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VOL. 1
NO. 213
mm in Dawn nioiimmiT
In Piece Goods, Ornaments, Plumage
and Flowers consisting of all the
importations for this Season.
Cme of the Latest Arrivals is. a Beau
tiful Line of
In Black and Fancy Colorings, which are very novel and will
be universally popular this Spring. Come and see them.
On Farm and Wild Lands on
Long Time, at Low Rates of
All Business will have Prompt
tea in k RntM;
Cor. Fifth and Austin streets.
aS Vft Pes
Your attention is called
to our new arrival of
Mattings, Linoleums, Oil
Cloths and Carpets.
Possessing as we do un
bounded facilities in the
way of buying in the
largest quantities, we are
enabled to offer unusual
Our Carpet Dep't is the
largest and most elegant
lo equipped in the South,
and has been uniformly
successful since its incep
tion. We pursue the same
policy in this dep't as we
do throughout our estab
lishment, viz.: Prices the
Lowet, Assortment the
Telegraphic Miscellany Care
fully Culled From Sundry
Ip. May field,
N Allows 12 per cent interest on 30 days de
' I . ' . . 11 1 t c
fVbsits. Money loaned on all kinds 01 secu
rity. The only place in Waco where you
can borrow any amount of money on any kind
of security.
Patent Medicine Fakir Taken In.
Oha.ua, Tex., March 10. Yester
day a man by the name of Lewis,
claiming to be an agent for the Hot
Spring's medlciine company located at
Little Book, Ark., made his appear
ance in our town, and by the aid of
costly premiums, smooth talk and n
letter of recommendation purporting
to have been given by the Smith
drug company at Texarkana,suooeed
edln gulling the firm of Cameron &
Plnson, druggists, to the tune of $10
and undoubtedly would have made
good bis escape had It not been for
Robert. Burnett of Corley, whom he
had sold also. Mr. Burnett, It seems,
had his suspicions aroused and Dy the
liberal use of the telegraph found not
only that his recommendation from
the Smith drug company was bogus,
but that there was no suoh company
as the Hot Springs medicine company
at Little Bock, and that his modiolus
was simply salt water with chlorine
and seasoned with cinnamon and rust
to suit the taste. Mr. Burnett follow
ed on the midnight train, and after
consulting with Messrs. Cameron A
Plnson called In Constable Curley and
looked the gentleman up, who after
looking over thi matter conoluded to
disgorge, when be was allowed to de
part in peace. Messrs. Cameron &
Plnson are highly elated at getting
their money back, and say it will be
a very chilly day when they are
caught again Dy tne same Kinaoi Dan.
Yellow Fever Germs.
Mobile. Ala . March 14 The rev
enue steamer Seward returned to-day
from Chandeleur Islands, having trans
ferred Surgeon Carter, of the Marine
hospital service, Ms family ana servants
from Ship Island station to the new
Gulf queen line station, on North
Chandeleur. At the abandoned quar
ters on Ship Island the buildings and
nrnnnila urn dkrown with worn out mat
tresses, condemeod clothing, furniture,
etc. Tons of matter believed to bo in
fected with the germs' of yellow fever
lie piled up there, and tramps will
soon be digging in the debris with the
hope of finding something fit for use.
The department has been advised to
have everything destroyed by firo, but
no orders have been received.
Chinese Claim Indeanitjr.
Milwaukee, March 10. The Chin
ese ambassador at Washington has
been notified of the disturbances that
occurred in this city early in the
week, and has sent word through
Ohow Tal, representative of the Chin
ese Interests, that the Chinese govern
ment will Insist upon full payment
for any damage done to the property
of Chinamen during the disturbances.
He says tbac when In certain Chin
ese cities American residents, were
attacked and their buildings burned
the Chinese government ereoted new
buildings and made complete restora
tion. Braced up by the backing from
the flowery kingdom, the different
Chinamen who sustained damage will
present their claims to the olty and,
In case they are not paid, will begin
Bnlnens Runaway.
Dallas, March 10. Runaways are
so common In Dallas that they have
long since ceased to be new Items,
but this morning an extraordinary
case of this nature presented Itself on
Main street. The police patrol wagon
drawn by two splendid animals, was
the outfit that furnished the fun. The
team was hltohed lu front of the
temporary city hall on Commerce
street. The horses became frighten'
ed, broke away from their moorings,
and went downCommeroe at a healthy
gait until they came to Austin street,
nere they turned the corner and en
tered Main. By this time they were
going at full speed and furiously
Bwept through the thoroughfare
whloh was lined with buggies. The
buggies were mown down like grass;
a saddle hcrse was killed, and the
runaways were not checked until
SI ,000 damage had been done.
Trustee Sale Clothing
We have just opened a large
line of Youths', Boys'
& Children's Suits,
bought at a
TmalBB Sill.
These Goods were bought by
us way under value and
to Boom our
drilling :-: 0ipirtiii.
We will sell them at a
Stall Advance on H. T. Cost,
Don't delay as these goods are
bound to go and you vill
B 9 111
Come at onoe before sizes are
Cor. Austin & Siith Sts.
Trustee Sale, Clothing
After " Acres ana m Male."
Raleioit, N. C March 10. The
negro exodus from the state is about
to take the form of a colonisation of
negroes in Arkansas. Negroes are
holding mass meetings almost nightly
and preaohers are urging them to
colonise and organize a "North Car
olina emigration association" for the
purpose of securing organized action
toward colonising all negroes In the
state of Arkansas, where they are of
fered lands lor a trifle. Circulars say
that white people do not want them
here and they have deter mined to go.
Iqaabble Over a KM.
Abilene, Tex , March 17. Upon
the arrival of the east-bound passenger
train yesterday a gentleman was seen
to step from the train, hurriodly enter
the passenger depot and at onco com'
menco concrsation with a noble look
ing lady who held a three-year old
child in her arms After some words
it was discovered that tho gentleman
and lady were man and wife and the
child was the fruit of their union and
that a separation was to bo made on
that day. Both held prior claim, it
seems, on tho child, and the father
went so far as to try to take tho child
away from its mother by foroe. Offi
cers were summoned and made the gen
tleman desist his novel undertaking,
and the lady with her infant departed
on the train east Your reporter is in
formed that tho gontloman bears the
namo of Blaok and is a citizen of No
lan or Fisher county.
A Serrowfnl Accident
Kansas Citv March 16. At throe
o'clock this aoternoon Clara Huntor,
aged six, was playing in an empty wag
on on Pendleton heights when in some
manner tho wagon sstarted and went
over a bluff, nor mother ncara tne
ohild scream and went to her assistance
but her dress caught in the wheel and
the waeon rolled down the nrecinice.
thirty-five feet, dragging the mother and
sbild. Tho child was instantly killed
and the mottcr was so badly injured rhe
is not expected th live through the
an Anlenle Fair.
Ban Antonio, Tex., March 17. The
board of directors of the Ban Antonio
International Fair association will
meet Tuesday to settle up the analrs
of the November exposition and to
determlno upon a dato for the open
ing noxt fall. The report of the
treasurer will show that all prizes
and premiums have been paid In full,
all other obligations promptly met
and ample funds on hand to push
vigorously preparations for the next
Beltea's Preeneets
Belton, March 17. The artesian
well bored by Capt. A. J. Harris, on
hlsnlace within a mile of the court
house, gives a flow of two gallons per
minute, xne aepin is oe ieei. a
nine was nlaced In the well extend'
Fng thirty feet above ground and the
water flowed from tho top of the pipe
with the same force and quantify as
at the surface. With waterworks, ar
tesian wells and the Grand Trunk
railway Just In sight, Helton's future
Is growing brighter.
Want Ten Tneneand n "Sent.
Washington, March 17. The resig
nation of Senator Chaso UDon tho
threshold of his seoond term of six
years in the highest legislative body'in
tho world haj aroused renewed interest
on tho subjeat that is bound to rcociye
early and oarnest consideration in con
gress. Senator Chaso in private gives
as the roason why ho can no longer
serve his stato and country in the leg
islature that the compensation was not
sumcient to,auow mm longer negleot ol
his business. Ho has expressed tho
opinion that ho is considerably poorer
tor nis legislative oxpenonce than be
would hae been had he remained attho
helm of his business ship and directed
its course through tho breakers of the
past ten or fifteen years. He is one
of the largest cotton manufacturers in
New England, and soveral times dur
ing the recent tariff debate in the sen
ate evinced his familiarity with that
subjeot in its relations to the industry
in which he was interested, and gave
valuable assistance to his' republican
colleagues in the discussion of the
senate substitute for the Mills bill,
The question of increasing the com
pensation of congressmen has been re-'
ceiving earnest attention, tho sonators,
especially, of late, and there is an over
whelming sentiment among them in
favor ot making tne salary of congress
men $10,000 a year instead of $5,000
as it is at present. Members of iho
house of representatives, while thor
oughly in sympathy with the senators
on this point, are not yet ready to go
to ibo mil lengiu uesiruu uy taeiu,
fearing a repetition of tho outbreak of
connuro visited upon tho congress of
1873 for its action on tho salary ques
tion. But it is argued by the advocates
ofinoreajed salary that what the peo
ple were indignant about then was tho
"back pay grab" icaturo, and that if tbe
increaso were made to date from the end
of the fifty-first congress no serious op
position would be made to it.
For a nice olean shave, good hair
cut, and polite attention, oall at Jeff
William's O. K. barber shop on Aus
tin Avenue.
First-class carnages for calls, vis
its. etc., at Moider & Hearse's.
Katt Texas
yellow yams at Joe
Celebrated Budweiser beer at Cotton
Ezchango. t
Fish aad game of all kinds, at the
Silver Moon ,
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