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We are determined to reduce our Stock to the
owest possible amount by January 1st, and
to do this we Offer everything at
Tallor-mado Coats for 4.00 to 10.00.
Finest Short Wraps for 7.00 to $20.00
All-Wool Jerseys nt 1.00.
Good Brown Domestic 5 cts a yard.
Lorndalo bloachodDomestlo 8jc a yd
A good cotton llannel 5 cts a yard.
Hcavv Tovlll red flannel 17c a yard.
Medicated red ilannol 13 cts a yard.
Wool yam, all colors, 75c n pound.
Mon's seamless wool socks 25o a pair.
Child's seamless wool lioso 10a a pair.
Away Dice Iloso Why the Cardu
Wcro "Sacrificed."
A dapper looking young man dropped
in at a Dearborn street resort ono day
not long ago and inquired for tho pro
prietor. When informed by thowhito
aproned young man who caters to tho
thirst of tho customers in tho absenco of
tho proprietor that tho latter was not in,
tho dapper young man unwrapped
a packago which ho carried and pro
duced a new dico box containing tho
regulation five dice. Ho stated that ho
represented a certain patent medicine,
tho proprietors of which thought of giv
ing out tlicso dico boxes as an advertise
ment, and, if ho succeeded in placing
enough of them to mako it an object, ho
would como around later and stencil an
advertisement on tho boxes. He begged
permission to lcavo that ono for tho pro
prietor, with his compliments, ana. as
tho dico boxes in uso were somewhat'
shabby, tho whlto aproned man gladly
accepted tho new ono and thanked the
dapper youth. When tho proprietor
turned up a littlo later ho was pleased
with tho gift and throw away tho old
boxes. t '
On tho following afternoon a party of
1 well dressed man entered tho place,
called for tho dico box, and proceeded to
nhako for tho drinks. After two or thrco
rounds tho men began to shako for "a
quarter a corner" and then $1. Tho pro
prietor, who was behind tho bar, noticed
that tho big man who proposed tho shak
ing for money was the heaviest winner,
and, in tho coarso of tho afternoon, ono
of tho proprietor's friends, who had gono
into tho gome, lost 00, tho bulk of which
went to tho big man. Thcro was some
thing peculiar in tho way In which ho
handled tho box, and, after ho left, tho
proprietor examined it carof ully.
Whilo ho was thus engaged an old
friend of his, who liad f oryears traveled
with a circus, como in. Ho knows all of
tho tricks witli dice, and, when asked if
thero was anvthintr wrone with thia nar-
thero was anything wrong with thia
' tioular outfit, ho picked it up, looked at
it, and then 6aid: "Yes, it's what is
called a California smooth box, and in
practiced hands ft is a suro thins. You
notice that the insido of tho box is as
smooth as gloss and that the dico oro per
fect cubes, with squaro corners. Tho
man who understands it can shako two
pair 'on tho square,' and when ho picks
up the odd die he can slide it into tho box
with tho desired spots on tho upper face,
shako it up and down carefully, and tho
same spots will slide out and fill the hand
liko this," and tho circus man demon
strated the idea. Tho proprietor readily
saw that tho box liau been "planted"
thoro by the big fellow's confederate, tho
alleged patent medicine man, and ho now
retains It as n curiosity, but allows no
ono to Bhako with it.
Sorao months ago this proprietor was
deceived in another way. It was just
after Mayor Rocho's edict against gam
bling had gono forth and tho sports had
begun to realize that wido open gambling
was dono for for tho time being, and
wero beginning to seek fresh fields .and
pastures now if they could muster tho
prico of a railroad ticket. Ono day a
certain well known sport dropped in at
this same placo and quietly informed tho
proprietor that ho was hungry, had no
money to buy a meal, and his 6olo assets
consisted of thrco packs of cards, which
ho liad raved from tho clutches of tho
polico at tho last "pull.'' Ho offered to
sacrifice tliem for twenty-fivo cents per
pack, and, as the proprietor's customers
often indulged in a littlo gamo in tho
back loom, and ho was out of cards just
then, ho bought them, and tho sport
withdrew with seventy-five cents.
About two or thrco days later in camo
a party of young fellows, who had a few
dunks and then asked the privilego of
indulging in n small game Thoywero
furnished with ono of tho thrco packs of
cards and went into tho room. When
tho proprietor went into tho room a fow
minutes later to trtko tho party's order ho
noticed that tho greater part of tho chips
and cards liad accumulated in front of a
snort whom ho know to bo a friend of
tho follow who sold him tho cards, and
when ho went out ho examined tho backs
of tho other two packs, and found them
marked ingeniously. Ho invented an
excuso to break up tho game, and then
lie burned tho cards. Just now ho is
wondering if ft3 0yo teeth aro through
yet.C!iicago Uerald.
i'lno clocks-at Lo Doux's, Austin
avonuo, near Fourth.
Wo aro solllug boadsteads as choap
2.00 Waco Furniture Company.
Soo tho latest novoUlosin millinery
(it Mrs, Doss, South Fpurth street. 1
Cotton Jorsoys at CO Conts.
Fancy Cotton Jorsoys at 75 Conts.
Children's Jorsoys in Black & Colors,
A good heavy whlto blanket 85 cts.
Heavy rod wool blaukot $3.00
A good grey blankot $1.25.
Heavy brown blaukot 1.05.
A rod good Comfortable 05 conts.
Fine hlankots 2.50 to 0.00.
Fine fancy Comforts $1.75 to 2.75.
I Ladlo's & Misses' seamless wool hose,
I.ouUlnnn Htnte Lottery.
Ordor your tlckots from D. Donumu
& Bro., opposite tho McClelland hotel
waco, or at jjauas aim rompie. ijiu
oral rates to clubs.
Flowers for woddintrs, funerals and
parties, in all design. Leave orders
at Perry's confoctionery under Pacific
notei. I
Best meals served to ordor at
Joo Lehman's restaurant.
Go to Mark Flournoy'sBarbor shop
for good work.
Buy your candies at Joe Lehman's
south 4th streot, ,
' The best assorted fancy condies at
Joe Leninan's.
Best turn-outs In town at Molder &
All kinds of nuts at Joe Lohniani's
south 4th st.
All kinds of country produce, eggs,
chickens and butter at J. H. Shopo's.
Austin .Avenuo,
First-class carriages for calls, vis
its, etc., at Molder & Hearne's. '
Send lu your orders for Christmas
v run canes at ue Wells'.
Photograph albums in plush, leatk-
some designs, at tho 5 'and 10 Cent
Waco coal yards, northeast corner
square, convenient for prompt deliv
ery. Hard and soft coal and coke,
Jno. E.Harrigan.
Fresh Cream I'urts and Chocolate
Eclairs at De Weils'
C. Hyman for cigars and tobacco.
Fruits of all kinds, Louis Llppmau,
m i
O.o to tho new nhotograpner.
A demand for household goods at
Meek & Co.'s commission house, 318
Austin street.
We aro selling side boards as cheap
as $14,00. Waco Furniture Company
i m i
Before you buy Christmas goods
call and see the stock at Le Doux's,
Austin avenue, near Fourth street.
Popular prices.
Do not forget that Riddle sells lor
cash, and you canirotmeats from him
a great deal choapor from him than
Old papers for
sale at tho News
Jewelry of finest und latest dosign
at Lo Doux's Austin noar Fourth.
Leave ordors for roses, nlantd. fruit.
und ornamental trees at Perry's Pa-
wuu J1ULU1 II1UUK. f
Go to J. L. Bergstorm to have your
ploturo taken at J. C. Dean's old
n iw -
For a nice clean shave go to Paul
uround's Barbe Shop, next to Chas.
Kophals, cor. Austin St. aud Square
.uuy moot from Kirt Riddle. Whnn
you pay cah you don't pay for what
oumouuuy OIBU UIUIl'l pay lor. -J-
resn crop cranberries at Jc
Thompsons 4th and Franklin street
Austin avonuo near Fourth, every-"
ming in lorm or Jewolry, -Clocks,
Watches and articles ofvertuat
Lk Doux's.
When you need money or have
to V:
money to
spend go
nolo Duff
I Donumu'
Sensational Cutting.
WE have some dress Goods which we in
tend to sell the coming week, the
prices are CUT that there is no chance for
anv competition to touch them. Notice a
few of the Clippings.
42-lnch DroBB Flannels for 30o a yard, novor sold for loss than 60o.
40-lhoh Dross Flannels 37o a yd, no bettor value can bo had lor 60o.
Ask to see our 50-inoh Ladles' Cloth for 05o, and our 42-lnch Ladles'
Cloth for 55o. Thoso goods are worth ouo-thlrd more than our price.
Now stylo wool Plaids, im tho nowost
All of our 35 and 40-cont Cashmoro in black and colored for 22'c.
Wo havo u fo tr pieces of French Fancy Flannels for COc a
yard, tho formor prico was V6o. Wo havo braid to
trim, to match nil our Dross Goods, for
just half tho former prices.
This Dress Goods Sale will
and the Greatest Bargains of the .Season will be Sold.
.A., o. HABBR.
If you want tho best and only re
liablo weather strip that's mado for
protection against cold, dust aud rain
buy Browno's patont motallic, at
Horsfull & Cnmoron's. Exclusive
agents for Waco.
Now Entorpriso.
and seo Edgar & Co.'s "now
Cider Mill in Stone's now hotel block,
on 5th street, botweon Austin avonuo
and Franklin streets. Come and got
some frosh elder front the applos as
they aro ground and pressed. Cider
by tho glass, pint, quart, gallon or
barrol at rock prices. Como one, come
all. J. R. Edgar & Co. ltnW
Ifyou want a tonder Boefstoak, a
good pork chop or sausage seasoned
to perfection, (with lO ounces to
tho pound), call on or send your
order to J. H. Smith & Brother, 423
Franklin street Meat Market, and
they shall be personally filled.
Fresh Mackerel at Stolte Bros, f
The best brands of pocket-knives
and razors at Horsfull & Cameron.
El Paso grapes extra cholco at Joe
For choice roasts go to Riddle's
ash market and got it choap.
Ross' Imported Soda at the Cotton
Exchange f
W. R. Matthows. sign writer south
3d street. f
Tho Waco Furnituro Company is
said to have the largest lino of Parlor
Furniture over shown this sido Chica
go. Aral right?
B. and S. at Cotton Exohauge,
Barbecued meats fresh from tho kiln
every day at Riddle's cosh market, t
Buy J'eed at Duvall's 309. Franklin.
The finest Mince Meot in tho land at
Joo Thompson's.
Leave orders
beef is wanted.
with Crippen's If fat
DeWlel's ladies' and gents' oyster
parlor crowded day and night.
The finest of fat mutton at Crippen's
W. R. Matthews deals in nalnts
Avail papor, window glass and all
Kinds of painters material.
The best brands of scissors
shears at Horsiull & Cameron.
We are selling seven niooe narlor
sets, upholsted in plush for 35,00.
waco i urmture tjo.
Wonieselllnsr chairs as cheat) as
SOets. You are right Waco Furniture
No year in sa but sure enoucli veal
at Crippen's market.
Get your ovstorH at Joe Loluuan's
Hennessv's Ininortod Frnnnli hrnn.
dy just received from Bordeaux nt
Cotton Exohauge.
We are Bolllne marble ton bod room
sots for $25.00. Waco Furnltur Com
pany. Choice steaks from 0 to 8 cents at
Riddle's cash market on, the square,
south side,
Bemember the barbeoured meafa nt
Riddle's cash market
Nothing but the froshost grocorles
kept at Stolte Bros.
. Kirt Riddle keeps the Canh Market
on the square saves you from forty
to fifty per cent on your meat. t
J. L. Bergstram, has now instru
ments to do his work. J, C, Dean old
Elegant jewelry for presents at Lo
Doux's, Austin avenue, near Fourth
Fresh Holland Herring at Stolte
Opera glasses in all styles at Lo
Doux's, Austin avenue, near Fourth
Call for tho Panzy hustle.
Dobs, Hole agent.
combinations, 10)o a yard, worthy 25c.
Positively last One Week only
Clocks, watches and jewelry at Lo
My storo will bo opou ovory night
10 o'clock until after tho holidays.
Mrs. B.J. Doss
work boxes and writing desks at the
o ana iu cent store
Fish, oysters and game, aud all
kinds of the choisost moats at Geo.
Smiths, 423 Franklin street.
A. J. Leslie, watchmaking and re
pairing, Austin avenuo.
Buy Mathews' kid gloves with pat
ont lnco. Mrs. Doss, solo agent.
First quality of Hani Sausages Just
iu at Stolto Bros.
Stop at De V oils' and oxamlno tho
new lino of Willow-ware.
If you want a fine livery turnout
patronize Molder & Hearne's, north
side of the public square.
Young men remember that "Dot
Lee tie Frenchman" has taken Mr. A
Friedman, the well known taylor as a
partner and is better prepared than
ever to repair, clean or dye your suits.
Boys' heavy and light wagons, ve
tclipedes, wheelbarrows, guns, pis
tols, swords and drums at the 6 and
10 Cent Store.
Got your Christmas goods from Mrs.
Wo have turned our storo into a
complete toy storo and fancy soods
emporium for tho next six weeks 5
id 10 Cent Storo.
Tho largest display of toys and
fancy goods over seen In Waco, on
exhibition at tho 5 and 10 cent store
Great bargains in unroJoemed
pledges at your Uncle Duff Domnau's
opposlto tho MoLelland hotel.
Big stock of dolls bisque, china,
wax. indestruotbile from 5 cents un.
at the 5 and 10 Cent Store.
Choice roasts from 5 to 8 cents per
pound at Riddle's cash market on the
A fino variety of sausages and them
woll seasoned, kept constantly on
hand at Crippen's market.
Consign all goods to I. C. Meek &
Co,, 318 Austin street.
The House of Lords under Its new
proprietor, Wes. Damron, Is dispens
ing to Its patrons the finest Imported
and domestlo liquors, wines and ol-
rars. T3G CSaE DIullllB OI OIU 1Y6U-
uoky whiskies passed over the bar.
Fresh, cool beer always on tap.
Polite attention and satisfaction guar
anteed. This house is open day and
night, and your patronage Is respect
fully solicited.
Go to tho Silvor Moon for well
served meals.
Lotto, authors, old maid. Doctor
Busby, Lyons' picnic and other popu
lar games at tno u anu iu uont store.
Ladles' stand baskets, trimmed and
plain; baby baskets, waste baskets,
at the 5 and 10 Cent Store,
Our new photozranher J. L. Bore-
storm does splendid work J. C. Dean
old stand,
Scrap albums and nlotures. auto
graph albums and fanoy plotures, at
iiio .1 anu w cent more.
JEvory purcnaso entitles 'yu. to a
guess at the plgnolios and get as
chance at the Log Cabin at Do Wei I.
Coal delivered promptly when or
dered from John Farley.
Dr. Geo. P. Maun, dentist, 407&
Austin avenno.
Hill Brothers for all kinds of Christ
mas goods.
Tho quail is transformed from his
natural beauty to a delicious dish at
tho Silver Moon.
Stolte Brothers have Just received
a frosh lot of Holland Herring. Call
anu try thorn.
Go to your Uncle UulT, the pawn-
broker, onnoslto tho MnLalland imtAi
lfyou need unv money or want to
Sole Agents for the Dunlap Hats.
Mr. J. W. Mann is in Tennessee on
a visit to rolatlvon.
Capt. Jack Elgin returned to-day
from a trip to Dallas.
Mr. R. H. Kiugsbury,Jr.,ls nt homo
again from a trip to the country,
Mr. J. It. Bonnet will move to Waco
the first part of next week.
Jno. F, Flint, Esq., went to Moody
to-day ns attorney in a criminal case.
Mrs. Estollo Clayton camo lu this
morning ovor the Cotton Bolt, and is
at tho Pacific.
Dr. W. A. Howard is residing now
with Mr. S. B. Humphreys, No. 210
North Fifth street.
Miss Lula Miller, who has boon vis
iting Miss Lizzie Chandlor.has return
ed to Bolton, her home.
Mr. Hoffman, of the Paciilo Express
campauy, is back -at thoofllco after a
protracted Illness.
Mr. H. Dlohl, employed nt Joo
Thompson's grocory, is on tho sick
list again.
Mr. Chas. Lewino will outer the
employ of tho Providont Savings Life
Insurance company on tho 1st of
Miss Evorott, of Calvert, who is on
the programme for singing at the Bl-
blo character study, will soon bo tho
guest of Miss Jennlo Moore.
' The city is going to hear Estollo
Clayton to-night.
Estollo Clayton at Tho Garland to
night will take tlio city by storm.
Hoar Whittlo or 3ou will loso lunch
that is valuable and interesting.
By all means attend tho lpcturo to
night at the Baptist church. They
arc rare and raoy.
Workmen arc
Catholic church,
Ninth street.
ongaged in
Cotton, hay and corn aro pouring
into town, now tho roads arc getting
Cotton is coming in freely and re
ports from the country indicato plenty
yot to be picked and yet to come in.
"Estello Clayton lu a "Sad Coquette'
this evening at The Garland, and to
morrow in "Tho Quick or the Dead."
The regular Friday evouing servic
es take place at the synagogue to
night, beginning at 8 o'clock sharp-.
The most beautiful woman on the
American stago is Kstelle Clayton and
her histromo powers are equal to her
In tho district court to-day Freder
ick S. Kuhn was tried and found
guilty ,of forgery and was sent to tho
pomtentiary for two years.
Tho Baptist church was comfortably
filled last night to hear the lectures of
Mr. Whittlo on "BOO miles in the sad
dle through Palestino and Syria."
Everybody complimented it.
Tho celebrated case of Haurick et al
vs. Haurick ct al in tho fodoral court
has been postponed to Monday. To
day tno trial ot ono Calvin bmith is
going. Smith is charged with forgery
in the poBtofHco at lie am o.
Amid the gloom and forbodings
growing out of the recent failures
there is a growing impression that it
is all over and tho turning point to
ward a career of prosperity is to begin.
Miss Estollo Clayton and her com
pany arrived In the olty at 10:30 this
morning aud are registered at .the
soveral hotels. It Is a large company
aud carry a half car load of baggage.
In Justice Makcig's court W.J.Park
charged with assault and battery plead
guilty and was fined $6 and costs and
undor a peace warrant was bound over
to Keep tne peace in a bond of ono
hundred dollars.
The beautiful Eslelle Clayton will
appear this 'evenim? at Tho Garland
I In a "Rd CanaattM u,lMmii..nn.,
or Jioua Jlroughton's "Good bvo
-J69E3 GMDIteHft.
Sweetheart." It Is aoharmlng pla;
and much favored by ladles
The thanksgiving turkey is dead
peace bo to his ashes, but his sisters
coughs and aunts are being brougli
into town daily in considerable nun
bers, which shows tho turkey crop t
bo liko other crops this year, oxtr
Tho lectures by Mr. Whittlo at tli
I Baptist church, now being dclivcrc
at T.iiV p. in. aro universally pr
nounccd very fine, at 60 cents pc
night Kvery lover of historic n
re arch, or that can bo entertained b
sparkling tH or thrilling experience
or strange lands should by all mean
Nearly all tho wood coming int
town is over the railroads, Cotton Be
and Central. Tho wood within a r.
dius in which wagoning is profitable i
nearly all gono about Waco and tli
railroads are bringing from a distanco
ton to twenty miles. Tho rate froi
White Hall, seven miles out, is eigl
aollnrs a car, or eighty cents a con
which is cheaper than by wagon.
A meeting of the ladies and gci
tloinon ongaged in tho production
tho "Bible Character Study" had
meeting last night in tho Pacific 'hot
parlors, whore tho programme an
other important matters wcro dt
cussed ami committed appointed f
tho respective features of such a
entertainment. Tho committees wi
meet next Monday evening at roo
No. 4, central ity school building, I
give in their reports.
Olty Phyaioian'B Report to Oit
Tho number of deaths in tho ci
for tho month of November was te
four white and six colorod. Of tl
ten three were infants, two betwe
tho ago of ono and five yoarri, ono b
tvveen ton and twenty, ono botwc
twenty and thirty, two between thir
and forty and ono between forty at
fifty, Tho following ore tho name
Willie Shoiton, John Christiansg
Mrs. M. J. Ilussel, Mr. Branch Wa
kins, Robt. Taylor, Sallio Wallac
Chas. Pauley, Mrs. W. W. Larmo
a,nd Mary Fiold. A moment's attc
tion will show that ovcry report shoi
namely tho small mortality of tl
white population and tho largo p
cent of tho colored. If there aro i
omissions tho mortality ef the whi
population gauged by Novenib
would only bo 48 per annum, or lc
than three in tho thousand, while tl
average mortality is twelve per thou
and per annum, November was cc
tainly a healthy month.
Within a raliua of forty milca
Rochester tlieie aro more than li
fruit evaporators. These ctapoi
tors give employment during the a
tumn and winter to about 30,01
hands, whoso wages average from :
to 112 a week. Tho principle consul
ing countries abroad are German
England, Belgium, Holland ai
France, in which tho product has i
tirely displaced tho old-fashionod su
dried fruit.
A rrcncbmun'ii DUli of Kuull.
Tho Bnail is to Ameiican eje n naut
ating, blimy cieature, ami the thought
eating ono makes ono'o gorge riisc. N
to. however, to the Henchman, wl
lookn upon th proverbially alow tra
olcr nu the most duliciouu muiw.1 that tl
cpicuican can roll beneath his tongu
lie hrsii not in mind tho Amtricnn snr
that drawn his li'jigth along tho rtoi
wall and iiof ini.ill uizo, but his gignnt
brollur tl.ut nboiinds in certain parta
France nnd Ungl.ind and feeds oil tl
tender cabluge plant. Tlu pioresu 111
lcada to hi-t presence on tho tulilo h i
tcrcbting und pcuuliui ly riotich. In tl
fiut placo ho is imracibtil in wat
and berubbed, then ho Li covered wi
talt until alMuj slime j withdraw
nest ho is bathed again ill wilt watt
then he is left for dome time In u soluth
made from till iho appetizing herbs ui
tpiu-j. Tho cooking is tho next procet
nnd with wine und one of thoho mystei
oua buuceu known only to thu chef Fra
caise. ho is terved. The Parisian tir
vlewHtho dish lovingly, nd then, rai
tug tho shell to his llp3. he closes b
eyes and gently draws into hh moui
tho succulent morse), leaving the lu
empty. To the novice tho Idea Is revol
hiK. but after tlie first triai-oli myl
Albany Argus. J '
W, a. ? t:f ,,&?' ca' ,.? W
-Vfc .TtVi

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