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NO. 131.
)fiv " ? .-',rtt-!i'!yHa'
r ,v m
Hjts gain made
witn us, and wewill tell ot some ol
f u
le prettvitnmgs he has tor
(jJVTf c' Hundreds ofStylesfPlain China,
wFKid, Bisque, Dressed, Rubber,
. - -A , , , ,
Rag, Worsted and dvery other kind, in large
or small sizes
jeruieeabrejos, aUstylespf Banks, Bed
Steads, fCradles,oirs Carriages, Pianos,
Buck Saws nPeaSets.' Parlor Sets. Bed-
ocomotives and lots of Me
chanical Toys. '
BlrthStyChrlst'mas antJ New Yr Cards, Dressing
Casts, Manicure fats, Collar,-CurT and Hand
it kerchief Boxes; Cents' Traveling Cases,
M ;!l Toilet Articles, Willow-ware,
Fancy Baskets, BrlcaBrac, Bronzes, Bisques,
Terracotta, lltose 'Cotta; Japanese Art Work,
Brassjf Coods. andlthousands of other Fancy
Things! too Numerous to mention.
Our. Stock of Holiday Goods is Unusually Large,
and)as we want to sell them all out and not carry
any every we have made our prices very Low.
iT.youneea something
r$ r j 1 -.
i - . .
, Diamonds, latcbes, Clocks; Jewelry and Silverware.
Optfoil CooDi, Ko Muil go if MCRJFICE PqiCEI. Comi Eiriy
ind BrinB Ydup BiiI.
M-rti yV m i
!v i.x . vTtfifx il.Hl T1.1.H. i- n.2Hifc.y TL
. i8;.iiaaipiior,p jjunuves in rnmuis mi,
Mayfield le a Money Lender In the Fullest Sense of the
Word. He Lends Money Literally on
Everything, from a
BricMHousevGold Ring,
and persons Desiring MONEY for any Purpose, or on any
kind of Security, should call on
an- ... f m.J Ii
Hay Corn, Oats, Iran, Etc.
his Headquarters
novel we nave i.
F. O. ROGERS, Trustee.
Keeps the Ckieit aM Futtest Meat
Ih Ike Cltjr.tliSW. Public Sqr.
Choice Porterliome. IOciCIioIlc roHt 80
Choice loin 10r Seeonit cut TOMt ....60
Cholca round 78c Chnrk roMt fie
Choice rib (,. 7Xc Brisket rooit Ee
Chuck tok (Jl Mutton 010o
Bsniage ...10c Veal ...o10e
Sprerlbi. ..,,.. .J2Kelrm,, ..-;;,;. Wie
Rvenr dur dlwet Iroat Mm kllaj and
'lellrtrtd t roar retldeaoe.
3u JGSZ 2JMr&. - MJ 3I
Log, Silidi & Rial,
Our Sales prove that
eventually' bring trade, and we
propose keeping the prices
down to the lowest limit.
This weQk you who are in
need ot a good Suit of
ClotHes can save from '
$3150 to $10 on a
Suit by visiting
our Clothing
A Good Suit for $5.00,
A Better Suit tor $7-50.
An all-wool Stylish Suit
for $10that'sworth $15
Juet Examine our line of SlyllBh
Garments at "
$12,50, $15.50, $18,50, and $20.
This Stook is entirely too largo,
and vre must reduce same, no xnat
ter what this Saorifloe may be.
We are showing the most ele
gant line of TBOWSBR3 ever
brought to this city.
Lexsiig.vSttlMoa i Rowntlial,..
-fOorvCth and Austin Streets,
Nbw Birminfham.
Lots in thl jfrowlrif city are Belling
rapidly. Iaeertain blocks tley havf
advanced one hundred per cent In one
month. J.';B. Baker, Mn. E. LyH-
ham, Mr. A. Berkshire, Mr. G. C.
Cook and others, who have just re
turned from there, speak in the high
est terras of the prosperity aud rapid
advanoo of the city. We have maps
and price list of lots in our offloe
which you aro invited to call aud in
spect. The following is aspeoimen
of prices:
13 lots block 1 Austin St. $ 500 00
0 " " 1 Galveston ".. 750 00
7 " "2 " ".. 750 00
5 2 Dallas '.. 1,000 00
3 " -'3 ".. 1,000 00
17 " .6 Houstou '.. 500 00
lUMiDaNaa propbrtt.
Lots from $150 to $500, according to
location, ,-tj; 1 ?
By using our maps -aud prloeMlst
you can make a Judicious selection
and save the. time and expense of a
trip to Birmingham. l
j. it. uiuDimt a wu.
W.aco coal yards, mrtheatt corner
square, convenient for prompt deliv
ery. Hard and soft coal and coke.
no. E.Harrioan.
Moderate Prices will
Wo arc still selling tho best
40 Cent Kid Gloves.
Wo aro still selling the best
60c. Kid Gloves.
Wo arc still selling tho best
Wc 'arc still selling tho best
10c. Hose.
Wc are still selling tho best
12 l-2c. Hose.
We aro still selling the best
20c. Hose.
We are still selling the remainder
of our Cloaks and Wraps at
Sixty Cents
On the Dollar.
In fact, wo are still Selling and will
Continuo to sell our goods at the
. Lowest Prices,
Which will always be found just a little
Lower Than Other Houses.
Lessing, Solomon & Rosenthal,
Oor. 6th and Austin Streets.
WANTED A situation as driver of team or
work In itore have had aeveral yean
experience good reference Addreei N care
of Nawflodco. lwm
ANTED A iltnatlon hv a comoetent
taieiman, auareai poiomco ikx ikw n boo
"TT ANTED To boy a hone, aid paj for
V lamoln month! v Installment! 1 mult be
cneap. Aaareas "uojr," care mwa omce
TTTANTED To trade a irood Ave roomiionie.
Vy with fine orchard, good well of water
ana!2i acroioflaudon 14th street, for land or
uve-siocK. Aauress, x a. jacaiuLL Jr. ,
box 3D, Waco, Texas
FOR SALK Chambers' Encyclopedia, latest
edition, new, at half Its talue. for par-
ucuiars caii ai oraaareis inis omce,
T A TTVTTITsCI We hBTO old naners con.
XT J.ST JlJLVO stantl on hand and
parties wanting them can set them at bargain
or applying at tne evening ews oatcs, mo.
01a Austin .xvenne.
TXT ANTED FmtiloTment by a little boy IS
W years of age, willing to do any kind of
woik. Auaress .arnesi utinam oiaj, Austin
street, Webush building. ' '
FK SAI.K loo acres or land, 00 In fine cul
tivation and to In excellent pasture all un
der a good fence. Farm is sltuatod about Similes
from Waco, has good four room dwelllar. am
plo out-hulldlnga, barns eto, good cistern and
splendid tank of water. Will trade for good
residence property In Waco, address the Nhws
171 Oil RALE New wagon and span of horses
JJ good harness hot Ms, single or double.
Address J. T. Montgomery, Box. SKI, Waco,
Texas, or at News omce A bargain. tf
LOST Becalpt book of Evening News, mark
ed on back "Middle Bnute' rinderwllt
please leave at tho Nkws offlce ot hand to R, C,
Stolte - Brothers.
Delivered In any part or tho city. Increased
trade assures all of our groceries te bo fresh.
Corner Firth and Auttin 8ts.
Who are wkak. Hxovdrs ana
BnaiTATxu and s uteris froca
and all thn effects of aarlv hvii.
Habits, wbieb lead to nawA-
lMSAXirr. send for Pear.' Tma
ties oncuxASSi of maw, with particulars for
limit ecu. ,
Cures guaranteed NocurenopayJ. BPxak
eia and els Church St. Nashville, Tenn..
New Enterprise.
and see "Edar & Co.'s new
Cider Mill in Stone's now hotel block.
on 6th street, between Austin avenue
and Franklin streets. Come and get
some fresh older from the apples as
may are grounuanu pressea. ciuer
by the glass, pint, quart, gallon or
barre at rook prices. Come one, eome
J. R. Edgar Co. IbjW
A Ntraass Wllsl Basist CklHr.
Harrlsburg, Pa., Doc.10. For near
lyayear past a strange wild animal
has roamed the Cromwal hills in Lob-
anon and Lancaster counties. It was
often seen by hunters, but they never
attempted to shoot It. They bad no
particular reason for not trying to kill
the queer thing, but for some un
known causo it was uover molested.
II was decidedly wild and fear Ail of
man and beast. Whenover any per
son got within shooting distance of it
the animal would b6uud away with
great Bwlftness. Some oalled it a
sheep, while a few of the superstl-
tlously inclined contended it was an
The farmers in that neighborhood
set traps to catch It; but were unsuc
cessful, as It seemed to scout the dan
ger lurking in traps. However,
Farmer Hammer and his wife, who
live in Elisabeth township, Lancas
ter couuty, have outwitted the
strange beast. Since winter set in
Mrs. Hammer has been putting a
quantity of oats, apples and corn at a
certain plaoo, whloh were eaten up
every time. From a window in the
house the farmer and his wife saw the
animal feeding. They would often
walk towards the beast, but could
never get close enough to tell what it
looked like. Mr. Hammer, after days
of watohing, at last conceived a plan
by whloh to capture It and he has
been successful. , He is 75 years old.
On last Sunday morning he laid
down whero tho animal had been
feeding and his wife covered him
with leaves. This done she put a
quantity of oats and corn at the re
gular place. She then returned to
the house awaited results. The wild
beast came(lbut it was a long time
before it oven ventured near tho food.
It'seeiued to scent danger, and twice
it ran away and remained some tlino.
The old man, however, waited and at
last the beast came and began its
feast. With wonderful agility the
aged farmer Jumped tq his feet and
had the strange animal, by the horns.
It was a hard struggle, and when
Mrs. Hammer came to the resoue of
the old man he was nearly exhaust
ed. It was securely bound and car
ried to the barn.
The animal has short, coarse hair
over Us body. It Is harSly two feet
high and about tbreo feet long. Its
logs are hairless and Its feet are like
a pig's. Its tall is like an ordinary
sheep's, and when tho animal be
comes mad the tall and ears are car
ried ereot. Many of the Inhabitants
of the neighborhood have seen the
captive and a majority are ot the
opinion that it is a wild blaok sheep.
A few think that it is au animal
whloh esoaped from somo smull show
which exhlted In Manhetm about two
years ago.
Closed by AliaehMOsit.
Terrell, Dec. 10. Tho drv goods
houso of P. G. Nobbut was closed to
day by attachments aggregating 3.
350. The stook is being invoiced and
it is supposed the assets will exoeed
tho liabilities.
Mater er stalirsmel Wreck.
San Franeisoo, Dto. 10, A report
reached this city early, this morning
that the Santa te overland train, whioh
left hero Friday, was ditched yesterday
Detwctn aacn springs ana Williams
Arizona, and a number otj passengers
killed. Tho report hos not yet been
A Light Band for Grave eftease,
Woathcrford, Deo. 10,-Tom Anglin,
who is charged with committing a rapo
on the person of Mrs. Mary ilazey In
this county, on November du, stood bis
examine: trial before Judgo Leach in
this oity to-day, and was bound over
in the sum of $1,500, and at a late
hour had not been able to make tho
bond. AU tho parties are quite nrom
inent in the county, and the case is at
tracting oonsiuearble attention.
1st Self Brste.
Bastrop, Tex,, Deo. 10. Tom Callo
way, a wjnto man living three miles
from town, to-day shot and killed
one Mexican and wounded another.
They got into a dispute over a settle
ment and one of the Mexicans started
at Calloway with a knife and the
other with a rod of iron. Calloway
turned and flred with the above re
suits. He was bound over in a bond
of$600 whloh he readily gave.
. m m 1
A dees Artealam Well.
Bryan, Tex., Deo. 10. The 'slronc
est artesian well in" this cnunty was
struck last Saturday on the plantation
of J. B. Thomas', ten miles west of
iiryan, on the iJraios river, at tne
depth of :il7 feet fho water is as
puro as melted snow, and furnishes
through an iuch- pipe three and one-
hair gallons per 111 mute, xnis, wen
was made by Wm. Clark, a former em
ptoye ot we Aurora wen-woras, wno is
as expert ia the busisesaV' ' "
m expert i
New York, DeclO. A Birming
ham special says: "Tho situation here
is very grave, and while all good citi
zens hopo for tho best, the ontlook is
not 'reassuring. Tho Hawcs murder
mystery is almost forgotten sinco tho
greater horror of Saturday night. Col.
Jones, commanding the troops is re
ported to havo said no feared violence
to Sheriff Smith moro than ho did any
further attompt to lynch Hawos. Sher
iff Smith and David Pruitt, one or his
chief deputies, havo been arrested on a
chargo of murder. Warrants for a
number of other officers have been
sworn out, but not yet served. The
statement of tho officers and those of
the men that were in tho crowd are
very conflicting Peoplo who were in
tho crowd say the officers fired first, and
that no one was making, an advanco
when tho first volloy was fired. They
claim also that the officers
while the crowd was running away,
and several men were hit in the baok.
On the other hand tho sheriff says a
number of shots were fired from the
crowd after the officers ceased firing.
Chief of Polico Picard was also ar
rested last night on a charge of murder.
Coroner Robott mado the arrest and
took charge of tho sheriff's office.
Yesterday afternoon tho news
spread that 1500 miners from tho
Pratt mine?, about five miles from Bir
mingham, would after dark inarch to
tht city armed with guns and dyna
mito cartridges and assault tho sol
diers and blow to atoms the jail. Col.
Jonos said tho soldiers would bo duly
notified by scouts 01 tho approach of
tho mob. Ho feared somo disturbance
but bolioved ho could make a success
ful rosistanco.
It is reported that Hawcs has just
made) a full confession of his crime.
Business is going on as usual to-day,
oxcopt that all tho saloons arc closod
by order of Colonel Jones, and tho
only avidenco of troublo remaining
is tne lino of troops and cannon guard
ing every approach to tho jail. Thoro
is still much feoling, but it is subdued.
No matter who was right or wrong on
Saturday, that terrible volley has sot
tied all desire of the mob to, break
down tho jail. It will not bo tried
again. Sheriff. Smith is still in jail,
under arrest for murder, and Chief of
Polico Picard was released on 910,000
bond this morning. Smith may leave
tho city under military escort until
further examination of tho oaso is
mado by tho coroner, but it has not
bcon fully determined as yet.
A stse.oee Daoasse Salt.
Pittsbnrg, Pa., Deo. 10. Robert E,
Barnott to-day entered suit for $50,
000 damages against William Mur
dock and tho Pinkcrton Detcotivo
Agency. The suit is tho outgrowth
of tho proscoution of Barnott for al
locked complicity in buncoing Mur-
doolc out of sjlU.UUU about ono yoar
ago. Tbo trial or iiamet resultod in
his acquittal, hence ho alleges that
tbo oharge against mm was malicious
and unfounded, and wants the amount
named for injury to his character.
A Warrant far Martln'a Arrest. 1
Washington, Deo. 10. Mr. Harris,
tho Star reporter who was struck by
Congressman Martin on Saturday, has
sworn out a warrant for tho Utters ar
rest. Major Ma tin's position as a"
member of congress does not protect
him against prosecution for-felony
treason orabreaohof the peace.
Crushed fey rrelsht Trala.
Ban Antonio, Deo. 10. Frank
Rhodes, a carpenter livintr at San
Marcus station, fell under the wheels
of a moving freight train near that,
station to night and was so horribly,
mangled that he died this morning.
He loaves a large family.
rallar at Celliasvtil.
Collinsvillo, Texas, Detcmber 10.
Iiaugblin & Prichard, dealers in gener
al, merchandise here, made an assign
ment this morning to A. T. Taylor,
Their stook will probably invoico moro
than double tho amount of their liabili
ties. This failure is deeply regreted
by our citizens, as the firm is a deserv
ing one.
Ms Mosey Ma4 fcy Toga. '
"Wlmt U tho roost money over made
by a tug in ono trip?" was asked of an
old tug man in South street.
"The very largest money ever obtained
was when two tugs picked up a derelict
off Sandy nook. Sbo was in good con
dition, but had been abandoned by net
crew, who were panto stricken. She
was drifting ashore, and the courts al
lowed a salvage of $88,000 for the two
or $14,000 for a day's work each. But
that wasn't a towing job. The biggest
prlco ever paid by a ship for towing at
this port, so far as I know, was when a
sbln captain 'had boat his way up to the
ugntsfifp after a long winter voyage
from Manila. Reaching this point, with
tho harbor beforo hint, the northwest
wind became a gale he could not face,
and ho saw tho shore of Staton Island
fade, and began to think he had Ber
muda hard aboard. He couldn't stand
that prospect, and was compelled to pay
$1,500 by a ncertlciM tug captain of
about my slse and disposition. ' That U an
sober fact You will bear tug men tell
storiea of larger'sunis, but .than those
awn were intended by natal forjssiaf
savwWkHT, . ..
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