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Profit Pulverizers !
Commencing Monday, Nov. 5, we will in
augurate the greatest sale and slaughter of
Ever known in Waco. Over 500 gar
ments of every kind; cloaks, coats, jack
ets & jerseys, that must be sold in 30 days
Popular .:. Prices ... in .:. Plain .:. Figures
We are showing chlldron'o brown Nowmarkets at $2, regular prlco S3
Newmarkets, with capes, nicely trimmed for $2.f0, $3 and $3.50.
These are autunlly the prettiest cloaks ever sold for tho mouoy.
Wo are showing a beautiful cloak, in tho Uretchoii style for $3.50, $4
and $4.50, worth 25 percent more than our price.
Our fancy striped Grotchon cloaks for $3.50 up to $8.50, are tho best
bargains over offered in the city.
Wc Intend 1o sell some misses' and children' cloaks
this week If there Is niithlii(r lu
Sole Agents for the Dunlap Hats.
Leather Valises a Specialty.
LOT 2.
A good cloak worth $3 to $3.50
We sell at $2.
LOT 4.
An assortment of nice cloaks
worth $4 to $5 at only $3.
LOT 5.
Ladies, misses and childs cloaks
elegant and stylish, good
sterling values, 5.90.
You will not get this chance again. We guarantee our
price on every wrap sold, to be far under any com
peting pric9. This is not a sale but an immense
sacrifice of the best goods at the best time.
So.no of tbe iluest Foreign Goods ?od cotton jerseys $ 50
, . , , , , , . Misse all wool jerseys 75
made, in ladies and misses sizes, cloaks Ladlo8handsomeall WOol jerseys 1 00
from $12.50 to $24.QO, worth Very fine jerseys elegantly trim-
double the price.
Waling Jackets and Coats
We have an elegant line from $1.75 to - $11.50
Lot 34, a nice worsted jacket, worth $4 at - 2.90
Lot 38, Ladies stockinet walking jacket, tailor
made and trimmed, very dressy, cheap at $6
Our price is only 4.50
Dress goods of every kind,
Dress trimmings, largest line in Waco,
Ladies and childrens underwear, very low
Mens, ladies and childrens shoes.
Mens clothing and furnishing goods,
Blankets and comforts, every grade and price,
Cash Crushers of Credit Competition.
At the Garland.
There was more real and genuine
fun and hearty laughter at the theater
last night than has been for a year.
Nellie McHenry was on the stage
with "Three of a Kind," viz: Bob
Flush, Jack Potts and Phil Straight,
represented by Messrs. Webster Blair
and Mandeville, which beat any pair
we have ever seen. Miss McHenry 's
shadow has not grown a whit less
since last season nor has her ability
to throw her audience into convul
sive laughter by her comic songs and
acting. She has a strong company of
nrst class musical commedians and the
reputation of her entertainment last
season filled her house last niuht, al
though there had been three fine at
tractions at the theater on the three
preceding evenings. The old maid of Uion the poor colored man suffered
M. Thos. Jackson is certainly a most Pmost by such a system. He also ex
finished work. He shows what study ploded the Blair bill and showed them
he has given the subject and his
study has been in the nghi direction.
Priscilla Prism is not the old maid of
factbut she is what the popular mind
pleases to imagine her. Men, and
women, too, have a strong prejudice
against the old maid and make her
Following four lots are as
hannsome goods as can be
made, latest in style and per
fect in make, fit and material :
Lot 6, at .... $5.85
Lot 7, at 7.85
Lot 9, at .... 7.00
Lot 11, at 8.90
ed, really worth & to $5; $2 to $
3 00
the butt of innumerable jokes, satires
and caricatures and justly, too. The
play of course has but little plot and
and in tact to such commedians a
plot is not necessary, but only some
thing ot a thread to introduce laugh
able situations and tunny songs. Miss
Francis Herbert, who took the part of
the simple country rustic has a sweet
soprano voice and charmed the au
dience with her songs as well as with
her exquisite beauty.
Oapt. Jack Blsrin.
Capt. J. . Elgin delivered an ad
dress last night to the colored peo
ple in the district court room and in
plain but forcible language explained
the protection tariff, and showed
them how of all the people of the na
how much better off they were under
the present system of state education,
being taught by their own color than
bv imnorted white teachers from Yan-
keedom, and showed the difference
in appropriations by the 'state and
mat proposed oy me niair uiu. ai-
We will make Special Prices on Infants' long
and short cashmere cloaks this week.
ter Capt. Eigin had finished a negro
barber named Storms, with a ghoul
ish countenance and unsavory repu
tation, who has been going around
the country working for Jones, got
up and made an incendiary speech,
trying to make the colored people
think they were badly treated. A
great many colored men in the city
are disgusted with that limping incen
diary, Storms, and say they will sup
port Mr. Mills.
The Democrats Appoint Commit
tees to Watch tho Polls.
The democrats met in the county
court room last night and were called
to order by Robert Rogers, chairman
of the Central City club. Mr. D. H.
Hardy was appointed secretary.
Judge G. B. Gerald moved that a
committee consisting of good demo
crats be appointed to watch the
polls and prevent any frauds being
perpetrated. Judge Gerald made a
short and enthusiastic speech, in
which he explained the causes which
made this action necessary. The
motion carried and a committee was
appointed to make up a list of demo
crats to serve as above directed. Af
ter a short consultation the committee
reported the following names:
First Ward C. C. McCulloch,
chairman, W. R. Clifton, J. W. Tay
lor, S. Marx, J. Yarbrough, Lee Jen
kins, E. F. Reese, D. H. Hardy. R. J.
Goode, J. V. Smith, Jno. Lee, A. Al
exander, Louis Hinchman, Geo. Hay
den, Geo. Davis, D. H. Orand, Jas. B.
Second Ward L. P. Peck, chair
man, T. A. Blair, Wm. Edmonds,
Bart Moore, Geo. Coates, C. M.
Hubby, O. B. Caldwell, Geo. Bar
nard, Wm. Bewley, Geo. Levy, Geo.
Clark, Wm. Prather. Tom Padgitt,
Jno. P. Massey, D. H. Kelley, B. F.
Wortham, W. M. Kellet, S. A. Hogan,
A. O. Dewey, W. T. Harris, P. A.
Yarman, M. E. McLaren, H. M.
Thompson, Wiley Jones, Tom Wills
ford, Hayden Davidson.
Third Ward Jno. J. See, chair
man, J. B. Chesnut, E. J. Parrent,
Stark West. J. D. Morrow, Jas. Blake,
L. O, Alexander, J. A. Jayne, Sandy
Campbell, R. H. Rogers, J. C. West,
W. A. Cassady, G. B. Gerald.
Fourth Ward Ed. B. Levy, chair
man, Felix H. Robertson, Chas.
Barnister, Carl Forsgard, R. H.
Kingsbury, Jr., W. B. Willis, J.E El
gin. Bud Worsham, Bunk Ormon, J.
J, Kimbrough, H. M. Warren, Bill
Davis, J. W. Sedberry, M. C. H.
Park, W. L. Barker, J. H. Bull, Frank
Bull, TomMaddin, Geo. Woods, T. A.
Davis, Harry Van, Sam Van, Wm. W.
Evans, J. R. Downs.
Fifth Ward Jno. F. Herbert, chair
man, Jas. B. Baker, F. M. Makeig, J.
R. Mobley, Phil Eyerly.
Roberts' Store B. G. Wheeler,
chairman, J. F. Flint, W. R. Ormon,
Walter Davis.
Proctor Springs W. A. Poage,
chairman, W. D. Hening, W. H. Les
sing, Jno. Wold, Jno. L. Dyer, J. A.
Robinson L, B. Daugherty, chair
man. The chairmen "of the committees
were empowered to add such names
they deemed wise. 1 he meeting
then adjourned.
Lovinski & Lewlne carry tho finest
stock of gold and silver watches at
wnoiesaie prices.
Kirt Riddle keeps the Cash Market
on the square saves you from forty
to ntty per cent on your meat. f
Dr. Saunders, Dentist, f.'),' Austin Ave.
For fine watoh. Clock and jewelry
repairing go to the old reliable Le-
vinskl & Lewino. f
You will save 20 to 25 per ct. by
buying from the wholesale and retail
ewelers, Levinski & Lewino. t
Go to W. D. Jaokson and get a pho
tograph of yourseh and children.
Leave orders for roses, plants, fruit
and ornumental troos at Perry's Pa-
cmc noiei uiook. t
DoWlel's Boston Chips uro the talk
of the whole country.
When you need money or have
money to spend go to Unele Duff
P Jf
DoWiol's ludlos' and gents' oyster
parlor crowded day and night.
McAlistcr coal is tho bost. hardest
and cleanost of all the seiui-anthra-
cite vnrletles in this market.
Flno comb honey at Joe Thomp
W. 11. Matthews deals in paints
wall Daner. window lrluss and all
kinds of puinters material. f
Sign writing a specialty with W.R.
Matthews south Third street. t
Hennessy's Imported French bran
dy just received from Bordeaux at
Cotton Exchange. t
Choice steaks from (3 lo 8 cents at
Riddle's cah market 011 tho square,
south sido,
Feeler's Com I!emoor takes off corns with
out linln or scur. No Cuitu o 1'ayI
Wo are needing tho largest anil best selec
ted htoik forour lull triulo that has eereone
lo Waco, comprising In part, Dolls, Toys,
Wagons, i: t-iiU'S , In fact ever) tiling In this
A bcautl ful line 'for '-'" cents each, In lino
designs. Lamp Micks 1-2 for HI cts., lamp
bur cis Uicts
New Window Shades.
Kvti.i hea) linen shades on spring rollers,
handsm.u' dudo at 7." cts each; Holland shades
on spring rollers 7 feet long, fiO cts each. Thcso
aro bargains.
Special Bargains.
An etra larae comfort, good material, Tflctsi
a better one for Sl.oo, worth $l.fi0. Men's
good jeans pants, T cts. Ktra heavy men's
oiershirtijO. Splendid knit undershirt 25 cts.
Good Canton llanncl drawers 2." cts. Heavy
seamless hose 10 cts a pair. Turkey red table
cloth v, arranted fast color 35 cts per yard
Cheap Useful Things.
Brown's ladles shoe dressing, the best made
10c per bottlo Molasses pitcher, spr'ng top,
15c. Good full size bouse brooms 15 cts.
Heavy hatchet 25ct. Tough steak pounder 13c.
pure steel kitchen knife 25. G large bars pure
Castile soap 25 cts. Bottlo best glue 10 ctsS
large covered bucket 10 cts. L'l shoots very
best note paper 10 cts. Bottle fine Ink Sets.
Mucilage Ms a bottle. School baskets, slates,
pencils, tablets, etc., at the
SU Austin street, between Klfih and Sixth,
Notice of Sale.
Wiikiieas, On the sixteenth day of January,
1888. the stockholders of the Waco Farm, at
their regular annual meeting, held at the
above mentioned date, in tho city of Waco,
county of McLennan, state of Texas, did, by
resolution, authorizo the directors df said corpo
ration to sell at public auction, the property
kuuwii anbjit ithcu rural, jor lue purpose 01
liquidating the indebtedness of said corpora
tion :nml the directors of the said comnanv. in
compliance therewith, at a meeting held in the
euy oi w aco, on tne 'J. wenty-tiurd day of Oct. ,
1888, passed a resolution instructing the sec
retary to at once advertise the property (all of
which will more fully appear, reference being
had to the resolution of said directory.)
Wherefore, bv virtue of nnthnrttv vpatpil In nin
by the resolution aforesaid, I will offer for sale,
between tho hours of 10 a. m. and i o'lock p.
m,, at public auction, to the highest bidder,
on the llflh dar of November, next, at tho
court house. In tho city of Waco, that certain
tract off land known as
With tho members and appuitcnnnces there-
ring in sain
Ions; Six hundred and forty-nine acres of
land. Beginning at the survey of Ml acres, of
which In the center of Flat creek at a point sontn
45, West SjO v.ras and north 15s ,wcst M va
ra Inm the southwest cor.ofThomas . Chamber'.-,
two league survey In Bald McLennan
county, Texas. Thcnco return to said south
west corner, '1 hence north 45, east iff) 1. 4 va
ras, to the southeast corner of the !2i0 acres
hereinafter mentioned. Thencu north 4j,
west livi.7 varas to the north corner of said
Mi acres and west corner of Keastlng's 60 aero
survey. Thence north 4.'i', east 4'iii.tl varas
to tho oust corner of tho 178 acres hereinafter
mentioned. Thence north 45s, west 81-2.1 va
ras along Orand's west lino to the north corner
of said 1 1 8 aero tract , Thencu south 05 , u est
;1I7 varas. Thcnco south m;., west 13(11 4 aras.
Tlienco south 45s , cast 87 i varas to tho north
corner of tho sou acres hereinafter montluneu.
Thence south 45, west 810 varas to Flat creel.
Thence down tho mcanderlngs of thesamuto
the place of beginning, being 200 acn h out nf
the Chambers survey, deede by Catherine Y.
Ferguson and others to Chas. Moran, Jr., alio
178 acres out of said Chambers survey, deeded
by Enoch Winter to ChaB. Moran, Jr., and a!
acres out of the Carlos O'l'ampos survey,
deeded bv J. II. McMurrav and wife to Chas.
Moran, Jr., In ull 044 acres. The rematningifi
acres being the timber lot out of M.Martinez
two league grant adjoining the O'Campos sur
vey, deeded to ChaB. Moran, Jr., by J. II Me
mo sam aaio will no maue lor casn. tnenur
chaser, however, taking the said farm subject
to a mortgage oftli.uoo, held by tbe State. Cun-
irl UDllKUl TIHCU, IttXBB,
In witness hereof I have hereto set my land,
turn uMuiwr .ju, a xj. iwb,
J. K, Eloin,
Misoti, Morgan ft CO.,
COR. AUSTIN & 8th BT8.
tt-ekp CouKtuntly on Hand
All klutU of FRESir Ml: ATS. 1
EISH and OYSTERS a specialty, l'rompt
delivery and rood welshta. Niivt Jnr.r w.m
Supniy store, on Austia street.
WANTED A sorvant girl, whito or colored
Address, T. M.Coon, Moffatt, Bell Co.,
Texas, or apply at thlB olllcc. .'It
WANTED A colored chambermaid at tho
Farmers House, on "th street between
Austin and i'lankiin streets.
MU. W. It OKMANBwill call at all Kcsl
deuces and Oltlcts, to repair and put up
rpo BENT. ."mall three room houso on Fifth
A street, near old University grounds. Ap
ply to J. T. Brown, 0th and Jefferson oraxws
office. it.
ANTED. A seamstress at No. oil North
10th street.. Mrs Hewitt. 01 S-t
A BARGAIN. A heating stovo. bedstead
and springs for sale cheap Apply at this
A NO. 1 good Tamlly baggy mare Tor sale
cheap. Apply to W. F Montgomery, or
at this office. tf
FOR SAT.K. A handsome bedroom set of
furniture, very cenp for cash. Apply at
the Nkws office. ti.
FOB HALF. 10O acres of land, CO In fine cul
tivation and 40 In excellent pasture all un
der a good fence. Farm Is situated about 35 miles
from Waco, has;ood four room uwelllng, am
ple out-bulldlngs, barns etc, good cistern and
splendid tank or water. Will tradofor good
residence prop.-rtv In Waco, address the Nkws
"TTOIt SALE Now wagon and span of horses
Jj good harness horses, single or double.
Address J. T. Montgomery, Box 31, Waco,
Texas, or at News ollice. A bargain. tf
-r A TTj,T0 We have old papers con
X -A-ir JtliX0 stanlly on hand and
nartles wanting them can get them at a bargain
by applying at the Evening News office, No.
5IJ Austin Avenue.
ORANGE BLOSSOMS Dr. MeglU's famous
Orange Blossoms, Mrs. A. J. Richardson,
agent, North 10th street. 0-i:i-Im
ITOK SALE One book case, 1 step ladder, 4
' tables, 1 four horse engine, tonr heating
stoves and pipe, :i desks, bowl arid pitcher,
wash stands, half dozen chairs, Cellgraph type
writer, office railing and counter, patent letter
flies. 1 Hall safe, 1 store counter, 20,000 old
papers and a large amount of other second
hand furniture. Jno. E. Elqik.
I.ouiilnttn Ntnte Lottery.
Order your tickets from D. Domnau
& Bro., opposite tho RrcClellnnd hotel
Waco, or at Dallas and Temple. Lib
eral rates to clubs.
Flowers for weddings, funerals and
parties, in all design. Leave orders
at Perry's confectionery under Pacific
hotel. t
100 Wall Street, Waco, Texas.
Mrs. Ed. White's
Kestuarant and Oyster Parlor, 111 South Firth
street, Is a place where ladles out shopplnir can
stop and get hot coffee and nice lunch. All
seasonable delicacies on hand and served at a
moments notice. Oysters flBh, etc. Meal
tlckitB will be issued which call for flrst-class
faro Don't forget the place, No. Ill South
Fifth, strset between Austin and Franklin.
Capt. A. J. Ish Is an Independent caiuliiim..
for the Legislature from McLennan countv .
the election In November, and nskis tho votes ol
an ins iricnus, witnout respect to party.
Mr J. U.Clahatmh.ofRoss. Is nn in.i,
dent Candidate for Shorlff of Mr.T.i.i,n ,.."
at tboonsulngNotembcrclectlon. Ho solliit,
tho votes of his friends and acquaintances.
We are authorized to nnnnnnra Mr r:.,
8tubblcflcld as independent candidate for State
etenator at the btaiu election In November.
The Southwestern School of
Will nnnn tludf lnrn. ... A.. r ....
..... VtVH - ,' kuuu uii uciooer Join,
e announce ultli increased facilities lorteacli
Inj? tlioao artR in which wo embmce the follow.
Ig systems: Hen Pitman, Graham's, Alunsen'a.
I.inilartv'a and Mm Cr..n....i. t- . ..
ing department is unexcelled. We use both
tu "5 '"", ". """ "-'""K"J'i mncmues anil
both aro taught oy uxperts. Wu aro also pre.
pared to do an unlimited amount of sliort-liami
yu neatly oxecuted. Terms reasonable Call
dro"fl i. 'o.iiox ;;.;' """ o,ulo or
Stolte - Brothers,
Delivered in any nart of tint rltv. tnr.o...i
trade assures all of our groceries te he fresh.
Corner Finh and Auvtln Sts.
Keeps the Choicest and Fattest Meats
In the City. South Side Public Sqr.
Choice Porterhouse. 10c
Choice loin 0c
Choice, round 7ffl8c
Choice rib ;);c
Chuck steak
Sausage loo
Spare ribs I2fc
Choice roast Sc
Second cut roast lie
Chuck roast r
Rrlskct roast ,'ic
Mutton iifaioc
enl K0ioc
Fish l.'i'c
Kvcry day direct from the kiln, and
lemored at your residence.
R. H. Gray
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Etc.
Country Profiuce Bonaht anfl Solfl:
90, 09 Fannin N.. IIOUNTON.TEXAB.
This house litis been lately flttert
up, and is prepared to accomo
date more guests than over.
-& ()' jxuiXtoJi
J'AxwJhriTj'-H-i'i'Jiiifi'-s- ,'n

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