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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, March 26, 1870, Image 1

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- -V. i -
t w?
1 .1 ... 1
c : r. fj ..i d
V " f t 'l '"y lie
a" !, ...) ;' k h ii h won id
1 ' : i. luit we
tie im i i i-it'ie flan ferc-
mu..,ui.-. i i.y i..e ii.ii.oisn.a cu
tlcmmi . In the .AuT'on olIW.
Bay thut tlioiilxtau'U:!' warrants
art' f 3,'5,qoO, Ui, tho, 'State , pre
pare to issue teu ' year;, .jmire . or
less, bonds bsartilj a liberal Inter
est, wlikli ihall be oScred ajx
change for, the .'outstanding'' war
mMT JVU r!inl25stf t$a nw
,'-, I i '.,- 4 i - "4 f v t 11
rants hvn permitted to . ex-
cl"'T" them fr tbe inter?t
bearing t- n yenr bonds. INeajly
all tl""" w""'i"' iro. teldby
spedc-jrj uvuu5 'bought
them af tlie fate "'of sixty-live to
-vtll. i on l;.e il'.!ar- As
they n v iLi j U'.j ilie clmnce
of, l .t vlion "t'.i. re'4' Is
Biuiii v im i'm Tiii"T or nrn all-
torbt'i i. f .. 'tin, f.'r(nTffl.
at OiiCi) CituMt ai n;'-rwrtirn H
Unl " of ti. ' v-.-nuta awl
fi . -0 fcA. .1 il
ibr'-t, fi . io ,t
l r-
evt'tv Ucic cre jjL'riiis iutlie
Si ' " ' W ' ' " ' " '
tt;. .." ..rtaUta U v Loiiuil ltt.
tli"m '"' t- L i!. I'-.mtobe
pa 1 " ' so i-. v Ui t'-e
- -h-
inc- f t i. j ditt w t
be fumli 1. 1' i wt t ' it la the
only h ,t k'"uM beat-
trn-j . u' -ry f'i" 'Ing
boWet-r, 1 y
, wLU to Le allowLi to di-i'iibute
littW " , -! ' ' 'the
- i
' of tLe Et.iU
Li 1' c mi."
rr- 1 ! :
1 11 8 )i
t ai v h
) L i t'uO XQUlL
i ho rccom-
. (,f
v 1
fee, '
1 1!
A i
i i
n 1
i c e
i X
' in tf uliily t' o Jrtir
,,.!, aw 2 by i iow.jI'iu
"d vvl.it U con
i it ii; null and vol t.
. i j -'iii.i"l euliarran-wij
:'!' t t!jo ir.atrimoiriily
!. "T TroWa Court tin
! ! I was alone aiill.er
t -: ) ninrr!:' -fl certificates.
''.'; 1 v Cun it'. en BO
, C. . a t-iovidclfur and
- h a (' it v.'vX s il K-
t i: f.m- . -il without ss-.u-,."
1 sr. Tli? tow C- r.s .tut ion
i ; i ru'.iva oa t'.a SI J of
'i, or at!-, a t J:r-'- "aU
r t'.a li-atv.'ir.ulan of Gor
r . ' 'i, V it j f '"-i wn
t it- Lave
: ;.:...) t-i
I, !D-y Are
i-r;'. or n-t? T'.:
4 ' . r - f ;h iLany. a frame,
, : 'c-S it in t q'icstion
. . ... i i.uiiijl, tiij V. e u,. U t'.O
C-'i-t i- U iatime lie ri.'.ed upon
t.v' " !. rurt'"i lifwever,
t! J - i a ' iirorision , wLith
will quiet all lf?al a; pwhrnsions
o:i tlilit in'ore, nblla it carries much
of a ('"'justing B'i I nau-.tiatin.
ciiarna.-r with: it. The tweuty
s. .-onJ Bi'i t'.'n of Genrral Vr-
Li'mis dfi'.ri! iii'wC'oij-titutlxu pro-
v'nirs tiiut "ail t'inons wbo have
not In t n nmrrii 'l,' but are now liv
ing tojrrtlior and coliubitlng as
hulian(ImM' w'ifr, bil i tk
jand teU for all purioe In. law as
mnrneJ, and. their, eliiidren shall
be togfluiale." ;,This provision of
the Constitution will serve to quie?
all- apprehension treated -by- tha
fact that tbe.Court heretofore au
,i : .. i . V... ' ' i 1! i. .
thorized to issue marriage Hocuses
has no longer any existence.' 'But
tliia, clause inserted for' no
such, wjsa .pitrpase,,, for, , wa it
inserted as aoma men claim, to
render, Icg'itiihata'the" recognized
eo-hnbitaUon : of t wrtain colored
eopla -who haro failed to be IcgaU
ly married ' hroiigU ih'elr Ignoi
ranca It would be' charitubla Ui
pnfeither 'eoriathictlon ..nbbft ."tho
ntotrvea of the, ramera o this
clause, but it woultt be dufcldodly
misrepreentin J "tbeir motives.
It was born'! Cue spirit of hate
nrA" rtalMtf wnfch", acWafd
mnnj momlier? be' tonstltii
tlonal Convention, and, was merely
intended s a legal cloak
for 4 miscegenation! t Howafctr,
while mtich ciit win grow" but 6f It,
rood, not intended, will a, fhe
J aJicitiry r'utitins also do-iVwjf
with the Cbuntr-Coarts. ThMi
two Churl1?' boln ir 1 ilJtted out f lades
matt' duu!' the intcrrcjnum,ln
a aouiuwhat , awkward .condition.
For while there is aConstiintiinal
pwioioh whlth coufaupi Ollliors
in 'ic'r. ""enl jwsltiora ui.til
tl..::rs;;.v-4Srsai:aippoiiiU;i uud
quulICil.i there Is bov, whr
tinnes old touits, now doneaway
w n i.. t L-u ) of theirorigi
i . , i stu is no Draacu
"t t' J- . .ry tol.-oUittjt tuor
... - j tbs"t the rrJ)ate.
' 1'. 1j vtLluU cannot
- " h ch tliat tl.py miust
i i . - - lb cu;.'. .' 1-
out. Ai r
of marri. t ,
to be aaid tl. .. f
' M3 c? a
Hine c ' " or r
. , f r !' t p
'i 11..J v. y n'tvi-r
1 P'O',,' 1 J. d It
is ;
1 y
uuwar.'t-. " ,i
thority.' Tl.ere n no j ri .
so tir 6 f v 1 .'''
0"vcr, wl.i(.li a- ' ,
tl.i. Ccnrul, i:i: . v .
i "i if h a '' , ' .
I. it no v. it Uau y ..
to Lite fire in tlm tnaki'-r i
, "i'. ..f n.i ' 1 i.
It lli'.s city I lift' i-i.ly
T a'ri-ct 'iit of ('
ait tu ninth wevrtfir 'fuLiii n
a x'y ofili-on fr'tn (111'; o y i ' !
p'mitiuiJl. ; Gcuciul S'.i ..X "ui i.jJ H1
oftlcerof the army is tliertf ro no
I ; j-..r if l t j -Viiijliiirg
andsLouM ticfiCL- vir
r. 1 r,histt.' a,'c. i i (' ' ;
Alcorn who h:ii na n.-itn'
ever in t!ie i. .. r. t 1 1 t'
Cvuutlt j, li w "1 1' .i he tl.
of ttatbo'jtoc! t all ; r
t m 1 at ' . ? '
aoecifll clt. '.lua to tin y 1. 1
ive 'f!! e !: cly. A t
'.alon .i!d!- 1!
I'. 9 1 .lie p-ovidi i l-y I ,i
f.r hol.Ur -r tie r o ",r '
U t)0nc .f ut L l,ti f
law to to cmi)I; I wl.li,
Alcorn has no rht
arpoi"t, a,sin-'- '" or f r
city of Vicksbui. ' iu.it h;,;
hplnn -niml tn -t'.o-t....ir.li fif
a -v - i i' 'i
the' city ert.f we &n u.i i-ir ' ; !
..ii. 1 -ii, . i. - -I..;. ; ... i ... .. ..
ereiae 'any control wl '.r i.; '.'.! '
matter." " ' J '
Thesocoiid B"tt;-m .f t'.-C- :
stitution under the lioad' f"- '1
ulo" roviibis that "ail buon nrinri-
force in tins ::.itciinit t'lmcti.-i i; -r no it! .
furtherance wict.ion and r '. ! i '" ' ' '
lion, and not repugnant to t' -!lT ','
Cmititution, nbull c.i.i...iM' i.Mi,,. l !
operation lint ,1 lin-y cxp'.ro i y ,r
own-limitation it..riHi or
hmi.a fcj-tuv LcglMliiture." The
sanfa section maiea four special
exceptional .no4 one of which af-
fuels municipal law of election. 1
The municipal law of Vicks-
burg are not "rcpngnant'to- the
Constitntiott," mot were they "en
acted lit furtheranca. of secession
and rebellion."' Hence tuey are to
full force until they "cxiiire by
their own limitation! or be altered
or .repealed by the Let'larature,"
and auy interference with- tu&u
whatavcr by Governor Alqornk an
opeuoutd jinjustiflabie viulauuuiuf
tlie Constitution of tliaE.ata.
Goiuuor Alcorn facl.rlyjr-
miUd (ic appoint, underlie sixth
section of General ProvU;. .i!,)i"Bil
coun- townshlpj- 'firiHluct and
beatofflcers," but none others and
w therefore hoi that ha will giv$
t&!s fatter maliirn.iVlll.u.un be
fore la aeeki tnjfatk'n. ' Bui ii
ha. sltouldj persist. in doing orwe
c"laitnitvW be.the, duty 6 the "City
Couwl o deinan.athatthtf coi
siiuiilonai righl Um ity he re
sptJ and if neces8M-yit4 the
tuatlur lis submitted tatlwj iliU-
tiofk 6f lh e6nrfei' 1 '
JAia JJar As yon tnvq tteifl
lost your poikion-in the army tnd
cannot, gti t ait In the Senate,
Kid; futthuV'M yoa orw a Missis
ippifla, a m irtDtiti wish , U ,c
you hrfyL,dlftsfor.f( living,, on,
stiff.piereforewa .orfaryou a
meant of iubisenc, n; tender
you the eiroulM c?rf!cyiasnt in
our press iwDfflrwU.ikiueatts turn
R2 .ttaTJieol an4 ,isliSi;h. .will
greatly rclieya pnidssarJlm, for
whose r "-"'nt'.on yon isould be
eminently graleful, Thesahry ii
!.; 1 1 . '3 yst the pn-'.' i" U "
1 ? n.1 t ty sava y i Tt
A ' - .
,;.r,r.y tkry
'.a a prP" ' ') r '
' 1 1 .11 it. r: t
i l : v I
! ' i 1 t
I (
t t
i to
V i
i of '
i , uir' .
- 'f
7 r
U.vfOi- 1 I
' ii' liT t 1 n
ty t ' : 'h;M
li.f e ' Tti'.'.c s
Ul,.! .T
. toft.
' i ime i
, W t! t (! 1
i!i " -ii'd (,f L.ie
f...ior .wlvl i
tiiec'."::ri(t; In 1
L.kc..ir.u nut:?;" 1
v c:
is I ? I t
till y .hb i .i ' 1 : , .
tUW fti.ii l!l .'. I atr-i-s ...ii.i ...i uiC
reAponhtlillitius urn iin-!'jil Upon
the laboring Inaa, -ui'. the em
ployer of Inbot ! Vc'pteitbla' to'
no oue, 'except to his own t i
science,' and. t' "t I '
ek.)lio, the lubgitti ji. a i -j
I am vt'rv t'ad to believe tl, 1
tha ' jrreat mrnwity' of t '. it t
mean to do well by tu UUlll!r: mu,
but since (ue s Individual l:'r t
is bnc'i highest duty, 'the lulioriug
Wen should be protacted from v
ery, powiblo lujuHticeji ad tLe
choice of healthful or sickly lo
calities ahonld not b toft to the
deciuioa of bratal IndSaVreBcei t,-.v
the preaeot system nuia' Ihj.so
UIi'. t..l J..obi. 0 'Itiimv l,i
nne to crsry i:.',;.rc
thcic outrauU' Wj.b.-4ut "f
(tuarterwl aockiMea, and as Hn es
ttiar afiall be any authority raorE
duty it is to sea to It th.t the in-
rt!?.f trS'EU'T .; ...
tract t'JL'o'tlSin'.'.nhf;!
1 .1
i v tit S,t nJ I ! C'Jt. U! j t.i
I f Ms eauour-.jtv the importHUaa
of such iiiboiu tai tfl best of tnv
ability;' Ulihoasiayi w 'ftben, -1
should iiisve tiiiH ori'fction to trie
Hv.u ., i--.t it is hiTrsi)fe toliic
lnia8 of mimenxu lanuwr miv
nciHi!iii4.by the InSueace of vl.kh
the aon'gref ate ' fat'rest,f the
State': araaCTiije4.ta' thoe '.
vkiuailaud baronav i'orihiar sea
son, een If the exibtis; fey l ;n
Suoula be nn,ui.1'-l lit t s i
!''" .fi, I olioi.. I u --..4 - (
pieierence to tho t '
tcm, ami tu the sy u u (T li ,,i
Id f . , . . s
tli a-a (iTfti'n"ii,t-.' "
Iti'r I'm"'-'..
tiiwmwn'Wfii! "
on ut' fn'
V Ir--. :
i ! t '
1 . .
1 to
- . C 1 t '
ii t. u nit 4 1.
) f -.:.! '
i t s'
I. It
3W ' '
that i i!''iiu t'.cit1. C. h i u.
es are never liin.ie, pvccj t pei 1
after harvcf t. . i
"ill! ... ! i
L.4U .t 4 1. ' . , i" . ' r
ulceus, piid aiuw 5,.i
enough tor hispi'nxwca w1 ' . 1
has once e'nv I in tliat I
Tho Journey tuna Chicago U
ridlan over thj Ill.iioUCeiiudi u.i i
Uobjla A C"..i'wr:i!h'oaf!., rit;, for
an emigrant. ' 1 6", n 1 n,r ' i
intonilincr Hi.ti ( An ' )
.3 - 1 . '
the Viiksburz k lei
arefoiBardod f.'uin .'! 'crj
rM (.ff -.j- ,....
Vl.:ie ill 1 :'.nlf.' !
M,a .).iiiliiiii. ! ' : i..
the w; t t' ,t !..r,. , , . ' ;
estn...'..vlv " ' -
vl le L'L.wd tl..
hesMiiy ' I'ln." ty t1 j'.
and re?ie evc-y j ';-.,ll,l.; ....
Biifiueut, and ha further run
" t ;f a:.y Gera. .,.
mechanic, shocnakeri., r : r.
and bhickuiil' t'.ry fui.M
ttivL'y ' li..J t ..ph ,. ,t 1
In Ljl ll St. tt! Ilhili .nl 1 f Sii
r:i,irunii. B!fr!l.nn wi'! krni' !,
OOiiia One of the u Inc.; -d ci r- i
MiaaisippL The boaltliful"
the pi.ne ix r..i;;ic' '!t,"ti .
pure-l 'yv:i wnur ;,.i.s ... .. " !
njif;k'.M4ii bl.lrfi .livyp:,'i
Meridian c-j'.tulucd . ly.
sand hil.ali.ants, st 1 i
Comios'-d1 of ii: ' ' '
shnntifs, T-j-u..? t j
is f)in e;pht ta t ;t t-uu. . 1,
the stiGcu are bu.it u;? i .'.i !
cou! I Snd emt loymi-Lt wl.h . ,
facility in nioht cf the" o" .-r t .
of the i'it-ibr cf L... ' '.
In every place at wh
pel iiirir.; uy Jutuut v ll..u
..nliulfidl II'. ft f ' - 1 i
lulur, ai.d i - i toi-.
huni'rcds of ift-iLauii -
so situated as to to ' -
tnke 1U
a a
1 1 Le
-i a i
i a '
' '

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