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NO. 2
Published WEEKLY by
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age paid I. 15
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Friday Monti n?, July 6.
Mark Twain lnlen li visiting New
Orleans toon.
The Mobile banks are advertised for
sale for taxes. They claim thai tbey
u:e exempt.
. -. . .-w-
A fair Primary Election can be bo.d,
b.it It it impossible to have, under pres
ent circumstances, a fair representative
TiiE Memphis Avalanche save the
currency mutt rest on something solid
in every tense of the '.era. We say so
too. Let it rest on :oin, not gold alone,
aad on .ho lu .alculable credit and
wealth of the vast United States.
The I'hlladi'phla Times thinks Mr.
.ilastead, eaitor of the Cincinnati Con
inerciul, will be brought out as the Re'
publican candidate for Governor of
Ohio. It Is r'dit eruc! to sacrifice a
very good editor in this manner.
L:ectenent Flhter, colored, who
recently graduated at West Point, has
has been assigned to thoTenth Cavalry
a colored regiment. There would have
been a howl had ho Icon pla-cil over
white soldiers, for blood will toll.
..... - -
A ttKsoLCTioN adopted by tbeNoxu
bee county Democrats on the 23d,
declares that "wo will regard any Dem
ocrat who offers himself at an independ
ent candidate an avowed political
emcuy, and wl.l treat bix accor lirg-
Uy reference '.o another column It
will bo seon that the County Executive
Committee yesterday took action for the
reorganization ot the Democratic party
in the county, a simp:?, can .mu
vat agreed upon, and we hope t!
people will come out when c!lel ':"jii
and do the work.
When wctake Intoconsiderr.tij; tlie
fact that the Democrat! 3 party havj C
select candidates for Sheriff, Treasurer,
Assessor, Coroner and Ranger, mem-
bers of the Board ol Supervisor, and
Jcembers of the Legislature, we don't
M, bee how anything like justice .an be
done, ii' wo hava a convention, ii
innkt in ii' ,'.t h' a Primary Elcc'iou it a
ueccstity. No Convention can be
selected that will represent tbo people
as to all the posticus to be filled, but iu
a primary eleotion every man cen vote
for his own clioico.or cvtry position.
.The people want a primary, and nearly
every one of the candidates want a
primary. Let us have one, it is the
ii! rest and best plan we can adopt.
The office of Lieutenant-Governor
was not known in Mississippi nntil the
carpel-beggert and thieves obtained
power. And noW when
we are ok the eve of getting rid of this
unnecessary officer, we are surprised to
discover that a number of our papers
have suddenly discovered that a Lieutenant-Governor
is actually ne:essary
that we cannot do without that offi
cer and that the people must vote
atralnst the proposed amendment !
We do not know how to account for
this change this conversion which is
almost as sudden as that of Saul of
., Tarsus. Possibly it has been found
that that office is necessary in order
that there may be offices enough to go
.. . r .1 ' . . -
round me ring. inaymuuu uncus.
And the drawing of five hundred
dollars salary by every member of the
Legislature was not known in Ms
sitsinDl nntil the Carpet-baggers and
thieves obtained power. If we are
so red-hot for reform that we must
abolish the office of Lieut. Governor
: ; let as go the whole hog and allow
, members of the Legislature only their
personal expenses while in actual
DlncawlBK Dead Ims-..
The Jackson Clarion very truly says
that tbe discussion ol the disdandment
movement of 1873, is out of place in
the present canvass. It hat no con
nection whatever with our present po
sition. Tbe Clarion thinks it pro
duced the victory that redeemed the
State finally from the Radicals. While
we honestly believe that it did nothing
of the sort, and (bat it was the com
bined white people who redeemed the
State, we see no use whatever in argu
ing tbe point. The Clarion eonld sus
tain its side, and those who think dif
ferently could snsttln their side, and
after the question was discussed thread
bare, not one particle of good could
come of it. We bad just as well go to
work and abuse the men who refused
to support Stephen A. Douglass, when
we could have had a walk over with
him. Tbe Clarion is right ; it is worse
than folly for a powerful, well-organ
led party to industriously seek some
old question for its members to differ
about. Let the dead past bury its dead.
If the Clarion is right in refusing to
dls;uss this old issue, it is very wrong
in continually harping on the Electoral
Law. That question bat not one point
of interest for Mississippi Dem
ocratt at this time. It enters
in no earthly manner into
the present Gubernatorial campaign,
and to ducues it now when no good re
suit can follow, it seems to or, places
our distioguiched cotcmporary in an
inconsistent position. For instance no
earthly goad to tbe Democratic party
ia this State can come from such par
graphs as tbe following from '.be Cltr
iou ot the 4th:
Liuui.-Gov. Do.-sheimur, Gov. 7 ilJcn't
ne.t Iriend, In correcting a mil-statement
In reference to tbat gentleman' potillon
on tbe Electoral Commission, says tbat "It
It wilkin my personal knowledge '.hat Got
Tilden wat not In lavor .' tbe mcature."
It wat not necessary for tbo correction to
have beun made, fending tbe question in
Congrott, tbo New York Herald stated,
wiibou. contradiction, that be wat op
posed to tbe meaturo, ac X it it well known
ibat when Htwltt told out bit party, Gov
Tilden withdrew bit conlidenco from him
11c observed a becoming delicacy in the
matter of counting tbe l'retiden'.lal vote
and would bavo subjected bimtelf to tbe
charge of scll.ih ob'.ruslvencst if he bad
undertaken to control tbe action of those
whose tworn duty, undo.' theUoustitutlon
and laws, wat to count tbe Totes and to
make true and lawfvl announcement of
the result. Yet bit rioferenee to tho pre.
rogatlvee ol mombers of Congrett, fur
nishes no reason for making him the
tcapegoat for '.be tljnd-jr .that wat com
Whether Mr. Til Jen did or did nat
favor the Electoral Lw, is now
matter of very small importance to our
party in this State. But it is not a
small matter to ojr party to have aj
large majority of our Congressmen
charged with blundering. While we
are very averse to opening this ques
tion we cannot see these charges re
peatedly msr.o and remiin silent, whi'e
we fee! positively corialn, that they arc
:ruelly unjust. The Electoral Law
was a wUe, good, and patriotic law.
TUo uicu who voled for it are patriots,
who prevented civil caufusian, perhaps
civ'.I war. TbV. tha law was abused is
no fa;; ; oi the men who voted for It,
and no think any Southern member ol
Cocrcs who voted against It, com-tuitu-.l
a blunder. If the South
had refused to accept the measure so
fair ou its lace, and that could have
been justly enforced, '.ho excitement
and wrath that would have followed
would have again produced war, with
the North agaiust the South. It is
plausible to say that Congress should
have counted tbo votes an! returned
Tilden and Hendricks as elected, but
under the circumstances it was utterly
impracticable. The r.adioal party
meant to have Hayes or war, and the
Radical party had I';. - orth, the Sen
ate, the Administration, tbe Army and
Navy, the Supreme Co irt, and eighty
thousand office-holders with them.
The Democratic party bad a House In
Its death gasps, and a victory won by
Rebel voles." Under these circum
stances, any member of Congress who
refused to accept a lair law tbat offered
a peaceable solution, committed a blun
der. We are glad tbat all the Demo
cratic Senators but one appreciated Ibis
fact ; we are rejoiced that such a large
majority of the House appreciated it
We are certain that some of the mem
bers of the Commission abmcd a good
law, as many good laws bavo before
this been abused by men. If the law
was abused by some of (he men sworn
to execute it, (and the Clarion has o
ten admitted ibis) then it Is plain I ha
no blame aitachos to those who voted
for tbe law, and that tbe Clariou should
instead of charging tbee members
with a blunder, charge '.ho" of the
Electoral ConmiMnn wl'h v e criiie
!!y perpetra'ed.
Cbajibeblain thinks that private
capitalists would shrink from building
the Southern Pacific railway. They
may nave rnsnea in and bout tne
Union Pacific, but if they did, tbe peo
ple have been deceived In regard to
the matter. Now no such aid is asked
for the Southern Pacific as that which
was given the Union Paoific, and
Chamberlain and others who oppose
the Sontbern Pacific, may just as well
make np their minds to see justice
done tbe Sooth In this matter now, for
it will be done sooner or later.
Chamberlain, who was so opposed
to 8outb Carolina being freed from
the rule of thieves, celebrated tbe
Fourth of July in a manner to excite
some comment. II ? made a speech on
the 4th (we suppose tbat makes it
Fourth of July speech) at Woodstock,
Connecticut, in which be bitt'rly
attacked the President of tbe United
States. lie attaoked him on his South
ern policy, his financial policy, and on
his civil service policy. Nothing the
President has done suits Mr. Chamber
lain. He is a-nong the stalwart Re
publicans of New England, and be
gives stalwart blows. While we, down
here, read his fine periods and his
strained points, we reflect as to the
motives tbat induced this South Caro
lina carpet-bagger to make thi9 speech
Packard made a very similar talk in
Iowa, and it is probable that tbey Acted
from the same motives a des're tore
venae themselves on President Il'iyeo
because be refused to sustain their rot
ten, orjpressve governments wi'.h the
Li niteu States army, ur course thes
fellows wish tbe world to bnieve that
they are moved to make thco speeches
from (he over-load of patriotism they
carry, but the world will be very apt
to lotm a :orrcct judrtr.out o:' the
Preparation for the SJanapalKn
.TIcetl as of tbe Caaaly Itrmo
cratlc Execatlve Committee.
The County Executive Committee of
the Democratic parly, metatthoOicra
House at noon, yesterday, Mar' in
Marshall. E-q., in the Chair ; W. C. Pc
zram, E-q., Secretary. Tbe city and
county were well represented and the
proceedings harmonious. Xne work
of the Committee Is embodied in the
following resolution,, which were
adopted unauimoutly :
Resolved, Tbat the CLairman .f thlt
Committee request the various ward and
District Clubs to assemble at a Jay prior to
baturday, tbe .'st day oi July, 1S77, for
organization ami tor tne purpose oi teieot
Inn (5) memiem aeh af tbe new County
Kxeoutlve Committee; '.be raembors when
to .elected to eratile at Viokaburg on
S.turd.y, U. ill.o lrof Joljr, 1T7, for the
purpose ol organisation.
Resolved, That at the time meeting
each Club than teleol one delegate and
one alternate to tbe Slate Convention,
which will he held at J.okton, Mint., on
Wodnctday thetrtt day ol Augutt next;
and tbat the oight dolegatei to telecled
a-tomble at tbe meeting ol tho new Execu
tive Committee, and vice, two dulegatei
an.l :wu alternant, to ta.d State Cuuven.
:'.), ir in tbe uountv atlari'c; tbe ten del
luI'.s : i:ve authority lo till any va-an-
Meetlas at .TlajrervlHe.
At a meeting of the citizens held in
Mayersville, June 28th, the Committee
appointed at a mass mectint,'. somo
weeks ago made tueir report.
Tbe meeting was called to order by
W. S. Anderson, Esq., and John W
Fd wards requested to acts as Secre
tary. Un motion ol Kiclianl (.ingzs, the
chair appolutcd II P. Scott and It
urigga or the ltepubllcans, and W. S.
Farish and W. F. Allen Democrats, as
a Committee of Conference.
On motion of G. M. Hiker, the Com
mittee went into a division of the coun
ty oillcos, when the following was unau
imoutly adopted.
Tbe Democrats to have tbe oflicet of
Sheriff. Troaaurer. members ot the Hoard
of tbo Second, Fourth, and Fifth Dl.tr ctt,
one Mavittrate in e.cn ui.iric., cont.a-
blot ol the Fifth DUtrlct, Surveyor, and
(with tbe con.ent of Washington and
Sbarky counties) Senator. Tbe Kopubll
oan. to have iheofficet of Repretentative,
Abnessor, Coroner and Ranger, members
of the Boaid or Districts No. 1 and 3, Con
stables of tuo l.t, 'id, "d, and 4th Districts.
The Democrats to rt commend the proper
omcer to appoint a Republican aa Superin
tendent ot Education.
The above to be combined, and have but
one ticket in the field thlt Fall for county
Capt. W. S. Farish offered the follow.
Ing, which wat unauimously adopted:
Keaolved. That we. the committee of
twenty, recommend the Chairmen of the
Democratio and Republican Committee!
of tbe county to call their respeotive Con.
ventlont to meet on tbo same day at Jday
ertville. Retolved, That after each Convention
kat agreed upon Its nominatlont, the two
Conventions shall then meet as one and
adopt the respective nominations of each.
netoived, i oat we lurni.n tne v ioat
burg Hirilu a copy of tbe minute for
W. S. ANDERSON, Chairman.
Jso. W. Kpwardi, becreur;.
A mother once asked a clergyman
when sbe should begin the education
of her child, which was four years old.
" Madame," was the reply, "you have
lost three years already. From tbe
very first smile that gleams over the
infant's check your opportunity be
gins." Tiif. Pope has expreiised a hope that
the Hierarchy ol Scotland wili toon be
re-establlslied. This announcement bat
fllif d tbe Catholics of Ibat couutry will)
utibo'uidwd satisfaction.
Tke CttB Exekaaffo ntlBsr-
At the meeflnsr held a few dsvs since
by the Cotton Exchange several im
portant resolutions were adopted,
wnicb for tbe want of sufficient space
have been necessarily laid over for
lo each resolution a committee of
three was appointed whose duty it la
I I V . .A" . f . .1 . 1...
to see that ever? effort is made to nlaoe
tbe matter before Congress, at its next
session, with the hope tbat at least a part
of the requirements of our section, in
tne snaps or public improvements, may
be had. With the steady and persist
ent work of the Committees, some
good may eventually come of it,
especially, as nothing has ever been
done for ns by the general Govern
ment. Underlying all measures of this
kind, there are always to be found
some movers In the matter, who have
by strong tfforti, and great labor,
brought tbe subject forward in such a
way as to finally lead to success.
The following are the resolutions
adopted, with tbe Committee as ap
pointed affixed to each :
Resolved, That the long-agltaied and
popular measure of arailrotd from Vicks
burg to San Diego, is entitled to assist
ance at the bandt of tbe United Statet
Uovernment, which it atked for by Its
managers, l oaitne measure is essentially
National in its character, and wat so
recognized at long ago at I WW, wben tbe
U. S. Congrett patted a bill giving to it
all of the aid atked for by It tben mana
ger, but which d id nut take effect because
of tbe political action of tbe Suto ot Texas
looking to a teparation of the b tales; tbat
tince the Uovernment ha to liberally
tubtidUed a Northern route, tbe duality
of the tectiont demand! tbat the rnodett
assistance asked for the Southern route
tb'.itild be granted.
H. s. Fulkersox,
A. M. 1'axTON,
J. w. VOW All.
Cvtolved. That it It etsentlal for the
proper preservation of the property and
archivet of tbe Doited Statet in her
1'osUoffiee, Custom-huute and District
Ci'Urt department., to bave t tillable
buildingi erected in this city, for their
cutodjr and tafe-keeping, and the prop,
er administration it the dutiet of those
w. H. Andrews,
Alkx. Kuun,
ler kh'uardson.
Uusolveil, That i.y a small approbation
from the General Government and the u.e
of her dredge boats tho Sunflower and
xszoii rivers can be made navigable at all
ea.ons of tie year, thersby laolliiaiing
butiueos and openini .p lo tbe country at
large, a very rich and productive aeo.i n
ol tbo country a Jd ht-artol the cHton re
gion wblch bat been and It tunerlng
greatly (rom tbe need of such open navl.
gallon. S. U. Parihot.
K. c. Carroll.
J no. 11. Woolfolk.
Resolved, Tea: daring the legltlatlon
of the forcgoiiig resolutions, eosential to
tho well-being and lutuie prosperity of
our Immediate aeviion, we earnestly atk
from our Representatives in Congress a
hearty support for them, and request tbat
iney tano me mattcri in onarge, uting
their influence towards the measures
being carried through, at as early a date
a. practicable.
By Mr. Falkerson
Reeolved, That in our judgment, it is of
great importance to our immediate section
ol country, as also for the protection of
navigation anu commerce, i.i take sucn
steps, as a thorough survey of the river
contiguous to Viok.burg may b3W to bo
necostary, to keep an onou barb Tin front
oj inu viiy anu lue national lemoicry
A Fatal a ad Ulxlremlafl 4 cel.
deal- Oeath ol Jlr. yiontn
A beart-rondinz casualty occurred
about 11 o'clock yestorday morning-, In
the confectionery store oi ur. uioom-
enstiel, on Washington street, by wbicli
a young man, lu tbe very prime or uie,
with scarcely a moment's warning, was
ushered from time luto eternity and the
dark unknown. Mr. ttloomeuetlul and
Mr. J. 11. Gottliell, pawn-broker, each
occupy ball' of the same room. Mr.
Frank clerkiiu for tbe former and Mr.
Isaac Gottholff for the latter. At
about tbe hour named Mr.
Issac Gotthclf was conversing with
Mr. Frank across the confectionery
counter, wben Mr. Flanagan enterod
and returned a pUtol to Mr. Goilholf,
wblch he bad borrowed from him on
the day previous. Mr. Go'theif Is near
sighted, and wat holding the weapon
close to his eyes exainin i it, when it
was discharged bv sot: e means and
(be ball took effect in tbe right
sideol Mr. Frank's u M, under the
jaw, passed upward oM.quol'y through
the brain, and prouueeu almost instant
death. The unfortunate man exclaimed
"My God 1" and fell lo tbe floor, bleed
ins profusely, while Mr. Gotlhelf stood
horror-stricken and almost paralyzed
with grief and terror. An inquest was
held, the jury returning a verdict in ac
cordance with tbe facts, and at half-
past five o'clock, the luneral took place
under tbe charge of ibe K. S. B. Society
and was largely attended by friend
and acquaintance. Mr. Frank was the
brother of Mrs. Bloomensteil, twenty
two years of age, and a quiet, unob
trusive. Industrious young man
Tbe family was much attached
to blm and are deeply distress
ed. Mr. Isaao Gotthelf, who is in
poor health, has been so greatly pros
trated by tbe event, In which fate has
made him the unnappy and unwilling
agent of death, tbat bis friends fear It
mav seriously affect him. To the
family of Mr. Blooraeustlel and sll con
cerned, we tender our sincere sympa
thies. . - aSK A
"You only got Ibe genuine by the
can," raid one lady. "Then you get all
tbe others by the can't" punned tbe
other; for Dooley's Baeino Power
never ml-ses Are, and makes the most
light, healthful and delicious bread,
eake and pastry in the world.
Secretary Thompson's book, "Tbe
Papacy and the Civil lVwer," has
been answered by Dr.
ul the Society ol Jerus
F. X. Weing'-r,
Farther Extracts frea tke Spseok Dedal
tlei sf Hayes's Psllcy ass Its Resslts-A
Sharp Critioltas.
Wasuinoton. July 5. The follow
ing are extracts from Chamberlain's
speech: The Presidential policy, If
the term is descriptive, Is an anomaly,
an offense; it savors of bad faith; it
I. . . ...... -
has a native and historical odor of
treachery and Intrigue; but, fellow
citizens, what is (he President's South
ern policy ? In poiut of pbyslcsl and
external lacts, It consists In withdrs
Ing tbe military forces of the United
Slates from tne points in boutn Caro
lina and Louisiana, where tbey had
been previously stationed for tbe pro
teclion and support of tbe lawful Gov.
ernments of those States ; la point of
Immediate, foreseen and Intended
consequence, It consists in the
overthrow and destruction of those
Governments and the snbstitntion
in their stead ot certain o ber organiza
tions. In actual present results, it oon
sUts In the abandonment of Southern
Republicans, and especially tbe colored
race, to the control and will not onlv
of the Democratio party, but of that
class at tne boutn which regarded
slaverv as a divina Institution, which
waged four years of destociive war for
its perpetuation, which steadily op
posed citizenship and suffrage for the
negro ; in a word, a class whose tradi
lions, principles and history are op
posed to every step and feature of
what Republicans call oar national
progress since 1860. , In point of gen
eral political and moral significance, it
consists lu tbe proclamation to the conn
try and tbe world tbat tbe will of the
majority of the voters of a State,
lawiuny anu regular, y expresses
is no longer the ruling power
In our states, and tbat tbe Con
slitutional guarantee to every
State in this Uulon of a Republican
form of Government, and or protec
lion against domestic violence, Is
henceforth ineffectual and worthless. I
could frame an excuse for James Bu
chanan. He was the decaying fruit of
a century of Northern subservience to
Sautberu dictation ; tbe poor dregs of
a worn-out politician whose life bad
been spent in cowortng tubmistion to
the will of those whom he was now
called to confront. But what shall be
said of this President, educated by the
events of the last seventeen years, the
long and perilous struggle to save the
Nation to lreedom and justice, the rep
resentative of a party whose life and
inspiration In every hour or Its exist
encehas been political justice and free'
dom for all American citizens : a Pres
Ident who had literally climbed lo bis
high seat over tbe dead bodies of hun
dreds of loyal men in Louisiana, who
met death in forms more terrible than
any battle-field, in order tbat tbe liber
ty of wblch tbey bad tasted might
be kept for ib.ir children. Jar. Bu
chanan could say he negotiated with
those who were in arms against us in
order tbat he might by peaceful agen
cies preserve tbe iutcgrily of the Union
and avert a fratricidal war. This Presi
dent enters upon his negotiations with
those who are In arms against the law
ful Government of Louisiana in order
I hat he might the more surely betray
the friends who trusted bim and tbe
cause be was sworn to uphold. Now,
fellow-citizens, I exorcise tbe right of
an American citizen no more wben I
say tbat a review of this chapter of our
history loaves me in no doubt that the
real pnrposo of tbe Louisiana Commis
sion and of the whole conduct of tbe
Louisiana caso, tbe President was to
accomplish the overthrow of Governor
Packard and his authority. Called upon
under the Constitution and laws of the
country as its Chief Executive to dis
charge a grand public duty, a duty es
sential to I he maintenance ol tbe tile of
the great Stale, a duty equally essential
to tbe maintenance of human rights
and the principles of the political party
which bad elected blm, the President
not only declines Ibe duly, but hestabs
Ihe State tbat sought his aid, and be
trays the men he was bound to uphold.
Tbe New Hasipthlrs legislators Opptsed
ts the Goversmsnt Aiding Aty Further
Internal Inproveaents.
Concord, N. II., July 5. The fol
lowing resolution was adopted by the
Resolved, Tbat lbs revenues of the
Kaiional Government should be used for
tbe sustaining of an efficient, creditable
and eoonomloal administration, and fir
tbe payment ol all bonest and equitable
debts due to citizens, and tbe surplus be
exclusively and sacredly tet aside, and
devoted to tho liquidation ol the publio
debt, and the ti ational Government should
not undertake any new obligation, nor
lend iu credit for the furtheranoe of any
apeoulatire scheme, under (tbe guise ol
internal Improvement" thst may be for
the advantage of any particular locality
or corporation.
Arrest sf Radical Offiolaia In Lseitlana
Stats Senator J. Henri Buroa la Dunnes
Vile Members ef the Wells Retiming
Beard Arrssttd,
New Okleans, July 5. Stale Sen
ator J. Ilonrl Burcb, was arretted
Tuesday evening, under a writ of Ihe
District Court of East Baton Rouge,
charged with embezzlement of school
fund", was to-day remanded to custody
4f ihe Sheriff of East Baton Rouge.
Burch sought release under a writ of
habeas corpus, but failed.
lu the Superior Criminal Court to
day, Aitorney-Genral Ogden and
bitti-ict-Aiiorncy F nuey, filed Infor-
stations sgalnsf J. Madison Well. T.
C Anderson, L. X. Kenner, ati 1 Q.
Casanave, charging them finder section
833 of the ReTited Statute, with utter
ing ana publishing as true certain ai
tered, false, forged and counterfeited
records. Immediately after filing the
information, ct plates were Issued for
tne arrest or tbe parties named, weua
and Anderson surrendered themselves
to the 8heritT. The Information Is very
lengthy, and charges them with bar. :
ing on tbe 4th of December, 1379.
falsely and felononsly ottered and
published as true, altered, forg-,
ed and counterfeited election re
turns for Presidential Electors from
tbe parish of Vernon at the election of
November last, by adding 178 votes to
each of the Hayes Electors, and de
ducting 39 from each of the Tilden
Electors. Ball fixed at $5,000 each, and
bas been famished by Welle and Ken
ner. Anderson and Casanave will sur
render themselvet and famish tbe re
quired bond. f'
Successful Ctsapalga sf tbs larks Why ;
tbey Have not Pithid iettsrttPrtnc
Nlcholai't Incapacity. v
London. July 5. At the terrains-
Hon of the recent successful campaign
against Montenegro, II waa asserted
from Constantinople tbat a Turkish Uov-
ernor would be appointed and the coun
try reduce to the position oi a i urit
isb province ; also tbat Snleman and)
Salb Pashas were about to march ortonr
CottinjeWlthout any farther fighting.
To account for Ihe ohange in the Turk
ish plans, it Is now announced that
Mehemet All bas been appointed
to tbe command of the army In Tbesta
ly, and Snleman Pasha recalled to Con
stantinople, probably with bis army.
These measures give point to repots
recently current, that Austria, and
probably other Powers, bare brought
a pressure at Constantinople, to tart
Montenegro from being crashed, and
also with a view or taking away iron.
Servia one pretext for joining In hos
tilities against Turkey. A letter puo
lisbcdin the Times, from its Cettloje
correspondent, whose telegrams have
tlwayt presented tne Montenegrin posi
tion In tbe most lavoraoie ngnt possi
ble, says tbe Russian Government was
deceived regarding Prince Nibolat's
military capacity, and threw upon bim
a responsibility to which be was not
equal, and which should have been
shared by efficient military advisors.
Tbe Prince's fitness to civilize his peo
ple Is much greater than for sncb a
crisis as tbe present " (
Ven I vtnis lo get oud dot's Dver
stroot." New York Lady. s,
"Oar 7 pronounced as If It were
spelled char." Not In this office not,
at least, by anybody who baa an Idea
that it is unplessant to be tbot and then
kicked from a fifth-story window.
1 Washington Star.
Frozen Blood in Summer. It
freezes our young blood to bear that
Gail Hamilton is tbe one who set np
the Iowa Convention and carried off
its scalp in her dress pocket. Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
"Is Ifwrong for a young and pretty
girl to yearn for a coat of arms I" We
hardly know whether It Is or not. But
right or wrong she bad Just as well
yearn for a coat of arms as to yearn Jo r
tbe arms dry so. St. Louis Republi
In God's Country. We have a
frightful state of things in Ibe belt of
Northern States joining the South and
running from the Atlantic almost to
Ihe Mississippi. What a contrast does
tbe peaceful and orderly Sooth present
lo tnese States of Cameron, Wade and
Morton, in which assassination, mur
der, outrage, robbery and riot ran
rampant and unchecked. Rochester
Union, Dem.
Is thb Whale's Bowels. The Buf
falo Express declares that "Jonah was
(ha first and a great success In tbe emet
ic line." But he wat not in tbat line,.
In fact, he was simply a fraud. Tbey
say the whale swallowed him. Yes,
and if, while fooling around In the
whale's loner consciousness, be hadn't
happened to touch the whale's bowels
of compassion he'd have been there
U on the Bosom. Tbe Graph
ic prints the portraits ef eleven
big Harvard students as tbey ap
pear in the garb or Education. Tbe
uniform consists of breeches ending at
Ihe knee, stockings, extremely ugly
shoes, and a sleeveless waistcoat with
an immense II on the bosom. These
young, Intellectual giants have very fat
legs, heavy jaws, and mast look any
thing bat pale Louisville Condor
Journtl. Oct or Elbow Grease. A copy
of the Jackson Daily Times reached us
last week in which there waa no arti
cle referring to the Kemper county
tragedy. The entire paper, day after'
day, having been filled with hashed and
rehashed account of that affair run
ning all through about two months
It roust have been dreadful to the edi
tor when he found that he bad nothing
more to say on the subject. But, his
readers what an awkward fix they
are in I All of which comes of run
ning out bt elbow grease. Raymond
The Jews are great merchants. Ev
ery eighth building en Broadway,
from Chambers to Fourteenth street, in
New York, is occupied by Hebrew

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