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cloTks !
Wo Continue this wook our Unparallod Bargains in
CloakS, IWraps, and Jorsoys, oflForing soloctions
from tho Best Lino in tho City at almost
Our Prices are the Lowest. Fine Crib Blankets a Specialty
Comforts at 65 cts- worth $1.00. Comforts at
$1.00 sell anywhere at $1.50. Fine Com
forts at $1.75 to $2.75,
Overcoats and Clothing.
We can fit any man or boy with an Overcoat or Suit of good Winter
Clothing, and Save him Money. Our Trices on Clothing are
Cut under any and all competition.
Cash Crushers of Credit Competition.
Hereafter tho Is i:ws v. ill bo issued
from this ofllco every afternoon, ex
copt Sunday, at -1 o'clock sharp and
all matter intended for publica
tion should bo handed in beforo two
o'clock p. in. on tho day ot Its publi
cation. This ehango will enablo our
carriers to deliver tho paper to all
our city subsribors .even tho farthest
romoved, beforo dark every day.
Our subscribers will pleaso notify this
ofllco at once of any failuro or dolay
in tho delivery of their papers.
A DesMoines clerk in a cigar
store made a novel bet on the election
which will result in a wedding. A
lady friend of his, who is a strong
Democrat, agreed to marry him in
case Cleveland was defeated, feeling
sure of his election. The news of the
election somewhat surprised her, but
she has agreed to fulfil her part of the
program, and there will be a wedding
in about a month.
St. Martin's Church.
The dedication of the Catholic
church of St. Martin at Martinsville
was quite an event, and will long be
remembered by those who were pres
ent. Bishop Gallagher and Rev. A.
Badelon went out to West station on
Sunday evening and thence went to
the new church where the dedication
services weie held. Upon the arri
val of Bishop Gallagher ard Father
Badelon they were met by a guard of
fifty mounted men carrying the Bo
hemian national colors at their head
and arrayed in costumes of the sai e
colors. Besides this guard there was
a large crowd of spectators who join
ed in the escort of the bishop to the
church. Upon alighting the bishop
blessed the people and on Mondav
morning at g o'clock the dedication
took place.
An Enjoyable Evening.
The nudionco which greoted New
ton Seers in his character of Joo Artti
royd, the Swart King in "Lost in
London," at Tho Garland, was well
repaid for coming out last nhjht.
There Is littlo of tho play itsolf but
sufficient to bring out the strong
powers of Mr. Boors as a fine actor.
The specialties introduced In tho
fourth act woro most ploasing to tho
audience and round aftor round of
appreciative applause greoted each
now feature Tho lino contralto
volcoofMiss Kato Komaino as sho
sang a number of old familiar songs
had a happy ollbct upon tho audlenco
which was in no way lessoned when
tho North Britain 1'an ,1'lno singers
Messrs. Hardin, Jhiroshido, Gull
niotlo and Sykos appeared and treat
ed them to ammibor of oxcollont se
lections. All wero In splendid voico
and their renditions wero enthusias
tically encored. Harvey GUfoll fur
nished no end of amusomont by his
matchless imitations of people, things
nnd animals. On tho wholo the eve
ning's outortalninent was well worth
a liboral patrouago and is among tho
best of its class yet prosontod at Tho
Miss Jane Coombs as Lady )od
look, to-night.
On and aftor October 22d, wo will
serve at our tables, tho gonulno Bal
timore Oystors, will locolvo them
I.oiiInIiiiiii State Lottery.
Ordor your tlckota from D. Domnau
& j Bro., opposlto tho McClulland hotel
Waco, or at Dallas and Teninlo. Lib
eral rates to olubs.
T.ftlivn nntnra fui v.ianc. .i...... u
ami ornamental trcoa ut Porry's la-
w uu lliltui UIUITH.
Mr. J. J. Froy, of tho M., K. & T.
railway, is in tho city.
Capt. II. G. Carter and wife wero
up from Marlln, last evening.
Miss Jane Coombs at The Garland
Mr. J. . Wadloigh, commercial
agent of tho Cotton Belt, is in the
city to-day.
Capt. .7. F. Lewis, of tho Temple
Daily Herald, was In tho cltv yester
day. Dr. O. I. Ualbert, has gone to Aus
tin, whoro Mis. Halbort is visiting
Jlovs. JHoraeo Bishop and W. G.
Connor, have gono to Weathorford, to
attend tho conference.
Mr. II. C. Mills and wife wero in
from McGregor today.
W. Bludworth of Tyler, is at tho
Now Mi'Clolland.
Geo. II. Green representing Ar
mours l'ackory, of Kansas City, camo
in today.
Mr. C. P. Curtis one of Corsicana's
promluont citizons is iu Wac.
E. L. Castloton is hers from StLouis
B.S. Wathon, of Dallas, Is at tho
Paclilo Hotel today.
Charlos C. Mitcholl, of St Louis, is a
guest of tho Pacific.
Col. II. P. Hufflics, or tho Missouri
Pacific, was horo from Houston to
day. Miss Fannio Spoucor, of Marhu,
who wont toCorslcana to attond tho
Branch-Woodson nuptials, is in tho
city roturnlng homo from tho wed
ding. Lady Dedlock and Hortenso bv
Miss Jano Coombs at Tho Garland
Tho case of Jamos Drako which was
sot for trial at Hillsboro today has
been continued until tho noxt term
of eourt and tho big crowod of Waco
witnesses camo back on tho 1.15 M.K.
& T. train.
Don't let tho bad wcathor keen vou
from enjoying Miss .fano Coombs
splondid porformanco at Tho Garland
Mr. .Tamos W. Orand. ol Whitney.
Is at tho Paciile on his way back from
Now Birmingham whoro ho bought
several lots at tho salo there yostor
day. In tho district court John Harrison
was convicted of bu-glary, and given
two years. Jim Storling, chargod
with burglary and thelt In throe
cases, wiib convioted on a cliargo of
burglary and given threo years. Tho
thoft caso had not boon concluded at
tho tlmo this roport elosos.
Mr. Marshall W. Branoh and bride
arrived in Waco from Corslcana by
tho Cotton Bolt at 10.!i5 this morning
onrouto to Tomplo, tho homo of Mr.
Branch, whoro thoy will resldo and
for which city thoy loft at 1.33 this
afternoon. Mr. Branch was married
at 8 o'clock this morning to Mies
Paulino Woodson, daughter of Dr.
Woodson at tho homo of tho brldo's
father in Corsloana Itov. A. C. Arm
strong, of tho Mothdist church ofilchi.
ting. TunJsnws oxtonds congratu
lations. Wo aro soiling boadsteads as cheap
5.1100 Waco Furnlturo Company.
1' lowers for weiltllngtt, funerals unci
I parties,!)! till (IosIkii, Lonvo orclors
ut Porry'H confectionery unilor l'nclflo
hotel. j
of Last Week was Rewarded by a big
Rush In This lepaplmeijl
from Morning until Nlht.
This Special Sale having Surpased our Highest Ex
pectations, will be continued another week with
We have .Just Received some of those pretty Now SI j its
.Tuckets that everyone Itavcs about, they Fit Superbly.
The Prices on our Cloaks, Wraps ntitl lackets are won
derfully Low this Week.
Excellent Judgment.
"tTbdt do you think of tho new arrival,
rtofessor UgpuglyT'
"I've never heard hint perform, but I know
that ho has splendid Judgment In musical
"Uow do you knowl"
"When no were tit tho gathering nt Spin
ner's last evpulng ho was tbo first to request
fee to sing." Llucoln Journal.
A Remedy.
Uarry Why, Tom, what in goodness' name
umo you got in jour trousers?
Tom Dear mol I wis in hopes it wouldn't
bo noticed. Vou see, I've been out to the ball
ground all day, and that means a thrashin'
when 1 get home; so I just put a tin saucepan
where I fancied it would bo of some use, bu
I'm afraid dad's eyes '11 be as sharp ns your'iv
Tho Dancers or Chamois Stalking Shoot
ins the Auerhahn.
In reality Alpine sport is considerably
tamer than the passing tourist usually
supposes. Chamois stalking, though tho
few who practico it declare it to bo tho
most exciting of all pastimes, is for tho
most part, at least in Austria, left en
tirely to the poachers. Tho physical ex
ertion it requires, tho dangem it involves
anil the rarity, or rather tho entire want
of, stanch and well trained hounds, ac
count for this. Both tho chamois and
tho roo aro driven, but in a way suited
to tho clwacter of tho country and im
possible on an English estate.
Long before dawn tho guests who nro
invited to take part 'in a chamois hunt
assemble at an appointed place. Then
tho steep climb into tho valley hich is
to bo the scene of operations begins.
When the proper positions are reached,
tho head forester assigns to each of the
guests n place near ono of tho pas.si iho
chamois are likely to take. All thes.o
ambushes aro hidden from the heights
above by rocks or bushes, and they nie
always fiom three to four hundred, usu
ally more than a thousand, feet npnrt.
When onco a sportsman has been placed
he is expected to remain where ho is ns
silently as ho can. IIo must not leave
his post on any account, as this might
not only disturb tho drive, but endanger
his own life. At about tho same time
as tho hunting party lenvo their
rendezvous a party of duvern accom
panied by dogs start fiotn the other side
of the mountain range. Tho noh-e they
make f lightens the chamois over the
crest and, if the parties havo been i ni erly
organized, into tho valley, wheio a
waiui welcomo has been prepared for
them. Except in very raro ease, those
who aro ported above nre expected to let
tho herd pass befoio shooting, in order
not to spoil tho sport of their fi lends
below. Tho huntsmen must, of course,
always bo placed so that tho wind blows
toward and not from thorn. Roo nro for
tho most part shot in a similar way,
though roo stalking is by no means un
usual. Aticihahn stalking is a far more excit
ing and peculiarly Alpino form of sioit,
and it is tho favorito lccieation of the
emperor of Austria. It is only in the
mating season, loughly speaking in Apiil
and Slay, that it is permitted. Tiio cock
h generally the most timid and cautious
of birds; but nt this season ho becomes a
victim of passion, and Io5es his head at
least at intervals. At dawn ho flics to a
spot which ho knows to Ixj ficquented bj
the hens, pinches upon an exposed bough,
so that all the charms of his plumngn
may bo seen, and begins his nuptial song.
It consists of threo distinct paits, with a
slioit pauso between each; and, while
piping it, the cock extends his feathers
and beats upon tho bough with hi
wings. At such times ho seems utterlv
unconscious of everything that goes
on nround him. Thi3 is tho sportsman's
opportunity; ho has taken his place be
foro dawn near n spot which ho knows to
be frequented and concealed himself in
tho best cover ho can find. As soon as
tho biul begins its call, which is techni
cally known as ita bali, ho springs for
ward to somo nearer cover In which ho
can lie silently in wait (luring tho fhst
pause; whilo the second strain is in pio
gress ho must reach a point near enough
to tako good aim. An Alnino snoitsmnn
would no moio think of shooting an
Allot halm In any other way than an
English sqiiito would think of shooting a
fot. In tho gieater part of tho country
the hem aio legally protected durimr thn
wholo of tho year; they haven peculiar
cry, which somo foreaturft successfully
Iuiitalo for the puiposo of luring their
rjr.ti's. Saturday lioviow
Fresh Holland' llorrlng at Stolto
Tho Waco Furniture Company has
Just received a solid car load of recti
and rattan chairs, ilnlshcd in Cherry,
Oak, and othor colors that aro hard to
got over.
Flno comb honoy at Joo Thomp
Leave orders with Crippon's if fat
beef is vt anted.
DoWicl's ladies' and gents' oyster
parlor ciowtiett day and night.
"Wo aio selling chairs as cheap ns
oOots. You aro right Waco Fnrnituio
W. H. Matthews deals m paints
wan papor, winnow glass anil all
kinds of painters material. j-
Tho best brands of scissors and
shears at Ilorsiull vfc Cameron.
Wo are soiling sovon pieco parlor
sets, upnoisteu in piusn lor io.uu,
Waco Furnituro Co.
Sign wilting aspcclalty with AV.lt,
Matthew s south Third street. t
The finest of fat mutton at Crippen's
Xo yearlings but suro enough veal
at Crippen's market.
Hennessy's Imported French bran
dy just received from Bordeaux at
Cotton I'.xcliango. t
Wo are soiling marblo ton bed room
sots for Sij.OO. Waco Furnltur Com
Choleo steaks from G lo S cents at
Kiddle's tash market on tho squaro,
south side,
feeler's Corn Kemoitr takes on" corns with
out pain or scar. Xo Cunt 'o 1'ayI
Th grandest exhibition of tho season
will bo tho AVnco Furniture Go's,
opening on the "Oth lust.
Bemember tho bartfecured moats at
Kiddle's cash market
Nothing but tho freshest grocories
kept at Stolto Bros.
Lovhibki & Lowino enrry tho finest
stock of gold and silver watches at
wholesale prices.
Klrt Riddle keops tho Cash Market
on tho square saves you from taxiy
to fifty per cent on your meat. t
Dr. Saunders, Dentist, 5J)J Austin e.
For fine watch, Clock and Jowolry
repairing go to tho old rolinblo Le
vinskl t Lowine. f
You will savo 20 tolii per ct. bv
buying from tho wholesale and retail
owelers, Lovlnski & Lewlno. t
J. L. Bergstrani, has now Instru
ments to do his work. J. C. Dean old
stand. . ..
Go to W. D. Jackson and got a pho
tograph of yourstili and cliildron.
When you ncod money or have
money to spond go to Undo Dull'
New arrival of frosh mackerel at.
Stolto Brothors.
nlco lino of lowolrv and lino
watch icpalrlng specialty at A. J.
Leslie's. '
W. K. Matthews will iminfc vnnr
house at a prlco to suit you. j
If you would bo happy so to W. I).
Jackson for photographs.
Insure your property with Meek
& Fltzhugh. olllco in I'aclllc Ex
press olllco, 4th St.
Wo nro Rollliisr sido boards as ehoan
us 14,00. Waco Furnlturo Company
Now crop Louisiana malasses extra
lino at Joo Thompsons.
Fcolor's Cholera JIKturo will cure crainn
colic, cholera morbus, illairhieu mill llu. N ar
ranted. .
First quality of Ham Sausages just
In at Stolto Bros.
Taken up by II. G. Hull, o miles
soutli of Waco, on tho Klvor road.
uno soiroi niioy, about two years old,
tho tip or tho loft ear split and brnnd
dod S nnd a cross connected, on left
shoulder. IwN"
Ordor your tickets from 1). Dciunnu
& Bro., opposlto MoLollaud Hotel.
i;? Xr
,..Kh, W,
Sole Agents for the Dunlap Hats.
Leather Valises a Specialty.
JjH)I! -SAI.i: A complete ewrpaier plant In
" a kooiI Hie town, good renson for si'lllnj;.
I'rlci tiM. Ailtln b3, .!. ti. I) miion,
lo 17, Archer, 'leus.
TASIHM0 Rl.isaMlmlowa for store liiilu
iIImks resilience's, cliiirclnt and other
hulliIliiKg. Addrei.aU. II. I led lick tlirotmli
the poet olllee, jou will be pronptlv waited on.
TYTAMhl) 'lo liny gome toro'ul-l ami
honseholil nnd kltchin furniture, must bu
or a good quality. AtMress M. 1! , tills
otllce. -Jw no.
WAMhD 'lo lent or imrthage ii(ilnIllit
chair, nt I) Dotnnnit .V Pro oiiposlte
.McClelland Hotel. Li
MM. W. I! OIlMA.NDwllI call at all Keel,
ilencis and OHIeiH, to repaii and put uii
rMi U1:nT. ''niall three mom luuc on Klltli
X street, near old Unlimlty (trouiuU. A
pl toJ. T. Ilrowu, Utlinml.lcflcrson urXhwS
olllco. tr.
A IIAIECAIN. A heatliiK Btoo, bedstend
i v
ITiolt SAI.I'.loii acres or limd, wiln llnocul
7 tlntion and lulu cMcllent pasture nil un
der n ttood fenee. Farm is Fltuuti d about .'.", miles
from Wnco, has cood four room uwelllii)?. am
pie out-bulldhijis, barns etc Kood cistern and
Pller..;id tank of water Will trade Tor irood
residence prom rn In nco address tho Xi
,iuii Mi,r.-.cw Aiaon anil span or Horses
. ' irnnu nnriiiK nnria. ki,i. .. nr M.m Hi
Allllri.au .1 T liinhrnrii.iri Iti.k .till (nn..
'Jens, orat Xcws olilee. A'linijralii.' tr
XOST A meiuornndum book betwien ller
jlitns A. Castles and Waco creek, on eoutn
tourth streit with the unmoor It. II. .lonesln
It in seen plncc-i Finder will jilease return
to llehrens A. Lastles or tho Jii.w- olllco and b
renarded. m (itl.
ITOU&AI.E One book cave, 1 step ladder, I
' tables, 1 four horso enstlno, lour heating
6toesniul pipe. :) dei.ks, bowl nnd pitcher,
wash fctnnda.hnir dozen chairs. I'ellgrnph type
writer, olllee Tallin nnd counter, patent letter
tiles. 1 llnll sure, 1 store counter, -'), OUil old
papers and a largu amount or other second
hand furniture. J.o. K. Kliiin.
.1. II. lill.MKIt, S.CO.
! Wall -treet, Waco, lens.
Mason, Fa?igasi & SQ.,
'LTIW Citiistiiully mi Illlllll
aii itimw i ritrsir hi:a if-.
K1SH nnd OYSTEKS n specialty Prompt
delivery and good w lights S'0t doi r te ' nco
wui'jii d.uii; uii .misiiu sireei,
Mrs. Ed. White's
llestuurunt and Oyster 1'arlor, 111 South Fifth
street, Is a plnco where ladles out shopplnir can
stop and get hot couco nnd n nlco lunch. All
sensonnblodcllcniles on hand nnd sen ed at a
moments notice. Oyeters tlsh, etc Ileal
tlckits will bo Issued which call for Ilrst-class
faro Don't forget the plnco, Xo. Ill South
Filth, street betw-ui n Austin and Franklin.
Mrs. Fannie Estellc & Mrs. O.L. Wiley
Wlthl.' yenri ovperienco In dressmHking,
wenrobotli jireinred to do llrst eluss work!
JJotiioreroro oiler our sen Ices to the ludles of
Waco, nnd sol kit their kind patronage I'rlees
reiiepnnbleandwork guaranleed nlso beautl.
ftildecoratlework Austlnmenno. oim)i.
4 . Itespcctfully.
Stiw. V. ll KHTru.it
.Mil. O. ,, W'LKY.
j-A. i-u.,vi.' iu&SA jtjjiiaik. ,
Wo nre recoiling the lnrgest nnd best selec
ted t lock Tor our fall trade Hint has eierconm
to Wnco, comprising In part, Dolls, Toys,
Wngon, Ily elcles, In lact eiery thing In this
line .
A lieniitlful line '.lot 2j cents each, In line
designs, l.nmp wicks 12 for 10 cts., lump
burners 10 cts.
Now "Window Shades.
i:tralioayllncn shades on spring rollers,
handsome dado at Tacts each; Holland rlindca
on sprlnj; roller 7 feet long, ,1U cts each llieae
nra bargains.
Special Bargains.
An extra 1 arse com Tort, good material, 75 its;
a better one for isl.OO, worth 1..M). Men's
good jeans pants, 73 cts. Ktrn heniy nun's
oiershlrts.Vi Splendid knit undershirt '.'lets.
Hood Canton flannel ilrawmi '.'"i cts. Ilcniy
"camless hoso 10 cts a pair. Turkey red tablw
cloth warranted fnst color ST, cts per ynul
Cheap Useful Things.
Urown's ladles shoe dressing, thn best made
lee per bottle JIoIn-t.es pitcher, spring top,
l"c Good full size house brooms l' eti.
Heniy hatilictS'ictx. Tough steak pounder Lie.'
purustiel kltchtn kniro '.'1 (! lnrgo bars jmre
Cnstlle Fonp i!", cts. Jlottlo best glue 111 cttS
lnrgo colored bucket 10 its HI sheds icry
best noto paper 10 cts. Ilottle l'-io Ink Sets.
Mucilage .Its a bottle. School baskets, slates,
pencils, tablets, etc., at the
Ml Austin street, between Fifth andMth
Stolte - Brothers,
Delivered In any part of the city. Increased
trade insures all ol our grocirles to be rresh.
Corner Filth nnd Austin Sts.
Keeps the Chttit'Dst and Fnttcst Ments
in the City. South Side L'tiblioSqr.
Choice rorterhouse. ine
Choice loin 10c
Cholcu round 7(8 tie
Choice lib 7tac
Chuck steak (-
Sausage ph;
Spare ribs 12,'C
Choice roast
Si coml int rnnat
Chuck roast ". '. !'r.c
Ilrisket roast f,c
Mllttnn itnliiA
Veal """'.Offline
.Fish.., lji'o
Ilwrv day direct from the kiln, and
Jelhered nt lour residence.
R H. GpVr-ay
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Etc.
Conntrv Proance Bonglit and Solil:
ii. a. uouiia.
Mel & Lent,
00, 02 I'aiuilii SI.. 1IOIISTOX.TKXAS.
south skvkni'h jii:twki:n austix and
"W-A.CO, TBXIja.S.
riJANK -voRTiiAar, iKOPn.
This liouso has heon lately ilttcil
nn, nutl is Dromircd to neennin.
Into nioro gitcHtH han ever.

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