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OL. 1
NO. 174.
ooooooooooooooooouoooooooooooooooooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOQ
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Cor. Fillti aifl Atistin Streets.
Buyers of Clothing, Gent's
Furnishing Goods and Hats
should visit our Largo and
Exclusive Gent's Department
before buying.
New Line of Trunks, Valis
es and Hand Bags in all quali
ties at Low Prices.
j 't
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
We desire in our humble way to call
the Public's attention to our varied
and well selected Stock of
Our Lines are from the most Standard
and Reliable Manufactors, and each
and every pair is sold with a Guaran
tee. Prices in tins Department rule the
tsame as throughout our other depart-
Best Line of Boys' Shoes in the City.
To introduce our Shoes we will sell
them on the Lowest imaginable
Profits. All we ask is a call.
Hmall Pox In tiftlveatoa.
Galveston, Jan. 20. Tho oitv
health authorities report this morning
sixteen cases of small pox and thirty,
two pcoplo in quarantine, with four
more suspicious cases of sickness undor
close surveillance
Tho excitement in tho cast end over
tho occupancy of tho old city hospital
as a nospitni tor tno reception ot small
pox cases has subsided, and tho po'ico
and civilian guard liavo becu with
drawn. Tho city council hold a Bpocial meet
ing this morning, at which the matter
was fully disonsscd, Tho committeo
appointed at an indignation mooting
reported to tho city oonncil that they
had taken possession of the old city
hospital building and whether their
action is legal or not, they proposo to
resist tho introduction of small pox in
to tho buildinc. bv force, if nccenRaro.
They asserted they were law-abiding
citizens and tax pavers, but when
they and their families wcro threaten
ed with infection from a contagious
discaso of which they woro free, thoy
would resist its importation into their
midst to tho bitter end. Thoy hoped
tho council would not forco this issuo
upon them. If thoy'did, thoy might
expect serious trouble. Tho city en
gineer was called upon and interrogat
ed as to how long, by employing a
largo forco of mechanics, and working
day and night, it would tako to com
plete tho pest house now under con
struction at Fort Point. Ho replied
Thursday morning He was di rooted
by a resolution of tho city council to
employ every means in his power to
comploto tho building by that timo
for ocoupanoy. In the meantime pa
tients affected should remain in their
domiclos. This action by tho eity coun
cil has quieted tho pcoplo of tho East
Eend and has inspired hopo throughout
the city that tho loathsome discaso
will bo quickly stamped out Thus far
no whites are effected.
The Oklahoma taaemen.
Wichita, Kan., Jan. 29. The'
wagon train that has been lying out
side this olty will leavo for Arkausas
City some tlmo to-day to Join the body
Micro waiting to advauoe upon Okla
homa. Pawnoo Bill said last night
that this train numbers about sixty
wagons. Ho loft to-day, by train, for
Arkansas City whoro ho expeota to
organize the bedy and oomnieuco tho
invasion Saturday. Ho said ho never
before felt so sangulno of the suooestt
of tho Invasion, as ho had heard from
Texas mid had. assurauoo from Mr.
Parker of a largo force from Sherman
and Gainesville. Deputy Kontz came
up from the Territory last night,
bringing with htm United States pris
oners, and said there was a large
number of men lying along the eas
tern border of Oklahoma waiting for
Pawnoo Bill or any other leader who
could holp them Into tho promise
laud. He saw very few soldiers, and
wns certain Pawnee BUI would make
a success of his movement.
On Farm and Wild Lands on
Long Time, at Low Rates ofv
All Business will have Prompt
Attention. .
Mayfield -
WIN omI pwlftflMVioMi,
Will 'lend y no Money on yonr Diamonds, Watches
or Jewelry.
A fine line of Unredemmed PLEDGES
Sid at ft GREAT BARGilN.
Housekeepers buying goods for the
holidays will consult their own inter
est by buying of Chas. Kast He has
cords of butter, eggs and chickons,
fresh and nice, at bottom prices, being
the leader in those lines, and has all
the fine Christmas grocery goods, be
sides a brand new stock, bought since
tho fire Ho is making a special drive
on fine fancy candies, of wn'oh ho has
tho largest and finest stock in the city,
at discount prices
Tho unprccedent good health of
Waco for tho past two months is at
last accounted for. Tho people have
been buying their moat and lard from
Crippcn, Fifth and Austin streets.
Good meat makes rioh blood, and that
is the kind of meat Orippen always
sells, rich, juicy steaks and tender
Mr. D. H. Snenoer. the piano and
organ dealer of Waco and Central
Texas, is expecting in daily from
Boston, a specimen Parlor Grand
Piano, which when It arrives the
public will be notified and Invited to
call and see. The new piano will be
a delight to artists and lovers of
muslo'. -
Farmers In the country surround
ing Waco, recognize the faot that the
best flour they got comes from their
home mills. Hence Queen City
straight flour from the 'Waco Boiler
Mills, is the most popular brand on
tho market for them. The way our
country cousins build up homo Insti
tutions, is by buying homo made
Order jour groceries, grain, feed,
wood and coal from Geo. W. McLaugh
lin. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Go to W. D. Jackson and get a pho
tograph of yourselt and child ren.
40,000 first-class cigars at I. C.
Meek's Commission and Auction
House 318 Austin street.
Leave orders for coal and wood with
Tho latest society dances at Mr.
Hook's select Dancing Academy, cor
ner 6th and Washington streets
Call for Locorine to euro bruises and
sprains at J, E Sears, 425 Austin
If you never got a bargain boforo
you can get it now in Boots and Shoes
at Castles & White. t
Wood and coal from & cents to a car
load at Goo. W. McLaughlin's.
On February 1st and 2d the H. & T.
C. R'y Co. will sell excursion tickets
from Waco to Navasota at $5.80, good
to return until the 4th, on account of
School Teachers' Convention.
R. H. Hill, Agent,
Cor. 4th and Franklin Streets.
The wise man, who wants his
money's worth in every thing ho buys,
goes to D. II. Spencer to buy a piano
or organ. Spencer scllc good goods
at reasonable prices and on easy terms.
Ask your merchant for Mikada flour.
It is guaranteed to bake up as white,
to rise as well, and to bo stronger flour
than any St. Louis, Missouri or Kansas
flour on this market. t
Go to your Unole Duff Dormau to
buy your jewelry, or to borrow money.
Opposite McClelland Hotel and south
side square.
Money to loau on country or olty
property by E. M. Ewlng, attorney
at law, 111 South Fourth street,
A nice Hue of Jewelry and fine
watcn repairing specialty at a. j.
The stock ol goods of Mr. Barney
Feldhake is to be sold at auction
Jan. 28th.
Good goods in Boots and Shoes and
at your own prices at Castles & White
the MoBer old stand. T
Dancing school for ladies and child
ren. Open Saturday at 3:30 p. m., In
tho Edith Blook.
Castles & White, who bought the
bankrupt stook of boots and shoes,
are bankrupting prices tho way they
Fish aid game of all kinds, at the
Silver Moon
Call on G. W. McLaughlin for wood
and coal. w
The finest Mlnco Meot In the land a
Joe Thompson's.
Tako your oysters at the Silver
Bargains in boot and shoes are to
bo had at Castles & White's.
Knocking Doable Tragedy.
Walnut Springs, Jan. 19. A mur
der and suicide was committod ono
mile oast of here early this morning.
A ranehman, by tho namo of Charles
Baloh, attcr killing his wife shot hini
seli. Death was supposed to havo been
instanteanous. No causo can bo as
signed for tho rash act. Mr. Balch
had only been married a short timo
and was highly respected by all who
know him. Whon found, both woro in
bed weltering in their own blood, and
a ghastly sight it was to behold.
Tho verdict ol the coroner s lury
was that Mrs. Balch came to hor death
by a pistol shot, at tho hands of her
husband who then with tho samo
weapon killed himself.
Walnut Springs, Jan. 29. Early
this morning A II. Green, a hired man
at the houso of Charles H. Balch, ono
milo from town, heard two pistol shots,
ho went to their room and found both
Balch and his wifo dying on the bed,
each had been shot through tho heart.
A nistol was lvintr between them.
JL.. ". . ...... i
The coroner s inquiry decided that
Balch had shot his wife and then kil
led himself.
He was married two months ago, in
Waco, to Miss Maggie Marney, of Mil-ford-
Balch owned $1,800 on his
good meals go to the Siher
If you want froth taffy oandy go to
Joe Lehman's south 4th street.
B. and 8, at Cotton Exchange.
I.nmfcer Burned.
Atlanta, Tk., Jan. 28. The Jef
forson lumber company lost their dry
houso, filled with lumber, last night
by fire. The lots Is estimated at
$.1000. It being a vory damp cold
night, no watchman was on duty and
therowaB no steam up to run the
pump. Thoy succeeded lu raising
steam lu about nn hour and stopped
tho flamos before thoy spread into the
lumber yards: There Is no lusuranco.
Early IlaUoon Aecenti.
Tho following, taken out of an old
book, says a writer in Tho Leeds Mer
cury, will give an idea how tho early
balloons wcro inflated, and will show,
also, that Baldu In a decent in a para
cliuto is an old invention: "On Sept. 21,
1803, M. Gnrncrln (tiled his balloon with
hydrogen gas at St. Ocorgo's Parade,
North Audlcv street. Tho cas was mado
from diluted sulnhurio ncid, together
with a quantity of iron filings, placed In
thlrty-thrco casks to generate, and by
communication with thrco larger casks
or receivers, and then by tubes to the
balloon. At 0 o'clock tho balloon rose
with its long appendago of tho paruchuto,
tho uoronout In tho little basket. Tens
of thousands of spectators wcro fixed in
astonishment and admiration at tho gal
lant adventurer. For eight minutes tho
balloon continued to ascend till it ar
rived at such an immenso height as to
bo scarcely visible. When Garncrln cut
away from tho balloon tho parachute did
not expand Immediately. It fell with
great velocity for a short spaco of timo,
when it opened, and tho descent became
gradual, but attended with a remarkable
oscillation hko a pendulum of a clock.
Thcso vibrations ueenmo less as tho
ground wns neared. Tho balloonist de
scended in a flold near tho smallpox hos
Eltal at St. Pancras without injury to
Imsclf or tho parachute.
l- A I
A Bm Wrack.
San Antonio, Tex., Jan. 28. At a
lato hour to-night it beoamo rumored
around the city that a horrible acoi
dent ooturred this afternoon on the
Southern Pacifio road, in whioh a largo
number of pcoplo lost thoir lives.
Railroad mon refuse absolutely to talk
about tho accident, though thoy admit
it occurred.
From boat information obtainable it
appears that an east-bound passenger
train telescoped into a freight near Lu
ling, fifty miles cast of this oitv on
what is known as Iron Mountain hill.
Tho wires between hero and Luling
are not working, so that all direct
sources of information aro out off.
At 5 o'clock this afternoon soven or
eight passenger coaches with sovcral
phys eians woro sent out from hero to
the scene of tho wreck.
Hptiremo roar Decision.
Galviston, Jan. 29,-Tho Supremo
court disposod of tho following cases
to-day :
Affirmed City -of Galveston vs
Peter Heminis, from Galveston. '
Reversed and romandod W. E. Du-
Eroe et al. vs. J. P. Estell, from Mc
onnan; A. B. Campbell vs. R. H.
Coloman, from Coleman; R. S. Willis
vs. E. S. Smith, from Brazoria.
Reversed and rendered W. S Rodd
et al. vs. A. R. Morris, from Travis for
appellant; county of Galveston vs.
Galveston Wharf Company, from Gal
veston, for appellant. This appeal was
takoa to rocover $3,688 taxes paid un
der protest,in 1877.
The cheapest Shoes lu ohe city, aro
to be had at Castles' White, the old
Moser stand. . I
"Thorn ei Hex."
A villago in Now England camo Into
possession of a neat and much needed
town hall, tho gift of publio spirited citi
zens. When completed, a meeting was
held to dcdlcato tho new building.
Speeches wcro mado by prominent citi
zens, and special rcfcrcnco was naturally
mado to tho chief benefactor, and to
thoso who had been most octivo in for
warding tho enterprise.
Ono speaker mentioned tho names of
fivo or six of thcso citizens, and sug-
ested that a vota of thanks lie tendered
icm. This was dono.
A moment later a little wizen faced old
man arose in tho back part of tho hall,
and, in a sharp, penetrating voice,
"Mr. Chocrmanl Mr. Checrmanl"
Tho speaker being recognized, ho pro
ceeded: "I jlst wanted to say that there's them
cz hnint been mentionod, ez hcz done es
muchcz them cz hex." Youth's Com
panion. ,
Tba drowth of Berlin.
Ono of tho morning journals recently
published statistics showing tho growth
of Berlin during the last seventeen years.
Removed as it u far from tho sea coast,
and situated upon a river which is only
such in name, tho rapid development of
tho Prussian metropolis ts ono of the
marvels of tho ago. From 1870 to 1887
Berlin almost doubled Its population,
adding 030,100 to its numbors, averaging
87,693 each year. Duringtho samo period
tho number of lots built upon grow to
0,187, or an annual Increase of 864. In
tho year 1870 thcro woro fifty-six persons
to every lot upon which a houso stood.
In 1878 this had increased to sixty, in
of tno population lias constantly in
creased. Tho nvcrago rent of a dwelling
in 1870 was 470 marks, which in 1887
had risen to 040 marks, or about $160.
Berlin lias over 1,500,000 inhabitants at
tho present timo. Berlin Letter.
Money No Object.
You can trust tho average Haytian
negro with large sums of monoy, and
ho will not steal A French merchant
Informed mo that ho had on more than
a hundred occasions sent thousands of
dollars in gold coin and in paper cur
rency over tho wild mountain road from
Jacmcl to Port ad Prince by a single
messenger, without losing a cent. On
tho other hand, a fondness for potty nil
fcrincr la universal. Tho same KenUo-
man stated that after1 tho black mcescn-
ger uenvereu mu muuuy uu uw u
film 4sh trnnnlr lntl ihn rmm Allfl fit&l tha
uuu w .v ... - -- 1-"" .
canvas wrapping or tne parcel. now ,;
York Ilcrali
Parties desiring board will consult
their haterest by calliag at tho Silver
f i
; -.
" j.
Lt i :n ! -. r tr ftr t-r-.-F.
i' rt',i
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