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tndln Nation! In America.
There nro today in tho United Btatc8
less than 800,000 Indians, including nil
tho partially civilized and tho wild tribes.
In Central America and Moxico there- nro
about 0,000,000. In South America they
aro estimated nt T,000,000. Tho philolo
gists, whoso w orks in etwl1ng and clas
sifying native languages of tho Now
World aro of gieat value, have recog
nized nbout 700 separate nnd distinct
tongues, of which 4 U0 belong to North
America and 330 to South America. Tlio
languages represent as many eeparato
nations or tribes w liich onco existed here.
Many of tho nations aro extinct, par
ticularly those vhlch inliabited tho At
lantic states of tho Union, but fragments
nt least of their speech hnvo been pre
served by writers v ho v ero contemporary
with them. These languages wero not
mere dialects of the same tongue, but nre
completo each in itself nnd distinct tho
ono from tho other, nil conforming to de
mands that enable the philologists to clas
sify them in their ethnological as well ns
linguistic relations. Tho testimony of
these languages seems to declare that tho
temperato legions of North America were
tho corresponding regions of thn southern
continent, which onco supported a denso
population nnd still maintains many mill
ions of tho nboiiginal races.
Tho Spanish conquerors had always
two great objects in view. Ono was to
secure gold, tho other to propagato their
religion. They had no desire to destroy
tho natives. They killed when it ap
peared necessary in order to carry out
their objects, but otherwiso their policy
was to interfere as littlo as possible with
with them, nnd having conquered, to
protect and prescn o tho original inhab
itants. Civilization penetrated thoso
countries by slow degrees and the simplo
Indians were not much exposed to its
withering touch. As a consequence thero
aro in South and Central America and
Mexico today moro than 13,000,000 of
tho aboriginal races. In tho vast region
of tho United States where there wero
people who constituted tribes or nations
enough to represent several hundred lan
guages thero aro today about 250,000
only of tho people who represent tho an
cient inhabitants. New Orleans Pica
yune. Kind or Fruit Indigestible.
That tho rind or skin of all fruit is
moro or less indigestible, is a fact that
should not bo forgotten. "Wo say all
fruit, and tho statement must bo under
stood to include tho pclIicIo of kernels
and nuts of all kinds. Tho edible part of
fruit is peculiarly delicate, and liablo to
rapid decomposition if exposed to tho
atmosphqre; it is, therefore, a wisopro
ision of nature toplaco a strong and im
pervious coating oer it, ns a protection
against accident, and to prevent insect
enemies from the seed within. Tho skin
of plums is w onderf ully strong compared
with its thickness, and resists tho action
of water and many solvents in n remark
able manner. If not thoroughly masti
cated before taken into tho stomach tho
fckin is rarely, if ever, dissolved by tho
gjkstrio juice. In some cases pieces of it
adhere to the coats of tho stomach as wet
paper clings to bodies, causing moro or
loss distui banco or inconvenience.
Raisins nnd dried currants aro particu
larly troublesonio in this way, and, if not
chopped up before cooking, should bo
thoroughly chewed before swallowing.
If a dried currant passes into tho stom
ach whole it is never digested at nil. In
tho feeding of domestic unimals this fact
should bo kept in mind. If grain and
leguminous seeds nro not crushed or
ground, much of tho food is often swal
lowed wholo and the husk or pellicto
resists tho solvents of tho 6tomach. caus
ing a considerable ss of nutriment.
Birds, being destitt of teeth, nre pro
vided with n special .ipararus for grind
ing their seed, namel; , tho gizzard. Tho
indigestibility of certain nuts is partially
duo to tho brown skins. Blanched al
monds, on this account, aro moro digest
iblo than thoso which havo not been so
treated. Popular Scienco News.
Invention f the ran.
Apropos of tho season is tho rretty
legend which tells of tho inventionof the
"The Chineso annalists relate that
long, long and loner aero, when thlEm.
peror Hoang-Ti reigned, his empress, the
waumuiDu-ung-sni, neiaagrand court
festival ono sultry summer day. Tho sun
just blazed down from on unclouded
sky; tho air was so still that even when
the empress and her ladies wandered into
the gardens, not a zephyr moved to re
fresh them by a cooling breeze. 'If l
could only make tho air movet'-sigbed
the despairing prinsess,' and she , dis
missed her attendants and took a bath
in a secluded fountain. Aa she Jay re
clining in indolent languor beneath tho
shade, a queer littlo old woman ap
proached her, and bowing to the. ground
placed in her hands the prettiest, tiniest
littlo fan, all ivory and silk anUigold and
iuwijuvi nuis, mm saiu; u gracious
Huron i cuusoii 01 1110 Hon01 Heaven, bo
hold what will mako thewir cool when
the sun burns tho earth P. Sho then re-
iireu as mysteriously as die corno. The
heart of Su-ling-shi was filled with de
light, nnd tho next day she -showed the
miniature fan to a cunning; artisan and
bade him make her a dozen such toys r of
largo size, which ho accordingly did. So
tno impress Su-hng-shi suffered no
moro from tho heat when, the west winds
wero siiu, ami ever sincojfans have been
jinzuu oojecis 01 comfort and elegance.
Kansas City Journal.
Seal for theMuseum.
Capt. Thorold, of San Francisco,
shipped eleven seals captured at the Far-
auones to various museums east Thoy
will mako tho trip in tanks of sea water.
Fourteen sea lions In all wero capture
by tho sailors under tho captain, but two
escaped at tho wharf by diving off the
"oner wnen released, nnd another
""" n n "gnt with a fellow seal in
tho hold. Tho animnla t 1
by sailors, who creep up on them when,
asleep, throw a sack over their head and
teo their flippers. Karl Hansen, ono of
the men, attempted to capture an aged,
gray bearded brute, and failed to get tho
back securely over Ida lipml. Tim D.t
nials tihook him off. attacked liim nmt
bit lialf of ono of his hands oft before
another sailor could come to tho rescue.
Tho lion was shot in the neck, but man
aged to escape into the wutor. Chicago
Herald. .
A2TolCO Oiriositr iSlxop.
Where it is, What it
S01110 tnou engnge in business with
very little money, having an nbim
(lttiicu uf push mid got up and get nnd
good common business sonso, knowing
how, when ami whoro to buy goods,
pushing rapidly to tho front, aro al
ways glad to moot and wolcomo com
petition, rejoicing In the prosperity of
all, with tho motto, "Onward and up
ward," ovor boforo them. Thoy rcal-
izo tho fact that ten years ago nro not
the ways of to-day, that old fogylsm.
Is dead. Such men desorvo success.
Others starting in business when
all It was thought uocessary for a man
to know was what he paid for an ar
ticle and to sell it at double the cost.
Such men soon got disgusted at the
busiuess push and success of tho mod
ern merchant, and rather than moot
competition stands oil' and defies it
rather than sell goods at a fair profit,
let them lay on the shelves and rust
and grow old. Gradually dropping
back, back, back, and out, leaving
business for younger men, and men
that aro awaro of tho fact that this
is tho Nineteenth Century.
Waco Curiosity Shop.
Independent Candidates.
In another column will be found
tho announcement of tho candidacy
of Capt. A. J. Ish for tho stato legis
lature. Capt. A. J. Ish is known to
nearly every man, woman and child
In tho county. A solid, practical,
woll to do farmer, of fine intellect and
business qualifications, ho is no small
opponent.for the regular Democratic
nominee and will poll a heavy vote
in November. Capt Ish is level
headed with clean cut ideas of politics
and good government, and has boon
all his life long a steady and persist
ent Democrat. Whatever a man's
political proclivities he must concede
tho ability, integrity and earnest in
tentions on the part of the candidate
ou the Independent ticket, Ho asks
his friends for their best efforts in his
behalf and his friends nre very nume
rous all over tho county,
Mr. Geo. W. Stublefield will bo
found announced lu our colunms ask
ing tho suffrages of the people lor
State Senator for McLennan and
Falls counties. Mr. Stublefield is one
of the most sucoessfull farmers. He
Is a gentleman ot marked ability, ox
tensive Information and possessed of
that sound common sense which dis
counts genius. No man stands
higher in the county for moral Integ
rity or sterling worth and if elected
he will do tho counties credit. His
friends aro legion and ho is one of the
strongest men for the race on the In
dependent ticket.
In this issue of the News will bo
found the name of Mr. J. U. Clabaugh
who asks tho votes of his friends at tho
November election. Mr. Clabaugh
is candidate for sheriff and if elected
will make a first-class officer. He Is
well and favorably known .every
where, 1b a man of fine physique, fear
less disposition, of high qualities and
ono who would be an arm of strength
to tho county. He is popular in tho
county nnd has a fine record.
Tba Minority Report,
Washington, Oct. 2. Sen. Beck's
contribution to the minority report of
the tariff bill reached Washington by
messenger this morning. Senator Beck
is reported as improving, but is not
yet well enough to resume active sen
atorial duties.
I.lncon's Portrait.
Washington, Oct. a. Senator Voor
hees, from the library committee, to
day reported favorably the bill for the
put chase of a life-size painting ot
Abraham Lincon by G. W. F. Travts
at a price not exceeding $13,000.
Order now while pneo U low. Beml-Anlli
rC ito from intutY A Kaiily .
t -
'Jim- feed atDuvall's 300. Franklin.
.Hennessy's Imported French bran-dj-
Just recelvod from Bordeaux at
I Cotton Exchange. t
is, What it has done, ana" What
"Lay on MuDtiil', and damned bo ho
who Hist cries 'hold, enough. ' "
Waco Curiosity Shop.
J'liich a pigs lull and ho w 111 squeal.
Soinoboy's tall must havo boon. badly
pinched. Waco Cuilnsity Shop for
Lord, but such advice. Aro you
badly hurt? Waco CurloMty Pliop
for dishes.
Don't go to
Did you over I
socoud-hmui stores.
Tho Curiosity Shop
for lamps.
Old or second-hand goods (shelf
worn) at tho Curiosity shop.
I moan what I say. Good second
hand goods aro much better than poor
quality of sholf-worn goods, and far
cheaper. The Curiosity Shop for
chamber sots.
Would havo no troublopassing most
of that frosh stock ns second-hand
How tho bird ilulters; must bo bad
ly hurt.
Goods at tho Curiosity Shop aro sold
as socond hand when thoy begin to
got shop-worn.
To dofy competition is ono thing, to
meet It squarely and bravely is an-
othor. Toll tho truth and shamo tho
Can goods that aro 8 or 10 years old
bo now and frosh "
Tho Curiosity Shop sold moro stoves
at retail during tho last fourteen
months thnn any two stovo houses In
If thero Is anyono in Waco that has
any now goods to soil at second-hand
prices, tho Curiosity Shop will buy
all that Is for salo.
To nrrlvo in a few days, a larjre stock
of kitchen, dining room and bed room
furniture All will bo sold low for
cash or on onstnllmcnt.
Waco Curiosity Shop.
LOOAL. pick-ups.
Insure anything joh lme against (Ire with T.
11. Ha)s, atoillccor Waco lluilding Association;
his companies are the best, and some one is al
wnjsln thoolllce.
Dr. Saunders, Dentist, Ktiil Austin Are.
Stolto Brothers forficsh bread,
Dr. Saundeis, Dentist, G02'f Austin Ave.
Take Peelers Chill Syrnj)No CmtK No Pai
Stolte Brothers ror fresh bread.
Satisfaction guaranteed on ever) thing you
buy at Peeler's Drug Sioro.
Dr. Saunders, Dentist, 692,'f Austin Aio.
cures coughs and
Stolto Brothers keep constanrly on hand all
country produce, fresh.
Cheapest and best meat In tho city, nt Itld
dle's, Mi south side square.
Peeler's Drng Store for Dressing Cases, Sho
ving Sets, Work Bois, Manicure Seta and
Toilet Articles.
Feeler's Blood Altcrntho will purify the
blood when nothing else will. It Is narrnn
tea. Fresh Cheese at Stolto Brothers, corner of
Cth nnd Franklin slrcUs.
Iilddla is on deck again cutting tho best steaks
and roasts in tho city, at 'MS b. sldo square.
Peeler's Drug Store Is tho cheapest placo In
Waco to got your prescriptions filled. Only
experienced druggists.
Well, rare and Juicy. Thoso steaks at Bid
die's moat market.
Peeler's Liver Pills are tho best In the world,
small and easy to take. E try box warranted
Dr. J. II. Iloyctt, dentist, corncrAustln anil
Seventh streets.
You will tavo money by buying what you
want In the Drug lino nt Peeler's Drug fcterc,
Corner oth and Austin street
208 S, side square. Best miat market in
Extra turnip seed, any vorloty, only so cts,
per lb, at Cooper's Supply Storo.
Peeler's Drug Storo for Violin and Onltar
Strings, Paper, Pins, Ink and Pencils, all at
bottom prices.
Darrow and .V Goebel receive dally, are the
onlyUealors handling tho celebrated Berwick
Oysters in Waco.
Turnip socd. lluest, this jear'stropj rye nnd
barley seed, fresh and puro, nt Palmer's seed
and feed store, Eighth and Franklin streets.
Peeler's Cholera Mixture will euro cramp
colic, cholera morbus, dlarrhwa and llu. War
ranted. Fresh Bread delivered at yonr residence
every day by Stolto Brothers.
Peeler's Drug Storo for Perfumery, Fncu
Powders, Toilet Soup, Combs and Brushes,
Cheapest In town.
Peeler's Com UcmocrtakeB off corns with
out pain or scar. No Cuuk N o Pay I
Otstkhs I I Joo LelAnan 1b now prepared to
furnish his patrons dusters fried, btewod,
broiled, pan-roast, oyster loaf, box fry and In
any other style, together with all other thing!)
tho market supplies In their season.
Darrow &, Goebel, meet market, Austin
Ainnuc, between 7th and fcitli. Finest mtatB,
oysters, 11 sh etc., to be had in this market,
dcll ered to anv uuTt or t lie cltv.
Go to Hill Bros, lor school books.
For flno watch, Clock and Jewolry
repairing go to tho old rollablo Lo-
vinskl & Lowino.
Tho Woolon Mill wants about twou-
ty-flvo women to run sowing ma
chinos, VorhmiH ilnairlnir nliiln or fnnnv
lvumbors for tholr liousos should call
on Ii. Btornkorb. lMaln numbers 25
conts, 21-lw.
MeAllstor coal is tho host, hardost
nuu cicanoac ot an tno soini-unuirn
cite vnrlotlos In this market.
Cholco canned goods nt Hoard's.
Lovinski & Lowino carry tho finest
stocK 01 goiu aim savor wntciies
I wholesale prices.
it is Goina to Jo !
Tho Waco Cm loslly Shop is til 707
and 711 Ausliii Htroot. Tho Waco Cu
riosity Shop Is tho placo to buy and
sell all kinds of second-hand goods.
'I'lioy carry a full and complete stock
ufl'urnlluro, stoves, lamps glasswaro,
trunks, sowing machines, and nearly
ovory in tlclo neoded for housekeeping.
It is tho pluco thntnevor trios to hum
bug tho peoplo with so-callod Cost
Sales, Moving Sales, or othor dovlcos
to deceive. It is tho placo whoro thoy
can and do sell goods at a fair profit
so that thero Is no accumulation of old
timo-worn goods. It Is tho poor man's
friend. Tho Curiosity Shop was start
ed less than threo years ngo with loss
than a small fortune, and a good nnmo.
Since then it has sold nearly 120,000
worth of goods. It has holpcd hun
dreds of peoplo to furnish their homes
when thoy could not do so in any oth
or way. It hns continued to grow,
mako friends and prospor as no othor
houso in Waco ovor did with samo
Now let mo tell you what tho Curi
osity Shop is going to do. It is going
to havo tho best slock of now stoves,
furniture, trunks nnd general house
hold goods it ovor had. It is xolng to
meet all competition and lead it when
wo can. It will make special low
prices in now cook and heating stoves
and in tho futuro as in tho past, try
to mako ns ninny friends as possible,
realizing that it is by our frlonds wo
live Thanking all for past favors
and our prosperity, wo aro as over,
Waco Coriosity Slop.
Pr. Tin: i.euinlatuhi:.
Capt. A. J. Ish Is an Independent candidate
for tho Legislature from McLennan county at
the election In No ember, nnd asks tho otes of
all his friends, without respect to party.
Olt MIF.ItlFF.
Mr. .T. U. Clabaugh, of Rosa, Is nn Indepen
dent Candidate for Sheriff of McLennan county
at tho ensuing November election. He solicits
the otes of his friends and acquaintances.
Wo nre authorized to annouucoMr. Geo. W.
Stubblcfleld as Independent candidate ror State
Senator at the btatc election In N'o ember.
ForHnlc nt n narenln.
I offer for sale at a bargain the boardiug house
known as the Tnjlor House, on Mary street,
between Seenth and Eighth. lotfiU.xlW feet.
houso contains thirteen rooms, large barn, well,
etc., una win soon no in one 01 mo best unsi
ness locations in tho cltv. Also tw o nice build
ing lots on North Fourth street, back of ware
house, at a special low price. Call on mo If jou
uesiro 10 uuy auure properly.
.I10. M. Cooi'nn. Waoo. Teas
P. S Tho boarding houso will be for rent
on uci, ist, iswi.
Flour Honor Charles Bast, cornor Austin
and Sixth street has a largo lot of lino flour on
hand bought before tho rise and he idles cus
tomers tho benefit in prices. Also a big lot of
honey cheap. Look out: for specialties at
Bast's there's money In It.
for Seml-Antliraclto.
Skley & Eauly.
Stolto Brothers keep nothing bnt tho freshest
of ocrj thing In their storo.
Tho Avenue market for fat and
choico meats cut in marble slabs.
Boston chips
fresh everyday nt
If you want fruit cans or glass Jars
for canning go to Barnoy Feldhako's
Parties should havo lettor and mall
boxes put up at their houses and oftl
cos at onco. Ordors should bo left
for them at H. E. Ambold's gun
storo and they will be promptly ex
ecuted. 4
Tho colobratod McAllister coal will
be sold only by W. D. Lnoy for tho
tho prcsout,
Mrs. B. J. Doss, milllnor, Fourth
street. Big stook and low prices.
You will save 20 to 25 por ct. by
buying from the wholesalo and rotafl,
jowolors, Lovinski & Lewlno. t
A neat throo room houso to rent.
Prlco $8 por months. Plonty of
money to loau on f urnlturo and every
thing of vuluo. John D. Mayfleld,
308 Austin stroot.
Ico cold drinks of ilnost flavor, at
Kophal's groat fruit and confection
ery storo.
. .
Sasli welahts and ventilators of all
sizes, for mile at the Blvorsido Foun-
ury, Pirst street. "
Go to your Undo JJutF, tho pawn
broker, opposlto tho MoLelland hotel,
If you nood any monoy or want to
spond any.
All thn lntoHt. Rivfna mill tinvnltlnn
at at Mrs. B. J. Doss' millinery store,
rouriu sirooi.
300 Pairs Boys Knee Pants, sizes 5
years, worth 50 to y$ cents, at
25 cents per pair.
100 Boys' Caps, worth
1 Million yds Rushing
5000 Bargains in Dress
1000 Bargains in Men
t rnr V;c TJiKKnn wnrfVi t r f n o c rfnfc nr
We Handle Everything you wear. We
save you money on everything you buy.
"I710K SALE Now M agon and span of horses
,! good harness liotscs, single or double.
Address J. T. Montgomery, Box 31U, Waco,
Texas, or atNeue olllco. A bargain, tf
T A "Tyij1"OC We hnio old papers con
J. J.l. JljJIJiio stantly on hand and
mrues warning mem can gel mem ai n nargain
c, No.
:vamimnir at the Kenlnir .Ncm cilice
uis.iusun .iM'mio
WANTK1) A position as saleslady In dry
goods store, Iirwi had nine years expe
rience In millinery business and can give good
references j address Bo HO. 21-lw.
TTOR SAI.K Two line grado Jersey cows,
Jj both with) oungcahes. W. F. tirlffln. 24
LOST Check No. Il$i2, drawn on Wnco Stato
Bankby ThompsonBrothcrs, D. II. Brown
benrer; under will please lcao samcwilh,waco
Statu bank, D. II. Brown Boseuthal, lexas.
WANTED Tho Woolen Mill wantB about
twcnty-flc women to run sewing ma
chines. 10-Iw
MBS. J. N. IIAIKSION ban decided to com
mence Dressmaking again, on South 4th
street No. dil She solicits the Patronage of
her old customers.
WANTED A house-keeper Apply Imme
diately at Mrs. M. A. Itoblnson's storo
under the Mitchell Houso on South Sd street.
OUANGE BLOSSOMS--I)r. Meglll's ruinous
Orange Blossoms, Mrs. A. J. IUchardsou,
agent, North 10th street. 0-i:i-Im
horses ; also tw 0 second hand ilclh ery w ag-
011s. Apply to W. S. IUard,,.UlN. 4th St.
ITlonSALE A pair of largo first-class work
J mules, seven 5 ears old. Mrs. S A. bavcrs.
N. 14th at., betii een Jefferson and Barron sts.
LOSTA gentleman's pin and chain, cresenl
shaped. Letters O M A on face and II. S
on rev crso side. A reward wlllbopuldfordo
Uery to thoNKvrs olllco.
k"5 any 1
him n cai
EWING MACHINES-S. J. Smith, says for
ly kiuu 01 sewing jiacnine uueincss, write
card or call at No. 61'.' Austin Aienuo.
"TXTANTED I will pay 33 c. per hundred for
VV old baling wire, 20 wires In a roll.
Gxo. B. Lamudik.
PARTIES building restdonreB shoald cxam
amlno Mr. llewett's cast Iron lire placos
(or burning wood. Has also a cast Iron grate
In four pieces ror burning coal. They are beau
tiful hnd will labt forover. Can see samples In
Cook's or Larmour Herbert's office.
371011 SALE Ono book case, 1 step ladder, 4
j tables, lfonr horse cngino, lour heating
stoves and pipe. :i desks, bowl and pitcher.
wasu sianus, nun uozencuairs, veiigrapn type
writer, otllLo railing and counter, patent letter
lllcs. 1 Hall safe, 1 storo counter, 'JO, 000 old
lapcrs and a largo amount of other second
land furniture. J.so.K. Elqin.
COWS FOB RHNT-I havo good milch cows
I will rent to parties wbi will take good
care of them at tlw low price of one dollar per
month. Geo. Lambilln. tf
3710R BENT House of soven room on Fr-nk
hn and Ninth streets. Apply to C. N,
100 Wall Street, Waco, 'lexas.
Kelly A Ntnudircr.
No, toff Austin street, keeps eerj thing In
groceries and produce. First class goods at
reasonable prlcoi, nnd prompt delivery,
(jive him u call wnen buying groceries, and
you w 111 be pleased w 1th tho way they do busl.
& Migei,
25 cts. at 20 cts.
worth 25 cts at 8 cts.
Goods and trimmings
and Boys' Clothing.
The Southwestern Sohool of
Will open their winter term on October 15th.
We announce with Increased facilities for teach
ing those arts In which wo embroco tho follow -ing
sj stems: Ben Pitman, Graham's, Mnnsen's,
I.lndncy's, and tho Stenograph. Ourtype-wrlt-ing
department is unexcelled. We use both
the Callgraph and Bcmiugton machines and
both ire taught uy experts. We aro also pre
pared to do 1111 unlimited amount of short-hand
work and tpe-wrlting. All work promptly
and neatly oxicuted. Terms reasonable. Call
nt the Western Union Telegraph olllco or ad
driKgl. O. Box !"(!.
Stolte - Brothers,
Delivered In any part of tho city. Increased
trado assures all of our groceries te bo fresh.
Corner Fifth and Austin Sts.
Keeps the Choicest and Fattest Meats
in the City. South Side Public Sqr.
Cholco Porterhouse, loc
Choice roast Sc
Second cut roast Gc
Chuck roast .. . .5c
Choke loin 10c
Choice ronnd 7f'I8c
Choice rib 7fc
Chut!; Bteak tc
Sausagn loc
Spare ribs 12,'Jc
Brisket roast r,c
Mutton COlOc
Veal U10c
Fish UJ.'c
uelhercd at jour residence.
J. J. RI3D3DX.E.
CkU. D'AlliM & SOB
boot and shoe
(lunranlffil. (lood Work at the
I.onrkt PrllPH.
413KAiiHtln Ave.,
Opposlto Tom Padgitt's.
ft. H. Gray,
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Etc.
Country Produce Bonabt and Sold:
Mel & Lenk,
90. 03 Fnnuln Nt.. IIOUNTON. TEXAD.
Franklin Street, Between Fourth and Fifth,
This houso has boon o- orhauled and fitted up
by Mr. Baker, nnd he Intends to mako It sec
ond to none lu tho city.
Ilou'l Walt.
Fox cold weather, but order your winter coal
now or oeiey X tarly, solo Agents ror Berfti
.1 s.

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