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Vol. V.
: Vicksbarsr, . Mississippi, " Saturday, .Itu-xii;:, .ttAUCll . 3,
A few day since Beiijarcia F.
m':iktxwikt. or fARnEH co. Whlttemore eletM from the First
. ! AM&UXrVM.SBCIlU. mnfrrmulnn! niafrl-.f In Snolh
woas, rukil.her. Carolina, through thq persuasive
w.n. u. spears, caitar , eloquence ot oeyonet rule ww ex
pelled from Congress because of
hi corruption, or rather ft was
I not so much bccue of hit corrup
tion a U inability lo conceal Lis
viUainy. Jat party does not at-
tacli nny diicredit to a inctr.ber of
it for corruptness ; the wuut of it,
s tu ' however, would be an cnpardona-
ble sin, yet they dinllke 1o see one
of their number do an act cf this
kind in a bungling or unprofes-
i ! sional manner, and hence the c r
5 j pet-bagger Wiiittrmore wtiscxpell-
; ed. Iu olden tlm1? it would huve
jas. n,
SATURDAY, FEB'Y 2fi, 1870.
a' O X M'S
or TUB
uaiet atJBJBirno
.. km, in ,(lra,
X Al.mti.., in Advi
r annth. IB AUTn,.
'Te:ir!i AiInco,
t x iluutiu, ! Artvaace.
Milt AliYtRTlSlStt BATES;
U 0
t t
1 i'viut
I. . I
A si II
1(1 Jt
1 , (i ai.51
s r iv 2j w
, ' i: :. 15 34
,) " IS W, M 1KI
;l " .1 mil 40
iJ ' )' "v W 41
: i w 'it w
.column Is ' 44 43
It column SI Mi SO 41
at k( m been ai'.iigrace from which no man
JJ' JJ1?' could ever hope to recover; his'
5 ; him and cut htm forth an object
column M i" w iv U'' ii TJ.; i
fi'fanfla nirl fumttir U'nnt.-I till rl,.fci.rr
M .'. lf,l ! ' ......... vu.. ........... .
4ii in im'ivi 'of contempt, and llio poor mifccrn-
fS 1.2 ' I'4
0. im -.hmv bio creature would bavo cither
Im ia ' J4 1 IT ' l-cti forced lo the eoniniMon of
jJ $t J 1 suicide or have becoiuu.tolf-i-jipti-ii
arii i;i ,..i.ieii v0t so in the new era.
It afforc's u no ordinary 'pleas
ure to chronicle the bright pros
pects which Miusiaain-i. eojoye t
this time ao far' as her material
iaterest are concerned.1 The
portals to i rosperity have been
opened, acct.wehfttfr only to wait
for the consummation-. of the
plans which have been managed
thus f&r by wise, prudent and good
men. to witaea for our !tate the
happiest end to 'our national
l.troul.les. The people of this
section are -waking op from their
slumber-, and the spirit of tho.ago puud-. Ui,j tHo 'oldest ihlrty-niue
i:i which we !'.e has ticcn caught years of age, and Weighing ' 2157
hold of hv 'our most substantial pound
men and soon, we hope to w;e this Iij the carl)- days 'a brhlu's mar
rich anil 'crtHc luiul so long deso- riaao porl'ii conslsteit' of a feather
late from the ravasic of the war, ''''-! chafiVa cuorry fAirenu and
bloom ad Mom as the rose." lMe-slx ?"' ,x ,ea
We now Ltve every hope iu re- n"n'l quantity of sand for
One cf the eoaTic(a of Ua Michl
gn State prtaoB, fctiint; tired of
woildu j, Uid liUfliigerto tillers tha
trlp-lmiidiipr, atiil had them oiaabed
tonbrvd, Ifelisd Ave moirtlia to
wrve. : This Is' the iecotid time that
'such an act of 'self tntrtnbtiou1 for
the- same icaoti," liks' occurred in
the Pdi!iten!lary. . ' ' ' '
Phil!l. Hubbard, of Ciiirdiieck. R.
l.j U at the hcail of ,a' weighty
hoiifcliou'tdi fie weighs 52 pounds
and !ii wife 100. Fifteen children
have bi.vu the result of ,tho mar
thge, tho youngest being ' eleven
years of alia and weighing 100
ir acs ocirnsn
1 Squira,..
2 iuir
t ..jiijirii
i S.UH1I!,....
ii aunlT.
m (.OiRllll.
- I v niui'iiiura puoni: y i.ruiaroi
I be iutendj to r -turn to hit
stitucui.4 ana a-K fir
1 I tnollrl.r flirt flnAI'a
sponse to the efforts made bv the .
i ro
i n
, 4 (l
mn 11 1 M . Ml
H w I so i sa l 7
I moo I a in
4 8
1 14
Column I ao UP 38 j W ! 1J0
VABPlete Jou )Uc tad Hook lllnilory
k'.Uchol. .
Xnkiulwt uttMllMiaaBM mtul M paltt la
idTSaes, , .
BcfiUlu AdTrtlineiiU mutt b pkld at
lit xplrU 01 mcS month. Hone received
tzcopt oa tliMt eoa4IUoai.
Ifrr-o(lar-4r UTrtlmmU etaargad
lwo-Uilri ot the ratu (or every day adver.
Tea line Noaparlal (i-t of aa laob ipaoa)
40B4Ututei a tquarei savea worda conitltutt
a line, and advertttera eaa alwtyt tell the
aatoaat te tana by ealeolaUai aocorrtlnf to
TwniT-lte per eeot. addlUoaal Is dally
ratee for laterttBf idTertttemaale la botk
!allT aad Weekly.
nrty per cent, atldltloaal for laaertUif
adTntUementa or notleet la apeelal notice
celniBki -
Editoual aoteealoadi?ertlaeii Sweaty-
Its eaata pet llao for each laaerUea.
fUty par oeat additloanl lor deabla-eol.
.ai adTertltemeaU.
ObttuarlM mad Funeral Mottoaa aaate ai
tew adTerUaaataata.
rifty per eeai. addlUoaal for adfertue.
bcbu to be left oa Sl or Sd pf a.
Tire toaiianlw, Charttalile aed Mutual
teaeSt Si oietl- heir prloe.
Lettera va lliulnua aonateM with thli
J Are, thnul (t tie add retted to '
. Vlrk.burn. Hlw:
!k re-clcciion.
his is the "new dUpeunation. '
Shame tiud all thit sort of thing in
olitlcal life now-a-days is ni Iiin-
nolds, tho Xew York city mur
derer, says of hanging "played
out." This milt NYhittemore wa
cxpcllol bi-ciUiu he made a lmi-
ucbs of selling liims.'If to lobliyista,
aud finally ho becimc callous and
ludifferout to public opinion
and transacted his snlos in
the most public minner
Among other' ha dealt in West
Point ana Annapolis stock. Each
Congressman has the right to re
commend some lad for appoint
ment to each of these institution.
Heretofore merit was the qiiallQ-
cation which secured these recom
mendations, but in this instance
the Uadical, emulating tho ncerei-
act of his convet openly offered
the pooiiious iu his gift for sale.
The recommendations were bough
and paid for, and that very virtuo
and honest body, the Congress of
the United States expend him
from his sent in (ingress. But he,
nothing abashed, says he is gotng
back to South Carolina aud appeal
to his uegro constituency for re
election. So the Radical world
wugi :
State Treasurer Rhoades, of
Nevada, died I suddenly a few
month ago, and recent investiga
Hons show that he was a defaulter
to the amount of 9109,000, part
in gold amh part currency. Ex
travagant living and disastrous
stock speculation did tlu busi
ness. His bondsmen, it is said
deny their accountability on the
ground that tho examiners ncg
lected their duty to count the
money iu the Treasury monthly
Fkaktz of the Brandon Rcpub
lican thinks that Major Harper, of
the Raymond Gazette, ''has' ccr
tainly gone crazy." What does
he think of our little friend of the
Times ? How blind these new AI
corn convert are, to start out so
late. Why did they not think of
it last fall when it would have paid
them? Too late now gentlemen.
too late. The door have been
closed in your face.
It must be "hard times" with
our neighbor of the Time on
Mulberry street, as shown by his
readiness to fly to the bosom of
man and party, which he denounc
ed la tach unmeasured . term
few month inoo. .What private
understanding can- these- peopl
possiili have' witi ' General ; AI
corn! W fiv Mav no. publio
actofbi which which-honld o
tosiintanoualy attract , tho, who
Lav haretofoi wbitUrly p-
' i ' .-mi " . 'I. . .'
' Tan 'Rroodville Republicaa ay
that the Mississippi STanafactoi''
ins Company, located i Corinth
has resolved to ' Openr ' boek for
the' iubscrfption of 'HOO.OOa in
tock a, an, endowmeni .fund for
the "Orphan Home of Massissip
pU" Ope half the" annual dlvl
dend of thl tock will be applied
to the endowment 'for. ten years,
and the other half will be paid to
the benefactor or atoekholder.
' After the ten year expiree the
',. whole dividend and atock revert
' to the benefactor, hie heire and
assigns. . 1
The leading Democratic- paper
in Urlcans County is edited by
Now the
vroiiiir docs not duinnnd Uie sand
even, U the bride's' father will only
come ilown with 1110 oust.
An old tiegioprfuchingiu Auburn,
N.Y.a lew evcuingtsiiico,refurriiig
to tlio general tcndoiicy of people
to wUh they had the UUmU of
somebody else,, then they would do
live me n of . this city, ' that the
t'upital will soon le brought to
this place thus rendering Vicks-
bttrg the grand mid acknowledged
ceutio or the entire otnte, as
it really is, of it commer-
cinl' interests. The ,4 citizens
meetings" have been ol great a grBut deal of good lu tho world,
service in bringing about put the caso thus olcaily; "What
the disciiHsiuu of these grave would do humtniu' bird do wld de
questions, and weekly we find our eagle's wings? he could sip de
old and wealthy men repairing to leastost sweotfrom no flower. And
their rooms to agitate these mat- what could de eagle ; do wld ds
inr.nf.A ornr moment the fu- sumraiu. bird' wiugir n wooia
lure welfare of our classic city, kick de earth all de Urn and notb.
Immigration, the thing most nec. else- Bredren, use de wing, of
" . .u .t. .- fa th., God can gib you end God
essarj-to the .uccess of the move- wW fof ai ,
meni, maugi.rawu oyr ur hummlu'-ljlrd flight.'!,
v ,6 ,8 . The nomaroat deluded) Ameri
ca w-aay. vicasourg na. . B t0 EngiUh wUU4 wh.
immigrants uome open 10 every wo con,Uotly baing flsW by
man rree or cnarge, wno u m ,wyerl( would wv their, money
search of a home, or of labor, to lr tney Werawr,tht aaallep
which there it a regular rush of I osnnot ;be an , heir ; la ; England
agriculturalist, all anxioua to do I wuer there U no wilh qd tht n.
honor to the bold pioneer,- who oannot take real estate, tron ; If left
i willing to become a part and w him by will, ,
parcel of our thriving community. I An impulsive young man. In
Gen. Leib. of Chicago, a wntle- Hampshire, Maasn a churoh re.
man warmlv Interested in the meeUng, th Othsr night,
I i r aij
Attlnt of German Tmml. Btwywi auw ww. .
Tun Macon Beacon warns the
people against beiug too hasty in
receiving foreign immigrants the
scum and refuse of Northern
cities, but to be patient, go slow,
and import the pure-hearted
peasantry of Europe. The Bea
con is right Columbus Index.
We publish this parsgiaph that
it may be seen that wc are not
alone in pointing out some of the
errors, or rather the abuses of the
present system of introducing
laborers into the State. There
arc bad and mercenary men every
where. And because we point to
one planter who has violated his
contruct with his hands, it should
not be considered, as'it is not in
tended, as an ttasault upon the
houcsty of the whole class. . And
if we should sav that certain
agents engaged in furnishing la
borers to planters, consult their
pecuniary interest more thnn the
good of the State, it does not nec
essarily follow that we have mado
an indiscriminate assault upon all
persons engaged in tho business,
And if we should show that here
and there an immoral aud
bad man had been brought to
the State, through the medium of
these agencies, it should not be
charged that we declare that all
who come are bad and immoral
Wlmply point to these things
that they may be corrected, more
Is no policy in the world so ruin.
ons, u to huVjoirr eyes to sur
rounding, evils, hoping because
you do oot witaess It tho (world
does not. ' The true theory is to
meet every issue upon its menu ;
roster what is gooa oi nana crusn
oat at once wui is oaa.
fi :! sjw " ' ' ..
Ttt SEeuto ha Inst found out
that AnomHltdn things reaar-
ally last Kovembor, although most
every one else found It out some
lima since. I v iccsburir Time.
' There I no danger that you will
get any "salt" on it so you need
not be .holding out your tall to
General Alcorn as you nave been
doing for the past few day. In.
stead of "salt" it run the risk of
having somothing less agreeable
applied to it. lie don't "salt" the
tails of your kind. He is trying to
eaten bigger birds.
Maine propose to compel the
attendance of children in Its pub
lic schools, and to abolish the
district syitem.
grants on our rich alluvial
lauds ho just completed a tour
through the Eastern portion of
the State, and returns highly
elated at the success of hi enter
prise. If we may credit the ru
mors which 'reach us from every
two young ladlM between whom
he had been sitting, "especially th
one on the right'
During bis brief Premiership
Mr. Gladstone ha made seven
The csptatn of a ship at San
VtannfaA mirmnrnt aA nmA itilnlr.
quarter, uuiu .u tue ju-m.. . .. .. order tO do.
and isnuowncrs oi our own oiaie, ,iroy ,he raU j, WM effectual.
and from the great depot of itn-1 iy accomplished. The ship
migratiou of the North, we shall ihen ventihtfod, aud the crew went
exnect at an early dor to see our I on board at night to sleep, lu the
J , m , . - ,1
wharves alive with Uie uuman I morning an were ioums mi ue anti'
throng of sturdy men and brave vatod the fumes of the quicksilver
women sci kinii a home and cm- ving ocon tuoronguiy craai
nlovinent in this sunny land
abounding with the most profit
able attractions, and possessing a
soil which only needs to be "lick-
led witli the harrow to make it
smile with the harvest." Add to
this important consideration the
further fact that our people north,
cast, and south of Vicksburg arc
each vicing with the other fur Uie
cited. They narrowly escaped the
fate of the rats.
Tint Raymond Gazette ouly wants
"pence and quiet aud order" and
Its editor thought it could be hod
bv wrltinir to General Alcorn to
"call hia mind back to old and hal
cyou days aud remove some of th
unpleasaut thoughts engendered by
a de-pcrate coutost." Geueral AI-
patronage of this city for their I corn replied that it outlrely agreed
support lu the construction of I with him in sentiment, If those
railroad every line of which ho proposed to support turn
seems to be an indispensable ne- would "become In good faun mem-
ccssity, which lu simple terms Is a
guarantee of the construction, of I
all of them ; and we are encour
aged still fnrther in our hope that
ere lanir we shall ' rise in the
mngesty of "our power and gran-
bers of the great Republican party
ot tho State aud nation." , The
editor of the Gaietto thought these
very genila and agreeable term
lie pronouuees it holding out the
"olive branch Instead of the negro
with pistol In on hand and torch
deur, and assume our proper po-1 a tDe other," and thus Impressed
ition in national , imporutnee- he begins at once to chant peans of
Srr f Tc iTrn i TT 8 P'l Gral Alcorn
State of the Union In wealth. I r . , , , -, . ,
. T ,i - , I and hi surprising "nsgnanlmitv,'
TT w. . . Tuutnn . . '' I "d 0IU UpO tUO Old ' W UgS tO
The Paris cormpondent of the ' nX
new iota iXieroimMio vttmaii
y: ..... . I U JI verv alee aad ( oourta th
"What a city, we often exelaim oH.r'a.lM. sm ny nutioi- rot tee
: .. . i w- - - ,
here, thatta oouwern states oi priTueB0f obeying IhsfcJuncUOn
the American Union: should hsve of np pardr andtrth Demoo-
Uvaton, alarmed at the mena- '31.
elng look of thing- Here, ould "V """f ! "J
flock to the Carolina, Georgia, when ha tore It to respect the
Florid and LouUlane, If they tfij ndto,1"'
lup posed po , ' ' .
time to calf 'men of all parties tc
entea were, no u tuun Mm 4M k. .,. vhf na onln
for one of the finest accession of I ,.. i-Viu,! tn
living wealth ever presented to j that he can offer thai inducement
any country, nave you not some to the people of Mississippi Just
apitalisl, over there, to catch the J yet. The editor of th Raymond
idea." Gazette and the Vlcksburg Time
. ,, to the contrary notwitwtanaing,
A HABD-BXAB.TKO father in New , . . ,
Albanv. Ind.. vu not long aco Two nooToaa in Rankin Countv
outwitted by the ardent lover of . . nlh
hi. daughter. Knowing there wai ok a shej at each other a rew
aiavaire doiron th premise, th days since. .' One it 1 thought
lover took an equally jereciou cur wUt jn ft few j,-, ,tand in need of
S"1 ?!L!: I Ple box. The other, it Is
U to epMto 4. combaUv fought, will complete U. leduca
qetst. th (rirl .lipped out the ou n the porutcnUary, or givi is
back; door ana was marrioa toner ipuuuu jjctiyiuioutu awu "
devoted John. . I tight rope.
MR.rorroit: The'commnnr. ..-''.jI!
o the .ubicrt'Of lmra:;;6'wn
which antirared in vur isu ot
(yeiterduj;' conulus several quora-
ions nrom my letters to. yoa of Uie
I7tk last , and 1 uupne, therefore,
that tho remarks of . the writer
have reference to roe personally
snd to cue coarse I nave puraned. . 1
I win pass over wlihotiicomment
the language of bravado Ucd by
the writer and proceed to give my
opinion upon tli subject a. 1 uu
deratund it, and as It is understood
by the majority of men who have
the Intereal of the immigrant in
View, i ! , ..... u
I have said, and now resssert the
statement, that the present policy
of labor importation Is a mistaken
policy, . which will . eventually
miner cnecs tiian loaier lmmixra
t inn, and which can never be bene
rlclul either to h imniigrnt or
to tho boiitberu tttates as comuiu
nltlus. '..'' '
Foreiini born hiyaolf, raised in
Switseriand among the very peo
ple the inhabitants of the Southern
fc Litis are now ' eiieouraging to
come among them, it is not in a
solrit ot nrroztnee wheu I ssy, that
beiug fiimilliir . wlcti tholr habits,
tastes aud customs, and their aims
and purposes iu leaving tho old
Country, that ( am satUflod they
will novcr be conicntod to cultivate
the soil for but one product, and
for tho sole purpose of enrkhlug
the land owner. This being my
conviction, I should prove an ene
my botn to tpe immigrant and to
this section of the United Slates
did I not ou every occasion give
expression to It.
Biuce my personal motives nave
boon arralguod by the writer, It
may not appear egotistical for me
to enlighten him as to the nature
of my visit to the Stato, by giving
a copy of the following letter from
a philanthropic society In Chicago,
which I In direct communication
with the Immigration Boelotlo of
this country and JSurope. ,
CupiaOo. IU..' Jan. 27. 1870.
T Ills Excel hrney Governor AI
oora. Jwkion, Miss, -Air.
We have the honor to re
commend to your Excellency, the
bearer of this letter. Gem II. Lieb,
of this city. II 1 about to travel
through the Btat of Uisalssippl,
for the ourpos or iseertajiiiiDg in
pctaent' social, asrleultural . and
aommercial condition of th State,
nd'the advisability of directing
American ernimuoa to tb aame,
Uur Bocietv take, a great inter
est in this matter, and therefore
will highly appreciate anr assisu
anoe given to Gen. Lieb, in order
to resell tni oDjoot.,
Very Respectfully, your Excel
tguvi uv vv aa rut w Wf
ubablbs uiitz, rresiaoni.
C. KsoBiLSDoarr, Soc'y.
Other letter to Gov. Alcorn,
which I have in my possession,
from the most oistiniulsbed en
tJemen of Illinois, are at the dispo
sal of the writer or yesterdays
communication, and will show
whether hi epithet of hypocrite,
etc., etc, are applicable to me. But
aside from these Jotters of intro
duction, as a member of the public
press In the capacity or special cor
respondent of the Chicago Tri
bune aud the Illinois Volks&iitung,
and as a free citizen of these United
States. I do not only claim it as a
right, but as a duty to give my
views upon the subject of immi
gration, or auy other, without fear
or favor. Should I through mis
apprehension dr mistaken informa
tion do Injustice to any man, or
Arm, I am ready to make all tho
reparation in my power, as a gen
tleman, but no threat of violence,
or abtuivo language will deter me
from doing, snylnif, writing, what
I coiucicutloii9iy think Just and
As the writer is so liberal with
his advice, ills no more than right
that I should return tho compliment.
Ue says that be ha fifty thou
sand acres of laud for sale. Vecy
rood. Ue will toll it to coloniza
tion azout at tne agent own term
and price. Why not divide It into
lot or 40, so, or ito acres ana oner
to Immlgraot on the same term If
this laud is contiguous, so that iu
Settlement by a community or col-
ny be possible, there wiu ne no
difficulty in hi getting 'more than
"Congrtu priest, and I for on
wilttrv to find purchaser, ie a
swtaUaommiition In order to prove
to bin. that I do pot (brink from
hohut work "because it pay." '
And. moreover, if the writer l
reaUr desirous, a a i asserts, of
teeing thl State, populated by
the thrifty ortnern ana European
... V . ' Mnnaf I Mndnretflltft
thaf liberty J,of psch and lof
the i i press ari ito wa para
"'''TV V ,.w..f -v i".J --"1
ind that just uoB boncumbe com-1
munlcauon as mat oi yesteruay,
In which prmiirii five to a
mm to etlU in VicUbturm if U
UkavttJimtVV- mor Jo.
cneck ue jmmigrauoq jq iu ui-
rentlnn of that Di dVeibllillV PMCea-
ble and hvw-ablding peopl of GerM
many; tfaait a uostua iutters wnuen
by a Korthewcorre-pondentr' . t
The,. writer favors immigration
and colonization be says. "Bo do L
I find his system lot achieving the
desired .result Impracticable, or
rather defective, aud took the lib
erty of saying so, and for it am In
vited to call for the writer's name,
and fight it out, 1 suppose Not
a word is (aid In proqf that I am
wrong In theory or practice. Now,
reallv,my time of fighting la over,
atad t believe that argument ahoela
hereafter take the place of tie
bowle-knlfe and revolver.
. In conclusion let me ssy that t! s
most effeotive writing contains tb
least bullring. Facts are th only
rebuking evidence that coast for
anything with the people.
II Las.
i' - t t ' r.: i. i i i
tta COlil ll'l. . . , i v. ' ' 1, ?-
ed ytte,.! .. j , e
lng;y.t'ut t"U r . m - :
sniin J i'S pic-riil c! i. '. ,
subject which was oi ""si ' . '
teniV-d to bo discussed ii? ;
ly. voluminous to furniih focl U,.
thought without rciorting t.tj-r-
souslitles and we are glad to see
tha General eLi eb evinces a wiilit-g-
noss to drop the pernonal pliasi's
of the dlscuiin ami fall back tip-
tlio truo suhjucL It is one
which possesses Vast Interest to the
public and one upon which much
of an instructive and entertaing
character may be written. Confine
yourselves gentlemen pic: to the
subject under consideration. ,
c ;
St.., '-.
it, e i.1,
ti-rn 1.4
row itrij
er. A p
Tne Secretary of the Treasury
hs sent to the House a vfP'y to a
resolution calling for. a statement
otthe dlsbnrscmoots and receipts
ii Alaoka since that Territory was
ncorporated Into the Unitod States,
&c, by which it appears the dis
bursements' on account of the reve
nue cutter service by the Collector
of Customs at San Francisco, in
excess of what would have been
disbursed had the vesiels remained
in port,,, were HGO.OOi); disburse.
meats by the Collector of Customs
at SitUa on account of collecting
revenue from customs and the rev:
enue cutter service, 101,353; dis-
bursoments on account of special
service, $0.221 ; disbursement on
account of the War Department,
In excess of what would have been
disbursod had the troop been sta
tioned elsewhere ia the United
States, $330,000; disbursement Oa
sosoon of (the P ostofflo Depart
ment to September 30, 13G9, $211
Total, diabursemeBts, $397,782., Re
oelpta from customs,. 121,332; re
celpt from the PoatofSce. $513.
Total' $.150." Dlabursement In
excess ef reeetpl $575,929. The
Secretary 'of War say that of the
$300,000 spent by the department
mere than $100,000 were expended
in the purchase aad q ulpment of
(team vessel employed la th Iran
Donation of pobllo troops, which
vessel, with da kllowanee of wear
ana tear' and nikt or navigation,
will long eontluu to represent
considerable portion of the sura
expended on the same.
Ths Vlcksburg Huald goes
for the Raymond Gazettee and
it sentiment a to toe Alcorn
letter, and charge it with open
defection from the ranks of of the
Democracy. The real truth of
the matter is, Harper ia flattered
by a letter from the Governor,
and that, with hi eld Whig pre
dllections, make him a aort of
"leaning tower" toward the party
that ha the power and th offi
ces, fierce mm again spears!
Columbua Index. -
Mr. White, a carpenter of West
Point, was found dead near that
place on the morning of the 18th,
having frozen to death the night
before. . . . ; . .
On the night of thelith inst.,1
serious fire occured in Aberdeen.
The sufferers were Dr. Green,
Tindall, Hudson and Evans, J. D.
McCluskey, attorney, Elkln & Mc-
Allstor, druggists, and Shields &
Wilson, hardware. The general
loss, may be approximated a fol
low: Dr. A. 8ykos, $3500; fram
building, $300; Elkln k McAIll.
ter, $1600; Shields A Winston, $1-
500; Jos. Brashfiold, $500; Walton
ft Daniel, $100 ;Commerclal Hotel,
$500;" pecupants of offioc, .$500;
Capt. Tom,., Shield, $l00-total
$5ooa"-. ":".'
Messrs. Shield ft' Winston, ind
Elkln 'ft MoAllIstor ire covered by
Insurance; ' ambuut of lBsurance,
$4500. ''" i0 '! vi.: iiit
. Th fire origldttedla the build
ingwcenpleaBf EUdhft MeallLster,
Which vaaOBad adn Jhrsvi There.
wart three hulldings burned, asd all
on the north, Jd of Ms'n tseet , , .
htatTaadAy.-o noiJ.ts." 9.1 lv
, -
, A tXaf iaieresitug teature'ol ths
Colamhas Xadex i Its eoluma "A
Peeplnto OBeHrchangcr"5 'J t:
' . k n, . n A Ainriu. . 1 V ran e
race wUh a trala'on thejiowa.reli
ana Bioux wr tuiiroa aww uy
ago,' and kepi ahead of it' forop-
wai d of tlx tnllM, who uej tumf-
ed off. They 'were not upon the
.rack, but'' on' the level 'prat!
alongside) and were frightened ?
the team horse, which came r -
them as they were quietly f.? .
Frakti ef the vrhftt ia rou
call lt Brandon paper- complain
bitterly about the run 's. . The fe
male come near t J our heart
to pieces.
r :.: . ,
s a ; i '
ct .. y fi.. . . .. -
as-light, is t' f" i
hue aud lit ,
color dots pro:.... v .
upon both stripes.
rlaiu e, iiralt
'e colors l.ie I ' : i
need in p. i e, s 1 I 'V ,"
he obtaii.. I at t ., -
p elf'S'i-i'li,,' n i ,
Bail triuiUi-d atar h !,
effective -evuin- d.t , a.. .
expentuve.. .,
nqnes a"d r":c.s a
maiki't, rfidy i jr t' i
trade; but t!n-ne ass iii a !,
Of th W3.jUity.al I' '
probably lr- a 1'. r-
few weut litter.
.Cretie de Cliinc, 'if'
tict-d on its first It: ' - -i,
rapidly gainetl fa v. r, .1 1 it i
considered one of V.z ' ' ,
fubrlc of thi" Sca-iou. It I. 1
used for overskirH I r t,
wenr and. lull-d.-. h oh
but it is n6t interxlo 1 .ti.at i
tureuse shaJl .ba li ur':;.l t t
grand toiicts., The n vm! '
at Lyons are mn..!i": it i ' i
quantities and in r. , t .
shades, and It ist.l lo n
Part for 'taprui r ' in I
suit. It 13 bfill ti.-. I
for the most fB-iuion (..
The underskirt is oi s i
made short, if iuUmk-d as a
costume, the overs'. 'a1, r
and sleeve of the C
is usually trimmed w a I
fringe of Uio same cni ir .
or fringe that Is c;!. : -',
it a careless nvy i , ; .
White crepe d Cbme, r s
tS2 dress, ia "Stviu .",-! ,
a black tatfutaa uniLr .1.
The new styles bo'.!i
In i and ' rc't v----
elaborstcK -
ii j Uff 1
. '
. 7
f.r even-.i
i . ir.or ,
. 1 v
. , , 0r.y
u I d.f j
t ie uay '
r, excrpl '
''.'''.'X Cer-'
ti-immed, i
!, is tlei
, w'.hh U ,
.z for tha ,
more tasteful t " t .e
In the aeason. luu tr
ia entirely out cf :
time, for out door w..
for the carriage r' ir
emonious calia. 'I !
w(th tunic tastrf "?
having sashes and !
fashionable dry co' 1
laid aside In the eic...
trained skirt
A change In the " form of the
aash has been predicts i that It
will merge , into a fancy Jacket '
frill, or postillion t'la y:, bavin j '
th ends gradually one above tl.a
other. . -it
A style which, .prevailed near
the close of thb't cnttiry, is t
be In vogue for eraung dresa 4
during the early spring.- This ia ,
the "spencer," cr ttas corsr,io tI
sleeve of some ntrastu?g cot-
or. A dress ' rewutly niia ia'1
Paris was from s -?.:r.;a Iu IlU1
tlon of this' old !. .Tio dr ,
is of a rich lavcudcr . a'Jk,. made) t
with trained s'.i.l, lix a wide t
flounue of lace around th Vih"..(
beaded by a ru,ie of nbboa cf
the same shade, liia sv'ouoer ia .
high In "the neck, wiili close
sleeves, and Is of silk of a du'.!cat
shade, something Uke t '-at cf
foam in a brlitht ennh-'it. It in ,
square a la Pom i ' 1 r iu fro1, .
and edged with 1 ' ; 'a i
the aame design ' t . i t'a
kirt. l -
, . . .. i i-i UOV!.. . . '
been- brought out
moat attractive 11' '.tprarl
satin, made with lt 3 t s,
having fifteen flounce t -y I
'9' rcc:'..r
One of tha
r 5
wide arounded Ls In
ruffle are cut i.i c I
and edged .wirt : "-.t V.
enne Te ' - r : -hresndy."'TLu
o- .'.:... vfc:
53ii5r, and la la , . c
than the "
trualiBed wiJi !...- k
Thi.wait..lWU,' . U
bar tiiel f-;-ruflUag
.. "w'.iii
sleeves ar qui'
isg Culy to Uei.''-"-'
with three jrad:-.
" Another d -f f
tlth a wl.' ' '
torn oft'- '. ' -r
! e' v
Tk's C -uca le 1 ' . -
f ' : Uie a::'-. . 1
,. . . The ou i .t i
lt; pe CL i t
ia thetmc.
a ricti ac
tlie co"'
t!irft r '
, ...i.t
the ti
the Cv ...cr.

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