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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, May 07, 1870, Image 2

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r T "V" T""" T 1
JL L-a.-..-
j, s : Uar SaUTZ.
X 4Uuiiucedtol0eorporatel.lt-
r' '';r' l-5 tomnmeeCompuiy of
JLo set to f-.:itU the ureal of
fBg'.tiret from JntUct.
J3 to Incorporate tbe Winchea-
terifilli Company, patted-
A special committee of live Senv
ton appointed to InvettiiraU Uie
GUba IIwms Imbroglio. Bucb so
iioa Is bwIcm, m the sheriff has
jurmaed that they shall not rltk
"their Tillable -lives la sanguinary
A report of tbe Judiciary Com
mittee, declaring the election of
tm Printer Ulrgil, was argued
svaa nouoa out to reoooilder
wm under dlteu talon it adjourn-
menL 1 '
Feyton, Stauall sad Tarbell, are
nominated to the Supremo Bench,
au vill bo confirmed.
Uosta-It la agreed that the
'Bone g Into election for Bute
Printer on Thursday,
A bill pasted to appoint three
CommUttoners to codify the laws
' of VlMlwIpp!, salary IS.OOOdollers
The Gorernor has approred of
tie appropriation bill for the Hos
pitals at Vkkaborg and Natchez.
Jamso, Jfsy a. A reeolntlon
for pnbUe Printer, was recommit
ted to the Judiciary Committee
with instructions to report to-morrow
A bill establishing the counties
Of A Icons and Prentiss, psseed.
Hock Bills to provide the new
Code of Laws, also to incoporate
the City Hotel Company of Jack-
ton, was referred.
A petition to exempt ccrtalu
dogs from taxation was presented.
(Badlcal dogs, wa suppose!)
A petition was received from
certain photographers praying to
be exempt from taxation.
The Auditor wu instructed to
furnish the Committee on TVays
and Means a detailed statement of
the number and amount of war
rants issued on sccooot of tbe Con
stitutional Convention.
Tbe Committee on Benevolent
Institutions recommend tbe sp
pointment by the Governor of a
committee of three to select a suita
ble place for permanently locating
the State Blind Institution. pasted.
The Governor has approved the
Chancery bill.
A bill wu introduced to amend
the charter of Natchez.
Ditiatitfactlon exists amongst
extreme Radicals at the noniiuaiiou
of Tar be II to the Supreme Bench.
No further nominations aie tent
in. It will take several days to
arrange the different applications.
Jones aud Wlntton counties de
serve honorable mention lu not
having an applicant here for office
during the session.
A new printing combination it
being ;quletly formed. Harper, of
Raymond, is alto suggested ss s
Jackson, May 6. A majority of
the Judiciary Committse adhere to
the former report, that tbe electlou
of public printer was il legal. .
Gibbt submitted a minority re
port, stating that if tho election was
11-legal, It Is proper for the Courts
to decide ths tame.
A third report from the tarns
Commute says the election was
A bill psased making the crea
tion of Winona connty, subject to
the vote of people interested.
A bill passed to incorporate Ship
Island, Mississippi and Paducab
Hocsn Bills patted : To incorpor
ate Odd Fellows Lodge at Enter
To incorporate Verona Female
To Incorporate Union Baptist
Church at Columbus, Hits.
To incorporate the Yicktburg
Insurance Company.
To charter the Mississippi Man
. nfacturlng Company.
Mr. Landon will, to-morrow, in
trodscs re?o!otlon to remove tbe
(Ming of the Legislature to Yickt
burg until the buildings here can
be repaired,
Tfcf Mires! Committee goes to
Yteksbarg to-morrow to invetti
gate the txU.a.on of the Railroad
to the river.
At the mechanics', meeting last
night, the oomiinUet appointed at
a previous mecU.g reported that
the capltol can be itpurd thor
oughly for lal-flve thousasa dollars
Including every Item of work. . ,
AUnat Clinton this afternoon
' tkttroyed tbe residence of Mr. Boa
tick and household goods. Hou
worth two thoosend dollars. No
UFiM tha jbaymond Cixette,
, It is t will make a good, run
A ;... .ted Preaa .IJeportw
TTasEnsaroir, May X Hon
Bills were introduced by Payne ad
mitting Georgia to representa
tion. A concurrent resolution to ad
journ the iloua on tbe fourth of
July was fcfrtptwl 63 to 65.
Jcncke Civil Service Bill eame
up, bat he rave way to the tariff
which will cboke off Kyan ve Kcw
sham set for to-day.
Tbe Committees on account of
tbe House meeting at 11 this morn
ing had no quorum. .
cixatb Bills making the 30th
of May a national holiday for tbe
decoration of Union soldiers' gravee
and giving Mrs. Lincoln three
thousand dollars a yesr meeting
ooiecuon from tne itepubllcau
side when on tbe calendar.
WasniKQToa, Msy 3. Revenue
to-day $01(4,000.
Bs ATI The Committee on For
eign relations considered tbe Te
hantrpec Canal. No action taken.
Delano hss gone to Ohio.
Recruiting lor tbe Navy resumed.
. Tbe 21st annual meeting of tbe
American Medical Association con
vened to-day.
Reports on admitting delegates
from Institutions whoie teaching!
lead to consultations with negroes
and doctors, referred to Committee
on Ethics without debate.
Tbe new Committees on Medical
Ethics, Stllie Benna, are Davit, of
Illinois, Keller, of Kentucky, and
W.Atkew, of Delaware.
Professor Mardelball delivered
the annnal addres. Adjourned.
Ekkatb A bill, was Introduced
to require the New'Orleans, Mobilo
and Chattanooga Railroad to con
struct a drawbridge over the chan
nel of Great RlgolcL
A bill patted changing tbe place
or noiaiug united outes courts in
tbe nortbern district of UiteUilaDi
Tbe Conference Committee will
report on the Ceutut bill adopted,
llocst Cousumed all day din-
cutting tteci.
Waiuiotov. Msv 3. Several
Cubans prominent In tbe inturrec
tionary movements have lately
made overtures to the Soauith
Minister in this city in order to
come to a direct understanding
with his Government through him.
preparatory to their giving up tbe
contest, ino aeiiuite conclusion
retched, but it is understood that
the most conciliatory disposition
wss manifested by tbe rammish
Tho Supremo Court at tho latt
term dltpotcd of 223 cases, leaving
250 on the docket.
Louisville. May it. John II.
Morton, aged 10, ton of J. C. Mor
ton, banker, killed a gambler, Dun
Powers, at a limine of ill (nine.
Chicago, May 3. The bao ball
club arrived thin cvenlnir,arc quests
of the Lone Slur Club, and wlli
pluy their lirtt game with theiu on
the 8lb.
New Yoke, May 3. Thcsrranire-
mcuts making here for the mectim;
of tbo mcrchantx, favor the acquisi
tion of the Bay of banintiia.
llobt. Hartwarn was murdered
in Merger City last night by Denis
McUrathy who was airemed.
Salt Lake, May 3. Captain W.
it. Biory, ucpuiy bmled States
Marshal, was killed by a dexpe
rado named Howes, who ho was
about to arrest. A potto it after
the murderer.
IIklexa, Montana. -May 3 A
public meeting selected 23 men to
try two desperadoes, who were
hanged in the pretence ot 2,000 peo
ple Mokticello, Kansas, May 3.
Col. l'ayne, audbtuplelon, Member
of Connies e, fought iu a chirk room.
l'ayne was hot ihrougu tne lungs,
nd Stapleton throat was rut.
Both died. The fight was pre-ar
Londok, .May 4 tne commons
have defeated the bill for the invet-
ligation of the Nunneries, but patt
ed the bill to iuvestigaU) the
Monastic property.
Several amendments to tne lnH
laud bill were defuatcd.
Lokijok, May 3 Dispatches
from India report that a rebellion
has broken out among the Khlr
gisb tribe ou the shores of the Cas
pian sea.
Lordok, May 3. Ditpatcuci
from Athens state that Bwolensko
has beeu appoiuted to succeed M.
oontzsos as Minister of War.
Troops sre ttill hunting for the
survivors of the baud of brigands
wno murdered tne foreigners.
Manchester, May 3. At a meet
ing of tbe Cumber of Commerce
last evening much satisfaction was
expressed at tbe production of
Paris. May 3. The Journal
Official denounces the tactics of re
volutionary journals in seeking to
make their readers believe there
has been no conspiracy, -aud do
clares it the duty of the Govern.
ment to warn the publlo against the
effect of such electorate trick. The
Jourutl adds : .The conspiracy is
Dart of that u last winter, tne in
vestlgation into wiucn. lias oceu to
fa'.praciic.d. When tie examina-
lions sre terminated, whlchsoon will
be, tbe public will know ail and be
able to appreciate tne danger in
which the country has been placed.
Olllvier addressed a letter to the
Moniteuriu which he assures the
editor that the Government will
not follow tbe policy of reac
tiou though obliged to take op
presstve measures sgaintt ita enc
mles. lie hopes this frank answer
will ulesltate the rears expressed by
the Moniteur.
Paris, May 3. Tbe following is
a description of an iufernal machine
captured at a bouse of conspiratort
against tne tmperor:
inev resemble a graoite ring, ui
vided into several small chambers,
each of which contained a vial ot
nitrate of potash. Percussion caps
were ingeniously fitted, (lightly
raised from the surface, so that in
falling noon any hard substance
the macbine is nearly certain to ex
plode. A ring Is attached to the
periphery to aid In throwing the
tsuMie adroitly. Tho La France
n? rtoent discovered conspiracies
uiucs amnesty for tl persons now
la enstoJy Improbable.
There it soma disorder, but no
fiomace at meeting!.
I tms, My 3. Afternooo.A
serious riot occurred yesterday at
Cjucotio, canned by tbe arrest of a
member of tbe International So
ciety. Two thousand workmen
attacked the National Guard and
Gens do Armee stationed around
tbo pri ton. Tbe Guardsbeldtbeir
ground though a number were
Prefect, Commending' General
and Procureoer, came to their re
lief with a detachment of the regu
lar troops when the mob was dis
persed and order restored. To-day
the Prefect and Geuerel held a re
view, at which they thanked tbe
troops and national guard for caus
ing laws to be respected.
Gkxoa, May Cerruschl, an
Italian banker, has been expelled
from France for contributing
100,000 francs to the Antl-Plcbecite.
lie wss ordered to leave Genoa.
Rappel publishes a mauifesto
from Garribaldi to the French army
calling on the soldiers to raise tbe
flsg of revolution.
The police are Marching for M.
Ballot, who, they say, is implicated
in conspiracy. Ballot was au officer
under Garribaldi, and is a friend of
Gustave Floureus, tbe maker of the
bombs seized by the police, but ex
plained by laying they were order
ed for America, and represented
that they were to be used as wheels
for patent velocipedes.
Wasiukgtok, May 4 House
retliious were presented abolish
log national banks, and issuance
(500,000,000 treasury notct.
A bill was introduced iucorpor
ating the Mississippi Yalley Levee
and Uraiiiage Company.
The Medical Convention is dis
cussing the exsctiou of knowledge
of Latin and Greek preliminary to
entering tbe medical college.
Tbe Senate is considering a joint
resolution to sjouru ou the fourth
or July.
Committee! doing nothing.
Wasuimutoh, May . lievenue
to-nsy ioi,uuu.
The President has nominated
Chas. S. Harrison, Marshal for
Middle Teuuestee; Richard D.
Taylor, Postmaster, at Athens, Ga.
The Army aud Navy medical
officers met to-day. A committee
was appoined to draft a Constitu
tion for a national organization.
Tbe National Medical Conven
tion made no progress to-day.
Generout and comparatively
quite liberal subscriptions for tbe
family of Mr. Brock, of the Rich
mond Enquirer, is progreisinir
among active jounalists here.
The Senate has continued Clint.
J. Harrison as Marshal of Middle
Washinotox. May I. Senate
Bill passed to unable the ftecreiarv
ot the Treasury to collect wrecked
and abandoned property and dere
lict claitiis and duel belonging to
the United Stutc.
L'ill ptivc4 to aid construction of
House bill passed to amend the
bankrupt net.
HolsK Tho civil service bill was
discussed during the iiioruin hour.
when tho land bill was taken up
ami four liarnirriniis were acted
Wasimsgtos, May 1. In the
House tho committee ou thu dc-
clin; ot American commerce, re
ported a bill to incorporate the
Mirsissippi Wiilcy levee aud drain
age company.
.Sumo c.uuiiittce reported ft bill
authori.ini.' htoanishin service Ironi
New Orleans to Vera Cruz and Ha
vana. Contract for ten veers to Garri
son und others SloO.uuO per year
tor first live years ; $100,000 lor sec
ond live year..
Richmond, Va., May 4. To-day
the churches were tilled, und the
city presented a Sabbath uppcar
8 nee.
In the United States Circuit Court
the Chief Jutlicc at a meeting of
the court, in response :o resolutions
of the Richmond bir, regarding the
late c.ihmiitv, sail : ''Human emo
tions are but poorly expressed by
words. When tho first vague ru
mors of tho terrible event iu (his
city, which has been so Htly named
thu greut calamity, went iiiroiigb
the land a lew days ego, all heuits
fell a shock like that ot a smldeu
and awful personal bereavement.
Then as tbe terrible news came
distinctly over the wires and
fearfuldisastertook shape aud form
in tbe miuds of the people, it seem
ed for a time to opprcis all hearts
like a nlghimtre. Ihe pulses ol
life throbbed heavily, and human
utterance fulled under the crumbing
sense of sorrow which paralized
the land, but toon tbe currcuts ot
feeling began to now, and now for
many days heartfelt expressions ot
condolence and substantial mani
festations of sympathy have been
flowing towards Uichrooud like a
great tide, und no right-minded ami
true hearted man can help feeliug
this vast development of unutTccted
good will to strikiugly devoid of
everytiung like sectional or
party feeling; us one of tho-c
gleams of rsdianco which in God's
good providence so olten brightens
tne darkest clouds ot human grief
Wheu two days since we took our
seals upon this Bench, our eye mm
hearts alike mi-ted ianiiiiur faces
from tho bur. Lit us thank (od
that those whose voices were ifien
est beard here yet survive. Sly
the G rest 1'hyslciati comfort their
sorrowiug household", mid give
them speedy und complete restora
tion. But there were other mem
bers of the liar who will never again
joiu iu honorable contentions. One
has gone iu the ripened fullness
of honorable years; another with
the distinctions of his profession
clusterli'g thickly upon him, hiv
ing already won these heights of
public estimation Irorn whicti the
ascent to the bighctt seemed easy
aud sure, auother ymiug'-r yet
mature treading with firm steps
the upwaid patbsof ueiulm ss'and
honor, how terribly clo-s such a
calamity as this rebuke our vaiu
expectations, snd how impressively
does it admonish every ono of us to
look beyond the shadow of Time,
to the re lint of Eternity. It is
said that among those dying, crush
ed under tbe mast ol rums, there
were some who could yet exchange
a few faint wort, with their oum-
panioni in, that tearful place ; nono
of them which have been rcUted by
the rescued, have impresiied me to
much as that of oue mangled and
broken tutTerer, who still found
strength to exclaim: "Oh, grave,
where Is thy victory; Oh death,
where is thy sting." What a tri
umph was that? What a testi
mony to the incomparable worth
of Christian faith. So iu the very
depth of this awful distress and
anguish, open ipriugs of hu
man sympathy and foun
tains of sublimest heavenly
comfort Let us take these lessons
to our hearts. This It a day of hu
miliation and prayer. Tbo churches
will be filled with worshippers
Let us carry Into them not merely
the burden of sorrow, but alto tho
consolations of faith, ever remem
bering that all Is of God. If He
but waves His hands, tbo rains col
lect, tbe wiud blows thrill aud loud,
till, with a smile of light on tea and
land. He looks back from the de
parting cloud. His will be doue 1
Intelligence was received to-day
from Msyor Fox, of Philadelphia,
tDat additional funds hsd beeu
raised there for tbe sufferers here.
New Orleans, May 1 A shoot
ing affair occurred last night be
tween John Barrett, local reporter
of the Picayune, and ex-special po
lice officer Smith. The latter was
i dangerously, tbo former slightly
wounacu. tx-specmi o nicer Die
pert wss shot and dangerously
wounded during the difficulty. The
cause was animadversion iu tbe
Picayune ou special policemen and
the publication by Smith of a scur
rilous circular on Barrett.
The Council for Jackson Railroad
brought suit against U. S. McComb
aud associates for a million dollars
damage, growing out of tte recent
contest for control of tho New Or
leans, Jackson & Great Northern
Baltimore, May 4. All city
offices closed and flags at half-mast
in sympathy for the Richmond dis
aster. Cleveland, Ohio, Msy 4 The
Lake Shore Kiilroad bus elected
tbe Yandcrbilt ticket.
St. Loci, May 4. Taylor, Dem
ocrat, has been elected City Treas
ury by 347 majority.
Two hundred and fifty Chinese
laborers are coming via Cape Good
Hope, direct for New Orleans.
A requUitiou for alleged robbery
is out for Joe Cohurn, which will
probably postpone bis light with
Havana, May 4 The Mblc ex
pedition has arrived at Santiago
Ue Cuba.
London, May 3. The Mji'iui
of Bute has purchased I lie Loudon
Sun, which hereulter will udvueate
The Times, discii'sing the plot
a'uiu-t the Linpcror'jj lite t iy the
most remarkable tiling uhoiii the
plot is its opportune lor official
.MAlt-r.lLl.KS, May I. 1 he Clnel
of the liilernnlionil Woifcingmens
Association hero has been arrested,
also a pro ut i ue ii t ber.uu who es
caped from I'.iri-
I'auis, May 4 (iari'eiMi pub
lishes a uianll'eslo.urgiiig l lie French
urmy to revolution.
1'ahis, Mav 4. Several Gent de-
Arms hut no citizens were injured
at M. dueutcn riot.
ilany morn arrests of persona he-
Huved to he Implicated in the plot
With Kmi"Cl. at wh-c li'.n-e the
bombs were louud. Great precau
tious are taken.
Tbe official Journal ami Siecle
worn the people to keep i;uet
1'akis, May 4. It i am-erted
that Thiers will advise rrciiclimeu
to vote ''No. '
me. cinporor proclamation U in
tho hands of evuT voter.
The committee w ho favor plcbis
cituill has issued a la-t ii'lilres (le-
cUrihglclcciori IliUxl put aside, by
a strong vote, an In ccoiie ;j ilile mi
uority which resorts to bomb? and
iufernal muchiucs.
CortSHAUtK, May 4. The I'rcs
Idcul and Council promises prompt
ly to the delegates, reasons lor the
delav in the rutiticatiou of the SI
Thomas treaty ou tbe part of the
C niled Mates.
Washington, May 3. Tho sub
committee proceedings of House
t'acitiu Railroad Committee, favors
granting franchUes to trans conti
nental or thirty-second parallel.
The main feat urea will be left to the
full committee.
In tho Houe yesterday Beck's
resolution calling ou the President
to know why Terry suspended the
habeas corpus in Georgia, meeting
with objection, Beck objected to
everything, aud tbe regular order
wat resumed.
Paine introduced a bill for com
pensation in contested elections.
The Civil Service bill bein taken
op, Jeucks said the heavy vote
against the bill yesterday was iu
iutercst with thieves.
A motion to tahlu the whole mat
ter was defeated, au.i l ho bill was
In tho Son ale Edmunds, from tho
Committee ou I'eusions, reported
Senate bill to gram a pension to
Mrj. Lincoln, with recommenda
tion that it be indetlimtcly post
poned. The bill w is accompanied
with a report w hich wu ordered to
be printed.
Wilson,: rum Military Committee,
reported, with uuichduient, a bill
relative 10 buildings used lor mili
tary purpuses in New York diy.
Druke, from Naval Committee,
reported a substi tutc for bill to pro
mote seamen lor Ihe navy.
Vick, from Committee ou Com
merce, reported a bill to regulate
the Importation of emigrant un
der lahor contracts.
Washington, May 5. Thcro is
considerable excitement to-day. A
Unheal convention to nouiinato a
caudiilute lor Mayor split. Messrs.
dower and Richards received Irreg
ular nominations, and Emcryan,
Independent Radical, regularly iu
the held lor Mayor.
Hocse The Committee on Elec
tions reported a bill regulating tbe
compensations in esses of contested
elections. It provides ;no money
shall be paid to sitting or contesting
members pending contest. After
decision is made, mileage and com
pensation to bo paid to the party
to whom tbo seat Is awardod. The
party sgauist whom the claim is de
cided, to receive actual expenses.
Bill for the relief of CspU Bcatty's
coins of Tenu. passed.
The Committee on Foreign Af
fairs reported a resolution declaring
that Rear Admiral Gordon neglect
ed to perlorm bis duty in neglect
ing to aid Washburn in reaching
the Nicaraguan government. A
minority report was presented.
Balance of the day decupled in
an effort to pass the Senate joint
resolution granting additional
land and privileges to the North
ern Pacifio Railroad.
House adjourned till Monday
without coming to a vote.
Washington, May 5. Tbe re
port of Senate Committee on Pen
sions is adverse to House bill
granting Mrs. Lincoln a pension of
$3,000 per annum, for the reason
that she is not destitute. She
represents herself to be, that in
13b7 the re. eived from Congreat
and Mr. Llncoln't estate $o(J,00a
Tbe committee report they have
good reason to believe the received
a large amount of clothing, plate
and household goods alter the
death of Mr. Lincoln, which should
be added. The committee thluks
a fortune of $00,000 should be suf
ficient to take her out of the caia
gory of those whose necenities iu
consequence of casualties of pub
lic service give them a claim upon
the Treasury. The report is signed
, by six membert or the committee.
I The Medical Association ap
! pointed a special committee to con
1 siiler abortion, with a view of sue-
' gcstlng meant whereby abortionist
; might be expelled, oinccrs lor
1 eiisuit.g year: President Stille, of
Pu.; Vice President, Wcatberly,
of Ala.; Gibbons, of Cal. ; Hurd
ot Texae; Wlllcy. of Minn.
The place for the next meeting is
Dr. Raybourn, who champions,
negro Doctors, strove for a hear
ing, but was refuted.
There was hissing but no definite
Dr. W. M. Walth, connected with
the hospitals at buvaunau. wat
elected a member of tbe Associa
Sherman introduced a bill to-day,
proposing to reduce the taxct over
forty three millions and a half ou
Income salet. tiro's receipts on ar
tides in tehudule A, salaries of
United Statet officers, passport
h-iracics and successions, miscel
laneous, special taxes except ou
spirits and tobacco, which includes
income taxes, and all taxes ou em
ployment. This will leave the
taxes of the following articles iu
lorce :
Distilled . spirit?, fermented
liipior', tobacco, gross income nt
llio rate ol .! pT cent. All it
stamp taxes or tuxes collected by
stain pi.
Wasiiisutos, May .V Senate
A bill was repoi'led from the
rinineo C'liimiitce, granting u
subsidy of Sl.'iO.OOO per yen- for
t-u years, for a semi-monthly
steamship line between New Or
leans-, Callilieachv, Sinai, luiilplco
and Havana.
WA-iiiMiToN, May 3. Tho fol
lowing was derived from a l'C'
liable source 1 isl night :
A Suli.eummittee of the Ilnn-i
Pacific Railroad Committee aurecd
tit recommend a Southern llailroitd
on the lilt I parallel from San llie.'o
Hi Marshall, Texas and to grc.nl t he
Iruiiehiso to ibis Southern Trans-
Coiiliiicutal Kai.roud Company
I lie route lixeil li:on, the giiaia; ot
the road and the provisions of the
mil relating to iiiiiutng ar
rangement with connecting
roads arc such as weru situ'
jested by the committee ol
thu Gull Stale men, computed
of Sheldon, Sherrod, Pearc und
Clark. Tins Southwestern Stales
ru to be libcru.ly represented by
incorporations tioui uiuoiig their
This result his been reached aflrr
considerable discussion, but a tear
mat a longer delay inijjht jeopard
I7.u the pausing ot un enactment
chartering it compary with liberal
aid, bus brought together ull the
representatives Irom the gulf Slates
aud It is now believed that opposi
tion iu the Senate will eeu-e, and
the bill will go through at no (lis
litiil day.
New Orleans, May 3. The Leg
islature repealed the old slulutcs for
tho punishment of crimes, etc., aud
enacted laws now in force, but
made no provision for the prosecu
tion ol persons charged with crimes
committed prior to April 1st, 170;
leaving a hiatus through which one
hundred aud twemy-live persons
indicted for various crimes will
likely pass unpunished.
Col. A. 9. Uadger has been ap
pointed Chief of Police vice Cain
Richmond, Va., May Z A ci.cti-
lar has .been issued by David J.
Ilurr, the President of the Chamber
of Commerce, of On. Mulford, ex-
Cuiled Agent of Exchange, John
Purcell, Chuirmaii Distributing
Committee, Isaac Davenport, Pres
ident First Nutionul Bank and
President Relief Committee, an
nouncing that arrangements aro
thorough and complete for distrib
uting tho Hinds received here and
aro iu operation. Tho Committee
has been so arranged as to insure
aid to all the sufferers by tho late
calamity. The Treasurer has re
ceived $3,000 to-day from Northern
New YobK, May 3. Passengers
arrived from San Francisco iu six
days and twenty-three hours.
PuiLADEi.rniA, May a. Sixtecu
persons were removed to tbe small
pox hospitult to-duy for relapsing
San Francisco, May 5. The
drought is excessive. The grain
crop will be short.
London, May 5. The Times de
plores the woman's right movement
strongly, and docs not believe the
women of Eugland at all in sym
pathy. A Urutsels dispatch soys that
Arch Bishop Kenrick has gone to
Naples to llulsn bis protest sgaintt
Papal infallibility, which will toon
be published.
ihe Pone has nrsrea that discus
sion on the lnlalibllity question be
closed before ascension day. The
committee of the Ecumenical Coun
cil has promised to present a revised
scheme Immediately. One-tenth of
the Bishops presfnt, including tho
Gorman and Hungarians voted
sgaiusl tbe scheme lor a small cate
chism. Paris. Msy 5. A decree is pub
lished convoking the High Court
of Justice to investigate the plot
agaiust the life of tho Emperor.
The decree says long before the
issuance of this decree, M. Emile
Ollivier demonstrsted beyond
doubt tbe existeuce of a revolu
tionary organization having for its
aim tbe establishment of a demo
cratic and social Republic, the
members of which are resorting
to systematic viliiflcations, out-
raves, calumnies, outbreak!, aud
assassinations to accomplish their
Sircle to-day explain! the situa
tion as follows:
The Government asks for unqual
iflcd approval of the past and carte
blanche for tbe future.
Tbe earnings of Adeline PattI for
tbe past season have been one mil
lion francs, to lay nothing of pres
ents she hat received. Marquis De
Caux. her husband, bat just con
triliuted 1500 francs to thcluudof
the plebiscitary committee.
It is reported that the Govern
ment has demanded of England ex
tradition of Gustone Floureus, on
account of hit complicity in plot
againtt the life of the bmperor.
Traces of a conspiracy have been
discovered at Marseilles.
There it much agitation at Be
.iars, aud troops are constantly ar
riviug there.
Bullion bat decreased 5,300,000
New Orleans, May 5. Cotton
firm ; talcs 4,200 balet. Middllugi
UK (22: low middlings, 21?,
icood ordinary, 20; j. Receipts
2,122 bales; exports to Liverpool
0,477. Sterling 25,'i. New York
sight i premium. Gold 14?i
Sugar, prime, HU11M molasses,
prime relioilcil, VUiVj.
sr. Louis, May o Flour, su
perfinc, S3 !K(!4 15. Wheat, No. 2,
red, fall, (108(31 10. Corn, choke
bulk, 87. Oats, 00302; Rye 80,
Whiskv. $1 03. Pork m&'M 50.
Bulk meals and shoulders ll'
12. Hams ll'arttlj loose. Lard
Louisville, Mav 5. Cotton In
active, middlings, 21 Flour,$5 00.
l orn, shelled, SI !. Oals, 04. Itye
y.i. Wheat, St 0ol 20. Pork
$2930. Bulk meats, 12'4(313S4(?10,
Macon, Ll'iQlKtf I!u. Whiskv
1 00(3 101. Lard. 17. Hams, S. C. l'.l
Tobacco, sales 2113 bluls. ul ij o0t
S 00
Cincinnati, Mav 5. Cotton dull
mi. Idling 21'J. Tobavco, sales 2d I
hhiis. at ft 7i '22 truah to leal
Whiskv, l 02 1 (ill. Pork S21J,
Bulk meal U'.'.i 13'.. llano
12'.,'!jli;',i17l4. Butler 2s, Eg
New YottK. Mav 5. Gold ll1
Southerns dull and -lead; Cotton
dull and heavy; sales 10,000 balci
iiplainU 22'.j.
I.ivekimoi., . May 3. Colin
steady ; upland' 1117,. : Orleans IP
"i 11'4 ; -ales 1ii,(i(i!I ha!cs, ineluiliu
2 ISK) lor exports audspeeiilatioii
An Wlil lutlury I xploUnd
1 turj- "r l"i ly ;ear a it w..t 1. 1 lj.li
ioa hi .I'll.rHi-tcr iMttvrlul itir' ilive.
'prii .jj me 'leim Terrific clot ol
hiiiI -i-nrta, c.Uiik'1 are! J ilii, ur gtiniU'
alls Kerr KlVell I'lilll tl.e Mlvillln ;r- Ol il I. ml
,1 , Klitther su k ur well, hy way u.' uvi.ir.
in iheai cjr id-. w,rm wicvlic-rtn 'c-irr
T'i Hrnle!oiis rii.tvin is n.v.rly n'ciCi-i
rail il.t--i;aio c.in o;, liuurli ns oi pr:va"
li u iii.;:ii.ili:c al:1 o ol target' Iiik mr llcii
or 'f rid. niiyiain,-, ii ' cauuUly :'!i.
iu il sit I. :(., n c i c Tie mnre pernic I
ou., uici-u ii icily HiniW.li,e. il, Hi .in
cu.-li an mi-laiui, ton the vigrr u.! i.-la-tii ity
i I lie s j i. in, lii order lo en:iu:c Hm lijil
cal s.riieuir.i r-nt Hie enc rial nj-eiK-.
ul r n.' .la up. ii I ,iim i.erhca Ml li.,ii.
Iii i nuil un 1 rtaniiirru l. to: rviiyl un l
wenken-.l. 'i U'l Ih-sI iicpiIic i:u i ffetii lor
llil- im; o... is II,,.-, i m,,,,,,,.!, n,,.
li rs ! i ireel u In nine lav Mu.niu.li i.u.l
liver, vi-uili' rcl vii llm kowi-U Ir.nn oli
iiru. Hon., bra, Uiu n. rvts, .unirovu 1 1 1
I i:n. ui llif 11 . o I, rllllllimi)! I In- HI 11.1111'
i :iiosiinu. In Un imiiruv.n e m-
'lllioii, hi!
1'IC.imx ill.ill Is riilMi.il! of rtM-t-
IliK llitlli'ullliv
t llu. n !, win. h vrniiM pr....
Iiilriiicm. A nn.iMii, ill-
Iratu un i ni.
i il n iiiii'i ly i ... nlln to brail .. m .
i in r1- i uiiK. r ul Un) slum' Ii ullnni
"I lulling in it- iinpor nl unl it tins n- nUI
vt'itclui.la elmir u tukcu ranUrlr a-
t"UiacHic. Nunc o' lim lunle. unriurn or
txlrnr.i, will lupply Hi . ploi,. 'lie lliiiun.
lur Uiu lui .lc rias'in Hut Un. nnr.itv m
utrinni nuonly. In ct. In nriin.rv pro
U' f, llmor in uroichpiio it wuulil be i.
quirisl Iniirnlucd ten irmeiy, ilej lienrllal
l-ull wiich km rffcelisl uiiuulUniou-lv,
anil barinouioutljr by Hilt ilni ipetid.'.
Inn ipli-nlnl luir Itjrn it ihe bc.t
In tliu HorlU; Hit only Iruo tail "crfed
t'Jc; hurnilesi, rlia';!, Imunl ineous; no
.li.PIiii.uo.:nl i ou ruliculoiii tinu
ruimairi Uiu ill efTurti ol liit lytt; InviKu-raii-'s
sii'l leaves Hit luir tui't unil lie.iiul
nil hi lek or until, aula by ail lirtiKni.li
anil I'rginn.-m. an l prmivrlv at Ilia Wiy
. . i. Hi lluuu fttri.t, .Sow V. ura.
. my.ltAWv
IlsSAVS roil YOUNG MaX-lhe tnr
vati ! ;mi iisc up, wnj have lost iheir
tr.ersv, aia'ntiin, anil Uolily vizor, in t:.e
pursuit ol' aocuL rLiiirm.-with wonli
oi cn -eran't aoiUry aid for tho bconilnirly
h'jpclut. Sent Irea, in al I rnvelopei.
1. riiila-telplii i. i'a. ian:i.J-iliw:lin
5 ? 5 ? 5 55 ? ij JJ 5 8 I B I
nirr.lshlrta.ithw.n.Ui1tm.yri,tttl at h.i,iht
whi.Mnrihflhnr .rfrHiparmfnrnl. Rulnrisnrv
i(Klitn4 trifiurli. ptrini.frithTM''?ueIf4rnfrmi
: T ' I ', '. prwinivitwisii lum oy atvni.Q.
thetr wiKjIftinwu.tUlMt.lrti. Hojr.ri,(,ir,rtlfn ntirl
u inm-hitnH-n. Thsil ill whtsw UsU m may 1 heft
l th btwnrM, w mk ihla anMnlkkd
off.-ri TnanrhftBBrnniwIUail.taV -i il . .i V.
farlhtttraybkofwHtinff. Full ptuUriTtJoibk Jm-
vt -mkh iiiiioignsjinifiirt wtits oe, ann aenpy of J'A
bft hmilr BfWsprr pnhUhcd all rtit ft tn.,L
tUmavi, lffU Vitil nrrminrnt, proflubl work, tddm
t. C. AIaJm CO. AVQtT.TA. MIlT
How Lost! How
Jt pblltkii, in i ualti ttmlopt,
tie MUM.
ment, ami Kulical cure of Seniiatorrlira
or beminal Weaknett, Invnluntary amU
tiont -wauat lloulllty, auil Impi.ilintenii to
Marrtafegi-ncMllri Neiroiinest loniump
fo, tiileptr, and Hit; Mental ami Kliy,.
oal Ini.aiiHOliy, retulUntr from Sell Atiuse,
aa.br iioaT.J. (,1'i.riawii.L U.U., autliur
ol (lie "iir.oa Bouk," Ac
A ItaoB ttTkaeatiIStif reran
Sent under teal, In a plain enTilopo, to any
ttlrett, potiuaii, on iccdpt of tlx cents, or
twojutaa aUunut, CUA8. J. U KUKt
1ST New Tark. Fail-
UUm box 48UU.
At Dr. CalrwJp-IaiTlaOnlde'
rtmM al. ua).dAi4ia
The river conlinuel to advauce
slowly at thit place.
Pittiui'BU, May 3. ine Jtonon
aheli it 5 feet 2 incbet end falling.
CiKCiHUATt, May 3. Tbe river
ai fallen 1 foot 4 inches, with 23
feet 6 inchet in the channel.
LocitviLLE, May 3. Kiver tail
ing tlowly.with 8! feet In tbe ca
nal, and i't feet in tbe chute, over
the falls, with 7'.)!, feet tpace un
der the brldne.
Caibo, May 3 Kiver feu tlx
MEitrnts. May 3. The river at
thit port continues to rite tlowly.
It it now aoout tiirce leei oeiow
high water mark of 18b7. Tbe
Arkantat ia agaiu falling tlowly
at Little Rock.
Nashville, May 3. River ttill
rltiiig, wiib tix feet large ou tbe
thoal it.
I'lTTSiaBO, May 2 The Monon-
gahela it 3 leet 'J inchei aud (ail
ing; Allegheny, h tcet o incneJ.
CixciMiiATt, May 2. Tbe river
bat tallcn 4 feet 5 inches lince Sat
urday ; 22 feet in the obannel.
Lot isvii.i.e, .May 2 Ihe river ll
falling ; 10 feet 10 inchet In the ca
nal, aud 8 leet 10 Inchei in the
chute, and 84 feet under tbe bridge.
Caiko, May i Ihe river has
fallen 4 inches since our latt.
NasnviLLE, May 2. The river Is
rising with 4ja' feet on ilarpcth
A Memphis exchange of tbe 3rd
lay :
"The river here rote two inches
and a quarter tince Saturday, and
it now below high-water mark two
feet ten and three-fourths lucbes.
The river will be checked by to
morrow. At Cairo aud St. Louis
tbe river it falling. Tbe Ohio Is
receding from Pittsburg to Cairo,
with eiitht feet tix inchei iu the
canal. Tbe Arkansas rote teven
feet at Fort Smith, but commenced
falling ou Friday, and had fell an
inch up to Saturday morning. At
Little llock it wat rising yesterday,
with eight feet in the channel from
there out. White river it rising
tlowly at DevaU's Bluff, with a good
stage from there out."
An exchsuge says :
The Evausville, Paducab and
Tennessee Blver Steam Navigation
Company perfected ill organiza
tion yesterday by electing tbo fol
lowing Directors: l)v. Brock, of
Florence, Ala., Tlioui.is L Lee, of
Puducah, Captain .loliu Gilbert, of
tfolvnndn; V. O. Brown and Cap
tain K. P. Carson, of Kvuusville.
The Directors subseijucntly elected
Captain John Gilbert President
and Superintendent, ond W. G.
Brown Secretary and Treasurer. A
new boat vil he huill for the trade
immediately. Captains Lcc How
ell and Allen J. Duncan will con
tinue to out i ii it 1 1. 1 the Heel. Cap-tain-
Woolt'olk, IJiinec und Shall
crosi, who were chos.cn for that
purpose, have appraised the Quick
step ut $2 1,000 a very low esti
mate. Tin: commerce of the Ohio river
nmnnutsin .'(!'.) I, ootijt.il per annum.
Yet it is allowed to languish aud
sutler Ihiiinli tho inattention of
the Government, and lor the want
of tho piiiml suiiiof &230.00J, while
many other streams hiving less
than oue-tetith our commerce re
ceive appropriations amounting to
The Kvansvilio Courier .says:
"In Kvansviile we have a differeut
way of doing things. If a boat doct
nut leave nu thfl day she Is adver
tised, the shipper goes down to tho
wharf and demand his goods, and
at onee lesliips the goods ou an
other boat. A boat, cannot lay at
tliu Kvansviile wharf two or three
day- lor a load, and If nhu does not
go when advertised once, she never
need come bin k hero again for
Inight. Xo Pittsburg tricks al
lowed at this landing.''
Tho Kali Clairu Frco Press re
ports a J un above Chippewa Falls,
cont lining from forty to litty mil
lion feet of los, aud likely to in
crease. It Is over a mile in leostth,
and from lifiven to forty feet ih.ck.
Bourd of Polieo Notice.
MONDAV, He (i h .li.ynl Mar. lWt1, 1 c-na-
ihe iiwon MnniUji In taid month;
t me time pruviilui fur liy taw lur a rviriiiar
ir.ei'iinKol the lloi-nl or I'olir.-, In rvieire
the repi-lbf Imolrcnt itml deiimiiunt Tax
payei , Ac
uiaa.aalw ticrk Probate Court.
it, lol'i-n Mei.pree Hj "llixon"
Ex.ia 1'iolittc t.'ott"n reel, pnee Sh 'fc'l
war.li" llia I'lulnle. lutton etlnl, uricb t H
Id huthi-l. rholce llrtoru torn Seed.
in -tore ami fur rail) y
Fever and .Ague
Alwaya Stop the Ckllla.
ThU Medicine ha been before tbe Tub
11c fifteen yonrp, and it itiU ahead of all
other known rcmedioi. Itdoctnotpuie,
does not ticken the etomach, It perfoctly
aafe in any dote and under all drenm
tancea, and in tho only Modieino that will
and permanently every form of Ferer
and Atroe, bccaiiM it la a perfect Atl
tfM Xm mailartaw
Bold by all Drucgitta.
aov in I
Established 1841
Qr all kiaU-i BrarlyMOvarieu,aiait td
to atery bntlnaat. . .
rery Hn.le varraatad ttnsf, aceunte
and duratile. .
A full ttoak alwf 1
" Ajemibrallitiatippl.
MXiucaAWsuif co.
'I V ."rv",""t; " f, iff

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