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I Continued rrom first pago,
t'a tlw dlvlt's own child he Is. i'vo
heuril Fiircla talk timl bastes talknbut nivcr
wnn o' thim nil that could echpako so
plain ns this liltlo ;rcen dlvil that's vvld
out cither f wit how or hair bo's not
Peto began gathering up his tools and
slothes with the intention of vacating
tho place, when he stopped and gazed
wistfully at lii-t prospect hole. "A prom
ising place it was too, in the main,"
Mild he. "llouly Mother 1 Shall I, n
Christian and a good Catholic, bo tor
mented nvvny by a dirty little heretic
baste like jou? No. I'll glvo him n
wnrinln' j it, and all tho likes of Jihn.
I'll pepper him to-morrow!" So saying,
Peto put on his coat and struck out for
home, turning to shako his fist toward
tho pond as ho departed.
Tho next morning Peto went up to
ward Johntown, a littlo trading post
about a inllo above his claim, and bor
rowed a shot gut:; then ho bought ft
quantity of jwvrder and shot, mid re
turned "toward his mino In a vengeful
mood. Again and again ho said as ho
strode along: "I'll kill that frog if it's
among tho possibilities!"
On reaching hi-! claim Peto crawled to
a big rook near tho pond, and seating
himself uKn it, watched patiently for
over an hour, but the frog was neither
to bo seen nor heard.
"lie has run away," said Peto, ''but
HI kill him if he's anywhere on tho face
of tho green earth!"
Ho then moved cautiously along down
tho canyon. Although frogs wero quite
common on tho Canon river, they were
holdom seen in Gold canyon. At last,
howover, Peto saw what he thought
might bo his tormentor. Ho blazed away
witli his gun nnd stretched tho creature
lifeless on tho margin of tho rail. Ho
was beginning to rejoico over the victory
he had gained when up from the spot
leaped another frog, tho very picture of
that ho had killed. Peto looked at this
new apjKirintion, then turned and gazed
on the slaughtered animal, to bo euro he
was dead. Finding it still stretched on
tho ground, ho went after the second
frog, which ho finally succeeded in kill
ing. All that day ho hunted up and
down tho canyon, blazing away at every
thing that moved. Ho slaughtered many
toads and liiards, but only ono other
Tho next day ho was again out with
his gun, and every day for about a week,
extending his hunt n far as tho Carson
river, and firing iy many pounds of
shot to littlo effect. Ho talked of little
but frogs, and the miners along the
canyon, who always found great eytort in
his eccentricities and in his superstitious
notions, "stuffed" him with many stories
of the baleful influences of frogs and
Ono morning to tho surprise of tho joc
ular miners of tho camp, for whom his
insane warfare, on tho frogs had afforded
great sport, instead of starting out with
his gun, Peto took his nan und crevicinc
poon and depot ted down tho canyon in J
10 direction ot Ins claim. An hour later
Teto camo tearing up tho canyon to tho
amp wild eyed. "I'll nivcr ethriko pick
intil this canyon again!" cried he. That
imp o' tho devil is still there on mo claim I
I was but jist listin' mo second pan of
dirt whin ho laised Ids head from the
water and says: 'Pate, ha vi yo struck iff
says he. -May tho divil blc me, ' says I,
'if yo can't have tho whole bloody canyon ;
I'll niver btrike pick intil it again.' No
moro I will. That frog Is no human
t rog it' ft $bikl o' hell. ' '
Pete O'Reillr kept his word; ho at once
"pulled up stakes" in Gold canyon. Hoi
struck for Six Milo canyon, ilvo miles to
r jtho northward. Taking Pat McLaughlin
Sfora partner, tho two began mining at,
the head of th canyon, where Virginia
City now stands, and thero the pair
presently "struck it" struck tho great
Comstock silver lode, tho hidden treasure
houso of tho gnomes and wonder of the
whole mining world. But for tho "goblin
frog" O'Reilly would probably havo con
tinued mining in Gold canyon, and to this
day tho Comstock and "Big Bonanza"
might have remained undiscovered. But
for tliat frog tho names of Mackay, Fair
und a score of other mining millionaires
would not now bo known throughout the
tho world. San Francisco Examiner.
Courtesy of Kinlurnt Hon.
Tho courtesy of men or actual and
well earned eminence is remarkable. It
is tho fccrubs, pretenders, and parasites
who nru insolent nnd caddish. A Bis
marck will step aside with a bow to allow'
you to pass, where tho mud brained, son
of a boap trust king walks pompously
across your toes. I onco saw tho heavy
browed and thoughtful young emperor
of Germany tho "l.ord of "War," ns ho
calls himself wake liom his abstraction
nnd twist about in his saddle with swift
eagerness to acknowledge the courtesy
of a nigged old peasant woman by tho
roadside. His hand Hew to his hat, and
his salutation to this lonely beggar was ns
profound and respectful as though she
had been a duchess. I looked at her
after tho emperor had ridden around a
bend of the load. Tho blood flushed her
withered face, for tho first time, per
haps, in many years, and her eyes glis
tened brightly. Sho looked as though
ten years had been taken from her al
ready liberal score. It had cost I ho em
peror an effort, but ho mado it with tho
cheerfulness, alacrity and polish of u
man to whom courtesv is inbred and
natural. Blakelv Hall's Letter.
' Tho CanuUian GUI' Way.
Canadian girls, it U said, allow thqir
lovers sis months to mako n decision. If
tho youth is particularly bashful and tho
young lady is indulgent sho may givo
iiim a placo on tho hofa and .iccept con
tributions of tho sap of tho maplowith
which ho comes laden to her fresh from
tho forest for another threo months.
But unless somewheto in that tinio he
asks her to bo his own ho must Bcek
other firesides. Sho doesn't weep at the
parting or mako any timo over it. There
aro as good fish in 10 sen as ever were
caught, she argues, 'id in that reason
sho finds consolation for tho misspent
time. Canadian -Is aro not onlv
pretty, but they aro .1 trained to make
uoou iioiuckeepeis. Jhicago Ilurald.
N. A. Strnsonborg, In East "Vnco,
keens ono of tho nicest nnd best
enulpod markets in nart of tho coun
try und tho people In this part of tho
city know whoro to got choice uloy
jut lueats.
Waco Otiriositjr Shop.
Where it is, What it
Soiuo men cngngo in business with
vory littlo money, luivlnc nn nbun
duuee of push und got up nnd got nnd
pood common hunliiesKl hoiihd, knowing
how, when niul whoro to buy goods,
pushing rapidly to tho lront, are al
ways glad to moot and wolcomo com
petition, rojolcing in tho prosperity of
nil, with the motto, "Onward and up
ward," over before thoiu. Thoy real
izo tho foot that ten years ago are not
tho ways of to-day, that old fogylsm
is dead. Such inon desorvo success.
Others sturtlng in business whoa
all it was thought necessary for a man.
to know was what ho paid for an ar
ticle and to sell It at double tho cost.
Such men soon get disgusted at tho
business push nnd success of tho mod
ern merchant, and rather than meet
competition stands oil' and deflos it
rather than sell goods at a fair profit,
lot them lay on tho sholves and rust
nnd grow old. Qradunlly droppln,
back, back, back, and out, leavln,
business for younger men, ami men
that aro awaro of the faot that this
is tho Xinoteonth Century.
Waco Curiosity Shop.
CHRISTIAN CHURCH Washington street,
Sabbath-school at a. m.
Bcv. 3. A. King, D. I)., pastor. Sunday
school at D:l." a. m. W. H. Godbcr, Supt.
Preaching at 11 .a in. and 8:1.1 p. m. All aro
cordially Incited.
Cor. dth and Jackson streets, Rev. Horace
Bishop pastor. Sunday-school U:S0 a m.,
W. E. Hawkins superintendent. Praycr
meetftii every Wednesday night. Class
meeting at 4 p. m. Preaching to-morrow at
11 a.m. unu 7:30 p. m. by Rev. Sam. P.
Wright Presiding Eider, Waco Dist, EvcTy-
uoay cormaiiy inviicu.
Over Eaton & Qulnan's, Austin street. itooms
open dally from 8 a. m., till 10 p. m. A
largo number of dally, weekly and monthly
impels and periodicals on Hie. Evcrybody
lnvltcdtocall. Young Men's meeting every
Sundar afternoon at, 4:110 o'clock.
ing ond evening by the pastor, Key. vv. u.
Connor. Sunday school at 8:30 a. m.
Rev. J. M. llalsell, Pastor, (oulce on 4th
street In Powers building). Preaching at 11
a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at li.so
night at 7:30 p. m. Woman's aid society
every Thursday except tho first. Woman's
missionary society first Thursday at 3 p. m.
Fragment gatherers every fourth Sabbath at
3p. m.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
Wonderful Attractions With Bar-
Since the fifth and last fire of Bar-
num an entirely new show had to be
organized and equipped, requiring the
outlay of of $600,000, and the follow
ing is partly what the New Barnum
and London Shows now contain, all
ofwhich will positively be exhibited
here on Thursday Oct. nth.
Three circuses in three rings, two me-
nnirio in tnrn tents Wild Moorish
nagenes in two tents, wiia jvioonsn
Caravan, Paris Olympia Hippodrome
Monster Horse Fair with 380 head of
fine Horses, gigantic Museum of liv
ing curiosities, elevated stages perfor
mances; Jumbo, natural as life, and
big skeleton; talking seals, trained ze
bras, giraffes, bears, pigs, monkeys,
donkeys, goats, wolves, etc., 2 heards
of elephants, 2 droves of camels, trick
horses and ponies, white mules, 7 open
dens of wild animals with trainers, an
aquarium with amphibious animals,
an aviary of tropical birds, Algerian
dancing girls, Marshall's Japanese
troupe, and giants, dwarfs midgets, etc.
20 pantomimic clowns, 20 animal
clowns, hall-mile racing lrack, fearless
races, male and female jockeys, troupe
of marvelous Japanese. 64 cars 4
trains, 720 people, 125 acts, a dozen
going at once; juvenile fife and drum
corps, three military bands, real Bed
ouins wih their war weapons and horses
the Moorish encampment, halt in the
desert, war scenes, and a myriad other
wonderful features. All the monster
tents, covering 10 acres of ground,
will positively remain up until 9 at
night, and the niuht performan
ces are guaranteed to be the same as
those of the afternoon. Ihe new pa
rade will be made every day rain or
shine, at 9 o'clock in the morning.
1 ne shows, this yearare all new, grand
er, richer, and better than ever; and
they are pever divided, and never will
is, What it lias done, anil What
"Lay on MuDuir, and damned bo ho
who first cries 'hold, enough.' "
Waco Curiosity Shop.
Piiiuh a pigs tall and he will squeal.
Soiuoboy's tail must havo bcon'.lmill.v
pinched. Waco Curiosity Shop for
Lord, but such ndvlco. Aro you
badly hurt? Waco Curiosity Shop
for dishes.
Don't go to
Did you ovor!
for lamps.
second-hand stores.
Tho Curiosity Shop
Old or second-hand goods (shelf
worn) at tho Curiosity shop.
I moan what I say. Good second
hand goods aro much hotter than poor
quality of shelf-worn goods, nnd far
choapor. The Curiosity Shop for
ehambor sots.
Would havo no troublo passing most
of that fresh stock as second-hand
How tho bird flutters; must bo bad
ly hurt.
Goods at tho Curiosity Shop aro sold
ns socond hand whon they begin to
got shop-worn.
To defy competition is one thing, to
moot it squaroly and bravely is an
other. Toll tho truth and shame tho
dovll. ?
Can goods that aro 8 or 10 years old
bo now and fresh?
Tho Curiosity Shop sold nioro stoves
at rotall during tho last fourteen
mouths than any two stove houses in
If thero Is anyono in Waco that has
any now goods to soli at second-hand
prices, tho Curiosity Shop will buy
all that Is for sale.
To arrive in a few days, a largo stock
of kitchen, dining room and bedroom
furniture. All will bo sold low for
cash or on onstnllment.
Waco Curiosity Stop.
Insure an j thing yon have against lire w ith T.
I). Haj s, at offlceor Waco Building Association;
his companies ore tho best, nnd some one is al
ways in the olllce.
Dr. Saunders. Dentist. BOi'i Austin Ave.
Stolto Brothers for fresh bread.
it. oaunuers, i.enust, ots,'. Austin Ave.
Take Peelers Chill Syrnp--No CiniE No Pa
Stolto Brother for fresh bread.
Satisfaction guaranteed on everything yon
buy at Peeler's Drug Store.
Dr. Saunders, Dentist, B9-i,'f Austin Ave.
Stolto Brothers keep constanrly on hand all
country produce, fresh.
Cheapest and best meat In tho city, at ind
ole's, -OS south side square.
Peeler's Drug Store for Dressing Cases, Sha
ving Sets, Work Boxes, Manicure Sets nnd
Toilet Articles.
Peeler's Blood Alterative will purify the
blood when nothing clso will. It is tvamin
tcd. Rlddla Is on deck again cutting tho best steaks
and roasts in the city, at MS b. side square. '
Peeler's Drug Storo is tho cheapest placo In
Waco to get your prescriptions llllvd. Only
experienced druggists.
Peeler's Liver Pills are tho best In tho world,
small and easy to take . Every box warranted
Dr. J. H. Boyett, dentist, corner.'Austin and
Seventh streets.
Yon will save money by buying what you
want In tho Drug lino at Peeler's Drug Store,
Corner 5th and Austin street
Best meat market in
Extra turnip seed, any varioty, only 30 cts.
,)erib, at cooper's supply store.
Peeler's Drug Storo for Violin and Guitar
Strings, Paper, Pins, Ink and Pencils, alt at
bottom prices.
Darrow and & Goebol rocclvo dally, are tho
only dealers handling tho celebrated Berwick
Ovsters In Waco.
Turnip seed, fluest, this year'scrop; ryo and
barley seed, fresh and pure, at Palmer's Bced
and feed store, Eighth and Franklin strcctB.
Peeler's Cholera Mixture will cure cramp
colic, cholera morbus, dlarrlicea and flux. War
ranted. Fresh Bread delivered at your residence
uvory day by Slolte Brothers.
Fcpliqr's Drug Storo for Perfumery, Face
Powders, Toilet Soap, Combs and Brushes.
Cheapest III town.
Peoler'8 Corn Remover takes off corns with
out pain or scar. No Cuuk Mo Pay!
Darrow & Goebel, meet market, Austin
Avenue, between 7th and ttth. Finest meats,
oysters, 1UI1 etc., to be had In this market,
delivered to anWmrt ofthe city.
Go to Hill Bros, lor school books.
For flno watch, Clook and jewelry
repairing go to tho old rellablo Lo
vlnskl & Lowlno. f
Tho Woolen Mill wants about twoft-ty-flvo
womon lo run sowing ma
chines. Porsons desiring plain or fancy
numbers for their houses should call
on L. Stornkorb. Plain numbers 25
cents. 21-lw.
McAllstor coal 1h tho best, hardest
and cleanest of all tho Boml-antlirn-clto
varieties in this market.
Cliolco canuod goods at Heard's.
Lovlnski & Lowlno carry tho llnost
stock of gold and sliver watches at
wholosalo prices.
Honnessy'B Imported French brntv
:dy just received from Bordeaux at
J Cotton Exchange. t
it is (toil to do!
The Waco Curiosity Shop Is at 707
nnd 711 Austin street. Tho Waco Cu
riosity Shop la tho place to buy and
soil all kinds of second-hand goods.
Thoy carry a full and complete stock
of furniture, stoves, lamps glassware,
trunks, sowing machines, and nearly
ovory nitlolo needed for housekeeping.
It Is the placo thatnevor trios to hum
bug tho peoplo with so-called Cost
Sales, Moving Sales, or other dovlcos
to devolve. It is tho placo whoro thoy
can mid do soil goods at a fair profit
so that thoro Is no accumulation of old
timo-worn goods. It Is tho poor man's
frlond. Tho Curiosity Shop was start
ed less than threo years ago with less
than a small fortune, nnd a good I'mnio.
Slnco thon It has sold noarly $120,000
Worth of goods. It has helped hun
dreds of peoplo to furnish their homos
whon thoy could uot do so In any oth
er way. It has continued to grow,
tuako frlonds and prosper as no othor
houso In Waco ovor did with same
Now lot mo toll you what tho Curi
osity Shop is going to do. It is going
to havo tho best stock of new stoves,
furniture, trunks ami general ' house
hold goods It over had. It is going to
meet all competition and lead it when
wo can. It will mnko special low
prices in new cook mid heating stoves
and in tho futuro as In tho past, try
to mnko as many friends as posslblo,
realizing that it Is by our frlonds wo
llvo. Thanking all for past favors
and our prosperity, wo aro as ovor,
Waco Coriosity Slop.
"CMiit Tin: li:uini.atuhi:.
Capt. A. J. Ish is an Independent candidate
for tho Legislature from McLennan county at
the election in No ember, and asks tho votes of
all his friends, without respect to party,
OR Mir.UU'F.
Mr. .1. U. Clabanah.ofRoss. Is an Indenen-
dent Candidato for Sheriff of McLennan county
at tho cnuhig November election. He solicits
tho votes of his friends and acquaintances
Wo nre authorized to annouucoMr. Geo. W.
Stubblelleld as independent candidato Tor State
Senator at tho Stnlo election In November.
rorSnle at n Rnrffnlii.
I offer for sale at a bargain tlieboardiug house
known as tho Taylor House, on Mary street,
between Seventh and Eighth, lot SO . 150 feet,
house contains thirteen rooms , largo barn, w ell,
etc., and will Boon be in one of tho best busi
ness locations in tho city. Aisotwonice build
ing lots on North Fourth street, back ol ware
house, at a special tow price. Callonmelf jou
ut-Biiu iu uuy uuuiu luupcriy,
Jno. M. CooiT.it, Wi
P. S The boarding house will
onuct. 1st, ISsd.
Flour Honev Charles Ttftat. rnrnnr Anatln
nnd Sixth street has a lao lot or lino llonr on
hand bought before thoTlso and ho ulves cub-
tomcrs tho lienellt In prices. Also a big lot of
iiunuv ruunp, j-ook oni, lor specialties
Bast's there's mono v In It.
Stoltc Brothers keep nothing but the freshest
of everything In their storo.
Tho Avenue market for fat and
choice meats cut in marble slabs.
Boston chins
fresh overyday at
Parties should havo letter and mail
boxes nut up at their houses and offi
ces at once. Orders should be left
for them at 11. E. Ambold's pun
store unu mey win 'e promptly OX'
Tho celobrated McAllister coal will
be solil only by W. D. Lacy for tho
mo present,
Mrs. 11. J. Doss, milliner, Fourth
street. Big stock und low prices.
You will savo 20 to 2" por ct. bv
btiA'iii": from tho wholosalo and rotall
jowolors, Lovlnski & Lewino. f
A neat throe room house to rout.
Prico 58 por months. Plenty of
money to loan on furniture und ovory
thlng of valuo. Johu D. Mayileld,
308 Austin streot.
Ico cold drinks of llnost flavor, at
Kophal's great frul und confection
ery storo,
Sash weights and ventilators of all
sizes, for salo ut tho IMvorsido Foil 11-
ury, l'irst street.
Go to your Undo Dun", tho pawn
broker, opposite tho McLolland hotel.
If you need any money or want to
sponu any,
All the lutost stvles and novelties
at Mm. B. J. Doss' mllllnory storo,
ruuriu street.
Whon you need money or havo
money to spoilt! go to Unole Dull'
, . ' ','
1 Buy feed at Duvall's 300. Franklin.
itbanin... Hp
Robes all Colors, Nicely
at $1.10. very Fine
at $1.60
Hoods and TurtmiiH, In all
to $3.0t. Wo aro Showing
in (Jliililroii'H Vc'vot,
Caps and Boimuta
Children's SonmlosB Hose. Cotton
A Full Lino of Regular 25 ot. Hobo at 16 ots. a Pair.
Vory Flno Derby Rlbbod Hobo, Child's, Misses and Ladies only 25 ots
A Full Lino of Children's and Misses' Oashmero and Kid Cloves.
Wo havo s Comploto Line of Children's Underwear. Union SullBand
Individual Fiooes In Wool. Cashmere, cotton and Worsted.
Our Prices aro 26 per cent. Under Regular Pricos.
300 Pairs Knee pants, worth 50 to 75 cts. a Pair
at 25 cts. a Pair. 1000 Boys' Suits at almost '
Half Value, from Low Grades to the Finest.
Cash Crushers oi Credit Competition.
LOST Ono colli bracelet with slide, with
Inltlnls, "W Y. tc8. H. II. with Cnmoo
sett In slide. Finder will bo liberally rovvnrd
d lij leaving samo at this olUco.
T7"OU KENT a nice J room house for rent,
eorner Clny ami Ninth street. Apply to
Jae. Shears, loth ami Clay street.
1IOU SALE Xevv vvngon anil span or horses
" good harness hotBes, single or double.
Address .1. T. .Montgomery, llox 311, Waco,
Tcas, or at News oltlcc. A bargain. tf
O A T"lpTCl Wo have old papers con
I. -tJL Jlj-lAO stonily on hand and
parties wanting them ran get them at a bargain
by applying at the Kening News office, No.
51.! AiiBtlu Avenue.
WAN'IEO A position as saleslady in dry
goods store, lime had nine vears expe
rience in millinery business and can give good
references j address llo 140, sviw.
J"10lt HAI.K Tho flue grade Mersey cows,
3 both vv ttli j oung cab es. W. F. Uriflln . ill
LOST Check No. llii, drsivvn on Waco State
Bank by ThonnHuii Brothers, D. II. llrowu
bearers Under will please leave samowlth'Waco
State bank D. II. Brow 11 Hoseutlinl, Texas.
WANTKD-lho Woolen Mill wants about
tncntv-ilvc women to run sowing ma
chinos, lli-lvv
MRS. J. N. HAIRS PON has decided to com
mence Dress-making again, on South -Ith
street No. 02 1 She solicits the Patronage of
her old customers.
WANTKIJ A house-keeper Apply imme
diately at Mra. M. A. Robinson's stoic
under tho Mitchell House on South Sd street.
ORANGK BLOSSOMS-Dr. Meglll's fnmous
Orange Blossoms, Mrs. A. ). Richardson,
agent. North lutli street. U-i:i-lm
horses; also two second hand delivery wag
ons. Apply to W. . Heard, 311 N. Jth at.
"ClOItSAI.E A pair of largo first-class work
C mules, seven years old. Mrs. 8 A. Sayers,
N. 14th St., between Jefferson and Barron sts.
LOSTA gentleman 'spin and chain, crescnt
shaped. Letters O M A on face and II. S
CJKWING MACHINKS-S. J. Smith, sajs for
15 any kind of Sewing Machine business, write
him 11 card or call at No. 51:! Austin Avenue.
iNTKD I willnav 2ic. tier hundred for
old baling wire, --'0 wires In a roll.
ulo. 11. J.AMIIDIN.
PARTIK' building residences shoald exam
amino Mr. Hewett's cast Iron lire places
lor burning wood. Has also a cast Iron grate
In fnur pieces Tor burning coal. They aro beau
tiful hnd will last forever. Can seo samples In
Cook's or I.armour & Herbert's office.
"f10U SAI,E Onn book caso. 1 stop ladder, 4
A! tables, 1 four horse engine., lour heating
stoves ami pipe. .1 desks, bowl and pitcher,
wash stands, half dozen chairs, Celigraph type
writer, office railing and counter, patent letter
files. 1 Hall safe, 1 storo counter, -.'O.OOO old
papers and a largo amount or other second
hand furniture. 1 J.vo.K. Klqin.
COWS FOR RI'.NT I havo good milch cows
I will rent to parties who will tako good
caro of them at the low price of ono dollar per
month. Geo.Lambdln. tf
ORRENT House of seven room on Frank
nn anil Ninth streets. Apply to C. N,
lot Wall street, Waco, 'luas.
Embroidevedi Cashmere
lumoroiaerea tobes
to $12.00.
tho bntcst Stylus, Prices IS CCM,.
Everything Now ami S tyllsii "
IMiiHli and CiiHiiiucro - 'A
at Very Jiow Prices.
and Wool at 10 ots. a Pair.
Tho Southwestern School of
AVIll open their winter term on October 15th
Wo announce with increased facilities for teach"
lugthoso arts In which wu embrace the follow
ingsystcms: Ben Pitman, Graham's, Mnnscn's
I.lndsoy's, and tho Stenograph. Ourtvpe-writ-ing
department Is unexcelled. Wo use both
tho C.iltgraph and Remington machines ami
both aru taught dv experts. Wo aro also pro
pared to do an unlimited amount or short-hand
work nnd type-writing. All work promptly
nnd neatly oxocnted. Terms reasonable. Cull
at thu Western Union Telegraph ofllco or ad
dros P. O. Bom'SO.
Stolte - Brothers,
Delivered in any part of tho city. Increased
trade assures all of our groceries te bo fresh.
Corner Finh and Aiutln Sta.
Keeps Hie Choicest and Fattest Meats
in the City. South Hide Public Sqi.
Choice Porterhouse. lOciCholce roast
Choice loin 10c Second cut roast. . .
Choice, round TftiSc
Choice rib 7 ;m
Chuck steak (
Sausnge luc
Spare ribs 12c
Chuck roast.
lirisket roast sc
Mutton G(31ic
veal (JaiOc
Kv ery day direct from the kiln , and
delivered at your residence.
J- J. ri:ddi,e.
Cbas. D'Anflrea & Son
:m: -a. :k e !r s ,
(liinranlrnl. Good Work at (he
Lowest Prices.
-U.-lKAiiKtiii Ave.,
Opposite Tom Padgltt's.
R. H. Gray,
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Etc.
Country ProteBOuM and Sold:
DO, OS Fnimln St., IIOt'HTtm. TEXAS.
Frinklln Street, Between Fourth and Fifth.
This houso has bceu ovei hauled and fitted up
by Mr. Baker, and ho intends to make it sec
ond lu none In the city.
Don't Walt,
Forcold'vvcather.bnt order your winter coal
AnTi -?J "y ,;w,Jri ol Ageuts. for Semir

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