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-" Ji'-'"yT'
VOL. 1
NO. 87.
We linvc for inspection a very elegant assortment
of dents' Light. Weight Overeoats.
Just the filing for This Season of the Year,
Every gentleman should cull in and look at tho lino ot lanoy
Cusshuoro Light Weight Overcoats, from $G to $25. Our Fancy Di
agonals from $7.50 to $20, nnd our stock of blue, black aud light col
ored eorkscrow overcoats from $8.50 to $22.50. and ir you desire somoth'g
New o.xd H&GeLt9
Take a look at tho assortment of Light Weight Korsoys in London
Smoke shades from 12.50 to $18, and the i.ight Weight Meltons and
Fancy Worsted Overcoats from
$10 TO $22.50
At $10, $12.60, and $16, the Stylo and Finish is Just Right.
Our Aseortmont is Large and all can have a Choice Selection.
We Make a Specialty of our $10, $12.50,
$13.50 and $ 1 5 Light Weight Top Coats
Handle or purchase omtj thing In tho Produie line, and respectfully ask our friends
to call or isnke consignments. Wenmirniitre Full Market I'rkr mid sal-
l.fnctlou In Etery Particular. Try us and be convinced,
istoivw-ooid & GkA.-sr
John D. Mayfleld wishes to state to the people that he lends money on Household Fur
niture, Teams, Buggies, Carriages, 1'lstols, Musical Instruments, and all other articles
of value, with or without removal, and for as long time as the Interest Is kept paid. Also
uu) s, sells and exchanges railroad tickets, discounts notes, lends on all regular banka
ble paper, real estate, etc A full line of unredeemed pledges for sale. On 910 deposits
12 per cent. Interest allowed. Austin street near the plaza,
Tti Tixci IiHlqgi-bain fliioclillon.-
Announces, through lis secretary, Mr. Jno. 1. Majfleld, that it now has ocry share
In its f 100,0 0 stock In force. That It litis bought and built for the people of Waco, dining
the past year, thirty-six homes. The association will buy you a home if you only have a
small amount of tho purchase price to pay and will allow j on long time on the balnnco,
with small monthly payments.
TteFashiOBaHe Merchant Tailor
I liavo Just received a most elegant line of im
ported and domestic goodsfor the fall and win
ter trade, which is now open for inspection,
nd at prices never before heard of. I employ
one but first-class workmen.
Airiest and Momest Saloon in the City.
'olltlto and Skillful Barkeeper.
All the Favorite Prohibi
tion Drinks.
rrlcs Llt mtitlnn UtKMMru
Louisiana state lottery
Crder your tickets fromD. Doruntvu
1'ro., opposite MoLcllaud Jrlotel.
BB In Uf.ra, lutl Bwl.ri, Brus
iiiiiH UJiJ and
jn4aa h. uii lk.lrllM fee fro
.. GAY,
Uu the Lookout for a Murderer.
Atlanta, Oct. 1 9 The police are
on the look-out for one Leonard Wil
liamson, a well known farmer of
Emanuel county, for whose arrest a
reward of $300 is offered.
Williamson is wanted for the killing of
Lawton Collins, another young farm
er, about the same age as Williamson.
Williamson was engaged to be mar
lied to a certain young lady and had
bought the marriage license, when the
affair was broken off by Collins telling
something uncomplimentary about
Williamson's father, who is a Meth
odist preacher, it is said, told his sdn
to make Collin apologize, and if he did
not to kill him. Williamson invited Col
lins to take a drive, and while riding
along attracted Collins1 attention by
pointing at some object on the road
side. While Collins' head was turned
Williamson plunged his knife into
Collins' throat and gave a jerk across
the flesh, making a wound from which
the life blood poured. Collins fell out
and Williamson cut Collins in thirty
different places. He immidiately
fled. The people of Emanuel are
much incensed, and if Williamson was
in their hands now he would probably
be lynched.
L. 8. R
We nrc Pleased to Inform the Public tlutt wp IiiivuImmmi
Appoint'! Hole Agents 'or the Celebrated
jfflfflfflPM HSiEfflngjaH
Cuffs aud Collars for Gentlemen.
These Goods are Warranted Pure Linen and Hand
Made Button Holes.
H MgHfffffSreMBWUp H HMBB",B'BBlKg ''HliBlaa'' Eh
I, Solomon k Rosenthal,
Cor. Stli tuxcl
Dcntilulioii in Dnkoln.
Minneapolis, Oct. 19. A. J. Horp
mann, of this cily, who has been in
vestigating the condition of the farm
ers in Ramsey county, D. T., who
were reported to be starving to death,
returned last night. He says there
are seventy families who are obsolute
ly destitute ot food and fuel, and
something must be done and immi
diattly . The real condition of the
people is beyond description. Men,
woman and children are in rags, and
thev have not a cent of money in the
world. Their crops were totally des
troyed, and their land, stock, and
farm implements are mortgaged. Ab
solute distress prevails everywhere.
A minister was living in one room
with his wife and two small children.
One of the latter was wrapped up in
a crib in order to keep warm, and the
other was blue aud shivering with
cold and emaciated with hunger.
There was no fuel with exception of a
little dry manure, which is all that any
of the families have to burn, and the
only food they had to eat was dry
Mr. Horpmann says the frost,
which came in August, destroyed all
the wheat that there was, as well as
all the vegetables, even those 'which
were as hardy as turnips.
N 11 lire in e Court DpcInIoii
Tyler, Ort. 19. The supreme court
to-day affirmed the case of the St.
Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway
company vs. N. A.Mackie, from Hen
derson and reversed and remanded
the Crescent Insurance campany vs.
Camp et al, from Cherokee; St Louis,
Arkansas and Texas Railway compa
ny vs. Mary A. Burns, from Upshur;
B. Lee et al vs. W. J. Welkorne, from
Upshur; Hargadinc et al vs. Whitfield,
from Red River. Motions for rehear
ing overruled. Fitzgard etal vs. the
state, from Travis W. C. Dougherty
vs. J. M. Thompson, frow Frio; Lep
Forbes et al vs. J. M. Whithers, from
The JnrkHun, Minn, I'nlr.
Jackson, Oct. 19. The- Mississippi
State Fair will be held he:e Nov. 12 to
17 next. The citizens of Jackson are
in accord in the enthusiasm for the
success af this important enterprise,
and are more detemined than ever
that they will spare no pains to make
it a success. They have subscribed
liberally to that ead. The health of
J the city was never better.
L 8. m R.
.tistln Sts.
1 lie InllH ExpoNltlon.
DalLis, Oct. 19. Of all the dajs in
the history of the Dallas tair since the
first opening of the gates, in 1886, this
has been the greatest. It v. ill doubt
less ne remembered in future years, as
a red letter day, although it may pro-perl,-
be termed a "white Friday."
From early in the morning until after
noon long excursion trains pulled
crowds in. They came from Fort
Worth, from Denison, from Longview,
from Corsicana, from Cleburne, from
Kaulman and to embrace the whole
business in a systematical way, they
came from Texas. Fully 20,000 were
present on the grounds at one time.
Old army men said 40,000 would
come nearer the proper estimate. At
any rate all throughout the day expo
sition hall and machinery hall, were
thronged, county exhibit hall was
packed and so with every department,
including the loud-mouthed fakir's
tents. It was the largest crowd ever
polled together in Texas, not except
ing the anti rally at Fort Worth last
year. Fifteen thousand children went
through the gates uniformed schools
were there.
To morrow is "drummeis day," and
a large crowd is expected, though not
so many as to-day.
A Milliliter AeqiilUfil.
Savanah, Oct. 19. Rev D. P. Mc
Donald, of ICarly county, a white Bap
tist preacher, has been acquitted of
the charge of murder, for which
he has been on trial for the past
On the eve of Aug. 17, while Mr.
R. F. Chandler was returning home
from town in a one-horse wagon, he
was met by McDonald, when, with
out a word being passed, Chandler
arose in his wagon and hurled a rock
at McDonald with great force, knock
ing out some of his teeth and cutting
quite a cash on his lip. A second
stone was thrown, striking him in the
breast, making a painful wound.
Mr. McDonald fired his psstol at
Chandler three tunes, one shot taking
effect, producing immediate death.
Messrs McDonald and Chandler had
been unfriendly for some time on ac
count of some disparaging reports
against McDonald s character, which
hand been circulated by Chandler,
the latter suspecting his wife of a fond
ness for McDonald. McDonald fled,
running, after the killing.
When the court convened he came
in and surrendered himself.
1 1 lw LI I
Only an Ofllce rtoy.
Only an ofllco boy,
Low ly and meek,
Drudging and hustling
For "seven" a eek.
Only nn "embryo"
Nursing n wish:
Vearnlng to KM a
Reporter's "poslsh."
llli valor, his praises
Haio ueier been sung;
Ills placo 011 tho ladder
Is 011 tho ground runfl.1
Yet bo cltinbctb tho ladder
Ijicli mora to tho top.
And washes the windows
Willi Inland a mop
Oiilj an ollleo boy,
lie irded and gray.
Ilt'gan u lib tho paper
Aud doomed there to stay.
Hoping and ) earning
And breathing a prnj er,
In mibstaneo to wit:
"Will I over get there?"
The Journalist.
I'ihiiI for n Iivcr.
Ho Aiimiiiln, tills is tho ncnt llttlo retail
inntnhclu llituotlioso delicious lunches 1
hiivo ttiuntfuiuil to you titit coulil not do
scribe, nml this Is Tom, tho waiter who
seru-1 inc mj finoi Itu dishes so nicely.
She Mow sweet, AdolphlK
Ho- Wli it will jou onler, Amandaf They
linxe tiir'8, insU'is, nml nil the delicacies of
S'ic Yotit fuorito tllbh, Ailolphus or
com so. Walter, oil ntny fetcli 1110 Jlr. Wlg
hiik'i fu 01 ito order lilch I10 suj 1 you servo
Wnitcr Yes, hdy, (giving older). Draw
alio in do dm I. HoiikoiI pigs' feet qii do Iron.
New Y01 1. Sun.
.11 it hod In Miulrst).
Ho w.m rrh n pleasant fellow ,
So Mihti. mi iHilisheil, loo;
iCuiuhere we went together,
Ho would iiiiirtuiii: "Aftcrjoul"
Old wo reach a door together,
.Ho would never first go through,
nit would wait and let me passbim,
Si lug softlj "After j oul"
Was there iinj thing we wanted,
And was not enough for two,
lie would nlwajs let 111a hao It,
AlwajH inutlered "Aflerjoul"
io It was 011 oath oieuslon,
Wlnthoe'ei I he ease might bo;
Ho would timer ns tho leader,
Hut was alnas after me
lie has Inn lowed flftj dollars,
Miij bo 'l Is 11 pushing him,
Uut ho has not slueo becu beat d vf ,
And now I'm after him,
A Quiet Han. 1
Mis. I'eim Wliiitu quiet young man Mr.
Wulluutt is. I don't Know any onu ho is c
Modest, so lotii Ing, no unobtrusive, so
Sir. Penn I do.
Mis. I'. Yoilllof Will-. U'illlnm nl,o
Mr. I'. His, bi other is 1,0 much quieter
turn, uuinpuri'oii coases to compare.
Mis. 1'. Hisbiolbuil
Mi. P. Yes. He's Ueiul. Aud then tbo
sileiico was so inUin-si they could hear tho
ImxI tick. Philadelphia Cull.
C'lu-up lis Dirt.
"You fellow, schiuijon very high price for
pulling teeth," .aid 11 1 eul estate dealer to u
"Oh, I don't know nbout that," wns tba
confident 1 cply, "ho only ohargu a dollar an
achcr.1' Time.
Dreamv 1I10 Boug tho fountain plajed,
Pel fumed tho poplar's pleasant sliado.
I dared to ask tho cool clad maid
If 1 a kiss might luLo.
Bhc flushed, and fnlteivil piettlly,
"You may have one no more," said she,
Pouting her lips coquettlshly,
tlU Ing her curls a shako.
1 pi oiulbed. What eUo couia 1 uo
With such a 1 will- of lips In tlcwf
Uut era I thought, I'd taken two.
Oh, how urn ero she f row ued I
1 stammered out, with downcast eyes,
"Dearest, 1 did not realixo
Your jour your mouth was such a slzo
Ono kiss would not go round 1"
Harper's Weekly.
A Sum Way.
"John," nskeil Mm. lientley, "supposo you
be.iiilu iioUucIonn sUIra uuil didn't know
who her it ujs tliu ilu0' or a buiglur, uould
jou Im ho ci iiel in. to send 1110 down to fliul
"No, ileur," Raid Mr. Bcutley; "1 linvo a
better way tliim that I'd wilt until tho
nuxt morning. If tho silver uas gone, PU
know It wns burglars, mid if tho silver wns
not gone, I'd Lnow ItHusthodog." IIuijh'I's
Decplj Afrcctcd.
Attor (to friend; "Didn't it ktrlko you,
Clint Icy, that a large number of tho uudienco
vtero considerably iuo cd over ray soliloquy
in tho 1 econil actf
friend Ob, J es; I notlevd qulto n number
got tip und tnoted out. Tho l?nocu.
The tteason.
Tho 1 nldcu stooj beucath the tire,
"lie Loiueth not," she bald.
"lo naltod long Ah, woo Is mel
Aud joutb and hopo hato lied,"
"Aud youth aud hopo aid dead)"
Tho suu's last raj s sbono through thn grans,
"Ho coincth iiewr motor'
I Iu did not coino becouso alasl
He had been tnero before!
No moral
flu had becu llicru bcforol
To Uo Congratulated.
Mr. Oorulucky All, congratulate tnc.Goo
glcs, Po vton 11 prize in tbo lottery.
IJoogles Ily doggy, old man, jou don't say
so; how much I
Mr. Uornluck-y Twelvu dollars.
Uoosles What did It cost jou F
Mr. l!onilucl:y Thirty dollars. Time, j
Worli for tho Cnrdcuer.
"I w tit inyualr trimmed."
"Paidou, bin I uu!d recon-.rnsn' a borU
cultui i.t." Huipir'j Uaznr.
Tim I'olltliul Procession.
Tramp, cn'iip, tbu lank and lean.
1 lamp 1:1c little aud fat,
While uiips from tliu torch the kerosene
Vu tho crown of the bearer's hau
Boiton Courier j
Assln's Si!
The large and elegant
stock of
Dry Goods,
Boots, Shoes,
Gents' Furnishi'g
Formerly lioloiiging to
Will be thrown open
to the public
Must he 81
Immense cuts in prices
have been made. Nev
er has such a choice
stock been offered so
low. Come and take
advantage of the bar
gains offered.
Austin Si 6th Sts,
'a':z$ ,
- ,Xi
4 . -' I ,fX

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