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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, May 28, 1870, Image 2

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..: sMayJL
; u9 f-mi
jii AstAtsficilEf M Act, Incor-
Eo'.i2g tie Qiocttv Collegiate
. institution.
Aa Act wlborislif tbe Secretary
of gtat la administer oelbe la eer
telo rates. ; "; '
Tbt nomlnatloni reported yes
terday, wen confirmed.
So BoalaetliMi to-dijr.
A bill to charter the Vicksburg
Ferrr.eoneeap Friday.
la the Bout the Esveooe bill
ru considered la Committee of
tbe Wbole.
give modi
advent In tbe Pilot,
dissatisfaction to tbe
Is bit leader to-day beannonnces
that be will be assisted by Got
oner-Alcorn himielf in tbe edito
jlal management.
A Governor of State and assist
ant editor of a newipaper at tbe
tame time, ie rather at variance
with food taste.
It baa been raining all day.
Jaceson, Way 25. Senate Billi
To repeal a certain portion of
tbe revised Code relating to free
aegroee and slaves, and an act for
tbe emit and delivery of fugitive!.
Tbe coonty officers of OltUbbeba
and Lauderdale eountlei were con-
Gallenger waa alio confirmed
Chancery Clerk of Tazoo coonty.
Tbe matter of tbe payment of
Stanton & McKenna wai referred
to tbe committee on contingent ex.
Hocse All the day wat con
tamed on the revenue bill.
A meeeege wai received from the
Governor In reference to French
inbjectt holding and cenveying
real estate.
Tbe Governor baa approved tbe
following billa t
An Act to Incorporate tbe Jleri
dlan Female College.
An Act for holding special elec
tion! to fill tbe vacaaciei in the Leg
islature. - -
. Tbe Governor, will, In a few
dayt, tend In bit nomination for
State Librarian.
A train from New Orleans, went
through tbe bridge below Magno
lia. Nobody hurt. Tbe train was
delayed twelve boors. '
Jackson, Hum, May 2& Sen
ATI. The following new bills were
An Act to amena toe cnarter or
tbe West Feliciana railroad.
An Act to amend tbe charter
of tbe New Orleans, Jackson and
Great Northern Railroad.
A bill waa introduced to incor
porate VIckiburg Waterworks.
Bill passed.
An Act in relation to Insurance
An Act to amend an Act, incor
porating Levee Commissioners in
Washington connty.
An Act to incorporate tbe town
House Revenue bill passed, 41
to 33. It new goes to the Senate
where It will be overhauled and
argued for another week.
Tbe Governor sent a message
urging the election of Commit
aloners of Emigration and Agri
culture, and tbe pasesge of a law
defining tbe dntlee of tbe officers.
H. P. Scott, negro, was nomina
ted tor Bherla of Issaquena eonnty.
T. P. Sears, assistant clerk of tbe
House, waa relieved to-day from
duty, by B. J. Alcorn, clerk.
Xz-Pretident Davis, Ex-Got
erner Brown and General Forrest
were In town to-day.
Following tbe example set by
the Legislators, two colored fe
males bad a pugilistic encounter in
front of tbe Capitol to-day.
AtocIat4 Press Be port.
WuHiHdTOM, May 24 Reports
from 8olt St. Marie, Montpeller
and Buffalo, report the pretence
and activity of strangers, supposed
to be Fenians.
Waihmotoh, May 21 Shits.
Terrv asked leave to present me
morials from citizens of tbe Do
mloican Republic protesting
egunst annexation, romeroy oo
JectKl and permission was refused
on the ground that petitions, ex
cept by unanimous consent, can be
received ouly from citizens of tbe
United StAtes.
Manlan spoke on the bill for the
ale of the ws Indian lands.
The Legislative Appropriation
bill was taken up. ,
y Wasbjnoton, May 2 Revenue
nearly half a million.
Bcbenck has retnratd. '
Gen. Marston, of New Unrip
sWre, was nominated for GoBar
t' Mhoev '
, e Eurcaa Coward Corruption
C ".tee examine ben. Boya-
t-ij. r"pondtmt of the "Cineia-
r U v.e. . . '
, , 'nralitee UDfernc on
i' a i m ftoixt the 'l iiieenth
' . . ' ' I- t agreed cpea the
I A ;.t i,-. 7..s ejgstd f E8s
ptsl t "
... .J
: 5 wii-t t-.J E.!ainc.!. T rre
tentative! L.iiiiUm ai I'aris,
t aator f'ocktuo and L prtnta
i.ve iverr tiecliiiiug to s.n the re
port. Te pr':- :,".' amendments are in
the 12th and 2it sections, and they
do aof suer the general tetite of
the bill, cot Is more explicit than
that portion of tbe 13th lection, au
!!j?',. tee f resident to amnio
land anil navel forces of the Uni
ted 6 to prevent tbe Tiolatioo.
or to enforce tbe execution of this
Act, is amended so ae to authorize
the on of such forces to aid the
Judiciary authorities Jn enforcing
tbe Act.
The phraseology of tbe 21st see-
tloa is somewhat changed, but tbe
general intention of tbe orlglual
section still remains.
This action pertains to the juris
diction of courts in relation to the
writs of quo warranto. New lec
tions are added explanatory of and
to simplify me Dill.
Tbe President has itsned a proc
lamation setting forth that it has
tome to Lis knowledge that sun
dry illegal military enterprises and
expeditions are on foot within tbe
united states, with a view to carry
on tbe same against the people and
district of Canada withia tbe do
minions of Queen Victoria, with
Whom tbe United States are at
peace. Tbe President, therefore,
admonishes all good citizens of the
Lnited State", aim all persons with
in tbe Jurisdiction of the same,
against aiding, countenancing, abet
ting or taking part in such unlaw
ful proceedings, and warns all per
sons that by committing such acts,
tbey forfeit all right to the protec
tion of this government, or its in
terference in their behalf to screen
them from tbe consequences of
their own act : and he enjoins all
officers of tbe L nited States to era
ploy all lawful authorities to pre
vent anu ueteat the aforesaid un
lawful proceedings, and to arrest
and bring te justice all persons
wno may oe engaged therein
Seiate Harlan delivered a
speech in support of the bill to sell
tbe Osage Indians lands iu Kansas,
and defending the settlers on those
lands from the accusations of Mor-
rell, of Maine, that tbey were rob
bers and murderers.
ibe Appropriation Bill was re
sumed, and au amendment to ap
propriate t&0,000 in aid of the
Louisville Canal was debated, but
finally withdrawn.
An amendment to prohibit tbe
admission of any pardon or am
nesty as evidence in tbe Court of
Claims, in support of loyalty of
those amnestied, was debated.
The Conference Committee re
port, on tbe bill to enforce tbe right
of citizens to vote in tbe several
States, was discussed. The report
simply makes the bill more ex
plicit' Hoist. Tbe closing debate on
Lyncb'e bill promoting American
commerce, Mr. Peters, of Maine,
proceeded to speak iu support of
tbe measure. Mr. Caborn opposed
tbe bill as being in favor of ship
building interests at tbe oxpense of
commerce and navigation. Mr.
Brooks nrged tbat if a reduction of
dotleo was made for tbe ship
builders, other mechanical and ag
ricultural lntereste should receive
tbe tame benefits.
Mr. Cox, of New York, said he
was willing to support the bill if
tbe feature iu relation to draw
backs was iticken out.
Mr. Scbumaker, of New York,
argued tbe necessity of something
similar to the draft system to re
store our prostrate commerce.
Mr. Banks then briefly addressed
tho House in favor of tbe bill.
Mr. Lynch then allowed a num
ber of amendments to be offered
and demanded tbe previous ques
Tbe previoua question was sec
onded. Yeas 77, nays 73.
Ibe question was then taken np
on ordering tbe main questiou
and the House refused to order.
Yeaa 87, nays 75.
The bill then went over under
tbe rule till to-morrow.
The Appropriation bill was re
sumed. Voorbees moved to strike out ap
propriation for consulate at bt.
Jago de Cuba, and called attention
of the House to late outrages per
petrated in tbat city. Tbat tbe
United States flag did not protect
consulate or American citizens.
A general debate ensued, in
which a number of members par
ticipated. Gen. Logan said no government
ever waa so quiet as the present ad
ministration while a struggle was
going on between oppression and
Tbe debate wat continued up to
Gen. Banks said tbe committee
on Foreign Affairs would bring the
whole question before tbe House
in a few days.
WaiHinoiow, May 24. General
Jordan, of Cuba, dined with the
Committee on Foreign Affairs of
the House and Senate this evening.
by an ivitation of Representative
iiann, ot Maryland, a member of
tbe House Committee.
Tbe Canadian arms in Fort Ab
ercrombia will be allowed to be re
moved by tbat Government if it
desires it, Secretary Fish having
Informed Boutwell that tbe rela
tione between the two Govern
ments are satisfactory.
Delano decides that where manu
facturers of tobacco, snuff and ci
gars has a portion of business car
ried on in a district seperate from
bit premises, seperate bonds in
each case it required.
Burgeon Arrloo Plnknev and
snrgeon Grier and Shipper are or
dered on duty to examine the can
didates for admission to tbe Naval
Tbe Cabinet considered the Fen
ian matter all day, and after ad
journment a proclamation was is
The Admiral reports the SeTern
at Havana, May loth.
.Nothing particularly important
to communicate.
Tbe Dictator remains at Key
"Vi t; Nantucket baa gone to San
A h nnmber of Spaniah Tes
vs area Havana." ..... .
i X JL,ivau9 Cotter, Lincoln,
Is bow at fan Frndo, and has
bten ordered to the Zeland ltlands
with provisions for the inhabitants,
who are suppod to be in a desti
tute condition. The Eevenne s jente
will be sent out In ti Liuculn to
take charge of tbe Island.
- VAttf.j.wiu, May 21 A new
section in tbe Conference bill pro
vides that ne burden of proof in
cases of alleged illegal voting shall
be thrown upon the accused; in
other words tbe accused shall
prove bis innocence.
New Yoe, May 24 -The Alle
mania takes a quarter of a million
of treasure to Europe.
Cams Me., May 24.-The tim
ber between here and the St. John
river is burning with great destruc
tion. LocisviLLE.May 24. Huntsville,
Alabama, is chosen as tbe place for
the next meeting of tbe General
Lelegates from the Associate Re
formed Church and tbe Cumber
land Presbyterian Church were fra
ternally received.
St. Lons, May 24.-A terrible
lightning storm in this vicinity. As
far as besrd from thu-e persons are
Buffalo, May 24. There is some
activity among the Fenian leaders.
Hen are oeins; quietly concentrated
at the rendezvous here. It is Im
possible to say at this time where
the inraion will be made. The
point first attempted may be a blind
It is thought. The frontier Is lined
with meu.
It is reported that the United
States steamer Michigan, has taken
up position in the harbor of Port
Coioorne, Canada, to protect tho
Welland canal.
3ostoh. May 24 Four thousand
red men, supposed to be Fenians,
left on tbe Northern train yester
day afternoon and evening.
rsocHESTER, May z a car load
ofFenians passed northward lost
The trans-continental morning
paper was published on the train.
liakcaiteb, Pa., May 24 The
Philadelphia Express train, going
East this morning, collided with
tbe Emigrant train. Que employee
was killed and several emigrants
slightly hurt. Cause of the accident,
misplaced switch.
Malrip, May 21. TheEITlem
po, a newspaper, said tbe Duke of
Montpensier is annoyed at tbe
coure bis adherents bad taken.
Tbe Duke demands that bis candi
dature be passed upon openly by
Constituent Cones; otherwise be
will withdraw and publish a state
ment making a complete exposi
tion of the acts of those parties who
made overtures to him.
It is now said Esperatero has
agreed the crown if Cortes will
elect him.
Liverpool, May 24. An explo
sion occurred on the bark Asterias
off Land's End, which killed tbe
Captain and sailor, and nearly de
stroying tbe vessel.
Florence, May 24 Chambers
voted budget by a large majority.
Estimated expenses over seven bun
died million livre.
London, May 24. A family of
five persons were murdered a few
miles from the city. The lady of
the family has been married to-day
and it is supposed tiat she has bad
some connection with tbe affair.
London, May 24. The ship Ma
riam was boarded in India Ocean ;
21 starved and others dying of star
vation. Pari?. May 24. Olllvler declines
to sanction the oxisteuce of tbe
plebiscitum committee as a perma
nent body.
Washington, May 25 Fenians
are active in Buffalo. Several hun
dred left Boston north.
Tbe Toronto (Canada) Globe has
a dispatch that a couthgra'ioti was
raging iu Quebec, but the Fenians
having cut the wires, it is impossi
ble to gel details.
A car loud ot Fenians passed
Rochester ticketed lor Maloue.
Washington, May 25. House I
Weduesday next is assigned for
business ot' banking and currency.
Bill for revival of Americau com
merce resumed, but uo action was
bad. Comes up again to-morrow.
Tbe Pacific liailroad committee
reported the Senate bill for the
Northern Pacific Railroad without
amendment. Its consideration is
now progressing.
Senate Tbe bill giving Wilbe
force College (colored) $20,000 from
Freedmau's Bureau funds passed.
The Conference report on en
forcement of tbe 15ih amendment
wat resumed. It will probably be
talked over a day or two, but its ul
timate passage is considered cer
tain. Committees doing nothing.
Washington, May 25. Revenue
to-day $700,000.
The bill incorporating Corcoran
Art uaiiery was signed.
'ibe report of tbe Committee re
garding trade belweeu Mexico aud
lexas alleges tbat from four to fire
millions have been smuggled, aud
accuses tbe Mexican Government
with fvroring illicit trade, aud as
serts that Juarez was disloyal dur
ing tbe rebellion, by allowing con
traband goods to reach the Confed
erates through the territory which
be controlled.
To-day's Tribune says :
"Governor Bullock reads some
what too literally. He has written
us a letter for which, we regret.
we have no place, which mereiv
reiterates bia objection to our re
marks ou bis biate communication
relative to tbe Georgia troubles, and
we are aware tbat be does not
think that bis term as Governor
of Georgia will expire uulil 1872,
no matter wnai Cougress may do
with the Bingham amendmeut to
the Georgia bill, but we also know
and be doea too, tbat If tbat measure
is adopted and a new Legislature
is elected this coming fall
Gov. Bullock's official existence,
as we intimated, will speedily ter
minate, and if there is any basis
of troth in tbe revelationa of fraud,
and attempts at bribery, contained
in tbe report of the investigation
Committee, will Gov. Bullock have
just reason to complain of hit fate,
or to charge at he does la tbe let
ter we have received, that we
"don't tote fair."
. HoDsa The bill to revive the
navigation add commerce was ta
ken up, and after discussion, a sub
stitute waa agreed upon by the
Committee which was offered by
the Cbairmaa.
The Northern Pacific Railroad
bill was reported back without
the amendments.
Tbe amendments were offered to
protect tbe rights and interests of
actual settlers, and to exclude the
eoacluaioa of a guarantee of boetds
of the Company by the United
States. After a general disenssion
the main qnestioa was ordered.
Yeas 107, nays 66.
Several amendments were voted
n and rejected ; without disposing
of the amendments the Uonso ad
journed. The Senate Conference Commit
tee report oa tbe Fifteenth Amend
ment bill as being adopted by a
party vote, 48 to 11.
Tbe Appropriation bill was re
sumed, and Drake's amendment
regulating rules of evidence as to
the lovaltv of a claimant in Court
of Claims, was debated. It pro
hibits the admission or a pardon or
amnesty, aa evidence in the Court
of Claims to establish the loyalty of
a claimant, and requires proof of
loyalty specified In former acts of
Congress to be adhered to irrespec
tlve of such pardon or amnesty, aud
directs all judgments heretofore
rendered in favor of claimants upon
any other proof, to be reversed by
the Supreme Court, and pending
suits based npon such pardons, to
be dismissed.
A telegram reciting the particu
larsof the murder of Slate Senator
Stevens, of North Carolina, was
Washington, May 23. Holme.
To-day virtually postponed action
on postal telegrapli until. next aci'
Rochester, May 23. To-day sev
eral car loads of Fenians, ticked for
Malone, passed through here from
tho West. One company of thirty
men, under command of Captain
O'Neal, left this city Inst night.
More leave to-day.
All is excitement in Fenian cir
Rochester, N. Y., May 23. Thlr
ty Fenians nuder Cant. O'Neal de
parted to-day. More leave to-day
Rochester. N. Y-, May 23. The
British steamer Norswati departed
this morning, fearing seizure.
New York, May 25. The even
ing papers have specials that
O'Neal crossed at St. Atbans, say
ing be would never re-cross tbe
lines unless victorious or dead.
Tbe troops move In two columns,
one upon St Johns, and one in the
direction of Richmond.
The utmost eoustitutlon prevails
in Canada owing to tbe utter lock
of preparations for resistance.
Straccbb, N. Y., May 25. Three
hundred left to-day, three hundred
left last midnight. Two hundred in
squads departed previously.
Albany, May 25 A report has
been received here dated St. Al
bausat4 p. ro., that heavy fighting
was going on near Fraukliu since
noon, between tbe forces under
General O'Neal and tbe Canada
Buffalo, May 2D Gen. Starr,
with one hundred men, arrived
here from Cincinnati for the front.
Lewistown, Me., May 25.
About 60 Irishmen, holding tickets
for laland Pond, passed up Graud
Trunk' this morning, took ponses
sionoftbe car, allowing no others
to enter.
Boston, May 23. Fenian head
quarters have advices from their
advance guard, which crossed the
border this afternoon and took
possession of I'igeou Hill The
tiOih Rifles withdrew without tir
ing a gun. A raid was made on
the Grand Trunk Railroad aud
thirty rails torn up.
The Herald has a special from
Portland to tbe effect that the right
wing of the Fenian forces ou the
Canada border numbers ixly men,
mostly officers from Khodu islaud,
uuder commaud of Col. McNamara,
accompanied by Col. 8. Drixcoll
and Sennott of General O'Neal's
staff, who arrived at Portland lust
night en route for islaud Pond.
Several volunteers joined them and
Col Driscoll for Islaud Pond, with
seveuty-five men from the West.
It is thought St. Albans will be
tbe base of operations. Clothing,
equipments of these bauds have
preceded tbem.
Memphis, May 25. Conference
adopted the report of the Commit
tee on Episcopacy iu reference to
the veto power of Bishops.
Philadelphia, May 25. James
Gibbons, President Executive
Council Fenian Brotherhood, says
the present movement against
Canada is an enterprise of irrespon
sible parties.
Louisville, May 25. The As
sembly bad an interesting discus
sion upon allowing Lay Exhoriers.
Revs. Wilson, of Augusta, Oa.,
Lafevre, of Baltimore, Uopkiua, of
Owensboro, Rice, of Fraukliu,
Tenn., were nominated to the
Chair Pastoral Theology, Colum
bia, S. C, Theological Seminary.
St. Louis, May 23. Republican
office burned. Loss $100,000. Tbe
Republican Issued a small sheet to
day, but will hereafter issue the
usual broad sheet.
New Orleans, May 23. The
Governor issued a proclamation
qnarantiuing vessels from Havana
and other iutected ports after June
tbe 5th.
Detroit, May 23. It is reported
that two barges towed by a tug de
parted last night.
Cincinnati, May 23 Gen. Starr,
Col.Tousney and Major O'Keefc
departed north last night.
Ugden-burg. N. Y., May 25.
It is reported the Fenians will at
tack Cornwall.
Pbescott, May 25. A large force
of volunteers, includiug artillery,
are under arms here.
Toronto, May 23 Tbe Governor
is advised of Fenian movements,
aud it prepared lor attack or inva
sion. Montreal, May 25. Further
news indicates that the Fenians are
determined to make a movement
on the east frontier. A large num
ber of men are parading near the
It It stated tbat the Feniant have
ent tbe wires at White Hall.
The latest advice it that they have
crossed ma una wioroo.
Considerable force left here yes
terday for the frontier. -
e'T. Albans, May HO. O'Neal,
Feniaa Commander-in-Chief, was
arrested here by U. S Marshal
Quebec, May 23. Tbe loss by
fire woe a half million dollar.
Kour hundred and nineteen houses,
foundry, a potash factory, two
ships and a large quantity of lum
ber were burned.
Oswego, May 25. A company
uf Federal artillery at Fort Onterio
have orders to move immediately.
No movements of Fenians re
ported here.
Ottowa, Canada, Mav 23. The
United States have 150 troops on
llietr way io Ugdensburg.
Four hundred Fenians were left
behind at Rome from want of trans
fifty men of tbe garrison, with
two guns of field artillery, leaves
to day for Prescott.
Uodenshuro. Mav 2a. Five hun
dred Fenians, with arms and be
tween 75 and 100 wagons contain
ing ammuuiliou and military
stores, passed Massinalast night
aud this morning going north.
Hooansburo, May 23. Four
hundred Fenians arrived at Water
town this morning.
It it reported that blicrman with
troops, will soon arrive.
1 wo hundred Fenians, who came
irom Rome via Central Railroad,
got off at Potsdam, evidently old
The Fciiians at bt. Albans are es
timated at 1500 to 1800.
Col. Mosby, a noted ex-Confederate
General, is there organizing a
force of cavalry.
Tbe Fenian plan is said to be, to '
send put small bodies of cavalry to
harass the border at various points,
thus attracting attention, while the
main body will make a grand attack
on some unexpected quarter.
Fifty men who arrived at Malono
yesterday, full Into the military
procession, and immediately march
ed northward.
Montreal, May 25. Tbe latest
dispatches say the Feniaus are at
Trout river, in Huntington county,
intending to cross.
Six hundred volunteers will
leave at noon for the borders.
Fenians three thousand strong
are at Pigeon Hill eutrenching.
Lord Col. Russell and Princo
consort'i own rifles have gone to
tbe front with the Moutreal volun
teers. They intend to attack the
entrenchments. Prince Arthur
goes with regiment, on tbe staff of
Uoi. Kusseii. uji. binitn com
manding the advauce guard goes as
the ad vauce guard.
The Feuiau movements will not
interfere with the Red River
Ureal satisfaction is expressed at
Grant's Proclamation
Ottawa, Ca., Mav 25 News re
ceived state that fighting has al
ready commenced at Pigeon Hill.
Toronto, Ca.. May 25. News
received here state thai Gen. O'Neal
is arrested by ibe Uniled States
Tbe Feulans attacked the Home
guards at Cook's Comers but were
repulsed with several killed aud
wouuded. No loss on the Canadian
St. Albans, May 25 Three
o'clock, all quiet at this hour.
London, May 25 Dispatches an.
nounce that the brigands ntsr (jib.
raltar have four English captives
whom tbey will hold lor rannoin.
London, May 25. Grant's Fe
uian proclamation seems to give
great satisfaction.
Commons bade secret debate last
night on social evil.
Adoption of continental system
for the prevention of disease was
Lisbon, May 25. Saldanha man
ifestos say that be will maiutain
Portuguese Independence.
Cortes dissolved after all the
dopututies had sworn to defend the
independence of Portugal.
Cortes reassembles on the 2l)th
of June.
Paris, May 25. Judges of Eug
linh aud American luowcrs at
liotirges, prououueu the English the
Madrid, May 25 The opinion
is general that Tauaha desires the
union of Portugal and bpaiu.
Madrid, May 15. Prim says
Spaiu took no part iu recent events
lu Portugal.
Government has issued orders
for the release of four Englishmen
captured by Briguuds near Gibral
tar. Washington, May 2d Fenian
news shows the capture of O'Neal
whom Marshal Foster and deputy
Fairly seized while the tight was
progressing, aud thrust into a back
seat iu a hack aud carried from the
ground, which demoralized the
Feniaus. O'Neal was committed
in default of $20,000 bail.
K-uians lost two killed and two
wouuded near St. Albans, by Can
adiaus posted behiud trees aud
Tbe Federal and British troops
are advancing rapidly to the front,
aud unless speedily reiuforced, the
expedition lu tbe vicinity of 61.
Al ban's will prove a fizzle.
Prince Arthur has gone to the
front irom Moutreal, with troops.
A bill repealiug the law of New
Mexico cxemptiug real estate from
execution, but exempting $1000
homestead, passed.
River aud barbor bill was report
ed and referred to the committee ou
Pacific Railroad resumed.
Several ameudmeute of the char
ter, crippling to tbe enterprise,
were defeated.
Tbe bill, as it came from the Sen
ate, will undoubted pass without
Senate Tbe application from
Knights Templar for loans, report
ed in a joint resolution, meeting
with objection went over.
Senate engaged all morning on
private land claims.
Committees doing nothing.
Action on North Pacific Rail
road, tbe result of a compromise
which, It It taid, secures a liberal
railroad bill this session.
Washington, May 26. Revenue
Farragat addressed the graduat
ing ciasa or me avu Academy.
It is uppoed tbe Georg'a ques
tion will soon be resumed.
President is si k.
Boutwell orders tbe Custom
Houses at Baltimore aud Philadel
phia closed ou Monday at tbo hour
of decoration.
The President nominated A. J.
Lark In, Marshal North Alabama.
Postmasters: F. Beaufnort, Port
Uvacca, Texas; Mr. M. O. Henry,
Macon, Miss. ; Thos. M. Hlgan, Co
lumbus, Go, ; Geo. Lander, Vayctte
ville, N. C.
Major Luddington is assigned to
duly conuected with indebtedness
of Southern lUiiroads to the Gov
ernment. The River and Harbor bill re
ported to-day gives upper Missis
sippi for dredging auu removing
suags. $30,000: Rock Island rapids,
$50,000; Illinois river, $100,000;
mouth Mississippi river. $300,000;
mouth St. Johns river, $50,000;
Falls Ohio river, $210,000; Missis
sippi, Missouri aud Arkansas
rivers, $150,000; Ohio river, $50,
000; Mississippi, above Kalis of St.
Anthony, $50,000 ; Tennessee river,
$40,000 ;Gulvetou harbor, $25,000,
and authorizes the . Secretary of
War to make many surveys lu
Southern waters.
Senate The bill to aid in car
rying mails between the United
Status and tho Wet Coast ot South
America, reported. It gives $31,
000 to North American steamship
Company for each round voyage
between New York and Valparaiso
1 via. Panama.
I A bill was also reported requir
ing the New Orleans, Mobile aud
Chattauooea Railroad to maintain
drawbridge over the channel of the
Gi eat higolets. It makes
width of draw 150 feet
A naturalization bill was report'
ed with amendments.
Tbe appropriation bill was con
tinued aud au amendmeut adopted
limitin f uewtpnper publication ot
laws to important measures. It
was agreed to dispose of the bill
and amendments to-morrow, Fii
House The loint resolution
granting additional subsidies and
right to mortgage land and road to
the 2iorlbern t'acinc Kuiiroad com'
pauy, passed without amendment,
yeas 107. nsys &).
The commutes oi lonterenceon
tbe bill to enforce the 15tb ameud
meut reported after some debate.
It was agreed to vote to-morrow.
Bill to revive. Commerce resumed
and the substitute discussed. A
motion to lay the substitute on tbe
tablu was rejected, yeas bl, nays 10a.
Washington, May 2U. A West
Point special to the Sun says a ne
tiro cadet from Mississippi bad ar
rived. Uo is creating great com
motion. Taverns rctusu to enter
tain him.
New Orleans, May 20. Inter
nal revenue receipts of the first
Louisiana district, from 1st to 24th
May Inclusive, $415,000; custom
receipts same period $400,000; cus
toms over corresponding period
last year tuaooo.
Louisville, May 26. Rev. R. J.
Nelson was elected Professor of
Pastoral Theology of the Columbia,
south Carolina College.
Louisville, May 26. In the
Presbyterian General Assembly
yesterday, a subject of most Intense
interest was the reception from
Northern Prcsbyteriau Church
consisting of Rev. Dr. Backus of
Baltimore, Ilev. Dr. Van Dyke of
Urnokiyn, anil llou. w. J-.. Dodge
or Ivy. 1 hey presented resolution
of that Assembly expressive of
fraternal regard, and followed
them with remarks in which
it was stated they came uoi to
ask for reunion, nor to ask the
appointment of a committee
to meet similar Committee appoint
ed by the Northern Assembly, and
confer respecting varied matters
and questions of Jurisdiction and
property rights between the two
Assemblages, and to secure, if pos
sible, the adjustment of all differ
ences oetween tbe two bodies on
basis just and honorable to all
parlies and worthy of Chrixtian
men. While they were speaking,
urcuiiiicss interest auu deep erno
tion loruied a scene that will not be
forgotten. The kind words of the
speakers evidently found a lodg
meut lu the hearts of thos to whom
they were addressed. Overtures
were offered to common foreign
correspondence, which was direct
ed to prepare a well considered re
Cincinnati, May 26,-Reformed
Prethyterian Synod voted 10 for to
27 against tbe proposed basis of
union. Ibe proposition for a new
Union committee defeated.
Chicago, May 26. Fcuian bead'
quarters are crowded.
Several parlies departed in dif
ferent directious, some going to
Francis Train, arrived from Min
nesota, report that a tribe of In
diaus have joined the Fenians in
the Wluuepeg expedition.
New Yore, May 26. The Alaska
bos arrived. She was threatened
with trouble between Peru and
Bolivia. A squall at Aspinwall
unroofed many houses; shipping
New York, May 26. Six per
sons were burned in the steamthip
Sunbeam at Valparaiso.
New YoRK.May 26. The Alaska
brings advices from tbe Darien sur
vey to May 16tb. Tbey bad reach
ed 12 miles Inland, and the highest
elevation reached was 112 feet
Heavy rains retarded operations;
11 persons on the sick list with
fever and ague. The expedition is
expected to sail for borne on tbe
24th May.
New York, May 26,-Jndge
Daleyin. of the Court of Common
Pleas, decides that the custom of
brokers aud merchants must gov-1
ern me transactions during tbe
panio of September.
Malone, N. Y., May 26 Four
regiments of Fenians crossed Front
river, and is now moving on Hun
tington. iOionei uieary commands.
Cols. Smith, McWade. Thomnson
and Campbell, commands the regi
ments. Boston. May 26. Troon. A-nm
Forts Warren and IndeDnndAnr.
left for St, Albant by a special
Popeia, May 26,-Col, Croiiby
of Sheridan's stsff has returned from
tort liar, and report that the
northern Indians have runners to
all Tribes asking tbem to join in a
general war.
St. Albans, Ca., May 26 Col.
Spear, ot past Fenian fame, bat ar
rived. Tbe Fenians, arms and accoutre
ments are scattered about the
country, There were three killed
and fifteen wounded iu an engsge?
meut O'Neal is in jail in Bur-
Toronto, May 2C The Fenians
are retreating from Pigeon Hill.
leaving everything behind. No
loss oi life on the Canadian side.
tiuutiugton is now tbe point of
iutercsu Every preparation is
Havana, May 26. The steamer
Columbia hat arrived. The Span
ish vessols are watching tbe Cuban
coast closely to intercept fillibus
tcrs. London, May 26 The Times
says the Canadian authorities must
have no teuderness. The invaders
must be treated as robbers, ruffians
and murderers.
Tbe Morning Post it confident
he action of the President of tbe
United States will place the Fenians
before tbe world In the light of ene
mies to mankind.
Bullion has increased a half mil
Lisbon, May 26. Surprise was
created by the omission of the Em
peror to allude to the emancipation
of the slaves in his address to tbe
Brazilian Cortes.
Berlin, May 20. King William,
closing the Ricchstog. s.iid: "Its
action would go lar to assure
foreign people that the Confedera
tion is a powerful agent for the
preservation of uuiversal peace."
New Orleans May 20. Cotton
very dull aud prices lower. Sales
800; middlings, 22; low middlings,
211t(21?l ; good ordinary, 20
20,; receipts, 1,100 ; uo exports.
Sugar, prime, 113U,'4. Molasses,
reboiled, 7075. Coffee quiet, fair,
lCJiSlOJ, ; prime, lsftSlStf. w
York sight, .)i premium. Gold,
Louisville. Jiay m. umon
dull ; middlings, 21. Flour, $5 25.
Corn, weak, $1 15Sl 17. Oats, 68.
Kye, $100. Wheat, $10o120.
Pork, $30 00. Bacon, 13)i17
17?;. Bulk meats, 12jg'10ai6J(.
Whisky, $1 01(31 03. Lard, 17.
Sugar cured bams, 20. Tobacco,
sales 335 bhds. at $5 50 3 8 00.
St. Louis. May 26 Flour, su
perfine, fall, very dull, $4 00(34 25.
Wheat, No. 2 red, fall, $1 05(31 08.
Com,' large rccipts; uufavorable
advices from New Orleans greatly
depressed the market, mixed 6i4
VtK. Oats, 55(3-56; Rye, 80(882.
Whitky, nothing done Pork, $29 50
(4 30 10 Lard, dull aud nominal at
New York. May 25. Cotton
dull aud heavy; sales 2,800 bales;
Middling Uplands, Gold 14
Liverpool, May 26. Cotton
dull; Uplands, 10?,' ; Orleans, 11
ll,1,'; sales 10,0(10 bales ; specuktlon
aud export 2,000 bales.
Koskoo. This medicine is rapid
ly gaining the confidence of the
people, and tho numerous testimon
ials of its virtues, given by prac
titioners of medicine, leuves no
doubt that it is a sale and reliable
remedy for impurity of Ibe blood,
Liver disease, &c.
The last Medical Journal contains
an article from Prof. R. S. New
ton, M. D., President of the E Med
cal College, city of New York, that
speaks in high terms of its curative
properties, and gives aspccial re
commendation of Koskoo to the
practitioners of medicine. This Is,
we believe, the first instance where
snch medicines have been officially
endorsed by the Faculty of any of
the medical colleges, and reflects
great credit upon the skill of Dr.
Lawrence, its compounder, and
also puts "Koskoo" in tho van of
all others medicines of the present
day. For sale at Hardaway & (Jo's.
Married. In Vickb.rj, on WMnmUy;
May JS:b, bj lh Ktr. ftl: Martin, apt.
WM. 1. i'UZUKKALD, of Javkion, to MlM
JKNNIK, Utit daughter of Doctor ad Mrs.
At tt iin'.t tltnt aid place, by tht Bar.
I. E. Wheeler, Mr. WM. MOD. MKiUET. to
Miu BKSME, iccond daughter of Doctor
sad Mrs. C. 8 KNAFT.
Thus, two ntr;tlc, wlde-a wake gentle
men bare takea (K)napa for lift, aad Urns
two beautiful and acu.mplline.t sitters ate
at the aoe Urns launched npon the sea of
aatriraoaj. The waters mar tometiraet be
niut'b, and rcvki and shoa's mar ometlates
be near, bit they are fall, ntlr ad at nader
brave, lafe and worthy contorts, and we can
not indulge fears that danger will beset
tbem umler uch competent p.o.cetiM.
Maj the live of bitn couples, row joined la
the bol'.ot union, be bleated to tbem aad a
blessing to those around tbtm.
Married, on .be Mth int, at tbe offlos of
K quire L. M. Loewi'nburg.by EiijuireLow
enburg, Mr. Mocaics BCaoia, to Mrs.
Lima NaiuiL. bother this city.
Died, at tbe residence of btr husband;
near Oak RldncWarren countj.MIss , oa lbs
S4tb of Mey.ltTO, Mrs. K ATE L. POWELL,
consort ol G. W. Powell, and daughter of
Wm. aad Sara Tucker, or Madison county,
Mlu., age about twenty. Hire jeara.
Mrs. P. wat the tubject of religions train.
Ing. but like too many children of prayer
tbe bad neglected to improye those prrelou,
blessings till confined to her death bed. let
through their Influence upon her mind, nasi
tbe grace of God upoa her heart, the waa
enabled toexperlencc repentance, aad faith
la Christ and gave her friends many tokens
of a happy change. "Death teemed to
have lottiu sting." Her last words were-
'Sweet death let it come."
Ibe leaves a husband and two children.
oossniorant,and m.ny friendt to mourn
tbtlr lost. Yet their hearts are comforted
with the assurance that their late i. a
sternal gala. "We cannot have her back,
but we can go to her."
Oak Eldge. Mltt. p. HOWARD.
To Planters of Mississippi A Loulshu.
is rairaaiD to
File aad Replace Gin Saws.
Fill and Repair Qia Brushes.
'"' store of Mention
awsit-oww ly. . : :

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