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We will
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R 1 12 O'GLOGK I S
i3sr the b-ajn-echttift
o I
All fresh and new. These goods must be
sold regardless of cost during the present
. month, If you have any use for Christ
mas goods at all, it will pay you to
examine them or send an open order.
TernKS z Calit
'Waco, Tex., December 14, 1888.
m Ltiest of EfWitMM! Ill the Mw's FirrtthlBg Goals Um.
The now meat market of Ilaun &
Dolling, 721, Austin street, is under
full headway and doing a first rate
business. Tho proprietors are well
skilled in the business and aro serving
their customers with the very choicest
meats to be procured. They take a
prido in selling the verv finest porter
house and sirloin steaks, fat and ten
der roasts from corn-fed beef, with tho
choicest pork roasts. Customers who
are fastidious about their meats should
give them a call, as thoy sell tho best,
and at reasonable prices.
The Houso of Lords under its new
proprietor. Wes. Dararon. is dispens
ing to its patrons the finest imported r
ana uomestio liquors, wines ana ci
gars. The best brands of old Ken
tucky whiskies passed over the bar.
Fresh, cool beer always on tap.
Polite attention and satisfaction guar
anteed. This house is open day aud
night, and your patronage is respect
fully Bolioited.
Evorybody, Invited to go to Mor
, uisner, & uo's, to
see the big'
gest line of holiday
goods ever
urougut 10 waco
If you want a nico dinner with tur
key, uino ut the silver Moon to mor'
Wholesale stock cf holiday goods
comprising ovory artlolo suitable for
abeautlful and annronrlate sift sold
at retail at wholesale price by Morris-
son. Jiisner a vjo.
Sweethearts and wives, get a box of
cigars for yei
for your lovers and husbands
Mitchell, 402 Austlu avenue. t
Livery Stable.
Messrs. Molder & Hearn who bought
out tho livery stable of Riggins&Grcen
have boon busily engaged in rearrang
ing and making additions io that large
establishment. These gentlemen are
thoroughgoing livery stablo men, with
abundant capital, and will give a now
impulse to the business if knowledge
and inonoy can do it, making their
placo and of the most complete in the
state. Thoy will run an extensive
boarding establishment, a large hack
and transfer lino, and in saddle horses
and driving outfits, young gentlemen
will find animals and rigs to make a
young lady s heart glad. The Messrs
Molder & Hearn aro nico obliginggcn
tlcmen, and havo sot out to run a liv
ery stablo in first-class style, and are
going to do it. All those in need ot a
nico rig should go to them. Telephone
connection enables them to answer all
calls promptly.
Christmas brlugs- Joy to every
house-hold, so does tho name of De
Well. Call on him early for your
candies, cakeo, nuts and cigars. To
please the children. ladles and men.
we aim to do it all, as our past career
win stand for it. uorno one, come an,
and gather by the fireside of sweet'
nfisa Ah rtaWell'd.
A Vovr Bays.
Only ten days remain in which city
taxes must bo paid. All unpaid on
January 1st, I am obliged to enter on
I tho delinquent list,
S. B. Humphreys,
City Collector,
Waco, Dee. 1?, 1888.
k xi
We desire to reduce our entire stock as
.much as possible before taking in
ventory January i, and in or
der to do so will sell
This is no CATCH.
"going to make a clean sweep on every
thing in the next ten days.
DOft'T VI JSS this Cfl ANCfc
"God bless tholtttlo stocking
All over the land to-night,
Huns in the choicest corners,
. In the glow of crimson light !
The tiny scarlet stocking,
With a hole In heel and toe,
Worn by wonderful journeys
The darlings havo to go.
And heavon pity the children,
Wherever their home may be,
W ho wake at the first gray dawn
ing, An empty stocking to see,
Left In the faith of childhood,
Hanging against the wall,
JuBt where the dazzling glory
Of Santa's light will fall."
For the Children.
Thore were no Christmas holidays
in the olden times. Holidays there
were and falling at the snmo time of
the year but they were not Christmas
holidays. Dlvino or human, a God
or a myth, the doctrines of Christ
havo none the less changed the spirit
of holiday times. The old holidays
were mens' holidays, the new areholl
days for women and children. Men
have not gone down but women and
children havo gone up. The old holi
days were revels, the new holidays
are full of lovo. thn old were stained
with blood, not of beasts alone, itut
tho blood of men, the new are beauti
fied with gentleness.
If tho children, who to-night toss
on soft bed's uuable to sleep.with antL
olpations of the morrow aud who to
morrow, morning shall make the
house ring with groe over the gifts of
love, could have seen the ancient holi
days, they would wonder what child
ren were for in those days. Oh yes,
there was love then, but It was au
austero and selfish love. Men then
wore on stilts with their heads up in
the air. They couldn't get down to
children. Gontleness was a vice in
those old days. Then the grown
people made it hot for children if fhey
didn't walk the chalk, now, well the
the children have become the tyrants
and the little rascals make it warm
for the older folks, bless them.
To-day or to-night you may see, on
the streets of Waco hundreds of Santa
Clauses of all kinds, rich and poor,
good and bad, of all professions from
banker to hod carries, flitting from
store to store and stealing to the
churches in the afternoon or home
late at night with their arms and
pockets full of seorets, and if you
could look Into .their eyes you would
see a light In them that makes even
the homllest man look for the time
pretty. Tt is a light that never shone
in the eyes of the sttltlfled ancients.
In the old times men would fight for
their children and rush into burning
buildings or plunge into dark waters
to save them but they didn't romp
with them or buy themjumplng-jaoks
or put things In their stockings.
Men then were masters not husbands
or fathers as we understand the word
A father would have been as muoh
ashamed of pulling little pink toes
peeping out from a white nightgown
to thn tuno of "This little pig went to
market and this. one staid at home,"
as he might have been If he had been
caught stealing a sheep. The faot Ib
to kill n man or to steal a horse were
rather manly qualities while to elap
a little dlmplod pair of hands to the
poetry of "Patty cake, patty cake
baker's man" was uttorly silly and
womanish, aud tho last word waB as
strong expression of contempt as any
of the dictionaries of those times con
tained. Tho mothers of those days
were not like the mothers of to-day.
They were good mothers, of course,
but goodness then was not tho kind
of goodness we have now. It may
have beon a good kind, but it was
rough ou children. Bo you seo the
holidays of the auclenta must have
been dull times for iheohtldreu, and
they wore.
To-night and to-morrow ten millions
I of children ail over the United States
Sell All
We are positively
land hundreds of millions of children
In other countries, from tho little wee
toddler to the big boy aud girl, will
be full of happliioss, and.shall we say
turkey and plum pudding, while all
the older people ore their servants.
Yes, Christmas Is the children's
day, you bet. How does it iouio that
papas and mamas are different from
what they used to be, and tho Christ
mas holidays which used to be for
men are now for children? It Is, and
no one can deny it, because Jesus
Christ, whose birth day Christmas
assumes to celebrate, taught the world
that gentleness is n virtue and not a
vice. Ho taught the world that a man
may be brave as a lion and yet gentle
as a girl, and the world has learned
the lesson, and men have got down
off their stilts so they can play with
ohlldren. It don't take them long to
got back on their stilts if any one
treads on their coat tails, but they
don't wear them all the time, and on
the Christmas holidays they don't
wear them at all.
coking it Competitor.
JnpLvJ r"i ipofw coons ghociri
F0S1 iiTT- X jy mahuwahi
Granger So thoy ain't truthln' here fur
me; wall, stranger, is tbar ony other good
Dostofllco in town I Life.
The Avenue Market is in holiday
attire this week and should bo taken
In by the sight seers. Among wreaths
and tasteful green one sees the choic
est Christmas meats fattened for three
months past for the holiday trade,
and enough to make the mouth of an
epicure water with anticipation . The
ancients made more of Christmas than
we do but they never ate such meats
as Webb has provided for his cus
tomers and the publio in this holiday
season of 1888 and 0. It makes the
man who buys a roast of him glad
that he happens to llvo in this age
and generation.
N H Getting Even with the Dead Mas.
("Some folks regard the negro as childish
and simple minded," said the South Carolina
undertaker, as lie borrowed another match to
relight his cigar, "but it doesn't always do to
look upon 'cm that way. It was only last
week one of 'em beat me out of $10 as slick as
"Well. I was sitting in my office, growling
about hard times and the dislike of people to
fall into my sympathetic) care, when in
walked a negro. He was tho picture of
health and a Jolly fellow."
" 'Row's tlmcsf says he.
" 'Poor,' says I.
" 'How much for a coffin for met says he,
" 'Today.'
" 'I'll give you that coffin over there and
see you put under ground this afternoon for
(15, and that's CIO off the regular price.
" 'Dun,' says he, and he put down his 'IIS."1
"Well, I'll be kicked to death by rabbits it
ho didn't bang himself within two hours, anl
before night I had to bury him."
"Sura's you're born. Ho had planned to
suicide himself before ho came in. I got eve
"Resurroctotvtho stiff and sold It for 14 and
put tho coffin back in stock." Exchange.
Special attention Is called to No.
403 Austin avo. Mr. LeSoux's com'
plete stock of fine jewelry, consisting
of dlamoda, watches, brontes. Import
ed and Brass docks, fine Silverware
Ac. He tells us that he is overstocked
and in order to reduce It, he will sell
at a great reduction during Decem
ber. He will not be undersold. t
IrOn iiTT- X jy mahuwahi -,i
WHBE--, - i
Sole Agents for the Dunlap Hats.
Leather 'Valises a Specialty.
Chritmas trees to-night at several of
tho churches.
Mr. Jno. F. Marshal has sold an
entire car load of fireworks to tho
trade and to the boys.
An important colips of tho sun takes
place on New Years day. JEt is tho
rame old .sun but a brand new
Eggs last season at Christmas sold
for 35 and 40 cents, this year they cost
only 20 cents.
Sevety car loads of steel rails was run
in bore to-day for tho purpose Of build
ing thirty-eight miles of track between
(Jencava and Urucoville.
There will bo no letter delivery,
carriers will deliver letters at tho win
dows and tho postoffice will closo at
10 p. m , Christmas and all legal na
tional holidays a'ro throated just us a
Sunday ?.t tho post omco
Leo Jcnkirs arrested to-day and his
under bond, W. V. Hurlock, M. .
Uldham ana liovy ruts, ot tms coun
ty, for theft of cattle, who seemed, it
is said, to have worked together in tho
Tho idea of extending tho city
boundaries seems preposterous, wben
considered in the light of the fact that
a bear was killed yesterday not a nun
dred feet beyond the present .boundary
lino of tho city up the river. Tho
animal was shot by Officer Hall and
was unusually fat and large.
The News, is complimented with
the beautiful new qtlendar for 1889.
It is one of the handsomest calenders
we havo yet seen and if it is as relia
ble as tho firm which publishes it no
one using it will ever have a note go
to protest through a mistake of a day
in the calender. It is the calendar of
Moore Bros.
A very pleasant party passed the
evening at the residence of Mr. aud
Mrs. John Wold yesterday, The oc
casion was the christening of their
Infant daughter, Ingebor Willie Ma
ples. The ceremony was performed
by the Rev. I. B. Torrlson. A grand
supper was served to the guests.
The Shaker Doctor is daily attract
ing on the square big crowds, sur
rounding the wagon when the celebra
ted Shaker medioines are sold, and a
fine string band disourses sweet music
To-day an officer rushed up to the
wagon and a reporter opened ears and
eyes for an item, but the item was not
forthcoming, for the officer bought a
paokage of Shaker medicine instead of
attesting any one.
Lillian Lewis is getting Southern
Texas where the hair is short, to use
an expressive street phraso. The men
rave over her beauty, the women over
her costumes and diamonds, and both
aro enthused over her wonderful his
torino powers. Even tho newspa per
men, who are usually level headed, lose
their heads over hor. She is playing
to crowded houses.
The meeting of suburbans at the
school house on Twentieth and Frank
lin streets on Saturday night was well
attended. Messrs. J. 1. Moore, M. D.
Herring, Tom Killingsworth and J.
K. Hose wcro appointed an executive
committee. Uf the Z4U or ZaU families
outside of the city limits nearly all
have signed the petition against the
new charter, and about $100 has beon
subscribed to pay the expenses of a
delegation to Austin.
( Those who are about the streets this
evening and to-night will miss one of
tho prettiest sights in town, if they
fail to visit Crippen'a meat market,
corner Fifth and Franklin streets.
The display of meats is one of the
finest ever seen in Waco, and em
braces ever) thing from the suoking
pig to a three-year-old stsllfed beef,
rolling in fat The plaoe is beautiful
ly decorated and will be illuminated
to-nightj and is trimmed up in green
and exhibits all the graces of a pretty
girl Take Crippen's in by all means.
Live quail at the Silver Moon resta-
Quail on toast at tho Silver Moon
If you want tho best and only re
liable weatherstrip that's made for
protection against cold, dust and rain
buy Browne's patent metalllo, at
Horsfull & Cameron's. Exclusive
agents for Waco.
Layton l'uckott is in the eity for the
Capt. T. A.
Blair, has returned
from Austin.
Dr. Bruce, of Brucovillo is in tho
city to-day. . ,
Mr. J. K. Murphy, tho indomita
ble, is in tho city.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Reese, aro
back from a trip to San Antonio.
Mr. T. B. Barton and wife have gono
to Atlanta, Ga., to spend the holidays.
Mr. 11. B. Banton is in from Den
ver Colorado to spend the holidays
with his folks.
Mr. Anders 1'oulson, is up from
Rockdale, to spend Christmas at
Mr. J. H. Elliottf train master of
Mo. Pacific railroad, has -moved Iiib
headquarters from Fort, Worth to
A Letter.
House-keepers, bear in mind "monoy
saved is money made." Why stay in
old 'ruts when you can live on the fat
of the land ?' For instance, we sell
Cutting and Lusk's threo-pound goods
(assorted) for $2.00 per dozen. Did
you over hear of such a thing ? We
havo everything you can oall tor. Our
morning tourist, Mr. Adams, mount
ed upon a fleet mustang, will take your
order. 'If you 'phono us our Mr.
Brown will, while wrapping up goods.
hook his ear over the 'wiro and register
your order. And we will deliver with
dispatch, care and nottness.
James 11. Robinson.
Waco, Dec. 10, '88.
The Eveninno News will lssuo no
paper to morrow afternoon in obe
dience to an unanimous request of the
more than twenty employes of the
paper. In case of a. bloody murder,
a disastrous flro or any'of our readers
eomlnglntoa legacy of a million or
more, nu extra will bo issued, but for
the ordinary happenings it is thought
the omission of one day will not bank
rupt the toWh or .cuubo anyone to
commit suicide. While we have the
pleasing assurance that the News Is
a welcome visitor" to nearly a thous
and firesides every evening, we feel
satisfied that those who are sober to
morrow uight, will, under the genial
Influenced of the day exouse us, and
those who are drunk" or in the cala
boose, will not miss us.
Mayor Htnohman desires ns to say
that his proclamation does not iutenoj
to prevent boys or girls setting off
fire-works about their homes if their
parents permit. It is intended only
to keep fire-works from the square
and principal business streets. Bo
let the procession proceed.
DJflcult to Fit.'
Miss Clara I have been shopping this af
ternoon for shoes, Mr. Sissy. I tblak It M
such a task to find shoes to exactly suit omI
Mr. Sissy mover at a lots) Ya-as. I iss
agino you might find it a foraldahls uaas
taking. r-Mew York Bun.
m 9
Get Mitchell's prices on dUmongg
J1 i Sfr
LSil a Yf
jfa&&&S&r j&gA

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