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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, January 29, 1870, Image 8

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J A... SI, 1370.
sitt' il ibt i'lM4 Har.
f' il'iril .T
i I i 'IT Ml ' 11
.. t 'M. ' nu t 'lighter,
. un j,HTt N.IL,
" mt an n. th, -ty,
A o i ! m ., .lrll t
Ami vim .,!, iik ry Unala,
aa bubm apoit ay aacc.
AM I M Mr el -M Mother V. m."
lan,e Trut" lul"l Rir i'.
'lie I Ki iinj Hood and Hit UraJ-
And -Jack j HWbt" too.
Ium hr oer vSix'"."
ami Kjr a ' .."
But i uii t toi '
Anri MM NT 7-
)kithf 4BM-WFf. far X'lll'f
Aad h Nurtitd, ''iicb ttortc a thcit
aa do
far mam, but not ;er th it child !"
o tfemi I Mil hr the tory
Ot th Utile bov o, m iiitle bit
Civnivd BP ni m'vl.r. and Wlf'UKSi
ill au( BJtKi la flu.
A4 bow oa tb hroi'l Atlantic
Whea tr aagry iini rared
H Muiu-nl iMvtir an ft-Uia,
Atti Ucbl tbau' orttiwsrl !
h limine l'lri
TJmw the nu ron
And Mrlail nr Wti iniwnt hand,
"I , Aaaaafcod awuiull ituaio!
ruiCorrapouuM S. T. Hcral.l J
A Prtl Katmaatca.
We an likely to be enlivened
with a good scandal. Tlie gossip
mongers will era long be in the
seveuth heaven otdiHj;lii. A fami
ly lawsuit will settle tbo division of
property, with which a curious an
ecdote It connected. For obviou
teaaona I supprcts the names of
the iutereatau iarticn. A wealthy
merchant bade pretty daughter;
one day be aetit lor a young man
In hie employment, who bad not
been abui wbeu Dame Nature
waa dUipeniiing good looks, lie
addrewd him iu words to this et
feet: "You arcs good, iuduiriou,
young man. Bijfn 01 acquies
cence on the part of the young man.
"1 with to give yon an interest in
the business." The employee, who
-efcod out a miserable exiaience on
1,300 franca per auuutn, wai ihun.
tftMli.iirb I. a alniti.rjvl tnil ftti.ni.
mered out compliments iu the best
way he could ; lor tl-c brilliant offer
bad knocked our young friend into
the middle of next wee k, lie wan
brought to hi mdhoh by the old
gantleinitn, who added : "Would
you lko to inuTj?" "Hard
ly .thoutjht of that, yes,
vet. air." "My daultilcr' taken a
fancy to you ; I will Rive you 300,-
000 franc aa a wedding portion."
The clerk, however, thouiilil there
waa aouiuthiiig peculiar iu the alTuirl
ana SUggOelcu tiro iruiirieiy ui re
flection. "Don't noMiaie, ami i
will give yon 4u0,000 Iraocs." Thi
wai loo much fur youug France,
who mild, "Will you nertuit mo to
uk vou why you mako the propo-iitloo?"-
"Why? why? why?''
tiamuicred the old Koiilluiimn lit
bit tarn. "She i proity, he may
lia coiuiuluuil a fntilt: luke the
girl, I will give you 500.OD0 franca."
The bargain was concluded and the
day named. Two day before ihc
weddinx the old gentleman called
bla eofl-ln-law and luformud him
"that bla daughter was in an in
teresting condition." As I before
- said the young employe was intel
ligent; be declared without hesita
tion that the atluir could not go oit
at the price. "Don't let moucy
. stand iu your way," said bis em
ployer. "I will give you a hulf
share In my busluuiu aud the whole
of my property t my death." This
clenched the bargain ; the marriage
took place in doe course, as did alo
the death of the old pt-nileinun.
The law eommi$ at L'200 frum-a per
vear is one of the wealthiest men
ln France.
TkEleoll Bill.
The bill Introduced by Mr,
Campbell, to reguluto clcclioue in
this blate, la'a shrewdly concocted
and matured scheme to vest the
Goveruor of the Slate with abso
lute control and determination of
all the elections in this State, as
well for Slate, city, aud pariah, aa
for Federal officers. All military,
civil, and Judicial powers are to
this end centered in tue governor
lie shall appoint all the Keizis
traxs and Supervisors; he shall
determine whether tho militia
shall be ordered out, and take
all measures he may think proper,
to vrotect the polls ; he shall even
bare the right to invalidate and
set aside the elections whenever
he shall think that they have not
, been fairly conducted, finally
he shall have tho power to
declare martial law, a power
denied even to the Prcai
dent of the United Stales, and
which at the worst, as a war pow
Ar. i-rililil onlv be exercised bv the
National Executive. Then the
courts are to be stripped of all
power over the supervisors of
elections, and the citizens are to
be loa iu. their most important
right, to tho absolute control and
arbitrary will of the mere instru
ments f a party.
Why need we dwell on a bill
" passed in suuh a spirit and for
inch objocUf
Why need we say, what must be
apparent to'its concoctors, that
1he adoption of such an act must
be the eotirce of indescribable
tumult, disorder, and wide spread
discontent mud trouble through
out the Slate? What people,
worthy of the nama of free
xr.cn, qouUl be expected to submit
to and live mulct provisions alike
degrading, oj prcsaive and viola
. tive of every political and person
al right held dc-r by the citizens 'I
N. U. Times.
'.'."(; erecalkd upon to notico th
u U of Mr. Job LocL-a, who kept
a Wkery on i,V,'a4.ipj'on street.
t.ltitk(l It is said. .
, H f " ' -
r. rilii ii-lLur is in T7a6lai3fon,
t o be Is. ,
The Chicago Times tells of
f.tal expission of gasloiflN
1.4ii l.
i it aarE ts tux mnn
We extract freely ho that ex
cellent agricultural Journal, tho
Sural Carolinian :
The tUmla plant will grow nnd
produce ItrfO crops In all the Cot
urn butf. Of this inure can be no
dMibi ; but onr question involves
otiicr consideration. Have we the
means of economically preparing
the fibre for market, and when pre
pared can a market be found, and a
remunerative price obtained for
what we can produce? Doub(le
these questions will soon bo an
swered, but possibly at a heavy cost
to tboe who may embaik in the
culture. Polb!y, oil the othar
bend, fortunes may be quickly
made by those who arc bold euculi
to to try lUiuic planting largely,
aud at once.
We learn from- New oik nnd
New Orleans that "orders Irotn
European manufacturers have ar
rived inthineounuy for lurge quan
tities of this uorc, and there i a
growing demand for a mimhcr of
domefclic mauulai:torii.'i which shall
work up this librc." It is aUo
tHied as a fact that Manchester and
N;w York houses, having beurd
that the trout h is gettintt into the
cultivation of Ituinic, are calling in
advimco for all that bhull be pro.
duced, aud are ready to furnUh
capital for mining cropn.
to what extent thci-e statcuicut
may be safely relied upon, we can
not any, as much that hits appeared
in print, iir reference to the Runic,
has plainly been published in the
Interest of thoso who have Ramie
plants to sell.
.It is a fart, however, Unit the
Ramie is now uttracting great
deal ot attention. One of the iuot
interesting thing on exhibition at
the late fair of the American Insti
tute nt Now York, wo uro told, was
"a mode-t little cane in the silk de
partment, containing several bun
dles of the beuutitul and lutrouely
white fibres of the lUtnio plant,
which promises soon to enter, like
a wedge, between silk and flax, aud
revolutionize the manufacture oi
textile fabrics. The same cane con
tained sixteen specimens of Ramie
cloth, dyed of dilXcrcnl coloi, ami
a handkerchief with a iutiron-lnind
border and centre, which Ims been
in use for sonic time, and has been
washed repeatedly, without losing
its natural silky lustre."
We have not an-wct'cd tho out!-
tiou at the head of this article. We
are unable to do o; but each t.tel
we may collect helps to throw light
upon il. Wu want more of them
fuels, not speculations.
AKilcultural chemists rank oil
cakes in general at worth one-third
their weight hi iYniviiiu gnuuo
three pound ol uotton seed give
one pound eh-an caki which would
mako the sued equal to otic-ninth
its weight of guano, if the sei:i
mild lie n ti 1 1 1 n 1 1 as mivantai;i'mi 1
ly as the cake. Dot as the seed
when aiii'lii d whole rot with dil-
Acuity or sprout, mid if rotted iu
the barn yard before being im
plied loses much ol its aiiimoniii,
thi proportion should bo further
reduced certainly to nc-tcntli.
If now guano is worth SHlO per
ton, cotton seed would he worth
ten dollars, or hulf cent a pound.
W e mav arrive at nearly the same
result iu another way. Korty bush
els of cotton seed applied to an
acre oi ground, will increase the
iclu or tho acre, under tno most
Tivorablc seasons ' bushels, six
bushels of corn made, hut not gath
ered, are worth six dollar', which
weuld make the cpitou seed worth
fifteen cents a bushel, subject to
dim-omit fur the time and contin
gencies necessary to make nc.;
year's crop say thirteen cents a
iiuilal. ensh.
This resultagaln agree with the
experience ot a very eminent and
successful Georgia planter, the
lion. Robert I'i'oombs, who made
careful experiments on the suiiject,
and informed tho writer that he
could not nflord to k'lvc tit'tecu
cents a bushel lor coliou seed at
manure. A.
Tux Pea Bean as a Fauh Choi
Editor of Rural Carolinian : Last
season. 1 idantcd as an experiment
au acre of the small lottnd white
bean, known in some parts of the
country as the l ea iiemi, and In
others as the Navy Dean. Tho laud
was sandy and so poor, that I feat''
ed it would not produce corn
enough to pay for' working it, as
tho only mnntire I had to put on it
was a few loads of chip manure
aud thrco barrels of wood n.lies.
For that reason I made up my
mind to try the beans.
i broke up the land as for corn
and laid it oil lu deep drills three
feet upuru UaviuL' thoroughly
mixed tho chip tnatiuro and ash1,
I scattered the mixture Into tlicso
drills. It made but a lL'ht dress
iiiir. The benus wcro dropped
one foot apart, about lire beans to
tbo hill. 1 think it took aoottt
twelve auurls to plant tho acre, but
am not sure, as I mado no note of
the quantity at tho tlino. l cover
ed, with a hoc, 0110 aud a ball
Inches dorp, tho bills being consid-
ably below tho general surfjico.
The crops Buffered some from tho
droutn, in time or deep piauting,
but rocovcrcd, in pari, -when rains
came on. 1 gave tho crop two
thorough workings, leaving the
ground nearly emofltb. My crop
was lourtccn - bushels, worm iu
town four dollars a bushel. I am
convinced that the yield of corn on
the laud, with tho samo manuring,
wonld not havo exceeded ten bush
els, worth ono dollar a bushel.
I am told, aud can road v believe
(from the results of this experi
ment) that at least twenty bushels
to tho acre can cosily bo produced
on moderately fcrtilo soil aud with
llsrht manuring. Trices for this
crop are always high and tho mar
kets never glutted, could not tula,
be mado a profltablo crop in our
middio country r Fabics.
Hcabtii and Iloma has the fol
lowing true words in regard to
prorres in sericulture:
Ko man believes but that the ag
riculture of the twentieth century
will be as much in advance of the
agriculture of the nineteenth, as
thi Is ol the Ust. Bidding good
by to the costly and clnnmy Old,
and greeting the cheaper and bttr
New, 1 a characteristic of this ad
vancing tfc. Toward a better and
grauder luiure, when one buddred
millions of people hll be fed
where forty millions And little more
i ban a bare subsistence now, our
country is rapidly and iucvhubly
Whcuour people cultivate le
land and learn to plow deeper,''
(ssys the Southern Argus.) "then
tlify, will make more money.
Using the ub-oil plow on our
lands, will be prepared for dry
weather. It is more the moi-ttiie
that cows up from below than ti.ul
which f'.ll from show, tbnt makis
Vegetation nourish. Now, the tkvei)
or we plow, and the more we sub
Soil, the greater i thir quality of
moisttiri! rising from beneath- ihe
The llrirticu'ituri-t states that
W. C. Fhiiig.ol Alton. (Hi..) grubs
up hi old or Mipcrannun'tcd trc
and burns the brush in the hole-.
According to the report of the lior-
tirultural .Society of that place, he
ba several hundred young nppie
trees planted iu such holes, which,
tor vigor ol growth uuu health ol
foliagu, arc equal to an grown on
new land. The -uecess is attributed
both toburuinz the earth and to the
The New York Tribune' way ot
mauagiii the public debt:
I. Let no week puss without buy--!ng
up, redeming and cani:i liiig
solnc pariof tlie Nation's debt.-The
rapidity of siicli payment i open
to argument v c ttduk it should
never he less than $l,(M,Uu0 per
week or Fifty millions per annum.
We should miii n prefer to make it
One Hundred Million-.
II. Our bonds must appreciate,
as ihey have appreciated, under a
policy of rapid payment. We made
no substantial progress toward
Specie Payment or funding our
Debt while we, for the lat year
or more of Johnson' rule, paid lit
tle or nothing of our Debt, and
had no system of paying. Since
Mr. Iioiitwell 'began loving and
putting away bonds, nt me rate ol
hight Millions prrmonl , the case
is bruvelv altered.
III. We believe iu I'.te Banking
that is, iu I'M'abii.-hing gimoial
laws under which tlie bu-iness ot
lluiikilig shall l(j as frte ' nc a
toiuiothir. What t ontrre-- -liould
do, in our jiidiineiii. i to rcqui
ample, UKiiuestioiiiible ( tirnv ki
all il.uik l--ur-, a,,il then '.u ltitu-
like gfist-inilli1 or htnuKcs be es
t ihlUhed wherever tiiey may be
IV. Congress should not author
iz; an American Coiisoi wit:. out
it'ine; all proper nieus to insure it-
't(i;iu t kt u. l'n 'his oiid. it siu)i!li
vcqiiii'e all turreiicy in eireuin'Joi
or issued alter a i.i.-i iiii;i d le lo be
lia.itd on Hie new Co:i-o! Let
everv buik di-pose ! rs l'leseiti
sci.'iirities a-, ii -lia.i -n; lit : but it;
every dollar not bused on the new
Conxol he. litter a siccincd duv, no
no longer ivceiv..b.: in payments to
the Ireasury.
V. tlive tiie new C'on-ol thir
vears alisoluttlv to run, bui lnak.
il ri'deemabiu at the piea-ure ot Uie
tioveriitueut wllhi.i the nex' twtn
iv vtar.-: intiKc this Con-'!. ;.ii
nothing else, thfl bvis 0! our N.i
iional Currency ; rsmtirc 'it least
1U0 iu Contois to stand li' lr.iul
every j.si) oi currency., .u t ,i
HatikitiL' be Kid', and we lirmlv
believe thut Consul would r.inu'e at
and above par, even thimgb it
drew but one per cent, interest
ciuartei'iy, or tour per cent, per an
num. Ol course, thi bond wid be
tintiixable, and puyabic exprc
in coin. And we doubt wi.ctl.er
the Debt can bo luuded even at
live per cent, unless keep p 0'i.ig it.
VI. Specie payments will come
of themselves it' wc persevere in
rigorotMy laying our iJcbt. Le.
us get the new (,'on-ol fairly
laiiuchud and iu cnger ilemaud, ami
the Secretary oi the Treasury may
safely oiler to liuid the Oiwnb.uk'
in that loan, l'robalilv tew would
come in; but, ail wou.d ii-': io p if
w itli Specie forthwith.
.1 ACKS"X,-Ml,
EniToi: IIih:ai.d:
.ViV s you Inve .livcii spico in
yuiir coiuniiH ('o cert tin lit'i r.
ami report lo li! Honor tl.u
Mayor, rc-peutinj; my oilkiul con
iluct un Maih:il ot" tho d:y of
Vick-lmrg. plciuic ilo nie tho jus
tice to publUli t!ic fu. i ivluir report
ol a select conmnltcc i poiniea by
hiumelf, to-wil :
'Vick-ul'uo, Miss., Deo. 27, lS'i'.i.
''Tlie coiiiiiiitii'C to wliuin w:i
refi ircil the coiiiimiiiicutioii of li;.
lloiiortlie M.ivor, bringing ciisrc
and coiiipltiinl iiiint C. 1. L:ui
iio:i, Lily Miiivliiil, rnspcctiiilly re
port, tlistul'tur ii jull invest mtiun
ol' the s.iiiie, 110 specitic i-inirgis
were sti-i:iint;il, mnt we tiu-iclorc
ricoiiiiiitiul that tiie case U: Hi
htisstol. It. Human,
C'liaii'inaa ot Ciiiiiiii'utee.
. W. 11. UUCllA.NA.V, '
J. B. Fkank,
G. W. Walton,
C. A. FOsIEB."
Tlicabovo Is all tho vindication
required. His Honor states that
tlicy (the committee) "report" that
Mr. Laiulon discharged hi duties
as conimcnflably a3 any of his
A careful reading of tho above
report will how that Ilis Honor Is
somewhat unfortunate, when he
attempts to quote from memory.
Very respectfully yours,
C. U. Landom.
Mb. Denzor who shot himself at
the city ho.' piinl, had becu sutTt-c-injj
from tho cflecu of fever, but
was coavalcsciiiSi An expression
that ho "did't want to live," and
"did'nt want to take medicine to
cure hluV'causcd cspccltl care to bo
taken aud ha was closely watched,
and searched. It scorns that Denzor
bad concealed a pistol about the bed
and while the watcher sat close by
him. ho managed to cover np his
bead, secure bold of the pistol an a
discharged the contents Into Lis
head. No blame can possibly attach
to the attendants. Every means
that could be thought of had been
taken to prevent sucb an act.
Tka ra;Piclrlal Aaaaal,
HnUiiMi' Gaitad SlaUa Aliaaoas for
IsTU. Cur itUUIliultpn, (ralu, thiouglioat ll.
t'o.le-i sU i tail all if Uiwd eeuatilea of
U Wwtera Ilea fjilwra, 1 aow raaur (of
auuilm Ion, aal all wae nh to uatlar.
its ad th im pbHaoliror hrith ihou'd
rial attit toadir lac nluii't .usjo-Uun, li
nUla. In ail litl . n to as ailmlrub a l-
Iral trutlp aa it eautt-s, prarantloa and
curala(i4t Triij at tlixu, it em.
brai:a ;arg: amuiutt ui lniortnation inir-
cirg to t. c n: err bant, tto mrchatlc. ttie
oi lier, the fAimt-r, ll-.c (ilanUr, hi il piofc.
,.o:itl miUi n 1 tli ui-cuU luns bar Iwvn
mdu l.r fucti nicrMlau. an.l laiitu.lea a an
u:ot suitiilu :or a ts rrccl unit cumbrekiu-
iivv X..ti'na;taU'ilr.
lie) nati r-, use-, nJ r'.rir'lla rj itii-
trrriflict, o( lUj-TaTTfcli'a STOMACH
lll.Th.i-, UiratAp toiai; an.) i htr.tivcol
inuic 'I'.aa liail Urn CltrinH norl t, ai4 tul-
t: uilli .a i 1' e, v liioh ik-c alio Inter
,iti Willi picLu;i.il litrsir.ttius, valua-ok-
ne ii lu. the lio'i.-ttioia mi,! (arm, hu
ui'j.Jiii uui-c ;l u-.a.'l j:.cr inilructlve anil
itiu-'i.j rti llu; matter, or. .Hal uml e
cti'l. Am oi; 111 ' Ariouitl-.ipiarlng wltli
n c,.ct in,- o: tliejcir, tin. it une '.lit
u;-m i.-.-i ill. ..u.i ma; be liu'l lur tlie a-ktim
v i'ioj rt-to., -c--r-. II". letter a ismiih.
hi r vit 01 a'.wiceiit ..inaiji wll lo.-nari
p. Uy mall It any iein liu cauno
,iri!..iC')iie in t i - nvia !i' '4. flio 1111-
IKUs io olil lUeVity i.tl. ktwa n l vn-
., anilftru extcn.iv.My u.ea tinuuliout
tli viiilrcclviiuci wan I.
Tu; $j'k;.il:J Hair I've tl.e Ixift
!iii wril; Uie utly tiuu anil perfu :t
c; liarn-.i -.ru.n le, m-lant .ihous iid
Muuomttain'. ; uj nilicutuu" i.iiu i
re'li'llis Hie 111 nffVf i I Ml U)e; luvl(iy-
riit. ana icave. tlie nuir ull nii'l ihi .no-
fill -l-xt or Uruivn. n; all llrui-'.
IV.iitin.'ts, uuu . ruueri nt tiiu irf
r'.v ii , I'illei.l tiriet, .Sua lurk.
.mi il'iW :
. Hotel to Louse.
A ,!r.-. l. t I 1,111 . UIHSINMI'PI
lit.ivii in tiK- cthttu ui iiusiitia. n cil
kiU'Waunu luri'ly putr-Kiii-t i .iciuvt, n tl 't
tacit-i. r urnituiu lur fulu If te& trs.l rur
iibi. n . r t'.tm t r,i.i.,
jai.O-Hlm li li'iX 11, N.ttclM-., Mi .
' '
BY Ititau ..n 1 in i uru:mp' nt ilcn-e
ul tho Hri-ltsiU 4:iii oi" H'.irrm i-jUii-
i, mviv : Hit; VtVtsniHM ; rm iix-iftM, 10
wit: on tlin ilrtt Nurcm or, A I)
In y, Uie mnturitfuH, ifimi'l hu oi in; ,"-r
p.on j.iHte-t.Ui ii .Mem i.jx. licorgo (ox,
t,liirU i-x, .Lu. tc i it.nl A too cox,
tiiiiKjr licir ut llu o'utu ol elm net Cik,
Iccettwl, will,
Ou .SaTI'RDAY. Uie lath Dav of
Febiuary, A. I) 1870,
.it .i. fuitO i Ot lli1 runrt-iit'll oi' :tr
rii unity, ni V i k -u.ii iH'.wt't'ti Ui'
.nuir- i wuijtr't !.' i tw, -c' ..t iti 'jit' vt;n
iiM- t't (li- I U:tf i !' r. !i.r im- i, the i"l
UiWi-u eci:ir.il f. ,i Ui,wiWi :
inuitc. n r ..nit hv tut m tins i(y f:
Vlci.'"Ura. .icsiu ! i :.VI. ri uu r
N II, foinin t:t: ni; on lav 'r.l, 7.1 it t
.tfl'1 '.i lui-i i-
IH.lU llc . .I
liu-.::.i l' nit
:i -i - I
; . I i
-ii r oi I. - ..r a l
.in.- n .rl' l IT
lav 'icc':
i in. lit. , li
:il; Un I: "th
li; I"- '
lrce l'i Iu?
ii til
it ih i;iiii,ii it
MAK'l t'. I Hal nan.
THE M l'. Ai'liUKN
Ladies Instit te.
.1 UMlltli'til .ill I i OllVI llll'lll I'AJUI: U,
lt.u . t.icllii.icr. i' Iroill wllirll It tiifcC-lt
i..tini liii.'.o-; lu? 1k -h j rti'i'ir'. i f u:.u..
tri r ii'.e i inii-;f
.it l-.uii. in-'ruc , :. rur.s Ihr-iu.h U.ii-'f
Icii ..'-ii.r::' , . I'lo'tr yc:il- i-ir,!i. K'.iai or
: i-t vc I'or.rvr, of '.i.-ly rn.iy Im? imrit(Ml a-:'.i.-t-.
,t'l.ii'.a limy with. 1'cculi.tr mlva...
: i.' . ..in tlr.i- oZv.f 1 yt-ui-x ;'tlC wlm liavr-
iin.. . Ui ni t'..! it .inary Kna;lUb t .
Ti.u 'i'toi in-ru.'.iiuD l (riven In rousir.
iriw.'H' mi'l I' i ''1 'i.'. H'Oilvru laninitsa-
u::.l ".h i c:iu. Noiic l-ultl-.c lumlcimiti-
viu Ivttcl.ci. i rt cin;liii!'!.
.p..irntus i.'iu. niU'il fir every 'lil-ir'.
m nt. Lilr..iic u jauiiiliii; stvuial thoii'
.txiilk. I'ii; i. c .tuun I.1- cartfully a'..
i..L.t w:
In . a a'.i niti." Li tu;ilicr lAl'iriuat.on, a 1
r.f.v A.J. UnWI.AMJ, IVe-liint.
it I. It. WHIT. .T;i .ir.-r.
No. 141 li.iu; .-.trcct. Lin- ir.naU, O.
New Crop, 18 to.
Fi: II!K VM.'.r iIX.K .i.NI) KLovfER
jfl li v--! .SKI.I.'.-, l'i. i.l Mt !,. Kvctrrr
1 riun . .-, , Oil.ll:i. crll-n.. ila
-I .u, i.r ii'v V un--., jh il Fi uilt., A.p.ira
iri... iiuom. bariy I'ut.ituc-, omun scl
I. "k.. mi it;liii.aiit-. A .
I'KKCH'K lillll'l-S 1 JI.tMlAK. COrtlinlll
:: lc- Cl ii'tlVc III- ut lllulllliv. Willi il
ii.:-.n mi i i;:.i-tr .tiou., will lie n.hlkil ui;
:ci ul I ul a .t'trf 'iiiilli.
I'l-.ticiii 'lipi'lii'l un lilnrrnl IniiiH.
w'liolti.t c i .it.il n :u lur I ii'iii.'n ou j wil
l)j m illc on a, u i.:j-i.:i. Y'tlri'.
in n ;v a. I'ltv i:
HI i hc-luul Unct, 1 lillitikll.ia, 14
I 'I.irtW -11
VI K liOl.ll MEDAL li.'s iu-ll ci-n uvvanl
t to Uiu-. .M. sm IT. mi tlir In . t miii
I..IH- HIVtG, IIVLT ILiI'ImMji-'J, rlllluiltljl ItU
mi'i ii'w i ura i'ur,i'.
' illiL-a .il WurcirK.ni. N'i.'.i V. I.ilrti ,t
iii vo ll lilm .ro st., r.M.riMiii:i , Ml).
HiuiT'. l'i.inf..H liitv.' nil iluU .-.t mnovc
illLii's, il'dil'liny I .0 .rlie Iii Iik-, ivory
iiontv, an ! II. c iuii'i'iVL'i l'r 1.1 Ii .ii ti'in.luily
MurriiuU f-r ilvu vat., v,.th 'r;v,li .'C oi
o-.rli nicvv tlua Inc. vi- mon tli. ii nut n
Iir. ly inilsfai'turv to pnn-ha.-.-ir ih-lo-.i!.
luuilml Pianos ami P.nl.T orgies nlwiijj
ou lisu'l, fioin fti to I'M
BtFZRtu wno nvi oi'R mKoi isrst.
lieu. Ilolicrt K. Leo, Ixvinirion, Va.
tiun. Kolicrt Kanoiii, Wl'iniiigifii), Ji. C.
(.in. I). II 111 'l.tliarloltft, N. U.
l.ov. Jolm richer, lA inirloii. Va.
UMinu Wilmor, .New OrlLaii I 4.
Col W.T. Wither, J: i k.nn, Mix.
Dr. .1. II P. llovvinur, Vicl.vlmrK, M'4.
MAX K UN l.U 19 iiuuiit tho aiiovo i'lIc
hrnlBl l'lauut, vtiieio lUcy cuu ulwayt It
Term, lil trul. A can it sulicitct.
Couiiulsslou aud roru urilliig
C O T T O N ,
fpi-nix A
urn miAimm.s
Truhtec Sale.
IS i4 hf .rtnof !'. ol TittU,
in mv lrulc for Mrrrt' Oil ?e pie,
ii. Wllit it M Uuiluck, .jb.ii! Tlh Mr. ii
Idfrf, nnt rx-r,.i q ft mi. "KR'1
v .gmlH,' & nnd To, in IL uihcv ol int
tlerkofttur Prvmia tAurt of H irtm c titt
ijr, Mitft-itit., to sre-um Ui jm;inti4it ol
c.rtia iruiaii.ior7 nout mctttti ue 10
dtfsrtt, I will, Trtir rtlorjtM( on
DAl.tt.cTih Ur or Kri.nu'j, 1, ;-".
proottrtl U M-tl nt Hlhc Au -iuo, bi tlir
.'i I'tcr lr cit, nt Hit ci ilor vl
iliutoun Hotite In ib city oi V tck biirtt.
A!t, the folmwitu : -ttil Is-iU, H-
nlU in - il lw I v if I ntim lo the
H iu M. UuUj k. to i) to aa -l noit ilh
l iulfrei aa,rrut.-l I'm ion unt nil n! in
cuieni t th ivcdtun ol tnit. toWi :
; i " ut'ii v i ' ' '. f l
fn w u "touuii -2, Tjwiitiiri i", ICur-wf
a avt, tv.tiUinii g tliit't) liui.lni uml -s xt .
jutc in m- r !' ?at i iin l- lj mg nn-l
lug Miuutu i iii Wttrnm c hi . v, tiainipi'i
pi-l in at 'J m Of. 1 -hull only convey
!u (it U.t u la v- a tl n iu.' Iiv f!t trti-l
he-l. UlLkhUi' , AXIS.
viitue uf tlie isjuur :a i.' v-0'l l-y
t'.l rust lr ui - A liu.me, .r.i
aile.-in.l .1. I, Mi-iins ana W:a. ii
t.ii'tue i r Kuti!' , N la.' A t .oi New i.
Iran. I.u, Ii llll.rf 'late ta.y ot l tu
larin, hi. li e uaa l 'igtii'ii, a iii.
the 2Sth dav of
t ro-rrH, ! vfoif .!i- lioi.t i!u r ni IH -.mt.rt
llOllJ Ol ill" i-MUllr Ui H' hltlL'tOlt. Mitt.'
ot Mi-tf H'l11. l iijw v.i.e, lclct:i U
h'i ii-iK l'i M an ' t iv & to umI f .i:!mi. ,
Vt li"IUC tu tl (I hl!lf 'I L. '.IT, I T ral., 11. t i
inier y in si '.ccl wt t; u t .liirt.oul irly I
vli'.-cni.c -.to wi :
b -ut i , an-l Mirth t ot north :f -f-ti.
35, tw nn t iH, xui jtf 1 tl; l.yt I, ". 7,
atitMMi'li ;,t "I'C 1 1J ol -ic.iin. l'i, tnvii
hlii !,(- lit,e " vt; Lot 7, tnH I -s : !
i.n-i;f 7 wtt iiit:titii tgW A'iri'j iuj u
nr it--, n!!utL'l iu tt'i-iiii nu:i cutii-ly,
Mi'-I-Sltti I. lO IMV thO M.lH lj. H"
m:r-il itolu.KTU' K-TLIN,
J:mrf 1Uuwt I.KU j...ll"Ria.
TKLv:ls sale.
W'ftY lrlufl rt ft hf " tmt, m i:tl
J hi. i ivt-i 1 oi iii? J't 'lay n .laiiii.t- i
r;,lNafi r, A. M. I'u.t ., ion u-'ln-li:i -i.'jtiiin
.U l -lut iiiinii; 1 n :. t .ii i-l. ti.i- i
xMntrol'ifJCiir-t t lb: rrnatr t.-.-rk s ftillvu I
oi w.inru ii'vn-v. .M'v-i"!!!!., in
I), ll., pu.'i s H'li-4t, un : '! a 'iemanu rn i !
In ut ami "tut, bi it: ;u.im ivm; ! ot
rt'ii miilor liij iiuisf f'uitr !t,np' ty sn'.-i
lici, it u it'i'l uitiiai't, lur it ..'iu il .tj l
iroiU'tr. lit rfin.it t r ill"'. 'g. alcil a 'i 'c-
i..-,rii 'I t uj Siiiti c tit ; i. jf i i,tui mu pruj.-
rty nniv:t l lit i-.n i ui Uti't '. u.-
vntet by Hum: inliMonil tin t.tliru-l y ct.
v w tit, rn u.'- ll 'iu 'i ri ij;u.rj , , i, -a
Urn tinc-iinj m uyrrn 'i.n y, ;n the
ityoi ii'liB)' nr. I'.iui .tl.it i "t i-sipiit,
lii'lWL'fn lit'' li'iUIr Ul 11 lAl- i'k A.M. ah 1
Im-li I. 4.. i r U "-".i I thi? liuvwt
htflili-r, f'-r cud, tli" ! Ik'ttii'if i.fn!r.'i.i!
re-ill rt.ti. Mi, 'ii'. 1 1 :t :t; tut- y.u.ty .,1
WillT-ll, Milt-' "I M. 'l-!'('l.tM-V'.t-.
,IWI -eii-n -JI, utt ul iiiiti c' i?:i
tin' i -ist nali nt thv nuMlir it 'j:u:'r: u'.-o
i.iirtli ti-.t'l n i' t ti.aiu-r ot
tuiu;:'; tlu ta-l lull - l tt.i; ;.riU-;i-!
Hiurlt r a l t!"? fa-t lfi!l ol 'tu r. ti :tt
to,'. . , .H-o I'-t '. " '.' ..j ;
uiki t':n 'i t :-n I loi- .itl't ( i -c ,i - i",
u li : I 'kt '.:tii ; a ot 1, -Mi l !. in
r':'n '-.7; a M, tl.e i ni't' ' : i 'it U:- i .-.t:i
wiM i( art -r ai.l i.urlti u "i H.c v - -t I. all
I IIH" lKn IK il l 'i;. I r f. rr;nn; -i
Iati.1 . ;i,v. ... ... A. M IVV'il. -I
Wi'mn t - in.; .-. j ..;! ti..-
, l:
- Ul.-l
l;i:lii.ii' 'ii i':-ni:. ii-.nr
inn i:ii. A., "I -M . i '
Uli.;! in ii In:' Is. r i - I
l! i.ui..t iin. th.. l.- n. iijfl.t ! '
Ii i y .! "1' -
T'-fl. ' I :i f v,:v-l: ' .'i '.I".
- I I'..- i- : ' ! r."t
;iur.'ti.iM-rfr i i v .. - i ' l '
1 ,n i: -4:. I-
ulls i on L.' K-'l.Vv
I'. : . Li n i'ii'-, t.
Final Atioiiiit.
nr h .1. IMi-fl- ;in r Ni'Mit h-nu-, ; i-r
liu.inn '..l-.l.n 1'. I! .nil. il. Ki.ir i.o K
It-r-iii: .1. I . .1 Hu'-i'iU- il. ;i! 'l itc liiiLi'Miiii
lirn o; .1:imi v II- ftm in. rnl ul: i-tlier per.
fciin- interr-lcl m .;i I i-t.au
ion u.e h-ri.v tril to tin un.:
hcr-iin illv iil'lu.ir l Iijiu ilr: i'pliit'.'
i.'ouit of W irri-.i Lo cty, Mi-Ii I. at l
ini rL'ln.4iv iiiLi:,iii 'f.'iil.iv i.i r ilr-t
tl'tl.u I'crin. tn -l-i w i;,' .i' I iii-y iiii
c ,n w In ti.e Una r.'oiiin i-l s 1 1 LxLfu'.or
lioi.lU no: Le at on cl ut r 1 1' I 'i
J n UlAIThl.!.,
Sarah H IUin li-y
m;::ct IUi
u l.ar' .411.
ti ul, Mw r.-.
Sale Ueul Khtate.
f 11 .iiivni er
1 VMi .t.t ii
errv vhii'" v a-.l 1,lu, ti. I!
inii or liiirul 'ml-' .1 IVj.nt. 1
a v-t w il o-i Wh.t liy, ti.c !
lutliui 'iii'l nl:"r' luu ui It n - (
ii. r.Tu-l lo !. ntl m-:- iinily a:'if r :irt i
tlie 1 o'i uruonrlo; V .irr- fi i i i.niy, .M . -
'i.iy iti' ri 'i.iy o u.i irrni, i j -now ctu-c
it .!:. jou V r.j li.v iit-.t' Uf. .nii
tu ,? to iIjp v.H v rail H. V.i nine, . 1, .i;.
i.nr, t 'tij .lull) u itli li i' fljul I ' ir o!
Holt!. Ihi'.Miii. '.ii v i-i'il, I 'iiiil 'iM hv fo
u- !'r;i'.v iu;, .) i i.IIAri'KI.I,,
A dm i n it ra t rl v Nut ice.
i f A' Mi, 1 1 Ml lUu
A .-In w Ki!;-, .1
'!!. ,T.ilO'-':'f 1 .;
t i'0: l.iti: t o
i. A. ! . ! -
Cl. V .IkT Ui'l' t i
nv rt it n . ; , : i f
i- (.Mi-: ! . 'in! 'n
on t .c K-t.iir t '
1. ui'iii m.-ntf t lu
UK- 1 . j;.i r ini I,
W jiri ii r iii ly. t.-i.
t :! of -.i"! v . i
t'.lt tMii Wli . .'1
iltW, it.
!:e l.u i
.1 : i' ii .
Commission Horchant.
J'l l.P.I UIiV sTKI.I T, M-AH .VT:i.
axroitxicv .r law, t.m.i.ii.a.
i Ml-.,.
Il ivini ri'-iiiiii'il ll.c i
Un- I 'l.nl -lii'li ml 'I'irn.
in 11. l jiiyiiifiii 01 ta.i'5
lu ! i-r 1 "ii-n -i' .11....
arll''i- in ?..ir ;:i
, 1 ui't i;- i i
ll 1 1 '"'i'ii J'K'H 'I
jt ;i:I.h1f
E. C. PALMICli & C O.,
I'liJ.j. 0. w 11'.'
VIIOLEaLE aX3 iltTA:i. CI4.r..3 IS
Carpets, Mattinjr, Mats, Oil
CIMhs, Wind v Shades, etc.
03,03, lV Hf, HV STHLLT,
135. WAglllNGTON ST. loo.
Sign of the Green Sjicclaclcs.
I- j't Hf 4, jn ; i,', !
4 r J 5 - t V .
I-CTATCHES, Sllror Mi Plnlr-1 Waro,
Cutlery, Hiiocuclc and 1'lANoa.
Jewelry mads to order,
neatly and warranted.
Eciiairliig done
Janlt-yw VI';K9I1UBQ.
Economy Is Wealth T nnd, II Von
really believe in tl:c lri::cij)Ic
i a x i: o i i z i:
131 Washington Street, Vickaburg.
No Misrepresentations by My
Positive. UntUniablc
3Tvi.ml.-lalng- Gcodb-,
BoutF Shorr uad Hut, Lccp.- and Embroideries, White (Jood
aud Boae-k((pinj Linens,
now, and comi lclc iu Variety, Stylo and Price.
tVi! KSi K MV IH'K Al'l-KKl
I r il' '.ivt ; ii. i, ill i 'iiiini ii :j .in
in oi ll... r:i!i-. I.- ltl!.-.l::i lih.l Arki.no. I
PRICE LIST " ''"' i'"1' " ' ' no 'Irriaiinn ami variation, exeunt mri.
i'l a: -Ki-i. ..-1 -li i.i inn.-. 'oi;u;i- m:ii.c in in.i Inrtli r reiur.tlon or I ho jinrowji certain
i. no ;. wIim-ii liiiil ft t . le .(uly iiiiili,liii to knep my patron iioiiloil, ami iliii.
rea'iy nulla- :i.y a-iturtiMmuutra iii:.c oi oeniU. aril inlciift lu liiv I'uliUo, la.teail l
an Liiiir.;-.:.,,-, nioritoii'.-i;. '..'1' :.; o: w i.U:
1 Mill continue
4-1 D'"-ri I r ir i -t
lo at-II t.ond nl
. '.I V. Urent.
r. 1 1 !3i.--.
l-i ") : i .it..
. ; i i.t.-r 1 .
Jiv 7 -j- T,w..
i.. :i t
I ..i I', in i l.
.i!.! V... I I..-.-
Htl.l'i.V .l.'J'.
I ....'' U :i ;
ciul lei
C L 0 T
i tu .! : . ; ,r... :-, ' i i, -.u .t.-k. -uvi tu
Itl.tlM' ti ...,v ' '. !l!l i.l ih- .i.;i-i, ,i
( AKSi.ilt.lt I. 'I i t s iii silxlci n Unllur.
I fin. r,.-i '
Ir.r in f...-t I 1:
I K" i 1..ST. in
e ' H!l i H
i slI.i U:
I'u rn it lire.
lire. Chairs, Carpets, Mat
trc'es W all Paper, '
V.'l 1.4-c rl?o a ili.e asortlIlcllt of
I.CLK.UVAV-. l.ll.i..iK-, kl-tt-.Nu tVAL.C.SM, it., 4C,
:';i;.ii'..-.ti: .' lw w'tii I'lcijrlit 'Moil.
Wir.e.. v.l c
n: M
i i-i ' i : ;ii:; i-.i Li i.it'.ry IH -
,.j '.'1 ill n; . -
W e Manufacture our Mattrcscs and guarantee xntlMfnctloii.
iSrFuri.;:i.rt (: ui: kliU
S !
IIMII. T.U'KI.C! Aliltlt ILTI IIAI. mpi.E.TIElTt
ulackmit:i AND carpenter TOOLS, SCALES, &c,
Iluzard' Celebrated Gunpowder I CartU Circular Saw
1 lave to -cl! on consignment, at manufacturer' pricon
SI!n uHPH '", RKL JIOT iand Prices;
r.oo nil l.Ls, ull tlze uud uricct ;
ol23-3u. No. 13G Washington Street. Vlckure;, Miss.
Ior.T.An., : if t J l.nt -I nvmtlily lj Pworn Com
nii-i"HT In tii L- tritl Ki nuirky Stiito I.nttvry.
fctrnl tor fin ular t .n. aii'i Try JW I,h t,,
Autinsii C.li. ML'itUAY A tu., Curm-t. n. K v
George Smitli,
Gas, Steam and Watr-Pln.e
Gas, Flxtiwes ami Btcnra Fittings,
Gits Cookiug Heating Stoves,
nun, cotton & he.hp pack
ISO, cntantly on band.
Work doss at the inortest notice and n
Un latiatuotion ( uaraateed.
CLAT STREET, Between Waihtngtoa and
atulberry Street,
ticksbvbo, nississirri.
S.vhImh of Advcrtlnliif but
Facts for the Public I
i'miil y. anil lium mv Irlniiiln from itwr ..
Li'M-in rflnr u. m ui.i.. r.t..i.
Ihc Price below mentioned. Till
4-4 rri'nrh Pnj.ll l. M r.t.
Kini'it Kiuroh llonnoo, n!' color, 3i'K
KrLiit Ii IjIiil'U lo. SI
Vor SiHTt Olncli iio.ll 2.1.
AII-h'.hjI eluliii'i, 4" nt.
yMiu-nr.in licluinu. i5 "
llo-l Miimlarti Colors, I'.'i, ct,
" " " ttiif iiinlitv, Kiel-
" " " lur nullung, bct
AII-'.v.kI Krench I'laliU, hj n.
" Kmprosk Cloth, b3 cU
is: 'ik All. i lis, mils
" " BOrt-.
Kn or iii.ilitiei, Irom ill cti. to (1 SJ
Wlnlc. AljiiTl., .Vict.
J. Kmiii lllliiiilliel.iiirltl.
In " li I. One, i-7 Mi
lor LiulicK. IHlsM's ami Children it.
ut a ii'iliM-tion ul'iiO per cent,
l'rum i iirniit prices.
ii '-ut rush In Mint Dnnnrtinfiit
Ll.i.ir nil wovl KlttXIl
1II..M K un-l I'pAUI. FKI.T IIAT. worth! !
f un rl hi m FIKTLKN In TWklV'I'V.I'iri
uiy ton', i n ! ..k bin a call irom uiy i;ili.i: -
Ittl Washington iSt.
.tier at lower nrlrcs Uian anr Houae in tin.
Mul Matireif.es Repaired in tho best mannci.
Mnnufdrtitrer pmf Dealer in
ra: k r noiiD,
LatolKy.C. Il.lt
Fifth Street, near Main,
TTAVINQ looted tlill well-known an 1
1 1 popular Hotel for a term of year, anil
having Uiorougly related and refurnUlicd
It, ntardlen uf eipuniie, w are now pre
pared 10 aecommodate tlie tutvellng nubile
In a manner oouml to no iiotal la theelly.
We brin lo the management Uie experience
of many yean, and p'edKS ounelvet that
erery attention thai) tie paid to the 00m tort
of our rue to. W rmnectrully aolieit taa
datronage of those lisltlng U oily.
UngiaiiAri, stay, 10W. Kjia-Wflm.

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