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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, February 05, 1870, Image 1

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Vol. V.
Vicltsbnrs, Mississippi, Saturday Morulas, February 3.. 1C?
;?l.Iai. jorwH!, or warhkk to.
J AS. fll. SWVBDfl, rakller.
WO, B. BFEABS, EaUtoi.
SATURDAY, JAN. "fflT 1S70.
t- h, i-t.
Dxicr i.b" a.rn!: '
s four, in Advance
4s ;intii- t ,'Iti-,
Mni.lh, la Am tare,'. -
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4 Square.
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17 00 1 80 HO 7ft
M (XI I 49 18 HO
HO 00 Ml 1 1JU
UjnipIIu Job OUlea ant Hook Kinder
TnulCDt tdrerttMiaentt nun u paid la
Regular adiertUeiniuta miut be paid a)
ice expiration or caoh moats. None reiwl ted
aieopl on Uiot toadltlout.
E?er)f-otlicrjA; ulTorU.emeuU car;ttl
lwo-thlrd of lUe rate for cvtr j day vc
Ton linn NoBimiicI i-t of an Inch ipa)
oontUtulu iiiiri luron wor.ti conrtltuu
aUnfl. and ailveiUur r.tn alwujc tell tU
tnoiinl t jou.I lijr c',-nla'.ln awr.ltaf to
Twomy nvo per ,iii."vli!illt:Lri to itnlly
ratw for ln--rt.n alrartlian,at In betn
Dally and Wcc'tty.
fifty per icnt. aiMiMPnai lor lOMtrtum
adYtrUttiuonU. or none' In r.-,lul Non -.r
editorial nollcstua,lvifloait'nl t nty
Or otnu fist lino (or cai:Ii tnttrtlon.
Illly iwr com. uddii'nnnl lor doull-ol-can
ObUuarla nivl Fmienil KoBrr. lima at
new atlyvrtiumontii.
flrty por ttnt. ail'.ldonal ror advt nle
menu to be left on Id or id lK"
r.TO t''im'auii:l tjbarlthlilo and Miiti.al
VfnffitH olutln h.iir prlco.
I.cUort on Hu'lncn x-onnccuvl wtUilhli
OiSi'e, iliould bo adttreieil to
J. .11. lUWItDS. ,
V'lpiubcrif. f!i'4
A hlw cable in tho interest of
the French company, to connect
England and Brest, has been suc
cessfully laid. Tlic shore eud at
Salcombe, England, was couiple
ted on the night of the 10th.
Eiza 1. Buckley recently
brought suit in the sum of 825,000
against the St. Louis Republican
for libel. Tho Jury brought in a
verdict for Ave thousand.
Pbhhsylvakia has already nib
scribed $3S,55j toward tho Edwin
M. Stanton ruliof fund, and it It
thought that it will bo InrreaH'd'to
150,000 fiotti that Slate alone, in a
short timo.
Gbxcbal Looam's bill fur reduc
ing tho army, provides that I he
rank of General aud Lieutenant
General shall be .discontinued as
soon as vacancies exist.
Says tho Natchez Democrat of
the 25th: Wo lcain that during
' Wednesday night lust, a tremen
dous laud-slide occurred In the
neighborhood of Fort Rosalie, pre
cipitating some twenty ucrti nf the
blull'dowu the abyss below. 'She
shock was so very novcrc as to
alarm many person living in the
' Ylcinlty.
A memorial signed by two
thousand citizens of Utah has
boen presented to Congress for
admission. It wna referred to
the Co'miiiittco on Territories,
where a bill is pending for that
purpose, li Is said, however,
that before she becomes a State,
Congress will exact a fundamental
condition that polygamy shall be
Tin Boston polico recently
"raided" four gambling bouses
(hey Ho gamble a little in Bos
ton), nnd captured elgbfy sev'en
apostles of faro, keno, bluff, and
euchre. The polico also nabbed
all the costly -furniture of the
Louses. . The proprietory of the
dens will rtookot the loss, and the
gamblers will pay their flnos, and
then the little, games. will proceed
as usual,
Of all the heroes who have laid
down their live in modern tioics,
in defense of what Uicy consider
ed right, the record of none is so
pure, so resplendent, and so love
ly as that of "Stonewall Jackson."
His virtues disarmed his enemies
of. hatred, and his bravery won
their admiration ; his military skill
and genius entranced thum ; while
among his friends and compan
ons in arms be was adored for
his kindness of heart, and his gen
tle, christian, and unaHsuming
manner. His strategy, was the
wonder and speculation of the
world ; his movements the terror
of his enemies; and his blows
were decisive and always crush
ing. He seemed to move in all
his great achievements as if under
the direct influence of inspiration.
Thero was no possible chance to
counteract his plans, for they were
such as no other mind could con
ceive, and were invariably those
which brought victory and suc
cess to crown his banner, lie
was adored at home, admired and
feared abroad. But one night, in
the gloom and stillness of dark
ness, the death angel called hiai
away from earth to take his abode
among the purest and brightest
of beings. Then it was that a
wail went up from tho bleeding
heart of the struggling and well
nigh crushed Confederacy. That
heart was already sorely lacerated
and torn at a knowledge of its
muuy other sorrows and misfor
tunes, and it was III prepared to
receive the sad tidings which an
nounced that tho loved had fought
his last battle, and was then sleep
ing his last sleep, aud that from
that timo forth the christian, sol
uter nero, woulu u0!:':c L'.!ic:;Ui
the broad shading boughs of the
cypress, and none should keep
watch while he slept save the
twinkling stars. It la not at tll
surprising that ho should be es
teemed and ndmlrod at the North.
The truly great lovo and respect
the groat wherever found, aud
that "Stonewall'' Jackson was
great in every construction of tho
term is unquestioned. That he
was conscientious and acting sole
ly from a conviction of duty none
have ever dared gainsay. Ho
tony lit becausa his sense of duty
commanded him to do so ; he link
ed his fortunes with the South be
cause his great warm heart told
him 'twas there he owed his alle
giance. And nobly did he per
form his duty. Ho is swept away
from earth but never from memo
ry; an admiring people will point
to him through all ages ; and his
tory will bedeck her brightest
pago in commemoration of his
virtues aud his shining deeds.
Tho Federal Gatvcrntticiit has
expended its millions of public
money in testimony to tho memo
ry of the Union dead; monumen
tal marble shafts mark the last
homo of him whose face i-t turned
towards the roots of the daises
which bloom, blossom mid shed
ferfunic above the earth which en
velopes him. Naliouul cemete
ries are supported, eared for and
beautified all over tholand. The
liberal hand of the nation has
given freely for those who
gave their lives for the Union :
but upon t!l' Other liiiihl llie
soldier dcvul -f the Son'li are hid
away beneath tho eod over which
the wild briar locks its mani
fold anna. The nimble, to their
memory, Is alono In tho hearts or
their countrymen. At one time
it was treason for friends to gath
er about and shed-tears above the
graves of the dead Soutlff i n sol
diers. The ftoody corpse of Al
bert Sydney Johnson was insult
ed by Federal soldiery when it
was seeling a chance to bo hid
away in the" soil of that State
which he had so much loved in
life, and this atrocity was sustain
ed by tho sentiment at tho North.
But thank God that feeling is now
wearing away. Horace Greely,
abused, ridiculed and hated, has,
in his eccentric, yet kind hearted
and generous manner, done much
towards wearing awny these as
polities. We can never learn to
love such a man, but bis magnan
imity and kindness of heart has
done much towards winning the
admiration " of the Southern
Deople.' Mr. Greely' ' admired
General Jackson; ever wrote of
him as be deserved to he written !
of, the finished scholar, the pol
ished gentleman, the military ge
nius and the christian. We couple
the names of Horace Greely and
those of "Stonewall" Jackson on
this occasion from the following
cause :
An effort is being made to raise
a monument to the memory of
General Jackson, at the Virginia
jli'ilary Institute, in which college
General Jackson was a professor
for many years. It will require
about fifty thousand, dollars to
defray the necessary expenso. To
raise this some kind wetltliy gem
tlcinen in New York city, have
subscribed about ten thousand dol
lars. Tho name of Horace Greely is
on the list. This is the way in
which to reconstruct. This is the
only way to wipe out the bitter
recollections of the past. To the
North has been accorded victory;
to theSotith humiliation and defeat.
Where is the philanthropy of which
that land is so wont to prate ? Wo
have failed to see it in tho action
of Congress, but it is shown lu
the disinterested kindness of such
men as Horace Greeley, as shown
iu this act and many others which
might be enumerated. In Phlla
delphiathe sum of Ave thousand
dollars has been subscribed
Shall the South, set by
and see those who wore once her
enemies doing these things for her
dead? Why does she not take
hold and act aS alio ought
Why can we not all over the South
establish "Stonewall Jaekson
Monumental Associations," until
a suUlciency of money has been
raised? Let us try it in this
city. It docs not properly
belong to the Vicksburg Improve
ment Association, but it is there
the people come, )d we therefore
propose that on text T)"iriHlay
night a "Stonewall Jackson Mon
umental Association" shall be
formed at tho rooms of the Vicks
burg Improvement Association;
and we ask that those who can
control or influence this matter,
take it in hand and secure as full
a meeting as possible, and that
Vicksburg show In a fitting man
nenr her appreciation of her fallen
dead, a head and shoulders ubove
all of whom stands "Stonewall"
- Hp l 4fMBa
All snobbery is on the tip toe
expectant at the North now, hop
ing to gladden their eyes witlt a
vMon of the Kiiyli.ih (prig of roy
alty now on a visit to what arc gen
erally called the United States.
Every Miss in her . teens who hat
any hope whatever of diuisiim to
'society" is wearied to sleep every
uight itli plana of how sho may
have her girliih waist encircled in
the dance by the titroug arm of thin
Lulclf:ietd nglish boy, while
soliciiiiiig iiitiminis tall lo sleep at
nil In pluimiiig their tlcslgns aud
well nigh drive their good l,ee
lonh crazy hi an endctvor to enlist
llit ir usaiHtnnce and co-opciatiou.
The A mciiiutti people pride them
selves on their haired of royally,
yet they w ill act more abjectly be
fore a naiiilier of a royal lauiily
than any other people on carlh.
Their conduct U highly diegustiug.
Titoii'M kn, tho celebrated
murderer of tho Kinekc family,
nine in number, near l'antin iu
France, addressed the following
letter to the Emperor a short lime
before his execution :
Siuk: 1 have aiii.ealcd to the
(authorities without receiving jus
! tice, ami 1 venture now to nd-
ih-ens your Majesty. 1 am accused
tf assassination; crimes are im
ptituljlo uie of which I am not
guilty. I desired to funrfsh proofs
that I havo accomplices, by say
ing that in a ccrtaiu placo which
I have indicated they will find a
portfolio; they refuse to search
for it lecauso I will not degrade
myself by denounciiio' tho real
; culprits, and rendering two re-
I sncctablc families wretched. If
my accomplice's1, are deserving of
tloaiii, their laiiKites arc respect
able. I havo addressed the Chief
of Police, the Judge d'lnstruction,
and the Produreur-Gcncral. 1
new address myself to your Ma
jesty, and I ask only justice
A forsaken one,
J. B. Tuoitmaxs.
way) efwssBv-... -
Anthony Trollope, who pub
lished a defence of fox hunters,
has been squelched by a Miss
Taylor, who logically proves that
"sport" to becruol and unworthy,
To us it seemed to bo not only
cruel and, unworthy, but to par
take a great deal of such amuse
ment as One might be reasonably
inclined to look for among Inn a
A meeting of Presbyterians has
been held In London, in favor of a
revision of the authorized version
of the Bible. . '
A Chicago eye and car doctor is
named Tongue. He must be a liu
quint, as well as au occnlist aud
A citizen of New Haven, a Re
publican, recently refuted lo have
his child vaccinated with vaccino
matter tu ken from tho arm -of a
Democratic child. .
The woman qucst'on "llnsbaud
can you let mo have $20 this morn
Six colored barbers of Boston
elographed spine days ago to Sen
ator umncr, their regret at Re pre
tentative Hooper's vole fir the un
conditional admission of Virginia,
and their rcquset that Mr. Sumner
would Influence a reversal of that
vole. '1 In Senator obeyed the high
The Japaueso have a legend that
the soul of a woman divorced from
her husband always sils upon tbo
top of the house.
The Greeks have long wauted
one element of nationality a na
tional aulbein. The king has or
dered one to be composed by
The man who discovered that
Paducah Is a corruption of Pat Dn
gnu, the numo of its first settler,
has just ascertained that Dictator is
short for Richard Potato.
Tho question of the right of col
ored men lo chooia their owu seats
in theatres has come -up at the
Trimble Opera House, Albany.
Mr. John-oil, a colored barber, is
to lest the case, and has procured
the necessary facts by bay log seats
hi tho drcst circlo and guttlyg him
self cjectod therefrom.
A negro baibor in Airrpra last
week, whllo under the Intnence of
liquor, shamefully abused hli wife
and finally "cut her thrqat. The
poor woman gave birth to a dead
child a few hours after the assault,
jil ' iu a very precarious condi
tion'. " -
A Savannah paper tpf.ki of the
"ao-called" Georgia Legislature
John W. Greary has been elect
ed President of the National Un
ion League. The Philadelphia Age
very appropriately Inquires: "If
such be I ho bead of this concern,
wlmtbhape mnitlts tall lake."
ilvnry Ward Boecher having do
clarod that there was no place for a
State but in the Union, Is now try
ing to asscrtaln how ho can recon
cile the action of his political
friends In tho caseol Georgia with
his declaration.
According to tho Augusta Chron
icle the Democracy hold the State
of Georgia by 00,000 majority. The
Savannah Republican kuows but
two or three Republicans In that
city who indorse tho reconstruction
acts of Gov. Bullock.
What a frightful pitch tho busi
ness of robbing soldiers must
hare reached to warrant tho forma
tion of Defrauded Soldiers' Asso
The Republican papers are hav
ing a savage growl over the cost of
Alubka, and tho worthlcssncss of
that country as au Investment
They glorillud the purchase when it
was nnulc.
Am Ten game of billiards was
played in San Francisco, Califor
nia, between Dion nnd Decry, on
the 20lli inst. Dion won the game
by nearly one thousand points
Tito score stood on tho fifty
seventh innings, Dion 1500, Dec
ry 5?:i. Dion's highest run was
120; Dccry's highest run was 84.
Large sums of inoucy changed
hands on tho result.
Wb glvobclr.w a statement idiow
inj llio number of years each
President lived after tbo expiration
of their Presidential terms, tuklug
no account of odd months : .
George Washington, 3ycars.
John A dn ins, 2lt yours.
Thomas Jcll'ersoii, 17 ycafs.
James Madison, 10 years.
James Monroe, G years.
John Qtilney Adams, 10 year?.
Andrew Jackson, 8 years.
Martin Van Duron. 20 yeare. '
.William Henry Harrison died Iu
James E. PoKc, three month af
ter oxpirat ion of tenn.J
Zackarlah Taylor.ldicd In office.
Franklin Pierce, 12 years.
James Buchanan, 7 years.
Abraham Lincoln, died In office,
until i
Petroleum V. Nash It is tald, Is
writing a novel. , If it possesses no
more point, wit or tense than does
hit usual scribbling for the press,
Petroleumis guilty of ' the most
criminal waste of time in, itfi preparation.
. VlCXiBCRO Improvimiht AiSO
riAMoH. At a regular meeting of
this Association held in the Hall
of tbo Young Men's Christian and
Library Society last Thursday
night, many members were found
to bo present.
Col. II. P. Hunt, as Chairman of
thq Committee to petition Congress
to 'build a Postofllce, Custom
House and establish . 'Federal
Court iu tin's city, asked further
timo to report, in view of the fact
that there 2 already a potilion
before Congress looking to tho ac
complishment of tho same purpose.
II. S. h ulkorson, Esq., as Chair
man or the Committee to have
printed firo thousand copies of (he
"Address to the Planters of Missis
sippi, Louisiana and Arkansas,"
reported that he had contracted
with tho Vicksburg Ubbalo for the
priuting of five thousand copies for
$29 50. This report was received
nnd adopted, and a warrant, was
ordered drawn on the Treasurer
for the amount
Tho committee of arrangements
wcro authorizad to coutraerwith
tho "Young Mon's Christian and
Library Association" for the use of
their Hall every Thursday night for
twenty-five dollars a month.
The committee on county roads
appointed at an informal meeting
was continued. .Messrs. George
Barnes, Chairman, J. J. Cowan, 1).
W. Lamkln, IX B. Naiior and L. E.
Held, constitute this committee.
It was resolved upon motion of
C. E. Webb, that the committee ap
pointed by the City Council and
this Association, be requested to
report a memorial to bo addressed
to the Legislature lu relation to
thejcmoval of the Capital or its
adjournment at this session to this
city, on Thursday next, and the
citizens of this city aud county be
luvjtod to ho present to approve or
disapprove of the same.
It was resolved that a committee
of three be appointed to confer
with a committee from Rocky
Spriugs relative to the pnrchaso or
charter of a steamboat to ply be
tweeu Vicksburg and the Railroad
Bridge on Big Black river. Mes
srs. J. J. Cowan. B. II. Polk and E.
Tv JKjTS's WtrtL pncjd, enJdoobtM . be., thorough l.r. islne.
said committee. On motion, W
R. Spears aud C E. Webb were
added to the Committee on the re
moval of the Capital.
On motion-, Capt. Reagan was
Invited to address the meeting,
after which the Association ad
Wibt Adams, Prcs't.
II. N. Martin, Sec.
Thebb is an outrageous crime
perpetrated dally in this city,
to which we desire to call the at
tention of tho police If they are
uot already fully aware of tho ex
tent of its practice. We refer to
the cxhorbitant charges mado by
hackmeu. The regular price al
lowed Is fifty ccuts for each pas
senger to any part of the city;
double price after night. All over
this is an extortion, and there is an
ordinance Which attaches a punish
ment for a charge greater than this
Yet strangers are daily, made to
payjdoublc,and vory often ton times
more than tho amount allowed.
Such extortion will bring discredit
upon the city and injure it to a very
great extent. Not a groat while since
we desired to fake passsage on the
early morning train ;by arraugomcnt
a backman came for us. For this
service he took eight dollars out of
a ten dollar bill given him to
change, and when remonstrated
with refused lo restore a part of it,
aud threatened to call the polico if
we annoyed him any longer. Ho
was a stranger and did not know
us. He i-upposid that wo wore
compelled to leave ou that train
not to return, and that therefore
ho would be safe ; but learning that
wo were a residcut of this city ho
finally concluded to restore a reas
onable sharo of tho money.
Strangers, however, arc fleeced in
this manner every day, and wc
demand that .the police causo it to
bo stopped. . -
Tub remains of tho late Mr. Pea
body wcro tnbrnitted by Dr. Pavy
to a novel preservative process,
which consisted lu first Injecting
all the arteries with a solution of
arsoulo and corrosive sublimate;
aud, after the lapse of twouty-four
hours, with a saturated solution of
tannlo acid. By thote means the
softer tissues are actually convert
ed into leather, and decomposition
.cllectually arrested. Into the cavi
ties or the chest aud abdomen was
also Introduced a paste of arecnlc,
camphor and spirit ; and the collln
was lined with a layer of animal
charcoal. ' ' -
Ml Nellie, Hutchison Is the
Washington correspondent f the
New York Qribme.it -i
Esq. TLroui,ii i; i c" a
friend, we have rt.L.. 1 t'g iJ
lowing account of llu V ' ,' -of
Mr. Eeuj.imln Roach, w i... U ; b
llthed in the last numler of t -Yosoo
City Democrat :
The saddest and mot heart-rend
ing occurrence It has been our tiijl
sncholy duty to record lor muuy a
flsetlng year and day, devolves up
on us now, , .
Benjainin Roach ' was . shot
through the head and killed bv his
brother David, at the Good lions
plantation on Wolf Lake, last
Wednesday, the 2liih Inst, about
three o'clock iu the evening. The
following facts In relation to the
horrible calamity we obtained from
sir. McDowell, the manager of tho
plantation, who was present at the i
time, and from Dr. McOormlck,
who being In the neighborhood
professionally was the first ihysl
dan who reached tho fatal idol
Benjamin Roach had lust dined
and was reading a newspaper bv
the fire, when David came In and
look his seat at the table. Without
antshing bis diuner however, he
rose and loft tho room, and return
ingina few momenta presented a'
jjcmnger piswi at nil brother'
head without speakiug- and flreit,
Tho ball struck him over the lea
eye and penetrating to the brain,
air. uoacn Dreamed hit lust la
about an hour and a halt Previ
ous to the shooting uo words
or altercation ocenrrod between
the brothers .whatever, lmmcdu-
ately after the firing Mr. McDow
ell soized uavhi and endeavored to
detaiu him, bat in the Brest condi
tion atteuding such a scene he es
caped, and rushing out, he ntountV
oaanorse neionging to air. . li.
Street,, which had . been ridden
there .by a third party, and rode
rapidly off. The startling newt
was first brought to town by a ne
gro man named Domiuick, and we
havararoly seen such a consterna
tion as waa evinced by this aulet
oommunity on hearing his terrible
yet Simula story. Air. McDowell
appeared on the itroet loon afer
and gave a more suocint account of
the alluir.
As soon as possible Mr. Euircne
Roach (brother of the deceased)
ana nr. Moora, tocciner with
number oi oliisens, set out for the
Good Hope plantation. The Sher
iff with his posso also left town in
search of David Roach. ' They sun
ceeded iu capturing him with little
uimcuity aud do is now ioioa in
jail awaiting the usual preliminary
csaminntiou before the Magistrates
court, when somo facts, which we
retrain from commenting; on will
We have refrained lit thi affair
from giving anything mora than a
plain statement of facte as they
were detailed to us by parties best
calculated to Know them. .
Benjamin Roach was a man of
unswerving Integrity, largo and
equitable vlows, great discernment,
and an unbounded energy which
reckoned not upon defeat. For
several years prov ions to the war,
be had been, as principal executor
of his fathor's will, sole manager of
one of the largest estates in the
South, and tbo prompt and efficient
mannor in which he mot bit en
gagements, wholhor pecuniary or
otherwise, was the admirable
theme of every tongue.
Our heart and we vouch for it
the hearts of all this people, are
filled, with a strong aud yearning
commiseration tor his bereaved aud
desolato family, npon whoae lacera
ted heart the fearful tiding have
already fallen with sickening effoet,
to blight and wither through all
coming years' tholr happiness and
thoir hopes. God pity them, aud
strengthen them to bear with chrls
tlon resignation the brimfull and
bitter cup, which in Hit omniscient
wisdom he hot commended to their
We have received a copy of thq
first number of the New Nation,
the organ of the rebels of the
Prince Rupert's Land difficulty.
The New Nation is .published at
Winnipeg, and from it wo moko
the following extract : ,
'Something as to onr polioy will
be expected from ns lo this num
ber and we proceed briefly to de
fine our position. In common with
the innjority of tho settlement, we
regard (he Uudsou Bay Company'
government as absploto and never
lo bo resuscitated. The Dominion
government, by its erlmlnat blun
ders and gross lujustlco to tho peo
ple, have forever alienated them;
and by its forfoltnro of all riuhta to
our respect will prevent u In future
from cither receiving or permitting
its protection. The Imperial gov
ernment wo consider to be too fir
distant Intellijrciitly to administer
our bllnlrs. The question arise,
then, w hat form of government it
best adapted for the development
oi. una country t and we reply, un
hesitatingly, that the Uuitcd Stales
republic offers to-day that system
of government which , would' belt
promote order and progres iu our
nildnt and open up a country of
niagnifkont resources. But in our
present dependent condition we
eunuot obtain - what wo need in
that direction, and henco wo will
hold it to bo our duly to advocate
independence for the people of
Red River at a present cure for
public ills. Our annexation to the
United Stale will follow iu time
and bring with it the s lvautoges
this land so much need.
The Free ?.I
have alopt 1 1 i M
ing :.. ...t i e ten 1 .
Lcut:ieu: 1 Coir, i 1 to'
doctrines of the tyUabus,
La! ,
t" 3 i ...
a., ,,ll,
e us uo ,
il Id I -, ....
I'iHd ul r
damsiVj t"
backed by a l' . . .
acting under a i '
from Uio cat '. -1, , I; '
and purse crakllnj oi
free governmeht. ,
Thi New To.k t
inquiry at tho Lu
Statistics, Uift r."'
Henry Ward D. 1
ported to' the pre;
marriage of II r. Ai
:t )
ardson, and lira. ALy
land.. The law, r-)vi '
report shall . be , . l.j
month after a mrrii;",
poses upon the c'-r-;"
neglects to mala & r,;
felt of $50. . :
a a
The Baton R OP
") Adv
6tb, says :
lheeommuuuv h.
in a manner, 'over t;
the bill chartcij.i '
leans, iMon K-n-
kailroad. lljbiin
ionat gentlemen aie
the prusMa of a tu.
erty holders l.avo &
selling price of iln.t
from twenty-five to one Lo
ner cent i'laiite.i lorn -1 fin
In tho noighbo'-hno'l of t: i
the road won't 'l be, j
oin't buy one acre" V ;
GeuUle talks of "sntj cm -
ties and cmbankmcrt bu 1
the Ireedmeno'rnti ,
of Sundays." Tho o:,l f. .. :
ever, have gone wild in i i .
sue uirectiou, aud t:
-ruin, -Kin, won, l uo
tea years,'' "bumbi-," u
taxpayers," swla i
form the burden of tii
ressfve argument,
prove who aro aiejit.
ir ft
.'Those Dstr-il ,
tionr for the appoiu'
aalecttyThyB':' , t
regaid woniau sum..
of Die most appal'.' i
ka!Jfcitui:Cu" "
ti i ) ptHl-
' e f a fe
y would
a as "one
; "vils that
la a private letter retU fed at Ot
tawa, Out, from Roll, tha tender of
the Rod River Ins urgsut it is re
ported that ho li not in favor of
annexation, and that it U not too
late for the Canadian Government
to come to an agreement, aud tuns
settle the difficulties.
- MAjoa Kixloc.i Falcoskk hat
retired from the editorial control
ofthe Holly Springe Reporter,
and is succoded by J.i ls Thoa.
V. Falconer. Wc severely regret
the retirement of Major Falconer.
He is, aaldo from leinj one of
the most forcjulo and agreeable
writers la'theSU'.q cse of ILV
most perfect gentlemen, end as
popular as he in handsome and
intellectual We venture the decla
ration that in the retirement of no
other editor in tha Eute will there
be such univorsnl expression of
regret by the Stale pr3. Ju;!-j
Falconer, the Incoming editor, is
an old editor, having been con
nected, at different j luas of Lis
life, nearly thirty yeu. st h uU ne s
pqpera.'. .. ..
' Tna last number of t!o Yazoo
Democrai came ' to us wllh re
verted column rules out of re?pect
to tho Into George I). Prentice.
Two little eons of Major W. U.
Magrudor, of Goo 1 'i in, a few
"days" since, found t' ' r f -bar's
powder flask whii'. , i 1 with
powder, not know..,
they threw it upon t
tuuately, in tho ist
ensfted, neither w
jured, although km
bio Udmrcr,
hie. Fnr-
nun which
The Viuiouiitit i
rumored Jhit Ci
formerly of the I
of Water Valley, i
apapor at IIo"
' ' it fa
a Fagle,
t ftlnrtlrtfl.
s, to be
of Gov
iflthat I V a Ore
L Alcorn,
klevoted to IV
crnor Alcqiu a i
J. A. Sipmijo 1
nadafuiolmclto 1:
to bo used in l! o
The Fauolu
Much dim i
tween tho V;
papers abm
from Jar!
The a.-.-'
B'jc'.i f

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