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Local Time Card,
Mlawenrl PnclMc.
Nortl, bound,,.... Lcavca 2:40. m.
, , t. " ."l:Wp. m
Ml " l:l(la,m
Sndfbonnrt J " lSSp.m.
V Ttuvu Johm.
Ticket Affent, Paeldo Hotel Block.
Cotton Belt Route.
uoixn wit.
Train No 1 arrlvra.'. ,...10:3.1 a. m.
" aiesvea 8:0.1 p, nil OfttpiTllle.
2ii Mixed lokTci 0:40 a.m.
Train o. 2 leaves ........fiilOp, m,
" 4 loaves ; U:5U. m.
Botwocn Waco and St. Louie eolld train via
l'araKoald to St. Louie on Iron Mountain track
Into union DopM.
Train 3 and 4 ran between lexarkana and
Gatraollle, connecting arlth fait train on Iron
Mountain, arriving at St. Loula following da-rat
fl.M p.m.
tSunday excepted.
D. K. llrtuiirir.i.n.
Ticket Agont, I'aclllc Hotel Block.
Weetbonnil.... J Arr Oslo a. m,
Arr i.. 4:30p. m.
cL'r 0:50 a.m.
t-a.t linnnil ,.iAir.,,. , V :00 p.m.
Kait Dounu....Vy 0:S0p. m.
L'r 040 a.m.
Tlckot Axontt Pacific Hotel Block.
Jjaeoueiai ngReajs
WACO. TEXAS. DEC. 7, 1888.
For Bale or Kent, a residence on tbe
corner of Gth and Jefferson shoots.
Good cistern, hydrants, two-story
barn and good cellar conneotod with
house. Apply to Van Hall.
EVENING NEWS offlco, Franklin
street between 4th and 5th streots,
in now Jones' building.
Tho Eaton & Guinan assignment is
in statu quo.
Fall vegetables aro cheap, und but
ter and eggs dear.
The flcklo weather again threatens
the still more fickle cotton crop.
Another good crop year and busi
ness will boom, and another good
crop is almost certain,
Blessed is the man who has n large
wood pile, for winter begins in two
Society Is on the qui vive to-night,
tho occasion beidg a reoeption at the
residence of Dr. J. C. J. King.
Rev. W. G. Leonard, of Newborn,
Tenn.,wlll preach in tho Cumberland
Presbyterian church next Sunday,
The WacoEveninq News is forg
ing rapidly to the front Marlin Ball.
Thanks, Brother Ball. May your
shadow n over grow less.
Tho boll and chain Is to become one
ol the appliances used on city prison
ers who work the stieetB. Marshal
Neill is having a lot made now.
Philo Club gave quite an enjoyable
entertainment last night. A great
number wcro in attendance, and arive
whist contest and dancing wcro the
Reports from tho real estate agents
give a flattering outlook for tho near
luturo. Quite a number of lotters
have beon received by them, askl:ig
the value of property In tills city.
The Catholic fair whiolj ended last
night netted tho fair ladies who con
ducted it over five hundred dollars.
This gratifying sum is for tie benefit
of the beautiful church which is yet
The fine pieces of penmanship which
took the prizes at the Dallas and San
Antonio fairs, are ou exhibition at
Prof. Hill's business college to-day
and to-morrow. They are beautiful
pieces of art and no one should fall to
seo them.
Under the grey vests of tho police
men of the city to day beat gratified
hearts, for under tho grey of tho pants
lio snugly ensconced their November,
salaries in good lawful money of the
reals). They aro in better luck than
Fort Worth policeman who aro paid in
city sorip for every dollar of which it
costs twenty-five cents to turn into
' Theory is grand, but demonstration
Is grandor. Why not begin road
making as an experiment, If only of a
mile. Try the horrid quagmire of
West Speight street with tile drains,
ditches and rounding up tbe middle.
There are men and means enough to
start the ball moving at once. Coun
ty, city and Individuals can join in It.
Whatever will improve that night
mare from Col. Anderson's to Dr.
Hamlett's will better any road in the
world. ,
Perhaps ultimately the most effec
tive way to build up Waco would be
for those spirited citizens, who for ten
years have been at tbe front of every
publio-splrlted enterprise, to fold their
hands for a year or two. Those in
terested few, who have stood Idly by
and seen the labor of others build up
their fortunes and have chuckled at
their own shrewdness might be brougt
to sit on tbe bitter stool of repentance.
Empty stores and vacant dwellings
might burn the lesson of mutual in
terest into hearts nothing ese?'oould
A Btrlotljf Silslrtesa Meeting.
The city fathers met In regular ses
sion last night, Mayor Tlbbs pro tern
In the chair.
A petition from citizens was read
Invoking the council to abate certain
houses of prostitution on North Se
cond street and on Third and Fourth
street. After considerable debate it
was referred to the mayor for conside
ration. A petition of one J. H. Williams,
was read and laid on tho table-by a
vote of five to three on motion of
Alderman Forsgard. Tho petition
asked permission to open and run a
varloty theater on tho North side of
tho public square.
A statement of balancos of respect
ive funds wore reported bv City
Treasurer W, W. Soley.
The city pbycictan reported ten
deaths during November.
Alderman Lacy, reported a propo
sition fromC. W. White, president
of the Waco water company to furn
ish a water supply, a la Hungerford.
It was referred to the committee on
water supply with ordors to report at
the next regular meeting.
Alderman Goode reported that tho
Westinghouso electric light company
was unwilling to run its wires under
ground. The ordlnanco authorizing
tho company to establish a plant in
Waco was read the third tlnio aud
Tho committee appointed to exam
ine and report on the city cisterns
was granted further timo.
A bid from Mr. John Baado, offer
ing to build a conoreto sower from
Fifth Btroot to tho river, for ono dol-
las per Jlnoal foot, said sewer to bo of
a diameter of two and one-half feet,
was reported, as also a bid by Lee
Slaughter to build a bridge over
Waco creek on Norh Ninth street, for
mree iiunarea ana seveniy-nvo aoi
A considerable debato occured over
tho building of the sower, Alderman
Caru there oppdsing on account of tho
condition of city fiuancos. Aldermun
Lacy also opposed it and said during
his remaks on the subject that
the city, after disbursing the
city taxes for the current year, would
still be behind at least thirty-five
thousand dollars and that the heart
of the chairman of tho finance com
mittee was breaking from the worry
of duns and If this sewer bill was
passed It would bothe one thing
wanting to complete the calamity.
Alderman Stephenson, favored tho
sewer if Mr, Baado would build tho
sewer on time and take tho risk of
getting his raonoy eventually. The
bid for the sewer was postponed and
that for building the bridge across
Waco creek accepted.
It was ordered that the new City
Hall be Insured.
A petition of tho Rev. Frank T.
Mitchell, asking that tho Driving
park bo not Included in the city
limits, was rend and granted and the
boundary lino will thoroforo run like
an isothornioal lino so as, to loavo the
Driving park out.
Tho city marshal was instructed to
rent a place for use as a pound in
which cows arrested uuder tho now
cow ordinance, may bo impounded.
The ordlnanco goes into effect on the
17th proximo.
The council adjourned at 0:45 p. m.
The'petltlon presented to the city
council last night asking permission
to open and run a variety theatre on
the Northwest corner of the square,
and which was promptly tabled by
a vote of five to three, was, we under
stand, sat.down upon from a careful
consideration by members of the city
council. A second-class theater in a
location whero It tumid be properly
supervised by the police would pro
bably meet with little objection in
thpolty council. Tho aldermen are
not straight laced puritans, but at
the same time they aro well posted in
all things that concern tho welfare
of tho city and exorcise great discre
tion, moro so perhaps than any pre
vious oounoll. There was, as is al
ways the case, an honest difference of
opinion In roga'rd to the matter, ns
there Is on all questions.
Business Is improving in the police
court. Four trembling culprits cow
ered beneath the stern frown of the
mayor. Jim Matthewson, for cursing
and swearing was lined $10 and costs.
J. M. Sullivan, for taking iuto bis
stomach the fiend whleh steals away
the brains, yielded $5 to the cltv
Gus Lang, for cursing disturbance
m a public place, was mulct in the
sum of $10,
Jas. MoNamerree, tor assault and
.battery, was' flued $5.
Beautiful' whisk' broom holders,
shell and glass boxes, at the 5 and 10
Cent Store.
For a good hot and cold lunch' and
oysters In any style go to the White
Elephant, Geo. Delhi, manager,
An olegant stock of fanoy perfumes,
comprising baskets, high-heel shoes,
boots, fanoy pitchers,, roller skates,
butter plates aud many other designs,
at the 5 and 10 Cent,' Store.
L-U LaLUJILLL i . . "'II JJ-1LHU1. 'I...'l' ii.JMLH. 1 '' '""' I - T T ll I ill "'.
Mii Est ell s Clayton,
l'lw public had an Opportunity last
night of seeing ono who is considered
by many to bo the most beautiful
woman on the AmctUan staco. Cer
tainly Miss Clayton is tho most beauti
ful woman that over played to a Padu
enh audience.
Tho play sho presented was tho
dramatization of Amclio Hives' cele
brated novel, "The Quick or tho
Dead," which caused such a sensation
somo timo ago in literary circles, and
whilo the plot is tho same, somo of tho
most sensational scenes aro omitted.
Miss Clayton took tho character of
"Barbara" and sustained it admirably.
The love-making scenes were ouitc
natural and realistic, holding tho
audionuo in porfoot sympathy with her.
In tho last act, where sho pauses be
tween her duty to the dead or tho liv
ing, she was especially fine and demon
strated her powers as an actress of no
ordinary ability. Miss Clayton's sup
port was excellent. Mr. Wallis as
"Jook Doring," and Mr. Fairbanks as
"Col. Sam Buzzy," tho latter espec
ially, were good.
Miss Clayton was given several cur
tain calls, to which shejresponded most
The audience was tho largest and
most fashionable) that has assembled
this season, and all seemed more than
pleased with tho performance. The
costumes worn were elegant and be
coming and attracted considerable at
tention. Paducah Standard.
Ureom hollowed tionrl when drifting dusk and
Roll from the dying glory or tho west:
And nhodon-M woven lu tho oaremed breo.it
Of yonder tx'acou, lengthen down the glade!
From beck and mere the nilrror'd glortett fade;
And mother fioulx, secure In fold and neat.
Gather tbelr Blecpy murmurera Into rent
Of yielded limbs and Kllcnco. Dimly arrayed
In dusk and Rllver of th night, and fair
With Illy atanv tho daughter of tho day
TrolU of the sunlight in her floating hair,
And tender gleam of reverie. In gray
Of limpid t-yen has borne our fevered care
For onit brief hour of dream and bbadonr sway
C A. Dawson in Chambers' Journal.
Railroad In the Arctlo Circle.
An Important engineering enterprise
now in progjess Is u railroad in the arc
tic circle. Tho Swedish and Norwegian
raihoad now buildinc from Lulea. on
tho Oulf of Bothnia, to LulTodcn, on the
North sea, Is partly situated within the
arctic circle and la somo 1.200 miles fur
ther north than any railroad in Canada.
An interesting meteorological fact stated
in relation to this work is that tho snow
fall is bound to bo actually less than in
some more southern latitudes, whilo the
darkness of tho long winter nights has
been partly compensated by tho light of
tho aurora. Tho object in view in con
structing this lino is to tap tho enormous
doposits of iron oro in the Gellivara
mountains', tho approximate exhaustion
of the ore in the Bilbao district render
ing very desirablo a now field of non
phosphoric ore suitable for steel rail
making. Brooklyn Eagle.
German Remedy for Bums.
The celebrated German remedy for
burns is made as follows: Toko of the
best white gluo fifteen ounces, break Into
small pieces, add to it two pints of water,
and allow it to become soft; then dis
solve it by means of a water bath and
add two ounces of glycerine and six
drachms of carbolic acid; continuo the
heat until thoroughly dissolved. On
cooling, this mixture hardens to an clas
tic mass covered witli a ehiiilni; parch
ment liko skin, and may bo kent for any
length of timo. When required for uso
it is placed for a few minutes in a water
bath until sufficiently liquid, and applied
by means of a broad brush; it forms in
about two minutes a sinning, smooth,
flexiblo and nearly transparent skin.
Herald of Health.
Avoiding Unwelcome CaUen.
A Pliiladelnhia business man has hit
upon a novel scheme for avoiding un
uclcomo callers. He has placed a de
tcctivo camera directly opposite tho door
of his office. When a visitor enters, tho
office boyi a bright lad and well schooled
in thb diplomacy of his profession, turns
tho knob and takes an instantaneous
Shotogruph of tho intruder. This is
ovelopcu and forms one of a collection
of undesirable visitors, which is kept In
ti book for tho boy's instruction in the
future.- People who come to wasto
others' time, collectors with bills that
they wish paid and tho thousand and ono
disagreeablo characters known to tho
averago business man form tho basis of
this unique collection. Philadelphia
The Palace Cor ftty.
The population of Pullman, Ills,, tho
great pafaco car city, as shown by tho
census or duiy l, ioso, was iu,ouu per
sons, against 10,081 tho previous year.
Uu sept. 10 twenty-six auuitionai fam
ilies bad been added, increasing it to
10,710. Tho community continues to be
distinguished for its intelligence and
orderly character. It is self reliant and
self sustaining in every way. Thero are
no idlers. Visitors readily notice tho
absence of people from the streets during
working hours. Tho Pullman bank
statement shows savings deposits at tho
end of tho fiscal year of $303,107, an in
crease of $38,203 from tho same dato of
provlous year. Tho number of depos
itors lias increased during tho year from
070 to 1,150. New York Evening Sun.
Original- Cm of Caaea.
Somebody has been looking up tho his
tory of canes In this country, and finds
that they were originally a part of tho
repertory of the leaders of the church,
wing tho principal badge of tho deacon.
Tho cane was about five feet long, and
ono end was embellished with a big
knob, tho other with feathers, when
tho small boy rebelled ho got a rap on
tho head with the uncharitable head of
(lie cane. If tho head of the family got
to dreamlncr of the hannv davs In tho
old English home, tho turkey's plumage
on the deacon's cano feathered him Into
lifo again. Boston True Flag.
Stray your wandering feet for a mo
ment at Le Doux'u Austin and Fourth
street, and Inspect bis pretty stock of
watohes, Jewelry and other 'pretty
things for use or holiday presents.
,. '
, For meals go to Joe Lelunahn.
Waco Curiosity Shop.
Household troooa Waco Curiosity Stop.
Good three mom hnmn st anvpn dnllsrs nr
month Woco Curiosity .Shop.
Cook and tipptlnir tnvi.VAm furlnattv
Uood lire Gccso Feathers.
Tamo Grey Fox.
Good talking Parrot.
Good Organ.
Second-hand show-case,
Good Violin.
Good Banjo '
Good Gnitar.
Uood Trunk.
Good Clock,
Good Ax,
Good Shovel.
Good Sewing Macqtne.
Uood Set Knlvea and Forks.
Good Set Chain.
Good Set Parlor Chairs.
Good Squirrel Cage. :
Good Bed-room set.
Good Hat Rack.
Good Wicker Hooker.
Good Heating Stove.
ood cook Stove.
Franklin Boater,
Good Wardrobe.
' Good Cradle.
Good Caster.
Good Lamp. ''
Washing Machine,
Good Wash-board,
Good Tab.
Good lot of Dishna.
Good lot of Glass-ware.
Call and soe us.
Lynham & Delaney.
Order your tickets from D. Domnau
& Bro., opposite MoLellaud Hotel.
I. O. Meek & Go.
have opened up a general commission
and brokerage house, No, 318, Aus
tin street opposite Sanger Bros., con
signments of any kind of modern
household goods, jewelry, silver or
plate ware, or any kind of goods from
a paper of pins to a railroad steam en
sine will be received, for auction or
private sale. Best city reference giv
en when desired, Ample storage
The real estate department will
have Mr. Meek's personalattention.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Bring along
your goods.
Don't fail to have your oyster loaves
put up at Joe Lehman's.
A nice line of Jewelry and flno
watch repairing specialty at A. J.
New arrival of fresh mackerel at
Stolto Brothers.
Go to W. D. Jackson and get pho
tograph of yourselt and ohlldron.
Tho Silver Moon still holds lierown,
can give you any thing that is in tho
line of satisfying your appetite, tho
bills of fare aro arranged to pleaso
hearty snd dainty caters.
New crop Louisiana malasses extra
nne at J 00 Tnompsons.
Fine Yam potatoes at B. H, Gray's.
Call before they are all gone. "
Good demand for Corn. Oats and
Hay at Meek fcCo.,commlsslon house,
318 Austin steeet.
Patronize Molder k Hearne at tbe
oldOrand stable north side publlo
square. .
Get the Williamson cursor.
Doss,' sole agent,
Good lot of Pocket Cntlery.
Good lot omiankets.
Good lot of Comfort .
Good lot of Mattresses,
Uood lot of Spring beds. .
Good lot or Kitchen Furniture.
Good lot of Tin-war ,
Good lot of Table-ware.
Uood lot of Books.
Uood lot of Shears,
Good lot of Harps, i
Uood lot of Wagons,
Uood lot or Gasoline.
" " Gasoline Stoves,
Good lot of Arordtana.
Good lot of Smeothlng Irona.
Good lot of Curtain Fixtures.
Good lot of Stove Boards.
Good lot of Stovo Pipes.
Uood lot of Feathor Dnstirs,
Good lot of Violin Strlnga.
Good lot of Banjo Strings,
Good lot of Coal Scuttles.
Good lot ofKvorthlng at the Weco Cnrloalty
Everybody to store their good at
Waoo Curiosity Shop. Charges rea
sonable. Money advanced whon hes
essary, Wo want to buy, sell, rent and ex
change 2nd B. goods of overy kind,
sort or fashion. Waoo Curiosity Shop.
To Kxchango a Good Organ for
Stoves and Furniture Waco Curiosi
ty Shop
More space
in this napor to toll
what we
want, and what we have
got to soil, Bargains! Bargains!! Bar
gains!!! Waoo Curiosity Shop.
To buy 2nd s Goods. Waco Cu
rloslty Shop.
Furnlturo, Stovos and ovoythlng at
mo waco unriosiry nop.
Everyono to seo our New Stovos &,
Furniture, before buying olswtiore,
waco uuriosity euop.
St Louis Arkansasfc
Teaxs Railway
"CottonB eit Route.'
Tho Now 8tamUrd Gango
Through . Line
Arkansas and Texas,
Via CAIRO to
Connecting In Union Uepoti with
throuih trains for all point In
Illinois, Iowa. Wisconsin,
Michigan, Indiana,
Pennsylvania, Now York,
Ohio, and all Points
North and East.
Don't buy a tloket for any
point until you have consult
ed the Agent of the St. Louis,
Arkansas and Toaas Railway
general Passenger Agent, St. Louis
Ass't Gen'l Pass. Agent, St. Louis.
D. E. HIB8nFIKi.il,'
LomI Tleket Ageut.
To do your Stove and Furniture re
pairing. Waco Curiosity Shop.
To trade New Stoves and Furniture
for Old Stoves and Furniture. Waco
Curiosity Shop.
To sell $20,000.00 worth of Furniture
and House-furnishing Goods on the
Installment Plan In the next 40 days,
Waco Curiosity Shop.
Moving aud PaoklnK-charges rea
sonable. Waoo Curiosity Shop.
lipgriml Infihiil!
A Stoves! Stoves!
iwUFurnituro! Funiture.
A Violins and Guitars.
LrfUAcordians & BanjOs.
Car Loads Wioker Chairs.
Car Loads Wioker Chairs.
Car Loads Wioker Chairs.
Car Loads Bed Room Seta
Car Loads Bed Boom Bets.
Cur Loads Bed Boom Bets.
Car Loads Kitchen Furniture.
Car Loads Kitchen Furniture.
Car Loads Kitchen Furniture,
Car Loads All Kinds.
Car Loads All Kinds.
Car Loads All Kinds.
P. S.-We Dealers
spell Float thus Car.
TakoaDutohman as he meana,
not aa h aaya. Howlsdat (bra
Qoart&r of a Buah.1?
The Direct Route
To All Points.
, New Mexico,
And the Northwest.
2 Daily Trains 2
Tho Direct Route to All
Points in the North
and South,
Via St. Louis
Pullman Palace Hotel Car, ar ma
between St. Ionls and San Antonio,
vis Bedall daily. All tralna arrlra
and depart from the Grand Union
Depot at St. Louli, thereby Minrlai
psaaeng era speedy connections.
FaitTiie! SirtrAcciiu
latins! TK.4VIS JONKS.
ii. p, iiuauiu,
Uflket Agent,
Pass, Ateat.
Warn, Texas,
Houttoa. Teiaa,
B. W, ;afeCUIXOU0H,
Aeamt Paacr sad rralfM Asm), , !!
- v, imiat ;
e? Vj
-M tm
a K

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