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WM. B. tPBAKt, Ealt-.
OaeTeer, la Advaaee,....
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On Moml. la Adveaoa, I
By th courtesy of Col. C. C . ce.
Flowerreo. w bid the opportunity There are &tljx cue for dl-
yesterday of visiting the Fair voroe registered on the docket of
Ground, end gladly trailed our- the Court of Common Pleia in
elf of it in company with the afore-1 Marion county, for consideration.
Thirty-seven of the suite are filed
"I..I-M -(l... V. W A Vmlr.
8btbul papers in the State rect In hie decision, then we reeom
while professing undying hatred mend that oil afflJariU, writs, eub-
for the Radical party, yet refuse panes, Ac, be dispensed with, and
to affiliate' with the Democratic wme trouble and expense eared
party, and urge that to the Con- atT wo Bute.
ervative party la reerwd tie "" wuwainary aeci.iu-s
privilege of restoring the people T
" child, the Secretary of the Society, by femalee and nineteen by males E.", if he eared more
wkiklt auBCRirnoHi ,.,.. T ' J . ,. , , , ' to all their rights. Now political ... . ..
iar.iBAdmev si w nd tpt. J. M. 8earles. One foolish man desires a separa- .,. mra rUMkA L - Justio aud equity.
MtaAT-rr.r.'tei Th grounds are being put in au ttM ,m M. i .., P-1"" uppowd to be com-
SATURDAY SEPT. 17, 1870.
Froa the Old Curd.
Th lud when lore toe people's will inp.
Where biofhtr power to itippllciUoi
grin It
At fiTort what an noted rig bit) where
Ib robot olofflce proudly ttalkt hrod;
Wkw bowi the buu to wultb, and hoa
Mt wtrih,
Bell penntlett, mar oever rlM from earth ;
Won rich nea richer, poor meo poorer
Aid oaatlaf vretehee cheat ind rob the
When larrlii ereature la Til linemen!
Feeler and rot, In ingU' tlfht end aoa'i ;
Whera.oaa lllitera'e wreu-h, wi'hout en belr
The carte of bit Ill-gotten hoirilt to bear,
Bouu half a otbto.l.d't wealth, and tight
tor more.
And rulnt thon.anitt to increase hie itore;
Where dull unknowing new contrail the
Aad foole and kaarri for food men legit
late; Where proud bondholder! ru e o'er abject
. tlevea.
Aid nii-ahiptil dop di&'e their father'l
la inch a land. If inch a lind there be.
What thai, be done to make lu people Irecl
The bayon-t
tion from his angol because she
habitually indulegd in the In-
posed of something besides M. Emtot: In the Usue of
grounds are being put
excellent condition. Ther hare
...-., u...i, nanuuany inauiega in we Th. . foun,lad nnon 1 r
wcvu tuuivuHuir uiavucu nuuuiMU'i . m iv. I r - r r vvaa v.j imuhuiv peiia vi sun
ed, the hollows filled and the track , P ? principles. Is it the principles of 15th Inst an article appeared
raised In low places and well ler- mM oea WIU1 M aw the DemocraUe party which are ob- to my mind, ir properly
elledwith firm earth, and being cow,lcn-
.n kik .m.. r. ii.. I As to Chicaffo. where divorce
" -" I uicuu I Al WW. ITiViWV M w. Hin I mi. -,.. a nnl I n.Ax.
entire circuit, makes it in excellent in the air, statistics and culled , h.t iD0Ct th --i-. f nnarm.,nn .
order for the coming exhibition, facts of last year's campaign, from plei of 9 Conseryatlve party those who might enlist in it. I
fariuperior to what it wa last ea- March, I860, to March of the pres- dffer from 0f the Demo- refer, of course, to your sugges-
on and fully up to its needs. cnt vcar. are also intcresUne. The ..,u if n u th. tion respecting the formation of a
The Judge.' stand and seats for wholo number of divorces snolicdL .,:.: .kw-.i . '.im. Bk company for the purpose of
spectators bare been removed to
. i . . . , .... .i ..I
toe wobi aiuo to au ciegnui auu en- , ,7 . . U Cnilrt oA ..j . r. "..i " L I Zl ZCZ "
giblc location. Work on the stalls, . '.' " "v-" uisnuey are governeu uy wa w T.ca.ourjj jmnsh,
B ' I in llin VntnriAr I 'nitrr rrvtin Ian 11. I w-a I avhan all a Ii ob Afuf It t n cv t rrain
aianda aiimla Ac u wnldlv nro- unrcasouau e prciuuice. uo men i . ,, . j-b
Tho roads lcadlux to the grounds piwwira,wuW t u solves to the people wuo prefer a irj nccd of , flne hotoi 8ucU
are boing Improved, and the Society estimate, unout uity suoum oe miserable petty prejudice to all the would not only supply every corn-
have been expending their own satltlcvi to mnko up the year s bal- principles involved in this Strug-1 fort to the traveling public but
money in this work which should ance, a goodly pile of applications ie inii y,ecauBe a majority refuse would 1180 P080" features of at
..,. I ....a . o i t J I t.rnptlnn frmn ltd ovtjarnal nnn in.
erl Ble4 f Bat A
e)m-Tate)Tfsee1y S .!
Qni Brother Kdlsd and 'Another
' Wounded. '
be done by the city.
over COO. How false or how
What kill d man core,
broiiernt all th
Theplajrua that erer Ib'low vlctorlei
War brouaht the emit in lu horr d train.
And war alone can drlre thetn back axaln.
The blad and ball are remedial erero
Wbat milder mediolne will niwi-rberrT
"JLaat reaMaluf ol klngi," lage wtltert
Lait I glo of a people broniht to Wir:
And wieo It oone to arguuicnti l.kr thee.
anv reeara wuatever , i tt
We urge it upon the city suthori. limited was Tennyson', notion these senseless wailing they must point we opine that " no issue will
tics to make appropriations fiTrthU tlmt in luo g,,rng people's fancy ceds throw all kinds of obstruc be joined by any one, but how is
particular object of improving the ii,,btlv turns to thousrhU of love. : u .k mm rin the comuanv to be formed and
fnAfla lnmllnff in lha Inrnlltv nfl - ... 1 J I I .l.n. ...nAn.A i
mv tin Pi.n from thn tact tlmt at .1.. i.l c... 0 trk. I. WUM nopes 01 success may H
the Fair Grounds. It is a mat- 7 " . " , reasonably entertain in the event
. .. I tlio oni'iiinir of this vt'nr tha fancv l .-..,.:.. f -l,i,.l. mn,l I . .. J
tcr of public importance to ' " .v .or ltg iormfttton are questions
(he city and courtly that theso Fain r more l)(;,'8on!, turns to thouglita ttnd hear so much from disaffected I which may naturally suggest Uiem-
.i.n.ii.i i.. m.,in .nal. .a ii.ni.- oi uivorve man v mosc 01 mam- .ore-heads? We know of the ex- selves to we live enterprising men
The thing maj tot coatince. but ihea u ar0 w,0ny coiulucive to public nioiiy, rising, on the average, from istence of a well organized and I o our Cll7 wno .w,lu Jwi Iew
ti&&XXttlin. Mt- ThBrefore lb"y ",,ou,d b0 ttl,ol,t forti-t0 ab0,,t 8CVCnt- Th0 thoroughly drilled Radical party ,'7
The baiioti Bhi where Totee are buht foitcrcd aud encoursgcd by sub- fact that desertion ficures nlodiFcd to the destruction of evcrr mon.h.nt. nmhahlv tl.
Id Mid. I . .... I - l I "-v..w w ,,.wwwV
And judgm-m u bj pnjudice controlled-, etauiiai pecuniary aid, sna every m largely as a cause of right of tho people, and we know best men In the city to
Wb'Sirrf"iW "rmo" on "ltnit citizen should he, and doubtless is marital dilllculty in Illinois is due, 0f another well organized and forn ucn company, not
i&eXXtt'JE?' willing to pay something towards amonaotlu.rthinirB.totheunstable ii.Min..nw t,.in u. only on account of their superior
n ln,,.ln),l . atnrl- I . . . . l i a e
v i.uu.uid m itvi. i nn,i ,,iijrriitr.rv tnnilnnlna nt IVAat
so glioma ourmci'ciianisanu bus-1 .... . . . . . . I - - .
wl. ... L..inH u .uiimi i. i nm in. ininiiiiinrnnpo. n-i.irn tH I ..i .... -.1. : ,.u i..fii:HM u a i Tk.u .M iA. 1 r.ti
..w .... .- . . . 11 . , ! : 1. t 1 r .. I 1 ' 1 .nun niiiwii 19 uaiuiux iu. wvuu 1 ouw. luviv b h kiwi iwv uiei-
Vnu u van nit. nuuift vi wuiit him I Ineti meu crencrill v. Mil liberallv ill I ... .I1 0 I ....... .
A lxiil Sea mule with a lurlace lalrr
hoiichi and repaten rslly round the poll,
WHO utriTing uoniwiani cuvea uj J'lw.i
energies and enterprise, but be
cause of their numbers and influ-
A iwarm of offloe-holderi brlnn In train,
Kinilolkand loolitoTOte and vole galn;
Lure the black cattle lui Jeot 10 their rule,
With hone 01 lorty aorn aud a mule.
To Tote thcr know not how, nor jet lor
And drag Ibelr Ire-d m to III certain tomb.
Tha bal lot I hail It freedom to condemn
Or no:, at choice, there were an tnd 10 them,
The ballot! tn. IDai arowo (0 be a t ol
Br which the cunning kna.e oontroli the
Oh, ble- gunpowder, triply-hallowed
whitvower roig-od your lorce and poll I
In yourelTeet,
- voudet pre-
'00 do,
Ae ia that better work w..u ipriaai from
Wow AnM tha umnla bv Tonr bleated aid.
Their nowor regain and feel their will
. Then may they lurely telia each cogjln
1 cheat.
fAnddraghlr trembling to their Judgment
Whit terror then to knaves that long hare
? xl
A poople't pitienoe, mi their mladi per-
Wot th lr't
low 1
Hot Ihelr't
making the coming and all subse
quent Fairs great attractions and
sources of pleasure and profit to
all at home and abroad.
another source of this moral gtmction of this Radical party, I chants in Vicksburg who would
abomination, is a necessary con but we know of no Conservative hke '".W'fjf?
fii. ,1 1 . I ., , . I lu oiic, two auu wrut) veuro, wui.u
,t,llluuwww...,...81.. i" or Wing party, win Major by , UtUo cai0uiatlon will be read
ing, because intoxicating, climate Hanier, of tho Raymond Gazette, ily seen, would amrrcjrate in the
Nearly two thousand dollars In of the West, where, for tho same pieage enlighten us a little.
moncv is offered already as mcclal reason, insanity is prevalent In
e w -
premiums besides many articles of I
wo hope, and expect the present
exhibition will eclipse any thing
yet seen about here. No efforts or
cipense will bo spared to accom
plish this. Let us all bcud our
shoulders to tho wheel.
all climates and under all condi
tions it is the uuturc of woman to
be discontented. In the East this
peculiarity appears in woman's
rights agitations, salacious litera
ture, curtain lectures, and assump
handsome sum of 856,250, aud
this amount would secure a suit
able building and furnish it The
dividends would be large, and by
the third year ought to pay up the
last share of each subscriber. An
Hotel properly eo '"toted, ought
to pay a profit otafe kast 815,000
per annum, which it is thought
Judoe BcnwiLL, of tho City
Court, decided yesterday that uo
appeal could bo taken from his
Court to the Board of Aldermen
or to any higher Court (as we un
derstood it) when the judgment was
rendered under a provision of the
KrScS & -WSS'-a?'; City Ordinances, aud not under the
statutes of the Slate.
This decision may ho strictly in
accordance with J lie law, but it
the ileel It never itrlket to I
the ball thoy never rlik lu
The lamp-iraatt reddlly for n-affol.li tull
Kawh iron true on bear I't iimper Iruit;
Long row. of ioiuci, tuspended In the
rine ncntieni ornament .nu icwh w . ., .j-ti t. ii
Here Horace Oreeley twtng., there euiooer makes the Court of Judge Burwcll
UereScbcnck hli erimci atonct in willhing
There triple ttandi Bon. Butier'i neckentl.
rtin t
Here Kelley danoet from b't favorite Iron ;
There Holt, ere cioting on me oarui nit eyi ,
Shall tt-ea mumerud noman-t mioii an-i;
Here Nyu cutt c.iHir to a .le4iatit tui.u,
Kvon in hit diina ularinu tfie buff ton:
There Cameron tlmt to hi Rit-at urirlc
"Simon taya wig-wag,' " aim me lewow
And loiiue on rogue, Who trampled on Un
Shall make bit exit followed with applause
Te knavei In oillccl on the people'! backs
ImputiUon impoiu pile, and tax on t:
Tax the man't coat, tho kirtleol tho miild,
The farmer'! plough.bare and the laborer'!
tpaoe ;
Tax tuebor't whUtleand the church't bills
The jo'i' g rh.iu't cradle and tue Jca'l min'i
Tax food, tax drink) tlx ill the poor may
Tax. era voutt-iu.thetunliihl and tho air.
The time will como whun thi dumb matt
which inyt
the must arbitrary tribunal of law
in this country.
Tho Charter confers on him the
same criminal juriedictiou of a Jus
tice of the Peace, also jurisdic
tion under the City Ordinances.
This latter jurisdiction is that
from which, when judgment is ren
dered, there can be no appeal, ac
cording to tho dcciiou of Judge
Burwcll. Mr. Burwcll is a pro
found lawyer and thinker, and lnu
uchicved a high rcpulatiou at the
bar; but with all that we are forced
to diflVr from him on this point,
not so much lu a strictly lcal view
as in a reasonable view of the sub-
Tha t or r eh and Door bv work of dtvt
4rhewebthtt biudt III Umbi wld rend nd lec n(l yet the Conclusion W6 ar
P"'". ..v . ,..' '. ........ . , .
Aad Ihote made wolvct opoi thebuutjn
Woe to ve all -non that evil day!
Ye would not icld 10 rc-uon.nor will they.
Helton thoul-l rule among trie .on. 01 men.
Kot bemi brute.; butif UfalL wliat.hen'f
If fiirce urereuL and iraud of no avuit
Haae me ueti oourni, mutt every ouir lau i
Let the war oome, if come it mutt, ilc.pl, e
All prudent rn"oru. Goil delend tho riehll
And thould the people lo their murky den ,, . , - , . , . ,
funueandtlay ihote bandiit-welll what exccplioUS of power, Of Which lat-
weiir I , n,,,l.nilt. m rrrmil nnnnnla ta
rive at we think a legal ouo.
The City Judge Is the legal suc
cessor, under the new Charter, ot
the Mayor, as tho city's official ad
ministrator of the laws and the Or
dinances, with some additions or
The New York World says a
new mode of suicide has been dis
covered by an enterprising Wes
terner. He was travelling, and
came to a farm where they were
threshing out grain, and going to
V I .i. i..... .ii,:n in I would ha the result. If the aid and
. . , , l vug U.III-IIIU, UwUUU U J. IM , -
tion of the garb of men; in the J b influence of our commercial men
n. . . v i I autllU Ui lilt) IUwU Kb euili kV....IK
West it crops out as divorce be-1 . , . ....
f t r... r th:,!.. I tbcm ho used to work with ama-
UlllISi; Ui illwllllj. AU AlllUUin,
whether the husband gains or
loses a divorce suit, he is respon
sible for all costs therewith con
nected, and Ossa upon Pclion
while the suit is going on the wife
can enjoin him from the use or
possession of his own real and per
sonal property. Thus is climate
aided aud abetted by law uud di
vorce made cany. Throwing af
fectum and decency aside as not
entering into the question, the
wile has all to gaintnd nothing to
lose by an Indiana or Illinois di
vorce. Law, public opinion, aud
vagrant desires, push the inhabi
tants of the West down an in
clined plnnc already greased by
climatic and social inlliiciiccs, and
when llicy get lo the bottom they
will lind that it is a greased plane
they have to climb nnin.
Tins morning, an cKteeme.1 cor- fu(M 8ppca) from u, JudgmeDta ofaocial equality sutler another
respondent endorses our views ex- whcn rendered, for a violation of -tab in the back last night? Are
pressed a few days since, relative tUe clty ordinances, is perhaps
to the purchase aud control of an equalled by a similar decision to
bote), in this city, by a stock com-1 the following effect:
That where a party is arrested
were given to the scheme. Your
unfaltcrinir devotion to the de
chine, whereupon ho asked leave I velopmcnt of Vicksburg's best in
to drivo. His request was grant-1 tcrcsts, should be rewarded by the
.i .f. . .i. .ti ), notr. donation or at leasi turee snares
..... I in theoompany if it is ever estab
ctl it ue migui not iccu ino ma- .. h d for imnortant and
chine. It was quite apparent that remunerative schemes you have
be was well acquainted with thresh- suggested to our people. I believe
ing; end having fed for some time you v b(n overlooked, and in
i ' , 1...1 ., jrcncral principles wo think it may
i uo iuukuu uruuuu ut iuu ul"u r.. r: i.i .1..4 r c.. . i
1,1 I be tumiY itiu tun. uijju oucmi nuu
wim u iiuu, oiHi.uj.ui5 u I tho VlCKSUUUO IlEliALD are ttlQ piO-
wanted more power. Standing Dccrs of every new strido our city
still till the cylinder was flying makes in its onward march.
and buzzing around with greatly
increased speed and every one be
coming alarmed at the awful mo
tion, ho jumped bead first against
the teeth of tho cyliuder, and in
less than an instant he was com
pletely threshed. No ono knew!
A Wait Peilal Ball.Tho nef re
Caael Abeeat.
.From the N. Y. Commercial Advertiser!
It is reported that at the closing
hop of tho West Point cadets last
evening, .tho colored "pleb," did
not put iu an appearance. Can it
him, and there were no papers on I be that more tyranny has been ex-
his person by which he could be I erased at that aristocratic institu
identiflcd. t" ? Wa9 Bon of, Por ,b!Jt
Tu decision we speak of else-1 ed fro n the scene of festivities?
where whereby Judge Burwcll re- Uid the great American doctrine
nanv. We are clad to sec that
the suggestion bus met with fa
vor, and hope that it will not be
permitted to die out as so many
schemes have, which have been
suggested for the welfare of the
upon a written statement, purport
ing upon its face not to have been
sworn to, and is tried and convicted
under the same without having ob
jected to the want of such oath to
we to understand that the nation
al brunette has no ball room rights
that whilo men are bound to re
spect ? Were such men as Presi
dent Grant, Superintendent Pitch
er, Generals Porter, Emory and
Parker, Senator Ames, ct al si
lent spectators of this arbitrary
exclusion? Did it not occur to
President Grant and the rest of
them, surrounded as they were by
their wives and daughters, that
this would have been a glorious
opportunity to formally introduce
tha truth of the statement, he can
city. Cities like other things . u Uon for .
need advertising. What better new uM . or lf ne docg) tu0 plain-
advertisement can there bo for a tiff may then show oral proof that the "shady element" of our civili-
city than an elegant hotel, linn it was sworn to though not signed zation and stamp it with the an
I.. ' ... ...... ... .... m.. . I .r ...tl.... -J VV I. . mam.
..i...i..4 i, m. ...mA k...n. 1.1 .1 i. A.i:., nin.ni. I urctls 01 ncoDio taKe a meal in bv tne omcer tatlue saiu oaiu. luisi piovui ui lumeiuj 1 ,.uatu.u.w
WbllWWU WMIUIUI..UU1I.UVIVHU UD.VU UUUC1 t II VIUHIHlb.fUI.uvi 1 . I I . . , , ..,.-1 .1. .
I U.U li W W.ri-VWMW.W www.w. WHW
world have witnessed than
the hero of Appamatox
shouts of the admirinir populace, his iuriadiction of crimes and mia
i When last seen they were shooting demeanors, refuse to accord the
A faib damsel of tho darkly, uot one.
deeply, beautifully black persuasion There is no question but that!
called another deeply, darkly, &c, an appeal could be taken from a
male of the same breed, names not judgment of the Mayor when ren-
nnlrnlnrjui in calm till riifllorl hrnaat. 1nrr.il nnilnr n pltv nnlinanra. either
ConseouenUv. he went for ber iu a to the Council or to a hieher court : this city who never so much as is a queer decision it seems to us.
most annroved stvle followed her whv should Mr. Burwell. standlns buv a Docket handkerchief from a In lhe flrt P1acei no offlcer had
a a w . . ' av , .. . . -.ia I .UU laUIW
I down Washlneton street, amid the in the place of Mayor, as reeards merchant hero. Such Dcrsons u' """iy 10 iu. a w..uv nr.ntin to th.t irimAat ..
M - a I m k I i k . 1 f !..!. 1 I V '
take their impression from the T ino ,n,v sembly an embrj-o Toussaintina
1 I nhArcro1 In innh nnawnrn in II La LA- I a a. i i i..a
hotel. If it is clc-ant so are T. V. "I'T..I gray cutaway coa ami ura ouv
down toward the river, in which rights that Ms legal predecessor i iBBrmioil,. if j. ig bad or ' . ,.V , , T fnB.' aa , mUag P, V
-.ii.f-. -a . h i.. L.niA.-.n. tutir impressions, it it is baa or aMiwiitljr show that it had actually m the dance, one of tho lovely
Sri nTw founi relt 1 It .eernV to u. that a. having certain corre.- beon iworn t0 orallv though not daughter, .of Secretary Fish or
m im . an incceeded to tha Mavnr'a law I FUUU,UK w"-i wiijr in wnting ana upon IUB uo-uuieui i,u viiuiiii.uB ui.nu u.u-uv
Wij. .Tonw H. eriwP. in r.M and . . . . . 7 . . and tU entornrinft. That inint l A a wa r.nr.lwA. It ia not the Senator from Mississippi? As-
, power, It 18 lncumoent UpOU nim 10 . " " an-orllc tha ft would hava o-lvan
rained ciUzen died suddenly yester- aIlow'luch appeals, Knes.hecan stock operations work to a charm, more oral itatment of facts, even J 7j " J i'f
day, Friday morning, about live ,how ,0methlng In the New Char- our citizens have but to look to when sworn to, upon which a par- chcerfully nccept u,e rettt social
o'clock. ' -Moh eTnrB,.i- uv-. frnm hi,n the result of ioint operation in tho tv 5 vruien swwmeni rAVollltiorl -.hiuh war has enUilod,
ne was on the street the day be- that power whicu the Mayor had. Merchant's Wharf Boat. Stock of 106 ,fa0t8 nd ,worn t0 f , ' and are prepared to confirm it by
fore apparently in usnat neaiui, IfJuag8 Burwell Is right in his in that institution, cannot to-day, l"" ' onr CM- " w" a on,w "'"B-
hnt was taken Uldurinar the after- Tv ..t.t. k-. i.e i,.,ri-,i ollloer, is the only document which shuttinir out this poor "plcb."
i nniniiin iuhu iuiud tuui na iuuuiu un i ira utiu.u ivi vu " vvi i . . . ,
r I , . . . am IaiyaIIv hs1 anth ntTnniinr-i 1 vm tha trmv thrnncr nr rtlnnfliirA
worshippers a very cruel, tuing
Brethren, let us weep.
ITroet the ceatral Star J
Goodman was the scene on last
Monday night, of on of the
bloodiest affrave which this conn
ty has ever witnessed. . Th plain
unvarnished facts of t case show
beyond peradventure, that James
K. uowen, tne muraerer, is a ueuu
in human form a regular Man
cat, who cteves life, but for the
privilege of gloatingly feasting
upon the blood of man.
Mr. Phil. Balford, hi brother
Ed. Balford and Mr. Green, all
citizen of the county,- cam to
town on Monday evening. They
took, perhaps, several drinks, and
doubtless some of them felt tho
effects of their drinking to a lim
ited extent About 9 o'clock in
the night, the party -began to make
preparation to go home, Mr. Ed.
Kaiford drove hi uuggy up in
front of the hotel, Mr. Phil. Bal
ford led his horse up, ready to
mount; Green seemed a little dis
posed to linger and mamiestea
some disposition to be noisy,
but by no means annoy
ing. Ed. Balford got into
bis buggy and he and hi brother
both told Green to get into the
buggy that they might all go
home. Just at this moment Bowen
came down from his room in the
second story of he hotel build
ing, and assuming to ue a magis
trate, ordered several persons pres
ent to arrest the Baiford and
Green, accompanying his order to
arrest with such denunciation of
the Baiford and Green, a, "you
are a damned sot of scoundrels,
liars, etc," Mr. PhiL Baiford said
to Bowen. that none of hi party
had done anything to be arrested
for, and that they were rtarting
home, and that they could not De
arrested unless they had done
somctbin- to justify it. Bowen,
with his pistol in uis nana unaer
his coat,continued his denuncia
tion of the Baiford, until Mr,
Phil. Baiford said to him that he
was acting the fool, and had bet
ter so tonis room and go to bed
and that they would go home. At
this point, Bowen, who seemed to
imatfne that the paciflo conduct
of the tumoral wa inaicauve oi
cowardice, became keenly severe
In bis denunciation. These de
nunciations were repelled by Mr.
Phil. Baiford, denouncing Bowen
as a liar. The words bad not rail-
en from Balford' lip ere Bowen
fired, his first shot taking effect in
tho left breast of Phil. Baiford,
from the effects of which he died
In one hour. Bowen' second
shot took effect in the abdomen of
Ed. Baiford, and was fired Just t s
Ed. Baiford wa jumping lrom the
bueev to rescue his brother.
Bowen fired two additional
shot into tho general crowd of
human beings present, not seem
ing to care who he killed. Hav
ing completed his bloody work,
and while the crowd were stand-
nir in mute astonishment, not
knowing exactly what had been
done, he fled, and on Tuesday
morning boarded the upward
bound train, nt Pickens station
When the train arrived at Good
man, search was made aud Bowen
was discovered and captured by
the law-abiding citizens.
The community was much ex.
cited, and that excitement was'
ureatly augmented by the wholly
unnecessary ucmonstrauons oi
the negroes, in tho interest of
Bowen. This bloody deed has
desolated the hearthstones of two
or three of our worthiest families.
The people we mean tho white
people, are determined that tne
law shall take its course, and
that justice shall be done
according to the facts. They
don't desire, nor will they
willinely resort to violence, but,
it may as well bo said now and
here, that, by the eternal God,
all the powers of loyal leaguelsm,
aided by carpet-bag. deviiism, in
its most hideous form, shall not
prevent the law from taking its
regular and legitimate course in
this case. Bowen has, since his
advent here, been working upon
the negroes, day and night, trying
to win tbcm to At support, ana u
would seem to a great extent has
been successful. Ho went last
Saturday night into the midst ol
several hundred, secretly, and ad
vised them that it was important
that they organize a colored com
pany of militia, tor mutual pro
tectlon, with him for Captain.
(Bowen wa taken to the county
Jail, and was to have had a pre
uminary trial on r nday last. )
r... . .
trcj . I .
any ai.
growing lai
InthaEur.,l 1 1
ply to Mr. A. i
Carolina, in n f i
canth a hctlro i .
me to state that it oi:cU i.
expensive, for, if properly i
ninety-five out of every ol- "
dred cutting will grow, tu i .
rigorously. I know no pl 1 1 .. :
grow more readily from the -
tins, and hava Dlantcd jwit'i '
success in October, November -
rcbruary. beveral have pLt.. I
here, and have nice hedges, v a
but little trouble. The follow . ;
is th course adopted: Pr , t '
the ground intended to be pl,r. : '
by digging deep,, and if poor, en
riching with , vegetable mck,, 4
nothing will flourish in a poor t-
or clay; take the cuttings, t' -
growth or the previous stmj n,
and In piece of a foot long sa 1 1
uie grouna eignt inches, slut ; , ;
a little, and leaving fourlm' .
above. - They must not be u.j
turbed the first year, by hoeing or
weeding, ana u planted, where
they are intended to tand, any
tnat don't grow can be replace d
with omo taken from one end of
the row, and the others will have
furnished cuttings enough to make
several strings of fence of earn a
length. - It make a useful as we!l
aa ornamental hedge, and if trim
med at 1st or June, and any time
irom aovemner 1st to February
1st, cutting It well back each time,
It will In a few year make a fern a
impcrviou to stock or anything
else. B., Islington, Miss., ia
.uirai-new I order.
noon and conveyed home in a car- . ,i,0 ,Am,nf ,i, oent oremium. We do not intend cn ey
rlaare. exDlrins at 5 o'clock A. H. I. .. . , i,i v.i.. a. I in these articles to disparage the Into court.
--. " vrnry .umauivi ui aiu vuugua u-1 - , .
M -A- at . .1.. I I . r n r T nr M nm i w ' n,in,l,lnfliin
lruiu an auecuuu ui iuo uooi t.
The community will miss his
familiar face and form and the
ecenes that bavo known him will
know him no more forever. Beeolt
lections of the dopartod will b
cherished long, and th tears of
family, relatives and friends will
hallow bis grave.
.1 1--. ....1.. Ik. .,lln.nn . 1 I BIlUrMI VI KCUUOUIOU wVUUUUVlUK I l ICKBUV UlVUtUI . W .uw
cislons under the ordinance; or else , fc Theg0 have r L ' . fl6.
innocent parties must be doomed cll kc ftnd the ban(ia of . ... .... ' ... . ftM The followlne Is a succinct, but
wrongfully to suflor great Injustice, honorable gentlemen ; but we .nd , M-iVtawl nndar such P,rlud account of the history of
-n,- ...uu.n.r..nn. .1.1.1. n... vti,i ' t.k i.. ,na PMt7 eonvlctea under sucn Kiiknnn
.uguiat. wiBiiucu uj vuugu uui- im, tuak , itaouuiu, n.ui tug ....i ...m-j ... ..... '
.... c . ...v. ' i... . -.t.s-1. .t. i,..Lf proceedings U entitled st any sUge Trmt m.t iweaiiiKiiiieier.
wu te t-rBigu to wo ipiru Ul euc luimt aa. a -uo tu-. ""' thereof SVen after 1ud-ment.t0blS " h"n there wil oil eat too
law and of our, government, and hould make greater pretensions inereo Ten ner juagmen, w nis
w w. vu. Su...uivii, .uu o r tlarharo-a nnnn nloarltno'thta malinrl Bo thxv urnld a4 St.
believe It is unconstitutional 1 uan nu presenw w e rciuru iumhs " , " ndU;.. ,.... r,au,oTw, -
Ih Cincinnati Commnrcinl
yesterday says: 'Prom the officer
of the Kanawha river packet Aa
nle Laurie we learn the particulars
of a riot on th 4th lost., botw0
soma white men and negroes n.
gaged at work on diU'erent sections
oi in Unesapeake and Ohio nU
road, on Loup Creek, near the L.;
of the Kanawha. A white mau i
employed by Dr. Le;ia became in.
voivea in a diUlcolty with a ! -.-
working for Mr. : Warthaai. " iu
which the negro was rather woft
ed. On bis way home the M
man aud some of his telenets wo,
overtaken by a larger crowd of m-
groes, and being the weaker party.
w. tureen to capuuiite ou the
best terms thev tsould
Tbey, in turn, seouring some eut li
Uons to their number, renewed tho .
battle, and completely routed t:.a
negroes. But the matter was not
to rest here. Th negroes procured
roiuiurccmcni to uie number of
fifty or sixty, and after arming'
themselves with guns, piatols, axe,
stones, fto , took up the Hue of
rnarcn, with the avowed purpose of
cleaning out Dr. Lewis' men. 'IV?
being apprised of their dsnger, mus
tered their forces to the uuuiber of
twenty-five or thirty men, armed
th best tbey eould, and marched
out to receive the expected attnf
The negroes advanced In reguinr
line of battle, uuder command of
a gigantic black, who kept calllus to
his men to "close up I close 0p!"
be advanced. , When within rangj,
the negroes fired a volley, whi.-H
was returned by the white men.who
then charged on the Dlack brifrada
with a yell. This wa more i: -.
thsn the negroes bad bargained f-.
aud they broken dismay, the whinj
men louowing about a milo, killing
and wounding several of the ne
groes. After returning to camp and
caning in roil, u was found that
none or tne white men were miss-.
Ing and no one hui-i. Tho next .. ,
Dr. Le wis organized a force of sii i
men, and arrested all engaged iu
the riot. . ..,,,.
and should be tested before compe
tent utDunais.
to onr correspondent for bis kind I of objection.
nd complimentary word of us.1 If Jtulgi Burwell Is legally cor-
Piasi puddlnsrl one of th new
articles of food adopted for rations
for the rrussian soldiers. It has
the advantage of being cheap;
will keep for a long time, and
contains a large amount, of nutrl
tloos matter. The Idea of nsin
It was borrowed, it is laid, from the
Chinese, but the uonnans have lnt
proved upon the Uhineae patten
by tiiixing; smiivvi meat, chow
fit wl.U . i-pease. If!
: f , s a corin 1. u meal el
i.s , i v--"iii1U': if eaten r!.!, r-
Ami I (,. m.LL.i
Isttaa oi.iwtji, ii.-
u ,i tai.y.
" Ocn Fritz. "The Crowi
Prince of Prussia is thus photo
graphed by the London Times
correspondent: . ,
" Most people in Encland are
familiar with the appearance of bin
Royal Highness, and I am not Sum
that a Prussian would take it as a
compliment to have it said of him,
"ne nas a very English look."
But it is in face and figure ; the
light brown hair, thick mustache,
and dense beard, feot allowed to
exceed due proportions, are Ger
man, or at all events, belong to
our Crimean camp days ; but U.t
Dngui oiue eye, the honest full
look, the broad brow, and the
bronzed, ruddy cheek, have what
we vain islanders call th rc-'v.'i.r
John Bull look, and there are f ?
men in the isle who can boast an:
powerful frame the head set wed
on large houlders and imiiuvi
breadth of cheBt. The li ,
wear the universal fiat i".i:...y
can, with red band, and rmnll cir
cular rosette in, front wer t r.
peak, a uniform frock coat, &jiV,
oreasieu, wua a single order r- '
his neck, a star on his br. h-i. (-
long boots, the tops of y .
oe puiiea up the lUzh iu
thcr. He sits hit .-'-
and hfl lias atnc ' 1 ' . '
lea-t four tH f r .

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