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TPAriTci AKrn PTn."nrR."RiPi I
" WmW'iiIW , ' "F""1 MT
cm ncTCim a uicn a
kraiB9i GMDIiWi.
ftp Finn. Uni lq Tumi it ImmiiiI Prion.
; t ' r
All IMo.lii.elsi atReduced Prices
sunt I
No leaders. Low Prices on ETervtbing.
Tho moat attractive feature of Mor
rison, Ittsher, & Co's, holiday stock
is tho wonderful liuo cf Imported
Curios. v .
Tho Waco Furniture company still
extends a cordial Invitation to .those
who foiled to visit their fraud open
ing and Stato fair, to call from now
until after the holidays, f .
S.3 tho latest novelties in millinery
at Mrs. Doss, South Fourth, street.
All kinds of country produce, eggs,
chickens and butter at J. H. Shope's.
Austin Avenue.
For meals go to Joe Lehmahn.
We are selling boadsteads as cheap
$2.00 Waco Furniture Company.
Tho Waco Furniture company has
put In tlirco additional electric lights
for the boneflt of those who can not
get around during the day tlmeJ"
1 ' " Curios. . 'h, J$
The ludies will all go to Morrison,
Rlsher & Co's. this week to attond
the grand holiday opening.
All kinds of nuts at Joe, Lehmam's
south 4th st. ! ,h
x "Consigned1' pianos and organs go
like hot cakes. D. H. Spencer, t
For fruit or ornamental trees, call on
J. II. Hurwood, at Evening News of
fice, Franklin between Fourth and
Fifth streets. Aspakaous roots by the
hundred or thousands.
Ourios. '
Everybody, Invited to go to Mor
rison, Manor, & Co's, to see the big
Cest line of holiday goods ever
roughl to Waco.
A fact not to be denied "consigned
or not consigned," I). H. Spencer in
selling pianos and organs.
Call for tho Pansy bustle. Mrs.
Doss, sole agent.
Lotto, authors, old maid, Doctor
Busby, Lyons' picnic and other popu
lar games at the 5 and 10 Cent Store.
Ladies' stand baskets, trimmed and
plain; baby baskets, waste baskets,
at the G and 10 Cent Store
Our.new photographer J, L. Berg
storm Joes splendid work J. C. Dean
old stand.
Dr. Ueo. P. Mann, dentist, 4073
Austin avenne, v i v
oHlUtarathitni W ll Wlni rVth.l J?
was goods.
yf The ilnest of fat mutton at Crlppen's
tThfi llflqf. itmiirln nf.ailaoAVa a-m1
Bhears at HorsluH'& Cameron.
No yearlings but euro enough' veal
at Crlppen's market.
Got your oysters a't Joo Lehman's
iHennessyls Jmporfcjl'FrenobArarf;
dy Just received from-UordeaWat
Cotton Exohange. f
J. L. Bergstram, has now Instru
ments to do his work. J. O. Dean old
The best brands of pocket-knives
and razors at Horsfull & Cameron.
El Paso grapes oxtra choice at Joe
aluH' ? J1.00"! Jntlt, corner Anetln and
Boss' Imported Soda at tho Cotton
Exchange. f
B. and S. at Cotton Exchange
Buy feed at Duvall's 300. Franklin.
The finest Ml nnn Hfonf in tti' i...i '
Joo Thompson's.
Leave ordersf wHh Crlppen's If fat
beef Ib wanted.
Great bargains in unredeemed
plodges at your Uncle DurTDomnau's
opposite tho MoLelland hotol.
Blgstook of dolls bisque, china,
wax, Jndestruotblle from C cents up.
at the 5 and 10 Cent Store?
A fine variety of sausages and them
well seasoned, kept constantly on
hand at Crlpnon's market. f
Leave orders for roses, plants, fruit
and ornamental trees at Perry's Pa
cific hotel block. f
Go to J. L. Bergstorm to have your
plcturo taken at J. C. Dean's old
For a uloe clean shave go to Paul
Ground's Barber Shop, next to Chas.
Kophals, cor. Austin St. and Square.
Vraari nrnn nranhAFftaa af Tr
Thompsons 4th and Franklin street."
When van nend tnnnnv nr hnva
money to spend go to Uncle Duff
First-class carriages for calls, vis
its, etc., at Molder & Hearne's.
Send In your orders for Christmas
Fruit cakes at De Wells'.
Photograph albums in nluah. leath
er and leatherette, new goods hand
some designs, at the 6 and 10 Cent
store., ,
TC.THynna'for,1rar4faia tobacco;
Fraits of aU'klBds;) Louis gLfppoiaB
manager) '' H J &yks
Ademandfor household goods at
Meek & Co.'s commission -house,"818
Austin street. . ,
We are seiUdgeide boards as cheap
as $14;00. Waco Furniture UUompairiy
For a good hot and cold lunch and
ovsters In anv stvle iro to thn WhltA
Elephant, Geo. Delhi, manager.
ThnfniTntiria frnafnAitMl tmm l.ia
natural beauty $6' a delicious jilish at
the Silver Moon.
.ueauuiui wnisK oroom Holders,
Bhell and plaas linros. nfc tho r. nnri in
Cent Store.' 4
An Oletrntlt stock nf fnnnv nnrfiiiriAa
ccmprlslng baskets, high-heel shoes,
boots, fancy pitchers, roller skates,
butter plates and inany other designs,
at the.6 and 10 Cent Store. n
Weli'avejust reclevod'GOliandsbmo
Bookers, finished in Oak, Mahogany
and Walnut, trimmed in plush and
leather Waco Furniture Comnnnv
Wholesale Stock of linliHnv tmntla
comprising every article suitable for
a beautiful nnd nnnrnnrlntn lff onl.l
at retail at wholesale price by Morris-
duu, .LUBuur tc uo,-Ay , ,V "
Tho Waco Furniture company's
window display Js pimply Immense.
'FloWfira for ISTulrilncrii flminl. V.A
parties, in all design. Leave orders
at Perry's confectionery under Pacific
hotel. t
Beftt mpAlB anrvafl rt nmlA. nt
Joe Lehman's restaurant.
The TTnllRn of T.nrrli nndoi I to n.
proprietor, Wes. Damron, is dispens
ing- io m paironsTn. nnest imporfeu
and domestic liquors, wines and cl
ears. The beat braiidn of nlil Tah.
tuckv whiskies passed over the bar.
WiHugw veer,iaxwys onumpi
Polite attention and satisfaction guar
anteed. This house is open day and
"phti.anAyour patronago is resneot
fully solicited. .
SfiWalbums and Plcmres, jauto-,
graph, albbms and fanoy' jpletured, bi
muv u aim iv yiout Dior..
Consign all"? i'oodM 'to IOMeek &
Co.. 318 Austin street.
Buy your candles at Joo, Lehman's
Go to tho Silver Moon for well
served meals.
If you want a fine livery turnout
patronize Molder & Hearne's, north
side of the public square.
Youne men rememher thnt "TW
Leetle Frenchman' has taken Mr. A
Fredman. the well known tavlorasa
partner and is better prepared than
cci iu repair, ciean or aye your suits,
Boys' heavy aud light wmrona. va.
tollpedes, wheelbarrows, guns, pis
tols, swords and drums at the 6 and
10 Cent Store. l
Get your Christmas goods from Mrs.
Every article must be sold by Jan
uary 1st, and'The'Great Waco Supply
Store, forover discontinued. f
ji '' iu .
Cinllemiii's :
"Wc rtcBiro to cnH your attention to
Itenil carefully tho following list. Kvcry
ono Is a rcnl Bargain.
Men's fancy stripped Shirts and Drawers, 75 cents each.
Men's red stripped Heavy Wool Shirts and Drawers, each $ cents, never
known to sell for less than $1.25.
Men's Scarlet all wool Shirts and Drawers $r.oo each, worth $1,50
Men's Scarlet all wool Shirts and Drawers, $1.23, coneidcrcd a big bar
gain at $1.75.
An extra quality all wool scarlet Shirts and Drawers at $1.50 each.
Eclipses anything ever shown for the money.
Mens' heavy Camel's hair Shirts and Drawers at $1 each. Would be
cheap at $1.50 each.
Men's extra fine Lambs' wool Shirts and Drawers at $1.50 each. Big
bargain; worth double the money.
Men's superior Lamb's wool Shirts and Drawers at $2 each. They sur-
pass any $2.50 shirt and drawer in the city.
Men's Merino Shirts and Drawers only 50 cents each. Quality worth
every rent of 75.
Hall Hose for 16, 20 and 25 cents a pair. Full Regular made.
BPThis is the largest and best stoak of groceries oer thrown on the
Waco market
and must bo sold as soon as possible. As a matter of course nobody
can meet the priccsKoffered, and merchants who are able to pay
cask wilLdo welt to call' and axaminc these goods.
TMe stock is almost entirelynew, purchased direct from tho manu
lactories, shipped in car load lots, and now offered at COST.
JOHN 13s.
HOUDAYk Goods.k
Tfct Ltaett of Et&TTlhlftg la tha Mm'i fmitM 6w8 Urn.
" The Japatxao Wooden Shoe.
Clatter, clatter, clattcrl Wliat a noiso
tho, pooplo make oq they go along tho
roaaf They all wear wooden sandals,
and their stockings are a kind of mitten
with a finger for tho big toe. During
wet weather their sandals become stilts,
and tho whole Japanese nation increase
Ita stature by three inches when it mini.
These sandals are held to the foot by
ove&iha toss,, and there. is
a straw solo between the foot and tht
sandal of wood. A tall Japanese on a
stilt sandal closely approaches tho ridicu
lous. He somettmoB tucks up his long
town under his belt to keep It from be
ingspattered by the mud, and the backH
of his bare calves seem to be walking off
with the man. The Japanese walk Li
peculiar. The men put their feet straight
In front of them, like the American In
dian. They lift them high off the ground,
and they have a get there air about them.
Tho women wabble and wabble; thor
bend over as they walk, and tbey havo
nliat is now in America tho faslilonablo
stride. Their lltUo feet in sandals turn
Inward, and all female Japan Is pigeon
toed. Your Japanese beauty is not averse
to showing her ankle, and the soul of the
Japanese beau does not flutter when ho
sees a two inch bIIco of cream colored
skin above tho tlirco inch foot mitten.
Tho Japanese shoo store is ono of wooden
ware rather than of leather, and tho cob
bler mends his shoe with tho chisel and
planer. rank O..Carpenter's Letter.
Tho Cootanta of an Eggshell.
The w eight of an ordinary now laid
hen's egg Is from one and a naif to two
ondft.lialf ounces avoirdupois, and tho
quantity of dry solid matter contained iu
it amounts to about two hundred grains.
In 100 parts about 10 parts consist of
shell, CO of w hito and 80 of yolk. Tho
whitiS of the egg contains a larger propor
tion of water than tho yolk. It contains
no latty raattert but consists chiefly of
nlburaui in 0 dUsolvcd Etato. All the
fatty nwtterof tho egg b accumulated
in tho yolk, which contains rolath, cly a
smaller proportion of nitrogenous matter
and a larger proportion of solid matter
tlian ha white. "Ihereforo, in an alimen
tary' point of view, tho tfhito and tho
yolk differ considerably from each other,
tho former being "mainly a simple solu
tion 01 aiounicn, tbo latter being a solu
tion of ft modified form of albumen, to
gether with a quantity of fat. Cassell's
Doniestlo Dictionary.
Every body, rloh and noor. will
undoubtedly give tho loved ones a
present, you cn suit your purses at
Morrison Blsher & Co's. Presents
and beautiful, at from $5 to
our spcmlld lino of Uudhrwoor
Watches and Jewelry repairing,
Diamond mounting aud Engraving at
E. P. LoDoux, 403 Austin avenuo. f
My store will bo open every night
10 o'clock until after the holidays.
Mrs. B. J. Doss
You want bargains in good reliable
goods, go toE. P. LeDoux, 403 Austin
avenue. f
Handsome nluah shavlnir .set.
work boxes and writing desks ut the
0 ana iu uent Htore.
Fish, oysters and game, and all
Kinasor tne onoisest meats at ueo,
Smiths. 423 Franklin street.
Opera glasses in all styles, at Le
Doux's, 403, Austin avenue.
Buy Mathews' kid gloves with pat
ent lace. Mrs, Doss, solo agent. '
Jewelry of the finest and latest de
signs, at LeDoux s, 4Ud, Austin ave,
Tho largest display of toys and
fancy goods ever seen Jn Waco, on
exhibition at the 5 and 10 cent store
Clocks, watohos and jewelry at Le-
11 you want a tender .Beefsteak, a
good pork chop or sausacre seasoned
to perfection, (with IO ounces to
tho pound), call on or send your
order to J. H. Smith, 423 Franklin
street Meat Market, and they shall bo
VviBuuauy nueu.
weuavoiurneu our store luto a
complote toy store and fancy goods
emporium for the next six woeks 5
nuu iv ueui otore.
Ono dollar buys cart load ot gro
ceries at the closing out sale of Waco
Supply Stqres. f
Iiosuiui State Lottery,
Order vour tlakets from n tvmno
& Bro., opposite the McClelland hotel
Waco, or at Dallas and Temple. Lib
eral rates to olubs.
For a nice clean nhnvA nnnA i.'.i.
w!lnnd.P?1U? attention, call fit Jeff
W lllam's barbor shop on Austin Ay-
Hlltln tlr.ni. ...n. am...... u
...., ..v... vuu nijuiiru. 1
Sole Agents for the Dunlap Hats.
Leatherjallsesia Specialty.
If you want tho best and only re
liable weatherstrip that's made for
protection against cold, dust and rain
buy Browne's patent metallic, at
Horefull A Cameron's, Exclusive
Lagents for Waco.
LeDoux, will duplicate prices of any
reliable jewelry firm. t
Austin street ia'boing repaired with
broken stones.
There are no politics now, it is all
old business again.
There has not boon 1 a single rair
riagC'liccnco issued in tbo pn3t two
days. . .
The familiar and pleasant form of
Jas. B. Baker is painfully missed on
the streots. '
Several distinguished specialist phy
sicians are in the city registered:at the
hotels.. - l i -
Things wcro . flat, stale aud unpro
fitable at tho police and justices courts
Tho winter wheat is up and loeking
well all over tho country owing, to the
"Bible Character Study" will have a
big run at the Opera Houso on Wed
nesday night
Real imported Chinese dolls are one
of tho novelties of this holiday season.
They are beauties, too.
Iowa and Utah potatoes are forty
cents a bucket, and Texas sweet pota
toes are thirty-five cents a bushel.' '
Tho presence of the- urbane and jo
vial vx-Mayor Sturgis makes tne
streets look like old times again.
Tho reservoir is kept constandly full
of water and gives a constant and full
pressuro at hydrants all over the city.
The wind is tempered to the shorn
lamb but the lamb owner was shorn
this year and tho wind wasn't tempei
ed worth a cent.
Tbo failures were a nine days won
der and then ceased to attract atten
tion. Meantimo business goes on just
as usual and everybody is preparing
for Christmas
Theatrical performances should have
better patronago than they reoeive.
A good comedy is bettor than dozen
prescriptions and is cheaper.
The Brazos river has flowed more
water this pas season than for ten years
East, and yet it had not many timet
ecn up to a steamboat stage.
Beforo selecting your Christmas
presents call on E. P. LeDoux, for
prices. His stock of jewelry is com
plete, and prices low, 403 Austin ave.
There are fifty-nino divorce eases
on the court docket in Dallss, This
would seem to indicate the fact that
thero is at least one place where
marriage seems to he a failure,
All tho schools in the city arc doing
a rushing business with a full attend
ance. Tho three It's, reading riling
and rithmetic are popular sciences, nnd
the comuig generation will bo a learn,
ed ono,
Capt. Morrow should treat tho pub
lio to some strsot psrades and military
evolutions of the light infantry while
the good weather lasts. They are
highly enjoyable. By tho way, where
is the light infantry?
The Little Five is a musical baud of
performers on violins, guitar, flute and
cornet. It is made un of musical
Waco boys, led.by an aitistio musician,
engineer on the Central railroad. The
band ib earning a fine reputation by
uieir bjwiii ana enmusiasm.
Special attention is called to No,
403 Austin ave. Mr, LeDoux's com
plete stock of fine Jewelryt consisting
of dlamods, watches, bronzes, Import
ed and Brass olooks," 4no Silverware
Ac. He tells us that hels overstocked
and in order to.reduce It, he will sell
at a great reduction during ,Decem
ber. He will not be undersold. f,
.If If Vllna nn !.. 2w-.- . (
.,. ....... uU., ... ju wjUBky I
trust threw tbo bombs at Colcago,! J
niuvu nwo iuhiiuou iu UlOW Up the '
distillery whloH was not in the trust, ll
will that be considered anarohy or
ouly a crime jqf'the poor. ,i , I
An obsterperous prisoner being ar- '
rested on tho public square this morn-
ing, made things lively for tho police
men for a few minttes and" amusement '
for tfie hoodlums. The air. for a timo,
vas ful of legs and profanity.
Instead of going to mo ant to learn
wiauom, as tne utoie enjoins, pe
in tho city are killing themwitl
fible enjoins, peoplo
are killing them 'with in
sccticidcs. Tho ant is a most useful
member of society, being both a scav
enger and an insectivorous animal.
Ants and spiders are as useful in a
garden ss song birds.
A gontleman from a neighborhood noar
Waco brought into tho Nkws offico
thH morning specimens of mineral
found in his neighborhood, and on
which ho desired the judgement of tho
editor. He. had tho gold fever bad
and his hand hook j3,,hc untied the
package containing the specimen of
precious metal. It was our sad duty
to inform him, as it has been to inform
scores of other excited persons inthe
past (en years, that his great find was
only fools' gold, sulphuret of iron and
wholly worthless.
Mexican aad Bpmlsr (
Tbo average Mexican, like the average
American, is free with bis money neg
lectful to those little economies which
Europeans understand so' welL'and.
therefore, when' a rich Mexican 'land
owner is In need of a manager for ssi es
tate he looks about for axrugeb thrifty
Spaniard, who, if lie does make money
for himselfiidoes not neglect bis essfloy;
er's interest It is a t common terr
among Americans to fancy the Spaniard
as nv boosting, proud fellow, averse' to
toll and preferring gentility in a faded
velvet coat to hard work and oomfort
A witty Spaniard has said somewhere
that all Spaniards are either Don Quix
otes or Bancho Panxas, and there is sOme
measure of truth in this saying. ' The
Sancbo Panza class of Spaniard net the
iiaro, nomeiy sense or tnetnewjcnj
former, and not a little of the dry a
which the Yankee ntarteseea as or 1
rteht The Snanlsn lancroure hasl
sands of sharp and racy proverbs avatta
bio for every day use, and the hard
working Spaniard makes free use er
them. ,
Anothor Anglo-Saxon misconception is
that the Spaniard is a man who ,1s ever
seeking a quarrel and whose 'temper is
fiery and uncertain. There are streaks
of romanticism in the Spaniard, and any
amount of good qualities that wear
uell (n every day life. He le patient
good humored, ana will share his meal
with on unfortunate countryman. There
b much sturdy fiber left la the Spanish
nation,- wluch. wo must not forget, dis
puted the control of this hemisphere
with ourselves for centuries, ana left
never to be "erased 'marks 'of Spanish
domination. The Spaniard resembles
tho Anglo-Saxon In his propensities for
colonization, his willingness to emigrate,
his capacity for hard work and a certain
arrogance the Anglo-Saxon or Spaniard
never loses. Cor. Boston' Herald.
0M Derleet for Photographs.
There are various ways Jfor' providing
surprising results In pliotogrsphy, things
that In ono age would have, been t called
magic, but in ours recognized as scien
tific tricks. The ghost picture, for In
stanco, in which a-, shadowyvfehost
through which material, objects arotvlib
bio la ecen between natural attitudes
and occupations. This is produced by an
almost instantaneous exposure of the
figure that is to do duty as tho"ghoet,
followed by a full exposure of the figures
and properties that are to appear nat
ural. Another novel trick was .shown
recently in, a photograph reproduced by
a prominent trade- journal, which pre
sented tho photographer, seated at a
table, playing chess with himself sitting
on the opposite side of tho table, while
ho himself stood up in tho background
looking at his two boIvos playing.
Tho figures wero all on the negative,
which was produced by three successive
exposures of tho plate, parts thereof.
bcuur masked each tune bv a black vel
vet shutter. Still another trfoVia thit
any other desired, stylo of ridiculous lo
comotion, Tills s done by theN subject
holding uponhla lap a huge piece of
white or sky tinted card with tho fanci
ful figure drawn upon It His face ap
pears abovo the upper edge of tho card
and seems, In tho picture, joined to the
funny llttlo body mounted on tho'-goose
or fish. The statue picture Is made 'by
about the same do vice. Photograpkfo
New pianos and organs 'eMsttjUy
at D.H, Spencer's. iME
them. ,V? fAl
! - ,..,
" . "iir
t .iV'S'fe

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