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VOL. 1
NO. 118.
A R T -:
Have just opened for the Holidays a
new lot of fancy things that come under
the above heading, which are too nu
merous to mention. Ladies who desire
to maka Fancy Work for the Holidays
should call now, as this department is
at present one of the most complete in
our house, We carry a full assortment
Leiiii. Solomon & Hiatal,
Embroidery Silks,
Tibsels, Pom Pons
Applique Flowers,
Perforated Felts.
Fancy "Wool Paterns,
EancyArt Models,
Shetland Wools,
Fancy Canvass,
Embroidery Jeans,
Handkerchief Cases,
Stamped Linen Goods,
This week we propose mak
ing a Big Sacrifice on all kinds
of Knit Wool Goods. The
public know by this time, WE
Look on our Center Tables
and see the Many Bargains
offered there.
The first to be men
tioned is our Entire
Stock ol Ladies Knit
Shawls which will be
offered at $i, $1.25,
$1.75, $2 and $2.25.
une-nait wnat tney
are worm.
In All Colors 30c, 35c,
40c. and 50c
1, SSS -and 3So.
Hundreds of liargains
in these Goods at onr well
Thousands of Other Fancy Things oi?SYafegeAuro?o
We have The Most Complete NOTION DEPRT
On The
The Celebrated
Lotta Bustles 215 c.
Others ask 50c. for it.
Dozens of Styles
Bustles at oOc.
Such an Enormous Sale of
JERSEYS we never expect
ed, from which we have Re
maininq; several Odd Lots
which will be Offerrd at a
Reduction from Regular Pri
ces. Ladies Ribbed Knit
VESTS High Neck at
75 cents each.
Ladies Silk Ribbed
Vests $1.00 and $1.25.
The Lnrj?est and Most
Complete Line of Misses,
Children and Ladies Knit
Goods in the City.
If you need a Cloak
for any of the
XJLttl Ones
You can get one from
us at 60 cents on the
Lessiiig, Solomon & Rosenthal,
Conner 5(h iqd Austin SIpeeIs.
No Vliulmv Nor nrgttlAr loor Wall-,
uml llora Tim "On Down."
Japanese houses consist often of
only ono story, nnd very seldom of
moro than two. Thoy do not. of
course, re.setnblo ono nnothur exactly,
any more than English houses do; but
it may bo said of them generally that
they imvo no windows in our senso of
the word, and sometimes no regular
doors, but they are always provided
with a veranda beforo the lower story,
and, when they have a second story,
with a balcony.
As to solidity, it is a fact that the
Japanese do not ovon aim at making
their houses substantial, as English
houses are, or as, oven when con
structed by a "jerry builder," they
nrofess to bo. Tho outer walls of on
English houses aro always intended to
bo fixtures, and so far durable that
when 01100 put up they cannot bo
pulled down without sending for
workmen; but among tho Jupancso
two or 111010 of tho sides aro not per
manent walls, but aro closed with slid
ing screens, which can bo tet up and
taken down at tho pleasure of tho in
mates. On a hot day, or when thorough
ventilation is required, tho wholo sido
of a room can be opened to the outer
Of course, peoplo who arc not par
ticular about having a permanent
wall between their rooms and tho out
side world, do not caro to havo im
movable partitions between one part
of tho liouft and another. Although
in England rooms aro occasionally
parted from ono another by a curtain,
or by folding doors, yet, as a general
rule, they aro separated by walls,
which, however flimsy their construc
tion may be, aro Hxtures, and cannot
bo taken away and replaced at will.
Hut in Japan ono room is commonly
nartcd from tho next merely by a
screen a framework of wood covered
with paper, which runs in a shallow
groove on tho floor and a deeper
groovo on 1110 celling, a pian wuicu
gives tho inhabitants tho power of
adding to or decreasing tho number of
their apartments at their pleasure.
Baron Nordenskjold, tho famous Arc
tic traveler, has recorded tho surpriso
with which ho woko up ono morning
at a Japaneso inn in quito a smalt
room, having gono to bed over night
in a very largo one.
It has been suggested that tho reason
why tho Japaneso do not build their
houses moro solidly is that, in a land
liko theirs of continual earthquakes, it
-: Stock
Lewine Bros.
John D. Mayfleld whiles to state to tho people that ho lends monoy on lloutehold Fnr
nlturc. Teams, llugjlr-, Cnrrlajjcn, I'Istoli, Musical InitrumriiU, and all othor articles
of value, with or wllhout removal, and for as long tlmo as the Interest Is kept paid. Also
bnya, sells and exchanges railroad tickets, discounts notes, lends on all regular banka
ble paper, real estate, etc. A full lino of unredeemed pledges for sulo. On 10 deposit
VI por cent. Interest allowed. Austin streot near tho plaza,
o Tlc fixes SBUlqgi-boaii M3ioolatlon.-o
Announces, through Its secretary, Mr. Jno. D. Mayfleld, that It now has ovorr share
In Its 100,0C0 stock In force. That It hasbonght and built for the peoplo or Waco, dnring
tho paBt year, thirty-six homes. Tho association will buy you a home if you only have
small amount of tho purchase prlco to pay nnd will allow you long tlma on tho balance,
with small monthly payments.
MHg?!jlMHwiJff'lE jll
Will Pay m 12 Months Subscription to
Waco Evening News
DemorestTlIonthly Magazine.
" Many rmpposa DEMOUKST'S MOHTHl.
to be fashion magazine. This Is s great mistake.
It undoubtedly contains the flnert Tajhtow Dig
PAHTMsiT of any magsilne published, but this u
the case from tho fact that great enterprise and ex
perience are shown, so that each department
equal to a magazine In itself. In Deiiomst'b yoo
Beta dozca mairazlnes in one, and secure mnse
Kent and Instruction for tbe who .family. It con
Ulns Stories, Poems, and other Literary attrecUonj,
Including Artuuc, Bcienunc, anu "u",,f',""V "
.and is illustrated with original Steel Eng'S.
Photoirravurea. Water-Colors, and flno. Woodcut,
"r.v2.'j:u.'n?s M;ivv. n ammca.
uuiiuk n iuo !- ts?zzz. n.; .ntitiiM
Kicn rrniv rnnuinH n riiTinn - - -
elMUon of Airr Pl-miw Ulurtrated
atBiimmafacturcd, each valuedat from sueenMwowsvu,v.w.v. r
"? earV'bKriptlor;; Mm" A trial will convince ton that yon eu i l ; ten times the Nta
t ttoawoey pSt mfc copies (each containing Pattern Order), 20 cents.
'V-Publiahoa by W. JENNINGS DEMOREST, New York.
Tht .bora ewnbtaatlonii a splendid chance to get our paper and Pmomfl XoHTltttrt a
'mtunte. endyouriubrlpUontUiolw. , -
Tk6 FashionaWe Mer-clmnt Tailor
.Jj'ttToJnst received a most elegant llnootlm
E?. . ?nt Joratstlc goodfor tho rail and wln
... i . '0, w''lch Is now open lor Inspection,
and at prices never before heard of. 1 employ
nono but flrst-class workmen.
Satisfaction guaranteed on everything you
tny at Peeler's Drug Store.
Airiest and Handsomest Saloon In the City,
1'olHlto and Skillful Barkeepers.
All tho FuTorlto Prohibi
tion Drinks.
Pittsburg, Nov. 10. On Saturday
night, about 7 o'clock, ono of tho most
cowardly and dastardly crlmos ovor
coDHuraated hi Camp couuty was por-
potratod about throo milos west of
Pittsburg, at tho jtocory of Mr. S.
Flnoborg. Tho particulars, as far as
can bo learned, aro as follows: Mr.
Flnoborg was eating suppor in his
grocery. Hoariug some nolso outsldo
he turned his hoad In the direction of
tho door to sob what It was, whon
some unknown person 11 red at him,
the load taking offeot in his head uml
sldo. His body was discovered soon
afterward by a nogro who had gono
there lor the purpose of buying sorao
gin, and, seeing Mr. Flueborg iu a
pool of blood, immediately informed
Mr.1 A. D. Martin, who lived near by,
of the fact. Mr. Martin and several
othor persons went to tho oceno of tho
tragedy, and in a short while a coro
ner's inquest was held and a verdict
was rouderod in accordnnco with tho
abovo facts. His remains woro
brought to his home at Pittsburg this
morning, and a post mortom exami
nation was held for the purposo of ob
taining all the evidenco possible con
cerning the Hhootlng. Tho olllcurs
aro at work and aro sparing no tlmo
and meuns in (hiding out tho guilty
parties. Tho town uhb been thronged
witii people nil day, and tlionxcito
nient 1b running high. E. S. Jtoltou
has beoii arrested ou suspicion.
Moro than ono porson is supposed to
havo boon implicated In the murdor.
Mr. Fiuoberg lias beou a rcidont of
Pittsburg for eight or ton years
and was a quiet, poacoablo cltiou
Ha leavos a wlfo and two children.
Ho will bo burled to-morrow at Tylor
by tho Knights of Pythias.
l'oivderly la Anked to Norvn Alii.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 19. The
desire of the delegates to the general
assembly of Knights of Labor to con
tinue T. V. Powderly as their chief
has been expressed to him formally.
Several delegates who represent Cana
dian assemblies called on him and
asked him to accept the office once
more. He gave them to understand
that he would do so providing that he
could choose his own advisers on the
genetal executive board. Everything
indicates that he will be given his wish
and there is now only a difference of
opinion regarding the way that it shall
be done. Under any circumstances
Mr. Powdeily will undoubtedly con
tinue in office' and will choose his own
is not worth while upending a long
But it is doubtful whether
tinio on rearing up u building wine
U down again at any
The Assignee has de
termined to Close
out at any
Good Assortment of
may bo tumble..
this explanation
is a truo one, for
Kill Ills Father ami Then lliniHCir.
Staunton, Va., Nov. 19. Intelli
gence has reached here of the mur
der of Potterfield Brock, a well-to-do
widower, near Gilbert's Station, in
Albemarle county, by his married son
and the suicide of the latter. The
murdered man lived with his son on a
farm owned by the elder Brock, at
Paddy's creek. For some time the
murdered man had been engaged to
be married to Miss Norfolk, ofAl
bemarle, and on the day of the murder
went to Charlottesville and purchas
ed his wedding outfit. Fearing pos
sibly that when the old man brought
his pretty young bride home, it would
cause a breaking up of family relations
young Brock became despondent and
upon the fathers return home with his
wedding suit young Brock in a moment
of supposed mental aberration, shot
and instantly killed him and then left
home but soon returned and went to
bed. During the night he arose, got
his pistol and blew his brains 'out. His
wife, with several children, remained
in the house with the dead bodies of
the father and son until morning, when
some neighbors were summoned to
their assistance.
The t'dltorlul Xntlonal Convention
San Antonio, November 10. The
advance guard oi the National, Edi
torial association which begins the an
nual convention here Wednesday, ar
rived in the city to-day. About thirty
five newspaper men from Texas, Ten
nessee and Arkankas, having come in
on the Missouri 1'jcific. Accommoda
tions were provided fur the hospitable
entertainment of all who may come.
A large fund hat been appropriated by
the board of trade ami citizens' as
sociation which was augmented this
afternoon by the city council appro
priating $1,000. The convention will
probably be in session three'days, and
on its adjournme nt the editors will go
on an excursion to the City ot Mexico.
carthnuakes violent cnouirh to destroy
a really strong building do not lumpen
very often nt any ono place, and, bo
sides, tho Jnpaneso do erect durable
houses, which tho English call "go
downs," for tho protection of their
property from losu or accident. Tho
most common accident is by Are, to
which tho inflammable Japaneso
houses full an easy prey, and by which
largo parts of tho towns aro continu
ally being burnt down. On tho ap
S roach of a conflagration tho prudent
apanosc, as far as poss.ible,pulls his
house down nnd tukes u. way' not only
its contents, but largo narts of itself,
to tho "go down," wliicu is a building
thickly coated with firo proof clay, very
stroug and substantial, but very sel
dom used as a homo.
Tho iloora of Junancso rooms aro in
variably cai-potcd with rush mats of
very careful construction, some two or
three inches thick and about feix feet
long by thrco broad. As theso muts
aro all of ono pattern, tho sizo of u
room can bo detcrminod by the num
ber of mats it contains, and it is de
scribed us n six mat or twelve mat
room, us tho case may he. Sinco tho
commonest rooms aro either of nix or
of eight mats, and sinco an eight mat
mat 100111 is only about twelve feet by
twelvo in extent, it will bo seen Uiat
tho rooms of n. Jupancso houso, liko
tho Japaneso houso itself, nro generally
small. Tho Jupancso firepluco is gen
erally a portublo brazior, inado of
bronze, porcelain or wood, lined with
clay, in which not coal, but charcoal
asiics nro nurneii. eomcinncs, now
over, there is a clay- lined liolo in the
lloor, containing 11 firo of tho sumo
kind. Cacscll's lTamily Magazine
SHU on Hand and will be
sold at Croat
' t
Heavy BootsiSlioes,
Must be Closed Out!
My Made Dresses,
Killed her llrelicr-lii-I.nw.
St. Louis. Nov. 19. A specia
from Fort Smith, says Sam Holmes
a well known planter, while drunk
jesterday, attacked his sister-in-law, a
young woman named Mary Thomas,
and the girl being driven to despera
tion seized a shotgun and fired at him,
Holmes dropped dead.
Kor n nico clean shavo go to Paul
Ground's Barber Shop, next to Chas.
Kophals, cor. Austin St. and Square.
Wo aro selling boadsteads r.s cheap
$.200 Wooo Furniture Company.
Tricks uf Fcnmlo Hmneclcn.
"Yes," tho inspector Gaid, "I do
know something of smugglers' tricks
especially female smugglers, who, I
must say, carry on then nefarious
business witn Uio most ciiarming ei
frontcry. Of courso, Uiero nro smug
glers of both sexes, but for cunning,
boldness und determination tho women
cannot bo approached. Do you laiow
that women nro horn cheats? Oh,
well, I mean in this direction. A
woman's dress affords her moro facili
ties for hiding small but costly articles,
and it is fur less easy to detect them
than men, and, as tho elder Wcller
would say, almost impos&iblo to 'cir
cumvent.' It takes an experienced
earchcr to say whether n woman bus
got anything concealed nbout her per
son, and, us wo cannot search every
body, somo of Uio clover ones manago
to get through without detection."
Brooklyn Eagle.
Tim Aimumtitlon of Vlitue.
"Tliis is n thing that ought not to bo
pcrmHtcd," as tho fox eaid when ho
found tho henroost empty. ,
Tho assumption of virtuo is common
to miuikiud, but nono assume it so
loudly as thoso who have tho least
right to it. Uy such people any short
coming on tho part of othcrsis made
amibject of complaint -Tho Quiver.
Buy food at Duvall's 309. Franklin.
The stock must re
alize the Cash to pay
Creditors, and cannot
wait. Come early and
procure Bargains, or
else lose a splendid
chance to save money.
Austin & Oth Sis,

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