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rj i.
r -
:. 2ilp Island aad
City Hotel Com'
A bill to toore article 23th,
etapter CI, Revised Code
' A. IL Arthur mi confirmed at
CLincery Clerk of Warren. '
End confirmed District Atter
' aey el Panola and DaSoto. v
. County officer Itawamba and
Bocta Pe-Uon from Ute citi
KHT Jacisos, in re Cert act to the
convict labor of the Bute prison
, competing with honest mechanic
" A petition from the dtlMot of
. Pike county, praying for the crea
tion of anew count, wtt read.
' The House la Committee of
Whole, considered the general y.
lam 0 Railroads, elnUlar to tie
general Railroad law of the North
wfc ..The bill provide for the
different claaa coach, and. com
pla the ticket ageste to sell tick
ata for the same price without die
Unctloa of peraone, The bill will
doubtless pw. . . , , ,
: The Governor teat a message la
reference to the New Orleant and
Jackson railroad, la which be
charge the road aa defaulter In
baring broken faith with the Stale
la every butane of the contract,
ad the charter ataada forfeited by
the kilurt to build the road to Ab-
. ardeea; and recommend that the
Goremor be euth orbed to institute
ummary proceeding through the
Courte at once.
Xliher and Powere have . aold
heir interact In the Pilot. The
firm now Je Kimball, Raymond A
Fisher Kimball to-day cent In
their reelgnatloa of the office of
public prtnter,whlch Wu accepted
by both House, thereby acknowl
'edging that 'they bay opto thi
date beta the legal printer. : '
The vexed ejnettioa1 le af coorte
eottled, and the Pilot b an Alcorn
organ. Ho editor baa yet boon an
nounced. ,j , ;y y 1
Jaczsoa, May 18. S ee ate
A hill wa introduced to authorize
the Secretary of State to adminis
ter oathc la certain cjuci.
The Governor lubmilted a mei- j
cage In reference to 'the Circuit I
Court, suggesting that the InUance
of marriage licence be returned to
the Chancery Court, and that fee
be reduced In accordance hb tbe
- provision of the Revised Code, lot
asmuob aa (ho p recent heavy tax ; it
calculated to debar many person
from tbe vlrtuou observance of
the marriege rite Mjiccially the
young colqred men. lj
Ilocsfr-Petitioni from citizens
' of Marion bounty praying for the
creation of a new connty. -
From eitizena of Pike for a aew
- From citizen of Amite to annex
. a portion of Amite to Ilka.
Message from the Governor m
relation io National Cemeteries,
asking that the State cede the prop
rty to the Government
' The Senate confirmed T. C. Ly
on, Chancellor. .In the Lowndes
CcgBty District; also Granada
' County officers, and J. M. Smiley,
Chancellor, Pike Connty District.
' - Nominations for Hlnda connty,
Caa.' iV'tmell,- Cbanesiry Clark;
Hodge, Circuit Oerk ; Xboma Pal'
mer, Treasurer.
Dr. Hongh, Mayor of Jackson ;
' Oliver Clifton, Jostle - of the
Peace f Walker, District Attorney.
Alio the officer for Lafayette
county. ,
' Hunter, the railroad committee
elerk, took offence at ' Senator
Shoupe to-day and made diver
and eundry threat, but all come to
Jaceson, May 19. The Harriion
harbor bill wu dlicusted at length.
It met with a ttrojg oppotition on
the ground that it waa a monopoly.
, During tbe debate Glbb said that
Uirrinon could not pursue a better
' plan to kilt the bill than to employ
Morgan to advocate it. Morgan
aaid if Glbb intimated that he wa
employed, be Gibbs, lied. . An ex
planation w demanded; none
wac given. Morgan repeated the
He. Gtbbt moved up to Morgan
and placed bia band on bit shoul
der. ..They looked complacently at
each other and the sargeant-at-arms
interfered and prevented fur
ther biood.had.
- Gray auggwted the propriety of
the parties going Into the street, sa
there wm plenty of room to fight It
out there.
The excitement certainly raa
V- for a ihort time, but all finally
e&I.ned and the harsh word were
t retted. . ;
, h.o There wa a fierce fight
on tt neral Railroad bill. A
a amber ii amendment, looking to
Hie !& of the race, but
providing accommodation,
werevolsd fa a, '
A protect I ij 22 member
tf Wiiota . republican,
waa entered aiiot .- the
adoption of the bill i..r . reaion
that it will mil state Mnt
rroTiiitruction, id U ben i s jnt
irrrace by UiB.r ciw;,l.
It U not dc ird ly tLe
,. n l color i pot '
t inevi'
rei.y d'
y produce ;; : aw
it t,.e end fur
ra'.lroft'U aire."
' ! end illc"il,
.'..i to be e;'
. " '
AsaocUted. Trett Eeport.'
WatHisafoif, My I'lh. Gov.
E '.lock ksi arriffsL
There bo eri.is la tie affaire of
the New Oriecae Cnow Jiou.e.
WiB!TtS, M' 17. BfatiK-
The lioote I c .t the
cline la Am erics a Coterca.
The KecoBttroeUoB) Committee
t-eed ta report a bill re-ad mitttcf
j: on i terme of Virginia,
JiiM.rpi ecu lexaa, wiin clauc
autborktnc the State named to
organize, arm and call to cervice
their recpective militia force.
Siaara Howard, from tbteonv
mittee on the Pacific Railroad, re-
Dorted a cnbatitata fortheMartuau
and Saa Diego Railroad bill which
waaexiriained letauorus
road from MarchaU, Ttxaa. to to
Trinity river, thence to U ro, on
the ma Grande. and thence throucb
the Territorie acro Colorado
river to San Vino on the Pacific
in the Territorie. Tbe bill irrtmt
ad twenty alternate section of land
on each (id of the line and tea al
teraaie lection in auy Stat
through which the road might pas.
A large portion of the line wu
within the State of Texa, and the
United States owned no oublic
land In that State. If no lend were
mated, it would alto authorize a
connection with line of road from
Kew Orleant and Vicktburg.
The amendment had received the
aaaclion of a unanimoua vo'.e of the
committee. The bill wu ordered
printed and placed on the calendw.
WAiBiMQiox, May i.r.e venue
to-day 1300,000.
foreign relation or toe senate
to-day beard Cyrot W. Field and
W. Barney, regarding Cuba, but
took no definite action.
Tbe Funding Bill postponed a
The Banking and Currency Com
mittee thi morning agreed to re
port a bill providing for ninety-five
million of dollar additional Na
tional Bank circulation, and for
cancellation of forty-five million
dollar of 3 per cent bond, and
tony million dollar of greenback,
and providing for a free banking
tyttem on a gold basis. .
lioca The Naval Committee
wm report acainst the continuance
of thlrtyt-hree per cant, addition to
officer pay.
There are trifle over 5,000 negro
vote ia Philadelphia.
Among the petition presented
to-day, wu one by Mr. Gen. Ab
bott, from North Carolina, who.
after carefully reading tbe oaih.can-
noi quality u roctmistreu. bue
warns the Postmaster General to
modify the oath, or Congreu to re
lieve ber from political disabilities.
Hori During tbe discussion
of the Lynch bill regarding decline
of American commerce, Wuh
burnt, ef Wisconsin, charged the
decline of our commerce to ihe hos
tility of Great Britsiu during the
rebellion. , .
Boots, of Arkansas, introduced a
bill for a Southern Pacl26 Itaiiroad
similar In all rejects to that re
ported by Senator Howard in the
Senate. "Neferred to Pcclilc Rail
road committee,
iloose then went iuto Committee
ol tbe Whole: on naval appropria
tion. ; Jt
Tbe Ilousa lata session to-night.
Waihikgtob, May 17. Sek aib
Kellogg presented a bill grautiug
lands to the Louisiana Texas
Railroad, to aid the contraction of
tnatrosd from V icksbuisr to the
Texas State line.
At 1 o'clock, the bill to enforce
(he Fifteenth amendment, was ta
ken up. The virion being on
the motion of iir. Ferry, to strike
out that part of Mr. Stewarts
amendment, providing fines and
Imprisonment for persons holding
office In violation of the Fourtcentn
Mr. Ferry then defended his
position from the stricture on Mr.
Morion, and claimed that he spoke
for the Union men of the South in
advocating a general removal of
political disabilities. lie alluded
to the platform of the Republicans
In several of the btaiee, and
tbe utterance of tbe Republicans,
candidate in support of tnle. He
aid ia reference to tbe State of
Georgia, which Senator Morton
wu constantly boldinc up u the
model State of crime and disaster.
Why wa this? He was sure that
if the deatlnie of Georgia bad been
in toe band of men ot nign patri
otism, not of men who bad dragged
the honor of the Republican party
down to the oust, and whose ou.y
aim was their own pecuniary ad
vancement, the tale ot affair would
have been very different. Cut he
denied these stories. Thee tele
grams were manufactured to order,
and were sent here to the press of
thi city. Mr. Ferry read from a
lettertof Thoma 11 Jescup, who,
be said, wa a well known and em
inent merchant of New York, to
tbe effect that he had traveled all
over Georgia and taw nothing but
an earnest desire to accept the situ
ation and to let by-goues be by
gones, and characterizing as entirely
false the Avery telegram Ironi
Crunk wick.
Turning to tho North Mr. 7.
claimed that lu that section, also,
the majority of the Republican
press were in favor of the two bills,
which he bad Introduced, that great
press of Sew York which exerted
such a mighty iufluence, and circu
lated rrom one end of this country
to the other. He now asserted that
to continue longer these disabili
ties was in violation of all the great
rincipiesoitbeltepub!icau party,
e had been In favor of the right
of the blsck man, not because he
wa black, but because he waa a
man j and now that the right of the
black man bad been secured, be
feared that the righta of the white
maa himself wu in danger. Your
15th amendment i a delusion and
tnare wblle these disabilities re
main on your statute book.
Tbe black man I not enfran
chised -n h ia not permitted to
vote for at one-half of his
'-""3d and 14 neighbor. He
, . ted thece d.l:.iue removed
i a- vaunt at eoncUiation,
a measure oi jntice- He
, , '.'.tit the l h Amendment
I :t oath were tiocdesiea-
j ' ""of pui;:! -nsst, bat
. , f Pratpibii8 policy.
Viz 1 tslle Jter atory to-day of
lie tLKi of djbili!ic and test
oath. Has 500 yean of thi sys
tem raised up a loyal generation m
Ireland? No sir. WUtd'l Ao
ttia with her djahiiitie J er
mi act in Hungary) Were the
t raa of rebeilioo ever queacbed?
How, when h has given her a
free constitution and the right U
representation, and peace every
where prevaUc.
Morton, in replying, laid Ferry'
vac a Democratic speech, fie
should take a teat on that lid,
lie said Ferry's proposition wu to
sweep away all political disabili
ties, place rebels in power, and give
them the opportunity to renew
put mischiefs without affording
any protection to loyal men.
Sawyer eulogized Ferry speech
u a sound Republican doctrine,
and thought to read that Senator
out of the Republican party, wonld
require more than a mere assertion
and denunciation. He added, that
under the eolitkal diasabilitv
scheme, two innocent person suf
fered for the one guilty.
He add : No more blundering
scheme than the Test Oath, conld
have been devised in the South
under it operation, and they
were compelled to take incompe
tent! or rascals as office bearer
WasaiaoioD.Mav 17. Seiut
The committee on Pacific Railroad
unanimously reported Mr. Kel
logg bill, number 64 1, to-day,
wun amooamcun. me eastern
terminus of the road 1 to be at
Marshall, Texas, running near tbe
32d parallel to 1 Puo: thence to
Sau Diego, California. The capita!
stock of the company consist of
1,000,000 share of $100 each. Tbe
road it called the lexu .Pacific.
The incorporator meet within
three month after tbe passage o
the act. A soon u 20,000 sharea
are subscrlbsdand 10 per cent, paid
in, the corporator choose director.
The Company have power to con
solidate with any other Company,
and purchue it franchise and
grant of twenty section of public
land per mne on each or tbe road,
aad are granted with tho right of
way from Marshall to San Diego.
Tbe road is made a pott road. Toe
Company ia authorized to issue con
struction and mortgage bonds.
The New Orleans, Baton Rouge
and Texu road is made a connec
tion, and granted tea sections of
land per mile from the Texu line.
East of Marshall to New Orleans.
The Company organized under
the law of Arkansas are also made
to connect from Fulton, Arkansas,
to a point bear Dallas, Texu.
The North Louisiana and Texas
railroad Is also authorized to ex
tend their line and oonneet with
the eastern termiuu of Pacific
Tbe Sou'.horn Pacific railroad of
California is authorized to connect
at a point on tho Rio Colorada
river, iu south-eastern California;
and e.'so given a grant the same as
the New Orleans road. The Com
pany are to accept the terms of the
grant within one year after tbe pas
cage of the act, and fifty mile of
road are to be completed within
two years after tbe pusage of the
Washinqtom, May 17. The cor
porators nodu- the Southern rail
road bill introduced to-day, arc,
Jas Alcorn, Miss; Jas H Starr,
Texas ; O C Trench, Miss ; alias M
Martiu, N C; John M Come,
La; George Weutwortb, Fla;
Powell Clayton, Ark; Jobu
Ray, La ; J J Uinds, Ala ; James L
Hodges, Fla; JE G Harney, Ala;
Jno D Caldwell, SO; Phillip H
Morgan, La ; Tbos A Scott, Pa ; A
C Babcock, Ills ; A C Osboru, Fla ;
Isaac HTwlgeon, Mo; T Alcott
S C ; J l Cameron, Peon ; Alva
Gsze, S C; Juo Why took, Peon;
F 11 Davis. Kv ; C C Pool, NC;(i
R Weeks, Texas ; Jos 11 Ofc-lesby.
La; Isaac Ga'.es, si U; Delos W
Edmunds, Mich ; M L Soutnwortu,
La; J C Kimsty, Miss; Nathan
Patton, Ala; Webster Flanegen
Texu; Wm P Clark, Texas; W U
Bolton, Ala ; C W Pierce, Miss ; L
M Flou.-noy, A:a; Juo Lockwood,
La; Jm W Busier, Mist; Leonard
T Smith, Mii.;A P R Saffurd,
Arizoua; D N Stau'.on, Ala.; J F
Trow, N H Dieke, Elisha Dyer,
K urns Hatsh, ew Xork; JededlaD
H Lathrop, Mich.; Chas Jackson,
Juo J bprague, K 1 ; r-redericK
Smitb, Ala; Mason W Benjamin,
Geo Maury, Penn ; John W Forney,
N C ; Jas R West, La;Wiu Shaffer,
N Y ; Sam Sloan, Mies ; E D Ward,
Mich ; Chu C Trowbridge, B T Al
len, Hiram t rice, Ala; a o mom
medieu, Rush It Sloan. Wra T Wal
ten, Josiah Bacon, Townscnd
Blanchard, S C; Jas M Ledlle, R C
Uiluert, Fla ; A C LIppet, J U Stun,
ton, Massachsctt ; Sam Tate Mi
siseippi ; Chas A Weed, Louisiana ;
Memphis, May 17. In tbe Meth
odist conference the question of
itineraucy wu indeamteiy post
poned, tbu9 leaving the law a here
Nobfolx, Mav 17. The entire
business portiou of lieuderson, N
C., wa burued last night. Loss,
S30.000. It is supposed to be the
work of an incendiary. Very lit
tle insurance.
Cbaklestof, May 17. One of
tbe largest mass meetings ever
held in this city, took place last
nieht. under a call for citizens of
all classes, colon and political par
ties, to inaugurate a movemeut for
the retrenchment and reloria iu
State government. This wu the
first occasion on which there has
been a cordial and political com
mingling of white and colored citi
zen of Charleston. Officer of the
meeting, u well u ipeakers, were
both white and colored. A mixed
delegation wu appointed to repre
sent Charleston in the Slate Reform
Convention, which will be held la
Columbia July 15th. The other
counties are invited to tend dele
gates. Great enthusiasm prevail
ed. Naw Yoaa, May 17. Tbe paa
cenger care ud a freight ear with
fifteen tone pig iron fail from aa
elevated track. Me one terioualy
hurt The accident wu caused by
flaw ia oae of the connection rod
of arch. The ears are badly wreck
ed, and the entire ipso of the tr x
over Honstoa street la diroy td. :
NiwYoei, May 17.-PcUdon
are circulated to put M rarletid in
the Lunatic Asylum.
The (iectloa ia procrwinc auiet-
ly. The Tammany ticket is over
whelmingly triumphant Negroec
vote without comment.
Naw Yobjc, May 17.-TLe Judi
ciary election throughout tbe
Stat to-day ;the vote was light. Re
lorn received indicate that tbe
Democrat have twept the Bute by
perbapt seventy-fire thousand ma
jority. NbwYobb, May 17 A Swiss
wa arrested yesterday with $10,
000 worth of smuggled diamonds.
Revenue officer refuse to give de
tails. Lovpoa, May 17. Baron De
Brunnow goes to Paris.
Grand Marshal Shauvaioff suc
ceeds Brnoaow at Loudon at Rus
sian Minister.
Pabis, May 17. Tbe party of the
left centre, to which these resign
ing minister belong, will be im
mediately reconstructed.
The new Ministry wa viewed
with considerable stouiahment
and no little dissatUfuctiou.
The French government bas no
tified Greece, that if the brigand
capture Frenchmen, Greece (hall
pay the ransom.
Robe. May 17. Tbe caunonlza-
lion of Christopher Columbus is
Flobikcb, May 17. The Napol
itan insurgents have made entire
Naw Yobe, May 18 -The State
has gone Democratic by 75,000 ma
jority. Tbe negroes voted without
molestation. The 6th ward, where
the greatest proportion of negroes
live, gives nearly 8,000 Democratic
The latest returns from the conn
try are still discourag'ug to the
WismaoTon, May 18 The
House it considering Lynch bill.
Senate Petitions were present
ed in favor of tbe ratification of the
Samara Bay treaty, and for a ship
canal across tbe Isthmus of Darien.
A resolution wu adopted calling
for official correspondence relating
to the passage of the English Can
ada steamer through eaun et.
Marie canal.
Wajuimotoh, May 18. Revenue
to-day $000,000.
Chilian Mlniater Kilpatrick bu
This evening's Star hat the fol
lowing: "The Downing-Deniortie wed
dingHow I this? One Lloyd
McCabe publishes a card iu the
Newport, B, I., New, stating that
Rennie DeMortie who is about to
be married to a daughter of Geo.
T. Downing, the wealthy colored
caterer In this city, was married to
His. McCabe's sister in Newport,
by Rev. C. H. Mai com b In 18b4, and
that bis wife is ttill living, and In
Newport, and whom he deserted a
year or two alter marriage; that
be is no frenchman, but a
uegro, and formerly a slave.
lie says that the necessary docu
ments have already been forwnrd
ed to WMhiugtou for a stay of pro
ceedings. Notwithstanding tliis
publication the wedding will come
oil as announced, at Mr. Dowiilng's
resideuce this evening at 8 o'clock,
Rev. J. V. Lewi, of St. Jehu's
Cburcli, officiating, and will be
strictly private. Mr. Downing soys
the statements about Deinnrtie hav
ing another wife, are false."
Attorney Geucral Hoar has de
cided that Internal Revenue c (ti
ters may be conaidervd as Inform
ers in cases or frauds against the
Government and receive the moi
eties which other informers would
b entitled to, except wlicre the in
formation is oblaiued through cer
tain processes ot law which are
mentioned in thedecl-ioo.
Judge Fisher and Mr. Bradle)
partially settled Ibair old Surratt
difficulty by a persomtl difficulty
to-day. Bradly struck Fisher with
a cane, when they clinched, and af
ter a sharp rough and tumble, were
A bill passed allowing honorably
discharged soldiers to enter quarter
sections in alternate seuitons ol
public laud on line ot mllruads.
Tb. morning bour wss occupied
in discussing a bill to restore navi
gation and comineice.
The naval appropriation bill was
taken op and pendlug its discuss
ion the House adjourned.
Tbe liouso is in sciion to-night.
Lf France secured a pntcut lor
his Ramie machine to-duy.
Geu. Capron, Commissioner ol
Agriculture, aud other experts,
have taken great interest in the
machine. Tho general opinion U
that it meets the necesiiies of Hit
The Senate to day was devoted to
discussion and tbe enforcement ol
tbe 15i.lt ameudmeut.
7he Senule isiu (e6-;nn to-niht
on the Anti-Polygamy bill.
Washimqtuh, May 18 House
TheJudiclury Committee, this a.
m., heard an argument from Judge
Perry, of Cincinnati, hi behalf of the
goveruinent, iu the matter of the
proposed enforcement of the claims
of tbe War Department against va
rious Southern Railroads.
Win. E. Chaudler will be heard
in behalf ot the Railroad next Fri
day. Houss The naval appropriation
bill passed. All amendments for
increased expense defeated.
Jaw Yobk, May 18. There were
23 bidders for gold at UK to 14
79-100. Tbe total bid was for $3,-
eoo.ow; awara win amount to
11,000,000 at la 70 100 to 14 79-100.
Clevblabd, aiay Tbe new
leak whereby the Associated Dress
dispatches bavo beon stolen, was
discovered. Measure have been
taken to close iu
Miarais, May 18 Bishop
Wlfttruan wa selected by tbe
Conference to write the life of
Bishop Boule.
A message was reccivea rrom tbe
Methodist Protestant Conference
at Baltimore, propocing eoatollda-
A committee la favor wu ap
pointed to anewer.
Loanoij.Mav 18.-The third race
of the erie between Sappho and
tambtia, waa von oy ttappbo,
Lotfftoffi May 18. The Valaable
tatuary ia Gbriet Church, Oxford,
was reccutiy removed during the
night aud burned into lime. The
prtrie is severe against the perpe
trators of this ou:rage.
The Evening edition of the Times
bas tbe following de tails of tbe eon-te-t.
Both yachts were becalmed for a
long time. The Cambria wa win
ner (or tbe first twenty miles of the
race, when the beat to the wind
ward and weathered the Sapuo un
der Concband Cliff, between there
and St. Catherine, she tacked to
windward to her fourteen time
successively. The Sapho, from her
greater length, fore-reached aad
weathered on the Cambric, doubl
ing mark fortv second ahead.
Here the interest in the race ended.
The mark steamer bad to take tbe
Cambria iu tow. a (be drifted with
the tide a good breeze prevailed for
tbe urt score of miles. The strug
gle for the weather position caused
considerable excitement. A dense
fog prevailed durlnglthe greater
part of the time.
Pari, May 17. This morning's
edition of the Marseilles was
The small pox of a spreading type
is' unusually violent.
Havana, May 16 De Roda has
revoked his late orJer compelling
persons goiog to the Culled States
to give security to the amount of
fifty thousand dollar, that they
ill not engage In conspiracy
agaiuu tho gpauish government.
ToRoaio. May its. ine uauj
Telegraph thi morning say :
"We are pleased to announce
that the Washington Government
has issued instruction that our
ships (hall be allowed to pas
thrnuuh Sault M. Marie Canal with
all their cargoes except muultious
o war.
Pabii. Mav 18 The LaMar
aeillese has beeu condemned ior
offense aaainst the Emperor, and
for exciting hatred and contempt
for the governineut. The author
of au article specified was sen
tenced to six month imprisonment
aud a line of 5,000 franc ; the man
aging editor to imprisonment one
year and flue of 10,000 franc. The
tribunal decreed suspensiou of the
publication of the LaMarselllese for
two month.
Past. Mav 18. Tbe Corps Leg-
islatiff met to-day and proceeded to
count and verify tbe vote on ric
blscitum. wheu tbe result was de
dared. Members of both centres
and of risht received thoauuounce
ment with shouts of vive le Etnpe-
reur. Jules Simon approached the
Tribune and endeavored to make
some observations, but the chamber
refused to hear him. lie stibmit
tcd the iutepellatloi. In the manner
In which the election had beeu con
ducted, and took his scat. The
chamber feparatcd with renewed
cries of vive le Enipereur from the
The ias: number of the Marseil
lese, seized to-day, announce that
the paper will reappear 18th July,
aud Kochel'ort will employ the in
terval iu writing the bh-iory oi the
Lost Empire.
Tho editor and director of the
Revel have been coudemed, earn
to impriionnieul ot Unce moiiili
and 1WXJ0 francs line. The editor
and dim-tor of the Raphe! also con
dom nid to 10,000 franc lino each
and two moullia iinprihoiiiin-iit
Many persons in addition to
those previously condemned, have
been convicted of participation iu
tho lute riots, and have received
M-utence of from ten days to two
mouths imprisonment.
Letter Horn ltome to tho l.jth
iust. ,;v tlie French llisliopn have
all 6e!!t'iutnictioni to their clergy
to cbunt Te Detim for fortunate
is-iuu of vote ot plebisciluiu.
The Frtucli embassador will
have a special service praise cele
brated in the presence of the
Bishops. There was no meeting
of the Council ou Suuday or Jlon
day. Tbe conjugation was to be
lield on Tuesday, wheu the Arcli
liisbop ol Paris wm to speak against
lilt) piopo-cil dutluitiou Of the
Pupal infallibility.
Troops have been sent to Viterbo.
to prevent a baud of luHurgents
who had rebelled again-t the Ital
ian governineut from crossing into
the Pupal Territory with arms iu
their hands.
Vienna, May IS. It is reported
that Bjioii Von Brest, Prime Min
ister of Austria and C6u:it An
droiiky, Hungarian Premier, have
agreed to forbid the promulgation
any decree of the Ecumenical Coun
cil, declaring the itilklibHiiy of tin
Pope. It is reasserted that the Austrian
bishops will vote Willi practical
u:niii!mity auitii-t the dogma.
Washington. May 111. i:oiE
Couuer, of Texas, introduced a rca
uhKiit'i instructing the Committee
ou Foieigu Aflairs, to enquire and
report wiiat measures are nc :cs
ary to lorcc Mexico to observe the
treaty aud stipulations, and to
prevent Mexico from harborim.'
American outlaws, wa referred to
the Committee on Military Affairs
It is reported that a bill, for the
sale of certaiu united States pro
perty, including that at Favette
vllle, N. C.; Mount Vernon, Ala.;
uiauaiiooctie, r;a. ; also certain
captured property at Shrevcport,
L.a, mui-siiaii ana jenernon, Texas
and in Union and Davis counties
Texas, wa passed.
Ihe decliue in the American com
merce bas been resumed.
Senators Revels and Harris at
tended the wedding at tbe CaDltol
oi caterer Downing s daughter.
The reporters who were fortu
uaie enough to get access, report
us enure aosence ot the black ele
ment. It was a yellow affair.
Senate The President was re
quested to open negotiations with
England with a view of the annex
ation of Canada to the United
The resolution wat placed on the
Tbe enforcement of the Fifteenth
Amendment wae resumed.
Washimoton, May 19. Revenue
to-day $ 078,000.
Delano l expected here Saturday.
Governor Geary, of Pennavlva.
I nia. Interviewed with the President
te - dav.
The War Department placet the
army rt the disposal of the census
mar!)) I s.
Tbe Foreign Relations Commit
tee of the Senate discussed the ca
bles this morning, but no action
was taken.
Revenue asse'sments ot Worth
sod South Carolina, show au In-
creaic or treniy-iwo per com.
over last year.
Mr. Jacobson, a member of the
bar of thi citv.lleave for Vlcksburg
to functlonize u Assistant Attor
ney for the Southern District or
The Bureau-Howard corruption
investignn Is about drawing to a
close. Tbe chief trouble seems to
be about using government lum
ber and bad bricks.
One of theJudgecor Wyoming
Territory hM ordered the seizure
of certain portions of the Pacific
Itailroad. several ceuaiors uu
Represenativec demand the re
moval of the Judge, but the Prcsl-
deut prefer referring the matter
to the Attorney uenersi.
Charge, generally believed idle.
are preferred by Callforulan
against Judge Field of the Supreme
Court, with a view to his impeach
ment. Best California people say
the charges were made in spite.
In the Southern Pacific Railroad
bill, as reported by the Senate ou
Tuesday, a mistake in printing oc
curred where it is provided that 50
miles should be built in the second
year at the western end. It should
read at easteru terminus. The ques
tiou of eauge wu carried iu com
mittee by a bare majority. It is
generally believed that the entire
provisiou regarding gauge will be
Stricken OUl 01 lueuiu, mm inv
lug It to be determined by the Cora
nan v. or five feet gauge substituted
Mr. Kellogg introduced a bill
grautiug land to the North Louis
iana and Texa Railroad, running
from Vicktburg to the Texas line,
Waiucotok, May lit. A me
morial wu presented, representing
that naturalized citizen ot Rhode
Island cannot vote unlet they are
worth (131 iu real estate, and ask
Intra remedy therefor.
Senate Bills to appoint an ap
pralser of merchandise at Mobile,
and to reduce taxation were re
Mirtod favorably.
The Fifteenth Amendment bill
was considered.
Mr. Hamilton, of Marylaud, laid
It would practically repeal all reg
istration laws, aud that if passed no
one would bo safe In talking to a
uegro before an election, because
be was to have tho right, upon Ills
unsupported utildavlt, to cau-o the
arrest of any inan he might charge
with supposed interference with
his ritthts.
bcli iti z admitted the truth of the
Democratic lmign that his party
had rcvolutioiiiz'-d tho Constltulio
by I lie 15th and other amendments,
and argued that tho chunge iu gov
ernmental policy caused by war,
was a revolution that secured iudi
vidiial rights in the Status.
Pool took the position that Con
gross could constitutionally on tor i
9late and deal directly with tho
rights of electors; that the prerog
alive ot citizenship could not safely
be left to caprice of States.
Howard said the right of the
black man to voto in the South
would for hall' a century yet bo our
only lategii iM lor peace and nation
al authority. If the rebel leaders
ever: come iuto powor again the
war would have to be fought over,
The .South had lost their property
an d their boasting spirit, but for
live generations yet to come would
lose their iiiiquenclilo hatred of
Northern society aud the Northern
Government in case of foreign war,
wc would sec a disposition at the
South to join the enemy so as to
put down tli la government. They
hated. He would never ugrce to
universal amucsly for them. Jef
ferson Davis and a rebel ringleader
would come back to rehatcb and re
vify the ioit cause.
Personal pride would never allow
him to tec hi" name ou the same
list of yeas and nay with perjured
traitors ami enemies or lite country
The Judiciary Cotiiiuijiee pro
sen leu a report, ou inquiry as to cor
nipt means tihcd to influence beua
tors ou the Georgia bill. Tbe testi
mony is voluminous.
Washington, May 10. House
There a was very bitter dUcusbiuu
upon the appropriation bill in fu
ture, and providing for the Minis
ter to Home. Religion entered iuto
tbe dUcu.&ion. aud (burn pans-
ages, occurred between Uiugliaui
and Voorhees, each rlitiming that
tho other was playing for the Cath
olic vote.
Banks made a persoual cxplana
tiou in defending the San Domin
go treaty, and holding that our
safety ilcpeudcd upon the acquis
iiiouoftlie nciglihuriug Islands.
V ASittNUToN. May l'Jtli. Tho
committee on the Judiciary, who
were instructed to inquire and re.
port whether any corrupt aud im
iiuiji-i means nave ueeu used or
attempted to iullueuce Senators ou
the ueorgia question, made a re
port this afternoon. Thcv exm
riciiced much difficulty in ascertain
ing facts, aud the examination was
protracted by the unwillingness 0f
witnesses wno were in a position to
know the truth.
The first examined was Hon. Jag.
nugiien, irum luutaua, who testi
fied that a gentleman named Por
ter called upou him ou the evening
of the 1st of March last, but he was
not positive about tbe date.
Porter a.kcd him whotlinr 1,a
could crontrol the vote of Senator
V I'VUbCl t
Hughe, replied, he did not think
he could, but bad no doubt be
could ascertalu how he was going
to vote upon any question of Im
portance. Porter said that $10,000 in rail
road bonds, endorsed by the State
Of Georgia, or the Governor nf
Georgia that could be put up to se
cure hie vote against the Bingham
Porter told Hughes he could not
approach Senator Carpenter with
any proposition of that sort but be
wu satisfied in hi own mind hn
would vote for tbe amendment. Be
fore Porter left tbe room he made
me remarK io me enect that the
f 10.000 were to be divided ht ...n
Porter and himielf la cue of its
veuiE wvnn.
Hughes told him he could luve
nothlug to do with such a transac
tion. Hughes subsequently met Sena
tor Carpenter, who said he would
vote for the amendment and sgainst
the bill.
Mr. Hughes then mentioned to
him the matter, and suggested that
perhaps it waa due to himself, that
he should bring It to the attention
of tbe Senate.
He laughed and replied that he
had done nothing in the matter,
and did not so propose, in the pres
ent stale of public feeling, be did
not desire the notoriety of bavins
it known, that even any person had
neid uim so cheap u to suppose
that his vote could be bought He
fierwarns told Porter, that
Carpenter laid he would
vote for the Amendment.
and against the bill. Thlc wu the
end of the matter.
Portland, May 10 The Abba
Delta Pi commenced tit testioa
vecterday uuder the auspices of
Buudoln Chapter. Thirty delegate
present and nearly every College
Havana, May 19 It it tteted
that the brother of Gen. Arango
who abandoned the revolution were
mprisoned by tbe insurgents.
Other accounts say they were exe
cuted. Arango was at the bead of
the troops, and hat goue to lee
about tbe matter.
Cm of Mexico, 11. The Trinl-
dad Garcia revolutionary Congress
men were turned over to the court
for trial.
The revolution has nearly ended.
The follower of Pedro Maltlnez,
i00 strong abaudoncd him. The
bandit bravo is still in the field
with GOO lollowers.
A heavy earthquake foil here
to-day. No particulars.
Philadelphia, May 19. Tbe
General Assembly of the United
Presbyterian Church assembled
this mornlug. Proceeding were
opened by prayer by the Rev. M.
w. Jacobs or Aiiagbeny. ra , the
Moderator of lut Uld School As
sembly, which wa followed by a
sermon on "one spirit and one
body," the Ideal of the Christian
church, by the Rev. P. H. Fowler
ofutlca, New York, Moderator of
the last New School Assembly.
About oOO delegate are in attend
ance. Tho proceeding were of tbe ut
most interest, commauding tbe
rapt attention of delegate and au
ditors. London, May 19. The Time
has a remarkably bitter editorial
articlo on tho alleged mismanage
ment of the Erie Railway affairs,
and the course pursued in relation
to shares in the Stock Market.
The writer asserts that the standard
of commercial morality, is lower
Iu tho city of Now York than any
whero else in the world. What
here in England would be deemed
crimes, aro thoro regarded master
pieces of financiering. It corn-eras
tho American peoplo to purge
themselves of this reproach, though
it will be a task equal lu difficulty
to the abolition of slavery,
The Times also has an articlo on
the Yacht race. It says "there is
no schooner in Englaud probably,
that cau sail with the yacht Sapho,
which throughout the match, wss
handled by an EnglMi Captain and
crew and under hit personal direc
tion. The Duily News explains that
telegram published on Tuesday
morning by the Central Pres As
sociation, by announcing the award
of the prize to the yacht Sappho,
was premature.
It was lute yesterday p. m., when
the Sappho was pronounced win
ner. The Judges arrived at this con
clusion: "From tho Cambrias
having disregarded the official in
structions regulating tho race, but
which were faithfully obeyed by
the cuppho." '
The Telegraph has ji sensational
paragraph giving tho strength and
me piaua oi tuc ieuian organization
iu this country.
Tho news from Spain to-day it
important though conflicting. Dis
patches received from Madrid di
rect, report that tho Council of
Ministers have determined to
confer upou Scrruuo, the Royal au
tributes, If no candidates for the
throne is found within a reasonable
time on the other hand.
Some of the Continental New
Agencies have just forwarded telo
grams to the efl'ect that tho Re
gency will thrust the crown upon
Eipurtra lu default of any other
selection. Of the situation, U it
believed in some quarter that hit
resolution to dcclino tho crown, it
no- absolutely final.
London, May 19,-David Hi!!,
Scottish landscape painter ia
New Oklean. Mav 10 r...
fair and prices linn. Sale 2,900:
Sd"Dff? 22'i 'w middlings
; good ordinary, 20'a
Vi ; receipts, 709 ; exports to Liver
pool, 2,308; Havre, 2.535. Sucar,
firmer, prime, 11 W a ll u . Moli.
es easier, prime, reboilcd, 7075
1S,,r' WVX prime, lV
318'.Ncw York sight, V. Pre
mium. Gold. 14;. 76 P
Louisville. Mav inr...
firtner: middlincs. 91?.' ict.
500. Corn, choice, si -in n...'
67. Rye. SI 00. Vl.m iV2
1 20. Pork. :io oo. k,,; ior0
17(318. Bulk meats, 12jW.
Whisky, $1071 OS. Lard.17 .
gar cured bams, 19'' Tobacco
.ales 354 hhds. a M Ac m"
Cincinnati, o.
dull; middlings Su'iZXi??
w. uuiic meat..
Bcon, 131C17:
Eirffa. IS.
Butter 24.
Sr. Louit, May 13. Flour sa.
tte' A14 20 85? Wheat
No, 2 red. fa . 1 nr.ai no
Whisky, Una. PorViMsn
W,5?J?ff . Lardnomi.-
flr .YoM,T 19 Cottoa
Orleans, 11 uu. ,Wu?t
Pecnlatloa ud export i,M

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