publio play
grounds as the right of his little ones,
I wonder that tho rich who endow col
leges do not even think of creating play
grounds." New York Tribune.
The Flavor of Milk.
Milk Is altered both in taste r.nd rp
pcarance by tbe character of tho food
Eupplicd to tho cows. It is colored by
madder una satlrou, scented by plants of
the onion tribe, and changed in taste by
such articles as turnips. Certain food
may givo It medicinal properties, and
milk thus medicated is proposed as a
method of treating disease. Arkaww
Como out to tlio side, of tho sea, my Iota,
Cot..' out to tho sldo ot tho sea;
Tho nun U set, and the stars aro met,
And tho ulnds and tbe wares agree;
But tho star so bright nor wave so light
Iirlngspleasu.ro or peaco to me.
0 come, for I sit and wait, alone,
Ou the rocks by tho sldo of tho scat
1 nm going down In my memory
To tha blessed long ago,
Wheu the eolden ground of the buttercups
Was dashed with tho daisies' snow.
And I'm thinking of all )ou said to me,
And If It n ere true or no,
While 1 natch tho tl le ns It runs away
From tho bracli so black and low.
tf I should die, my lore, my sweet,
Dlo of your smile forlorn,
Dury me hero by the side of tho sea.
Where nil my Joy n as born.
Whero the w ares shall make my lullaby,
And the winds from night to morn
Shall say to tho rocks, "Ho ha.i Roue to sleep
Whero all his joy wan born."
Allco Cary.
Ashes of tlio Dead.
I havo a German friend, nn artist,
whoso father was for ninny yearn ono of
tlio best known professors of his specialty
in this city. Ho had a shop in a central
district and Bold philosophical instru
ments of a special class, in whoso con
struction and application ho was an ex
pert. He died a couplo of years ago. I
recently called eti my friend ami spent
tho evening with him and his widowed
mother. A portion of our conversation
turned upon tlio dead professor, and sev
eral" Tltmw.X'rioUced that tho widow or
tho son in alluding to "papa," as they
called him, with tender affection, mo
tioned toward a simple terra cotta urn,
locked behind tho glass door of a hand
Borne cabinet in tho corner of tho wall.
I learned later that tho urn held tho ashes
of tlio dead matt, who imd been cremated
by his own request, and that It wns tho
intention of tho mother to havo hor own
ashes mingled with ills when the titno
should come, and both buried together.
AlficdTiumblo in PitUburg Hulletin.
Millions of Wooden Toothpicks.
Tlio American is a great consumer of
toothpicks. Ho not only picks his teeth
in private, but ho docs it in public, and
perhaps finishes by chewing up tho
wooden implement. To supply tho mil
lions of toothpicks used o ery year, in
genious machines of great productive
power havo been invented. Like nil
other businesses, tho toothpick business
has its combination, but aMninoimentor
lins set out to luc.ik it with a machine
Unit makes 0,000,000 picks a day. And
ho is making n new machine- that
will pioduco 72,000,000 a day. Green,
clear, straight grained bjrch and maplo
wood is used, and after steaming for sev
eral hours it is easily cut into veneers, or
thin strips of wood with tho grain i tin
ning acioss. These veneers aro pliablo
and wound up on largo spools, 100 feet
ou eacJi, aud fiom tho spools they mo
fed into tho pick machine, which cuts
them into picks with woudeiful rapidity.
Good Housekeeping.
Mental anil Dodlly Overwork.
The London Lancet says that mental
and bodily overwork is tho most general
and tho least regarded form of illness In
this age. Its treatment requires that duo
attention bo paid to tho two great essen
tials of timely rest and wholesome diet.
A man, says Tlio Lancet, may work on
a liberal scale, provided ho will interrupt
its continuity by timely and adequato in
tervals of rest, and will cat heartily of
plain food. So long as appetito and sleep
aro unimpaired, theic is little danger of
overwork, but tlio failure of cither is un
til io's warning signal that tlio strain must
be relieved. Youth's Companion.
A Very Peculiar Ailment.
No complaint is so common among
the negroes as that of ''palato down"
an ailment which tegular practitioners
do not recognize. Tins is speedily cured.
The iMitient, after swallowing largo doses
of salt water, seats himself upon tho
floor; his medical adviser searches dili
gently for tho lock of hair growing in
tho center of tho crown; finding it, ho
gives a pull, a mighty pull, brings tho
palato into position, and tlio lock of hair
often enliiely out. After having onco
undergono this ordeal of 'pallit raisin',"
tho patient rarely lias a return of the
malady. Harper's Uazar.
Dresses for Young Princesses.
The common senso idea of dressing
children with a viow to their health
rather than their looks has received a
noteworthy exemplification at tho hands
of t their highnesses of Spain. Soma
dresses recently mado for tho young
princesses were slmplo llttlo frocks of
rench muslin, puro while, with tucks
abovo the horn and rows of perpendicular
Insertion above that. Tlio bodices wero
of a pieco with tlio skirls, which wero
Srovided with invisiblo tucks to let them
own as tlio children grow. Chicago
Fishing In China.
Curious and ingenious aro some of tho
Chinese contrivances for catching fish.
In Swatow is used a shallow boat, on
one sldo of which is a narrow plank
painted white, which iu tlio moonlight
the fish mistake for water and jump over
it into tho boat. At Ningpo cormorants
aro systematically trained to fish, whilo
at Ichang a wild animal, such as the
otter, is trained, not to fish, but to
frighten tho fish into nets. Arkansaw
Lighthouse Keepers' Humanity.
A humane- lighthouso keeper has a sup
ply of perforated pasteboard boxes in
which to keep birds that havo maimed
themselves in flying against tlio light
houso tower. As many as 481 birds,
dead or alive, havo boon entrapped in a
singlo night. Chicago Herald.
The Dank of England monopoly was
established by tbo prohibition, by act
of parliament iu 1708, of any company
exceeding six jicrsons acting as uaniccrs.
Boston Dudgct.
Ho who is unwilling to submit to unde
served blomo should remember to refuse
undeserved praise. Ivan Fanin.
Thero aro ten ladles in tho world at tho
present time who bear tbo title of em
press. Photographs have been taken bj tbe
Mgbt from a nrepiace,
The Direct Route
To All Points.
New Mexico,
And the Northwest.
2 Daily Trains 2
The Direct Route to All
Points in tlio North
and South,
Via St. Louis
Pullman I'alaco Hotel Cars aro run
between St, Lonls and San Antonio,
vlaSedall dally. All trains nrrh o
and depart from tho Grand Union
Depot at St. Louis, thereby nssnrlnK
passengers speedy connections.
Fast Time! SnDBrior Accommo-
Ticket Agent,
Waeo. Tnxus,
l'ass. Agent,
Houston. Texas i
General l'assencor ami FrelRhttABent,
St. Louis Arkansas &
Teaxs Railway.
"Cotton Belt Route."
Tlio New Standard Gauge
Through .-. Line
Arkansas and Texas,
Via CAIRO to
Connecting In Union Depots with
through trains for all points In
Illinois, Iowa,
New York,
Ohio, and pII Points
North and Bast.
Don't buy a ticket for any
point until you huvo consult
ed tho Agent of tlio Bt. Louis,
Arkansas and Texua Hallway.
(lonoral FasBengor Agent, Bt. Louis
Ass't Gon'l Fass. Agent, Bt. Loult.
Looul Ticket Agout WttOO,?rex
-.. . r'-
afejtegd '. b&Z&ex!LM-vvl yJ

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