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vol. jr.
Vic!isbars Mississippi, Saturday Kcrr.Ir7eV.rrIl 1; tC
met ao jirri r wains uo.
JA. At. SWOKBft, PaklUhav.
"Wi would like to know If two
widower with ft daughter etch
marry each other' daughter, what
relation will their children be to
each other? r
Vim regret to announce the death
of Mr. Joseph Edwards, formerly
of Virginia, bat lately a resident
of Warren county. He diod of
consumption on the S4ib, at the res
idence of Mr. G. A. Chappel, near
Bovlua. '..',,'''
W were pleased to meet in our
aanctum, Col. D. Wyatt Aiken, of
the Rural Carolinian, published at
Charleston, South Carolina. He Is
taking a flying visit lu the interest
of his most excellent magazine.
Our readers will refer to our nolioe
of it in the issue of March 9th. We
urge our people, the planting com
munity especially, to subscribe for
this periodical. It 1 oue of the
best In this country and peculiarly
adapted Jo Southern wants.
A W.r wllk the Times.
The editor of the Vicksburg
Timet, whose life Is bent to loyal
duty, devotes nearly a column to
the Lauderdale affair, the Gazette
and our duty in directing the peo
ple as to the course thoy should
pursue In checking crime partic
ularly In cases where a white man
kills a negro. This is the burdih of
our neighbor's song, and be waxes
eloquent orer It. He wants no
"Idle diatribes," but with a little
small discerning, and a hatful of
what Davenant calls the " miuds
Immodesty," proclaims in favor of
"proper terms and plain English."
lie attacks us rigorously the left
hand rushiug irantically through
bis hair and the right scattering ink
drops of sense and leaning, ,roth
and wind, at the "stuff" which ap
peared iu tho Gazette. And he does
all this, too, without glviug his read
ers au opportunity t pats Judge
ment upon the "sniff' lie couiieoius.
Our neighbor looks at .it with blear
ed beauiH, garbles a sentence or word
here and there and then pronounces
utirullty! A jury of his own rend
ers might havo found a dill'orcnt
verdict. But seriously, the Gazette
never attempted to gluts over the
Lauderdale killing; we have pro
nounced against such lawless out
rages all along, and iu our first no
tlcetlie Lauderdale killing was
styled au "assassination" a term
probably strong enough for the
stomach of the Times. We want to
do equal and exact justice to all
men; td protect industry and quiet-
tude against vagrancy aud turou
lence. We do not wish to abridge
the black man's life or liberty, nor
will we countenance it in others, but
we are white men and tberepreaen
tatives of white men, and have
grown weary of the howl raised over
a DiacK miu s wuruor, sua me si
lence that is observed when a negro
murders a white mm or outrages a
white woman. We will go hand
in hand with the Times or any
other print Id Ciiiu.u out crime
when "color" is not t the founda
tion of vigilance. We fully com
prebend our position as a journal'
1st and trust so be ever louuti rat
tling In truth's bold cntise to rouse
each fearless heart."
N. . .
Cook's Brut Cotton. "This cot
ton was brought frum iltxiio to
Toxas. and from T. :;ii to Hi
alpnl in 1857. It was rained in Bol
ivar county aud sld iu ew Or
leans for illi ce" r"F tennd la
18i8-9. A crop of 2.7) rt!d
in Texas durlnjr the wr by JuJiie
Jones, wi soldi u ISO 3, ia Liver
pool for 63 cents '!', whii com
mon cotton was sold for 41 cents. -
It Is pronounced by competent
Judges in New Culoaus and Mem
phis as fine as peuier, and much
stronger ia staple.
It is admitted to be as fine ns the
. famous "Moma" cotton by tho pro
ducer, Her. J.lf. Echols, also bv his
merchanu iu Jew 101k, wm
BryceACo. ,.
It is prolific, as thft following lit
ters will testify. W. 8. Mu.lent
fronlilndf cennty 11:;- tvrii
'I planted oner acre with the seed
scntmo, have akea4 SUO
pounds, aud expect-. to a i-.a
hundred weight bate.' 1 p:r.st;;l c
Old WUlU-jiiuiulC It UlU UUL'Sl HlfMilB
I ever nw ; beats PcclcranJ !" a
all to pieces for flue ataplo, ami li 0111
what Pooler cotton I Lavs tarn
your tilk cotton will bo alead ia
tlit ywni'--iu. 1 "
. 1...? in m 1 ill 1 m ' i '
' St, Fatiuck's day, whs ci-?''rat el
iu Vicksburg by tho Fire 1 iepnrt
ment'i .ITio Tlmo, after v ,03 a
" full description of the "pn -m,
and a synopsis of the Ilev. l-.I.er
Lenry's .sermon, and no' t t.ie
iliircrerit'Hhterestni- tv ". h vt
Hid day. aywr.-i . V.. , ..
It was a fneinorfablo aal iii-r-outing
oocnslon ono' to bo I
vomoiuboreU. '. , Tho : vu u c . 1
pauics in' th,eif briU .m.-t
presented v very iuiy
appeal aVc'cV ,','",
The occasion pnbil 0 :
most Credltablo Manm r, n '
(rent credit npfn tho v-i
X&u nro julal.ikuu '
nines uitt notutng w u.
It was the HtBALD.
It should be gratifying, and
must be so to every thongbtful!
mind, to note the activity of the,'"
railroad interest of this 8ute.
We may lay aside other consid
erations, those of private, Individ
ual or local gain, and look only to
the good to result to the people at
large, as well as to .particular sec
tions. These railroad enterprises'
may prove losing affairs to tome of
those who engage iu Uieni,aKhough
we doubt it, but the majority of
these routes must eventually prove
richly paying investments and the
rebuilding of our State.
Several of these railroads are
leading from Vicksburg, and have,
as objective points, New Orleans,
Grenada and Memphis, and In ad
dition, the Shrcvcport and the
Little. Rock routes. Wo also bear
of several other routes, or exten-i
slou of routes. Among thee are
the Elyton and Aberdeen, Jackson
and Natchez, - the Meridian nnd
New Orleans, the Ship Island and
the Urcuuda and Houston. It may
be that in some of these cases and
for private reacons of self-interest
and profit, "airy nothings" are re
ceiving "local habitations and a
name ;" but generally these routes,
at least all those mentioned are
bona IlJe ones and are destined to
enure to the propriety of their
protectors and the welfare of the
These roads wl'.l open tho Inte
rior to settleraent.Immigration will
flock In aud it will be but a stmt
time, should our government prove
to be oue of justice and fostoring
care, before traffic and travel over
the new routes prove remunerative.
These roads, also, are projected
through the richest counties
of our state, and no sooner
has tho way -been opened
than settlers will engcrly seek
the lauds bordering upou this path
of the iron horse, aud if our people
are wise aud far seeing they will
afford these immigrants opportuni
ties of purchasing small farms aud
making themselves homes, there
by Increasing the value of their
own rcmalniug property, adding
to tho wealth and population of the
State, and giving a source of reve
nue to the railroads.
We call tbe attention of capital
ists to the significance of this move
ment. Especially do we point their
attoutlon to this city which, as the
great commercial centre of tbe
State and of the cotton belt, at
well as being the radii of several
Important railroad routes, is. enti
tled to are-cmluent .claims at a
place for the productive invest
ment of capital.
A 9mr
The Governor appoints the 21st
day of April as a day of thanks-
elvlnff. fasting and prayer, for
what? 1
Because, a renegade has Ween
elected to the chief magistracy of
an oppressed and insulted people.
Because, instead' of white mili
tary govorument, we hove & ucgro
civil government
Because, instead of our rulers be
ing C'locUJ iu accordance with
"Republican forms," from among
the pple, they-are official usurp
ers from Yankecdom and Afrjf a.
Because, instead of the people
who own, possess and live in this
country electing their rulers, they
are elected ( T) by a lot of Ignorant
and couteinpUble5 negroes and a
few low down thieving, white
(livored) men by the aid of "the
Because", instead of' having in
office men in whom the- people
have ooauMence, we have those
who will astonish and disappoint
us if they to not 'show i tUey? sole
aim to be booty.
Because wo have1 a renegade
Governor, a. Yankee Lieutenant
Sute nnd a carpet bag and scalla-
wsj ttefktur. Wo V'ilMgo.
on to .enumerate .causesvtrAjf we
should give thanks and fust, but
if thc". f u'jt enough, au-l
tliesu Will iiiL make ut jiiuy (loi
help and dfllvmiice), then God
p'.tyour 1. ml it- i I- i.t-j.
N J,j
e warned.
F 11 1M
I '.lit
US, GA., li
The fooag is taken from the
- "on. 'gB wnou i
ing Eudical paper. Comment Js
unnecessary. When the high
handed outrages of scalluwags and
carpet baggers can excite tho vir
tuous indignation of their own
party, then, indeed, there seems
some hope for us.
We may safely say the tlay is
clo6o nt hand when that detested
class of Ilndicals nt the South
who now rule w ith such unblush
ing effrontery, shall liido their di
minished head in Inglorious
shame, and the pcoplo breathe
freely betauso relieved from the
awful incubus of military despo
tism; or forbearance will cease
to bo a virtue.
'Tho whole process, since the
Senate decided to begin recon
struction in Georgia the second
time, has been one well calculated
to alarm as well ns disgust every
friend of free government cm this
continent. It hns consisted in the
surrenderor a great community,
fresh from a civil wfir, to probably
as bnd a lot of political tricksters
and adventurers as ever got to
gether in one place, to have all its
places of profit ami trust scrambled
for by them under military super
intendence, and by means "of
nearly every devise known to the
gambling house, the mock auction
room, the thimble rigger s table ;
nnd nil this in the presence of a
large, newly enfranchised, and
very ignorant constituency, to
whom the very form of govern
ment, not to speak of its princi
ples, arc still unfamiliar. And to
make the shame aud humiliation
all the greater, nil this has been
done under tho pretence of eslab-
liHlmi-r "a Keuublicau form of
government, " and scouring "equal
rwht for nil." Wo must sav, that
wo think the silence or acqui
escence of tho Republican press,
with a few honorable exceptions,
iu this disgraceful procedure, does
it little credit, and certainly has
not helped the party, as, time, we
know, will show."
"The cry now comes from
Washington that not only ought
the Binuhnm amendment to be
struck out of the bill, but tbe
whole State ought to be Tclegnted
to military government; pure ami
simple, And Itcpt there for the next
four years, owing to the ontrnges
on the lino of the Brunswick and
Albany railroad, and the threats
or the "rebel press" as to w bat
they will do when they get the
Slate into their own hands once
more. Wo should like to ask, so
riously, those who talk in this
way, whether they really, believe
that at the end of tbe four years
the condition of publio sentiment
iu the State would be any better
than it is now, or as good ?
Whether they ever heard of a
community being trained into
pcaceabloness, love or order, and
respect for law by a "military
government," which was simply
another name for the rule of a La
ted and despised faction, composed
largely of worthless adventurers ?
Whether there is any State in the
Union In, which people's blood
would not be made to boil in their
veins by such a spectaclo in their
Capital as that which Georgians
have been witnessing, in theirs
during the last three months?
Whether they really believe In the
old European doctrine that men
can be cudgelled and bayoneted
into good behavior, aud have to
tally abandoned the American
one, that all the olitlcaland social
virtues, like nearly all tbe other
good things of this world, are
the results of growth, and slow
growth too? How long' do they
think the political habits of the
American people-whieh have
hitherto been the salvation of the
Government their respect for the
forms of lnw, their love of peace
ful discussion, their willingness to
abido by the results w elections,
their confidence in oflleliu integri
ty, will survive if the policy now
pursued or threatened, iu ..Geor
gia lie persisted in ?l If a minori
ty lias only to rook, up stories of
"outmites,' of "rioU, uudtjonials
of Justice; and run with them .to
Washington, to bo uUt to gct.the
Stato Government, .pvertuniCd,
how Ion? ' would it 1 before wc
were in the condition 6f Mexico,
withV distract and .well marked
civil war in each State, our .Feder
al army roaming from one to the
VtlicrfiJiViiig a l.itlo Uis a..d
Bghtitw little, there; se.iin up
"a f-' 1 i em l"1" rl '""'i'm-nf
iii 0 1 1 1 t- ' v . tor i
' , 1 .( r, .u.it to on .' t-i 1 it:
r 1- d to bo liubV . 11 1
;a J'olu
1 4
c 1 I'
i) l
At an adjourned meeting of the
Board of Mayor and Council, of
the city of Vicksburg, held at lbs
Uty Ball, Friday. Feb, H, im f
r re sent Unn. tuea Bwut, May
or; Messrs. Buchanss, Lee, Wil
ton, Foster, Frank,.. Giluisn and
Hall, Council. ...,,')
Moved and seconded that the
reading of the minutes be dispensed
with. Carried. ., vi,.t ( .
The following accouuts against
the city were allowed and ordorsd
paid: t . ,. , , .
Mattingly.iFlowerrse&fo.,, ,'
coal for eolorod school at
State Asvlum.. S 4 SO
G011. E. Swift, Mayor, for
telegrams,. r.r. 9 60
Louis ilcffman, bardwate .. H yjj
Washington Steam Fire Co.
No. 3, for labor and fool
Cilinir cUtcrns,.;. 27 00
Jerry Ucaly, city scavenger,
lor January, WW
Stanton is MtKenns, for '
building cistern and stone
crossing . 424 00
The account of Haltingly, Flow
crrec& Co., lor coal, amounting to
$13 60, was referred to the City
Marshal, for approval.
The account of Michael Bheehan,
amounting to (60 00, for a cow,
killed by tbe steam fire engine, was
referred to the Committee on
The following bonds were re
ceived and license granted :
II. Buselman, 1 and Richard
Dohlor. to keep family irroceries.
The report of the Street Com
mittee, with reference to tbe ceme
tery road, being called for, the
chairman reported that Geo. Cal
vert's proposition Was withdrawn.
Considerable debate followed.
Pending action, x Judge Morris,
lion. Mr. Stringer and Albert
Johnson addressed the Board.
Dr. Foster made the following
The Chairman of tbe Street Com
mittee reported that at a meeting
of tho Joint Committee appointed
on the part of he Board of Police,
aud tbe City Council, to confer
with reference to tbe new road to
the Cemetery, and tbe opening of
tint ortb street, ;the following
resolutions were unanimously
adopted :
Resolved, That the Board of Po
lice will agree to pay one-third of
tbe euilin t xpeose of constructing
tbe new road to tne cemetery, in
eluding right of way, upou the fol
IowIuk conditions, viz:
1st. The road shall be construct
ed upou the. plans and specifica
tions herewith submitted.
2ud. The Countv shall nossess
and repair one-third . of interest
and control of said road.
3rd. Suld road shall be kept open
lor the use 01 tne county. ' '
4th. That said work shall be giv
en out by such contract as shall be
acceptable to the City Council and
the Board of Police, in any sum
uot exceeding $4,000, and that said
contract shall include tbe keening
of said road In repair for three
years from the date of completion.
tun. me city obligate useii to
share in ihe expense of keeping the
old cemetery road la' repair from
city limits to Aciierman's gate on
said road. 1
Your committee respectfully re
commend the acceptance of the
foregoing proposition.
The following resolution at
amended was carried. , .
Resolved, That the Mayor be
authorized to advertise for two
dnva for nronosal. to finish the
cemetery road and bridge accord
ing to piaus ana specincations,
provided that contracts for grad
ing and bndzlng be tenants, and to
complete gracing as at resent
done. '
The Chairman of the Btreef Com
mittee, to whom wu referred the
account of John Lauglilin, sm""nf
Ing to $23 80, reported favorably-to
the payment of the bilk when 'era
motion the acoount was allowed
and ordered to be oaid.
A communication1 was then read
from John li. Harris, secretory of
the vicksburg Gaa Light Compa
ny, represcnUug that the Indebted
ness of the city to the Company
was S3,S00 and . requesting - that
some measure be ' taken to
liquidate it.- That only ' $008 25
In cash bad been received - since
May last, and stating that the city
non rultlllment or tne contract
was a serious loss to them. 'The
petition was referred to the Fluauce
' Thefollowlngreaoltitfoa by Mr.
Hall was earn ml: n" j1 1 - v
Resolved, That the Treasurer of
the Ciiy of Ykksburg, be author
ized la par tbe .laoorers on tne
City Cemetery road, upoufrvouch
ers or tbe Slrcoi coimu.nMoner, tor
work done for 'Week JeBuiusr
ebruan7 13th : lW,i an amount
not exceeding .two . bundled i-nJ
Ilis Honor then suggested to
the UoarO-Us pmwmy or dovls
ing some method to th sorip
' The following rcoluion by Dr.
Foxhir was can led- '(
Revived, That tiieFinanca Co"i-
uiuice bed. recti il U coi.s. r w,;,
parties for the puipoo of 1.1 k.i '
inch tinaneiiil arraiit'cunnuts as wi::
socnriur!i- :""tci!i" yn f "
to tin t the t,jii. ' 1 1 ' j 1 . ;
cit. ,-lr
con',. ' ft 9
-n t s -
ti 1, 1
hit ion was eat
ti 1 -
1 '
Dublio sqT3rs, fn-!n."7.ij court
house, va. '. st t j, for tbe
location of .it, ,1, or, If pre
ferred, to epr-ropi ...e t! e sum of
$S0,0U0 for t s t 1 pnrj wou, pro
vided the city would appropriate
a like sum; tald propositions being
favorably -coasldcred by the hon
ors me uoara; ana. ,. t ,
Whereas, For reasons too nu
merous to mention In this connect
tionr we regard the removal of the
capital or tbe, State to this city as a
measure of incalculable benefit
alike to the city aud the State.
liiererore. Be it Besolved. That
we hail with pleasure the Interest
exhibited by our citizens In this
matter, at also, the very liberal
propositions or tbe uonorable
Board of Police, and that on behalf
of the City Council, we hereby ex
press our hearty concurrence and
cbeerful ce-operatioij in any
measure that promises success iu
tbe enterprise of locating the capi
tal of MlsabiBippi at Yicksburg...
uesoiveu, xnai bis Honor tbe
Mayor be instructed to submit the
question, of an appropriation of
30,000, on the part of this city, for
tne aoove named purpose, to a vote
of tbe citiieus at as early a day as
lbe following preamble and res
olution by Mr. Buobanaa was car
ried: .
Whereas, The grade on Cherrr
street immediately south of-the
bayou is in such repair ,that when
the street ia muddy it is unsafe and
next to impossible to pass with
loaded teams, therefore, Besolvod,
mat me Bircet commissioner be
authorised to pot It In such repair
immediately, as will make It passa-
oie ana sate. Dy rocs; and gravel
from the bayou. '
Tbe following resolution bv Dr.
JUesoived, That tbe- Marshal ba
directed 10 nouryau parties own-
ing and holding property in tbe
olty, between Grots street on the
north, South street on the South.
WUnut street -on the east and
Washington street on the West, in
cluding both sides of said streets.
tbat thoy are hereby required to
have their respective eidewalks
made, repaired, aud put In rood
Street Commissioner, or that the
said work will be done by the city
at the . expente of said property.
after thirty days from date of
notice. . . .
Tbe following resolution by Mr.
uati, was presented :
ttcaolvea, That whereat, a mem.
ber of this Board has been elected
by tbe ballots of Ihe Fire Depart
ment of this city, to the office of
Cbier Engineer; therefore be It
Itesolved, That the Chief En
glucer Of the fire Department of
tbe city of .Vicksburg receive no
pay or emoluments from said
office during his continuance as
member of this Board. .
The ayes and noes being called,
resulted as rouows:
Ayes SfoMrs. Walton, Foster,
spina and 1 j ait.
Koes Messrs. Buchanan, " Lee
and Oilman. ;
The following bills ''vt the
City IIoiilal were iuiowe-i Siidor
AVred pidr "'
Vollio Voirh, carrying pa-
tienfs tohoipiul,. $
John Wharton, carrying pa
tents to hoEpitii!,.
P. W. tfhearer, rrov!rbns.
,2 20
-; 1
E D. Bkhardsoit, labor,....
Lee LMcbarwl.on & Co- bard-
ware,.. t 121 15
State Asylum, board cf ja-
,.... I"' 10
W. H. Smith, provisions,... I I 1
Fred. Loyd, bwf...... 2-13 15
' J On motion, U.e Board a."oun,4
fo Wedacsiay, il-r;i li.'i.
t ' mm Swire, yr.'
At an s'jwroe,1 ret!pr of V:z
'Board ot Mayor and Council, of ibe
,eity ( Vi' -ur kM nt ct:y
ball, wertnftay, ?'frch '--i:
Present Gen. Jtfn fcwiit. May.
dtT Meri. Lee, Walton, Footer,
Frfufc, Oilman and Hail, Council. '
Absent Mr. lsuchansn. 1
Oi motion- the reading of the
minutes waT'dlspensed with.
.The4ocouat of A. I Tierce,
Civil Engineer, for services during
the month of i-'obroary, for $100,
wss allowed and crderej paid.
The'choJrman of , the Lao-Hug
Committee,' on the city latiJa
begged leave to withdraw hit re
port, and on motion further time
was granted. ' C '
The. Committee twv om was re
ferred the Ratter of Cm OfTban't
Uome Lottary, rtpoiiud through
its chairman in writing, recom
mending that- thejregulitf license
bo collected from sid coiupMiiy,
when on motion said, report wat
received and adoj. ted. ' " ,
The report of the CoUiiiiUw e on
Fluance tetngcalkd for, tuS uhalr
man reported' the fosiowlcg reso
lutioi Which was carried.
Resolved,. That the. Mayor and
Finance Committee be authorized
to ucgollate iorthepurnoae of rlfi
ing funds to'pirct the current fx
peHSCSOftlio CHy tO lLa tun-uiit
-not exceeding nn i-iuii-'-, 10
i,o approvod by the Conn- 1 ... 1 -i
-1 resulsr n.r-'.lr 1
i e Lids lor f; !) i '
' ' iial wilh L .
- ' tr, v -1 1 ' '
1'alh 1
. ' ! Til- . ' .'
oinj 1 1 1 1 -
-iTved, 1 ' f '
t , ; te 1 - - .
'Citv. t .
fjr i - ' ,
at t;.s c 'i , 1 .
to K-1 boo t ir 1
foruiftiii-j cf tl.s ci,.
belli ? thel)we...t
1 1,
awnJi:! to Li hi.
The report of the Aui!i '. -
mittee ws then read, :n. ; i -A
It. II. Walker,-Wharf ami i, r
Matter, bad made his toll r"Vurt
tinea annointment to of'.-'". June
26, 18!$, to January Si, lS.'U, that
be bad received from ail tourrci
$lj,2U(i 17, and tbat minus l.ii com
missions, there had been ooiii dad lu
all $13,700 60, which had been paid
over to the Treasurer as per vouch,
ers On motion, the report was
received and filed.' ' :-!
The committee to whom wat re
ferred the Increase of pay of tbe
police force begged ruriber lime. 1
The committee on the tale of tbe
Constitution Engine Home report.
ed that it had been sold for iio.
Mr. Beck and Mr. Gardner addrcst.
ed the Board by permission, the
latter avcriug that the Mayor had
ordered him to sell the bouse, and
that be had reported the fact to the
City Clerk Immediately after the
tale. Dr. Gilman then addressed
the Board exonerating himself at
to tbe propriety and legality or the
tale. Attorney General J. 8. Mor
ris then being called upon, gave a
legal opinion in tbe premises, to
the effect tbat there was not suffi-
olonl authority legally for what
bad been done, but tuirarested tbat
if tbe Board, confirmed tho sale It
would be valid.
On motion the regular order of
business was suspended, i-i
lbe following accounts tgninat
the city Hospital were allowed and
ordered paid. ' . ,
uacKino. z, to patients 10
Hospital. ..; $200
Drsy No, 73, patients to IIos
pllat 2 00
Peter Fearn, patients to, IIos
pital 150
Jessie Lee, patients to Umpl-""
tai ... 9 w
Austin-Edwards, patients to ! . .
Hospital 10 00
Antonio Genella, Sundries. . 50 7j
The following resolution, by Mr.
Hall, wae carried : - ?,
Uesolved, That tbe bins or man-
ton ft McKenna be allowed as here
tofore, payable at expiration or tnuir
coutraot. .-s
Tbe following resolution, by. Dr.
Gilman; was carried: . .
L Bcsolved.That this Council here-
hv resolves ' itself Into a conmilltua
of the whole for the purpose of
drafting a new Charter lor tbe olty
of Vicksburg, and that the tame be
tubmltted to our Senators and
Bcpretentatlrea lu tbe Legislature
of Mississippi, for tbeir eou.tide ra
tion, and tbat tald committee il.-.ll
hold its setstofisironr-i'-'T to t'
until the work shall la 0 L.u . -
pleted. ; .... ; 1
2. Ketolved, That each Council
man be authorized to !t t t - - ',
the mot able and np
tent of Vlckoburg ta 1
vi-e in di,fluj' t!; r
air! thru five m' fi- :
counciiiiieti shall con. .. as .
ingqum-u:o;thewoi.i :.
irst-ti and alter iioir.i.iv ! ",
TLafol'.owlKjr.' I; I ..
Foster, was ear -
1. leoived, Tiwt a st- :
eommUtew, to be kin sr '
or, iie
cine a !
i duty ii uu
itersl eh'"
1 ) t
Vill'r , ..: 1 .. 1 ".
the i-wili-l
Wnrl' bfinis - . -
report upon its eon-iai.-.-. r r
l....i i.. . ...Wiicj i . , btm - ? t
4i-imi ---1 tit '- --"
c'"c:Sescy cf tie polka .Vw, 4
to said department
- ' - . ----- - . .
I'uiiceii-rartnne.t,' tlull ' la
upon t,-- rci!C:....,iiI,.i;.. til '::,
tionnr, lbe Mvoc. ..!
mit tnt) same to tan Cauii,-..! ti : .
next succeeding T""ntBr r---;
for spprov'd or reaction.
Ueksrs. Foster, iiall anl Ws!' m
Were appointed on said commit' ;
- The petiuon of the Countut..-.
Fire Ceaipaay Ha. I,riu'-,-..- ...
be atlowel the u;;a ser V.4 t
U1L until their new en-iaa i..-:v
W built, w a griwJ, - -
The petition of J. Q. Arno'.d,
City bezton, icoostlo; iustrm;.
tions as to grave yard i.,;-., .,
Was referred to a special coiuuiU
teev Messrs. Bucbimii, L-nt- and
Lcb, were appointed m i,i. um
mittee. - 1 .
i-.iiiiw r -- if-:i.i orcUnanff
was read tho first time and reams
to the nest regular mooting of t
Loxi .l ; . . - - . -
Bt ii oruuiueil.:l'Mfc iin u
Ebon Swiff, Mayor of the oily, L..vi
nruii'tvui from the citv ot
Vicksburr-tr Kotlh'!Louilai.a &. !
Texnaii. K., Vicktbur" & " i
R. II , l'Sv B. H. t !
bomuled on t!iO north by I:.,: - .'
l.:n:.. C:ri!rj;Cil0l!:!r On V.'.. I :., . .
i ! ' ,"H
t. 8 H I -I I ,-!!" 1 -
Of lii 1
01 ('..
5 1 . s
...I (
"' 'I
ty, iu f j ;
silim .lii
tay tow:.. . . .
1 )
.1 r
requirc-l v,
city pr'!)(rt'-.
tlon i y t-'
ra'iiroi.l I;; .
the v-i.uo ol .
of Co city,
companies t u
clnsivr'y f r 1
rr bui'iu - in I -
and y. i- .,; i.s - . , ,
duct, ii'ii a-iuw Ri y - , i)
carm 1 ou,t't I , , r
rent, nor to a ... ; - . .
property to La 1: , .
raiiroad fii "t 1
A. pei..i- if .1 "
Wharf -l P -
ooitiir.-" it' !(
hei-t!-)'(ia u i 5j
and t J.) ft l . 1 . (,..
lowed S. "i-r, ,
ni'-lii' t t!: c .' I - l
from Fir j. 1, 1 ui t
beneiltted. 'ia s 4
granted, v .
'Lie 1 "'".'io.i .4 1 ' ,
Co: ; .y 2.Q. 1.
Warn, . -i. .: ,. i
propiu-. i'i 1:
cbSH or a- l. . . t . :.a
boi'.e ; F' ' 1 1 - -
pie, speeiitl :-...- , 1
quest!..,; t'.. ; j
brootus and t.ja &as.-t$ 1 um :. 4
house to In r"m-t ; sridrcji-.-W
Uoil Wasj-rH'i.vJ.
The foiiowiiij M"-,--,;u:iiJ:i iy t-,
Foster, was espied:
ltcsttlved, Tiiat. t'-s. C!.k-f
gliieer tf the lire irps.rt;r;;5'. ht
autnorizca to tppoikt
walenmen, subject to tie
of the Board of My.;r and t
at a aotaqr fit iVi lr mut,
purpose of giving t!;m !u
fire, by dijt lir.niLs,- l-.'-i
man to be oodir ibo- a;;-c-:
a i 1
.-Kincil, '
, hue iae
f. ;! of
y .-cli.
:'.l0 Of
tne cmei ungin-r. . .
A eommiMileaiiun' fram I. H
.Bait, Uilet nginier I'.;r Dtpart-
for L5 days, was t
Board. '
A petition fjor-i'
by this
. tV' Cray
r t)?e I'est
it further
w that
'" re '
k -.
. i
- r
ana other, tiwnn-
House be kL
nci"?i Dori
t'.en u
t i
t r
F .: J cf
( i.y i
, 1

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