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Sole Agents for the Dunlap Hats.
Leather Valisesja Specialty.
Insure mi thing jou have against lire with T.
I lU)s, at offlcpofWncoIluildlng Association)
his companies aro tin- best, and eomo one Is al
vvajsln the otitic
Dr. Saunders. Duitlst, SM, Austin Ave
Take Peelers Clilll SyTiip--No Cunt, No Fa'
I)r. Sanmleis, Dentist, KS1; Austin Ave,
Dr. Saunders, Dentist. Wi, Austin Ave.
feeler's Drug Store for Perfumery, Face
Powders, Toilet So;ii, Combs ami Ilrnsliea.
Chca.-'ost In town.
Tlio work on the now Cotton licit
depot Is being pushed rapidly to com
plotlon. Tho cold weather to-day did not
prevent the country peoplo from
doming to town and blockading the
square with cotton.
Tho subjects of Dr. Halsell's ser
mons for to-morrow will be : 11 a. m..
"Iniquity Abounding and tho Love of
jjiany Waxiiifft-'olU;" test, Matt. 24,
12. At 7:30 p. m., "Tho Wagons of
Josoph;" text, Gen. 14, 27-28. Two
excellent subjects which morlt large
Tho Sabbath school of the congrega
tion llodef Sholem promises to be n
great success. Tho rabbi, Itev. S.
lioscnborjr, who Is tho superintendent
contemplates delivering short ad
dresses oh every Sunday before
tho religious instructions, His sub
ject for to-morrow will be "Good Man
ners." Tho Gabert Brothers, fashionable
tailors, under the Pacific hotel, carry
tho biggest and finest stock of goods
In Waco. They are just receiving a
large stock of new goods, domestic
and Imported, and have tailors Just
from the east so they can get up suits
on short notico. liestoffits nnd stylos
Attention Is called to the advertise
ment in to-day's issue of Mr. A.
Haber, who has'latd in one of the lar
gest and most elesant stocks of drv
goods and clothing ever brought to
tup city. Mr. Haber is an enternris
lug aud business man, and his long
acquaintance with tho trade of Waco
ana vicinity has taught him to pur
chase those goods which the citizens
of Waco want, and his courteous
treatment makes makes many friends.
Cornolias Cook was fafnm .Tulro
Sleeper to-day charged with using
anusivo language to Ada Connell and
aftor reflection agreed that probably
her langnago was somewhat harsh
and calculated, to dlsuurb the peace
and dignity of the state and agreed to
pay over to the authorities $5 and
costs for her Indulgence in such lux
uries. Hon. S. P. Mills will speak to-night
at China Springs, Hon. W. H. Jen
kins will speak at Hewett, A. J. Ca
ruthers at Uosqueville, P. M. Makelg
at Itoss. J. c. Jenkins at Douglas
Store, G. JJ. Gerald at lloblnson
School House, T. A. lilalr at Craw
ford, John J. See at Duty's store and
J. V. Taylor at Itoss.
Fannie McNeil, colored, made a
complaint yesterday against her hus
band, Calvin McNeil, charging him
with bigamy, alloglng that on July
ICth last, ho unlawfully married with
one Harriet Hurst.
Tho Uniform rank Knights of Pyth
ias drilled last night at Armory hall
under instruction byLlouteuant Men
douhall. Tho members have beauti
ful uniforms and aro rapidly learning
the beautiful evolution or the K. P.
Hon. W. A. Kincald was in tho
city to-day enroute to Groesbeeok
where lie will pass Sunday having
completed a week's programme in
McLennan county and effecting great
good. Ho spoko last night at Eddy
to a large audience. Mr. Kincald
will speak at tho court house Monday
On vostor.iav ,., !.. .....
hni.iihnn.,,. ;;.::" ;:,::,"
remain roVi. 'JZZ Jo. JJV, .X
SSf Sr wh,oh wa8 "I1,:;
tonuou. The nroirrainmo was filled
.hi i i . r . , . -
with eutertaluing soleutlons oi musla
and rooltatlons from the classes un-
dt r the direction of Mrs. Itounsavall,
wiionas no Blinorlor In tne arramriiicr
nnil nnrrvlim nut n.t .tl.li.iii.l. I
and carrying out of entertainments.
Beautlfull Leoture Delivered by
Rabbi Rosenborg Last Ningt.
There was an unusually large audi
ence present last night at the Jewish
Synagogue to hear Ralibi Rosenberg
lecture. The congregation are high
ly pleased with his abilities as a
lecturer, as well as an elegant cantor.
The musical Dart of the whole nm.
granie was executed to the delight of
an present, me KaDbi spoke as
The subject of my discussion of to
night will be "the influence of music."
My Dear Brethren No art makes
a deeper impression upon man than
music, this noble gift of heaven. While
poetry mostly appeals to poetical
minds, and naintintr. sculnttire .ind
other great arts have merely a limited
circle of devout worshipers, music, by
its universal character, touches the
ear of every one, and impresses itself
by its divine force upon the heart of
nearly every human being. It often
seems to me as if the whole universe
is pervaded by the celestial strains of
music, and that it needs only fine and
trained ears to detect it. He whn.
with a fresh and open mind, enters
great nature finds music in the nm.
ling of the brooks, in the rustling of
ine leaves, in the roaring of the mighty
billows, and in the majestic spectacle
of a grand thunderstorm. Even the
animal kingdom contributes to fill the
world with melodious sounds. Those
comine from the old country will nn
doubt, remember how, when walking
at an early hour during the sprine-
time through a grove or park, their
ears were captivated by the sweet
notes of the nichtins.ile nnH nftr
listening spellbound to this master-
singer oi nature mey were induced to
thank God for the musical treat thev
had enjoyed. Imagine what the feel
ings of the invalid must be who, after
weeks and weeks of lingering sickness,
is restored again to health and on en
tering his sitting room receives as one
of his first greetings the cheerful notes
of the canary bird. There is no pow
er on earth more conducive for the
promotion of cood than that of minsiV
In many critical moments of l'fe music
nas restored io numerous persons
their former strength and enercy. The
greatest master-minds nf the nriH
have acknowledged this fact in some of
meir nnest proauctions. Une instance
is Goethe' "Faust." Being on the
point of committing suicide, the peals
of the organ strike his ears and, over
come with emotion, he throws the
poisonous cup from his hands. In a
quite different way Shakespeare, in the
"Merchant of Venice," makes one of
his heroes listen to the strains of music
in a moment when his future happiness
depends on the rieht seler-tinn nf
casket. But the most benign influence
wmen music exercises is when, like a
soothing balm, it enters a HUp.ispH
soul, casting a glimmer of hope and
peace into the disturbed chamber of
reason, the doors of which havp been
barred against everything else, even
against me voice oi Jove, inendship and
affection. My dear friends, our ancient
Hebrew melodies, chanted to the pres
ent time in many of our synagogues,
are full of wonderful nower and and at.
traction. That Donular victorv snno-
heard on our Chanucka festival that
song of liberty chanted in our homes
on the eve of Passover, and above
all that "Kolnldre Melody" executed
in our svnacoizues on the niaht nf
Attonement, are real natural gems of
cnaractenstic beauty. Let us hope
that these soncs will never rile nut
Irom Israel, but that they will be per-
petuatea irom generation to generation.
One of the greatest composers of the
present age, whose singular eccentrici
ties have made him intolerant toward
our race, (I have reference to Rich
Wagner) maintains the peculiar idea
that, in the future, all the various arts
win oe entirely eclipsed by the grow
ing power of music. How far his asser
tion is right or wrong, I will not investi-
Eate, out suit it cannot be denied that in
tne lutuie, music will foun a necessary
""!, rousic whi loim a neces
Ie.ure e education of man. It
W,H re,.,ne W tastes, ennoble his feel
r- -tehisiins'X;
;a . i.:u... i r ......
i.ii.iv.iw u iii(-iicr uiiiiic oi immune,
-rhmnnV. ;.. ,7....i-i i ... s. ...ft.
probably link nation to nation, man
toman, and thus continue to eman-
icinate creert nnd puirrh Imm il, r.i
Iters of prejudice and bigotry. And
tare r.t rrnt.lUu J !.:...... jl
Wo aro offering a largo size gray blnnkot, good wolght at Sl.M.
Brown, IS x 70, good weight at 51.70, worth S.'l.
Gray, GO x 71, heavy at $2.25, would bo cheap at '!.
Sheopsgnty blankets at $2.2.1. full sizo, worth $.'l.2.".
Giny 10-1, extra heavy, at S3, regular nrlco $11.75.
Silver bluoti lbs at $,,!.7.". This I actually the cheuncit blanket
In tho city,
lied blankets, all wool, $.'1.50 extra largo and heavy worth $l.o(l.
11-4 all wool gray blankols, oxtra heavy, at $4."0; big bargain.
White blankets, 10-4 at$1.2.), worth $1.7o.
" " " at $1.7-i, " $2.o0.
"' ." ' at $3, " $-1.
" " " nl$3.r0 " $4.-10.
" " nt$4 " $11.
" " largo sl, extra lino, at $7..10; prolllust In tho cily.
COMFOUTS F.xlra huge sle, niado of good calico at Toe, Dili'., $1.2.1 and
$1.50, worth 2.5 per cent more than our price.
Oil red comforts, largo sizo filled with good cotton at $2, $2.2-5, and $2..50.
Sateen and cretonne comforts, largo sle, filled mMi tho very best cotton, at
$2.(10, $2.7d and $.'1; thconro beautiful patterns with solid coloieil linliio.
7I. 3. JIBBER.
as you, my dear friends, have here
such a good opportunity to cultivate
music, take auvantage oi it, prove
yourself that you are fondly attached
tn a divine art liv takinir a warm inter-
est in this particular branch. Devise
means in your minds, take every pos
sible measure in this direction which
will contribute to beautify and edify
our divine service; in a word, to
consider the musical part of de ine
worship a potent factor of attraction,
devotion and edification. This sub
lime art, which has been all the ages
ol the world the greatest blessing to
How Waco People Enjoyed tho
Week in a Social Way.
Thoro was delightful dnnco given
last night at tho resldonce of Mr. T.
K. Mnnn . tit Robinson. A number of
couples wont out from Waco and par
ticipated in tho pleasures ot the even
In p. which wore nmrio donblv nleas-
ant by tho delightful moonlight drive.
Mr. Mann and his wifo are charming
entertainers, and an occasion of this
kind is a welcome event to their
Waco friends.
Tho Chess Club gavo their usual
Friday evening entertainment last
night, which was generally attended.
Mr. Becker's orchestra was present,
and the danco was not neglected.
There lias been an increased interest
taken in tills club lately, and its roll
of membership Is boln? constantly
increased by the names of the highly
A number of Miss Julia Bobortson's
friends surprised her last Thursday
evening, by calllt)r in abody, with Mr
Becker's orchostra. Miss .Tula and
her charming mother throw onon the
doors of their beautiful home, and
entertained them most hospitably.
The orchestra was placed in tho largo
dancing room and an impromptu
gormau was indulged In.
The entertainment itivou by the
Phllp-Literary club Tuesday evening
upon the occasion of tho formal open
ing of their rooms iu tho Walker build
ing on Fourth street, by far eclipsed
ail tho brilliant outertalumonts which
havo been given by that excellent or
ganization. Tho rooms aro fitted up
with moro artistic taste than any club
rooms in tho state everything tend
ing to cultivato a taste in tho mem
bers for tho study of litoraturo and
the arts. Thero wero fully threo hun
dred persons prosont, many of whom
had formed but llttloidea of tho worth
of tho club as a social factor and wero
surprised at what thoy heard and
saw. The Ural part of tho entertain
ment consisted of the following fea
Address of wolconio by Prosldont
It. J. Tolson.
Response on tho part of tho citizous
of Waco by Capt. T. A. Blair.
Vocal solo Judith, by Miss Lula
C. Ilaynio.
Recitation Vashti. by Miss Lizlo
R. Chandler.
Vocal solo Old Rostlcss Sea. by
Mrs. E. P. LoDaux.
Mr. J. M. Connor then nrosonted to
Mr. R. J.Tolson prosldont of thoclub
tv cold wntch nnd chain on behalf of
tho mombors who doslred to recoir-
nlzo that oillcors's ollbrts for the woll-
faro of tho organization. Tho audi
onco was then amused by the hold
ing of a Belva Lockwood convention
and tho selection of Messrs. E. A.
Marshall, F. W. Fort and W. H.
Cameron ns olectors on tho Woman's
Right tlokot. Tho entertainment
closed with a nromonado concert. t,ii
muslo bolng furulshod by Mr. Book-
ers's BDionuin orchostra.
Tho Garland opera houso ofrered
an evening of rollnod uinuniunnnt
laBt week In "Struck Gas" which was
presented by Hurry Popnor and
'Tutlon" a now and dIdhsIho- snnii.
teitl' Nost weok Mr- Oarland will
"ave kcnnlon nnd Koono
'rB' I. J' DOSS, IllllllllOr. FOUTtll
Rig stock and low prices.
l'lll!lsll. Ctlt'ltl'll
bnlilintli-Bcluiol ntun.
Wntliliij;lon street,
f-CANDl.NAVIAX MJ'I Ilt.KAX-CorXc.rth 10th
wiu minium sis , iter i rorrlsun lmstor,
biTWci'a at 3:3iji. in, to-morrow
-MOItllOWsTliEKr t'IIAl,KI,--?Lnlci.s inorii
liijrmiUfUMiiuir by th pnstor, l!cv W u
I onnor suiulnv pchool nt 11. .1) a, in
Kim i MitK.nT m k. ciiiitui, son ii-
( or. Sth ami Jiu'koii Btncts, llc. lluraco
ltblioi instnr 'Sttniluy-iiilioiil u.so a m ,
. h HanLIno siipurlntciuUut l'rnji-r-lnictliiit
inery Widnruliiy liljjlit. :iass
iiiivtliiK at 1 11. in i'ri'aclilnir ti-niorrov at
II ii.iii iiiii)7::,ii l. m by tin. jin-tor. -iTjboil)
conllally liiiituil
Out Katon.V tluliian's, AiiMhihtni't Itooini
o'H'ii ilallj irom s n, m , till 1 11 in A
l.iwuuiiilicrordiili), m-iklv anil montliU
paiura nnil lii-riuillinln on Hie. Kirbo.l
(n I led tin-all mnijf Jlm'H iiici-tlnBuin
puiulin afti'rnooii at i ,:iu o'l'lock
Cl'MIIKllt.AXI) I'i:iNltYTi:ill.X CUIMSCII
l!i' .1 .M llalsoll, I'ntor, (oltlco on 4tb
utri'et In l'o.UTsbnllillni.'). I'ri'aclilnir lit II
a in. nnil, Mi i in Mimlaj mIiihiI at .i.:M
a in. rniM-r inci'tliiL' ccry Wi'diuednt
nlglit at 7:30 p. in. woman's aid 6oeliti
I'M'ry'llinrsday i'ci'pt tlio llrst. Woman's
mlsiionnry society llrt 'XlinreiLivnt.t p m.
hriiirnuiit (r.itbcrcrs vvr fourth 'babbntb at
.1p. in
Insults a Widow Lady Whom he
Was Driving.
Mrs. Xanoy llonsles arrived In
Waco Thursday morning coming from
Abilene over tho Missouri Pacific. It
was then about two o'clock and sho
desired to tako tho South bound
Houston &, Texas Central at ton
o'clock. So, she says, sho got in a
carriago driven by Henry Wiggins
and ordered htm to drivo her to tho
Farmer's house. Sho stated that in
stead of doing to ho drovo her out in
to tho country dismounted from tho
box entered tho carriago and -forced
his attentions upon hor. Thosucceed
ed In frightening him by threntdnlmr
to cry for help that ho returned to tho
oox and drovo hor to tho Central ho
tol whore sho was entertained. Sho
went beforo tho grand jury boforo
leaving ror JSryan and rolated tho cir
cumstances. Wiggins lias disap
peared from tho city ovidontly under
alarm of being-punished nUhourli tlio
grand jury had not up to tho tlmo of
this writing brought in an Indictment
against him. Ifo certainly ought to
bo seriously punished for so heinous
nn otleiiso,
Hon. Geo. Clark has returned from
Robinson county where ho addressed
by special invitation a lnigo uttdir-nco
at a barbecue. On next Saturday
JlldgO Clark will nniwlr n,iti.f rl
Jones at Marllu.
i.Mr. J. P. Williamson of tho Fifth
ward Is to be congratulated on tho
birth af a son yesterday.
Mr. 1). E. Hlrschflold. tickot airont
oi tne cotton JJelt has relumed from
Cairo, 111., whero ho went to witness
tho marriago of his sister.
Miss Sophio Sanger has returned
irom tlio Jutst, whoro sho has beon
Miss Sadio Pearro. loft this morn-
Ing for Dallas to ntfmui Mm r.,1.. ,,..,i
visit frionds.
Stark West returnod yesterday
from north Texas, whoro In. n
callodon urgent business.
Mrs. P. R. Hengstand on returned
to-day from Springfield. Ohio whom
sho passed tho Summer. Dr. Hengst
met them at Toxarkana and accom
panied thorn home.
Leave ordors for rnoiva. nl, i ii f ci IV,. 1 1
and ornamental troos at Perry's Pa
clfio hotol block.
Itnstnn I'hlna
fresh everyday at
IVclfr'n Turn llnmm n lnl,nn .. ...
- - - - w..... ..v...u,v. iumib .in turns WH l-
out pain or scar. No Cuius Xo I'.vvl
Kuiip.v nickloH at ITnfirii'H .'in Aus
tin avenue.
Choicest incut in tnu ii nf ti.,. ..,
nuo market, nothing but tlio host'.
DoWiol catch their own oysters
try them. Uoat arrives twi'co 'each
day. fcond in your orders, for oysters
for Sunday on Frldy to DoWiol,
Tl,e "ost beot, "mutton, veal, and
ilsh aro always to be found at, J. O.
Crlppen's market, corner Fifth and
l'raiiKliu. .
CashCrushcrs thisWeek'
u J0 J'jS Boat Four-Button Kid Gloveo. Embroidered Books 60 ct
a pnir; Slid Gloves 25 ots; Llalo Glovos IO ots a pair. s
tlRtlTEYSAil Wool Jorooys Worth 81.GO to $2, Ohoioo for $i,
r,Al)H3S UXmueWKAlt-ARogulor 76 ot. Merino voBtfor6o'ot
ARofrular $l.GO Lamb's Wool Vest for only 81. Ohlldron'H Wnm "i
all Kinds, Very Low. ' of
A lteiritltiv .Sl .115 Comfort
A Kcgulni' ijll .00 Comfort for
A SplciidM li Comfort for
An Elrjriint Sateen Comfort worth 1.75 for only,.
e liavo a small lot ol Illiuikcts earned ovor
year, which, to close out,
X.JJP ",p Sh,,nM,tf Hit'
DD PL7Q n,HI U1 ,'S('si l'lll,, ' I rimming1,, nnmrn
IIAIUlO. ) at Almost Hair Values. ( f KluES
VXO 1 Rood famllj btipi?y inaro for unli
ihtap liil to W. K .Montjxoini'nvn
at this olllco. tf
"J1 Oil SAI.K A handsome lieilioom set of
J ' nirnltiirn.
er iTap for imbIi
Apply at
the Xi ws olllci
IjIUIIXISIIKI) ItoOMS ltb Hoard Tor tcentli'
J? man and Mile, or three Kentlemen Ap
ply to Jlrs. feherma i, .Hr.' Xortli hlth Street
171 Oil NAM: KM acres of land, W)ln llneciil
' thatlon and Kiln oxeellent pnatiira all un
der a pood fence. Ki.i m Ii sltiuited about M mile 8
froin Waco, has ?oo I four room duelling, am-pleont-biilldlngs,
laniH etc, wood clalern and
splendid tank ol Mater. Will tiadelor ood
rehldiiuepioiM m in am addreis tlit'Mu
J 701! ItKX'l' a nice I room Iioiiho for rent,
1 corner t lay and Ninth htri'vt Apph to
las. Shiars, 1Mb and I lay treet
TTtOlt SAI.K Ni'W Milton and upan of borses
iroml hnrnuNS houses, slni;le or ilnublo.
Adilrosi.l. T. Montjrnnii ry, Ilo 31!i, Waio,
li'ns, or a X'ous olliee. A barttiiin. tf
1 ,i 1"517,13'2 AVehac'0lilpai'eT9eon
. JX.X JllXX O stmitlj mi hand and
parties anting them can (,'et them at a bargain
bj npliljiiiK at the hUMilng Xua oltlcp, Xo.
ili Austin VM'iiue
KS. J. X. IIAU.'SIOX lias ikclded to com-
llielice DresS-lIinklnir lltrnlli. nil Mnntli Jfli
treet Xo i,Ji she hoIIcIIh tlm lUmn.ni r
her old customers.
WAXTKD-A lumse-keeper Appiylinim
dlatily at Mrs .M A. Unlilimon's stoic
iiieier tlio .Mitchell House on South Sd street.
IIAM1K IILOSiOMS.. llr. -Mnirlll'. r.mnn.
J Orange lUossnni, Mrs. A. J. Itlihanlsou,
ent, Xortli luth street. !l-:i-Im
ITtOIl SALJ-A pair or lartre llrst-class work
J mules, scM'njears old. Mrs. S Aajers,
X "tli Bt., between Jeirersou and llarron sts.'
ITtOltSAI.n One book ca-c. 1 step ladder, 1
tables, Ifoiirhorso vukIiio, lonr beating
Nlnlnuntul ill.,., 'I ,l,,.la i.A.. i n...i . ti r
j ... .. , ,, .dona, nun i UIIU IllClier,
wash stands, half dozen chairs. fcllKraph typo-
... .' '..'"j'.' U'""B "u louiuer, paient letter
Hies. 1 Hall salt!, I storo counter, 'J0.U0O old
papers and a large amount or other eccond
hand lurulture. J.0, E. Klc.in
I.oiiislnim Mute Lottery.
Order your tickets from D.'Domnau
it RrO.. Olmnlltc thn MVininllnlirl l,r.ol
Waco, or at Dallas and Tomplo. I.ib-
uiai iiii'js io cuius.
Hyacinths, lilllesand all fall bulbs
1 1, i -erry s cauuy storo, Ulldor X'aclllc
- , - .
Flowers for woddlngs, funerals and
parties, in all dosign. l.oavo orders
nt Perry's confectionery under 1'aclflc
hotol. X
Take Advantage or
the llooiii
JO'i Wall fttrcet, Waco, 'leas,
Mrs. Ert.'Wliite's
llestuarant and Ojster l'arlor, IU South Kirth
street, In a place where ladles out shopping can
stop and gethotioirco mid a nlco lunrh. AH
seasonable dellcniles on band and served at a
moments notico. OjUcrs llsb, otc. Meal
tlckitswlUbolssuid whin, call Tor llrst-class
faro Don't forget tho place, No. Ill South
Kinii, (.treot between Austin and Kranklln.
$ .Ho
... i.Trt
from ist
wt have marked extremely i,MV
Fines! Line of Dress VIluls f tfr
IOIt THiri.KI.Sl7A1UUi:.
I'apt. . .1. ish Is an Independent t-aiiilldnle
ror tho I eglslntnro Trom Mcleimnn (oiinu M
the election In Xo ember, ami asks tho oti's nl
nil Ids frlcnili, without respect to party
.Mr J. UClabaiivli,orHoB8, Is mi Indepen
dent Candidate lor Shiiitr or JleU'iinaiiioiintj
nt the cnstiiiiRXovembor election. He solliiu
ii"L-ic, of ll13 rrlcn',s n,,1 ncqualntiincei.
Yv nre authorlied to aiiiiouiiio Mr (ho V
Stubbli,.1elil as Inilepondent candidate, for Stale
Senator nt thebta'u election In November
w. (i. 3iayfii:i.i). h. j. wii:i:i..
The Southwestern Sohool of
Will oncii their winter term on Oetohir lSth
WeaniKiHiici'wIlhinireabed facllltlesforteac ,-
IK tlioMi arts In which wo embrace tho lo Ioh
InirsjBt. ins: 1 en l'ltinan, Oraham-. Jlii,,8en'B
I.iiulso 's, nnil tliobtenoirrniili. Our typ "-writ-
IK department is unexcelled. Wo uso both
i A?!.1'?1". n"(l 1!c,,'"'B"i iiinchlues an
both arc tnuBht iiy uicrt. JVo are nlno nre
liared to do an unlimited amount of short-haml
work nnil in,.uriii,. in .:"!, .'""'"
and neat ly eveci. ei ' Ivrn . V.., m '. . V
drll!'sVV08.,lfo'xl1.0n 1lcn,,,h 'm' r ''
Stolte - Brothers,
Delivered In any part of thn eltv. Inprn..i
trade ast ures all or our groceries to bo fresh.
Corner Finh and Austin Sts.
Keeps the Choicest nnd Fattest Meals
in Iho City. South Side Public Sifr.
Choice L'ortciliouso. IfloiCliolco roast sn
Uiorcliiln. KiciSecond cut roast tV
Cioco round TfiSclChnck roast
Cholcenb. Tcllrisketroast... . :
Chuck steak -'Mutton ) . ioc
hausnB", 10c Veal . . . . . S
Spare ribs . .. .l'tfclrinh ............ .lsjfc
Kvorv day direct from tho kiln, and
tlellv ered at your residence.
J". J". RIXJ23X.E.
R. H. Gray,
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Ito.
Conntry Proance Bonelit and Sold:
DO, 02 rnniiin Nt.
CIIAS. BAltER, Prop.,
Frankll.f Street. Iletvveen KourtU nnd Flrtli.
Waco, texab.
This house has been ovoihaulml n,l rm.i ,,
hy.Mr. ltaker, and bo Intnmii in m.v i.
1 ond to none In the city.
i,-t V

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