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Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1888-1889, January 26, 1889, Image 1

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VOL. 1
NO. 171.
Buyers of Clothing, Gent's
Furnishing Goods and Hats
should visit our Largo and
Exclusive Gent's Department
before buying.
New Line of Trunks, Valis
es and Hand Bags in all quali
ties at Low Prices.
oSole i.go:tit;s o
I. Sill &
Cor. FiM art instil Streets.
We desire in our humble way to call
the Public's attention to our varied
and well selected Stock of
Our Lines are from the most Standard
and Reliable Manufactors, and each
and every pair is sold with a Guaran
tee. Prices in tihs Department rule the
same as throughout our other depart
T. F. J03STES.
1 On Farm and Wild Lands on
Long Time, at Low Rates of
All Business will have Prompt
. Attention.
- May field -
Will onli yaw bodinu llokid,
Will lend 7110 Money on your Diamonds, Watches
or Jewelry.
A fine line of Unredemmcd PLEDGES For
s at great bargain.
Best Line of Boys' Shoes in the City.
To introduce our Shoes we will sell
them on the Lowest imaginable
Profits. All we ask is a call.
Royal Germeteur,
Dr. King, of Royal Germeteur noto
riety, assisted by Hcv. D. V. Haggard,
manager of agencies, wen in the city
this week, and we understand that
while here they disposed of five statos.
This now medicino is still attracting
much attention here and some of our
best business men are taking hold of
it. Marl in Ball.
Mr. A. "W. Foster received over 200
gallons of royal Germeteur one day
this week. Ho says he has sold as
much as 14 gallons in one day. Mar
lin Ball
When you como to Marl in don't fail
to ask some of your friends who havo
been using Dr. King's Royal Germe
teur what they think of it. Martin
We believe ovcryono who has taken
Royal Germeteur is pleased with it,
and it is certainly performing sonio
wonderful cures. Marlin Ball.
Royal Germeteur is still selling
rapidly, and thoso suffering should
not fail to uso it, as it has ceased to
bo an experiment. Marlin Ball.
J. II. Holcomb & Co., 6th and
Speight, sell Germeteur in Waco, It is
good, and no mistake.
If you aro tired and nervous get a
gallon of Royal Germeteur from J. II.
Holcomb and be reliovcd.
Order your groceries, grain, feed,
wood and coal from Goo. W. McLaugh
lin. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Go to W. D. Jnoksou and got a pho
tograph of yourselt and children.
40,000 first-olnss cigars at I. C.
Meok's Commission and Auotlou
House 318 Austin street.
Leave orders for coal and wood with
Tho latest society dances at Mr.
Mook'a select. -Dancing Academy, cor
ner 5th and Washington streets
Call for Lucorino to cure bruises and
sprains at J. K. Sears, 425 Austin
If you novcr got a bargain before
you can get it now in Boots and Shoes
at Castles & White t
Wood and coal from 5 cents to a car
joad a"t Geo. W. MoLanghlin's.
Nmnll Vox MprciMllnr In UMveaton.
Galveston, Jan. 25. Thcro aro
now several well developed cases of
small pox in this city under treatment.
ivu uiu isoiuicu irom mo nrst caso re
ported two weeks ago. All persons
afflicted aro negroes, and ccry precau
tion is taken to provont tho spread of
mo loathsomo disease, and vaccination
is the order of tho day. Quito a scaro
was created this morning when it be
came known that a largo quantity of
clothing had been sent out to various
families in tho city who have their
washing done at n recently infected
family. An application will bo made
to tho board of health immediately for
two colored physicians, who will bo
quarantined with tho rccont developed
cases which aro rcmoto from tho first
caso discovered. Gravo apprehension
exist that the discaso will bcuomo epi
demical, regardless ol the precaution
to prevent its spread, owing to tho con
dition of tho weather, which is favora
ble to its propagation.
On February 1st and 2d tho H. & T.
C. R'y Co. will sell excursion tickets
from Waco to Navasota at $5.80, good
to return until tho 4th, on account of
hchrol Teachers Convention
R. II. Hill, Agent,
Cor. 4th and Franklin Streets.
The wise man, who wants his
money's worth-in every thing ho buys,
goes to D. II. Spencer to buy a piano
or organ. Spencer sell good goods
at reasonable prices and on easy terms.
Ask your merchant for Mikada flour.
It is guaranteed to bake up as white,
to rise as well, and to bo stronger flour
than any St. Louis, Missouri or Kansas
flour on this market. t
Go to your Unclo Duff Dormau to
buy your jewelry, or to borrow monoy.
OpposUo McClelland Hotel and south
sido square.
Monoy to loan on country or city
property by E. M. Ewlng, attorney
at law, HI South Fourth at root,
A nico lino of jewolry and fine
watcn repairing specialty at a. J.
Tho stock of goods of Mr. Barney
Feldhako Is to bo sold at auctiou
Jan. 2Sth.
Good goods in Roots and Shoes and
at your own prices at Castles & White
tho Moscr old stand. t
Fish and game of all kinds, at tho
Silver Moon
Call on G. W, MoLaughlin for wood
and coal.
Tho llnest Mlnco Mcotlu the laud a
Joo Thompson's.
Take your oysters at tho Silver
Bargains in boots and shoes aro to
bo had at Castles & Whito's.
For good meals go to tho Silvci
Fivo feet six Inches should bo 143.
I'lvo feet ton inches should bo 100.
Flvo feet llvo Inches should bo 143.
Five feet two Inches should bo ISO.
Fivo feet nlno inches should bo 1(13.
Fivo feet four inches shouM bo ISO.
Fho feet eight Inches should bo 1W.
Fivo feet three incbos should bo 133.
Fivo feet seven incbos should bo 148.
Fit o feet cloven inches should bo 174.
A man six feet high should weigh 178.
rive feet ono Inch should be ISO pounds.
Thero aro in India about 200 separata species
of snakes, but only thlrty-throo of thoso iuo
No Laplander has c or written a song, and
do Finlandcr has over written a book. No
wondor they are a happy people.
Tho London Times has tho figures to show
that Spain has degenerated faster than any
nation on earth ovon faster than Patagonia.
Tho statistics of Now England provo that
seven out of every ten women left widows
under tho ago of 35 marry again within two
Tho electrio light is making great progress
in Berlin, tho number of lamps now iu uso
thcro being about 25,000, against 8S0 at tho
end of 1880.
Tho word "folk-loro," Invented by tho lato
V. J. Thomas for uso in English, has been
adopted by tho French and appears in tho
titles of now publications.
Experimenters at Manhattan, Kan., Iumo
discovered that tho uso of salt on wheat fields
will greatly incrcaso tho yield. It is also an
nounced that salt will kill potato bugs.
Tho Pawnco Indians havo beconio so civil
ized that most of tho bucks near paper col
lars, tho squaws wear rod stockings, and all
aro catching on to popular songs and slang
According to experiments recently niado
tho tensilo strength of a wet ropo is only ono
thlrd that of tho samo ropo when dry, and a
ropo saturated with grenso or soap is weaker
In its editorial department Tho Detroit
Froo Press has cloven persons whoso service
averages over seventeen years. Tho manag
ing editor was engaged in 1BC5, tho editor-In-chief
iu 1801.
Thcro has been mado in Gcnova a musical
box that plays cntiio operas, tho solos ren
dered by pipes representing tho human voice.
These now est of harmonious inventions are
to bo exhibited at tho Paris exposition.
Ilotel keepers at Monto Carlo endeavor to
bavo tho habitual gamblers pay their bills
considerably In advance, lest, in a lilt of dis
appointment o rr great losses, they commit
sulcido aud leave tho lxmlfuco their creditor.
Twenty years ago thcro wero ninety-two
lightning rod factories in tho United States.
Today thero are but three, and thoso doing
a trifling business. Tho lightning rod was
tho biggest humbug of tho Nineteenth cen
tury. A Frenchman haB imenteda now sj stem
for propelling canal boats. It consists of an
endless cablo running along tho two banks,
Tho boats aro moved at doublo tho nrilinnry
speed, and can readily bo attached and de
tached from tho cables.
An omnibus run by electricity, tho only
ono in tho world, has made successful trips In
London. It runs on any kind of a street
without tho use of rails, whllo tho so called
eloctrio omnibus of Paris is in reality a tram
car running on a track.
Thcro is nothing startling in tho fact that
many Russian pooplo havo been frozen to
death this winter. It is tho business of Russia
to bo very cold for throo months in tho year,
and something would bo out of order if a fow
hundred pooplo didn't froezo to death.
Ono Newman, of Rushvlllo, Ind., has a
crow which has forsaken its kind, and asso
ciates altogether with tho chickens in tho
barnyard. At night it roosts with tho poul
try, and during tho daytlmo foods with thorn,
and altogether conducts itself as a well dis
positioned chicken.
A contrivance has lately been introduced
on tho railroads in Russia to indicate the
noxt station at which tho train will stop. It
is a dial, tho index of which points to tho
station. Ono is set up in every cor, and the
Indices of all aro moved at onco by electric
ity, working from tho locomotive.
Sometimes it happens that quite an cuter-
"tainment is arranged especially for a Jury
man s benefit, Buch an instanco was seen In
a Maine vlllago tho other day. It was in
bono case, and tho cntiro jury had to go out
and soo for themselves what kind of a record
tho animal could tnako on tho track.
A Pittsburg man is said to havo really mar
ried a girl under tho impression that be was
marrying her sister. Ills courtship of the
othor girl was brief, and tho slaters so closely
resembled each other that ho proposed and
was accepted beforo ho discovered bis mis
take. IIo has novcr confessed that bo mode
this odd error, but tbo girl who lost a good
husband becauso of it insists to this day that
she ought to bo in her sister's shoes.
Professor KirchholT, of Hollo, estimates that
tho longuago most spoken on tbo globe, for
tbo last thousand jcors at icatt, 1 Cbincso,
for it is without doubt tbo only ono which Is
talked by o er 400,000,000 of tbo human race;
tho next language most in uso (but at a very
great distance behind Chinese) being Hindu
stani, spoken by over 100,000,000. Then fol
low English, spoken by about 100,000,000;
Russian, over 70,000,000; German, over 67,
000,000, and Spanish, over 47,000,00a
HiRumiciFMiiff uy mo pastor, JIcv. W. U.
Connor. Sunday school nt 0.30 a. m.
nun nnrnani bis,, nor. i II, 'lorrison pastor.
Services to-morrow at 30 p. m.
ST. PAUL'S CllUltCU A. M. K. South
"" Btrcn, oumiay-srnooi m 3 Tn. m,
A. .1, Monro, superintendent. Preaching nt
lla.m.:inil7'ii. m. Seaurrco. Iter.. I.
K, hdnards pastor,
CHRISTIAN CHURCH-Cor. North llth and
Washington streets, ltev. ,1. W. lllgbrc,
paatpr. Services at lla. m. and 7-4tp. m.
Sunday school at 0-30. A cordial invitation
extended to all.
Itov. J. M. Haltcll. Pastor, (ontco No. 7
Jones building, Kranklln street.) Preaching
by tho pastor nt 11 a. m. and 7.30 n m.
rrajor nicotine Wcdnosdny evening at 7:30.
Ever) body cordially I nvltod .
Nov. 8. A. King, 1). ., pastor. Sunday
school at o.lj a. m. W. II. Goilbcr, Snpt.
1'rcnclilng at 11 n, 111. and 7 lop. m. by tho
pastor. All aro cordially Invited.
) cr .nton A Gulnan's, Austin street, ltooma
open dally from s n. m., till 10 p. m. A
lurgo number of dally, weekly anil monthly
papers and periodicals on (lie. Everybody
Invited to call. Young Men's meeting ovcry
Sunday nrternoon nt 4 .;in o'clock.
Cor. Mh mid Jackson streets, ltev. 11. A.
llourlniul.D. 1),, pastor. Bitmlny-school 0.30
n m. W. K. llnwklnt, suprriiileiidont.
Prayer-meeting- every Wednesday night 7
p. m. Class-nieotlng at.1 p. m. Preachlag
to-morrow at 11 a. in. anil 7 p. m by the
pastor. Ei erybody cordially Invited .
Dancing school for ladles and ohlld
ron, Opon Saturday at 3:39 p, in,, Iu
tho Edith Block.
Sohool Report.
Tho following is tho roport of Su
perintendent A. A. McGregor for tho
wook ending January 25 1880 :
District. Enrollm't. Kclotiglng.
1 184 .... ,.. 1M
J soo an
3 317 233
4 408 SIX)
5 135 131
iuo Tim
1 ISO Ill
3 03 6J
m "ttl
Total 11185 nil
Tho now meat market of Haun &
Dolling, 721 Austin street, is under
full headway and doing a first-rato
business. Tho proprietors aro well
skilled in the business and nro serving
their customers with the very choicest
meats to bo proourod, They tako a
pnuo in selling the vcrv uncst porter
house and sirloin stoaks, fat and ten
der roasts from corn-fed beef, with tho
choicest pork roasts. Customers who
are fastidious about their meats shouM
give them a call, as they sell tho best,
and at reasonable prices.
m 9
Hiddlo's cheap tor cash meat market,
south sido of tho square, is doing a
rushing business. Hiddlo is always
first in his lino, selling tho richest, tho
fattest and juiccst of meat at bottom
rock prices. His customers follow him
and ono who trades with him onco be
comes a regular customor. You can
buy fine porter house steak at Hiddlo's
at 10 cents per pound, and all other
meat in proportion. Take your basket
around there.
Farmors In tho country surround
ing Waco, recognho the fact that tho
best flour they got comes from tholr
home mills. Henco Queen City
straight Hour from tho Waco Boiler
Mills, Is tho most popular brand on
tho market for thorn. Tho way our
country nouslns build up home Insti
tutions, is by buying homo made
I). II. Spencer will sell you a lino
instrument, first-class on the install
ment plan, (10 per month on pianos
and $.r per month on organs and
chargo only rcasonablo prico for
them X
On February .'Id and 4th tho II. &
T. C. Il'y Co. will sell excursion tickets
from Waco to Corsicana for $3.40,
good to return until February 10th.
It. II. Hi li,, Agent,
Cor. 4th and Franklin Streets.
Tennj sou's Little Joktt.
On ono occasion it camo to Mr. Tonuyson's
kuowlcdgo that two mon wcro biding behind
trees on cither sido of tho drive, presumably
to havo a look at him wbon bo went out for
his usual walk. Lord Tennyson, at onco see
ing a chance of soma fun, called in his gar
dener, an old man. IIo told bun of the two
mon, and mado him put on bis velvet coat
and wide awako bat Then tho old man sallied
forth and mado bis way to tho drive, down
which ho walked as though in deep medita
tion. IIo bod not gono very for wbon bo
beard a man's voice coming from behind,
with a strong Yankeo twang, soy, "Now I've
soon Lord Tennyson, I guess 111 go borne to
Amurlka." London Star.
A Mew Perfume.
Tho church was beautifully decorated with
swoot spring flowers, and tho air was heavy
with their fragrance. As tbo service was
about to begin, small Kitty pulled bcr moth
er's slcovo and wbispcrod, "Ob, jianuna,
don't it smell solemn I" Harper's Young
A Change of nose.
In tbo shoo store Mrs. Basoom Youug
man, I want to git a good pair of shoes.
Clork Ycs'm; what size, please 1
Mrs. OoscomWcll, I kin wear fours, but
I gucs you might try mo this timo on sixes;
and a balf.-purUngton FVm Prm
- -I
rX : 1
" .,, I
4 'm

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