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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, January 15, 1870, Image 1

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Vol. V.
Vicksbarsr, Mississippi, Saturday r.lonsls, January 13.,', 1370;, '
rriuL joi of wABitcK ca
JAS. It. SWOB DM, PaMUhar.
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DAfCf .ICBSCB'.imoXi
ter, to Adraac, io w
III Monim. In A'lTinrt, I m
'"e Month, I Aitraaca, 1 ui
Oi) Taar.ln Advanca,.... ffi m
tix Montkt, la Advanca, ; 00
spare 2,2
. I. iJr
fcqua'rt , Mi 4
a ?i a
h) 7
5 I
. S
u in
12 14
15 lit
si ss ,
it m
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W, K
' 40
40 i .41
41, 4S
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41 so
CI , HO,
70 1U)
M 1C
114 H'i
li too
( 13
: v, ig
ml jo
lu I .
11 a
( 104
M 1 1
M 11 1
0: Iw,
son .1.14
13 .844
tU , 410
Wl 441
140 ' 4KI
874 . xT.t
480 M0
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13 2ft .HI
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11 V 40
9 ' MS 1
so! 1401
100 tlH ,
m ; wo i
i 001 M
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or.! co
Mull OCOVrtM.
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1 Squirt,.
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.,I50 4,,b IHi
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.,. 60. Ill 8ft
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H uo.uuih
H Culuan, i. ......
K initial)
.174 IS 10
WiniiM: Kri
Hi U) j 4i i I Ul
30 0UH do wo
UapWt into Otlca tad Soak Blaaer
attattia, Truuttnl adTarataaaatt bum at paid la
Bagular ailvartlkaottats ami aa paid at
UuexpriatiMOiaaeaannth. Hoa rtoeiTtd
ine-vpt oa that coadltlaaa.
Bferjitaar-dar adTrtlcaat ohirgod
two-talr4 of (he raiat tut ry da j adrar
UMOMOtl. Tea Hot Xsaiiarlal (14 ol aa loch tpaca)
ODaitllutet atquarai ana words aoottituta
lln. and adrertlicn aa alwayt tall tba
tmaunt te teu.l by culiuilftlug aoconllnf to
till icale.
Teatjr-i)T ptr cent, additional to dally
rt for Imrrtiuf a'lreriuemf nt In both
Dally and Weakly.
Tiitr per rem. additional for taiartinf
adrtrUtaatenti or hmkm la Dfioclal Nolle
Editorial aotlcet lotdTUUMMnta twnty
tra emu par llaa for caok luortraa.
my er cant. add4Uaaal tar donbla-eol-ana
Oblttwrist aad f uarat Hotloat una at
aaw adrertiMmenU. ,
IIOj per unt. addl'.loual tar adTarUie
menu to lit led on Id or td p.i.
Ftre Cuun'nuics, Clmrltalila and Moluai
Boaodt 8. ciu.ica half price.
Ltttert un bttinou roaneclat wlthtbii
OKcc, ik.ii.lil liowlilrei.cd to
j. yi. nxroHon.
Vlckoburr, Mm.
. J
Tin Aberdeen Examiner of the
5th states that, ou the Thursday
night previous, while Mr. Reuben
Crow was returning from Colnm
bus to his house near Buttahatch
ie, he was waylaid just after dark
near Garlarghar's Ferry and shot
in the buck of his neck while scat
ed in bis wagou. A negro named
Rurrell was arrested and confessed
to bavin;; fired the fatal shot. He
charged thotLtj was hired to do It
by J. L. Whit worth and Wyley
Collins. The cause for the com
mission of this atrocious deed is
not given. . ,
SlCHEIABl BotlWSl.L illtildn (O
urjro upon Congress a plan which
he has matured for funding about
$1000,000,000 of the NaUonal debt,
at fonr per cent, or lowor.i
A case involving State and .Fed
eral jurisdiction Kas fccenty arisen
iu Montgomery, Alabama. The
btace law levieir a tax upon the
Southern Express Company. The
oompnuy applied to Judjje Bustced
of the United States Court, for an
injunction, which was granted.
The State Auditor 1ms issued a
circular to tux collectors ordering
them to collect the tax in spite of
the Injunction 'The Stale and
company both have eminent conn
scl engaged to light it through the
A girl in Irontou, Ohio, recent
ly shot Ler seducer dead, because
lie refuscilto go "right away? and
marry her. Her brother was with
her whon the seducer was killed.
The dying man averred it was the
brother who shot him, but the girl
assumes Pie orlme, and earnestly
begs to be made the only sufferer.
This is another evidence that the
laws for punishing adultorlce, so
duclion, and all that class of of
fence, are (In all parts of the States)
totally inadequate They - should
be reformed. When they are made
sufficiently severe to deter men and
women from betraying each other,
we shall have less of sednction and
adultery, and acts, inch as the one1
above chronicled, will very nearly
cease altogether.
' A, Lynchburg Jury baa con
demned a man to pay 912 and costs
for poisoning; dog.'
The latest advices from France,
moru. u. ven 01 me most
liberal character are ' occurring.
rrauceis lo-oay lar iue most
prominent among the cis-Atlantic,'
nations i
Barely a sovereign ever yielded
soerncefhllv to the demands of
iue age nau 01 uis people, as nas wi
Napoleon III. The shadow ot ' At the annual election of the
Liberty had been cast athwart the 'directors and otlicersof this coin
land of France, but now Lcr noble j pnnvj held in New Orleans, De
form stands upon the soil. He jcember 20th 1909, to serve during
who was the autocrat, said to j the present year, the following
the people, "not I, but 'e will directors and officers were elected.
. i .. . ... ,
rule. The reigns of government;
have been tendered to and shared 1
by the people.
York Ilcrald :
Says the New
It now appears that the Em-) D- McGinuis, Harry T. Hayes,
poror really means to reduce his i R. N. Ogtlen. George W, Bran
promised reforms to practice, and nnd D. DcIIavcii. directors
that if the edifice is not crowned . v. m,t, . r.t . r
with liberty the fault will not k!eff.0rIeaus' JlK, C?0,-e
his. His former Ministers re-.
signed, and the resignation ha '
bcuu accepted, .u. UUivier Las i
bcen requested to undertake the j
formation of a Miuiutrr
Emperor desires hint to nume pet-
sons who, associated wji.U him,
would form a homogeneous Cabi
net, faithfully representing the
legislative majority, and resolved
to earn- out to the letter nnd
spirit, the (Sew Loiiniltum of
September hist. According to
liberal journals personal govern
ment is at an end. and the Em
peror's letter is the 4,!irst chapter
in the history ot the liberal em
pire." ' '
Note 'that closing paragraph,.
According to liberal journal
personal government Is at an end
and the Emperor's letter is the
"first chapter in the history of the
liberal empire."
Whether Liberty shall make her
home in France remains to lx
seen :but her people nre marshaled
with their laces toward the rising
sun of progress of political en-
fianchisemenl and are icd by
Napoleon himncif.
He is no longer the Ossr. the
autocrat, the government. Be
tween him and France there is lo
be a responsible Ministry. With
some slight modifications the
government of France will be con
ducted substantially as is the gov
eminent of Great Britain. The
Ministers will bo responsible to
the Corps Lcgislatiif and the mem
bers of the Corps Lcgislutin" will
be responsible to the people. If
the new plan works well France
will have reason to be proud ; for
the government machine will be
one of the most perfect in exist
ence. Nominally an empire, with
a truly great man at iu head,
France will in point of fact be a
Where is the American outside
of Radical office holders, present
and prosp ctivc. who would not
be a citizen of France ? There
life, property and.political rights
will be safe. Here they arc r.t the
mercy of political hucksters, gam
blers, thieves, There they have
a political edifice within which
thev can and do live.
Here the people are wildly
roaming beneath clouds of disas
ter In n political Sahara. There
tlie representatives of the people
say to the ruler, "thou slialt or
shalt not do this thing," and the
ruler submits. Here the repre
sentatives of suy to the
foi'V," ye must or must not do
this thing," aud the coc sub
mit. Hcrciu are presented the
two principles. Deeper tliaii ever
is Napoleon's name engraved on
the page of history, and nobler
than ever is his record. If the
First Napoleon must in all time to
come be spoken of as the Julius
Cicsar of France, the Third Napo
leon will undoubtedly be remem
bered aa the Augustus.
If tho First Washington must in
all time to como be spoken of as
the Father of his country, the
"Second Washington" will un
doubtedly be remembered as the
rarricido thereof.
From the days of Clovis, Pepin
and Charlemagne odown the
"sounding ages," France has
been Liberty's foe. Now thoir
hands meet.
For more than two centuries
America prospered as Freedom's
favored child, nnd the boast of
millions. But eho has cruelly
pierced the breast that nourished
her, and her ingratitude "stingeth
Lke a serpent and bltoth' like an
adder.' The people of the one
are steppipg out Into the broad
! day of political Freedom. They;
'of th8 other ,re ,inkinir Ia 1
gIoom of tvrannic . bt Liler.
,Utr nnon on. . ,, . n,,)0f.
sm unon the ot hor.
TLe reonle
are to govern there; the haycJctj
governs here. One is on F.mpire
( !) the other a Republic ( !) i Mr. Thornton, the BriUih Minis
rn..o..T.' V-T.rr-.T.-.... ! lvl written to foriland, Me.,
. . . - .1
ianiaar ai tin tania ana i
no rania ana
Messrs John A. Crow, II.
Blooraflekl. T.
Jeff Hall, Chas.
F. Ifcott, W.
Benton, John
I Caitoone. Chaiks W. Fornll, II
"on, m. u. L,. &tewnit, j. it.
Watkins, J. T. Swayite and W,
B. Waldran, at Memi)hi Tcniies-
see. W. R.' Spears, Vleksbiir.
avc ' A Tlnl.-nv T Aiiiia'ftllrt Vt
i 4tftiw 4VHIVI aiVIUO 1 lliVl A. 1 .
J. T. Critteudon aad John Cobb,
Madison Indinun. R. S. Voor
hls and II. G; Carson, St. Louis
M'.souil. Samuel H. Patterson,
Jeflerson Kentucky, and'( J. 'C.
Hess, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
Hon.J.T. Swayne of Mempeis,
Tenn.. President. Major T. ' Jeff
flail, Viee President. D. Dclfa
ven, Superintendent. Charles P.
Benton Secretary and Treasurer.
John B. Davis, Chief Eugineer.
The company is in a very pros
perous condition, and will soon be
in a condition to put one or. more
of its splended steamer upou the
broad bosom of the mighty Mis
sissippi. . , . a -
Wit are intoimed that the engi
neers sent out to survey the pro
jected railroad route from thU city
to Yazoo City have complctei! their
field labort, aud will in aiuort time
be prepared to furnUli a systematic
report ot thcirlabort. They report
tUt the feeling along the cutlre line
is strongly iu favor of constructing
the road. The citizen of both
Warren and MndWon couuucMiiaii
ifrst deep interest iu the projrol,
and will willingly lend all ucceiury
aid and fiibiciibe liberally to the
stock of the company. This is one
of the mo't important railroad
projecu now advocated Iu this
Stale, and nc hopo to sec It soon
placed upon a stable tooting.
- -
We have been shown a private
letter which states thai Dr. '1'. S.
Gib$ou, whose death was nunouued
iu the IIeralu yesterday, was as
sassinated in his own hoiii-e, in the
Hilda of his family by six federal
soldiers bended by Deputy blici'il!
fiainey, of Sunflower county. He
was shot through the window, the
ball taking effect near the left tem
ple. It va cei'luicly, as stated, a
in ol cowardly Irsiiiaolion, and re
flected anything but credit' upou
the actors In this Hid affair. After
the house had been Min-omuled
and every avenue of In. escape cut
off to deliberately shoot him
through the window U atrocious.
But he wat .imply a "rebel'' shot
by Union soldier mid the matter
will be dropped without investiga
tion or puyjshipeiit. Will there
never be an end to llic.u atrocities ?
Will the time never come when a
citizen cau lit down in t tie bosom
of his family and feel that he I
safe from as.nsiimtiou from tluse
whote boaet It is th.it they are here
lo preserve the pence and to keep
good order?
We learn that his family aio iu
great distress uud it ia learcd that
bis sister and wlfo can uot survive
tho shock occasioned by this hor
rible deed.
Tue Raymond Gazette of the
5th says that, six of ,tho criminals
confined in the Hinds County jail
effected their escape on the Fri
day night previous, by cntting
through tho floor. Tho Gazette
congratulates the county upon
being relieved from the burden of
their support.
We have received some very
creditable verses addressed to a
lady in this city, but as the author
did not furnish his name we can
not publish them. .It is an unalter
able rule never to publish anony
mous communications. The name
is required as a guarantee of good
faith not to be used.
Tbacfmamm, the celebrated mur
derer of the Elnck family, In Paris,
has been convicted and sentenced
to death.. When the verdict was
announced ho - aroe smiling and
thanked the Court. ;-'
The friends of Women's Suffrage
in California are to hold a State
Convention in Son Ftpucisco on
w.,i.,..i.. !,. or. n iii ...
I ,, . . ....
""""'J uaa- A
tllflt l.n lifts linnit rllrar.tA1 4a t.tall
' " " im
that city as the representative of
the Queen ou the arrival of the re
mains of George Teubody ; alio that
the Admiralty thought the Mon
arch and the I'lymouth will be
twenty-eight days ou the postage.
If no, tho V4cl will uot arrive
uulil Jan. IS. .
A man iu Ohio who recently as
saulted another with a heavy hick
ory stick having sharp steol points
driven near each other down about
half Its length, and a long stool
blade in lis end, was bonnd over In
thesntu of $300 for simple assault
and battery. ' : ' .e.--
Collector Casey, of New Orleans,
has direeted that ail persons hold
ing positions In the Custom Honse
under his control musr, before the
1st of Janrtary, fnrnlsh heads of de
partments where they are employ
ed certificates of tuelr'standing' lu
the Republican party. " : ' '
A lady who is canvassing for a
book in Viiicenncs,' Iud., took um
brage at an article In one of the pa
per 'there,' aud"1 tnto'rvlcvVcd the
editor with a revolver. He said he
dld'u't mean It. r' 1 " 4
, At !ie special clecjton the , De
mocracy j flf CJiamnsu , countv,
Ohio, ran a negro for..State Sena
tor on a ticket dcclarjug! Llmt "if he
Is. while enough, to votee la white
enough to; be votcd,", 7,'
, The New.Hveu Palladium tells
a horrible story of,, brutality to
wife to the followluK effect : Alex
ander McCrady went with bis wi
from riyuiouin 10 Waterb'-iry W
pass Christmas. Ou the way home
they quarreled, and afcCiady, who
was slightly Intoxicated, seized his
wife and threw her out of the wa
gon, breaking1 both bones of her
leg beow the kuce. le then lold
her she must walk the rest of the
way, but the poor woman being en
able to rise, he got out aud fell to
beating and kicking lief. Ue finally
threw her into tbe wagon, and on
arriving home threw her, into the
yard, where sho lay nearly iusensi
blc, while with a kuite he out off
every panicle of her clothing
He then tied a rope around her aud
drew her uudur a shed, where he
left her with a parting kick sta
bled and fed his horse and went to
bed. We live in a Christian land!
Two hundred and fifty Chinese
passed dowu tho river 011 the stea
mer MIis-ippi, Inst Thursday.
They were engaged by General J.
G. Walker, for labor on the Hous
ton audTcxas Central railrond. They
arc to receive twenty five dollars,
per mouth, iu gold,-and rations.
Their transportation from Califor
nia Is paid by tho employer, and
they aro engaged for a term of three
years service. General Valker is
prepared lo furnish any number
required for service on rail roads
aud levees, lie does not thluk,
however, that the time has arrived
for their introduction into the cot
ton fields of the South. That time he
thinks will romo late. Wefbink it
should never come. What planter, can
afford to pay, to feed aud pay twen
ty 11 vo dollars lu gold per month,
and pav transportation from Call-,
fornia here, for plantation iaborersj
This enterprise, so tar as this one
shipment is concerned, I ontlroly
distinct from theeffortof Mr.Coop
nian'cliop. ' j
Wk cheerfully give place' to the
following correspondence.: t, .
New Yohk, Doc. , 13011. ,
Local IMitoi' Vkfoburij Times.
Dear Sir: Wishing to employ
otily the first talent upon my pa-
Per "Harper's Bazar of Fashion"
tender you the position of Fash,
ion Editor, and if you accept re
quest you will forward your pho
tograph to be inserted as an en
graving In the next number. Tal
ent being my object, salary is of ne
Very truly.
Proprietor "Harper' 3as.ar."'
Vicksbdbg. Jan. 4, 1870.
Proprietor "Harper' Bazar oj
Sir : In reply to your offer I may
say it suits my inclinations aud ca
pacity, and herewith I send desired
photograph for a out Fame being
my object, salary is not.
Yours, Ac, i
... j
Local Editor Times. -P.
S. Please have the artlst.rum
ple up my hair that it may look ine
P. S. No. 2. Hare my hair parti
ed la the middle and say -hand
holding a cane. .'..,..; 1
P 8. No. .'' Don'ti forget! the
hair and the eane. And be careful!
about the note and expression of
the month. - ji
' ' COKTIXL'ED.J ' ' '
We are highly encouraged with
the reception which this scheme basW
met. It argues well for its suo
ccs. We have had asinrance
from many parties, men of energy,
1utellige1.ee abd influence,' that
they will heartily co-operate In the
matter. After the charter is ob
tained and the books for snbicrip.
timn to- stock- opened U will be
short time before the fir a series of
stock U taken up d then the As
sociation' will regularly gd io
work. There are but two cutties
of people who It is desirable should
be engaged in the building scheme :
those who require the assistance of
the Association to obtain a home,
and those who desire the success of
the Institution from pure consid
erations of public benefit and in
dividual good. None need engage
in this project from Interested mo
tlvos of profit for no single indi
vidual will be allowed to control
enough of the .stock t to nuke it a
so'urce of IndivUluaJ 'profit, ",'jfhe
shcrco each "perton will Jo Ihnit
cd to a-'sails, Biugu.'efjUor
should parties engage iii this busi
ness fully. ; satisfied that fAev wlll
have a hous'o the very first tliing..Jt
should 'be remembered "(hat evo'iV
. : 1 .7 1 . t . , . . , 1
one who Becomes a member'has the
tame desire," to build 'or'pw'ii k
uwiiii) iuu aii vauum uc giauMi'ii
at once; each 'must Come iu his
tui-u Evc'rv' one) tbougb wlii'have
aV equal a chance.' " The '"' money
that ma be oik hand' at each
moulhly meelfn'g will' be iold to
tlie highetl bidder, be he whom he
mm and each will bid. for Kac
eording to1 tlie pressure of -I ne
cessities. Thl method does noUn
volve any extortion Or1 tsitlag ad
vantage of- a marl's 'necessities be
cause the profits derived from tue
premiums thus bid for loans will
be applied- to the mutual benefit of
stockholders. It may be-thought
that a payment of one dollar a
mouth front each stockholder will
uot accumulate rapidly ' enough a
fund sufficient for effectually car
rying out the objects designed; But
let us see. ' We will present tin ex
hifdtoftbelbperarientfrt the 01 y-
phant Buftdlag 'Assoelatlon ' of
Scranton, Pennsylvania, for-one
year, as shown in Secretary Yoyle's
first aunuai report. The associj-
tion started with, not t dollar,, pf
aucumulalcdor contributed capital
other than the first payment of one
dollar for each member' mou'thy
dues. Of the first series of stock
ixsucd Sept kS;h, 1808, .r82 shares
were taken which only reulred a
monthly paymeut of $583, and that
was the amount offered at the- first
salo for a loan. 8crics of stock wore
again issued in January, April and
July, 18flfl, the whole number of
shares at the latter date, amount
ing to SOO.Bnt upon this basis a
successful years business ensued
and the. association, was found
equal to its purpose.
, In order to present mqrc clearly
tho wonderful aggregative owsr
of this scheme in aocuinulating
funds, wci pre'cnt, in statistical
form, the annual report before' flj
luticdto u ( .i j , : , , a
First Annual ' Import of the Oly
plisnr Baildlnir Association
showing iu operations for the
yearcuUing October, 180U. .1 n t
- juicers etected te serve until
OitobeR l80Ti ' ' 1 . j
' Presideut--Andrew Patten. A
Beoretary David M.Voyle. il.
Ticasnrer John P. llitcbarda.i
' ' " biBicroBs : ' i
' 'fcaac D. Secor, William W. Wa
ters, Valentine liirtlcy, WUIiam A.
Gtistin, Benjamin Walters, John
Pcttlgrcw,.',. . .
, Attorney J. M, C. Ranck. y
vl . . BECBHTS.. "' . ., , i,
Monthly Dnes,13 months. $0,454 00
Premiums,!' 8,18414
Premiums, 8 ..: 115 05
Interest 448 00
Fines 120 00
Gain on withdrawals..... ' 100 11
f 18,520 30
BXriNUITUB-fl. "
Permancut expense sect. . .fl57 62
Soci-ctary's Sulary.. 4Srt 25
Attorney 12 75
Hall rent 13 50
Printing..... 4 00
Capital withdrawn 307 30
Cah capital or unmatured
stock 17.3SG 88
$18,520 30
Pcrmaueut Loans $10,000 00
Bills receivable : . . . 530 00
Duo by mombers. ..; . . . 251 84
Cash in Treasury 0 04
$17,380 88
Capital or unmatured 1
Htock aniKrtvo
1 - Tai;ww iv
Whole number of Shares .... 800
It will be teen that the monthly
dues of themselves only amounted
to $9,454 00, while the .profits were
as mnch more, and thus the capital
stock, at the end of the firtt year,
represented by 8CG shares, wu
$17,836 881 4JpoB ' this principle
how long wom. Jt , bs before, all
had secared homes?. .
We shall present tome further
Ideas aboat this subject aext week.
end after consul ting, with soma of
those who are earnestly Interested
herein, will call meeting of cor
ponton" to -select) j an committee
who shall apply to the coming
Legislature for a charter of Incor
poration as Building Association,
audee which! charts? an organiza
tion will be formally effected, and
then our little barqne will be, set
afloat upon the tea of tweeuM
experiment.. . , : ,
THE ''BEILLt.sKt:- ., 9B. V. B.'
f, pn the morning of the 3d a man
by the ..name of Gainey, pepoty
Sheriff, accompanied by six soldiers
went to the boute of Gibson and In
vited him out. Gibson opened his
doorwheroupo'u guns Trere level
ed upon him, pointing throogh the
windows arid doors, and firing com
menced. ' Gibson returned tthv fire
with a pistol.' . lie had' other woa
pons ie the house, but not expecting
any trouble they t went unleaded.
Gai0oweyer!jtueceedcd In
WOUudbiggfjJaineK, , the, . deputy
Sheriff, an two Sojdiort. All three
are supposed 'J' & ' tie 'mortalryi
woUtiUdd." Gibson' Was 1ttieii' ifliot
throujH the head, wbloh caused falsi
death ir' -bout 30 'minutes. 'Tho!
Soldiers Mbbed his pertaa of his
pocket book andi arntnd.Ahosedl
udithcaatonedbls wife andjtistort,1
aliil taid' they would kilt; them Jf
turbsnca ....,.,., l, , k..a.B-
Ci They dragged the body. uion the
galloryrcmsjkinwe have killed
the dauincd scouiulrel ii lasL'Thcy
thenle'fu',v:,',t""ri ''"'I
" Tho remains of Mr. Gibson were
broughtto1 Yazoo TDIty 1 for Ittteti
ment, on the steamer Calumet, wt
were burned there y teray mora-
lngii!;; n iq 1; I;jiiisiao') "i '
:.' -The wounded soldiers were taken
back tp MoNntt by their, comrades,
, ,r We believe the arrest was prompt
cd by a charge that Dr. tilbtoa bad
been engaged jn the hilling of ne
groe who were engaged In the late
insurrections in Sunflower country.
Gibson had determined never to be
taken' alive believing fhat'deatti
was preferable t the jut tlo 7)' ef
a mtllury trial. ' '.We have' alluded
to this matter elsewhere,., : ! :
i.4JuiiU!r-r;mrT-rrr? aco i l ,
. r. ; ') ' tYanca at BUvlaa.
..Tjiursday, a young couple of this
oity wore united, in marriage,, and
on the noon train too; passage, for
Bovlna, near 'which they propose
reslillng." Thirty or forty persous,
ladles and gentlemen, accompani
ed them, with the view of having
a genuine'' old fashioned1 "house
warming." Tnt -house it beautl
foHyi ittiaiel, .Aiid., is. htrge, and
roomy, andi la it all .were safely
ensconced by one o'clock' in. the af
tcrnobn; 'Dinner was not annoanc
cd until near foul-, and at a conse
quence the ''impatient and pleasure
loving cast them about to find amos
mout during this Interval Scott't
tUing band from this city, one of
the best te bo had anywhere, was
soon brought Into icrvlco, and then
It was that joyous feet chased in
tliebeautirnl niar.eir' of the dance
the flvihf hours.' '-The dance- 'was
'protecuUdTviyi "yuabatcd aWorand
iuwre wu.su uirJUiJt.itiM uuuwuv(u-
sd, to whloh all with atiarpeaed ap
petite repaired.'! It was 'sumptu
ous in the extreme. 1 Amid 1 the
never ceasing flow of wlllclsm and
pleasantries, the ' repast , was par
taken! of. , The' wlnct'; wci-e;' of
the fluc8t brandA; thepajtr'of the
mostetoellent quslity, aualj oilier
thing? of tile eameoharActcr. Din
ner over, back to the) dancljig
room all' repaired' and 'SBgag--
cd -airaln' In the more i.ac-'
five pleasures of ' the occasion.
About dark tho 'people living In
tho vicinity began to arrive. Many
others would have been' present
but for the rain which continued
from uoou until a late hoar at night,
The dancing continued until about
twelve, when all repaired again to
the dining room lo refresh, from a
well spread table, tho Inner man.
Tho dance wat again returned and
continued until the great God Of
day had rolled away the dark ma-
Uo of night, when after breakfast
the party, with the exception of the
ncwly'.marriod couple and Intimate
friends sought tbe depot i and
there took the train and returnod
to the city.' ' It was aa exceeding
ly agreeable occasion. Everything
boing . harmonious and -pleasant
Scott bat one of the best bauds In
the city anil the i sweet s' sUalnt
which he and hie coadjutors evoked
on this occasion, added much iu
doed to the pleasure. ,, . 1
' i '. r
t The Southern people used td de
vote much thonp-litand attention to
State ' right. ' The' Radicals havo
fixed things to that the South hsi
Bothlng to tUckubout sow hut tUe
wrongt of plates w T , ... mwj
. ID . ':
,:. I . '
rarthar la-
from Dr. Llv , "or,rl
Of ilay last, and ; ,
bar, by DrK '
Consul, on the 2d l U r
communicated to the Li
ocra fcv tht- (Tovernii,! nt
Dr. Kirk, In forwnrdin e it. r .
as follows -
Front John Kirk: r 1 . V
lftical agent and, lt It
Consul. ZanlLar. ' to' C." G
Esq.,' SccreUrr to rr
uuuiuu.y. ,
Pated ZaflibarOct. 2, 1. 3
MSra:- I have tlie honor t.i li-
close herewith, for the jt.f)r
tion of the Right Hon. the C. .
nor in Council, the copv of a i t
ter from' Dr: LlvIn?f'.or.e, c i
the 30th Mav, 1869, and reth.i.u.1
at Zanibarthit day. ? Thcrevi"-.
made by Dr Livingstone lo a fro
Yioud,coromunication,tJat ' li
ed hero jn thetti tilt 1
been , ol ready co mj ' v
stiall loao, np.Uine n ai'pj f
the things herein di r.and. J. 1 . e
will, howctci1; 'be' some Jtitir. ;;
In getting faithful men, as tUo
Arabs 'BrtrSi1tii,i1T!r,"t "j of
the'Ef IlaoUjl Vri', ore ty rtr
means foyafsirl't's uf, ?f" I ? i
iid. Bnd. nf Dr. 1A ir -"i'oi p
Xii, still en-iacefl In t'u s e t
' . I tave, tfce.,' " Ji nsk
a ..0,
, MtprAh iocic K..'
noW goesr.by1 Muska i,
who1 waf erti'ployed l'l.t a
orlve ttie'lairittoes hither; ! t ! y
b'venfrivlnff'.tht'm nn nort.'. ;a
ifle stftf's'nti tyft;g V . . t, 1 1 e
ta nerdlngi thev ail o a in e
goCto-'irnyaaycmbt': ''I-.- . t-'
nfecf Hjid ,4i)hmler't ' c" - 7
gQoda4 And, g0t bli'ifO of ' J,
anrtr navegnw m.anei.i t 1
cldtli' sulBolent to Icy pi ovi c ts
fot himself tui 4tho -wny ti"": ta
Zanzibar. He has done nOv:. 3
here. .. He netttrpr, went tear the
goods here "hoi' tried to prevent
their 1sein stolen n' the way." I
suppose that pay for four tooii!
la coming, other four of reatirrf
four In.- going beck wouhL be am
ple, int I leave, t,hds, to jopr decie
Ipn.j I could not, employ hint to
carry my'jnail Wcki car. can ( say
anything to him, for, be nt one
goes to tjljiahaff Wit gives hit)
own verelon of all' he heiut." He
It untruthful and in-conditioned,
and'- would hand ot the xU to
i adyxitte Who vwhed to destroy is.
The people here are lite the Kil
wa traders haters of the, Englisa
.Those Zanzibac ineu wUoui i nivt
between this and Nyassa were gen
tlemen nnd traded with' honor.
here,1 aa m -the tiaonty f tho
Kilwa hordes, slaving is', c series
of forays, and they dread expos
ure by my' letters." No one will
take charge ef them. I have got
Thlan bin Suellim to take e, mall
privately tor transmission to Ua-
yanyembe. . It contains check
on , Jttitclue, Mueart , ox to., , or
Bombay, for Rs,.' 2,000. and, some
forty letters 'written' during my
slow Recovery. 1 fear It may net
er reach 'you. -Is" ptirty'was seat
to the-coast? -two-months ago.
One man volunteered to- take 'A
letter secretly, , but- his .master
warned them all- nowto do so, be
caiwo I might write eomethrr.g he
did not likw 1 He- wcat ..out. wii
tho party and gat a osiz;t to tie
ItMiil man loiuitNtv in? li.n.T aa
might detect on the .way. Thus,
tbqugh I hrii good tricmll out
wardly .with thmii nir,"I enn -jt no
assistoiice in., procuring carriers,
and as you, ee U Uie. , rud
comes to hand I sent to Zanzibar
for flfteci good boataien to Act as
carriers tf required, eighty pieces
of meriUWo,1ftrtypieces of kiml
tra, twelf e fm .-Mas, of he beds
called Jsmauin, 'io e'c.y and, I
have written to , Scyd teg
ging two of his guards to see to
the safely oTllie goods hare Into
Thant bin Sucliltn's hands or tnt
those' of Mohammed bin Sohlf. '
' At to the ' work' W be done by
me It let only : to I connect the
sonrccs which 1 1 have discovered
from 600 to. 700, miles south of
Speke and Baker's with their Kile.
The volume pf .water which Sows
north . frow latitude; 120 deg.
South is so large, I suspect that I
have been w6i king. at the sources
of tlie Cango as well as Uiosa of
the Nile. 1 have to go down tht)
eastern line of drainage to Ba
ker's turning point.1 ' Tanganyika,
Nylge Chowambe. fBaker'a) are
one water, and the head of. It la
800 miles south of it. . The wee
tern and central lines of drainage
converge into an nnvisiled luke
west or sonthwest of this. The
outflow of this, whether to Canjjo
or Nile, I have to ascertain. The
people Of this called unyciua,
are cannibals, If Aralia s peak truly.
I may Have to ge thorn fir and
down Tanganyika, if I come out
unctttonand iud r 7 n.- v t ,,"id
front Zanzibar. I c"- -"y hope
that you, will do t ! ' mem to
help me w IUi t! o -t- r- 1 i:-:n i
400 to be -'.'. , -f. Yr .nj
must Oi y 1 ) im-v) y you
through i'itii,' g Co.
I " i ,
ai ii.tr": "i
with otter boxes. ', , - .

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