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Knterta st'tliu scoPostoirieo m cconJ.olti
Mfttl Matter.
HVMCRIPTIOX.... DO Cli. per Menth.
Dellrerod by Carrion to any part of the City.
Bent Postage free to any part of the U. S.
Samplo coplc sent free on application.
Fulling to rccelro their papera reinlarly will
pleaae report aama promptly to the business
M nbicrlbora changing their realdence will pleaae
notify the office at once, gltlng both old and
new address.
. AdrtrUdagRaUa
Made known on application i
Home adrertldng payablo monthly.
Foreign and transient adrcrtlalng payable In
Conreylng Important news or dlicmslng llro
Issues solicited. . . ....
All communication! designed for publication
i honld be addressed to Tilt Kvexino News.
To secure publication all articles tnnst be ac
companied br the author's name, as an evid
ence of good faith Anonymous communica
tions will be consigned to the waste basket .
Tiik Niws will not be responsible for the ut
terances of correspondents.
Ice 417 Frnnklln Street.
H. A. IVY, Bugtxxss Mahaqxr.
WACO, TEXAS, MARCH 18, 1889.
Waco expects every man to do his
duty now.
"Waco is waking up," is the remark
all oer Texas to-day.
Cardinal Manning will celebrato his
twenty-fifth anniversary of his episco
pal consecration June 8th, 1890.
Again it is reported that John L ,
tho sluggor, has sworn off. John 's
success at swearing off is only exceed
ed by the facility with which he breaks
his vows.
The Tribune is the name of a simon
pure republican weekly paper is soon
to be started at Houston. It is to be
tho property of a stock company and
W. M. Bamberg, of the Houston Her
ald, is to be business manager.
It is said that almost every day
there aro men at Castle Garden who
assert that they are in searoh of and
willing to marry any bright and intel
ligent emigrant girl who pleaseB their
(frf, The outside world is'cxpeeting great
if things of Waco now, and unless sho
sX'tfl .Beets the expectations she will be set
if M'dow Jh' tnc "e" column with the
ptsf?a,ur D0BierB no aro always going
it ao.
?, t
.'The lesialaturm of Went Virginia.
i Trill be called together in special ses
sion for tho purpose of settling the
gubernatorial muddle. If this body
had done its duty some months ago it
would have Bared the dtate the expense
and themselves the annoyance of a
re3ial session.
A Canadian young lady had the
bans of matrimony between herself and
two accepted suitors proclaimed in the
parish church, the clergyman deciding
that she would bo at liberty to choose
between the two at the altar. She evi
dently intends to mako sure of a hus
band. Last Monday Ralph Boeheamil Hus
son, of London, England, was married
to Miss Mary Mulcahy in Montreal,
and ten minutes later ho died of pneu
monia. They bad been betrothed lov
ers for a long while, and Mr. Hnsson
insisted upon the death-bed marriage
so that his sweetheart could legally in
herit his property.
At a trial in Augusta, Ga., recently,
a man was sentenced to seven years
imprisonment. Counsel for the defense
urged the judge to change the sentence,
saying that his client could not possi
bly live out more than half the time.
"Well, then," replied the judge, "I
will change the sentence. I will make
it for life instead of for seven years."
Tho prisoner preferred the first sen.
U noc, which was allowed him.
M. K. Barber died at Kansas City
last week, leaving an estate of about
$250,000 to his second wife. John
K. Barber, who claims to be a son of
the deceased, contested the validity of
the will. The defense introduced a
novel plea, which was based on the fol
lowing remarkable story: Barber's
first wife died in jving birth to a boy.
Whon one day old tho boy was placed
in charge of an aunt who had tho same
day given birth to a boy. One of the
boys died, and the nurse was at a loss
to tell which. It was finally deoided
that it was the son of young Barber's
aunt. Tho defense claimed that it
was M. K. Barber's son who died, and
(that John K. was the nephew of the
deceased. T,he easo was compromised
' bV,the stop-mother giving JohnK.
Fort Worth Gnctto : In an Ohio
Ullage there are two elderly sisters
who, whon girlo, thirty-two years ago,
wcro courted by two joutlis unknown
to fortuno and fame, named Kuthor
ford B. Hayes and James A. Garfield.
Tho paronts sent their daughters'
sweethearts away bcoauso their pros
pects of ecttintr on in tho world wcro
not. apparently, favorable. Tho Ohio
man can bo counted on to got his ro-
venge if it takes thirty years to do it.
Houston Post: With Quay and
Don Cameron fighting in Pennsylvania,
Miller and Piatt at daggers point in
Now York, tho Indinnians stung by
tho president's ingratitudo, tho colored
brother slighted and tho hungry le
gions shelling the White House woods
for everything in sight, it is no won
der Mr. Harrison ii getting tired.
Austin Statesman : War is always
a tcrriblo thing, but a foreign war just
now would sao us trom sectionalism.
It would bring up a now crop of mil
itary heroes, and such civil hacks as
Sherman and Chandler would be rele
gated to obliuon we would get rid of
them, and so forget there is a north
and a south.
Memphis Appeal : Some wicked
correspondent at Washington sent out
a statement tho other day to tho eiTect
that thero were ery few Pennsylvania
office-seekers at Washington. The
next morning ninety-two applicants
from that state wcro waiting at Sena
tor Cameron's residence while ho fin
ished his broakfast and beforo noon
his door-bell had boon pulled off twice.
Aa Arrbfwlndlcr.
Dallas, Tex , March 10 II. C.
Archer, traclini! passenger agent of
the Texas and l'acinc, learns of a fel
low that is passing off for h'm and
swindling the railway ticket agents in
Illinois and Indiana. His method is
to carry with him a bundle of Texas
and Pacific and Missouri Pacific maps,
present his card to tho agent, with
whom he leaves a number of maps,
and then prevails upon him to endorse
a draft payable to the order of H. C.
Archer, signed by It. Finley, auditor,
and drawn upon the treasurer of the
Texas and Paoific. This done, he
takes his draft to the bank and cashes
it. Several of theso drafts reached
Dallas and were protested. A ticket
agent at Kankakee, 111., who buffered
to the extent of $125, thus describes
him . A light comploxioned man about
five feet nine inches tall, weighing
about 145 pounds; has a sandy mus
tache, dresses elegantly and wears a
silk hat with a broad band of orcpe.
It is learned that his first crooked work
in this line was done under tho namo
of H. C. Harvey.
COBCerMlnsT tho Confederate lllosne.
New YonK, March 1C The citi
zens' committee to aid tho Confederate
soldiers' home at Austin, Texas, to
day, received a letter from Admiral
Porter, in which he says : "The Con
federate veterans are, as of yore, our
lellow-courntymen, and in regard to
the hostile feeling between Northern
and Southern soldiers, tho latter have
long since ' forgotten it. Out of tho
conflict many good qualities which we
might have otherwise never possessed
humanity, sympathy and magnan
mous feelings for those who warred
against the Union. The North is full
of prosperity and the South, under the
new order of things, is rapidly follow
ing in her footsteps. The stars shine
brightly for us all, and having secured
tho perpetuation of the Union it be
hooves us of the North to assist those
who are now overwhelmed with adver
sity. This is the best way to mako a
united country. There should bo no
North, no South, but ono nation over
whioh the stars and stripes should
wave forever."
Gen. Adam Badeau sends a letter
in whioh he acknowledges the tender
care received by him in a Southern
hospital during the wur, and declares
that the project is not one of necessi
ty, but of patriotism. Ho encloses a
check for $50.
Col. Robert Ingersoll will deliver a
lecture in aid of the fund at tho acade
my of musio March 24.
Trying-to Son etbe Mystery.
Texarkana, Ark., March 10. Tho
exoitement concerning tho continued
disappearance of the young man Rob
inson continues to increase. His
friends and relatives have given up all
hope that ho is alive, and now think
only of finding the remains. The dis
trict court, now in session, has in
structed tho grand jury to leave un
turned no stone whereby the matter
may be oleared up and tho guilty per
sons identified and brought to justico,
and to-night at this hour a meeting,
largely attended and composed of tho
best citizens, is being held at the court
houso for tho purpose of pcrfectine an
organized euort lor a thorough ventila
tion of the case, to the end that a
wrong may bo, as mi as possible,
righted and justice prevail.
A letter irom his former homo in
Tennessee to the Presbyterian minister
here, received this morning, states that
uooinson s aged father, is completely
prostrated by tho news of his son's
misfortune, and that his death is hour
ly expected.
Judge Bheppard speaks of adjourn
It Out Ito Done It May Well De Asked,
"What NeitT"
There ia a jnobablllty that tho Inhabi
tants of America during tho next cen
tury w ill be ablo to go from Now York
to London by rail. It is not to bo ex
pected tlmt nny ono will go this route to
avo time, for lio will be obliged in trav
ersing it to go westward, nnd thence
around tho globo; but it would git c the
traveler nn opportunity to visit many
foreign countries, and literally to see tho
w orld. An ocean steamer has already
made, moro than GOO miles In ono day,
nnd tho Atlantic is now traversed in six
days, ultilo tho proposed trip around tho
w orld would rcqutro perhaps doublo or
triple this timer but tho novelty of tho
trip w on Id bo something remarkable.
Waco . '. Curiosity . mm
ft I I ;
The projected routo is from Now York
across North America to a point beyond
tho northwestern boundary of tho United
Stat 03; tlienco to Behring straits; across
thero to tho coast of Asia; across Asia
and Europe. Tho great gap is at present
across Siberia, where thero is 'no rail
road. However, the recent movements
of tho Russian government tend towards
putting rails across this territory. From
tho w cstcrn continent of Europe to tho
Urol mountains thero is now communica
tion by rail, and tho czar of Russia is
said to bo much interested in two lines
of railway across Asia. Theso roads
tcrminato on tho eastern shores of the
Pacific, tho one terminating at Oren
burg, tho other at Ekaterinburg. But
in order to mako tho chain of railway
around the globo complete, tho distanco
from St. Petersburg to Behring straits
must bo traversed. This region has not
yet a singlo lino of railway.
Tho Russian government, feeling the
necessity of spanning this territory, has
sanctioned a lino of railway to bo built
across it, terminating at Vladlvistock
near Japan, almost duo west from Port
land, Ore. Tho continents of Asia und
America are much nearer at this parallel
than further south, but not near enough
for tho purposes of international railw ay
communication. For this thero must be
a branch lino leaving tho Russian road
a considerable distance west from Vla
dlvistock and running up through Siberia
to Behring straits.
It fa understood that tho crossing of
Behring straits is perfectly practicable.
In tho narrowest place they aro but ten
milc3 wide and aro full of islands, so
that bridges can bo thrown from ono to
another. During a portion of tho year
tho straits are open and cars could be
crossed on boats tho eamo as across the
river between Detroit and Windsor,
Tho principal American tract unpro
vided for is across Alaska. As yet there
is no move to traverse this country,
which is almost an unknown wilderness.
But with the rapid pushing westward on
tho continent and the valuable products
to bo gained from Alaska, it is probable
that not many years will elapso before
tho American Pacific roads will be
pushed to the Straits.
Tho distances to bo railed ore:
United States boundary to Behring straits.. 2,000
Behring straits to junction with Russian Pa
cific railway r 2,000
Junction to European Una at ELatcrm
UUT8 3,500
Total yet to be constructed 7,KM
The distances railed and to be rolled
New York to Port Moody (British America) 8,500
Port Moody to Behring EtralU 2,000
Behring atralta to Ural mountains , 0,500
Ural mountains to London 8,000
Total New York to London, all rail...
Canada's Parliamentary Advocats of Com
mercial Union with too United States.
Tho oft suggested "commercial union"
between tho United States and tho Do
minion of Canada has at last reached the
stage of tolerably active discussion on
both sides of the line, for resolutions look
ing towards it have been introduced both
into congress and the dominion parlia
ment. The Hon. Benjamin Butterworth,
of Ohio, stands sponsor to the movement
in congress, and Sir 'Richard Cartwrisht,
of Kingston, may bo called the Butter
worth of Canada. There is a suggestive
similarity in tho resolutions offered In
each body; each
one very careful
ly declares for ne
gotiation merely,
audit is evident
that their respec
tive authors fully
realized the ne
cessity of ''feel
ing of tho peo
ple." Thero is no
hint of union:
both tho Cana
dian and tho American evidently realized
that theywero dealing with a sensith o
Sir Richard Car t wright is a descendant
of ono of those Americans who found it
expedient to leave the United States on
tho closo of the Revolution gentlemen
commonly called "Tories" In tho United
States, but politely styled United Empire
Loyalists in Canada, where their descend
ants form o very honorable class. Though
ho resides in Kingston he represents Ox
ford county in the parliament His
father, Rev. R. D. Cartwright, was at
ono time chaplain to the British forces in
Canada, and bis grandfather was a
member of the parliament from 1703 till
1816. Sir Richard is MysMMoid, entered
parliament in ISM, became finance 'tola.
Ister iu tho "iHtnilt adminlairitlan
, 1ij,Trr J v --J- - it jh utier wa wm amiawM by
iug iuu uiswie court ana assisting m queen Victoria in 1879. He tTtorst)
Pttouo wo at a Conssrrastrt, but Jsnow
Wskfi(Uonf tteLJfeijfe.-1 '
the investigation should it be deemed
Waco Curiosity
ture, Stoves or Household
Goods of every description for
a good horse.
TO RENT Good seven-room
house on Dutton street, also
two-room house?
ALL kinds of Household arti
les to buy, sell ,exchange or rent
TO SELL Good seven-room
House, or exchange it for
Fort Worth property.
EVERYBODY to call on G.
L. Gooch at Curiosity Shop
and buy goods on the Install
ment Plan.
For Stale.
Nice Parlor Sett.
Marble-Top Bedroom Setts.
Walnut Office Desks.
Marlile.top Dressing Cases.,
Bureaus, GhalrB, Bookers.
New and Second-hand Steyes.
Books of every description
Musical Instruments.
Union Sewing Machines.
Wardrobes, Safes.
Extension & Kitchen Tables., t
Rattan Bookers. ' '
Queenswaro and Glassware.
Lamps and Lamp Chimneys.
Knives, Forks and Spoons.
Squirrel Cages.
Nice Geese Feathers.
j lfH
Waco Curiosity Simp
Will buy second-hand
exchange new for old.
s, or
''a .
'Waco Curiosity Shop.
R. H. Gray
Hay, Corn, Oats. Bran, Etc.
Conntrv Produce BondManfl Sold:
. . 1 If i-u'll
117 S. Eight St., Waco, Tex.
E. 0. GOmES. HSHESr.
Write for circulars and prices.
Agents wanted.
This wire and picket fence is not
only cheap, but the best fence made
for yards, gardens and orchards, be
ing strong and durable. For house lots
no fence can oomnaro for nrlee. Onlv
$2.50 to 3.60 per 100 feet. All pickets
poinded and made of best heart pine
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned parties havo this day sold
all their interest in the W. G. Kings
bury sheep ranch near Morgan, Bos
que county, Tex.,, to W.G. Kingsbury I
anu tnat from this date all their In
terest and liabilities in the same
cease. It. W. Monnvit-liE, Jr.
Andrew Borden.
March 14, 1880.
Get your lottery tickets from Geo.
B. Campbell, No partnership in fu
ture with any ono, but sales are for his
own use and benefit.
The very attractive saloon known
as Dick Green's, No. 515 Austin, dis
penses the best straight goods and
flue cigars, with choi es wines. Cour
teous treatment lor vvrybooiy.
Finrnni of Mctunnin iijd Adjoining CountiiLi
WMLX. EX OH -A.'2-a3E3
& ft ' rn
Blinds, and Bulldera
& ii
For Corn deliver id to us at our
Lumber lEard dn Waco, or, in
Car-load Lots delivered at )
any of the following
points, to wit:
- - IT
-4 v ti.i v ji55u
Wl M il.1
P'fc?' miOat Vtsivri ii3 .iqi-f
Including rough and drasaad Lumber, auoh aa ,
Flooring, Calling, tiding, Moulding and :thlnglaa
Alao lash, bobVs, IHnda and Hardware. '
Oiw Prion win fai Praeliily Jii uhm ;
II If Ml vwM (on Clll. ' r -
te-&4W I

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