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VOL: l-
NO. 352
Some of our patrons have quite a mistaken
idea concerning these garments, and are under
the impression that they were designed only
for House-wear, Picnics etc. -True, nothing
could be more appropriate than these garments;
they are cool, comfortable, convenient and at
the same time pretty. But they are also a very
fitting street garment, and are quite as popular
for street wear in Eastern and' Northern cities
as the tight-fitting' waists.
Lot, Iih Uisei
Cor. Fifth ana Aistin Streets.
Ladies' Fancy Striped Blouse. JL()t
Striped Silk, light & dark shades Q OJ
nf Phinn Sill- Rlmi PFP
Ladies' Twilled Cream Flan
nel Blouses.
Ladies' Jersey Blouses, bl'k &
new shades trim'd with braid
Ladies' Silk Flannel.Blouses in
all popular shades.
of China Silk Blouses.
Misses' Fancy Flannel Blouses.
Misses' Cream Twilled Fancy Blouses.
Misses' Jersey Blouses, trim'd with braid
Misses' Smocked Jersey Blouses, in all
Also a New line of the New, Popular
t. df j-ofrxnate
On Farm and Wild Lands on
ft Long Time, at Low Rates of
S-i 2 Kt! I- M
HM M iM II' '! rMM
bv ' i ,
'""jlM S
'I .? ' I'
At this price we will place
on sale this week quantity of
Gent's Spring Suitsft made to
sell at $12.50, i5,mhdr$20.
You can find intthis ,lot of
Suits almost any wstyle) and
pattern in either Frock or Sack
made up in the very latest
style and of the nobbiest pat
terns. '
HJ Now is th'e time you
can get just what you want at
our moderate prices
Offer Tei M Buns Is feel
in? f -
$10 - $10 - $10
ii !
Telegraphic Miscellany Care
fully Culled From Sundry
All Business will have Prompt
Allows 12 per cent interest on 30 days de
posits. Money loaned on all kinds of secu
rity. The only place jn Waco where you
can borrow any amount of money on any kind
of security.
setting: Down.
GiminiE, Ok , May 2 Tho surcy-j
ore engaged in laying out ino uumne
town Bite havo succeeded in locating
the exterior corners of the business
quartors and Mayor Dyer at onco is
sued orders to all property owners to
make their lots conform to the lines
laid down. The past two days has
wrought many changes in both Guthrie
and Oklahoma City. At least fifty
buildings have, been erected in caoh
place. Two banks are doing business
in Guthrio and a third will bo in oper
ation this week. Board and lodging
may now be scoured for a reasonable
sum. In threo or four weeks both
towns will hae reached the point when
predictions as to their futuro can be
made with greater certainty. The
work of Betting claims is proceeding
rapidly, but there arc few indications
that Bottlers will do much toward im
proving their lands this year. Be
tween Guthrie and Kingfisher thero
are not more than a dozen claims on
which plowing- has been begun. Tho
faet is, tho season is too far advanced
to promise any decent reward for labor
this spring and many of tho settlers
have oDine to Guthrie, or gone to Ok
lahoma City or Kingfisher, whero there
is a demand for men and teams in haul
ing freight Oklahoma City has settled
its differences arising from claim jump
ing and the people thero profess to
yiew the general situation with great
Bull for Newton.
San Antonio, May 1. Gerhard
Berdenharm, stop-father of Harry New
ton, now languishing in tho county
jail charged with murderously assault
ing Hanker jjockwooo on wiu mguv 01
. .. n . j iL. -:. it.:- M
April o, arrivcu iu tuu civy vuib wuru
ing from Vicksburg.Miss , for tho pur
poso of getting Newton liberated
Several citizens signed a bail bond for
Newton in tho sum of $l,oUU, but Jus
tice Hcrron, who committed him, de
clined to accept the bona ottered on
the ground that the sureties were not
solvent Newton will consequently
linger in jail for another night, though
it is believed a good oona can no fur
nished to-morrow. If not Mr. Berden
ham will put up a cash bond of $1,500.
Mr Berdenham came woll armed with
letters of introduction from prominent
citizens and officials of Vicksbnrg at
testing tho good character of Nekton
in Mississippi.
So pieces Nainsook Checks at
1 5 cents a yard.
4-4 bleached soft finish Domestic
e rj 6 3-4 cents a yard
r)p'c: Sateens marked down to
12 1-2 cents a yard,
2j -inch China Silk will be sold at
1' 75 cents a yard.
A large lot Fans, worth 2 5 & 3 5c
for 10 cents each,
An elegant line of fine Fans,
worth from $i, to $1.50,
tor 50 cents each,
New lot Silks Umbrellas, with
Gold Handles for $1,50, -
Best bl'k & col d Hose in the city
for 25 cents a pair,
Novelty lot ofChallies just open 'd
A lot of Ladies' Doola lit Bnttoi Shoes worM Bat
ton Holes for 0i ffoaPair.
Extra Good Barfaiii lull kills of Shoes M slip, ai
lvEWl-JVE - ROS,
Cor. Austin and Sixth Streets.
- rhoktfTAitiattnflnOTK
Mineola, Tex., May 1. On last
Wednesday night burglars entered the
store of Mr. I. C. Gilo and stole there
from a largo lot of provisions. Officers
Terrell and Jones suspected a negro
man named Gus Sentcl, and on last
Tuesday they arrested him and placed
in the city calaboose On last Satur
day night a mob of White Caps, claim
ing to hail from VanZandt county,
broko into tho calaboose, took tho ne
tiro therefrom and carried him off into
tho woods and hung him up until he
finally made a confession, and implies
ted two other negroes nameu James
Morgan and Xera Williams. Then ho
carried the Whito Caps to tho placo
where ho had buried tho groceries and
they thero dug up a lot of meat, sugar,
coffee, flour, etc.
The board of alderman of this city
have suoceeded in securing tha service
of Professor D. C. Lake for another
year after raising his salary 1300. He
was offered salaries by three or four
different places.
Mineral Wealth of Cherokee CohhIjt.
Rusk, Tex., May 1. No definite
newB has yot been heard from the fugi
tive convicts who murdered the guard,
Epperson, on last Monday, except that
a posso was in pursuit Sheriff J. B.
Reagan was telegraphed to day to oome
to Jacksonville and bring dogs ana left
hurridly,s but it is not known for what
he was wanted, though it is rumored
tho conviots havo been seen in the vi
cinity. An analysis of the yellow ochre re
cently discovered while excavating for
Devaug's new wagon factory, in Now
Birmingham,' shows 45 per cent, of
pure paint, as appears from the report
of the chemist of tho University of
Kansas, and this is pronounced extra
good This vicinity abounds in
abundance of tho material.
Kidnapped Girl Recovered.
Sherman, Tex., May 1. W. T.
Woolsey, who alleges that his little
daughter waB kidnapped and taken to
Dallas, arrived this morning in c Large
of tho little girl, whom ho found at
Dallas in possession of her mother,
his (Woolsey's) divorced wife. Wool
sey showed tho News reporter a certi
fie'd copy of tho decree of divorce
granted to him from Martha Woolsey
in tho district court of Dallas county,
and in which he, tho plaintiff, is given
possession of the little childron.among
wnoni ih Bpeviueu vuu iituu giri m ques
tion.! He docs not deny that the little
girl seemed to like to stay with her
mother, but be claims the court gave
him possession of the ohild for Justi
fiable reasons, and that ho intends to
reserve that right to himself.
Fort Graso.v, I. T., My 1. Wil
liam Feroival of this oity, ono of tho
oldest merchants in tho Indian Tcrri
tory, met with an aocidont on Monday
evening last which resulted in death
last night at 12 o'clock. Ono week
ago this evening the unfortunato man
left this oity for St. Louis to look after
some business. He finished his work
in the oity on Sunday night, left the
union depot over tho Missouri, Kansas
and Texas for his home. Monday even
ing following, when tho train was mov
ing thirty-five miles an hour, about
three miles south of Vinita, in tho ter
ritory, in some manner he fell from
the ulceper and received injuries, from
whioh he died as above stated.
Invader of the Cherokee atrip.
Chicago, May 2. A special from
Fort Reno, I, T., says v Captain Hall
and a company of oavalry left rung-
fiiher yesterday to ejoet settlers from
the Cherokee strip, and a company
also lefi Guthrie for the same purpose.
Soveral hundred settlers are now on the
trip. They are determined men who
nave staked everything on the Okla
homa opening and failing to get their
olaims nave cone to the strip. No
organized resistance to the military is
expected, but cases of individual resist
ance and a largo amount of hardship
and suffering are certain to ensue.
heeklnsr Doable Truaedr.
Buli'uub Springs, Tex., May 2.
A double tragedy occurred In Delta
county yesterday. In Febuary Miss
Helen Taylor, daughter of a promi
nent farmer married a man named
John Ring, from Tenuessee who was,
employed on her father's farm. .The
oouple quarreled and agreed to sop
arate. This occurred last Sunday
and the wlfo retarned to her father's
home. She wrote her husband a
touching letter in which her undying
love for him was told and requested
that he return to Tennessee, for al
though her love wan unquenohed, she
could no longer be his wlfo, Ring
went to see his wife and tried to effect
a renewal of marital bliss, but the
wife waa unmoveable. Rlnir killed
his wife and then himself with the
tame pistol.
A Uurteala Came.
Dallas, May 2. Last night Mrs.
George Rice died from tho effects of
a dose of strychnine. A neighbor
complained to Mr. Rice that the lat
ter's boy had been fighting his son in
an unprovoked manner. Rice promts-
to chastise the boy, Mrs. nice threat
ened to kill herself if the boy was
whipped. Rice flogged the boy and
Mrs. Rice took a doso of strychnine
and died in a short time,
Washington, May 2 -Tho navr
department has been oraciallv informed
by the commanding officer of tho Essex
that Passed Assistant ravmastor Hen
ry W. Smith went ashore on tho 25th
ultimo with the intention to return
next day, haR not been heard from
since. He had 1 1,200 belonging to
the government in his possession.
The commandant at tho New, Yord na
vy yard has beon instructed to notify
the police authorities and tako steps
to discover the whereabouts of Mr
Smith. He was a man of high standing
in tho riavy and owns a' house in this
oity. At the navy department it is
generally believed he has been fonly
dealt with.
Heavy Froet a Farlengh.
San Antpnio, May 1. A heavy
frost fell last night at Sabinal, saven
miles west of San ANtonio, oa the
Southern Pocific, whioh did great dam
age to the very promising fruit crop.
The oldest inhabltant'is unable toreoall
so late a frost in this region.
Application was reeieved at depart
ment headquarters i from private Joe
Leonard, Nineteenth inlantry, station
ed, at Fort, Ringgold, for a furlough.
Private Leonard has been in the ser
vlco continuously for 2G years. Hav
ing fought through the civil war and
has boon never before asked for a far.
lough whioh is commenteh on by old
army officers sa anpresedonted.
Rcpnhlicaa PeUeatat fiiult.
Houston, Mex., May 1. Privst
advioes from Washington to a promi
nent Republican in this city say that
Gunoy's gooose is cooked, Gen? "Mai
loy, notwithstanding bis recent ap
pointment; is still after, the Galveston
colleotorship, and DeGras will proba
bly bo appointed collector at XI raso.
Lock MoDaniel is reoosjaiscd as tho
strongest candidate for marshal of this
district and II. D. Johnson, fonasrly
E out master hero, has his bait set for a
ank extminorship.
rire lata a Train.
Oiianqe, Tex., May 2. Last night
a crowd of drunken rowdies flrad Juste
the wast bound freight train Qeth
Bon them Pacific between Orange aad
Beaumont, fatally wounding a brake
man named Larry Moore, None of
the parties have yet been arrested,
but the grand Jury and officers are
looking luto the matter.
A loaraalUt SJaieldes.
Flatonia, May 2. W. E. Jones,
traveling agent of the San Antonio
Tribane, died here last Bight from aa
over dose of morphine taken with suie
idsl intent, as shows by letters writtea
aad left on his table,
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